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iVOl, 8-
0. RflGKET
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McKinley Claims the Whole
Chairman Jones Believes Bryan Is
Denver, 8 p. m. Tlic polls In Col
orado closed at 7 o'clock and no re
turns are In as yet. Tlib vote la re
ported to be about the ;samc .as two
years ago 180,000. There Is no ques
tion of the election of the Bryan elec
tion by over 100,000.
New naven, With one town miss
ing McKinley has 107,536; Bryan 54,-
San Francisco, The polls closed at
5 o'clock with more money In the
boxes than ever before In the history
of the state. At 3 o'clock Chairman
Alford, of the Democratic state com
mittee, said the Democrats would
caray California by 25,000.
Chairman McLaughlin of Republi
can comm'e would make no prediction
but expressed an opinion that the
Republicans had a good show to win.
Sacramento, Grove Johnson (Re
publican) has defeated for congress.
New York, The Herald says Mc
Kinley will carry Kentuckcy by 15,
000 with a Republican majority In
the house and that Brcckcnridge is
elected. Indications are that Breck
enridgc Is defeated for congress by 1,
New Orleans, Election returns are
commlnc in slowly but 'Indications
are that'the Democrats have made a
clean sweep electing the congressional
delegation and that Bryan has carried
the state by not less than 30,000 ma
jority. MAINE.
The Tribune says McKinley has car
ried Maine by 50,000.
In Pennsylvania McKinley, accord
ing to latest estimates, will have 300,
000 plurality.
New York The Herald says-Pennsylvania
will give McKinley 200,000
Sioux Falls McKinley carries
Sioux Falls by 80 majority The total
vote is about 2,100. This indicated
the .county of Minnehaha has gone
for Bryan by a small majority. Mc
McKinley had a majority in Pcttl
grew's ward.
New York The Journal (Bryan)
concedes Tennessee to McKinley by
Nashville. The Republican com
mittee admits that Bryan has carried
the state. "
Galveston concedes the election of
Bryan and Sewall electors and the
election of Culbertson, silver Demo
crat for governor.
Salt Lake. The polls closed at 7 p.
m. A very heavy vote was cast,
twice as large as any ever polled in
the state on account of the woman's
vote. It will be late in tho morning,
if not the afternoon, bofore tho count
can bo completed. Indications are
that Bryan has carried the state by
at least 10,000 majority. The legisla
ture, which will elect a United States
senator is still claimed by both
Tho TTurnlrl anvo Vermont elves
McKinley 38,000 plurality.
Lincoln. Bryan was met at the
railroad station Tuesday on his ar
rival from Omaha by the Bryan Home
Guards, consisting largely of farmers,
who received him with a shout of
wplnome. the band playing "Home,
Sweet Home." The guard and a mis
cellaneous concourse followed the car
riages. The sidewalks were lined
with .people, and there were many
shouts along the way for the Demo
cratic standard-bearer, interrupted
frequently with cheers for his oppo-
A 1ITI .. HAAAlmfl Ills MCI.
nent. w lien .uryuu icuucu "--dence
after voting, a largo number of
nMcrhivira and friends were assembled
In front of the house. The Bryan
Home Guards rorn.cn u line rcacuiug
from the street to his house. The
l.l o.orfnrl tlm nil. "11(11110. SWCCt
Home" and when at last he reached
his house, a mlgiuy snout weiiu up
mnon timiKiind throats. Tliev
asked for a speech, and turning to
them with a-voico shaking with emo
tion, he bald u few words. They
cheered hi in repeatedly. lie said:
ir n.tiaa nnri irpntlemen: I have now
done all I can to secure tho success of
this campaign, ana ior me mere
nothing left but toawait the returns.
I want to thank my good friends who
have been so kind and courteous in
my leaving and my returning, and
whatever may be the result of this
campaign, I shall always be able to
. .. fHllAn(.nlH.Ana nrvvAU1
say mat my iaimn.inuo univu
with me In politics and did everything
In their power 10 6ecure my ouweea mj
tins campaign
"I ask you now to manifest your
further Interest by glvlng.so much of
the remaining dayaiyoufcan to get
ting tho vote out and to ski to it that
everyone understands tho form of bal
lot so that no mistakes will be made.
You understand hat In thli state you
have the nuincs of the bolting Demo
crats first on the tickets, and they did
it In ordrif to perpetuate a'-fraud upon
the voters of this state, and it is the
duty of all our people w defeat the
fraud if they can, by havlhg the peo
ple understand Just hov,tho ballot
reads, so each person can vqte Intelli
gently. All wo have asked In this
campaign is that each citizen might
bo allowed to vote as He pleases, and
when that is done, we shall all abide
by the result, whatever It may be."
Following was summary at Chicago
headquarters Tuesday night:
Chairman Jones and othe'r members
of the Democratic executive commit
tee, Including Committeemen John
ton, of Kansas, and Campau.of Mich
igan, received returns In Chairman
Jones' olllce, Chairman Washburne.of
the Populist comtnltteo, was also pre
sent as were also Senator Teller, of
Colorado, and Tillman, of South Car
olina. The first returns were from Rutland,
Kansas.and gave 211 for Bryan and 71
for McKinley. &
The early returns frm Eastern
stated showed Republican gains in
every instance. But little interest,
however, was manifested In the re
turns admittedly Republican. The
first surprise came fromJ Baltimore
which showed a big majority for Mc
Kuiley indicating that tile state of
Maryland had gone Republlcan.Every
report from tho middle and western
states was eagerly watched and much
gratification was expressed at the
first report from Mlchigan.i This was
Gratolt county, giving Bryan 800 plu
rality. This county pave Harrison &
plurality of 1,376 In 1892.
"We have no reason to loso heart,"
said Chairman Jones after reading
returns from New York and other
eastern states, "all this early btuff is
what we have expected."
The first really bad news Ivgan
about 7:30 p. m. in the returns from
states south of the "line." Enrlv re
turns from both Tennessee and Ken
tucky siiowcd large Republican gains
us did the first returns from Illinois
outside of Cook county. Two precincts
In Bloomington, tho home of Vice
President Stevenson, gave McKinley
200 plurality. Tho returns from Mich
igan art more encouraging. At 8:30
p. m. Chairman Campau claimed that
state by 25,000.
Ashland, Nov. 4.-4 precincts in
Klamath county, Including Klamath
Falls, gives McKinley 244; Bryan 243.
County probably clve Bryan one hun
dred majority.
Chicago At 11 a. nu aiociated
press send out the following:"
Its reasonably certain McKinley Si
Hobart are elected, but indications
today are that margin more narrow
than expected. Returns from the Da
kotas. Kentucky, Oregon and Calif.,
Still meagre. , x
Coast bulletins; California. Latest
returns from 813 precincts out of 2,377
in tho state give McKinley 58,045:
Bryan 50,267. California is claimed
by both parties but Indications aro
that It has gone for McKinley.
Probable congressional result1: First
district for Barbam, Republican.
Latest from senatorial and assem
bly districts indicate probability that
Republicans will have a majority In
the legislature on Joint ballot. This
Is conceded by tho San Francisco Ex
Chicago. At 11:45 a. m. tuo Asso
ciated Press say the situation may be
reduced to this. Certain for McKin
ley, 220; almost certain for McKinley,
13; indications for McKinley. 25. Cer
tain for Bryan, 135; probable for
Bryan, 23; doubtful, 20; total, 447.
Portland. 220 precincts out of 1,100
In tho state of Washington, give Mc
Kinley. 10,624; Bryan, 13,420.
utm-iirwr nrop.lnnt.. .Trurksnn ceuntv:
Or., gives McKinley, 21; Bryan, 0,
i'anncr,z; umuiiwiwu jiii-iiiuuui uijau,
77; McKinley, 38.
HYoncalla. McKinley, 103. Bryan.
7. Douglas county. Or.
11 California.--6 complete returns from
n nut nt orvu nrnnlni't.u mitslrin nf
San Francisco give McKinley 74085;
Bryan 09978. Same In '02 gave Har
rison BU3ui;uieveianu ooui,
f 1.L.H.I..A nllfi rnln 1inafnfnrl
Mm nmt n f .imMf.'K Inlnv landslide and
its majoiity for tho Republican stand
ard bearer will reach 5000 at least.
Great interest is centered on the con-
...nioi tii.lrnt nulniiln nf Mil r.lt.v
only one Democratic representative
seems 10 nave oeen ciiuscu. au kk-
Jslature Is safely nepuoncan.
Ti.fii rtruAr 'Plm ftiHlnn ticket In
Arkansas was elected yesterday by
v... main.lnr)Win in .10000. Dim-
ocrats for congress were all elected by
good majorities.
TWrni rriiA rptiirns are incom-
nlntn mm fit 0111 fit fA Unit ln(llfllt(
that McKinlcys plurality Is 40,000 the
ine same returns give a-iukiw mi bu
ernoa an estimated plurality of 58,000.
Clieyene. Thirty-nine "Wyoming
nranlTU-ia rivA MrKlnlcV 1400. BrVUtl
H02. Democratic gain of 284. At
this ratio the entire state will give
Bryan 1300 plurality. Congressional
and state tickets run pretty nearly
the same as the electoral ticket,
Wilmington. Returns In Delaware
are still incomplete in detail, but it Is
known McKinley carries the state by
1,600 to 1,800 majority. E. Y(. Tunnel,
Democrat, for governor, 16 elected by
fully r,ooo.
Seattle.Nov, 4. Secretary Maloney.
of state fusion committee, said at
noen: "Bryan will carry the state by
11,000 to 13.000. Rogers for governor
will fall not 500 behind."
Line Up Very Favorable to
But It Will Be On ajyjry Narrow
Margin, "'
Yankton, S, D. In 239 out of 1037
precincts South Dakota gives McKin
ley 1,800 plurality. Latest returns
show gradual Republican gain In Pop
ulist strongholds. Indications now
arc that tho legislature will be Re
publican and the state will go to Mc
Kinley by 3,000.
Chicago, 1 p. m.. United Press
says that Wyoming and Washington
arc no longer doubtful hut absolutely
certain for Bryan.
Portland. 333 precincts out of
1100 In state of Washington glvo Mc
Kinley 16,930; Bryan 20,848. Gover
nor Sulllvan(Republlcan)15,070;RoKcrs
(Fusion) 10,538.
Congressman Doollttle (Rep.)15,070:
Hyde (Rep.) 15,188, Lewis (Fusion)
20,301. Jones (Fusion) 18,870.
New York. Tho United Press re
port gives electoral vote, corrected up
to 1 p. m. as follews: McKinley, 208;
Bryan, 163; doubtful, 20.
California. Returns from two
thirds of the precincts In this state,
give McKinley a plurality of over
Late returns from Kentucky in
crease tho Bryan vote In that state,
DutMcKiniy win pronaoiy carry it ny
a small majority. Republicans have
handsomo majority in tuo nexc con
gress. Latest returns iron) uaiirornia
favor McKinley.
Dallas, Texas. Bryan will carry
tho 6tatoby nearly 50,000 with tha
Democratic Btato tlckeo somewhat
Washington, D. C There was an
air of unconcealed satisfrctlon In ad
ministration circles this morning
over the result of tho election. Mem
bers of tne president's official family
preserved dignified silence In hope of
thus making easy the task of healing
all breaches in party.
Nashville, Tenn. Thefo Is a email
Democratic plurality In this state all
though tho Republicans claim the
state by a small plurality.
Portland 229 precincts out of 1100
In state of Washington glvo McKin
ley 10,604' Bryan 13,420.
DesMolnos, Iowa, All Republican
congressmen Iowa are elected beyend
a doubt. McKinlcys plurality Is esti
mated 89,000 to 00,000.
Topeka, Kans. Chairman Brolden
thal of Populist committee claims
Bryan and Lccdy carried tho state by
about 18,000. He says fusion elected
six of olght congressmen.
St. Louis. Democrats claim 00,000
plurality for Bryan, R. P. Bland is
elected congressman In eight district.
Columbus. More complete returns
from outsldo precincts reduce McKln
loy's plurality to 0,000 In this state.
Great Falls, Mont. Bryan appar
ently carried overy county anu the
state by 15,000.
St. Paul, Minn. McKlnley's plu
rality In Minnesota is about 40,000.
Wisconsin gives Republican plural
ity of 100,000. Legislature and con
gressional delegation solidly Republi
can. Sau Francisco. Total vote of San
Francisco gives McKinley 137 plural
ity. Four years ago this city gave
Cleveland 0,800 plurality. Returns
from San Francisco make California
sure for McKinley. Chairman Mc
Laughlin, of the Republican stato
committee, claims 8.000 majority.
Chairman Alford, or the Dcmycratlc
committee, does not yet concede tho
Canton. A private dispatch from
trusted-sources at Wilmington, Del.,
say the state chairman concedes the
state to McKinley. This raises tho
certain column to 224.
Indianapolis, While not a fourth
of the state has been heard from, re
turns are sufficiently scattered to In
dicate a pretty heavy McKinley plur
Yankton, S. I). The gain in the
Bryan vote over the estimate Is 20 per
cent thus far, while McKlnley's gain
is only 3 per cent. If this continues
Bryan will have majority.
Chicago. Jones telegraphs Bryan:
"The west, as far as heard from, Is
safe. California, Oregon, Washing
ton. Wyoming and Minnesota aro re
Forted by our friends to be all right
t we carry either these states, Minne
sota, Michigan or Indiana, we cer
tainly win and all reports are favor
able from them. Martin, chairman
of Indiana, wires at 2 o'clock this
morning that we have Indiana.
All reports from Michigan show Im
mense gains' and Towno, Minn., says
he has carried his district. Republi
cans claim It. Reports from our
friends everywhere show press reports
fi )m nartisan and crossly unofficial.
Press bulletins give Kentucky to Mc
Kinley, while Bommer, chairman of
the committee, wlree me 42 counties
out or iiuglvo .uryan zj, om mowruy,
Tho fight has not been given up by
Democrats. As lato as 12 . unlock to
day senator Jones said: v &'
"Indications aro that wo have car
ried Indiana. If we have, Bryan Is
elected. Wo have carried Tennessee
and Kentucky, and my best advices
from Minnesota la that Towno .Is
elected. I havo Just received n tele
gram from Bryan, In which ho says ho
will carry his state by 10,000."
Payne, at Republican-headquarters,
Is not disturbed by the Jones predic
tion. "The, result was known last
night," he said, "and as then an
nounced is substantially correct. In
diana, Minnesota and California aro
safol In tho Republican column.
Mr. Illrsch, chairman of tho state
comtnltteo, advises mo from Port and
that McKinley carries Oregon by 3,
Chlcago,Nov.4. Returns from state
indlcato Republicans will have large
majority in both houses of legislature
which will elect a U. S. senator to suc
ceed Palmer. Entlro Republican state
ticket Is elected by majorities ranging,
from 100,000 to 125,000. John Rs Tun-,
ner, for governor, will get about 25,000
votes less than McKinley.
Portland. Returns from Oregon so
far glvo McKinley, 33,000; Bryan, 28,
632: McKlnley's majority, 4,525.
Six counties In tho state have no
telegraph offices. Will bo several
days beforo roturns aro received, It
is estimated McKlnley's majority will
be cut down to 3,000.
Yaukton, S. D., Latest returns
show gradual Repnbllcan gain in
Populist strongholds. Indications
now are legislature will be Republican
and state go to MoKlnlcy by 3,000.
Topeki, Kans. At 2 o'clock best
Information indicates Bryan and
Lecdy, fusion, carried Kansas by nt
least 7,000. Fusionlsts seem to have
livo 'Congressmen. Republicans, one,
Brodorick. Legislature on Joint bal
lot appears to bo two-thirds fusion.
Frankfort, Ky. Chairman Roberts
telegraphs, estimating Kentucky for
McKinley, by 0,000 to 8.000. Legisla
ture Republican, assuring the election
of a Republican to succeed Blackburn.
Fnrgo. N. D., Nov. 4.Thoro is ev
ery indication that tho stato gives
3000 to 6000 Republican majority.
Whole Republican Btato ticket
Cincinnati, Special to Time-Star
from Wheollng. W. Va., Bays: Re
publicans carry by 10,000 for national
ana stato ticket. Republicans also
havo all four congressmen and legis
lature. San Francisco. Roturns from two
thirds of tho precincts in California,
Including San Francisco, give McKin
ley a plurality of over 3,000.
Louisville, Nov. 4. Later returns
from missing counties Indlcato Mc
Klnloy has at least 5,000 majority in
Indianapolis Lute returns show
big Democratic gains In southern Re
publican strongholds of stato but
whllo McKInloy's majority la reduced
ho will still carry the state.
Lincoln, Nob. Bryan doer not ad
mit defeat but docs not claim his
election, saying he is waiting for
complote returns. Lator telegrams
gavo him more encouragement than
earlier bulletins.
Only meagre and scattering roturns
havo hecn received from California,
0; and Kansas 10, so that neither
party can yet claim these states.
Situation thoreforo. may reduced to
this; Certain for McKinley, 220; In-
rllnnt.lftn fnr Mnlflnlnv Of. Pnrtnln
for Bryan, 105. Probably for Bryan,
27. Doubtful, 20. Total, 447.
Portland. But few roturns have
been received from Oregon today.
Those received from Oregon today,
ohanga tho estimates already made.
Bryan shows so mo gain In tho In
terior but not aufllcicnt to overcome
tho large McKlnloy majority In
Multnomah county. Republicans
now claim the state by at least 3,000,
Democrats do not yet concede the
The Journal docs not concede
Bryan's defeat, but as we go to press
condition Is strongly In his favor.
The Silver Republican Senator Carded it
for Bryan.
Seattle, Noy. 4. King county will
glvo 500 majority for the fusion ticket.
Roturns coining In slowly show
Rogers for governor running with
Lewis for congress, uheud of his
ticket. Republicans concede the
state to Bryan. Squire will probably
bo ro-electcd senator.
A Pleasant Evening, The Old
Folks Whist Club was entertained
Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs. S.
C. Adams. First prizes were won by
Mrs. Eugene Breyman and J. O.
"Wright while the boobies wero car
ried oil by Mrs. J.J. Murphy and Win.
England. Next Monday evening the
club will meet with Judge and Mrs.
C. E. Wolverton.
Wo can't get prosperity too rapidly.
Highest of all in Leavening
' 5r
EJ,ectoral?Vptes bytStatesTAreJ
I: '" Close; S" t
T..,- KIMA..M A, -ifHL w
i i
To Mako An Apparent-'Ca'se. for
. ijfc&
Uiixudo5Vov.-4f?is a tcasonAble $
certainty' tbat McKJntoy and" IIobar6 ,
to be, from indications at 1 ofclbckt'
mnnli hnfrnWA. fhiin wna ljA..4)l tr '
ns a result of tho earliest dlsjlatchesj
Following clcctorailvotes arc ajficeded
to McKinley: TU
Connecticut . ."! r. rf
Illinois , ' Kl 24.
Iowa .'.... 13 f
Maine... .t t-, d",
Maryland ?, .V. . ! f&fJ. 8' .
Massachusetts ,....,.. 15
Michigan t..t-Vf..r. 14
Minnesota -. ?.'.7??A . . . 19'
New Hampshlro T..., ....?, 4
Now Jersey 2..WC.3 10
Now York , 30 i
J ti
ltnoao island.
Vermont ,.'.. 4
Wisconsin,.,. ..... T..-.. 12
Total lio
Probabilities point toDeluware with
three votes and Indiana wjth 15 as
Republican, furnishing more than 224
requisite to constitute a majority of
tho electoral college. Three votes of
North Dakota apparentlybelongMc
Klnlcy,also 4 of Oregon.and 13 of Ken
tucky. But returns aro too inadequate
to justify n definite conclusion.. Fol
lowing votes arc conccdcd.'to'Rryan:
Alabama 12
Arkansas 8
Colorado .'..'.'... '4
Florida. 4
Georgia , ,13
Idaho ; 3
Louisiana , ..,. . r-f itvtTtv.Trf?r'8
North Carolina 11
South -Dakota .- ;f.?.....f4
Mississippi , 0
Missouri, .. ,17
Montana 3
Nevada -. '......... 3
Forth Carolina.
(("Vl ?.?
Tennessee . .' '. 12
Texas ,.i 15
Utah. 3
Virginia 12
Washington ..- 4
Wyoming....... 3
Nebraska 8
Total .,..,...1C5
Only meager and scattering returns
bcon received from California, 0; and
Kansas 10, so that neither party can
yot claim theso states. Tho situa
tion thoreforo may bo reduced to this:
Certain for McKinley 220. Indications
ror McKiniey hj. uortaiu ior liryan
135. Probably for Bryan 7. Doubtful
20. Total 447.
Chicago. Tho noon edition of the
Chicago Dispatch, tho only silver or
gan In Chicago, concedes tho election
of McKinley, and calls on all citizens
to dcclaro their loyalty to tho will
I of tho people.
I Wltn imnn nillMnna nf flin Tnnrnal
nndNcwB, only confirm former pre
dictions, assuring the election of Mc
Carson. Returns from Nevada will
not bo complete for ten days. Nor
lands, silver, Is certainly elected con
gressman and according to best estl
mate 30 out of 45 members of tho leg
islature will bo Democratic. Bryan
undoubtedly carried tho state.
Chicago, Chairman Jones today
Kent tho following telegram to Bryan:
"I havo all along counted on ono hun
dred and fifty-six Southern votes, and
six ty-cl glit from the west of tho Mis
souri river, which leaves seven for us
to get to bo successful, I counted on
Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota,
and we have no information except
what the press dispatches sent out to
tho contrary. Tho only Southorn
stato conceded Is Maryland."
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 4. At U
a. ni. Returns show Republican gains
over 1892, and there Is strong prob
ability tho state has gone for McKin
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 4. Chairman
Post, of Republican stato stato com
mit tec, at 10 o'clock conceded tho Btato
to tho Fusion ticket on presidential
electors and governor. It oppears
quite cortaln tha Populist will got
four of six congressmen and may havo
Power. Latest U.&. Gov't Repon.

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