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VOL, 8.
General Maceo's Murder.
The Leading Toipc of the Day-
Americans Aroused.
Washington, Dec. 14. The head
quarters of the Cuban legislation In
In this city was the center of Interest
to a number of callcrH, who had come
to express to Scnor Quesadu their sor
row at the death or ucnorai Maceo,
and to ouer their sympathy, and in
somecases help for the Cubans. These
callers Included a number of congress
men, and two senator", whose names
the Cuban representative declined to
: reveal, who told him of their desire to
I see some act Ion by congress that would
fix of assistance tn the Insurgents.
Cubans have enough men and lead
ers to gain the cause lor which they
arc fighting. They can avail them-
sches of 00,000 men, and more if neces
sary, but what they need is aims and
ammunitlon,iud medicine for the sick
and wounded.
He 6ays offers of assistance from
abroad have been received. The Paris
agent of the junta says that not only
the Cubans,but the French people, af
ter hearing of the assassination and
Ideath of Maceo.are collecting all they
can to send an expcndlllon to be called
the "Expedition of General Maceo."
Spanish Vernon. Qado, has been seriously wounded,
Havana, Dec- 15.-Furtl.cr inqul- and has remained hidden in the woods
rles by the correspondent of the Asso-' since the last engagement wlthTJcn
elated Prcs haveellcttcd the follow-' eral Flguerro. These adylces add that
log additional details, which are posi- it is expected that several bodies of
tlvely reliable, of the manner In Insurgents will soon surrender tr th.
which Antonio Maceo met his death:
It Is known that Maceo exnooti-rt
the insurgent brigadier-general,. San
chez, to concentrate his forces in
Havana province, In readiness for
Maceo, when he should pass the
trocha. It happened, however, that
In passing the Spanish column, com-1
manded by Major Ciruledi. Maceo '
mistook the force of guerrillas under
Peral for Sanches' vanguard, and
found himself among them before he
discovered his mistake. At the first
volley, from the Spanish, Maceo fell
wounded. The Insurgent, taken by
surprise, commenced a general fire as
they retreated, and abandoned Maceo
in a dying condition.
Colonel Feljoo has had an arrange
ment at Campo Florida, near Havana,
with the concentrated forces of the
insurgents, which were with Maceo at
the time he was killed, and which are
now following the leaders, Agulrre,
Castillo, Cardenas,Gallo and Lozo and
which number 1300 horsemen Colonel
Fcijoo again met these forces at Tum
baquet, where he inlllcted a loss of 18
killed, their wounded being carried
off. The Spanish had 19 wounded.
Private advices from Santiago de los
Vegas, in this province.state that the
prominent lmurgent leader, Perieo del
too) many boys' suits for the Salem trade, and we are going to declare war on
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Deny the Murder.
Cinicnnati, Dec. 14. A special to
the Commercial Tribune from Key
West Fla , says:
Advices from Havana state that
La Lucha and other Spanish papers
are quite bitter over the story sent
I out regarding Maceo's death, and deny
It emphatically. Palace ofllclals also
deny it, and it Is stated that General
Weyler will deny it over his own
More lighting Is reported In the
suburbs and the Insurgent forces re
ported as numbering several thousand.
The .work of entrenching Is being
pushed to the utmost, and many pieces
of new artillery have been mounted.
The anti-American feoling Is grow,
lng, and several American correspond.
ents have been warned to be more
careful In their dispatches, on pain of
being deported.
Aid for Cuba.
Dallas, Tex., Dec. 14. There was
a great meetlne at the city hall in the
interest of the freedom of Cuba. Two
thousand representative men and a
hundred women were present. An
drew Jackson Houston, a son of the
hero of San Jacinto, presided, and
made a characteristic speech. Ad
dresses were also made by Chas Worth
and H. C. Stevenson, and the follow
lng resolutions were adopted:
"That this meeting voices the unan
imous sentiment of Texas In declar
ing that Spanish domination In Cuba
should be at once ended.'
The second resolution embodied the
resolution introduced in the senate on
the 10th by Senator Mills, and heart
ily Indorses It. -The
third resolution reads:
"That Texans stand ready to honor
any draft made upon them by con
gress and the president for men and
material to end the bloody, cruel and
barbarous reign of the Spaniards in
Cuba, and erect her into a free Ainer
ican state." The resolutions were
To Enter Republican Caucus.
Silver Advocates Ignore the Call
of Their Party,
WAsmNbTON,Dec,14.-SIx silver sen
ators practically declared themselves
out of the Republican caucus and now
occupy a position of armed neutral
ity toward their former associates and
tho legislatho pollcles,they may de
clare. Senator Teller chief of the six,
Is still absent from tho city, but the
other five- Dubois, Mantle, Canuon,
Pcttlgrew and Squlnn-actcd under
his advice and suggestion
to vote for a protective measure, thus
making a majority, they would not bo
restrained by any feeling of party loyj
alty, and could demand anything
they waited In tho way of silver
on a threat of defeating theblll. Tho
Republicans would then bo placed In
about tho same situation as the Dem
ocrats were In tho Senate when the
Wilson bill was hung up by tho neck.
The Democrats then had forty-four
Senators out of eighty-five. Hill noti
fied them they could nut count on his
vote. This reduced them to forty
three Just enough to pass their bill
This placed It In the power of any ono
or two men to do fn.it the inn:inrn If
1 they were not given what they wanted.
Having to depend upon tho votes of
meri governed by noptrty feeling, tho
I Republicans may be placed at the
mercy of the bolters. It looks as If
their chief hope must be In securing
nQctatfinra frrim bnmn imlf) r)nrtrr.foie
. . . ..c,
The conspicuous feature of the cau-. through an agreement on financial leg
cuswas the absence of the recalcl- Islatlon,and this Is tho strongest ar
tant senatora who refused to bo bound ' gument advanced In favor of making
by the tenets of faith of the St. Louis .' a combination to legislate at this ses-
conventlon. and then aha there sev-. 8lon.
Allow me to call your attention to
two red windows at
263Commeicial AStfeefc
where you will notice a line of sitts
ling silver novelties of all kiri from
15c to $3, and all the new popular
games Just th thing for these long
winter evenings,
ered their connection with the Repub
lican party. Notices of Una caucus
were sent to them, but noho of tlioso
now In the senate attended.
Senator Cannon, after the caucus
was ovor, said his refusal tp enter the
caucus was not due to any pro-
concerted arrangement on tho part of X and cooler.
Will Fight.
Fayettevillb, Ark. Dec, 14 A
company of 20 young men in this city
has organized, and in a fewdays will
start for Cuba to Join the rebel army.
The company start for the coast
about 35 strong and expects to be con
veyed from some point near Galveston
to the island.
Will Go Afoot.
Denver, Dec. 14. It is claimed by
leaders in the movement to send
troops from Colorado to light for Cu
ban independence that more than
1000 names have already been en rolled
John McAndrew, middle-of-the-road
populist candidate for attorney-gen.
eral at the recent election, has been
chosen commander, with the title of
colonel. In reference to their plan,
McAndrew said:
"The volunteers will not leave Den.
ver in small bodies and by stealth, as
was orriginally broposed. Neither
are they likely to go to the Gulf coast
on railroad trails. Instead, they
will move overland, either on foot or
on horseback, picking up tributary
armies along the line of march, until
upon arriving In Floiida, they will
have swelled to snch a mighty hpst
that the United States authorities
will not care or dare to interfere
with their embarkation for Cuba."
The Cowardly Deed,
CiNdNNATi,Dec. 14. A Commercial
Tribune from Jacksonville, Fla., says:
J A.Huau, agent of the Cuban Junta
In this city, received a long letter
Saturday noon fronvhls confidential
correspondent In Havana giving tho
details of the assassination, top foul
for the clyllized nations to tolerate.
Yes," said Iluau. " Maceo Is dead,
but Cuba will live long. The death
nfnnnne man can ciumiiuc yi.iB
snlrlt of the brave, spirit
patriots of Cuba, wno are
gallantly for liberty."
K7i'jfis mS
of the
the stiver senators. He declared that
while he was as radical as ovor on
the silver question, ho must not bo
understood as haying abandoned any
other prlncles he may havc.advocated
which Republicans In common with
him advocated. Jlo was now as much
a protectionist as ho eyer was.
It Is worthy of note, though, that
the Republicans hopo to concllllate
Messrs. Cannon and Mantle and get
them back in the fold.
The action of the bix Republican
sliver Senatois who bolted the St.
Louis Convention In refusing "to
enter the caucus opens up an Interest
ing question as to tho probable at
titude of the Democratic gold Sena
tora who repudiated Mr. Bryan and
the Chicago platform. Tliero is no
reasonable doubt whatever that Sena
tors Palmer, Vilas, Gray, Caffrey,
Smith andlllll would, If lnfltcd, par
ticipate In the councils of their party,
but there is a decided feeling on the
part of some of tho more aggressive
silver Democrats against extending
the hand of party fellowship to their
erring brethern. No caucus of tho
Democratic members of the Senate
has yet been called, but there will bo
a loud protest agalpst the "Senatorial
McKlnlcy Aid Society" when ono Is
called. If taken in at all the gold
Senators will probably bo compelled
to enter a probationary period by
their acts will they bo judged.
The bitterest feeling Is shown by
tho regular. Democratic Senators to
ward Senators Palmer, Hill' VUa
ahd Caffrey, and even If they are al
lowed to participate In the council of
their party they will be shown scant
conrtesy and their advice will not bo
sought at any time.
The gold Democrats arc taking the
matter philosophically, so far as out
ward Indications go, but they realize
that their lot U a hard one. Tbero
is an Idea, however, that when tho
tariff Is on a .softer feeling will pre
vail. It seems an International Monetary
Commission bill can bo passed this
winter If tho Republicans aro in earn
est about It, but It will be bo shaped
by the silver senators that definite
results from the International confer
ence must bo had before the campaign
of 1808 opens.
If tho silver Republican bolters aro
not to act with the regular Republi
cans at all, it is a matter of greater
lmportaBCO than Its mere effect on
legislation at the present session. It
will Involve leglnlatlon In tho next
congress seriously. If the Republi
cans clef.t senators In both North
Carolina and Kentucky they will have
but forty-four men In tho senate, if
six bolters stand out against them,
It will take forty-five, with tho vote
of tho vice-president, to control the
senate. With tho bolters acting
against them they will not bo able to
reorganize the senate, nor adopt
any legislation without assistance
outside their party.
On the straight silver question, If
presented without any complications,
there will be forty-eight Bllver votes,
according to tho present outlook.
There Is little probability, however,
that the question will be permitted to
come up in that way.
The most 6erlous complication is as
tolthe tariff. If Pcttlgrew, Jones of
Nevada, Cannon, Mantle or any or all
of the silver bolters should determine
W. B. Adcock, Adams;II.L. Warner,
Clatskanle; B. B. Tuttle.Portland; A,
R. Cyrus, Astoria; were commissioned
notaries today,
Weather forecast for Tuesday Is rain
Tho State Tax Board heard the
complaints from fifth judicial dis
trict today. Tho Third district, of
which Salem is part, will bo heard
Rudolph C. Fclbor, of Gohel, Co
lumbia county, ago 33, was brought
to tue asylum Sunday.
The Northwest Novelty Co., by B.
M. Man tell I, Frank Grtlllth, John
Robertson and II. B. Dum, incorpora
tors, to buy, sell and make patented
articles, stock $8000, filed articles
Tho Salem Statesman clearly out
stripped tho Urcgonlan as a news
paper by announcing that B. F. Gllt
ner was kept from his desk Saturday
Stof e ! i
by the toothache. Tho
should now ascertain if Mr.
drew salary for that tlmo.
A notrial bond was filed today en
dorsed on tho back "General B. B.
Tuttlc." This Is clearly a recognition
of military titles In ctyil affairs and
theOregonlan will no doubt have art
adequate roast of the statd'Offlclnlsr"
Tho water at noon today stood at 10
feet, and rising slowly.
Tho locks at Oregon City suffered a
serious injury Saturday, when about
sixty lineal feet of tho canal wall was
forced out. This will delay boats from
running through the locks until re
pairs can bo effected.
Tho steamer Altorm above and the
Ramona below will continuo to run as
usual, transferring freight and pas
sengers at the fall.
Tho steamer Ruth is tied up at S11
lem and no other boats arc running.
Interesting Sehvices. Tho Ep
worth League of tho First Methodist
church, conducted tho evening ser
vices at that church Sunday. Prof.
F. S. Dunn, presldont of tho League,
presided over tho meeting. After a
short song service, Prof. Dunn gave a
short talk, reviewing tho work of tho
Lcaguo during tho past year, and
urged upon tho society and Individual
members, tho necessity of more actlvo
work during the ensuing year. Mrs.
H. B. Holland and Miss Roblln very
acceptably sang beautiful solos. Presi
dent W. C. Hawley, of Willamette
university, on the "Effects of Educa
tion on tho Development of our na
tion." The speaker presented somo
very interesting statistics, and tho
address was well received.
1 ' m
State Supreme Court.
State of Oregon, respondent vs. An
drew Coblnson, appellant: argued and
Hiibmltted. on resnondent's motion to
dlsmss the appeal and appellant carries
motion ror a ruie.
H. P. McNary, receiver, appollant,
vs. F.T. Wrlsbtman. shorltf. respond
cut, argued and submitted en appel
lant's motion to auvanco uiu cause tor
Alex Slmo, appellant,! vs. W. 8.
Spencer, supervisor of road district
No. 30 In Benton county, respondent,
appeal from Denton county; argued
and submitted.
Chbistjias Delivery. King
nhone 40 or blue boxes for a b
Holiday Advertiseri.
The Daily and Weekly Jodiwal
have now tho largest circulation ever
obtained by a Salem newspaper. Hol
iday advertisers appreciate this fact,
and business men who desire to reach
all classes of people aro taking advan
tage of this fact. Secure space now.
cheep address O. M. LockwoodBalem,
today Is 54,032,000 bushels, a 1
of 2,280,000 bushels for tho pa;
Wheat Is Booming Again.
A Rise of Ono Gent In Liverpool
and Two in Chicago,
Talklngton's circular, Salem. Dec.
14. Our market has broken away
from foreign Influences and was not
affected by the dccllno In Liverpool.
Buyers were In tho majority fro.n tho
opening, and regardless of consider
able soiling by profit, takers and a fow
reckless bears, tho advance was well
maintained at tho close. Tho cash
demand and diminishing receipts In
tho Northwest aro the dominating In
fluences at present, and will continuo
to govern. Clearances continuo largo,
and tuo exports are fully up to recent
Chicago, Dec 14. Wheat opened
on board today at 80J80i and closed
at 82. Cash wheat sold for 70 i.
Liverpool, Dec. 15. Wheat quota
tlons wore 0s 71d for Deccmbor, and
Gs Od for March.
Liverpool visible supply of wheat
past week,
London, Dec. 14. Tho weather
during tho week has been usettled,
but fairly favorable, and tho curly
sown wheat looks well. In tho wheat
market, wheat for tho most part bad
easy tendency, owing to poor demand,
the pressure of ro-scllers and Ameri
can advices. Shippers were also more
willing to sail, and consumers were
disposed to work their stock down
California wheat, prompt delivery,
was quoted at 33s Gd. Northern
spring wheat, parcels, prompt deliv
try, was quoted at 32s 7d.
London Dec. 14. Business on tho
stock exchango has been ou a limited
scale this week. Tho tono was gen
erally good, most markets showing
an advance. Home railway securities
were flat early In tho week on the ex
pected strike, but recovered rapidly
when matters had been arranged.
Foreign securities were much livelier.
Tho London Times sxprcsses regret
that an effort was not made by Brit
ish capitalists to buy tho Central
Brazilian railways, which are expected
to go to a German syndicate, Includ
ing the Krnmps.
rno vision,
Portland, Dec. 14. Wheat valley, 83(284
Walla Walla, 81.
FlourPortland, Denton county, 4.40.,
4.40; graham, 3.75 j superfine, $3,50 per bbl
Oil White, 4344c; grey, 4l4a;rolled
In bags, 4'SS-JS. harreU, 4.57'J
cae, 3.75.
Potatoes,, Oregon, 60075c per taclc,
Hay., Good, 1111.50 per ton.
Hops n&ioytc.
Wool,. Valley, 9loc; Eastern Oregon
Mobalr. . IS(2oc,
Milistufls..Iiran,f 15.00; short $16.50.
Poultry- Chickens ,mixed,f 1,501.2) ducks,
ai; turkeys, live, 8.
fccc. .Oregon, 30c per dox.
Hides,, green, salted 60 lbs 7c; under
60 lbs 66kc; sheep pelts, lo7oc
Tallow Ke3C
Onions 8c per sack.
Wheat Bags Calcutta 4.2S4.37.
Ueana small white, lcic. lima
Hogs Heayy, 30 103,35
Butter.. lioitdlry,3535c; fancy reamer
40a (OC.
Diied Fruit Appier, evtporated, bleached
67c; unbleached, 3c(44C lundrled, 4c
eaa (cfi&oc
ii,.. V1T1... -,,rn.
Prunes 4llcit6c.
Vcalsmall 5 W SVv lE iYW
Mutton Weathers a.ooj ewes 1.50: dresstd
mutton, 4c.
Beet Steers a.asjcows i.75-,i2.oo;dre$sed
Cured Meats-UIams Ioc lojc bacon 6c.
Lard dn palls, 70.
Wool..Oregont choice 71S00; Inferiors
7C, valley, 2oc.
Hops Quotable at 8.13c for new.
Potatoes4o75c per sack.
Oats Milling, 1.05(1.20.
Wheat.. 72c, perbu.,
Oats 36c.
Hay.. Baled, cheat, 900; timothy Il.Oo.
Straw, J3.50 to $4.00,
Flour,. In wholesale lots, 4.10; retail
460; bran, bulk 14.00 sacked, 15.00:
shorts, 15.0016.00; chop fcl,l5.90,
Poultry., Hen5cj Turkeys 8c ''
Veal..Dresed, 4.
IIoes. .Dressed, 33X.
live Cattle.. ia h'
Sheep.. Live, i,5oa,oo cwt.
Wool.. Best, lac.
Hop,. Best, ioc. -,.
Egcs.. Cash. 30c,
Fruit. .Green Apples per box i.ooAi.so;
Tears 7cc Sec ncr box. ' -.
Farm Smoked Meats Daccn, 6c; 1mm
90; shoulders, 5c, '
Potato!, , oe per bu,
Onloni 50c.
Dried Fruit Apples, evaporated bleached,
70 Set unbleached 4c5c
Plum 4c.
Prunes 5c.
Beantr- ac.
Lard ,9 Jc.
Butter.. Oregm fancy creaawry lo&ny,;
fancy dairy, i82oj fair to good, 16918.
Cheese .Oregon full cream, 10. '
Latest.TIio Oregon Quintette
Concert club, assisted by local talest,
are billed for a concert at Unity
church, Monday eyenlns,Dec.28.
m ....
Of course, everybody will want to
hoar Miss Itosa Bloch, In tho "Elijah"
next Friday night. She Is a great
fayorito at Salem.
Office Labor Exchaatro Branch 106.
o .!.., -r, i o icY. '
ouiuui, jjuwiuuuj o, jovu;
All persons holding certificates of
dopostt issued by this branch are re
quested to present them at this office
for cancellation. Balanco checks will
bo given in lieu thorcof.
W.n. Joy,
12 8 Ct Accountant.
Mrs. Wulter Reed will muko her
first appearance before a Salem audi
ence, next Friday night, In tho
Elijah," She Is a charming singer.
The absolutely pure
bafcingpowder Made
from cream of tartar
a fruit acid Docs
not contain alum or
any deleterious sub
stance Unequaled
in strength
" j t
4 nrw
j2fe- .aijl?.-
a vwr7A vtri

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