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Daily Capital Journal.
SATURDAY, NOV. 7, 1890.
t v Mfc V" W "' M -
Altona and Ramona
t PfirMnnd. 6:45 a. m.
J Salem 7us m., except Sunday.
( 2 Quick time, regular service and cheap
f? ....rates ...
f Agent, Salem.
s i i
kXl M" K
Just Received
A line of
in Ostrich,
Hackle, etc,
Velvet 8tocK collars, In plain as
sorted colors, and In drusden patterns
25 cents.
New white collars, In clerical, and
In high, narrow roll circcts,
15 cents.
New liarncss belts. In checked ef
fects at 25c, and In the new corduioy
styles at
40 cents.
New ladles' umbrellas, English glo
ria, natural stick, 60!. Rest half silk
coralla, natural wood handles $1. The
same on dainty steel rods
Plush capes, fur edo, collar and
T. ftolversoD.
J, J, Dalrymple Co,
J. A. Vun Eaton returned last even
ing from Portland.
Dr. J. A. Richardson visited at the
reform school today.
A. W. Glesy transacted business In
Jefferson this morning.
Row C. E. Kliewcr went to Albany
this morning to remain over Sunday.
Coroner A.M. Ulough was a busi
ness man to "Woodburn this morning.
T. B. Kay, of the Salem Woolen
mills, went to Portland this morning
on a flying business visit.
Miss Jessie McGowan has returned
to her home nt Monmouth) after a
pleasant visit with the Misses Mets
clian. J. C. Goodalc, the popular lumber
man, returned to Coburg this morn
ing, lie is delighted with McKinlcy's
Mr. and Mrs. S. Durbin leave today
for Antelope, Or., for a month's ab
sence for eastern Oregon where they
will visit their son C. B. Durbin.
Gov. W. P. Lord and "State Treas
urer Phil Metschan returned last!
evening from Cascade Locks where
they attended the formal opening of
the Locks.
E. II. Stock, until recently as
sociated with his brother S. M. Stock,
In the dry goods business in this city,
went to Portland this morning to re
main a few days.
Miss Anna Golden, assistant at tho
Salem olllce of tho Oregon Telephone
Company, went to Portland this
morning where she will bo the guest
of Mrs. W. A. Denton, for a week or
ton days A
A Hop Ghowek. B. Flynn plain
Barnoy Flynn of Champoeg, is In tho
city today, and ho smiles a smile that
is broader than any of tho McKlnley
boomer's wear. Barney has 01 bales
ot choice hops. Some time ago the
buger who held a contract for them
at a law figure was trying to beat him
below tho price. Barney promptly
threw up the contract, and today the
bugars are about ready to take tho
lot at 12 cents per pound. He laughs
best who laughs last.
Unity Church. Services at 10:30
p. m. Sunday school at 12 m. Unity
Guild at 0:30 p. m., subject, "Modern
Heroes." Rev. V7.E. Copcland, pastor.
Subject of morning sermon "Tho
Wise God." Subject of evening lecture
"The Unitarians of tho Sixteenth
Century as Represented by Servetus
ond Socinus."
Lady JIkadeks. In tho House'
keeper's department of The Journal
next week will bo given a prlzo article
ou pies and pastry which will interest
and instruct. Look for it, andtry
It. Then give us practlclo articles
for UiIb department.
Business Transacted in Other Depart
ments of Court House.
Jos. Meyers has instituted an action
for money against J. N. Baker, the
complaint for which was tiled with
the county cleik yebterday. Judg
ment is wanted for 8140.53 with inter
est and HH attorney's fees.
The follow ing divorces were granted
Friday afternoon by Judge Hewitt:
Minnie V.Clinc vs. Geo. Cline; lone
Williams vs, Boyd W. Williams;
Mabel C. Edwards vs Thomas J. Ed
wards, and Arthur Glover vs. Nellie
Glover. In eacli instance the car
and custody of minor children was
given to the divorced wife.
The other cases in which docket en
tries were made by Judge Hewitt yes
terday were as follows:
Leo Willis, insolvent, M. L. Cliam
berlin, assignee, assignment; ordered
that J0-acre tract be conveyed to Mrs.
Brown in accordance to the prayer of
the petition.
S B Crocker vs M E Adams, equity;
dismissed on motion of plaintiff.
John Hocfer et al., foreclosure; de
fault as to J M Keene and decree on
stipulation as between plaintiff and
defendant' Nichlan. Decree and plead
ings as to Lichlon and Carson & Flem
ing. M L Chamberlln vs Salem Consol
idated Street Railway Coetal. injunc
tion; settled and dismissed.
Wm P Ross vs F J Catterlin, equity;
demurrer overruled.
J W Parrish vs Frank Parrish ct al;
decree of foreclosure.
John Hoofer ct al vs Mary Aplin et
al; decree of foreclosure.
S B Parrish vs Mattie A Parrish,
suit to declare a trust; plea of ab ate
merit Swlthdrawn and answer to be
filed Saturday.
F Ycrjzcn vs H D Waldo ot al., fore
closure; decree on stipulation and dc
faultas to G J Wolfcr and R J Grimm.
On the ?Gonsolidated Salem
Street Railway,
The Property. Will -.'Now Be Sold
Under Foreclosure.
Amved at Last
Our new lines of mixed dress
goods arc now In stock. Wo can soil
you all wool mixed dress goods In
handsome, stylish designs for 25c. a
yard. Better ones at 40c. Also some
very choice ones at 85c. n yard. Now
lines of 5c. and 10c. outing llannels,
fleeced back llannellottcs serges and
Jt & G corsets, Foster's Kid Gloves,
Albert hosiery. "
.Willis Bros, d Co,
.Court and.Llberty.
The Cash Dry Goods, ;CJothlng and
Shoe House. t L if
Progressive Peanut Party.
Notwithstanding the unpleasant
weather without everything within
the residence of Rev. W. C. Kantner,
on North Liberty htreet, presented a
pleasing appearance last evening.
The Y. P. S. C. E., of the First Con
gregational church, again demon
strated their ability to successfully
entertain their many friends. The
occasion was a "Progressive Peanut
Party" which was quite unique In
every detail. Forty young people were
present and an enjoyable evening is
reported. Numerous games were in
dulged In by the young folkes, after
which refreshments were served and
the party disbanded.
Evidently a Mistake.
Everything is in readiness for the
opening game of the intercollegiate
scries which take place between U. O.
and O. A. C. on tho Klncald Held to
day at 3 o'clock. The Corvallis team
will arrive on the 2 o'clock train. The
U. of O. boys will bo out In force at
tho train and will escort tho O. A. C.
to the university grounds.j-Eugene
Tho Guard must be misinformed re
garding hls Item since tho gamo be
tween the U. of O. boys and O. A. C.
foot ball teams, ire arranged by tho
Intercollegiate Football Association
was scheduled for November 14, one
week from today. The winning team
of that game will play tho team from
Willamette university at- saieni on i
following Saturday, tho 21st Inst. On
Thanksgiving day Willamette Uni
versity team goes to Corvallis for a
gamo with the O. A. C.
Let us all settle down to business,
and help to make times prosperous,
by pushing business in all lines.1
The New York racket Is willing to
cooperate with people of all parties,
by selling them goods In all lines they ,
keep, at vcry low prices. .Call and
see them. 0d-2t-lw '
An important Injunction suit was
dismissed Friday afternoon In Judge
Hewitt's court, the suit of M. L.
Chamberlln et al. vs.'the Consolidated
Street Railway of Salem, F.R. Anson,
Tills obligation was begun June 30,
and by various motions the injunc
tion could not bo removed until at
this term of court. The matter came
up on motion of Attorneys Car
son and Fleming, for plaintiff for con
tinuance again until next term.
They alleged that their principal
witness. Thus. II. Barnes could not be
produced, as he has been in Nebraska
some time. They alleged that he
would testify to a number of import
ant facts, if he were present. De
fendant corporation by Counsel Bing
ham and Paxton, stated to the court
that they were willing to admit that
Barnes would testify as set forth in
the affidavit of plaintiff, and al
low It to become part of the
testimony In the case. This being
the case, Mr. Bingham cited
the Law that the defendants were en
titled to go to trial. This left noth
ing for plaintiffs but to proceed to
trial or quit..
Plaintiffs elected to pay costs of
suit and be relieved of .their lnjun&
tlon bond rather than go to trial.
The stipulation on which the suit is
settled is as follows:
"It is hereby stipulated and agreed
by and between the plaintiffs and the
aboyo named defendants that this
suit may be dismissed at the cost of
the plaintiffs, to the extent of the
taxable costs and disbursements of
this suit and that the dismissal of
this suit shall be a bar to another
suit on account of the same subject
matter. It is alsoagrecd that the in
junction bond horcin shall be released
and that the defendants shall not
claim or recover any costs or damage
from the sureties on said bond, and
that the taxable costs and disbuisc-
ments shall be all that defendants
shall be entitled to lecoycr of and
from plaintiff by reason of this dis
missal of said suit, which costs .nd
disbursements amount to the sum of
thirty dollars.
It Is also agreed that In considera
tion of the release of said injunction
bond that the said plaintiffs, nor
either of them, shall make any objec
tions to, or in any manner question
the proceedings leading up to the ap
pointment of the original suit of E.P.
McCornack, Plaintiff, vs. Salem Con
solidated Street R. R.defendant.or of
the dolngof theother said receiver ap
pointed in such suit. The result of
this suit is very important to the peo
ple of Salem. The propeity will now
bo sold under foreclosure proceedings
and the title cleared of all incum
brances in the way of improvements
or extensions.
Bryan Weather. This has now
set In but It Is hoped wa may have it
line McKlnley day soon to enable our '
friends to celebrate. The forecast for
Sunday is rain. . , t
Children's knee pants sujt, m !ul'
ages, at $1.25 to $2.75 per suit, also
some liner at higher prices. Call and
bee our men and youths clothing and ;
overcoats all areold.clieap. 0d-2t-lw
The Football Game.
The return game of football be
tween the Willamette University and
Chemawa teams to lime taken place at
Chemawa is being played on the uni
versity campus this afternoon. Tills
Is a typical day for football playing
and tho boys are enjoying the sport
hugely. That remaikablo fullback,
W, P. Babcock, was out with the
team for the first time last evening
when he did most effective work in
breaking through tho line of oppo
sition. The manager of the football
team hopes to bo able to retain Mr.
Babcock on tho team as his services
can scarcely bo dispensed with. John
Williams, Bert Macoy and Rt. Guise
arc expected to enter the team next
week when heavy training will begin
preparatory to tho Important game
of tho 21st, Inst. Mark Savage Is
acting as coach Resides otherwise as
slslstlng Captain Olingcr in the
management of the team.
"Weather Don't Stop Them. Bl
cyclo Messengers rain or shine. Tele
phone 40 or blue boxes.
"Actions speak louder
than words" askypur gro
cer if we really mean money
back if you don't like Scu'l
li)igs Best tea. '
A SchillillE & Coniainv.- . ... ,
bin FKnciJcog Mfc 831 N J
Ex-Convict Arrested For Forgery and
Larceny Notes.
Four "knights of the tie'' were last
evening sentenced to live days at the
hotel de Dllley, -for vagrancy.
Frank W. Emerson, an cx-convlct,
having been discharged from the pen
itentiary last Monday, was arrested
last evening on two charges, viz.; lar
ceny of an overcoat from Mel Hamil
ton's saloon, and forging an ordef. He
was arraigned before Recorder Edcs
this morning, and plead not guilty to
both charges. His trial for larceny of
the overcoat, was set for 2 o'clock,
while the trial on the charge of forg
ery will be held at 3 o'clock this after
noon. It seems, when released from the
penitentiary, Monday, Mr. Emerson
went to W. J. Culver and asked for
some inonoy. Instead of complying
with the request, Mr. Culver gave the
man an order on Kenworthy &
George for meals for two days. It
seems, Emerson used Mr. Culyer's sig
nature to excellent advaatage, finan
cially to himself. Using the signa
ture he presented an older of D.J.
Fry and secured some articles. Mr.
Fry soon detected something wrong,
and notified Chief of Police Dllley who,
assisted by Olllccr Gamble soon had
his man located In one of Salem sa
loons. It seems Emerson disposed of the
overcoat at Cook's second-hand store,
realizing about $2 therefor.
Mr. Emerson was given a trial at
2 o'clock this afternoon, resulting in
his beincr bound over to the erand
jury In the sum of $500. He was next
tried on charge of forgery and bound
over to grand jury in sum of $200.
In default of the required ball he was
committed to -tho county jail where
he will remain until circuit court con
convenes next February. District
Attorneys. L. nayden appeared for
the state while Mr. Emerson con
ducted his own defense.
3 A new illustrated ed
&A with reierences,aids and f,i
$$ helps concordance in n
U the back good maps, $
plain or indexed. JNew
stock just received, new
prices, Sec
F. S, Dearborn, f
Hair Dressing,
Scalp Cleansing,
Dandruff Treated,
Scalp Cleaning, xJandruff Treated,
Hair dressed daily by the month for
. ?3-5.
Eldridge block-
Highest cash price paid.
Salem, Or. Next to brewery.
N6W G00d - -
Ralston's Pancake Flour, endorsed by the Ralston Health club,
Grano. the best mush goods obtainable,
Pure maple syrup in bulk,
Buttermilk toilet soap, 3 cakes for 10c,
P, O, Grocery,
Agents for "WorldVBeater" Soap."
Corner Seventeenth and Chemeketa
streets, Ezra Matirer, pastor. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. C. T. Doty,
superintendent. Preaching at 11 a,
subject, "Glorying in the Cross."
Junior Y. 1? A. at 3 p.m. Senior Y.
P, A at 0:3 p. m., topic "Renewed
in the Spirit," Miles EdwanKlcader.
1'ieaching at 7:C0p; m. by Rev. W.
Stair. Union holiness meeting,
Tuesday at 7:30 p. m.; piajfr meeting
Thursday at 7;3i) p. m. All are wel
come. First presbytsirian.
Rev. W. Steele, pastor. At 10:30 a.
m. subject, "The Sunday Question."
Sunday school at 12 in. Chinese Sun
day school at 3: 30 Junior C. E. at
4 o'clock. Senior C. E. at 0:15. Even
ing services at 7:30 o'clock. Song ser
vice and address bv Miss Mlily
BrouilJette, subject, "Queen Esther."
Bring Gospel Hymns No. 5. Prayer
meeting Thursday eyenlng at 7:30
Y. M. O. A.
A grand men's meeting at the
lountr Men's OlirlsM.-in ARsnc.liit.Inn.
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Messrs.
.i. a. T.Tutthill, U.S. Gilo and Prof.
Dunn will give short addresses. Good
singing. All young men are cordially
The Presbyteiian Ladles Quartet will
Rev. J. B. Fanner, pastor. Service
at 10:30 "Tho "World's Appeal." At
7:30 "View From the Tablelands of
victory." Sunday mjIiooI at 11 noon.
Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30 p. m. All
cordially welcome.
Rev. W. C. Kantner, D. D. pastor.
Preaching at 10:30 a. m., subject,
"Zeal." At 7:30 p. m. the subject will
bo "The Lord's Look." Sunday school
at 12 m. Junior Endeavor at 4 p.m.
Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30 p. m. Superior
music at both servicesjunder direction
ot Mrs. ninges.
The 23rd Sundav after Trintv. At
7:30.i. m. Holy communion; 10:30 q.
m. piornlng prayor and communion
sermon; 12 m. Sunday school; 7:30 a,
m. evcnlnglprayer and sermon. W.
M, Magnan, pastor.
Preacliincrat 10:30 bv Rev. M. a.
Starr; at 7:30 by the pastor tomorrow.
ounuay scnooi at iz. it. u u. K.
at 0:30.
u. n. quuRCii.
PrO:i(ll!nfr lit, 11 n m nlcn nt. 7 ..in
Sabbatli school at 10 a, m. and Y. p!
C. E. at 0:40 In the evening. Walter
ueynoius, pastor.
Services liinrnlncr nnd nvonlnt nt.
the usual hours. Sntwlnl mnsli nt.
botli services.
Preachlncr bv G. W. Grannis at 2 n.
nj. tomorrow.
RervipflS nt. lO-aO n m nnrl 1-.1 n r. nv
at their hall corner Liberty and Court
HARRIS. At the state insane,
asylum, Salem, Novembers, 1890, of
senile exhaustion, David II. narrls,
aged 73 years.
The remains were sent to Lebeanon
last night for burial.
Price. At the family home near Lin
coln, at 8.45 a. m. Thursday, Novem
ber 5, 1890, Mrs. O. E. Price, aged
30 years, of heart trouble.
Funeral services will bo held In the
Zenachurcli at 2 p. m., Sunday, con
ducted by Rev. W. C. Kantner, of
this city.
First Team Defeated. Friday
afternoon the first and second teams.of
Willamette University, played a
match game of baseball, on the campus,
in which the second team won by a
score of 4 to 0. This speaks well for
second team and the members of the
first team will evidently have to work
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, I
Lucas County f M
Frank J, Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the city of Toledo,
county and state aforesaid, and that said Tirm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of Cataukii
thut eannet be cured by the usp of Hai l's
Catarrh Curk.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
1 " . : A . W. Gleason,
j !eal. Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrh CureU taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials
F. J. Cheney& Co., Toledo, O.
Lr-aoia oy 1 'ruggists,
1 my
A Card,
Wo have In prospect an engage
ment of the celebrated Schubert Syn
phony -Club and Lady Quartette
Company, and it is expected that
they will be secured to give one of
their delightful entertainments in
this city about November 15th, pro
viding a hundred names can be secured
on the subscription list. Wo have tin.
dortaken to try and wot this dellght-
iui concert Compuny here. If you
wish to have this first class Company
to come put your name on the list
now at our store and aid us to get the
required number of names.
Patton Bnna.
Lessees and Managers Reed'd Opera
oiiwon Noun
In another column will be seen 01 1
dissolution. At such a tinie Ve mC,C o
money, so will commence on ave
atuTufi Nov. 1
A Great Dissolution Sale,
This is no fake sale, but a bona fide reduction
sale, Sale commences Saturday and lasts 30
days, Watch this space daily for oargains,
m wI tSi
g & m ' jr ri
257 Commercial st.
m nave
to comply with the requests of our many patrons
and will continue the
Special Sale Till Nov. 9
Our first clearance sale has been a complete sue ,'
cess, and we can save you big money this week,
Do not wait, but come early, as November 7th
will positively be the last day of the special sale.
297 Commercial street, ', Salem
Diaductive Cure of Disease Through the Use of
t. , . ... i .,. n. .....,. iiia whti'li nro dally
Xh is useless U) cuuuiuriiiu w lumij 1.. . i nwvUi Wrll
ted fiom the human system tluoiigh the "r UT' ,!: reiievo
or call and we win explain wiiy i uvcij -the
sufferer and guide them to perfect lieaiwi.
E. B. LlM',,.n
resident nt "OtyviU" CbWoH.
Reduced rates. Management I.ueraJ. E!sctr'C""I"n?SkOTn$r,U
ami nnint nf Interest. Snewal rates will be L'mn to permanent patron
Lawn Mowers,! QtaV RfOS, STax Qrcase
Hay wanes, j v
Harrlwarfi. Stnvfls and Tinware.
IIWIU"W,V' w. j Bicycles.
Garden Hose, olf-m Or I SuQk
Lawn Sprinklers, alem, m A
- j ' . o,ie-"lQ)l'1lS'
Onlycood horse used, .Satisfaction ru iMiiteedjy ft&bJi&--J

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