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roii. 8,
"V w I
VUUUC Allen Forces the
Tlite goods were bought In New York for cash and will be
sold at true racket prices. We have a large lot of dolls of all
sizes, picture books for little tots and larger lads and lasses,
games, blocks, jewel cases, albums In great variety, perfumes,
and a large assortment of silk, and linen handkerchiefs, in
plain and embroiderled, chenille btand covers, and a great
variety of other articles suitable for presents.
for Discussion in the
Senate. "
In suits from 4 years to 00 If need be.In price from $1.25 to $14,
In neat dress or good work suits. The "Star 5 Star" shoe line
Is unsurpassed In quality, and all at racket prices Call and
save 15 to 25 per cent in all lines.
Washington, D; C.,Dec 10. Allen
offered a resolution reciting that It Is
the settled doctrine that no state has
the power to affect the intctfrltv of
contracts by legislation or otherwise.
Chandler secured the adoption
without comment, of a sweeping re
solution directing the committee on
Interstate commerce to Inquire into
the prevention of competition by the
Joint Traffic ARsociatlon.composed of
the railroads of the country; also the
combination of the flour-mill Interests
of the country; also the reported com
bination of the window-glass interests
Among tnem were the
To nYtnnrl HVi vi'iiru f.lin ftmn In
which the university of Utah shall '
occupy the land granted it: to au-1
thnrlze the use of the abandoned Fort
Bidwell, military reservation In Cali
fornia, as a training school for In
dians; to provide for the location and
purchase of public lands for reservoir
sites in Montana, South Dakota -and
uoo many boys' suits for the Salem trade, and we are going to declare war on
our stock from now until January I, 1897, You have never had a better op
portunity to get new goods for so small amount of money as we are going to
offer at this sale. Everything in our store is going to come under this
Gfeat Reduction Sale, 2
Remnant prices is not to be. compared with the prices we will ijuote you at Uhis
time. Not to call is to miss a good thing that does not fall o man V?J Ion, but
once in a life time. Yours for more room,
"The Boys' Outfitter"
Commercial St , K- - Salem, Or,
a new line Ulsters, Overcoats and
Mackintoshes, Also a new line
of nobby clothing, which we are
offering at the very lowest figure,
These goods are not here to lay
on our shelves, but we propose to
keep them moving, Small profits
and quick sales is our motto,
Remember the place
6. w. Johnson & son
The bill providing free homesteads
on public lands In Oklahoma territory
for actual and bonaflde settlers and re
serving ine puoic lands for that pur
pose was made a special order, to fol
low the Immigration bill.
The calender was taken up, the first
bill being one appropriating 860,000
to the representatives of Ersklne S.
Allen, for an Invention In breach-loading
guns. The bill-was passed.
At this point Allen made an unex
pected move by proposing to take up
the Dingley tariff bill, with Its pend
ing rreo saver substitute. Allen first
asked unanimous consent that the bill
be taken up, -and on Aldrlch'a objec
tion, Allen moved to take up the bill.
There was much commotion at the
unexpected appearance of the ques
tion, and pages hurried for the leaders
of the various elements. Piatt gained
time by having the bill read in full.
After a whispered conference between
Piatt and Aldrlch, the latter with
drew his objection to taking up the
"I renew It and object," Interposed
"Then I move to take up the bill."
said Allen, with emphasis.
This precipitated a roll-call, the
question being, shall the Dingley
tariff bill, wlth.Its silver substitute,
be taken up? The roll-call proceeded,
amid the closest attention and Inter
est. It resulted as follows:
A yes Republican Aldrlch. Cam
cron, Chandler, Clarke, Davis, Elkins,"
Jirye, uamngcr, ueaffruiue, uans
brough. Hoar, Lodge;- Macmillan,
Mitchell of Orecon, Morrill, Nelson,
Perkins, Piatt, Pritchard; Quay, Sher
man, Wolcott. Democrats Gordan,
Morgan, Murphy, Pugh, Kbach,Srnltli.
Populists Allen, Butler, Kylc.Peffer,
Stewart. Independent Pettigrew.
Total, 35.
Noes Republicans Baker, Carter.
Democrats Blackburn, Blanchard,
Daniel Faulkner, Gibson, Gorman,
Harris, Hill, Jones of Arkansas, Mar
tin, Mills, Palmer, Pasco Turple,
Vest, Walthall. Independent Can
non, Dubois, Mantis. Total, 21.
The announcement of the vote was
no less a surprise .than Allen's first
Aldrlch quickly interposed a motion
to refer the hill to the committee on
finance, with instructions to report
back the bill without the free-silver
amendment. This brought Allen to
Ills feet in an energetic protest. lie
said the Republican party had pre
vailed at the recent election, anfJ was
now looking forward to effecting tariff
legislation. Throughout the camp
alen they had promised the people
tariff legislation. Why, therefore,
should they hesitate now? The Nebc
raska senator declared that the sena
tors across the aisle did not want toi
take up the tariff question at all.
Chandler responded,suggcstlng that
the recent election hadf not only
brought forward the tariff question,
but had retired the silver question, so
far as independent action by the uni
ted States alone was concerned. He
asked, therefore, whether Allen was
really in good faith to take up the
Dingley bill and free it from the silver
Allen replied that the silver ques
tloh was far from settled by the recent
election. Six million votes had been
registered for Bllver. So far as the
tariff wa concerned, ho wanted the
Republicans to "get into the saddle."
Allen declared the Rcpublcans
had abandtned the Dingley bill.
"Nothing of the klnp," remarked
Galllnger, ,
"It Is 0 announced In Repbllcan
newspapers today," said Allen
"Let me ask the senator,' Inter
posed Chandler, "If he Is so anxious
about tariff legislation. wlllhe aid to
rid this bill of the sliver amendment,
so that the original tariff measure
can be acted upon."
' I will act in my own way," re
sponded Allen, without bowingray
neck to the Republican yoke.',
Harris moved a change of the Al
drlch motion, so as to refer the bill
back without Isntructlons, which was
aCAt? this point the morning hour,
which lasts until 2 o'clock, expired,
and the heated controversy went over.
This leaves pending the motion to re
turn the Diugley bill to the finance
committee, but the motion has no
prlvllige giving it preference tomor
Crime of a Kansas Farmery
Horrible TortuW Upon His Young
Eighth Attempt at Suicide
New Trial for Jackson, Convicted
For Murder of Pearl Bryan
Oswego, Ran.
preliminary examination.
10. After a
Bruckman,a wealthy farmer, of Osngo
township, has been held In the sum
of $10,000 to answer for the murder of
Ills 17-year-old duugtcr, Mary. Four
weeks ago Bruckiiian gavo tho girl a
terrible beating -becauso she did not
work to suit hlmMo his cornQold. He
then tied a rope around one of her an
kles, fastened the other end ot the
rope to a rear axlo of his wagon and1
drove to his barn,ii quarter of a mil
off, dragging the tfirl behind. Arriv
ing there, he looked her up in tho'
barn without food, The girl was'
found by her uncle and another
neighbor, who carried her away, but
her Injuries were so serious that she
died on November 22.
Bruckman has long been an out
cast among the: farmers of Osage
township. His ranch adjoins the no
torious Bender farm, 'and he was the
nearest neighbor r'of the Bender
.butchers. 1 ,
After tho horrifying crimes of the
Bender family had become known and
tuoy uaa iieatue country, xtrucKman
by a mob of
to know
where the Benders were gone. Bruck-
knan insisted Jat.ho know nothing at,
inc ucnaenrwr uicir accas,,uui; no
was strung up to the limb of a tree
and held there until almost dead.
Finally, however, ho was cut down
and allowed to go his way, but ever
since ho has been shunned.
Marlon connty court concluded its
business this morning and at 11 o'clock
adjournment was had. The court In
tended visiting a number or the
bridges throughout the county this
afternoon but owing to tho Inclem
ency of tho weather, tho trip was
At. 10 a. m. Friday Sheriff F. T.
Wrlghtman will resume the sale of
property on which 1891-5 taxes have
as yet not been paid.
When the force in the county clerk's
office arrived at their post of duty
this morning they found a boon owl
had taken possession of the office and
was conducting the county's business
to suit hlmseir. He was soon taken
Erlsonerand caged beneath a waste
asket. Food donations will bo grate
fully received. It Is not known but
Deputy Clerk J. B. Glesy Is thinking
of forming a museum and anyone
having a suitable bird or animal
might do well to consult Mr. Glesy
before disposing of the same.
was 'Visited one nlglhJ
masked men, who demanded
"Weather forecast: Friday rain.
J. O. Bozorth, Salem, was commis
sioned notary today.
The Oregon Siskiyou Mining Com
pany of Portland, stock $50,000, has
been incorporated by I. S. Rowley,
Geo. H Hines, and Aug. Rowley.
Tho assessment rolls of Multnomah
county show about 2000 pollB, Lane
county with about one-third the pop
ulation, has 3000 polls.
The assessment rolls of Multnomah
county were received by the Secretary
of State today, They show about
olght mllllous less valuation than last
year, on a basis of about 25 per cent.
The Baptist Endeavors
The business meeting of the Chris
tian Endeavor society of the Baptist
church, which was held Tuesday
night, proved to be a very interesting
affair. Matters of considerable im
portance to the society were brought
up and disposes of in regular routine,
good social time was enjoyed. In ad
dition to their regular meetings, the
society expect to hold a 7'30 service in
the church some Sunday night in the
near future. The officers elected for
the next six months arc Walter Jcnks,
president; Nina McNary, vice pres-
! ident; Dr. Hurd, recording Jsecrctary;
4- ....,- Intn AVAAtlftm CPU.
ue senswi cui " "-"'v" twin xrnrria. iwrosnondincr secretary:
at 2:20 and soon alter aajouroeu. , -;; trea8urer; Mrs. Gllc, or-
iNTiusiJuuisc. ..... iut.. MIm tfmrna Johhson. ass St-
i.id a tnree uours Besi" byi -
fVhn lmncA
and passed a dozen bljls'of minor u;
ant organist,
Beimcley, Cal., Dec. 10. Frank II.
.Chcesnian, of South Berkley, has made
an eighth attenipt to commit suicide,
lind his life is now dispalred of. In
R'illtof despondency ho shot himself
through tho lung, Inflicting what Is
thought to "be a fatal wound, Checs
man is only 21 years of ns, und tho
physicians givo insanity as the cautc
for his repeated efforts to end his life.
Chcesman at one time narrowly es
caped the penitentiary. He was ur-
restedfor assault with u deadly weapon
in San Francisco and was committed
to tho insano asylum. After six
months of confinement he was dis
charged as cured. He 8rst exhibited
hli&MBla for suicide about four years
ago, w bea he Jumped from a window
lstoH Fra&clsco, hoping to be killed
by live wires. Later he attempted to
Jump from one of the ferry boats. He
was seized, and after he was turned
over to the officers, stabbed himself
in the nock. His othor efforts were
by hanging, poteen and another Jump,
this time from a wind-mill tank.
In 1892 be married bat his union
did not provo a happy one. The wife
left him after one of his suicidal at
tempts, and Is now in Fresno. After
being discharged from the asylum ho
shipped on a man-of-war, and is said
to have deserted at San Diego. About
seven months ago ho secured a posi
tion in Oakland and lately has grown
despondent because ho failed to (ad
vance. Will Have a New Trial.
Cincinnati, Dec. 10, Tho Commer
cial Tribune prefaces a special from
Frankfort,Ky., with' words "Scott tho
decision of Jackson will havo another
.trlaL Judge Helm will today be re
versed by tho court of appeals of Ken
An interview by the correspondent
with Judge nazolrlgg, who is prepar
ing tho decision of the court of ap
poals to be promulgated today, fol
lows the prefatory remarks quoted
above, but tho interview gives no hint
that the decision will give Jackson a
new trlal.
Scott Jackson was convicted of tho
murder of Pearl Bryan at Newport.
Pleads Quilty.
New Yoihc, Deo 10. William E.
Valentine pleaded guilty of forgery
in the second degree and abduction in
the Kings county court, and was sen
tenced to 10 years' imprisonment.
Valentine was at the head of a gang
of forgeries and swindlers whose oper
ations extended ull over the United
States and Canada, and involved, it
has been stated, as much as 92,000,000.
At Wright Captured.
Yuma, Ariz., Dec. 10. Far up on
the mountains on the bank of the
Colorado river, over 30 miles from
all telegraphic communication, All
Wright, companion of Eugene Wood
bury, tho alleged assassin of II. Hoi-,
man, was captured by Detective Oli
ver. The charge agalnHt Wright is
that of assault on Morton Sherry last
The Eastern Question,
London, Dec. 10. (Copyright, 1890,
by Associated Press.) The Birming
ham Post today confirms the repeated
statements on the same subject cabled
by the Associated Press during the
past two months In saying that it
learns from a high quarter that an
understanding has been arrived at be
tween Great Britain, Russia and
France for the 'Settlement of the so
called Eastern question, which has for
generations been troubling tho states
men of Europe.
The Post adds that the Russian
Black sea fleet and the British and
French Mediterranean fleets will
shortly be mobilized In contiguity to,
New speakers and recitation books
just received at
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One hundred choice selection from' No, I'to 35,
ounoay scnooi sciecusns,
ooj UtmoMreisd at
the Bosphorus and Dardanelles in
ordef to enforce, if necessary, the re
forms which the embassies of the
three powers are about to present to
tho sultan, and to whtoh other signers
of the Berlin treaty Gormany, Aus
tria and Italy havo consented. To
this end it Is asserted the allied fleets
may force a passage of the Btralts of
tho Dardanelles.
Hold Up an Express Train
Within the City LlmitsofSt. Louis',
Make Good Their Escape,
St. Louis, Dec. 10. Tho Iron moun
tain fast express, outgoing, was held
up ono mile from the union station,
within the city limits, last night, at
0;30, by six masked men. It is not
known yet whether the robbors suc
ceeded In securing any money from
tho express car. One of tho men stood
in the center of tho track and waved
a red lantern, signifying that danger
was ahead. Tho engineer stopped tho
train and no soonor had ho dono so,
than two masked men jumped on tho
onclno cub and, presenting revolvers
told him to hold the cngtno still on
pain of death. Two robbers inado fpr
tho express car. while the remaining
two stood guard outside. In less than
15 minutes tho whole thing was over
and the conductor hastened to the
nearest telopono and 'notified tho
The two robbers who went to the
express car demanded admittance.
Express Messenger W. J. Egan re
fused to let them in. They threat
ened to kill him If tho express safe
could not be opened. Fortunately it
was a through car and the money was
In a time-locked bafe. Finding it use
less to try to blow this open tho rob
bers jumped off and notified their
companions on tho engine that they
had failed to get anything. Con
ductor Hall came forward to find out
what was the matter. Ho was met
by one of the thieves, who pointed a
revolver at his head and ordered hl.n
back on the train. Tho robbers left
and Engineer Green started. At Jclf
erson Barracks Express Messenger
Eagan said that tho Pacific Express
Company lost nothing.
Three Radical Resolutions.
The President Should Take Pos
session of the Island.
Wasiunqton, Dec. 10,-Seaator
Camoron (Pa.) yesterday Introduced
the following resolution:
Cesolved, By tho Benate and houee
of representatives that the lnckpead
enco of the republic ot Cuba should be
and tho samo is heioby acknowledged
by tho United States of America.
"Besolvcd, That tho United States
should usoits friendly offices with tho
government of Spain to bring about
thoclosoof tho war between Spain
end Cuba."
Mills (Tex,) followed tho Cameron
resolution at once by the following:
"Resolved, That the president ot
tho United States is hereby directed
to take possession of tho island of
Cuba with tho milltlary and naval
forces ot tho United States and hold
tho samo until tho pcoplo of Cuba cau
organize 11 government deriving its
powers from tho consent of tho gover
ned and urm and equip such military
and naval forces as may become neces
sary to secure them against foreign in
vasion.'1 The Mills resolution was referred to
tho foreign relatlous committee.
Mr.Call (Fla.) followed with a resolu
tion recognizing tho republic of Cuba.
Tho resolution has already boon pub
lished. Question Discussed.
Washington, Dec. 10. Tho senate
committee on foreign relations dis
cussed tho Cuban situation, but did
not take any uctlon. The discussion
was of a general character. While:
there was recognition of the import
ance of some-action, there was coil
Ridorablo division ot opinion as to
what course should be pursued. Sen
ator Mills advocated active Interven
tion by the United States government
with armies. Cameron ulao gave no
tice of his purpose to press for decided
action by this government.
The friends of Cuba, who are largely
In tho majority In the committee, ex
press the opinion thut tho Cubans aro
holding their own, which under any
circumstances is a decided guln.
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U, s Gov't Report,

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