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Vol. 8.
Slate Is Made for McKinley.
contains Sherman and Boutell, the
Former Secretary.
fend of chairman .Hanna explained
der what circumstances tiuuua
would accept a place in the cabinet.
lie said:
"Banna will either go to tlio cabi
net or he will be the next United
States senator Iron) Ohio: Hanna'
'j, a 1 .InnlAAli hv VnnflTll
course roust uc uwnu u, ..-..v.
John tfherruan. Both the chairman
nd McKinley understand fiat!, and
ihey are waiting to lerun what posi
tion Sherman will take. McKinley
irants Hanna to accept the treasury
wrtfollo, but Hanna has other asplr-
itlons. Ho oeiioveH il wuuiu uu
renter honor to be senator from Ohio,
but. Senator Sberniah stand In the
say of that. McKinley w.Ul offer
Bhernian the position of secretary of
btateand.lf he declines, to go Into the
ablnct, then Hanim Will accept the
osliion of secretary of thd tieasury.
Should Sherman decide to beebmc one
lr President Mruumeys aaviscn,
ftlius vacating his seat In the senate,
b- ... . . ! c "..
Illanna will become nis successor."
This same 'friend of ITanna said
that It had practically been decided
that Congressman Uoutclle, of Maine,
would be secretary of the navy.
in; mm
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The Flag Burning.
Washington, Nov. 24. Minister
Dupuy de Lome, of Spain, had not
called at the state department up to
non Moncfay to present a protest
against burning of aSpanlsh Hag by
students at Newcastle, Del., as Madrid
cables state (lie Is instructed to do.
If a protest is made, It will follow
the usual course In such cases, and be
referred to the Delaware authorities
for explanation of the facts. If
these disclose a substantial Indignity,
the federal government will make an
apology deemed desirlable. But, as a
rule, the pranks of students have not
been construed as an indignity requir
ing an apology.
Nets Confiscated.
Sandusky, O., Nov. 24. The Cana
dian cruiser Petrel, Captain Dunn, Is
again busy on Lake Erie. Last even
ing 35 nets belonging to Lay Bros., of
this city, were confiscated. The nets
were tilled with fish, and the loss to
the fishermen will boi, considerable.
Captain Blcmlllcr says the nets
were in American waters, and a pro
test to Secretary of State Olney may
be expected.
Rain in Bengal.
Calcutta,Nov. 24. Rain lias fallen
In most of the districts of Bengal and
has improved the crop conditions. If
the rain continues, Immediate danger
of a severe famine will be averted.
Bombay, Nov. 21, There has been
a heavy rain at Behar and light
showers have fallen at Allahabad
Eastern bulk oysters, very fine,
received today at Steincr's market.
- 1 V
N -
Sam !
The People of San Francisco
Over the
haw r kancisuo, jnov. Z4. Tne in
ov. 24.-1
ventor of tho mysterious alr-shlp
which has been puzzling,, local sclent
lsts and others for the past week, 14
believed to be one "Dr. E. n. Benja
min, ' an alleged dentist, who has oc
cupied rooms in an Ellin-street lodgt
ing house for the past two years, but
so far he has successfully evaded all
attempts to discover his Identity.
Ills attorney, Collins when seen yester
day, and pressed to tell further about
the alleged Inventor and his machin
ery, said:
"This morning the Inventor came
to my office ,ln the Crocker building
and told me'that he had tested tho
merits of the ship in last night's storm
with the greatest success. The wind
currents were very contrary, and the
test tried the merits of the machine
in the hardest manner, but It came
out of the ordeal In the best manner,
having breasted the storm like any
bird. He stated in the Ioca'llty where
tlio vessel Is Housed, and new oven
Alcatraz and out through thtrCdldcn,
Gate, skirting the Cliff house and re
turning by the same route across the
bay. B!e hovered over the seal rocks
for fully ten minutes and played his
searchlight on the seals. Ills inten
tion Is-txvmake another trip this eve
ning, proBably over the same ground,
running on his return trip as far as
A dispatch was received from Sac
ramento last night that hundred of
people there had again seen tho mys
terious meteor in the heavens, but as
yet no one has beep able to see the
object sufllclently to state definitely
what it Is.
la'ter. .
San ritANCisco, Nov. The story
of the airship Is nut generally cred
ited. The Inyentor cannot be found
and those who are reported to have
seen It arc not willing to give definite
testimony. Geo. D. Collins, the at
torney, whose name has been con
nected with thejnventor as an appli
cant, admits that he was retained
for such service, but ridicules the
story of tho Sacramento flying ma
chine. He says the story is a iaue,
but declares his client is working on
a machine which Is a combination of
the aeroplane and a talless kite.
Must Hang.
Seattle, Nov. 24. Wallace Carey,
convicted in Seattle of tho murder of
his Indian wife, has been denied a
new trial and will have to hang.Ho
smashed her head and then threw
her into tbebay with a rope around
her neck. Then he went up town, got
drunk and reported that his wife had
been ronrdered, after wlhch he took
6ome acquaintances with him to the
place and pulled the body out of the
watcn The supreme court thought
that one trial was enough tor him,
Seattle has not had a hanging for
some yaars.
Care For Oregon.
Portland, Noy. 24. Word was re
ceived from A. C. Hammond, the
promoter of the Astorja-Goble rail
road, who is now In New York, that
he is arranging to send an equipment
for the Astoria railroad. He-will
send in the first shipment, BX pas
senger coaches and fifteen freight
Diamond Thief.
Cincinnati, Not. 24.-A Utrangcr
stole a tray of diamonds from Clem
ens Oskamp'o store on Vine street
Being closely pursued he dodged Into
an adjoining building, where he left
his overcoat and diamonds In a wash
room and escaped. The diamond
were woth t3,000.
' Held No Election
-; Atlanta, Nov.. 24. There Is ono
county In the United States whose
residents did not know of tho receni
national elect ion.
That Is Charlton county.-thls state.
The officials' In the otllce 6f tho becre
tary or state are' authority for the
declaration that tho county could not
have known of It, for no election was
held there, and the official digester
the election In Georgia has been made
up with the-CharltoDy county left out
The famous Okeflnokeo swamp cov
ers most of the territory of tho county,
which Is qn the Florida line, and In
deed runs down Into Florida. Accord
log to the maps there several towns In
the county, with Trader's UiH as'tbe
county seat. All effocKfif thq socre
tary of the state to frksfreturnsfrotn
here haye proved1 unavailing, and It Is
claimed as a certainty that no elec
tion was held. -,
Session of Congress Is Sure.
Will Be Called Soon Alter jfcKin-
ley's Inauguration.
' New York, Nov. 24. The Mall and
Express McKinley's personatl organ,
says' there Is going to be 'anSxlni ses
sion of congress called wlthtntwenty
days after the, 'Inauguration bf .President-elect
MoKlnley. This lnfornia
tlon comes from Canton In n positive,
direct way, and Its reliability cannot
be questioned. ,f
It is the opinion of tlio president
elect that no revenue legislation can
be accomplished this winter, and al
though the newspaper dispatches dis
agree regarding his attitude toward
the'present agitation for the Dfugley
bill, there Is substantial authority for
the statement that IcKlnlgy Is averse
to raising the expectation is to its en-1
actment, whoso judgment cannot bo
realized. - Hefears .the business com
niunlty ,rpuld bcoomo demoralized
should a bill bo passed In the house
again only to be laid asldeby the sen
ate.. He does not sharo Senator Sher
man's opinion that tho measure can
pass the senate before the reorganiza
tion of that body on March 4th.
Slaves Fighting Desperately.
Over Twenty Men Are Seriously
Cleveland, 'Nov.24, Almost tho
entire population, of Franklln-a venue
hill, composed largely of Slavs and
Hungarians, with the exception of
the women and babies, engaged In a
fight last night. It was the bloodiest
battle of the year around tho river
front and Columbus-street districts.
Fully 40 men were from start to finish
engaged, r tie torr!bl encounter.
At jleast 20 persons wero more or less
seriously Injured.
The light started on the Htreet be
tween James Carter and John Bprends
over a trivial matter. Carter jo3tled
Spreads In passing, which led to an
gry words, and later to the fight,
Other men soon came upon the scene,
among whom were friends of botk
combatant, and within a few min
utes there was a throng of fighting
and curbing wpn armed with knives
and clubs, which wero used with
bloody effect. When the police ar
rived many of tho participants In the
battle had fled, but a number who
were unconscloufror too badly Injured
to escape were taken to tho police
station. The others wero removed In
ambulances to the hospitals, ItU
said tlicro Is a broken head today In
pearly every house on the hill.
Ttlf 0 .. rr W
ffifa&fiK w
Marching on Hvna.
New York. Nov. 24. The pro
tracted silence of Commander-in-Chief
Maximo Gomez, of tho Cuban army,
which caused considerable anxiety
atnongCubans,has at last been broken.
The junta has received a communica
tion from hIm,comlng from DasYlllas,
SantaClara province. Gomez says ho
has 35,000 well-equipped men, and In
tends to proceed to Havana province.
On account of the condition of tho
roads, It took his force 12 hours to pass
a cerfaln'polnt. Gomez adds ho and
his men are In good health: -He has
every hope of victory.
Into the Unknown World.
Lafayette Lane. One of Oregon's
. Pioneers.
RosEnuna, Nov. 24. Hon. LaFay
ctte Lane, congressman from Oregon
from 1874 to 1870, died at his homo
here Monday. He was a son of Joseph
Lane, the first United States senator
from Oregon and candidate for vice
president on' the Democratic ticket In
(LaFayetto Lane was born In Van-
derbcrg county, Indiana, November
12, 1842, was educated in Washington,
D, C, and In Stamford, Connecticut;
adopted law as a profession, and re
moved to Oregon. He was a. member
of tho legislature in 1804, code-commissioner
of Oregon In 1874, and In
that year was elected to congress as a
Democrat to ill! the vacancy occa
sioned by the death of George A. La
Dow, serving until 1877. no was de
feated at tho next congressional
election and returned to his home at
Itoscburp, Oregon, where ho practiced
law until his death.)
; La fay otto Lane was a son of Joseph
Lane, candidate for vice president
with Brcckenrldge-asthe nominees of
the Charlcston-eomnilttee, the south
ern wing of tho Democratic party In
1800. Ho was -a man of fine social
qualities, and leavesahlghly respected1
family at Itoseburg.. Deceased was
an uncle of Dr. Harry Lano ot Port
land. Mrt. Elista Ann Dell Settlcmlor,
relatlvoof George Settlemler,Sr.,who'
died lust April, passed away last Sat
urday morning, at Woodburn, aged
Mrs. Surah Sheridan, wife of Thos.
V, Sheridan, died at Itoseburg, -Saturday.
R. D. Price, a tailor of Oregon City,
aged 00, died November 23.
Grant's Pass, Or., Nov. 24. Fred
Congdon and O. C. Greenlee wero 'Cap
tured In this" city about 4 o'clock yes
terday afternoon by Agent Purnon, of
the Southern Tacllc Company, and.
Marshal Johnson and were safely
landed In the county jail. Congdon
and Greenlee aro the two, mon wanted
to answer tho.ohargo-nf stealing .from
a- number of Southern Paclflo narrow
guagc cars their brasses or journal
Dctecflves Welch and Simmons, of
Portland, had been on the track of
the culprlts for several days having
Obtained excellent descriptions of tha
men, who wero heard from soveral
times along the the east side coming
Greenlee Is well acquainted here,
having been a prominent member a
year ago of "God's Regular Army,"
an organization similar to the Salva
tion Army.whlch a deserted at Rose
burg, Congdon Is art cx-brakeman,
having worked on the old narrow
guage railroad some years ago,
Detective WeleU will take the pris
oners to Portland tomorrow night.
Franco-Russian Treaty,
Pakw, Nov, 24, La Palx announces
that, 0e text of a treaty signed in
Parls,bV4,1"e8,dent' Faure and the czar
will bo'. publshcd shortly.
For Coming City Election.
What Can and Should' Be
to Prevent Frauds,
The Salem city election will be held
Monday, December 7th, for mayor,
aldermen, marehal, recorder aud treas
urer .
Thero Is no law requiring registra
tion of voters, but a list of legal
voters should be mado up In each
The Journal believes that n cor
rect list of legal voters could bo
mado up by tho citizens of each warU
arid published, and a voter who Is
not clearly and lawfully entitled "to
voto should not bo allowed to cast his
DA canvass could bo mado by a dis
interested person iu each ward of tho
city, and tho actual bona fide resident
voters enrolled. Tho completed roll
of voters should be published, and
names purged or added to It, of any
who are not voters, or who are en
titled to bo on tho roll. Then no
person not on theso rolls should bb
allowed to voto in any ward at tho
coming city election.
Who has a right to voto In each
waid is a question of fact and law.
The people who live In each ward and
pay the taxes ought to bo Interested
in knowing who aro tlio legal Voters
In that ward. Tho candidates for city
offices aro most Interested in securing
their election. They nro little Inter-
cstcd In an honest election except 89
far as It affects their own Interest,
If the taxpayers want an honest flec
tion they must sco to it that none but
legal voters cast a ballot. If a man
votes who has no right tp vote he
should be prosecuted, and thoso who
got lilm to vote should bo prosecuted
All recall city elections where uearly
as many votes wero cast on each side
as thero were malo residents of tho
ward. Colonizing, repeating and barn,
lodging aro common practices at hotly
contested city elections,
"Let us have a pUro ballot at this
election" is tho demand of citizens of
nil parties. The Journal will conj
tribute to this end. It has no candi
dates to promoto by dishonest means.
1 From north limit of city to Mar
lon street.
2 From Marlon to Court.
3 From Court to Ferry.
4 From Ferry to South limit.
Tlie'.clty Is bounded by tho Willa
mette rlvor on the west.
The eastern boundary is net so plain
but It is almost as follows: 1
From junction of Southern limit.
Cross Btrcet, and S P. railroad track,
thence along tho 'railroad ono block,'
then cast on line of Depot addlton,
thence along Turner road to 22 street
to North Mill crcok, which com
pletes the cast boundary.
The Turner road has been removed
bo often that tho above does not de
fine tho limits very accurately, but
tho limits are well known by tho resi-i
dents along.thc boundary. '
The Journal bclloycs a disinter
ested enrollment of actual
voters is necessary. This!
enrollment should not be mado by
candidates or political managers, but
solely for the purpose of ascertaining
who aro legal voters at tho coming
oily election. It would cost about ten
dollars for each ward, to make up u
correct list of thc-vnters,glvlng names
and residence and then have tho same
copied and publicly posted. Achai;
lenger would then havo to bo em
ployed at each polling place armed
with a roll of tho lawful voters und
check them off , as they appear. Per
sons attempting to voto should bo
noted and either called on to prove
their citizenship or else swear in their
vote, when it could bo legally investi
gated. In this way order and legality
would be enforced In our elections,
which are rapidly degenerating Into a
The Journal Bubmlta theso sug
gestlons for what they aro worth and
hopes that enough citizens will
support some good plan to ascertain
who are the lgal voters In this city,
Highest of all m Leavening Powers
Death m An Oocri'Omve.
Double riWtkos, Aia. N'ot.124,
John Wclto'n niGt'si'linrrSW rlnnfifi'nf.
Siilloh burfylntf.grouhtt ncaV'fiore,
".jus iiubuiK usuuuui me paii-oearcrs
at tho funeral of John Roberts'tarm-
er. The coffin waa being lowercd'pito
the.gravo by straps. The strafr held
by Wel'ton and another man Snapped
as the coffin was belnglowerctf. rWel
ton lost hjij. balance ns.tho 'strap bVoke
and fell hcidlong Into thcopcurave
which was six feet deep, Af lC same
time the rear end which bag, been
held by tho broken strap also plung
ed downward. The coffin struck Wel
ton on the, head apd banged htm
against the side of the gnwv which
was of hard soil. Wcltpn was, extri
cated, but died two hours.afterwards.
. r
News of rf the Dipirtrrient? -
. ' . - frt
The Secretary of Stat Will, D.i.juf,
Artesian' Well,-
Commander Stockmat),of'lh6 Grtod
Army post at Independence, hafep'my
generously offered ike use of tho audi
torium at that place,,., for ,th.e(fctate
TenchnrM' Assnclaf Inn. Tt. lino nnf vnf.
1,7 ., .J ,-fY ---. . I--
occn accepted.
'The government weather forcca'st
Is, Wcddesday fnlr, followed1 'by rain
and warmer temporuture. ..Chances
aro In favor of a rainy TJianksglvlng
season. .'"'.,
Tho work ot sinking u well qn tho
artesian plan was begun on tho state
capltol grounds Monday. Secretary
of StatoKlncald had contracted with
tho Watson Bros., of Portland,, to
boro lu.to tho -earth Until water
shall ho found. Fo.ucrJuch plpo
is to bo used.. The, wcU Jo. being sunk
closo to tho Intersection of tho walls
in tho northwest anglo of tu'ocapltol.
Tho young mi$n who, writes for- tlw
Orcgonlan at Salem s'ays 'today. , 'jit
is true, convfeta have been purcrJks
Ing tliclr liberty." This is a'Wkms
chargo to make against thfe $esat
State fldmlnlBtratlop, , ti
H. CT"John9on-d.KraHk.'yadijyB
of Portland were teday-cosjrolwlWfed
notaries public In Oregon.' ' 'j'
Tho Oregonlan's state house re
porter, who never tells tho truth
whon something else corneous handy,
intimates that Sectetary of 'HtaU
Ktncald compels convicts to bwy.th-elr
pardons of him, at 92 per fm. Scre
taryofStato Klncald neiyer,chVrge8
convicts for affixlpg tho seal of tne
state and tho Oregonlaa reporter
knows It. Rut he would not be doiag
what he is paid fcr it he .toMtbe
truth. Furthermore nearly all honor
ary commissions are sealed tree, ti, ,
' 'f ti, ;:
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ceived today at Bteluer'a market.
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1 ' W)&4rJ0
n? .L-K.! I.
' n .

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