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Daily Capital Journal.
f Altona and Ramona
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j Acsst, Ssfesa.
New Line
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J, J, Dalrymple Co,
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JjSta Charged at Salem.
Tfc e- efierts
exrf 24 fUmm
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a, Jim ferrate aa rfBrk. Xc
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Tmetcj. Die 15 Ha5 is. DMirr.
Bi Oe Sss2eai Eleets ia
tife Csse are "large.8
The Oagwlaa ; itiol rejortor
as &tm wp the "kN4p !?
aASMsM. IS.istoUaMtdkelMSa
Skekatte ifrr IctaaictMMB to eii
a z head bC &t I m tkepe
JL p. IV-? KtorNl Uii
2fu f tmm Tnwr.
Je H. 0. Hewitt eme.W
f Altmmf Ifcl atrtJTrML
J. A. Va Xal'Mi aod ftttic sua awe
(ntm m. rlt at AHkaay.
An Appeal f.-om tb Salsra parity Al
Isince. Eo. Jovibial. 1VIH you icfbdlal
Jw space fa jour ralaabte paper for a
few Uiouht4 iod Kine cojament oa
tbe present oon-enfarcement of the
tobacco and cigarette lavr; In regard
to the ale of totecco and clgirettes
to wlnorUtand the uc by rulnors of the
Mine. It 1 a very common thing to
tec youttu and eren Tery small 1jjk
Btnokfn? deadly cigarette. 2Tovf we
vrf&h to call the attention of our newly
elected cfty official to the fact, and
a they take the oath of office let thern
remember that the lawsays that It Is
unlawful to ecll tobacco or cigarettes
to minor,and we fiballlookto tbetn to
protect our boys from thl eril, and to
the Father and Mother we would
ay, do as you lore your children aid
the offices in this unpleasant duty.
Bemember that while the officers haye
the power to stop this evil, they need
and ought to have the hearty co-operation
of erery Father and Mother.
Yours for Truth and Purity.
Halern, Dec. JO.
Special Edtt&m.
Mokday'h Jovbhal. will be printed
Jn a large especial edition.
Sample copies will go to all members
of the legislature and to prominent
public men, and to our canvassers and
agents in every county In the state.
Several thousand extra copies of this
edition, containing a complete review
of the political situation, and a (,'reat
deal of interesting political matter
about Oregon and the capital city.
will be circulated. Monday's Joun-
kal. will be a splendid advertising
medium. 32 11 d 2t.
Dec 17 Htooe T.
omxn OMCTtr WEinrr, j.
P. m. GUr et xL -I". Garats
MJHfvr . Oa.. neeiversBiae ec of
Mliats. awf toaay its w
teat of cteiMM. daJaH &
reertw erected Iwk-
ferrea dzisac mad dfcar tae bafcac;
4 fkads after ieeeiria it: eaiaw
r. :f. Laant, lawSaleai jwufclkr. k cuatlavad.
aal rrtae awi aflms ftnmttiJ& ,,. I II. P- MeTfarr. rwel wr, t. X. H.
Srae WaerfwlaadBt 5,M.wia Bmrtq, Umtdusmm; MMrtkM u wit.
rttwl tae mftew 4a4i uAy. '' werrtW, deaMirrer
i n nrjLJk. tail i. - overrated.
" v(F,aaia aajat iRMit oaqBaa . -v t T" a
"- . . ... X ZiBB. 13. II JLw iIBIIri
et. aL, eqait; ; dtrrte oa Xadfas.
J. If. Albert vs. City of Salea asd
caMH: do (mm OHmr thl after-
T. M. lrd aod wife, of IIate!yfres:
lurxf zt tkcWfifamette UclMs
Hopbayer E. C Ilerres retard
Uii anwolftg from a boloe-r5 rl-Mt ia
A. C DilW)-. lo)anrtfcD; BKttfw asd
deasnrrer to zawaded zawer orer
raied. C& tried.
Thos. 5is5 rs. Matilda llrackann
et a!-, foreckure; default aod decree.
Attraey J. A. Carvo reUraed this A CbiBawaa, Jcoowa a Gtorjre, was
altn)Blroma lesral badness trip .aesiea xnarsaay aiierooon coargea
down the valley. j with larceny from the 'dweUiog of 33.
IWU F.Fiench, of the state ag-! -r. reswes Dortdotbaiem,
grkultural college at Corvalhs, w&5 in
the city tday.
City 3Iarshal Dilley rang the first
corfew bell in the history of Salem
on December 10th, at l'A5 p. rn.
of several toots, valued at aboat 510,
Mr. Smiley, who Is a woodchopper by
occupation, Is private prosecutor and
the complaint alleges the tools were
stolen oa the tb Inst.
George was arraigned before Justice
Circuit Judge Geo. IT. Burnett and, Jobnsoathi-morning on the charge
Satl'kdays Foot-Ball. Tomor
row afternoon the McMlnnville and
Monmouth football team will play a
second of a series of games at Mon
mouth. The game promises to 1m
quite exciting. The "Salem Cyclones"
go to Albany Saturday morning where
they will play the Albany team in the
afternoon. The Salem team will be
reinforced by a number of football en
thusiasts and a good game is expected.
The local team hopes to be able to re
turn with one more victory to add to
their 'enviable record as successful
football players.
Ticket SALK-For the Elijah"
will begin tomorrow morning at 0
o'olock at Patton's. Go early and
get first choice of scats. You all
want to hear the great Oratorio, Miss
Klocb, Mrs. Itced and the superb
Saxony, German knitting, and
Spun lh yarn tt best grades, at low
prices, at the New York racket, you
will find a great variety of almost
every thing atthettamcplucc. w-f-&-w
We Sell Clothing
That give the wearer satisfaction.
To see ours Is to buy 'em.
Men's suits, eo to 810.
Youths' suits, ei.GO to 810.
JJcst values for your money.
Xmas Presents for Boys,
Hoys' knee suits, 82, 8.1. 81.50. They
Jit well, wear well and will please your
Try us for oil coats, oil pants, men
and boy's overcoats and mackintoshes.
Sco our underwear, neckwear und
Yours to please for cash.
Court and-Liberty.
jjjsinci Attorney s. l. Jiayaen re
turned last evening from Dallas.
Chief of Police A. C. DIHey returned
Thursday evening from Dallas where
he has been attending circuit court.
Rev. J. Muellhaupt, of the German
Reformed church, went to Crabtree,
Linn county, this warning to remain
over Sunday.
Jesse George, the well-known lunch
counter man, of Corvallis, accompan
ied by his family, came down from
Corvallis today.
Acting District Attorney J. II. Mc
Xary went to Woodburn this after
noon to represent the state In a case
wherein a man Is charged with killing
domestic animals.
Hon. J. li. Minto, Horticultural
Commissioner Chas. L. Daley and
others returned this morning from
Turner, where they have been in at
tendance at the farmer's institute.
Sheriff II. 13. Plumrner, of Polk
county, brought two prisoners to the
penitentiary. They were George Mil
ler, convicted of rape and sentenced
for five years, and Will Majors, sen
tenced to eighteen months for lar
ceny. 3IaJors, whose home fsinSll
verton, stole ahorse In Polk county
and was arrested in Salem.
Lajor C. E. TVorden, Jalloting agent
of Kalarnath Agency, who has been
visiting E. F. Parkhurst for several
days, left this afternoon for Portland,
wncre he taKes tne uaurornja over
land for San Francisco, From there
he goes to Washington, D. C. Mr.
Worden was accompanied to Portland
by Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Parkhurst, and
Mrs. Worden and daughter, Miss Mae.
Governor Fletcher, in ills Independ
ent, lilts Senator Mitchell pretty
hard. He says: "Die with your boots
on John!" It s reported from Port
land today by a gentleman, who has
Just been there, that Senator Mitchell
has 30 Republican members, of the
legislature, pledged to him, and his
managers are now laboring with the
Populists and Democrats. It takes 40
to elect a senator In Oregon If all are
present and voting.
To Employ the Womlk. Labor
Exchange Branch 108, has on foot a
movement to aid women to obtain
employment. The intention is to sys
tematize work and workers as far as
possible, and in every practicable way
assist them In securing work. A
meeting will bo held at the W. C. T.
U, hall on Saturday at 3:30 p. m. Just
at the conclusion of the Purity meet
ing. Every woman Interested should
of larceny from a dwelling, nis trial
wadset for 1 p. m.Saturdry.
FrxEEAL Paktt The- remains of
3Irs. Sarah L. Hayes, wife of S. E.
Hayes, who died at Salem Dec. 9tb,
were taken to Oregon City this morn
ing and will be Interred at the family
burying place on the farm ifive miles
from the city. The remains were es
corted by Mr. Hayes, Mr. and 31 rs.
Chapman fson-in-law and wife) and
311ss Edith Howard. Mr. Hayes was
a noble pioneer woman of Oregon,
ner wish expressed before death, that
her obituary be that she was a good
mother, a faithful wife and a kind
neighbor is as noble an eulogy of her
character as we can print.
The Postoffice. The removal of
the Salem postoffice continues to be a
subject of local conversation. It is
now learned that the inspector ex
pressed a preference for the Williams
& England bank building, a lease to
which would have to be made by Re
ceiver 3IcXary. But it is understood
the court would confirm such a lease
if made. It would enhance the value
of the property some. About 8500 to
8700 would haye to be raised ito make
the change from present location.
Social and Religious.
The Journal Saturday will con
tain a large amount of interesting so
cial and religiour news from all over
western Oregon. Announcements of
all religious services published free.
Please hand In notices for Saturday's
Jodrnal as early as possible.
Xr. BfefeaateM U tac law sna
atflattHaad Sa ?fes telerrzaw f am 5a
fem, mfsMsMnB has sew sfreaowt
zeySMaf: for ptBeatfra. He dttaa
tfcer ka-ne e-rideaot 'A f raad aad wfH
It p fa cMrtwbea taeafoper
Xr.EBartfcpsUf BstfHartSa
iem aad UTreslst all aUeaspts of the
Weetera Uatoa to throw adoodoa
Tae "bai:a . hop" rjotnrrerf eoa
Uaaes to agitate tae paWc arind
Xo leszlstoas hurt teea takea, as
was intiafced -xwcld be. bat some
Terr 'iqlare-UBg poiats are dev&ofh
tag. Itaa.s bscoiae knows that 3Ir.
Httsr was offered a posUioa by tbe
ooatpaay at iome oUter place bat re
faEL Xo effectual way of exoaerat-
ig Mr. Etter exists aok&s it would
bsto reiastzse him z maazsrer at
It is alo intisoatad that a Salem
lawyer hasdropped some cash into the
slot aod has taken an unprofessional
foetbed in seeking to recover.
Mr B:lter of the Salem wheat
exchange is the only man who seems
to be indifferent to developments.
He refuses to make any statement for
The Eivke Falling. The Wil
lamette river registered 10 feet above
low water mark this morning, indi
cating a falling off of 4 feet in the
river's stage during tbe past week.
Traffic on tbe river is at its best,
there being a large manifest of freight
as well as good list of passengers on
each in-coming and out-going steamboat.
l('Wiilwii;a'DF6SS GOOdS ft
Put to the staaaV if ta
aairslacast aew Mock of
LAMPS. Gttt aad Troaztet
tia -to tbe Bewcl pat
teras direct frow tfee
fzetory. Prices ! t
124 State St.
3S&2ig J!S,.'R.tatt.-.-
SfeiMfdcjr rata.
Everything In the aboveline at reduced
Weather fvnsasU
cosier teaaaenlare
AdtoUat Geaezal Tattle Is to tae
dtr. i
D. P. Dwiafct, of Baker City, was
com ail j. towed aweary today.
Fl5 OweattaaoBBr McGwire ofj
Porttoad, is ia tae city. j
H.Baviey.w.F.Mattoskaad & w. or over purchase until Xmas,
BrowaSeid has iacorporated.
Tae Sidney Power Co. of Salem, filed
a trade raark today for "Gold dust
FREE" A handsome book with
Fob Janitor. Elmer Kigbtlfnger,
of South Salem, has a large petition
U be appointed janitor of tbe Lincoln
school in place of Mr Bruce, who has
served very acceptably for two years.
Mr. Kightlinger claims that it is a
custom of tbe Board to not keep any
janitor over two years. So such rule
can be found on inquiry of the Board.
Chickens roasted or meats cooked to
order for families by Mrs. A. D.
Smith, opera boue bioak. ll-2d.
Somewhat Different. In tbe
Guard House.-nJi a. (the drunk) "jll
my troubles are caused by leave of ab
sence-" Jack (tbe deserte-" all my
troubles are rau-ssJ .. absence of
Ji I
i j
irx &? a
v j ?& - m j j
-y- "y! "Tl"i a i . 3
257 Commercial st
rf.'.Jr J4 V -rt.WljiS3-i"
" " i
Go to Mrs. A. D.
best 15 cent meal in
opera house block.
Smith's for the
the city, in the
The Xew York Racket lias a large
line ol alt kinds of Christmas, goods,
foryouug and old, in picture books,
dolls, games, albums, und the neatest
assortment of all kinds of silk and
linen, embroidered and plain hand
kerchiefs ever opened In the market.
Call and get a -supply early. Trices
very low. wf&wkly
Salem Tolly Lady Minstrels
Friday, Dec, 11, at Reed's opera
house, Seats now on sale at
Patton's Book Store, Td
Boiled Cider !
We have got some very nice boiled dder in bulk. You
can get it in any quantity from a pint to a gallon. It can be
diluted onchalf and still "be of the same strength as that usually
P, O Grocery,
Agents for ""WorldBeater'Soap,"
Gab Lights As per order of the
county court the electric lights in
the various departments of the court
house, have been replaced by gas
llgnts. . This building has been
lighted for several-years with electric
ity but at this term of tho county
court a chango was made.
Holiday Advertisers.
The Daily and Weekly Journal
have now the largest circulation ever
obtained by a Salem newspaper. Hol
iday advertisers appreciate thls'fact,
and business men who desire to reach
all classes of people arc taking advan
tage of this fact. Secure space now.
To all members of Protection lodge,
No. 2, A. O. U. W. There will be a
committee at tho lodge room at 2
o'clock p. in. and thereaf ter.Saturday,
December 12, to receive all donations.
Send In your baskets well filled. Come
and bring your family und help us to
entertain our visitors and friends. .
By order of committee.
Xnias Gifts.
Musical instruments being in
demand for Christmas presents. My
store will bo open every eyorilng till
Christmas. Geo. 0. Will.
12-11-d 2, w1.
Tax Sale.
The 3Iarion county sale of lands
for delinquent taxes was continued
today. The attendance was not large
and Sheriff Wrightman bid the prop
erty off rapidly. There was little
strife and no competition to speak of
to get the property. Bid3 were con
fined to officials and attorneys, mostly
on slips and memoranda and handed
up to the sheriff, who then called off
the parcel of lots or lands asked to be
sold. Then the sheriff went through
the formula of calling off the once,
twice, thrice, etc.
Geo. G. Bingham, attorney, bid on
a parcel of Van Eaton lands, but did
not bid enouch, and the'land went to
the county.
There was some complaint among
owners of property, who have been
unable to pay taxes, at being taxed up
CO cents a line for the advertising,
when 10 cents a line would be a fair
price these hard times. But it is said
to be only the legal fee, and necessary
to keep alive an official organ, if it
has to be done by taxing delinquents
from 81 to 810 aDiece.
You Can Be Well
When your blood is pure, rich and
nourishing for nerves and muscle.
The blood is the vital fluid, and when
it is poor, thin and impure you must
either suffer or you will fall a Yictira
to sudden changes exposure, or over
work. Keep your blood pure with
Hood's Sarsaparllla and be well.
Hood's Pills are the bestaf ter-dinner
nlll; assist digestion, cure headache
25 cents.
If your tea is not good,
why don't you drink water?
It is cheaper and better for
you than poor tea.
If it is good, your stom
ach is glad to get it; does
its work better. -
Schillings Best is good
tea at grocers' in packages.
A Schilling & Company
PITMA2f.At the farm home on
3Iission bottom, north of Salem, Sat
urday, December, 5, 1890, to 3Ir.
and 3Irs. Wm. Pitman, a son.
TOE VS. At the family home, No.
202. Front street, Salem. Thursday,
December 10, 1666, at 10 o'clock a. m.
to 3Ir. and 3Irs. F. F. Toevs, a son.
Two Lives Saved.
3Irs. Phffibe Thomas, of Junction
City, 111., was told by lier doctors she
had Consumption and that there was
no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr.
King's 2Sew Discovery completely
cured her and she says it saved his
life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 139 Florida
street, San Prancisco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
tion, tried without result everything
else then bought one bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery and in two
weeks was cured. He is naturally
thankful. It is such results, of which
these are samples, that prove the
wonderful efficacy of this medicine in
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at Fred P. Legg's drugstore. Regular
size 50c and 81.
New, Plain and Plaid
adjust JnXi
Don't buy old goods when you caa
get new at a lower price, In mackintoshes
and gents' underwear we have the largest
assortment in the city, and at the lowest
A neat line of umbrellas from a
good cheap style, to a fine silk um
brella, neat for a present, and very
appropriate for Oregon, at the New
York racket. w-f-&-w
Best Yet. Packacra rlelirorv v
bicycle messengers. Ring telephone
40 or blue boxes.
Paffoo Bros.,
the big-hearted book
sellers have won the
Christmas trade, as
hundreds throng their t
beautiful store daily
and take advantage of
their generous offers,
Everything reduced I
Everything new 30
cases of brand new
goods, Plenty clerks
to wait on you. All
are authorized to save
you money on all
your purchases. The
only exclusive book
store that make Christ
mas gifts a specialty,
Patton's Book Store,
For Infants and Children.
' Urn
Office Labor Exchange Branch 108,
baletn, December 8, 1890:
AH persons holding certificates of
deposit Issued by this branch are re
quested to present them at this office
lor cancellation. Balance checks will
be given in lieu thereof.
12 r fit W.n.Jov,
iJ 6t Accountant.
Oo to 263 Commercial Street for your
Calling Cards.
Hair Dressing,
O 1 f
Dandruff Treated,
Scalp Cleaning, xJandruflf Treated,
Hair dressed daily by tbe month for
Eldridgeblock: A. M.' ELKINS
A bill for an oriisisK la iceai Scots ft
of Ordinance No. &H "-
ordinance to prorUle Ix lis pal tsi
good order, bealtb, pe 1 dorter
ofthec'nyaci of peTKW,cdfctdsej
tection ofpersoasalp!0?stj,l is
. peal certain ordinances and pctfrf cria
ances relating thereto.
Be it ordained by the eossoa eeeal ef the
Section I-That ct4
No. 203. entitled "an orttaaee to g
for the good condnct, good oder. Via,
peace and cleanliness of theory " g
Ions, and for tbe VJ
property, and to -?"
and parts of ordinances r? saaR w
amendtdsoastoieada, -" &
Sect.on2.-That no TPS
of 17 years shall be P"11 J
npon. or wander " grfl
public patks or the city to e .
S'elockft night duringtberf &g
bcr. October, NgS K
and February, or after e f9
during the remainder of J
such person shall heJ'SS
writing, of his orbwPfiSc
shall be wnPin'ed.bntbVtoJ'
guardian, and it is tySLSV
S?dy marshal to 5
causing the university bell or wk
bell oftbe city to be rue : Ma"
,0 S o'clock at f gifiTU
during tbeonf TrdFcUT.
November, December, J$ t,
and at fifteen mmrtMW910SJsto
each and cvoy WB""J s&all r
of each year, ad all J&h k
late the provisions of If rj spco
deemed guilty of a wgtt'lJE
conviction thereof beto X
shall beponisbed fMyatdby
recerder; and for eacn 1 ,e ttw a.
a fine ofinot less thin . " te
and cost, of ttaS " ", finetop
such person shal fail M lgJ nuseea
upon Urn, Mderthepoj" forerer;t
r.1,.1! be imprisoned ooe uJ
dollars of such fine. j oftke sr
Passed by tbe common coa" rfDlB-v
f rf(TOn. o w- '
of Salem, Oregon,
ber, A. D. 1896.
Approved by the major
Member. AD. .896.
this 10 frf
'Oho Cash Dry
tihoa House.
a. . .v . .- ft
i Sxn Francuco

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