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Daily Capital Jo.ufjia.lr
JFBIDAY.SOV. 13, 1890.
niiu y?
i lyiijiigwiwitf"1!1 w"JJ
i " .Uft'S WWJ V3'
SJTn;!Ui?;syr"'wJyr"ir' ';:g
The next, best thlnjf In all tlie
world Is t(i liavo had a good inotlicr.
Farm Department
Kaunlng Operations.
The weather was favorable for farm
w(trk tlie past month except plowing,
seeding and the fceUlng out or fruit,
t.rppa. Tim-vest was nractleally coiu-
Wliat kind of a money system win , . . f t ,irst of the lonti,,
trlvu employment to Jhu three million ,, , .iurln,p tlc month wheat
Unemployed? hauling to mills, warehouses, and ele-
l . -. ...... . I .. r.fl ri.t.if.i rA 1 lin nltii.
VatOrb COIItlUUCU. auuuiu m "vov
of the month the rise hi the price oi
grain causod increased activity in the
Confidence restored! Wc will sell
you more -goods aud loan you more
Burleigh, tlie Populist
Hon. V. S
leaders of Wallowa county, hangs out
his banner for Bryan In 900.
The Eastern Oregon Ohoi vcr is tlio
new Populist paper of La Grande,
Union county, conducted by Curry
The Ilcpuhlicaii coiiiu.llti-c sent
a00,000.f0 oimpaign documents.
They owe .the mail clerks and post
ufflcc forrc an Increase of salary.
"Steve" Dorsey, the Senator of Star
lloute fame, has "touched" London
cipilallsts for S50 1,000 to open a ItO
stamp gold mine in California.
Indianapolis bankers have begun a
move to retire the $303,000,000 green
backs, to remove all cause for distrust,
and to "give polcl a chance."
The Jouk.val. does not have to
deny that it is owned by any banket.
No lntellieut. banker would touch it
with ti ten-foot pole,as an investment.
Of course, Dr. Smith, C. B. Moores
andT. T. Gecr will not undertake to
convert Senator Mitchell to their
view of the McKlnley platform that
It Is single gold standaid.
The gold standard press, owned by
the corporations ard bankers who are
the tools of foreign capltal.openly ad
Vocate retirement of $750,000,000 of
non-Interest bearing paper money and
Issuance of that amount of gold bonds.
Three New Yorkers are to be pro
vided fer: Tom Piatt is to be senator;
Cornelius 3ST. Bliss Is to go into the ca
binet; and something Is to bo done
with dude millionaire Whitelaw Held
of the Tribune.
Tlie eastern money-loaning news
papers rejoice that 'Oregon has not
put herself in the black list with
States like Washington, Nebraska
and Colorado. Will Oregon prosper
ahead of those States? Time will
Salem people arc talking of a mass
meeting of business men to protest
against the new schedule, under the
combine with the river boats. For
tunately there Is talk already of an
opposition boat on the river. The
leglBlaturo should pass a freight rate
In this state. Albany Democrat.
Among the incidental contributions
to the anti-Bryan campaign is the
letter of N. A. Dunning, Populist
leader, repudiating fusion. This cir
cular had wide distribution, and un
doubtedly affected many votes. Per
haps the result in Clackamas county
is in some degree attributable to It.
Wm. It. Merriam of St. Paul, Is
pushed for secretary of tho treasury.
He Is a splendid typo of the gold
party. Ho Is a millionaire, owns two
banks, two or three nowspapers, a
large wholcsalo house with many busi
ness men In debt to his banks and
Jobbing house, rides In a special car
and lias all the earmarks of a modern
) A Salem paper Indignantly denies
i that It Is owned by any bank or
I banker. This Is not necessary. No
j appology Is required for being con
nected with a bank. Their business
is legitimate. Their managers arc
business men who liavo as much right
to be respected as any class. They
even have n right to own newspapers
aud pursuo politics, and the people
have a right to vote with them If they
see lit.
delivery of it. Fruit and hop
drying continued until about the20th,
when practically all was finished.
The price of hops increafcing 100 per
cent dm lug the month has been the
means of causing altcntiou to be di
rected to t he hotter caic of hop yards
for next year's crop. Owing to the
dryness but lit Ho plowing could be
done during the month. The rHe in
the prh-eor giain has caused greater
preparation than usual to be made
for an increased acreage next year, so
that manv thousand acres will be
sown to grain between the present
time and next June. West of the Cas
cades ulowing and seeding can be
done duiing the entire winter sea son
and tho same condition prevails over
the gicatcrpart of the country east
of the Cascades, except from December
t-j Match. The picking and storing
of apples was active during the month,
As has been btated in former bulle
tins the fruit crop was nearer to a
failutc lu Oregon this year than ever
before. rCwwiubtsr Bulletin.
Flax Culture.
Since Oregon furiueig are getting
considerable encouragement along
the line of llax raising by the possibil
ity of its being manufactured, they
are becoming more or lesj interested
in the culture ot this famous libre
plant. There is a general belief that
the growth of llax is detrlmctal to
land, which Is surly unfounded In
fact, and thousands of farmers could
be found to testify to that effect.
Our experience of growing flax for
12 years In Dakota entirely convince
us that it was not seriously affecting
tho ftrtility of our soil. Always where
a crop of llax preceded oats the latter
crop was benefited very much, and
when there was a reasonable amount
of moisture preceding the flax crop
the latter was beneficial to the oat
crop in a remarkable degree. Tlie
soil was always mellow, clean of foul
stuff and in about the same condition
as when sown to field peas. Our ex
perience with over a thousand acres
fully demonstrated to our satisfaction
that llax Is not so dangerous as some
people imagine. This is fully eon
firmed by what Prof. Snyder of the
Minnesota experiment station says In
his bulletin.
Unless the conditions In Oregon
would entirely change the chemical
effects of flax on the soil there need
be no groat danger as to the Impover
ishment of the strong soils of Oregon,
The following is the gist of Prof.
Snyder's bulletin:
It has been unpopularly supposed
that the growing of flax removes a
large amount of fertility from the soil,
The Minnesota Experiment Station
has just issued a bulletin on fiax which
shows that It does not remove an ex
cessive amount of fertility. In fact,
an average yield of 15 bushels of llax
seed per acre will remove less fertility
than 150 bushels of potatoes,45 bushels
of corn, or 30 bushels of wheat.
It is true that fiax will not thrive on
the same soil where it has been grown
for at least llvo years previously, bo
cause tho fiax straw and roots in their
decomposition produce products which
will destroy n following llax crop.
When live or seven years Intervene be
tween two llax crops, then tho old
straw and crop residue is thoroughly
decomposed and will not Injure a now
fiax crop. For successful flax raising
on soils worn by grain cropping, a lib-
Cheapest, Becauso tho Best,
Rend for that little- book, "Infant
Health:" irreat valua to mothers. SeAt ,
tree. v
N. Y. Condensed Milk, Co. i
11 Hudson Street, Mfew York'
:-- -
oral live ni'Kt be made of farm yard
manure so as to bring tlie laud tip to a
high grade or fertility. The manure
should be applied to grain crops, and
not direct to the fiax. Then agowl
yield of llax can be obtained and no
injuiy to the soli will follow.
Flax is a weak feeding crop.possess
ingbut little power of obtaining its
food from the holl. It absorbs the
larger portions of Its nitrogen, phos
phoric acid and potash during the
first 40 or 50 days of its growth. In or
der to -supply the food in so short a
time the soil must be lu a high state
of fertility.
It has been positively proven that
there Is nothing in the old bug-a-boo
about lbx being ruinous to land and
those farmers who have continually
raised llax for 23 years have no great
fears and Hud it not only profitable,
beneficial as a rotation. Tlie writer
has grow u 14 bushels of seed per acre
and that being the third consecutive
crop and without manure. There is
no crop which will respond to manure
so read II v as llax. A light top-dress
Ing imediately after seeding will
largely Increase the growth or straw
production of seed. The various kinds
of fiax raised for seed differ largely as
to long or short, fine or coarse straw,
thus when making tt)o bpeotun It n
well to find the best adapted to this
Ivfnle, . luff, Vic- wiir'ln ii-cs n dim St
yeSlotday, after having spent several
hrJurs in an unsuccessful attempt to
buy a lot or wool, remarking that
"these fool wool raisers n-allj thought
McKlnley's election would raise tho
price of their wool two cents." Com
ment is unnecessary.
Give the hens a new supply of straw
for the laying nests.
See that your hens have a mess
greens now and then.
State mail advices furnish the fol
lowing review of the New York hop
Conditions are evidently changing
a little and the position of the mar
ket on fine goods is firmer than it
has been for some time past. The
volume of business on the local mar
ket Is not large, poaslbjy because of
the limited quantity of such stock as
Is wanted. Inquiries from across the
water are much more numerous and
shippers would pay 10JUc for
pholce lots pf either state or Pacific
coast. English nmrkotu have boon
doing better of late and this has
turned shippers attention 'this way.
Brewers have noted the increasing
interest of exporters and have lately
been more willing to look at samples,
With some business resulting. The
strength of the njarket, however, Is
confined closely to fine goods. Every
one seems to think that there is an
abundance of under grade stock, and
this will be the last to feel any im
provement. Old hops are also moving
very slowly, though values for choicg
show a slight hardening tendency.
Fair sales are reported in the interior
of this state, but buyers are culling
oyer the growth and picking out the
bosst, Tho more we sec of the new
state crop the jnpre we are convinced
of the generally poor quality; a few
line growths are in the best sections
but these are either not offering at
present or hold for a Jhigher price,
Considerable activity Is reported on
the Pacific coast, with sales of best
lots at 7i8c.
There is some inquiry for strictly
choice hops, and such aro salable to
fair advantage, as compared with
prices which have been lately current.
Lower grades aro not being sought
after. The demand Is mainly for
Europe, the crop thore, particularly
in Germany, having been damaged
liioro or less in Maturing. Prices are
stUl too low to afford much encourage
ment to producsrs.
Fair tg choice, 1890 crop 7i(o)10
Beet Sugar,
At tho new Beet Sugar factory, at
Menomonco Falls, AYls., many aro un
der contract to raise a certain quant,
Ity or beets for ten years. The, fact
ory has about au 8(5 day run and 20,
000 barrels of sugar Is alio expected
result. Farmers aro'getting $4 a ton
for their beets, which aro averaging
about 15 tons per acre. What a bo
nanza such a factory would be for Sa
lem, Let us have a Beet Sugar fact
ory. The Fool Wool Growers.
The Times Mountaineer of-Wednesday
says: An Eastern wool buyer, who
has been In tho city the last three or
four mouths trying to buy wool, and
also advocating the election'' of Nc
Apples ate selling in New York
state at from 3'"c to 75c per barrel.
The largest output of elder ever
known In New York state is reported.
The National Horse Shov associa
tion has Increased Its prizes to $33,000.
American apples arc totalling in
Hamburg at from 4 to 8 shillings per
Have you forgotten some of that
beautiful road dust for your poultry
for the winter.
One or tlie -great benefits derived
from a sugar beet factor is that to the
dairyltiL' Interests in the shape of
residue at the mill. The pulp is
bought by the farmers for 15 cents
per ton and many farmers are filling
silos in tho California sugar districts.
Its value is only becoming well
known or late years. Formerly the
entire product was a total loss, now
tl)o entle output s utljlsied.
Commending au article from a
Hartford, Conn., paper, In favor of
retiring the greenbacks and le,al
tender notes, the Oregouian copies
the following, with appiobatlen:
Tho people of tho United States
want sound money and good govern
ment, and they hayc said so emphatic
ally, Tnis does not mean another
grand shake-up of tho tariff schedules
lu fulfillment of pledges to favored
interests. The country told Mr. Mc
Klnley and his friends in 1892 wil It
thought of lilm as a tariff "reformer."
With a run on all the eastern banks
causing a scarcity of currency it is
interesting to know that the salva
tion of "sound money" depends on
the destruction of the most valuable
feature of our currency system.
The Oregonlan wants a registration
law under which a certificate could
be given a man to show he had regis
tered and upon tlie production, of
wljich he could go and vote anywijero
in the state! That would be a de
lightful snap for tlie Portland cor
ruptionlsts. What a multitude of
voters they would arm with travelling
voting certificates! And the railroads
and steamboats would recognise them
as a pass too, If they had the proper
countersign. Oil, Harvey; that is too
The Salvation Army goes into star
vation for one week, beginning the
10th. The members will abstain from
food and other luxuries during the
time, except their hunger gets too
Budding time
the time when girl
hood blossoms into
womanhood is a
trying period in
every woman's life.
Much depends on
the care aud the
treatment given
thenn lifetime of
tealthy happiness,
or years of suffer
ing sickness.
To bring girls
safely through thii
critical period, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite.
Prescription has
been found an un
failing aid. It is a
preparation of
strongly tonic pro
pertles. It puts
the whole body
into good condi;
tjqn and Ts particularly efficacious in
iU actiqn on the peculiarly feminine
organism. There is no sort of female
trouble that it will not correct if it is
taken in time. Thousands of the worst
possible cases have been cured by it.
It works in a perfectly natural way,
and drive? out disease fry building up
the strength and purifying the whole
Many modest women and girls suffer
unspeakable torments ' because they
dread telliug their troubles to a phy
sician. They fear the almost inevitable
examinations and "local treatment."
These things are usually wholly un
necessary. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription will
do what not one doctor in a hundred can
rlo-i-it will cure. In pur looo page book
entitled "The People's Medical Adviser,"
nre hundreds .of testimonials to its won
derful efficacy.
The book wilt be sent free on receipt
of twenty-one cents to pay postage and
wrapping only.
Address, worth's Dispknsary Mkd
i cai. Association, No". 663 -Mala Street,
Buffalo, N. Y, '
Maiiy thousand dollars
worth of valuable articles
suitable for Christinas
gifts for the young aud
old, are to be given to
smokers of Blackwell's
Genuine Durham To
bacco. You will find
one coupon inside each
two ounce bag, and two
coupons inside each four
ounce bag of Blackwell's
Durham. Buy a bag of.
this celebrated tobacco
and read the coupon 1
which gives a list of val
uable presents and how
to get them.
()K .
A life lung Republican yesterday
met Judge Pen Hayden, and as-ked:
"Haven't t'u rascals of tho Demo
cratic party nearly all gone over into
the Republican ranks?"
"Yes," responded the veteran Polk
County .Turl-U, "every d d one of
Of course It is needless to say Uncle
Ren Hayden Is still a Democrat.
I X-;esiorti Dr. J. M.J'vo-t. old White
Corner, Salem Or. Par ics desiring luperior
j operations at nm,!i-rate fees in any forrnch are
111 cspccmi request.
The Pad He Can Company, of As
toria, has clon?d operations, thus
throwing 11 number of men out of
Dealer in groceries, oainta, oi's,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stock of
brushes of all kinds i.i the
state, Artists' materia., l:nic.
hair, cement and shin.'..:.
finest quality of (yass z--
WANTED. To trade a Krauich .V Hick
piano for a house und lot. If any balance,
will be willingjto pay in installment. Piano
has been in use only two moithi and as good
ns new. See G. L llrown at County Treas-
urer'soltice at 'Court House. 11.io.3t
WniiK WATsTTRII A voiinfr limn
wants work at housework or any kind of la
bor. Inquire at No. i8 Court St. ove
1 aldington's baioon.
TO KENT. A large, roomy barn,
at this office.
Ve the undersigned are now renovating
feathers at 186 ferry street, for the next 30
day;. AU ladiosi that consider cleanliness
next to Godliness should hav their feather
beds throughly renovated at once. Bedrock
prices. Respectfully yours, Franklin fe
Glaze. 10 12 im
FOR RENT 1 1 room home, 111 good re
pair with barn and good well water. With
one and a half lots. Enquire at premises on
loth and Chemeketa, 10 6 im
CARPET PAPER Large lot ol heavy
brown wrapping paper (or sale cheap. Jus
the thing for putting under curpets. Call a
Journal office.
LOST A brown purse containing two rincs
and some postage stamps For reward call
at 105 Commetcial street. 10-30 t
LADJRi-Urrl make big wages at home, and
want nil to have the same opportunity The
woik is very pleasant und will easily pay $18
weekly. This ts no deception. I want no
money and will gladly send full particulars to
all sending stamp. Miss M A Stebbins, Law
rence. Mich 26 6t)
C. H.
211 Commercial
I3Suits $15 upwards.
st , Salem Or
Pants $ upwands-,1
160 acrfc fine prairie faim near Junction
City, b'o acres in cultivation, price $2,000.
81 50 100 Lcres, 8 miles scuih of Dallas, 40
acres in cultivation, a bargain $1,000
80 aeres near Waterloo, 25 acres in cultiva.
tion $6oo'
I60 acres near Waterloo, 40 acre in culti
vation, $1,300.
200 acres naar Waterloo, 25 acres in cultf
vation, ti,8oo,
30 acres, 6 miles south of $alem .cheap.
13 acres, 3 miles south of Salem ch,;ap
18 acres zV mlles soh of Salcm-ch;ap
10 acres, 4 miles southwest of Salem ch:ap.
Good houses to trade for ranches or small
ranchhs to ttrade for large tract-., houses to
rent, etc If you have houses to rent qr want
ren rent a house, or have cows or wood or nny
tothing to sell or trade, or want any notarial
work done, pension papers made out, call on
rsotary public and real estnte agent,over post-
office. n rjdiw
W0LZ fctMIESCKE. Proos.
Dealars in all kinds of fiesh and salt rrcati
Lard in bulk, 7c a lb. Cheapen meat in the
town Try them. 171 Commercial st.
MLVTfili 8
8lUB3B.a BSJ U
Plenty oTnionoy on good security
A lame quantity of land fur sale nt
low figure and on easy tetnib
Room 5, l!uh tank building.
On city or farm property.
Over hush's Dank,
Mi'eii all masl and paisengtr trains. Bag
,jje Mini Ljqnc'ss to all pans of the city.
I'ro npi be. wee. 'telephone No. 70.
ii'irni Truck and Dray Co.
Ordeis placed with the above company will
re.cite prompt attention and ta'.e delivery.
l'.uul.a and dravs found on the corners of
State and Commercial streets. Express wag.
oiw ut all trains and boats. In connection
with cur business we will also run a feed
store. Handling Hour, mill feed, oil meal,
oats, chopped feed, straw, hay and wood at
the lowest cash prices.
Phone 86. SAVAGE & CO.
Home Bakery,
G. A. Back, proprietor, 12? Com
mercial strcot- Kiesh pies, cakes and
hreac ahvays on hand, "just, like your
mother used to make."
0ffice: Willamette Hotel Building
For water service apply at .office, ?lll
payable monthly in advan.ee. Make Qa
complaints at the office.
There will be no deduction in water rate
on account of temporary absence from the
city unless notice is left at the office.
Hereafter water for irrigation will only be
furnished to regular consumers using watei
for domestic purpose. Contractors for side
walks, brick work and plastering will plea.se
read "under building purposes" page 17 ol
schedule of rates for 1893. Apply at
for copy.
Salem Steam Laundry
Please noticc,the cut in prices
on the following
Shirts, plain 10 cents
Under drawers stoiocents
Under shirts 5toioccnts
Socks, per pair 3 cents
Handkerchiefs I cent
Silk handkerchiefs .,.,,, 3 cents
Sheets and pillow slips 24 cents per dozen,
and other work in proportion.
Flannels and other work inj
telhgently washed by hand,
Col, J, Olmsted Prop.
Makes a spialty of fine repair work, Seth
Thomas clock, etc, 215 Commercial Street
tarr 11L001 l'OISON permanently
ouredlnl5to8& days. You can betreatcdu
homo loreamo price under same cuaran
tv. If von crfif pp toenme here wo wlllcon
tract to nnvrallrondfQreandbotolbllli.and
nocbargo. If wo fall to euro. If you liavo taken iaor
enry, fodldo potash, and etlll baro aches ana
pains, mucous x'uecues lu mouiu, autoimvttH
larantoo to cure. Wo solicit tbe most obstl
ba filed tho skill of tho most eminent pliysl
pate cases ana cliauonco tno worm lor it
ease we cannot cure.
in co
dlseato bos alwsr
clans. 8600,000 capital behind our uncond
llonai trnaraniT. ausoiuio
application. Address COO.
IKJ7 ffiuuonio Mempn),
roofg sent tei
ills Qui non.nolsonou
remedy for UoDorrhasa
nieet. Spermatorrhea,
Whites, unnatural dis
charges, or any ioaamiua'
tlon. irritation or ulcera
tion of nrueous niem
THlEviNSCHEMICJlCO. branes. Non-aitringeot.
1 WOJH ny x"uB'.
or sent In plain wrapper,
by express, prepaid. 01
11.00. or 3 lottlei, !..
Circular soot on request
100 worth for 10c
I Tho Rosy Freshness "
1 1 II M C to ttfUtnre.
I H DAApia Antslnfl
I HkcmciKrun,o.gM
M. 'A. YT. H. 1 . m
Scd4 10 t.U for IllnitnUj book IIIVI
t nut a rut UWUKTig yon !
without CM to tt bwbWh. (htUqucs'l
;5, hUlliTUlniM .wlrk,. t
For Delicacy,
for purity, and for Improvement ot the com
plexion nothing equals Poixoni'b Pqwpkb.
hi . tanmmmm -t
Twj Transconlinentj
eastern cities. "' unr ny
Steamer Oypsy for PoLT SI0N
Sunday at 6 a m "1,nk . bcty
charge for Uge ,IWu, ! ' i,
e. McNeill,
Foot of Trade st.
Loctl ten,
Through Tickets
U;uon Pacific System
l hrough Pullman Palace Sleepers. Toarii
Sleepers and FreeJ Reclining Chain 4Vd;
Portland to Chicago.
Our trains are heated br steam ml
lighted by Pintsch light.
Time to Chicago, 3 l-i Jayj
Time to New York, 4 1-2 dan.
Which is many hours quicker than com
petitors. For rates, time tables and fullinlormaiioa
apply to;
Agents, Snl:m, Oi.
General Agent t Dist.Pass. Agent
135 Third Street, Portland.
Northern Pacific
Pullman Sleeping Oars.
Elegant Dinin" Cars
Tourist SloeoirpC
To St. Paul, Minneapolis, UalJtn, r0i
'Jraml Forks, Crookston, Winnipeg, 4
Helena and Butte.
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelpnia, Nt
tr--l- !.. .ml fill Pnintf
KOrK. luimi, "" -.. - -
East and South
For information, time, cards. im?i '
tickets, call on or write
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, w.
A. D.Charlton, Asst. Oen'l. IPaA
Morrison St.. comernhPertUn:
Eastern R, R. Company
-Connecting at VJJS
rrancisco&yaouinaWBtP ,
j!iAtuu . ,-for su
and Humbolt Bay. nIl5!irpisMa
Passenger woftirtftW
Shortest route between the
ana auiowa. . u we$twf
Fate from Albany PU 45,16 Co
Francisce: Cabin, $)JJtiM.
The most popular seaside .(
North Pacific Coast. w
bathine absolutely sale. . llBg J
For those wishing to ", fet
fishing with aquatic sports U 1
equal. Deer, W, 4bandac
and salmon trout can be louno
within a Jew h' WpnH. . ft
rsrReduced rates to iaii J jUOf.
raiem. --
Aretata coP'"-;-7,. uaatifai:
dor. Ttrr""""'"""-

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