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VOL, 8,
'" ' ' 1 1 rr.,. , ' ' "
' 1 no,
Opinions on the Message,
PAmmanle nn nlmalqnrl!
Last Message,
Berlin, Dec 6. The Cologne Ga
zette,dlscusslng President Cleveland's
message to the United States con
gress says: "President Cleveland
has not allowed himself to he carried
away by the prevailing opinion or the
Americans. What lie suggests Is per
fectly correct and compatible with
the honor of Spain. May the presi
dent's well meant proposal meet with
approval In Madrid, before there Is u
change of government In the United
States. Perhaps with this favoral le
situation there may" be an agreement
reached with the powerful states
which will pacify Cuba.
I'AKiSjDec. 0, The Temps says that
PresldenlClevcland"worthlly crowned
his International administration,
which bore the stamp of honesty,"
and adds:
"His reference to Cuba however,
will satisfy neither, and we doubt the
efficacy of his offer to guarantee the
autonemy of Cuba. Spain will not
think of agreeing to an arrangement
making the United Stales the sover
eign power In Cuba, while the rebels
want independence or American an-
nnY.nf.Inn ''
London, Dec. O.-Thc Pall Mnll
Gazette commenting upon President
Cleveland's message, says: "There Is
nothing In the message unsatisfactory '
to Great Brltan as far as Cuba is con- a .., Tu tu u in j
cerned. President, Cleveland, is A rUmOMJiat He Was Killed
neither diplomatic nor nollto. and " -
Q . . .
r.is language will please neither Spain
nor tho insurgents."
The Globe says of the message:
"Monroeism is thrusting Itself for
ward In the usual American fashion,"
and doubts if McKinlcy will be grate
ful to his predlccssors for bequeath
ing to him the task of bullying Spain.
St. James' Gazette says: "The con
dition of Cuba undoubtedly gives the
United States the right to call on
Spain to force iter authority speedily
or acknowledge her inability to sup
press the anarchy which has deprived
her of iter right to be considered as
governing the Island.
'Report of a Bloody Battle Weyler
Reported Wounded
Reduced Rates,
Tacoma, Dec. 9. It is rumored that
the Northern Pacific and the Great
Northern railwys have made a $25
rate for settlers, and members of their
families, from St. Paul to the Pacific
coast points. This is equivalent to a
reduction of one-half of the current
first-class rate. This is considered an
Important announcement for both
ends of the lines. The officers of the
local immigration association haye
been working a year to secure such a
uoo many boys' suits for the Salem trade, and we are going to declare war on
our stock from now until January I, 1897, You have never had a better op
portunity to get new goods for bo small amount of money as we are going to
offer at this sale. Everything in our store is going to come under this
Great Reduction Sale, 2C
Remnant prices is not to be compared with the prices we will quote you at this
Not to call is to miss a good tiling mat noes not tan ro man's 10c out
once in a life time,
Yours for more room,
K. F. N
"The Boys' Outfitter"
297 Commercial St , - - Salem.Or,
a new line Ulsters, Overcoats and
Mackintoshes, Also a new line
of nobby clothing, which we are
offering at the very lowest figure,
These goods are not here to lay
on the shelves, but we propose to
keep them moving, Small profits
and quick sales is our motto,
Remember the place,
6. w. Johnson & son
Havana, Dec. 9. It Is stated by
tlie Spanish authorities that Antonio
Macco, the leader has been killed in
Havauna province, arter having ef
fected a passage of the western tro
cha near Mariel, at Its -northern ex
tremity. With the Cuban leader
died Francisco Gomez, a son of Max
imo .Gomez, who accompanied the
mulatto gencal on his passage of tha
trocha. The mo3t explicit details otl
finding the corpse of the fallen leader
of the Cubans and of tho facts relied
upon for the identification arc at
hand through the report of the Span
ish commander, Major Cirujada, who
contested the passage of the trocha
unsuccessfully on December 4th (last
Friday)wlth Maceoand who sustained
another conflict with the forces of the
Insurgent leader. It was In a rccon
noisance, after the latter engagement
that found the two corpses, not sepa
rated In death, which they Identified
as those of Antonio Maceo and Fran
cisco Gomez.
Tho authorities now permit the pub
lication of Major Uirujada's report of
the engagement with Macco on De
cember 4th when he forced the trooha
and which. sas a fearful combat,
which is the first official admission
that Maceo brought with him across
the trocha a considerably equipped
following and fought a hot engage
ment to effect his passage. After the
Cubans had passed into Havana prov
ince the Spanish commander effected
a fresh concentration in that province
and awaited the arrival of Maceo.
Ho had received confidential informa
tion of the proposed movements of the
Cubans and arranged his forces ac
cordingly. He had in addition received
a detailed dccrlptlon cf the horse
Maceo was to ride as well as of Its
The expected battle occurred. After
the fight the Spanish troops made a
reconnoissance of the ground previ
ously held by the Cubans. Here were
found the two corpses lying together
and, indeed, almost-locked in the em
brace of death. Ono was that of (a
mulatto,a stout man with gray,crisply
curling hair, and tho other that of a
slender dark haired youth. Both men
were dressed In white linen duck suits.
When the linen was removed from tho
corpse of the elder of tho two It was
found to have underneath It a fine
undershirt with the inItaIs"A. M."
upon It. A pair of black silk socks on
his body contained the same initals,
worked In red ink. There was a gold
ring on the finger containing on tho
inner rim the engraved Inscription
"Antonio Y. Marina." Afrevolver
with an ivory handle and marked,
together with a small gold-mounted
telescope, were also found on the body.
The head of the young man's body
was resting upon the body of the first.
There was found on it a sliver watch,
an ammunition bag and several hand
kerchiefs bearing the inlials "F. G."
Havana, Dec. 9. There was much
excitement here when it became
known that Maceo had crossed
the military line with, it is uuder
stood, a strong force of iusurgents,
especially when coupled with fighting
between tho Spanish troops and in
surgents close to the city. It seems
evident that tho Insurgents' com
mander has not only cleverly turned
the flank of Captain General Weyler,
but has succeeded in getting on his
rear and crossing the famous military
line near the port which lias Decn
used as a base of supplies for tho
Spanish troops in Pinar del Rio. Tho ,
Importance of this movement cannot
be exaggerated.
The exact whereabouts of Weyler
Is not known but I16 is believed to be
hunting for Maceo in the mountains
In the extreme eastern part of Pinar
del Rio, while the insurgent chief has
seemingly' ' doubled on his tracks,
ttirncd the. flunk of tho Spanish gen
oral ink passed fn his rear In. the
direction of this city, crossing -tfie
rullRafy line it will and possibly be
ing of this time In the vicinity of the
capital of Cuba. If Maximo Gomes
hasclrricd out the plan attributed to
him, that of.poishlng westward to the
support of Maceo, a junction of tho
two main boxjles of the Insurgent
forces may boexpectcd shortly.
Nothing appears to be known of the
strength of theflnsurgent forces with
Antonio Macol 'In this province. Im-
meaiaieiy events may occur wituin u
short time. There Is no doubt that
tJourJSills Have Been Passed,
Hftuso of Representatives Keeps
'MJp'Jts Record for Work.
the Insurgents
bcrs about, tlie
twenty to th
Spanish trooDS,
insurgents fort
liavc Increased in num
capital. Tho bands of
rty bandits, met by
havo now swollen tho
sot 20,000 to 40,000.
It seems to be adopted and belloved
that Maceo wjfl strike before Weyler
can hurry back from Pinar del Rio.
It Is currcntly'rumored that Weyler
has been wounded.
A State Official Who Insists on See-
g Cash.
LiNCOLN,NeO.,Dec. 9. State Treasurer-elect
Mcsdrve, will probably give
bond through u guaranty bond com
pany. Owing Ito his determination,
announced during thocampaign,to re
quire the outgoing treasurer to count
out the state funds In cash,and his ex
pressed Intention of accounting to the
itato for interest on state funds, the
impression becamo quite general that
the banks had entered into an agree
ment that they would not go upon his
bond. Whether that be true or not,
it is stated by Populists that Mr. Me
serve will probably not ask them to
become his bondsmen, but will offer to
furnish a well known guaranty bond
company as his security.
It is understood that this company
will demand something like $4,500 to
furnish a bond of the magnitude of
that required by tho the state of Its
treasurer. This would entail an ex
penditure larger than the salary, and
it Is claimed that the legislature will
come to tho treasurer's relief and ap
propriate funds with which to meet
this expense. It will bo surged that
the state can well afford to do this, if
the treasurer shall hereafter pay into
the treasury the Interest received on
deposits of state funds.
It Is also claimed that these guar
anty bond companies are better secur
ity than tho ordinary list of individ
uals and that Republicans are not in
a position to object for tho reason
that one of tho Republican county
officials here has given that variety of
bond and one of tho Republican
state senators from this county two
years ago introduced a measure re
quiring public officers to give bond
through guaranty companlej.
Created a Sensation,
Kansas City, Dec. 9. Mrs Helen Dicker
son Harford, of Oregon, national organizer
of the W. C. T. U., created a sensation
while filling the pulpit of the Dundee M. E.
ehureh, in this city, by denouncing, in un.
measured terms, the acceptance by the city of
a memorial to be erected in the center of the
city to the memory of Fred Ilsirn, the brewer,
lately deceased, The Ifeiro brothers, who
succeded their father in busiaess, had drawn
plans for an imposint; structure to be erscted
to the deceased's memory, and subsequently
tendered it to the city officials. In the
course of her sermon, Mrs, Harford arraigned
the city fathers for their action, alluded to the
memorial as a "monument of infamy" and ap
pealed to her congregation to prevent its
WA8HINOTON, Dec. 0. The house,
without wasting time, proceeded to
business and beforo tho session closed
had passed three bills of considerable
Importance, and the lirstof the reg
ular supply bills that .for pensions.
Threo of tlib bill related to postal
matter. One provided for the use of
private mulling cjrds. of the same
gcueral slzo and character as tho pres
ent postal cardf), when one-cent stumps
are affixed. Another provided for a
limited indemnity of $10 for the low
of registered mall matter, and tho
third provided for a private carrier
servico In towns and villages where no
free delivery exists. It provides that
on the application of twenty porsons,
receiving their mail at tho same office,
the postmaster shall appolut such per
sons as aro willing to undertake the
collection and delivery of malls; that
the change bo not to exceed 1 cent for
each letter, and that tho chargo shall
bo paid by tho beneficiaries.
When a letter from tho secretary of
the treasury wns read answering the
scnuto Inquiry as to the .number of
aliens In tho department of tho treas
ury, Galllnger (N. n.,) remarked that
ho would be glad to observe that for
eigners whoso services had been con
spicuous in tho department had scon
fit as a result of tho inquiry to tako
out naturalization papers.
Many papers were presented from
manufacturing bodies urging tho
passago of the Dinglcy bill. Cullotn
(111.) gavo notlco that on Thursday
next he would address the senate on
the Cuban question.
The attendance of members was
very largo in tho houso today, but tho
galleries wero almost deserted. After
the journal had been read there was a
hurried consultation between Dingley
and other Republican leaders, as a re
sult of which It was decided to pro
ceed with tho regular order of tho
call of tho committee.
Loud called up the bill to provide a
limited indemnity for the loss of reg
istered mall matter. It provides an
indemnity not to exceed $10 for any
one registered letter, but not to ex
ceed the actual valuo of the letter.
This bill was also approved by tho
postoffice department. Loud said
that on tho basis of last year's statis
tics, tho government should havo ft
rcvenuo of $900,000, with a liability of
$50,000. There was a criticism of the
bill on the ground that it trespassed
on the rights of express companies,
but it passed, 70 to 13.
Loud called up tho bill to authorizs
the collection and delivery of mall in
towns and villages where no letter
carrier service exists by the employ
ment, under mutual arrangement be
tween citizens of any person to per
form the service at a cost not exceed
ing one cent for each letter or pack
age at thejexpenseof the beneficiaries.
The bill was opposed by. Bingham of
Pennsylvania and-Loud of California
and supported by Smith of Illinois
and Plckler of South Dakato. The
bill was passed, 100 to 13.
The house then, on motion of Penn
sylvania went into committee of the
wuoie, ana wok up uio consideration
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Wheat Is Down in Chicago.
Tho Liverpool Market Declines
Two Cents More,
Talklngton's circular, tialcm,Dco. 0:
Cables wore disappointing consider
ing our strong closing of yo3terday
and liberal selling at tho opening.
Tho downward trend continued with
only slight re-actions to tho close.
Tho weakness was surprising in ylew
of. the (Comparative strength ln the
cash markets. Now York still leads
In this regard with a premium of 14 i
cents for December. Foreign advices
still persist in forcing tho unfavor
able crop conditions in Franco and
Argentine to tho front, but this class
of news was lneffcctlvo in checking
tho decline today. Clearances havo
been liberal during the week and with
light receipts at primary points.
Conditions aro bnllsh.
Chicago, -Dec Cash wheat lift.
Muy price Opened at 80i to 70f.
Closing May 701 to J.
Liverpool declined 2 cents.
Portland, Dec, 9. Wheat valley, 83(5)84
nana wans, 01.
Flour Portland. Denton county, a.ao..
4,40; graham, 3.75; superfine, 3,50 per lib)
uats wntte, 43(944c; grey, 11(41 ;roiiea
cases, 3.75
Hay .Baled, cheat, 850; timothy 9.00
10.00. ' v
FloUr..In nhoiesale lots, 4.30; retail
4.40J bran, bulk ,14.00, aaejled. 14.ee!
shorts, I5.oot6.bo;&ch&p fesd, 11,00'
Poultry.. Hens sc; Turkeys ScJ
VdaL.Dresjed, 4
Hogs. .Dressed, 3J3. ",
Live Cattle.. 1 ia . i
' ,he,l',UYe ,Sca.oo cwt.Jr'-
Wool.. Best, isc, yr-
Hop, (Best, toe,
Eggs..Cash. 30CA ' -' J r '
- trult..Greenr;Applesperbox i.ocOt.to:
Pears 7 85c per boxV '
Farm Smoked Meats Uacca, 6yti rums
90; shoulders, 5c.
Potato!., 30c per bu.
Onions. 50c.
Dried Fruifc-Apples, evaporated l.Iefcd,
70 8ci unbleached 4c5c.
PlUBlSy 4. "nwi, -
Prunes s& 7c.
Beans, ac.
Lard 9Jic.
Cheese .Ortgon fuUcrera, to.
in bags, M,J55.25, barrels, 4.50&7.00;.
Potatoes., Oregon, 60075c per sack,
liar.. Good, 1111.50 per ton.
Wool,. Valley, 9ioc; Eastern Oregoa
'fobalr. . !6d2oc.
Millstufls , . Dran,$ 15.00; shorts $16.50.
Poultry- Chickens .mixed, $2,503.3 j ducks,
alj turkeys, live, O
ttggs,.ureon, 30c perdoz.
:s.. green, salted 00 lbs 7Jc; under
ofoc: sneec
Tallow aMc3c.
60 lbs
; sheep pelts, io7oc
Onioni S$c per sack.
Wheat Bags Calcutta 4.3$4.374.
Bean small
,00 to 3.35
Butter.. Best dairy,2535c; fancy reamery
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92. d w 1
of "-the pension appropriation! bill.
Stone briefly explained that the bill
carried $141,203,980, about $76,000 less
than tho bill for tho current year.
The committee ho said, did not feel
warranted in making a reduction in
the estimates for pen Ions, but did
reduce the amount for attending sur
geons $50,000, and the amount for
clerk hire at tho various agen
cies $20,000. The latter reduction was
roado possible by the system of pay
ment by check Inaugurated this year.
There was. he said, no attempt at
legislation in the bill.
When the bill was taken up under
the five minute rule, Connelly, of Il
linois, offered an amendment to the
provision requiring examing surgeons
to state specifically tho rating the ap
plicant for pension is entitled to, in
their Judgment, so as to make the
rating) fixed by the examining board
binding In tho. pension ofWca if any
pension sbonld bo allowed. Without
amendment the bill was pastel. 1
iieoie .loftii ic.
Dried Fruit Apples, evaporated, bleached
67o; unbleached, 3c4c; sundried, 4c
Pears 5c6c
Plum pitless. 3c4c,
Prunea 4c6c.
Veal small 5 to 5; large 4c per lb.
Mutton Weathers a.oo; ewes 1.50: dressed
mutton, ac. ,SST
Beef, Steers a,35;cows i,75-ia.oo;dressed
Cured Meats .Hams 10c lojc bacon 6c,
Lard .in palls, 70,
Wool.. Oregon! choice 7$oc; inferiors
Hops Quotable at 8.13c for new.
Potatoes 4o75c per sack.
Oats Mllllne, i.oc&i.ao.
Wheat.. 7Jc, perbu.,
Oats, 40c,
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs. Fhffibo Thomas, of Junction
City, III,, was told by her doctors she
had Consumption and that there was
no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr.
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else then- bought ono bottle of Dr,
King's New Discovery and In two
weeks was cured. Ho is naturally
thankful. It is such results, of which
theso aro wimples, tliat prove the
wonderful efficacy of this medlclrw in
Coughs and Colds. Freo trial bottles
nt Fred P. Legg's drugstore. Regular
slzo COo and $1.
Don't Forget!
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Reed's Opera House; th Jolly Lady
Mlnstrcle, composed entirely of Sa
lem young ladlns. Tickets now on
sale for 23 and 50 cots atPaUots's
book store.
Mamma, Take Me.
Balcin Jolly Lady Mlnlstrelsyrlday
Dec. litis, at Heed's Open House.
Highest of all fn Leavening Powers
-Latest U, d. Gov't Report.
sssssMsL Csssk st fll Sssssk mT

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