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NO. 3T
ery Highly Her Affections,
r . Uill Sun Hnr.Siin-
nnic w. --
cessful Rival.
OiKUNE, Gil., Nov. 25.-The re-
. f.n A rinfl Xf iiri-fnp.h. .if
irt tnai win. .. - , .
i Francisco, had been arrested In
..-t. .... friiiirr1nv In fit, nnri nr-
IffiorK uu ..
Tied in the Brooklyn police court,
tether with the Information tele-
jphed from there that Robert E.
jward, of the united states
r,and once an olllcerof the Bul
lion Army. wua uiauuicicvi nim
a protracted debauch, has
n a young uaKiuno. nnman 10
tratlon. Robert B. Woodward
itoliavemarrieu uei m u vcij jc
nths, after an engagementof more
tKatwo years, but now the truth is
ieslcd to her, buc says, and .the I
gdlnf can ncyer be.
BlssJennle Turner.an opera singer,
Sihc woman wuo ciuims to to
CDged, and fiho expresses a de-
mloation to Institute a suit
tlnst Woodward for breach of
jimbe, and at the same time prose-
.Jlrs. Murdock for tho part sho
i played In a love affair between
s two young people. To the latter
(attributes all the misery she has
made to endure, and she will
Ik to reccver damages from Mrs.
ardock who Is reported to be
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pants, 1 tie, 1 pair suspenders and an extra set of
buttons. They range in price from $3.50 to $5.00.
Ages from 3 years to 10 years, and all under the knife.
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Slaves Are Sold Like Sheep.
Unfortunate Natives Are Under
Control' of England and France,
Sydney, N. S. "W., "Nov. 25 Reports
have been received from New He
brides Islands, lying west of FIJI that
the natives are being sold)lke sheep
for from 6 to jCIO per head, and that
many are subjected to great cruelties.
The New Hebrides are under joint
Anglo-French control. The New -Hebrides
Company, which has large In
terests In the island, last year sent a
deputation or sir T. Mcllwralth, the
colonial treasurer of Queensland, com
plaining of this joint control, and sug
gestlng that Sir W. McGregor, ad
ministrator of British New Guinea,
hare Jurisdiction over the New He
brides. Sir T. Mcllwralth said in
reply that the only solution lay In the
annexation of the Island bv Great
Britain or the establishment of nrn-
tectorate over them.
There is a Brit Ish high commissioner
of the West Paci lie who has jurisdic
tion to settle disputes between British
subjects living in these Island and
others. The Anglo-French control
was fixed by a convention between
Great Britain and France October 24,
1887j In which It was agreed that the
protection of persons and property
In the New Hebrides should be se
cured by means of a mixed commission
composed of naval otllcers belonging
to the English and French naval sta
tions of the Pacific.
W. C. T. 0. A dinner at the hall
on Court street chicken and delica
cies for 15 cents. Give the ladles a
trunks, vniigpg fnrnish.fr ,j'.f., -!-,.
, - - Salem Oi.
to sell goods, We
one to undersell us,
we make you are
seen our line.
partial list of First Ward.
Lists to be Made up for Each Ward
in the City.
The Journal proposesi-to devote
some space to securing a complete list
of the legal voters of Salem.
The city charter provides that a per
son offering to ote at the city election
must be a qualified elector under the
constitution of the state, and a resid
ent of the city for a period of thirty
days.next preceding the election, and
shall have resided thirty days next
preceding the election In the ward In
which he offers to vote, and is not dis
qualified by a fallura to pay city taxes
or fines.
The JouuNAii has btarted a move
ment to compile a list of the legal
voters of each ward, and presents be
low a first attempt to secure names
with residence in the first ward. The
addresses of the voters are as found In
the latest city directory. Tho voters
are persons who cast thrlr ballot In
that ward in the June election, when
the constitution requires thatacltlzen
shall vote for county otllcers in the
precinct where he resides.
T M Barr, 410 Church.
WT Bell.Cottage, between Division
and Mill.
L Bernard, 504 Commercial.
II J Bigger, 437 High.
J Bowerbox, 427 Liberty.
R P Boise Jr, 470 Liberty.
J J Bottger,4Gl Front.
"W W Brooks,424 Cottage.
J Tl Biooks, 478 Commercial.
D P Brown, 430 Summer.
Thos Burrows, 496 Liberty.
r L A Byrd, 209 Onion.
! T-J'Cherrington, 502 Commercial.
W D Claggett,405 Commercial.
A Cornoyer, 508 Commercial.
Chas E Cospr, 7 Marion.
W J D'Arcy 405 Church.
P If D'Arcy ,405 Church.
J It Davis, 218 Union.
W II Dancy, 570 Commercial.
John Dancy, 570 Commercial.
A O Damon, 513 Commercial.
A II Damon. 518 Commercial.
J J Dalrympie, 405 Winter.
D A Dinsmure,475 High.
Thos King, 237 Union.
M A Lane, 472 Liberty.
J M Lawrence, Union and Front.
E S Lamport, 418 Commercial.
1) II La Foliett,440 Cottage.
S U Liuton, 328 Front.
A E Linn, 503 Winter.
A W Long, 500 Winter.
Archie Mason, 425 Church.
L F Mason, 421 Church.
SL Miller, 424 Winter.
J G Mitchell, 512 Front.
J W Morrill, 424 Cottage.
W S Mott, 470 Commercial.
O L Moores, 407 Front.
E E Moores, 303 Commercial.
John H Molr, Division and Water.
S A McCall, 428 Liberty.
J A McDonald, 480 High.
C L McNary, 555 Commercial.
E F Neff, 57 Division.
C M Parmenter, 521 Commercial.
John M. Payne, U7 commercial.
N S Parker. 478 Hlch.
Lot L Pearce, 464 Church.
FCPerrine, 412 Winter.
M J Petzel, 428 Cottage.
Guy M Powers, 438 Commercial.
n D Porter, 436 Summer.
James Porter, 488 High.
L E Pratt. 453 Libertv.
David H Pugh, 417 Winter.
M Qulnn. 306 Summer.
S Ramp, 405 Capitol.
O J VanAvery. 423 Church.
F W Waters, Summer and Marlon.
G E Waters 401 Summer.
Wm Waldo, Union and Summer.
D F Wagner 538 Front.
B F Wagner, 538 Front.
S B Watklnu, 332 Water.
Chas Weller, 475 Libert;.
E Weller, 426 Commerolal.
C A Whale, 404 Liberty
A "White, 478 Cottage.
John W Williams, 42 Winter.
Elmer O Worrlck,243 Union.
M Fechtlnger, High and Union.
R B Duncan, 454 Liberty.
E Eckerlln, 414 Liberty.
D W Eberlin, 500 Commercial.
W II Farmer. 413 Liberty.
J P Farmer, 413 Liberty.
S Farrar, 442 Commercial.
D J Fry, 458 Commercial.
J O Gardner, 434 Church.
A Glover, 443 1 High.
C L Glenn, 3 Marlon.
J BGIesy, 405 Cottage.
John Gray, 443 Commercial.
Wmllaack, 480 Cottage.
P H Hatch, 456 Front.
G E Hatch, 4M Front.
SL Harden, 313 Church.
W W Henderson, 514 Commercial.
B C nerren, 10 Division.
Y7-i a. tw
Geo Ilitchcns,- 140 Union.
F W nollls, OSTwelfth.
II Holdcn, 553 Front.
GCIloiran. 420;.nigh.
A C Hopf, Jr., 445'Llberty.
M WHunt, 4l9NChurch.
A M Humphreys, 21 Union.
E M. Hurd, 240jijnlpo,
W A Irvln, 438 Commercial.
Carl Jans, 604 Winter.
"W D Jeffries, N Endhurch.
II A Johnson, 402 Winter.
J U Johnson, Winter and Union.
J R Johnson, 43CTSummer.
John Kane, .245-Untun.
P II Raymond. 453 Emt.
L Ravaux, Mill Raceund Creek.
Ed Ruvaux, High. and Creek.
J C Reed, 452 High,
J J Roberts, Jr;447 Commercial.
A C Robinson. Union and Winter,
0a? Roach, 425 Church.
R R Ryan, 105 Commercial.
J M Ryan, 489 Llbeaty.
A Schrlebor, 424&igh.
J C Shelton, "478FrCnt;
WS Kline, 403 Opt Utgo.
AS Slippy, 478 High.
T C Smith, Jr. 522 JFront.
TC Smith, 522 Front.
O G Smith, 477 Winter.
J L Smith, 477'WInter.
GF Smith, 191TOafnn.
F B Southwick? MaTioh and 12th.
A MSoutliwlck. -Marlon arid 12th.
F Speoce. !L
F S Stewart, 415.Capltol.
WIStaley, ,477 Commercial.
"Wrii Tusker, Capital and Marlon.
Dan Tarpley, 4ul"Liberty.
H O Tarpley, 491 Liberty.
Win Tarpley, 491 Liberty.
I Tolpolnr, 407 High.
E A Thatched 485 Liberty.
FToes, 602 Fronts
S A Trimble, 403 Summer.
JBTTuthiil, 406 Cottage.
The above Is not-a-completo or cor
rect list of all tho 'voters In the first
ward. Citizens who aro voters, but
whose names db not appear In the
above list, will please makethomsclves
known by giving tholr names and re
sidence at this office that the full list
of voters In the first ward may become
Citizens who know of names In the
above list that are rio longer legal
resident voters of tho first ward will
nlenRe Inform this office of the same
and we shall be glad to call public
attention to the same. Try to make
up a complete list of the actual legal
voters of each ward. Assistance In
this work from any citizen will be
welcome. Wc need not wait for a
registration law to secure a
correct list of voters. Thrrc Is law
enough now to secure f?lr elections If
it Is fearlessly applied.
In our next issues wc shall print
lists of voters In the same manner as
above for the other wards of the city
and ask the citizens of those wards to
correct, revise and complete tho roll
of voters In each ward,
city electi6;T"anIicity hall.
Routine Worn by tho City Council
Special Session,
Salem's city council met Tuesday
evening In adjourned session, when
city election and city hall matters
were considered. Tho following Judges
were appointed to act at the city
election, December 7:
First ward Polling place, No. 3
fire engine house. Judges of election:
W. D. Jeffries, C M. Parmenter and
Henry Eppley.
Second ward Polling place, Basey's
livery stable Judges of election: Gee.
P. Litchfield, J. I. Thompson and J.
A. Vun Eaton.
Third ward Polling place, the ar
mory. Judges of election: William
Manning, G. G. Van Wagner and R.
"W. Carey. ,-
Fourth ward Polling place, Westa
cott's livery stable. Judges of elec
tion: G. A. Rockwell, O. H. Fay and
G. G. Gans, Jr.
The ordinance committee reported
favorably upon the "curfew" ordi
nance, recommending, however, that
some bell other than the "fire bell"
be designated for this purpose. Tho
ordinance to keep minors out of houses
of evil resort was also recommended,
and both will rrobably be passed at
the next regular session.
The following report was brought
In by the city hall committee:
"We, your committee on city hall,
beg to report that wc met today with
the architect of the city hall, W. D.
Pugh, and took under consideration
the matter of the construction of the
area-way walls for the city hall. Tho
architect explained the plans and
specifications to the committee and
informed us that there were never
any plans for the area-way wall drawn
and that the same were not included
nor figured upon by the contractors
at the time the proposals wore re
ceived for the construction of the
building. "We, therefore, recommend
that tho interpretation of this matter
by the architect, W. D. Pugh, be ac
cepted by the council as finalSlgncd)
Thomas Holman, W. T. Rlgdon,
Squire Farrar, Hiram Smith, Com
mittee." This renort was adopted, when tho
(.ordinance contracting for the work at
issue was rent) irw uuu -ccuuu wmc.
No Journal. The Thanksgiving
holiday will be observed by The
Journal force, and no paper will bo
Issued on that day. The Weekly
Journal will go out Thursday morn
ing as usual.
II w
Mother Murders Children
In a Fit of Despondency Attempts
Chehalis. Wash., Nov. 25. News
of a horrible tragedy, which occurrtd
last Friday In the eastern portion of
the county was received hero by tho
coroner last ovcnlng. Mrs. A. R.
Sweyner, the wife of a farmer living
near Ashford postofflcc, cut tho
throats of her three children, aged
five and threo years and nine months,
and then cut her own throat with a
razor. Her husband arrived shortly
after and found his entire family
weltering In a pool of blood, The
threo year old girl Is dead and the
eldest Is expected to die, but tho
baby will live. The mother did nojt
Succeed in killing herself, but her
condition la precarious. It Is supposed
the womon is Insane. The coronpr
andisnentt have left for the scene,
which is fifty miles from tho railroad.
The Oregon.
Santa Cruz, Cal., Nov. 25. The
battleship Oregon was sighted off
Lighthouse point yesterday. For a
half hour she remained there and
practiced with her big guns. Several
shots were fired toward Monteroy,and
then she turned around and sent shots
in a northerly direction. The battle
ship moved rapidly under steam while
the firing continued In different di
rections. After an hour's firing she
came to anchor a mile from tho wharf.
She behaved admirably under tho
rapid lire of her guns.
Was the Trial in Ft. Cabanas
American Prisoners Allowed Neither
Counsel nor Interpreter!
Havana, Nov. 25. The Competitor
prisoners have been tried by court
martial In the fortress of -Cabanas In
spite of Consul-Gcneral Lee's official
protest, filed Just before he left Ha
vana. The exceptions taken by the
prisoners were overruled by tho aaval
courts. General Leo's note was pigeon
holed, and In defiance of Secretary
Olncy's Intimation of disapproval, tho
Competitor's crew and Mr. Melton,
the American newspaper correspond
ent, have again been tried by n drum
head court, sitting within the walls
of a Spanish fortress, where, accord
ing' to Captain-General Weyler's or
ders, the representative of tho United
States consulate may not enter,
The prisoners were allowed neither
interpreter nor counsel. Those partly
acquainted with Spanish wero com
pelled to interpret for tho others. So
quickly was the affair conducted that
Acting Consul-Gcneral Springer does
not yet know, It U said, that the case
was virtually closed November 14, on
which day Melton, Maza, Dr. Vcdla
and the witness, George Ferran, were
forced by Naval Judge Fernandez to
sign statements admitting their com
plicity in the filibustering expedition
which the Competitor is alleged to
have brought under Mcnson and La
bord to the Pinar del Rio coast, This
written evidence is now under consid
eration by the court.
Judge Saul said today that a decis
ion may be rendered at any moment,
It is expected that all members of the
party whoso American citizenship
has not been clearly shown will bo
shot. The bona fide Americans prob
ably will be sentenced to from three
to ten years imprisonment in some
Spanish penal Btatlon off the coast of
Tub Primaries. Republican pri
maries will be held in each ward of
this city on Saturday. So far no op
position primaries liare been called
and none will probably bo held. Tick
ets can be put in tho field without
any nominating primary, and there
wll. probably be Independent candi
dates. '
:t f
A Son Succeeds the FathijY
General Pettrus, of Dallas. And
Charles R. Crisp, bf Georgia.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 25. The Dem
ocratic congressional convention to
narainate a candidate to succeed 1o
the unexpired terra of Hon. Churlea
F. Crisp was held at Hawklnsvllle.
Charles R.' Crisp, the eldest son of the
late ex-speaker, was nominated by a
rising vote.
Mr. Crisp will be elected without
Populist opposition. He Is Just 20
years of age and will be one of the
youngest members that ever occuplod
a scat in the national legislative Nulls.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 25. Gen
eral E. W. Pettrus, of Dallas, was
elected United States senator to suc
ceed Senator Pugh brt March 4th next.
Paying Respects"toTDenver,
Two Thousand Ladies Shake
Hand at the' Hotel.
Denver, Nov. 25.-Had Wllllum J.
Bryan come to Denver as a conquer
ing hero, whose victory pressaged tho
restoration of silver, ho would not
huvo received any moro enthusiastic
greetings than those given him here.
Tlie occasion of his visit is 'tbeSOtti'
anniversary of the ndmlssion of-Col-
orado Into tho Union. Before being
nominated for the presidency ho
agreed to speak at tho exercises com
memorative of this event. He arrived
at 7:15 this morning -and was met at
the depot by a coiumltteo ofpromli
nent citizens, IncludlngT. M. Patter
son, C. S. Thomas and Mayor McMur
ray. Even atthatcnrly hour several
thousand people were assembled at
the Union depot, who swung tholr
hats and cheered lustily.
Bryan wus driven to tho rcsldcnco
of C. S. Thomas, whero he breakfasted
and remained until 10 a. m., whon he
went to the Brown Palaco hotel to
attend a reception given by the women
of Denver. Mrs. T. M. Patterson pre
sided, and In a few brief remarks In
troduced Bryants the "first president
of tho 20th century."
Mrs. Mary O. O. Bradford delivered
an address of welcome. Mr. Bryan
spoke for half an hour, being 'fre
quently Interrupted by upplauso from
2000 women who filled tho rotunda
and balconies. As a souvenir a memorandum-book
of Colorado, in chased
silver was presented to .him, he hav
ing declined to rccelvo a valuable sil
ver service. After speeches the ladles
filed past, shaking bands with him.'
On a drive about tho city thiw after
noon he will make half a dozen out
door speeches.
Tub New York Racket. HaB
just recelyed a very largo shipment of
goods from New York, consisting of
hosiery' notions underwarc, laco cur
tains, embroideries, lace, handker
chiefs, hats of late styles, caps, boots
and shots from St. Louis, clothing,
from Chicago of all gradcs.tles, gloves,
collars and cuffs, almost anything you
want at racket price. Call and get
yourself or children a good spit of
.1-11... . .. ,.. .,
c,uwrai uu ""' ,u" i,r,M-' ,Y. T,u
save you monoy on everything.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Causes to' Patient's Death. Eva Yotk
Expires at the Asylum Tuesday.
Between 2 and 3 o'plcck Tuesday
afternoon, Eva Yerk.an cplleptla
patient nt thd Insane asylum, sudden
ly expired whl'e in a bath tub. THo
Circumstances surrounding tho case
wore not very clear and the officials
of that. Institution thought the af
fair Justified thif holding of a corr5
ner's inquest.
-Coroner A. M.Clongh this morning,
conducted; an Inquest, tho result
which is given below. Tho threo
attendants, of tho ward in which the
deceased was confined, ?li; Mrs Ger
trude Reynolds. MIm Mtntilr. vui.nr
and Miss Oella Shcrdlan gave test!-
Klonrf. l.!aia a180 " "Hlu, Dr. W.
T. Williamson and Supt, D. A. Palno.
i rom the testimony thnt kmi, .irMi,..
cd it was evident that death was
almost Instantaneous and was caused
oy an epuepuc nt. upo or the physl
ctansdcclares dtath io havo been caus
d by the fit rather than py" drowning.
The posslblHtyof thelattelr theory Was
exploded, when upon examination, the 1
mugs were round to contain no water
wiiawvcr. - s
From tho testimony that wsin-
irouucca 11, seems th (tecMM-d wu
confined in tho 'cpclcpW.tc" ward.
Tuesday .or each, week Is Knwt4s
bath day. Some of tho patients require
assistance of an attendant white
bathing. w.llo. others are allowed te
bathe themsolvcs. The deceased, it
appears, was allowed tho privllefw of,
bathing yesterdar f ternooo, jto4 it is . -thought,
while fn the bath tub she
was strlckln with an epileptic lit,
that proved faral In Its results? Tho i '
absenccof attendants from the bath ' '
room rendered no assistance, which,
had It been available, would probably
havo beonpf 00 lasting benefit.
Having heard all the testlmoncy of
tho six witnesses, tho Jury rendered
the fnllowjng yerdlct In accordance
wun tuo tacts or the case; "That tho
deceased was Eva York, a nattve of
Marlon County Oregon, was about.
33 years of age, that sho canio to her
death on November 24, 1800, by an. ep
ileptic fit wbllo In the act of bathing
In a bath-tub in tho Oregon Stato" In
sane Asylum, whero sho has been for
five years as an inmate and the Jury
further finds that tho superintendent
and attaohecs of tho Insane asylttm
aro responsible for tho death of said
deceased, Eva York "Signed I."W.
Miller, foreman: J. A. Cook, L. S.
Winters, O M. Parmenter, Z. K.
Ferguson, . K. Linton."
Deceased has a brother residing near
Hubbard. Hd was telegraphed last
evening regarding his sister's death
butha8ttSyct not been heard from.
Bhouldno word bo received from him
before this evening, tho remains will
bo interred In tuo asylnuj burying
'- -' . ". ,fc4 ftll W'kJ
v LtfaEL SUIT.
Scandllous Attempt at jury-Bribing
' Comes to Light.
London, Nov. 24. When tho trial
of LadySenla Scott, mother of Count
ess Russell; John Cockerton, eriglnecr;
Frederick Kitst, groom, and "William
Aylett, charged by Russell with crim
inal libel, was resumed, Justice Haw
kins announced that a scandalous
attempt had been made to'tamp'o'r
with tho Jury by means of an anony
mous lottcr to tho Wremari. Th"o 'jus
tice added he hoped to dlscoyer tho
writer,, who if found would havo ciius
to regret his actions.
jsarl KusscJ, tho first witness em-
phatlcally denied tbojiUegtions6t
Met at the Train by Hanna.
Cleveland, Nov."25. Gen. Samuel
jThemas, the" New' York railway mag
nate, an, ex-G,ovcrnor Merrlam, of
Minnesota, arrived and wero mot at
the station by M. A, Haunn, and sub
sequently tho three gentlemen held a
conference. Messrs. Thomas and
Merrlam will go to Canton and Yisjt
tho president-elect. It has been defi
nitely decided that General Horace
Potter, of Now York, will act as mar-
hul at tho inauguration' ceremonies .
Up-to-date Daintjes. Tho fresh-1
est cranberries raisins, citron, lemon
and orungo peel, and, everything that vj
is wanted for a superb thanksgiving
dinner,' at II. G. Sonnemann's grocery,
izi mate sireet.
Leotuiik. A lecture, entitled
"From Hell Gato to aoJderGaUs,''
will bo given by tho Revs. Klein, at
tho Evangelical church In EastSalotu,
next Wednesday ovcnlng, ,r
'jL'UJUsur.-AJi x
tbankstrlvln dinner at thiMWhlto
House . restaurant, j Konworkhy &
Latest V. b. Gov't Report;
3 itfl
! iii
1 y
, 14
Wtvf w wm

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