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VOL. 8.
offers a line line of the best grades of clothing at very low
prices. Chllds knee pants suits from $1.25 to $3.15.
Youths' three part suits nt $2.75 to $5.05 giving excellent
miallty for the prices. Mens' suits from $3 75 up to a fine
clay, all wool, worsted suit in sack or frock. We will
save you money on clothing.
Our line of "Star5LUar" boots and shoes is unsur
passed in quality, and all sold at. low prices.
The line of childrens' underwear Is complete, also for
men and women, all are sold at the lowest rate of profit
from low price to batter quality.
Wc have oil and duck coats, slickers, rubbar coats and
mackintoshes at low prices.
Our stock of hosiery, notions, German knitting, Span
ish and Saxony yarn, is offered at close prices.
Wc give bargains in all llne3, saying you 15 to 25 per
cent. uuii aim suu
E. F.
has just picked up the Journal and
seeing our "SPECIAL SALE" notice
and is somewhat surprised at the
bargains offered there. Now we pro
pose to give you a chance to clothe
your boys this week for a small
amount of money.
Boys' suits 31 50
Boys' suits 2 25
Boys' suits 2Jo
Boys' suits 100
Boys' suits ! go
Boys' suits - S 00
And special reduction on "all cloth
inglthls week.
"The Boys' Outfitter"
CommercialSt, - -Salem,fOr.
Conferred With McKinley,
Dingley Believes an Extra Session
Will be Called,
At prices lower than ever before, Call
and examine our different lines and be coiv
vinced, We are here to sell goods, We
will not allow any one to undersell us,
Quality and the prices we make you are
what tells the tale, Don't be persuaded into
buying until you have seen our line.
Remember the place,
Washington, Dec. 7. Representa
tive Dingley, chairman of the ways
and means committee, has returned
from his visit to Major McKinley, at
"I went to Canton," said he, "to
discuss revenue matters with t)ic
president-elact. My visit had noth
ing to do with cabinet-making. Mr.
McKinley Is, of course, interested In
obtaining the views of Republican
members of congress on the situation,
but I do not feel at liborty to discuss
the details of 6uch conversation as
passed between us. . ..
'I do not think anything has been
definitely decided upon, but existing
circumstances and the prevailing
sentiment seems now topolntstrongly
to an extra session. The necessity of
additional revenue is imperative, and
If a revenue bill Is not passed at this
scssiou.an extra session must be called
I am still of the opinion that I ex
pressed some time ago, that the so
called Dingley bill will not passtbe
"In the eyent it develops early In
the session that the Dingley bill will
not be acted upon by the senate, it Is
probable or possible the house will
send some other revenue measure con
taining provisions for an additional
tax on beer, or an Import tax on tea
and coffee to the senate?" was asked.
"No,"replled Dingley, emphatically,
"the senate must acton the measure
in possession or not at all. We will
not send them another bill.
Mr. Dingley said that in advance
of a formal mooting of the ways and
means committee, he-did not care to
speak of the probability of the com"
mittee beginning work on a new tariff
bill at tills session, but as the Repub
lican complexion of the conirUttce
would be practically unchanged In the
next congress, he said there appeared
to be no reason why tlic worK or
framing a bill 'Should not be facllll-
tated by work at this session.
He did not care to discuss tho
Cuban situation orexpressan opinion
as to the prevailing cabinet gossip.
He gave It as his belief that little
would he accomplished in tne way or
legislation at this session, beyond the
passage of the appropriation Dili.
Decided Upon by McKinley.
Washington, Dec. 7. Several new
arrivals of friends and confidants of
McKinley, direct from Canton, bring
the positive announcement that a
call for a special session or tno oiii
coneress. to be convenea a lew aays
after the 4th of March, has been de
cided upon. It is stated that tins
decision has been definitely reached
bv McKinley since his consultation
with Dingley, chairman or tne com
mittee on ways and means, who is
authorized to annouuee the fact at
tho proper time.
Senator Thurston one or me iiuen.
arrivals from Canton, expressed
In positive terras his conviction mat.
an extra session will be called. He
said: . .
"I have recently seen McKinley ana
am convinced that an extra session
will bo called about the 15th of March.
I cannot quote any one, but I do not
consider there Is any doubt on the
"Shall wo have an extra-session re
gardlessof the result of senatorlol
electlos this winter?" was ssked
"Yes, the complexion of the senate
will not be allowed to influence the de
cision at all. The republican admin
istration has been elected under a
pledge to the people to reform tho
tariff and it is due to this country to
proceed about that business at the
earliest possible moment and either
keep Its pledge or make It manifest
that it Is impossible to do so. I think
.,, crnre a tariff which could
be put into effect by the beginning of
the next fiscal yeaa."
rrin.rainn said he did not consider
the passage of the Dingley bill at the
short session propaoie.
Danial Montour.
Union, Or.,Dec.0-Danial Montour,
a locomotive engineer, who came to
this section from Portland a few
months ago and had been engaged In
running staslonaay engines during
the summer, and who had Just taken
enurge of the motor on the .Union
Btreet & Suuuroan rauwuy, u-u "..-.
JUfts- ? li
Weyler Surrounded.
JACKSONViLLK,Fla,Dec. 7. A Citi
zen special from Key West says:
The steamer Whitney brought Ha
vana news this morning In relation to
,Macco and Weyler. Passengers state
that Weyler himself Js now now en
camped 10 miles from Artemlsa, and
h'isarmy Isscattered along thctrocha,
and through IhePlnnrdelttlo district.
TVhcn Mncco retreated from Weyler In
his first campaigners, plan was to sur
prise Weyler at the first opportunity,
aud now Mriceu has his army on cither
side of Weyler, and they arc having
daily skirmlsheJ.
Weyler is completely surrounded,
and if ha shall attentat to move ho
will be conmellcd to iw to Artemlsa.
Small bands have crossed the trocha
Into Havana district, and are attack
ing the outposts and.vlllagesof that
Insurgents numbering 7000 are en
camped in Havana province, twenty
miles from Havana, and will go to
Maceo's assistance when needed.
Spies In Havana are keeping the In
surgents posted as to the movements
of the Spanish troops. A movemeut
Is on foot to capture' Weyler ir no
shall attempt to go to Havana by rail.
Firemen and volunteers in Havana
are being sent to Weylcr's relief.
Heretofore, these troops were used in
the defense of tho city.
Since Tuesday's raid on Guanaba
coa, the city has been attacked almost
every night, and Thursday night, 250
Cuban cavalry rode for two hours
throughout the city. Tho damage
done amounts to 37 houses burned and
a large quantity of supplies and am
munition seized. A large number of
mules loaded and ready to leave ..he
city were also taken.
Suicide of Arthur Wallace.
Corvallis, Or., Dec. 7. After
leaving Ills watch with) a frend, and
remarking that ho would furnish the
undertaker a Job In the morning,
Arthur Wallace, a nice mnic, aged 70
years, wenttohisroonv n the Vincent
hotel and, seating himself in a chair,
deliberately blew out s brains with
a shotgun. Wallace came to Oregon
from the South about 33 years ago,
and lived in this county until his
finntii Aitiinncli clven at times to
excessive drinking durlhg tho last few
years, he was always Industrious, and
was generally well Uked. Several
years ago he owned a largo farm near
Monroe, but' lost It through fore
closure proceedings. Oflatovears ho
often threatened tb shoot the parties
connected with the foreclosure and
to end his own life, but otherwise ho
was, very peaceable, and his threats
were generally regarded as due to tno
Influence of liquor. Ho owed a few
bills that he spoke of Saturday, but
money was due him from several per
sons for whom ho worked, and ho
would have received It In a few days.
As far as is known, hla only rela
tives living In Oregon are atbrother
and sister, who live near Albany.
Farmers Lynch Murderers.
Other Interesting Criminal
of the Day.
Fighting In Havana.
Jacksonville, Fla. Dec. 7. Sharp
firing has been heard again today In
Havana from the neighborhood of
nunnnhqcM nnd other suburbs of
that section, and all Havana Is ex
cited over tho occurrence.
Over 500 refugees have passed Into
the city during the past five days
from that section, fearing their lives
during the lights between tho soldiers
and insurgents.
Nearly all the I Havana volunteers
have gtne to the front, but as fast as
they remove tho guerrillas In one
place, they encounter them In
another, making a succession of run
ning fights all within five or ten
miles of the city. About 100 soldiers
have been killed or wounded so far in
these engagements.
San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 7. A
headend collision between two
through freights on the South em Pa
cific road near : Waelder resulted In
tbe death of two engineers, two fire
men and a brakeman. Tho crew of
the east-bonnd freight! went to sleep
while waiting on a'Slcungjanu on
waking, thinking tho second seltlon
of thel through west-bound freight
was "lie third section of tho train,
WU1L li'.T. "!. mMr. Tim WMltiier
was focgy. and the cast-bound freight
and the tniru mhuh v .yv
bound train came together a few
miles from the siding.
Fresh doughnuts every day, at Mrs.
A. D. Smith's Magnolia restaurant,
110 Court street opera house.
The Weekly Journal and Thrice
a Week New York "World for $1.75 a
year. Both papers together conta'n
1,352 pages of interesting matter a
year, Order at mis nmce.
Mrs. A. D. Smith, Magnolia reatau
rant, 110 Court Btrcet-opera house.
Kansas City, Dec. 7. A special to
the Journal, from Lexington, Mo.,
At about 1 o'clock this (Monday)
niorlng a mob or Ray county farmers
broke Into tho county Jail here, se
cured Jcsso Winner and James Nelson,
held for tho murder of Mrs. Winner
and her two babes, and lynched them.
The mob broke into the Jail with
little dinicnlty and speedily accom
plhhed Its object or mellngout pun
ishment to the alleged butchers. Lon
Lackey, who has also been In Jail here
under n chargo of complicity In tho
murder, was taken to Richmond Sat
urday, which fact alone saved his life,
as he would certainly havo been
lynched with the others. The proba
bilities aro that vengcanco will bo
meted out to him later, possibly be
fore morning. Several attempts were
made to lynch Winner and Lackey
wliilo in Jail at. Richmond, which
led to their removal here for safe
keeping. Nelson has been In Jail hero
only since Saturday, having been ar
rested on tho strength of a confession
mado by MIrb Maggio Katron, who
mado a sworn statement that she,
Winner, Lackey and Nelson commit
ted the murder.
The crime for which Winner and
Nolunn were lvnchcd was tho brutal
butchery of Mrs. Winner, wlfo of tho
lynched man, and of Clara Winner,
aged 3 years, and Pearl Wlnner.a boy,
aged IS inpnths. Tho Winners lived
northeast" Richmond, October 20,
Winner-left homo Tor a day or two.and
tUe next day, MrsWinner and tho tw
children were found with their throats
cut. Mrs. Winner's head had also been
split with an ax. Her body lay Just
outside tho house, and was frightfully
multllated by hogs before It was dis
Took Hla Victim's Name.
Sidney.N.S. W.,Dec. 7.r-A solution
has been found for tho mystery sur
rounding the disappearance of two
persons In the unearthing or tuo way
r.t mm nf fiiAm nt Linden. Tbe body
of tho second man has been identified
as Captain Weller. It was under tho
namo of Captain Weller that tho man
who is under suspicion In connection
with the case sailed for Ban Francisco.
A police offlccr will go to England to
arrange for the extradition of this
man when hn is arrested.
-PrwR TlT.Tifc'F. Ark. Dec A double
murder occured about 12 miles south
cast of this city; a negro named Davis
killing tho two sons, aged 15 and 12
respectively, of his employer. Tho
murderer and 'the boys went fishing,
and he attacked them with a knife,
cutting tho throats of both ancicrusu-
inirtiifiskul oftho elder, tho omer
boy is dead, and the younger boy can
not live. The negro escaped.
Both Dead.
New Yohk, Dec. 7. Two brothers.
Francesco aud Garrllla, who were
shot during a quarrel on Saturday
night by Gulseppo Desarlo, aro both
dead. Francesco was shot In tho
temple, and died Instantly, and James
died early yesterday from a pUtol
wouudln the abdomen' Tho mur
derer was arraigned In tho police
court to await the action of the
coroner's Jury.
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Murder and Suicide.
Montkeal, Dec. 0. Maddened .by
unrequited love, Homer Howell, aged
25, shot and fatally wounded his
former sweetheart, Miss Annie Sims,
aged 24, at her homo in thlB city
and then put a bullet in hla own brain,
dying on tho spot.
Bhaws, Miss., Dec. 7.-Early this
morning fire, which started In W. N.
Smith's store, destroyed 21 store build
ings and fivo dwellings, eutaillng a
a loss of about $00,000 or $70,000, with
partial Insurance. The flro was
evidently the work of Ihcendlarles.
Boston baked beans twice a week, at
Mrs. A. D. Smith's restaurant-opera
The new coin toes are the latcit lu
thoes. Krausso Rros. havo them
The Hop Market Shows Signs of
Salem, Dec. 7 Talklugton's Circu
lar says: Lower cables at tho opening
proved tho only bearish Item of news,
but was BUlllclent to start prices on
tho down grade. Conspicuous soiling
of July was tho chief feature of tho
market and was looked on as a movo
on tho part of tho clovator Interest
to depress tho nearby dealers. Brad
streets report had no -effect on prices,
although tho reduction of over 2,C00
000 bu. east or tho Rockies at this
season of tho year, Is unprecedented.
CmoAqO, Dec. 7. Wheat opened 80
to 81 for May. Highest bid 81t, low
est 80.
Liverpool, Dec. 7. December Os,
Old, to 0s81d. Fall 4c. March de
clined 71c. Visible supply 60,312,000.
Decrcaso 2,002,000.
the hop market.
Salem. Dec. 7. Thero aro still
about 1600 bales In tho growers hands
in Western Oregon, mostly at Eugene,
Sllvcrton and Buttovlllo. Tho prices
paid aro 101 to 11 cents. Tho Now
York market Is 12 cents and really
weak. Tho reaction In Oregon Is sondl
Ing prices down but may not bo per
manent. Old hops aro bringing Oc to
8 cents.
San Francisco, Dec. 7. Somo of
tho local dealors arc trying to make
It appear that this market Is less
avorablo to sellers than a week or two
ago, owing to tho foreign demand
having dropped off. This discovery
of somo hops still In tho hands of
growers or outside parties has had
probably, raoro to do with tho re
ported weakness than auy decreaso In
tho foreign demand. Buyers will iind
hnnn I n tho hands of tho Jobbl ng trade
about as firmly held as a fortnight
aero, but when It comes to soiling nops
to these same dealers tno yaiuo buu-
dcnly depreciates to a very material
degree. Fair to cnoice, jouo crop u
It Is Proceeding Slowly.
Bad Weather and Marked Absence
of Interest.
Tho bad weather is keeping down
tho number of votes cast at tho four
Salem city wards today.
Carriages arc running on both aides.
. n f
but the regular Republican city ticket
has by far the largest forco of workers.
A surprise was sprung on tho Repub
licans bv tho nuttlmr out of an exact
duplicate In appearance of tho regular
itcpuuncan uckci wiiu w.a. moorcs
name on ftr Recorder.
Tho hardest fight Is being made on
Ed. N. Edcs, who is a candidate for
third term of city recorder. Tho city
has been covered with handbills at
tacking him on this point.
A largo vote Is bolng polled .for. Jos.
Baumgartncr for treasurer, 'but no
work is being dono lu his behalf
Tho Indications, as this edition
goes to press.aro that th6 ontlro. regu
lar Republican city ticket will bo
elected by a largo vote.
Two Lives Saved,
llfxa TltmVui Tlinmno rt .Tlinn.flnil
mt. Ill urna inlrl hv Imp rlrutnra .slin
UIUJ, Xlll HUO lyV WJ V wvvM ,w"
had Consumption and that tllero was
no nope ior nor, uu& iwo oompH oi xjy.
Klng'B New Discovery completely
cured her and suo 6ays it savca ins
life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 130 Florida
street. San Francisco, Buffered Irom a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
tion, tried without result everything
else then bought one bottlo of Dr.
King's Now Discovery and In two
wcoks was cured. IIo Is naturally
thankful. It Is such results, of which
theso aro samples, that prove tho
wonderful efficacy of this medicine In
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at Fred P. Lcgg'a drugstore. Regular
size 60c and $1.
Cakes mado to order by Mrs. A. D.
Smith; from 10 cents up, at tho Mag
nolia restaurant, 110 Court street
opera house.
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n ti si if (g
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3 Cm

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