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VOL. 8.
" 1 1 1 fc)BM.
NO, Hi
New speakers and recitation books
just received at
Young Folks' Recitalions . 15c
Tiny Tot's Speaker V." '". . .' 15C
Ghild's Own Speaker -. 15c
Little People's Speaker - 15c
Young Folks' Speaker - 15c
Young Folks Dialogues 25c
Little People's Dialogue 25c
Holiday Selections. . .' 30c
Holiday Entertainments 30c
Choice Dialogues 30c
Young Folks' Entertainments 25c
Easy Entertainments 25c
Drills and Marches ..... 25c
One hundred choice selections from No, 1 to 35,
Sunday school selections,
3;7WrtawC7 AtJr '6JW7ayxgJfE?'ffiXJ2 :Uy taCti? Uiy-v J
too many boys' suits (or the Salem trade, and we are going to declare war on
our stock from now until January I, 1897. You have never had a better op
portunity to get new goods for so small amount of money as we are going to
offer at this sale. Everything in our storo is going to come under this
X Great Reduction Sale, J3C
Remnant prices is not to be compared with the prices we will quote you at this
time. Not to call is to miss a good thing that does not fall o man's lot but
once in a life time. Yours for more room,
"The Boys' Outfitter"
197 Commercial St , - - Salem, Or.
a new line Ulsters, Overcoats and
Mackintoshes, Also a new line
of nobby clothing, which we are
offering at the very lowest figure,
These goods are not here to lay
on our shelves, but we propose to
keep them moving, Small profits
and quick sales is our motto,
Remember the place, .
.1. Johnson & Si
363 Commercial st.
He Is Still" Reported on Earlh
Thinks This Government Should
Expel Spaniards From Cuba
Washington, Dec. 11. Public In
terest In tlie Cuban question was
shown by a full attendance In the
galleries of tlie senate to bear the
speech of Senator Cullom, of which lie
lia8glyen notice. Before he was rec
ognized for a speech, petitions for the
recognition of the independence of
Cuba were presented.
Cullom began by saying that while
he was not disposed to criticise Pres
ident Cleveland, lie had hoped for a
more positive expression of the true
American -continental policy from
him, Culloin spoke.ot the record of
Spain for cruelty and oppression:
both in the home treatment of her
o.vn people at home up to the present
century- and in her policy toward
the provinces on this continent.
Spain, continued to be, he said,
what she has always been, a robber
nation. The time had come, lie de
clared, for this nation to announce the
speedy termination of Spanish con
trol of the Island at the gateway of
the Mexican gulf, necessary alike to
tlie welfare of these Islands and the
people of the, United States. The
Cubans could never be conquered and
the war of extermination must stop.
Cuba is already lost to Spain, Cul
lom claimed. The American people
were coming to consider tho Cuban
situation as a groat political conti
nental question. It was the duty of
the United States to use Its powers to
declare that no "charnel-house of
ruin" shall be continued in West In
Indian waters.
IWn cVinll nnt nlnl -O-"-- - -
ward for saving her from the slaugh
ter," said Cullom, "but free Cuba is
the reward. Means must bo found to
settle the Cuban question speedily,
and If other means fall we may con
sider properly the fair purchase of
The senator received close attention
throughout. Uo offered a resolution
declaring that the "Extinction of
Spanish title and the termination
of Spanish control of the Islands at
the gateway of the Gulf of Mexico
are necessary."
Key "West, Dec. 11. It is learned
positively that the report of tho
deaths of Maceo and Gomez aie false.
Both are believed to be near Marll,
while Weylcr Is near San Cristobal,
searching for Maceo. It Is thought
the latter will co-operate with Gomez,
and then an advance on Ilavana Is
looked for.
Death Confirmed.
JIavana, Dec. 11. Dr. Maxim Zer-
tuchaw, the personal physician of
Antonio Maceo, has surrendered to
Colonel Lort, the Spanish commander
at San Felipe, this province. The
doctor confirms the announcement
that Maceo was killed on December 7,
near Punta Brava, In an engagement
between the Insurgents and tho Span
ish column commanded by Major
Dr. Zertucbaw was shot In the chin,
the bullet breaking his Jaw and pass
ing out neap tho neck and shoulders
A second bullet wounded him In the
St Louis, Dec. 11. A BP'al to tho
Bepnbnc irom -uaiiiw, j..,
mi,. ,aA nf the local committee
received a dispatch from Key' West
making absolute denial of thoSpanlsh
reports from Ilavana of the alleged
killing of AntonoMacee.
The dispatch states that atu o'clock
ie niniit. Mnrio was airaln in Pin del
Rio province, and that his army was
making successful operations against
Weyler's forces; that since tho turn
log of Weyler's left flank. Decmber
Maceo had captured more than 1500
stands of arms and Immense quanti
ties of ntnunitlon, incdlclno and com
missary supplies.
The dispatch ulsostatert that within
the next three days the Cubans aro
likely tp turn Weyler's Hunk and win
a decided victory..
The local committee says: "We
know that sensational and glorious
nows of tho patriots will come from
Cuba on or about December 15."
The Truth Will Soon Be Known.
Cincinnati, pec 11. The Commercial-Tribune's
Tampa special
says: .
Every effort is being made to get
news from Maceo's army, and within
24 hours the truth' will be knawn.
Men who have gone outside the city
for Information have been turned
back with threats. "No news has been
received from any section of the Plnar
del Itlo country.
Last night, in an encounter live
miles west of Havana, this Spanish
troops got confused m the darkness
and tired upon each other, live soldiers
and one oftlcer being killed.
In Blantyre Central Africa.
And lOther Foreign Matters
Cape Town, Dec. 11. Advices from
Blantyre, tho chief town of British
Central Africa, dated October 25, nn
nounced the dispatch of three British
columns against 30,000 warriors under
Chief Chikus II, who invaded South,
west Nyassaland and burned tho
British missionary station besides
massacreing tho Inhabitants of a
number of villages. Tho Portuguese
at Tete have invited tho co-operatlon
v r","r "
number about 500.
Must Explain.
Berlin, Dec. 11. Tho Cologno
Gazette says the German warship
Condor Is on the way from Port Natal
to Lorenzo Marquez, where tho Ger
man and Dutch consulates have been
attacked and the British flag torn to
shreds. Tho Dutch consul was wouad
ed. Germany has demanded satisfac
tion of Portugal, Lorenzo Marquez
being tho principal town of tho Fortu
gezo In South Africa.
Were Drowned.
Viao, Spain, Dec. 11. Tho North
German Loyd steamer Sailer was to
tal lv lost off Corunna Celubcdo. All
hands wero drowned. It Is not known
If she had any passengers.
CnicAGO, Dec. 10. Ex-Alderman
Frank O. Vlerllng, arrested on a
charge of embezzlement, preferred by
W. E. Kloinsorge, of Sacramento,
Cal., has made an assignment of his
real estate Interests. Tho Chicago
Rubber and Mill Supply company, of
which Vlerllng was president, also
confessed Judgment In his favor for
811,625. VIerling'H asscts.were given
at $100,000; liabilities, $140,000. The
assignment Is said to have been neces
sitated by his arrest.
Wonderful Accident.
Oakland, Cal. Dec. 11. Felix
Gorsky, a laborer, had a piece of rock
driven Into his skull by a blast, at Let
oma Heights quarry this morning.but
was not even rendered unconscious.
He was knocked by the blow and tho
tho fragment of rock plrcedtho bono
of hla skull, but he got up without
help and took a car down to the re
ceiving liospltal, where liogotsurg-
leal attention.
HU case la pronounod, one of the
strantrest ever treated at the hospital,
for it was deemed almost Impossible
for a man to be hurt bo without haY
Jng raised a fracture or suffering don
cussion of the brain.
Senate Pushes Immigration-
'House Considers Allen Ownership
of Land.
Washington, Dec. 11. The 83nato
got Into the regular channel of busi
ness Thursday, taking up the Immi
gration bill and partly perfecting
it, and also hearing the first of the
speeches on Cuba, those of Cullom
and Calk The disposition to put
throngh the Immigration bill was
shown by the defeat of u motion by
Gibson of Maryland to postpone the
mcasuro until after jho holidays.
Only thirteen votes, nil Democrats,
were given Infayor of the postpone
ment. The proposition served to In
volve -Chandler, Lodge and Gibson In
soverul spirited personal colloquies.
The bill was not passed upon 'up to tho
time of adjourumcnl, but the senate
agreed to what Is generally known as
the Lodge bill, as a subsltute to tho
house measure.
Theubstltutc requires that all Im
migrants, over tho ago of 14 years,
shall be able to read and write their
native language and shall be required
tOuread and write In the presence of
anHJnltcd States official certain lines
of tho United States constitution.
The Cuban speeches of Cullom and
Call were listened to by crowded gal
leries,. Indicating the public interest
feltln the subject. Tho senate ad
journed over to Monday.
house wiQOEErjiNaa.
The house resuraod the cousldera.
tlon of bills under the call of com
mittees. Boatner, from tho fifth Louisiana
district, whose seat was declared va-
S2fiLU&e JM sas!an bjuLvJip, $aa
sworn in immediately after tho read
ing of tho Journal.
Scranton of Pennsylvania, from the
committee on territories, then called
up the bill to amend the act forbidd
ing alien ownership of land in tho
territories. The bill sought to euable
aliens to acquire tltlu to real'property
under mortgage foreclosure By tho
terms of tho bill, they must dispose of
such title within 10 years.
nepburn caused something of a
flurry by undertaking to arraign tho
Buhporters on the ground that they
propose to go back on tho plank of tho
platform on alien ownershshlp. nia
remarks were particularly directed
against the Populists, 1 who ho said,
after declaiming against alien owner
ship, wero now In favor of allowing
aliens to acquire all thcyhad hitherto
declared should belong only to Ameri
can citizens.
Catron of New Hampshire, the
sponsor for the bill, declared that tho
bill did not permit alien ownership.
It only permitted aliens In certain
contingencies to control real property
for ten years. Its purpose, ho said,
was to enable the people of tho tcr
rl tori ties to get some of s benefits
of capital. Capital was needed to de
velop tho resources of tho territory,
and under tho present law no alien
could own a dollar's worth of real
property, andlno capital could bo In
vested. He admitted that a combina
tion of Populists and Democrats had
carried New Mexico at tho lato elec
nepburu declared that If that were
the case, tho people of New Mexico
should have an object lesson. They
Bhould be taught to understand that
their territory cannot grow uuder
populism, and declared that unleu,
by tho term of tH0 N' " Wfls rc
strlcted to t he protection of foreign
investments in mining claims which
could not bo developed by private
.antral, ha would ODDOSO It.
Murphy, delegate from Arizona,
said no great national question waa
involved In the bill. Aliens should
not acquire ownership under it. It
waa simply a question of wbettoer th
territories should be enabled to invito
foreign capital to develop their re
sources. It would be but simple Just
ice to give tho people of tho territories
this opportunity to obtain capital
After some further good-natnrcd
bantering, the bill was defeated, CO
to 73.
Wheat Is Again Advahcirg,
No Change In the Tone of the Local
A telegram from Mllwaukco says
estimates recently made place tho
amount of wheat remaining In farm
ere hands at 25 per cent of tho crop of
1890. Deducting the quantity neces
sary to bo used for sced this leaves
only 20 per cent of tho crop to bo
marketed aud shipped to, distribut
ing points. Tho statement of grain
commission men and tho record of re:
ccipts for tho past two weeks tend to
confirm this estimate.
Chicago, Dec. 11. Wheat for May
opened at 78I70J Closed at 70170l.
Cash wheat 70. Highest bid for May
801 cents.
Liverpool, Dec. 11. December
wheat advanced lc, January lie.
Wool..Oreeont choice 799; inferiors
7c, valley, gfflqe.
Hops Quotable at 813c for new.
Potatoe--4o75c per sack.
Oats Milling, 1.05(51.20.
Wheat.. 72c. per bu.,
0U 36c.
Hay, .baled, cheat, 9 00; timothy 11..00,
Stra w , $3 .50 to $4.00 .
Flour.. In wholesale lots, 4.20; retail
4.60; bran, bulk 14,00 tacked, 15,00';
shorts, 15.001C.00; chop feed, 15,00,
l6.oo. 1
Poultry.. Hens 5c j Turkeys 8c '
VeaL.Dressod, 4.
Hogs.. Dressed, 3Vi3.
live Cat tie.. I ; J ,
Sheep.. Live, 1.50(2)2,00 curt.
Wool,. Best, 12c.
Hop., Best, loc. '
Eggs.. Cash. 30c.
Farm Smoked Meats M Bacon, 6c; turns
90; shoulders, 5c.
Oniont 50c.
Dried Fruits-Apples, evaporated bleached,
70 Set unbleached 4c5c.
Prunes 5c.
Beans. 2c.
Butter.. Urenen fancy creamiry 2o22;
fancy dairy, i82o; fair to good, u 18.
Cheese .Oregon full cream, 10,
Portland, Dec. 10. Wheat valley, 83(384'
walla waua, 81.
Flour Portland, Benton county,, 4.40,,!
4.40; graham, 3.75; superfine, $2.50 per bbl
Oats White, 4344c; grey, 4i4i;rolled
in bags, M255.25, barreUi 450d7'c?
cases, 3.75.
Potatoes.. Oregon, 60075c per sack,
Hay, .Good, 1111.50 per ton.
Hops oioc.
Wool.. Valley, 9loc; Eartem Oregon
Mobalr. . l52oc.
Millstufis..Bran,$i5.oo;shorU $16.50.
Poultry- Chickens ,mUed,$2.5oa.2j ducks,
y; turkeys, llvo, 8.
Eggs.. Oregon, 30c per dor.
Hides., oieen, salted 60 lbs 7c; under
60 lbs 6okc; sheep pelts, io7oc
Tallow 24c3c.
Unions 85c per sacK.
Wheat Bags Calcutta 4.354.37X-
Beanis-tmall white, ici;;c. lima
Hogs Heavy, 3.00 103.35
Butter.. Bostdairy,2535c; fancy reamtry
Cheese ,iouc.
Diied Fruit Apples, evaporated, bleochod
67Joj unbleached, 3Vc4c; sundried, 4c
Pears 5e6c
Plumsr-pltless, 3c4C
Veal-small 5 to Sxt lce 4KC !r "
Mutton Weathers 2.00 ewes 1.50: dressed
mutton, 4c.
Beet-bteers 2.25; cows i,75,t2.oo;dressed
CuredMeats vllams loc lojc bacon 6c.
Lard-dn pails, 70.
At Maiuons' OAPiTOL.i-At 10 a.
m. today Sheriff P. T. Wrightman re
sumed tho dolinqucnt tax sale and be
fore tho noon hour had arrived u
great many pieces of property bad
been disposed of. Tho sale was again
resumed at 1:30 p. in.
1 '
Cream Coconut And noNEY,
Tho rare new confectionary at A. D,
Binlth'8, opera houso block, ll-2d.
1 n
New York, Dec. 10. The Now York
stock exchange has listed 870,800,000
common and $75,000,000 preferred
stock of tho Northern Pucllio and trust
rccelpU for $3,005,000 of tno Oregon
Improvement Co's. llrst mortgage
bonds. m
Fit AME3 ANn MuiRons. Low prices
at A, D. Smith's, In the opera house
block. 12-lL2d.
Mamma, Take Me.
KitleiriJollv Ladv Mlnlstrels Friday
J Dec. lltli, at Reed's Opera House,
Wfty Forfeit Was Not Posted.
San Francisco, Dec. llUHarry
Corbett resents the statement that
his brother lias failed to put up $2,500
forfeit, and explains that thehaoney
Is not to bo deposited Until Iho date
set for tho contest.
"If FJtzslnimons wilt agree to meet
my brother before "the Olympic Club
of this city," said Corbott, "I will bet
Win from $1,000 to $10,000, and start
putting up directly Fitzjlnlmons says
the word."
Harry Corbett Is In receipt of a lonjf
telegram from Jim Corbett uuthorlz'
Ing him to make every effort to get on
a match with FU2sfmnions1and'Hnrry
Corbott ijoul with tlie following den:
"Corbett will tight Fltzsliumons lm.
fore tlie Olympic Club for from five to
twenty round, and for a side bet of
from $l,ooo to $10,000 und for' any
purso offered, '
A Strike.
SAn Francisco, Dec.-10. The em
ployes of the racliio rolling 'wllte,
numbering 325 men, are on a strike
because of a reduction In wages.
The business of tho mills has been
poor for some months, and not long
ago the men wero notified tfiat a re
duction must bo made, either In the
number of employes or In wages. The
management decided to try tho latter
plan, but when 'wages were cut on
nlOCC-Whrk-2fl 1Vr rnnf Mm nmnlmr...
struck, declaring tho wages paid did
uuu ouwtu iyr iiieir support,.
Dont Forget!
Tho date, Friday, December 11 at
Reed's Opera House, the Jolly Ltfdy
Minstrels. COmnosMl onf.lrnlv nt Kn.
lom young ladias. Tickets now on
salq for 25 and 60 cents atPatton's
dook store. - .
Economy is promoted
by the use of Royal
leavening agents. The
official analysts report
it to be 33 greater in
leavening strength than
the other powders. It
has four times thc.Jeav-'
ening strength of many
of the cheap alum
Royal never fails to
make good bread, bis
cuit and cake, so that
there is no flour, 3eggs
or butter spoiled and
wasted in heavy, sour
and uneatable food. "" It
never makes food that
is unwholesome. Its
use is a guarantee from
the danger of alum and
lime which are present
in the low-grade cheap
Do dealers attempt,
because times are dull,
to work ofT old stock,
or low-grade brands of
baking powder?' De
cline to buy them.
During these times all
desire to be economi
cal, and Royal is the
most economical as.
well as the most whole-
some baking powder.
- r "
. I HOY At. BAKIM4 fWW 6., m'
' ..-. r
. w.r
La .. j- TfrlggflSMtMiiiiig. t iji My.rat .j, ..... j . a ntiifeiir

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