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Dally Capital Journal.
i Altona and Kamona
Portland, 6rfS a- m.
W Salern 7H5 m-, except Seaday.
f If Quack tieae. regalar terries aad eej
T rate
1 1 M. P. BALDWIN,
We hare fwiri oar ffeH sale
iatecwi 3eU4z the eei work $
ob- Tie dres gwxfe trade Ikt
csrae beyesd r imp saaprise
expetaUe&. A e a last
we. mmij of the let mjwtteimd
eoatate gdiof kss ttas K Uk
r)gtel prior. Prios rag at
14. 19. 3. 39. 4. W. m. 7 CMt
Cese asd kot thM orer.
Ageat, Su8.
In capes and Jackets will be closed
out by January 1.
5 rallies go at 32.25.
$1 value go at 13.25.
5 value go at 14.
f3 values go at 14.76.
$5 value go at ViSf).
10 values go at 7 a).
812 ralues go at 410.
20 values jw at 115.
Buy now while we bare your tlze.
J, J, Dalrymple Co,
Staae Ise Terr emmeest aew
fattens Is tfee ctotfes with
B3b41b5 to aatek. 2Tt t&e saarly
friared kia$ e? elfeer dars, but
elegaat stezle patters ready to
feeaer fcesstiseb ia 2, 3 asd 4
yard tetfe$.
T. flolversoo.
JudgeC. E. Wolverton spentSunday
In Albany.
Paul IT. Sroat of Salem 1 a new
notary public.
Ed Sulf ran, of Newport, returned to
hlMiotne lovrntoday.
Alexander 'all, aged S3, died at
Junction Decembers.
W. P. Gilbert, the AumsyJlle hotel
keeper was In town today.
Jos. Fu.ce rnturned today from a
business visit to Portland.
liev. John Parsons has returned
from a short visit at 3Iehama.
C. T. Mclntyrc, the grocer, was a
Portland business visitor today.
Francis Feller and Frank Bnskey.
of French Prairie were In Salem.
Win dc the woman wno receives on
Christmas morning, in a neat pack
age, a dres pattern from one of the
stylish fabrics which we are felling
at such reasonable prices.
$2 will buy an 8 yard pattern of all
wool serge or new mlxea dress goods.
A will buy a pattern from a choice
of foreign and domestic noyelties.
8fl will buy a pattern from the
choicest black and colored, plain or
fancy weaves. One dollar more will
buy the linings complete. Such a
present cannot fail to be useful and
'A clasp kid gloves, all shades, 81 a
Court and'Llbcrty.
the Cash, Dry Goods, Clothing and
yhoe House.
Ed Saliiraa, the YaqHiaaa bay feh
dealer, wa la tbe city tJsy oa basf-
Tiers. J. Maattteaat retarded today
fraw a over-Swsday vBIt at (.Tab
G. W. Darts returned Saturday
ereaiag frew a bmiB&s trip t Sas-Fraaclreo.
Mrs. 31eBkBbalI, mother of F. M.
Wadworth died at Toledo De
cember 7.
G. M.'Jrwln, State Saperlnteodtsnt,
addressed the Y. 31. C. A. at Albany
Clyde Keller, a Salem boy, is making
crayon portraits at San Francico for
M cent apiece.
Mrs. Stone of Ohio is to Iectare at
Salem for Good Templars December
19, 20 and 21.
Postmaster Bonbam Is on duty to
day after a few days struggle with bad
r'rad and a bad cold.
T. R. Hibbard, the SUverton capi
talist, was in the city today and went
suth on the BMeburg local.
Barney Williams, a well .known
character at Salern since many years
was sent to the asylum Saturday.
Rev. P. C. Hetzler, of the U. B.
church, returned this morning from a
business trip through Southern Ore
gon, State Superintendent G 31. Irwin
returned this afternoon from Albany,
from his customary Sunday lecturing
Secretary of State Kincaid returned
today from Eugene, where he spent
Sunday a3 usual, with his only living
relatives a mother and sistei.
Jonas Lauf man, an engineer at the
Chemawa Indian school, was given a
3Iasonic burial at Salem Sunday.
Many ot the students and officers
ffai, Yates, who had the mis
fortune some weeks ago to be thrown
farm a waggon at the state asylum
and break his shoulder,is again about
his duties, and very nearly well.
John 3L Somers, a member of the
legislature from Linn county, is said
to be interested in s. proposed com
mission to take a part of the work of
the supreme court off its hands.
The jury acquitted James Dixon at
Boseburg Saturday of killing Chas.
Bice by shooting him June 14th in a
baseball quarrel. The coroner's jury
held him guilty of murder
Mrs. John Norman, of 31ankato,
jMi&fi . Is (a tecuj ibd will pad
the winter ife ber 4er Hss Jeftato
Joees ad her brattor.T. D. aad Wa.
i Jo lite Bfc Stale aarasryirea-
W. J. Brya f Lb8b. Nebu. wefl
imam at Saieo. as a paWfe sfeaker af
ms ability aad harla 9ae aa
dasassfial eornieUnm am the ilrer
qaeioa, l to fee law orator at Cfcteftgo
a Jaek.im's Day Jaaaary 7.
Ca.v C Barlow wa arrested Satar
dy e OMtptaiat af Ileary Wilt, oee
af tae Bsrfow-WIM HercaaUle Co.,
charged with eatbealiag the f aod of
the in w bile book-toeper. Mr. Bar
law riaia he wffl shew Ms toc&s are
aM straight. J. P- Cole was aapoiated
receiver AKgast X. fa?t.
Prof. T. W. Werecfcsal ae ap
froaiPortbad Saaday eveaiag aad
is thegaest of Prof. R. A- Heritage.
Prof. Werecbkal will serre as director
at the readeriog of Meadefeoboa's
oratorio, -EUjah" to be girea
Heed's Opera Hoase aext Friday ere-
On aext Taesday aigat, Arcbbtehop
W. H. Gro, of the Oregoa, dfo-
c&e, win be teadersd a baaqtiet at
the Iaiperial botsl by Baaay of t'je
proariBeat Catholic residents of the
city. The porpase of the banquet is
rec&zaiUoa of the valaabie and inces
sant work perforated by Archbishop
Gross since be took charge of the
dkKe, and representative Catholics
in all parts of the state are interested
in making tin: occasion a great uc-
J. U. Butenic, of Portland, has been
appointed stenographer and type
writer in the ofilce of Governor Lord.
The last legislature made appropria
tion to supply the secretary of state
and governor with a stenographer and
type writer for two years. Governor
Lord has not needed one until now.
The work of the approaching session
of the legislature makes it necessary.
For all but about three months of the
year Private Secretary Dunniway
has been aWe to do all the work of the
office. Secretary Kincaid's office has
work for a type-writer almost con
stantly. In neither office is any
money expended for clerical service,
but what is required, both Kincaid
and Lord being old-fashioned enough
to not believe in sinecures or waste
of public money.
Will have his headquarters at the
For the next two weeks, He has lots of
toys for girls and boys, and older people,
too, He would like for all to come and
sec and he will try and please you with
low prices,
me Fair
store !
4 tr
.. if
To Get One of the Introductory Sets of
the New Dictionary.
The few introductory sets of the
new dictionary, which the Pacific
Coast Newspaper syndicate is distrib
uting in Salern, will be exhausted in
a few days and the splendid volumes
sent on their mission of enlightment.
It is a liberal and sagacious move on
the part of the syndicate to thus place
a number of sets In cultured homes in
order that the work may be compared
with other dictionaries and cyclope
dias. Readers, therefore, must hurry
to take advantage of the opportunity.
3fany business men and women have
longed for a ready book of reference,
at once an encyclopedia and a diction
ary, an indlspensible "at one's elbow"
This need is supplien by the Pacific
Coast Newspaper syndicate, which of
fers a carefully prepared work, In four
volumes, under canditions that will
commend it to every discriminating
user of books of 'reference.
The subscription price, of the work,
Is $42, but the Pacific Coast Newspa
per syndicate now offers an introduc
tory 20 sets in Salem and vicinity for
81 cash and 81.25 per montti for a year,
but prompt action is now Impera
tively necessary if you wish to secure
a set.
Send i'our name and address at once
to the Pacific Coast Newspaper syndi
cate, care of The Journal, and you
will be supplied with sahaple pages for
Nnr Muaiera ApToieferf cm the Ssate
Board fcyGaitiaof hod.
GoresMT Lord ban aaated tbe fel
krlag a ateaber? of the Oregon
state board af agriculture. Z.F. Mody,
of Waeo caaaty. t sacreed J. H.
GrayefOreoMwbob &o elected
herlffaadreqaets the governor to
sake aaother apfatoeatt, for a
tera of foar year?, f root December J,
1S: s. IL nU. of Jackjoa county,
to succeed himself, for a term of four
years, from December 1, 19W; Frank
C- Baker, of 3raltaoaiab county, to
sacceed William Galloway of Yamhill
for a terra of foar years, f roa Decem
ber 1. 1SK. It was the governor's In-
teatioa to reappoint Jadge Galloway,
as well as Senator Holt, bat Jadge
Galloway felt that his services upon
the board might interfere with his
official dalles in tbi Oregon City land
ajTheseappol atmeots wiU mest with
geaeral approval. Tbey represent the
diSereot sections of the state and in
beoator uoit. Governor Lord nas re
cognized one of tbe most conservative
populfels of this state. He is a farmer
and will do all in bis power as will
tbe other gentleman, to make tbe
work of tbe State Fair board accept
able to the fanning Interests of the
C. Baker, the well known ex
state printer, will prove a strong
member of the board. He is a born
manager of men, and posesses a rare
degree of executive ability. 3Ir. Bakei
is enterprising, progressive and will
leave nothing undone to make tbe
fair a great success. His appointment
has a great deal of political signif
icance to those informed at all about
Oregon politics. 3Ir. Baker represents
probably tbe strongest combination
of individuals that has ever existed
In tbe state.
Ex-Governor Moody of Wasco is
really a resident of this city ever
since he was executive, although he
has retained a political residence in
Wasco county. He is an enterprising
and obliging official and a strong man
on tbe board. His reappointment is a
compliment to the service he has ren
dered the state in many ways and he
would be a splendid man for the presi
dency of the board.
Another strong man who has just
Electric ,
Put In tlie shade by tbe
magnificent new stock of
LAMPS. Gilt and wrought
Iron -in the newest pat
terns direct from tbe
factory. Prices -low it
124 State St.
Albany Wiar.
The "Salem clyclones" met defeat
at tbe hands of the Albany eleven
Saturday. Tbe game resulted in a
core of 4 to 0 In favor of the Albany
team. It was a very warmly con tested
game and the Salem boys speak very
highly of the treatment received
while in A Ibany. The Salem team
was laboring under serious disadvant
age that naturally resulted in its de
feat. The boys made the trip in
Basey's wagonette, leaving Salem at
6 am. Saturday, but, owing to a
break-down that happened while en
route ther did not reach tbe "scene of
battle" until 3 o'clock Saturday af
ternoon. They had to prepare imme
diately for the game in which the
Albany team proved to much for the
local team, since it averaged-10 pounds
heavier to a man than did the Salem
team. Tbe only incident that marred
tbe pleasure of the trip and which
could apparently not be averted, was
the theft of some of the Salem
boys' belongings while the game was
in progress, iiyer Uirsch lost a 8G
pair of shoes while a number of the
boys lost sums of money between 50
cents and a dollar each. A return
game will probably be played at Salem
during tue nonaays.
UVt Wnofhftn Pr
m i.uaura opeciais,
aotblngmakesa nicer or more accentahL. y
A Tin?
Thursday, Friday, SaturdayHacfe
On these days we will offer any mackinixKi. i mC5Sr
coL We do not want to carfr nnr ?ue .
UVL IM1 (Mri M...&.
i w'imw &
cou neaonoi want to carry anvovpr rvT ;
are still offering dress goods for ffiffi'olliSS1?
reductions on new ramiir mi "r. Hoe.1 MaasssastJ:
FREBvA handsome book with
or over purchase until Xmas,
Boclden's Arnica halve
The best salve in tbe world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
enrofi tAtta, nhnnmuf ltin1p ntillhlnltio
corn, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale by Fred A.
257 Conimercial st
Boiled Cider !
We have got some very nice boiled cider in bulk. You
can get it in any quantity from a pint to a gallon. It can be
diluted onohalf and still be of the same strength as that usually
P. Ot Grocery
Agents for "WorlaVBeater" Soap,"
New, Plain and Plaid
A Valuable Prescription.
Edito,- srorrison, of Worthington,
xnu., -oun, wrues: "xou nave a
valuable prescription in Electric Bit
ters, and I can cheerfully recommend
it for Constipation and Sick Headache
and as a cencral svstem tonic I thus no
I equal." 3Irs. Annie Stehle, 2025 Cot-
tage Grove, Ave' Chicago, was all run
uown, could not eat nor digest food,
had a backache which never left her
and felt tired and weary, but six bot
tles of Electric Bitters restored her
health and renewed her strength.
Prices 50 cents and 81.00. Get a Bottle
at Fred A. Lcgg's Drug Store.
The Salem Choral society has mas
tered the magnlticient choruses of the
"Elijah." This is a big step toward
a better grade of music. The good
people of balein enjoy good music, and
will patronize It.
Xmas Gifts.
3luslcnl Instruments being in
demand for Christmas presents. 3Iy
store will bo open every evening till
Christmas. Geo. C. Will.
12-11-d 2 w 1.
The Salem ChoralBocIety merits the
hearty support of all the music lov
Irjg public, for having so successfully
mastered such a work of art as the
The ticket sale for the "Elijah," at
Patton Bros., is unusually large." Bet
ter secure 6eats early. '
rr. t
qualified is Frank W. Durbln of How
ell prairie, a large farmer and stock
grower, and progressive and practical
dairyman. He Is a young man of the
best character and came very near be
ing elected sheriff of 3Iarion county
at the last election. These gentlemen,
with the members who are already on
the biaid will give tbe people a state
fair such as will be a credit to the
state and with better times will place
ine society's interests on a goou looting.
The annual election of officers of
tbe state board of agriculture takes
place at the rooms of the board in the
state capltol Tuesday, December 35,
atl p. in.
There Is the usual struggle for the
Sisltlons at the disposal of the board,
cw combinations are liable to be
formed that will result in -a new .deal
for the falr.
E. II. Flagg, Frank Davey, C. D.
Gabrielson, Walter Lyon, C. B. Irvine
and others are said to be candidates
for secretary. It Is hoped that a sec
retary will be chosen who has suffi
cient sconeand ability to draw out and
organize all the Interests supposed to
be connected with agriculture.
The candidates for president are
said to be Z. F. Jloody, D. H. Looney
and Van D. Lashmutt. The office
has some perquisites and there is op
portunity to render the public some
service. The election of president
and secretary will virtually decide
what kind of alfair it will be.
The people of Salem are deeply In
terested in a live business adminis
tration. A state fair should not be
allowed to drag .along In a .dead man
ner as it did drag last year.
oFAin and Festival. At the Cent
ral Congregational church, corner of
Nlnteenth and Ferry streets, Tuesday
December 15, day and evening, useful
and fancy articles on sale. Oysters,
coffee, etc., served in the evening;
You are cordially Invited.
A. W. Long, administrator of the
estate of 31. S. Long, deceased, has
sold 128 acres of the farm of the de
ceased to II. S. Evejen. The con
sideration was 83800 and the sale is
subject to the dower rights of the
widow, 3Iartha A. Long.
The Labor Exchantre of this nlfin
is earnestly moving to supply employ
ment for women. A meeting will be
held this evening at the residence of
3Ir. Jory In South Salem, to which all
interested are Invited. On tomorrow
(Tuesday) evening B. J. Sharp, organ
izer, will lecture at the W. C. T. D.
hall on Court street, at 7:30 p. m. A
special invitation Is extended to the
Don't buy old goods when you can
get new at a lower price, In mackintoshes
and gents' underwear we have the largest
assortment in the city, and at the lowest
OOViEfl !&M&
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, alderman, Chi
cago, says: "I regard Dr. King's New
Discovery as an Ideal Panecea for
coughs, colds and lung complaints,
having used it in my family for the
last five years, to the exclusion of any
physician's prescriptions or other
Bev. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: I have been a minister of the
Slethodist Episcopal church for 50
years or more and have never found
anything so beneficial, or that gave
me such speedy rolief as Dr. King's
New Discovers." Trv thin Trli.nl
Cough Eemedy now. Trial bottles
free at Fred A. Legg's drug store.
What's the use of tea if
you don't have fun drinking
Schilling's Best is full of
fun " laugh and grow fat"
Money back if you don't
like it at grocers' in pack
ages. ' - p,?'""t
Strong's Restaurant.
Members of the legislature
to be in
oiners expecting
should get rates from Strong's'Kestau
rant as they will find It to their in
terest. Westacott & Irwin,
Paffoo Bros.,
the big-hearted book'
sellers have won the
Christmas trade, as
hundreds throng their
beautiful store daily
and take advantage of
their generous offers,
Everything reduced !
Everything new 30
cases of brand new
goods, Plenty clerks
to wait on you, All
are authorized to save
you money on all
your purchases, The
only exclusive book
store that make Christ
mas gifts a specialty.
Patton's Book Store.
Co to 363 Commercial Street for your
Calling Cards.
Sheriff Sales. From this date J
until further notice The Weekly'
Capital Journal will publish no
tices, of sheriff's sales, at $5 apiece'
for the full five weeks , according to
law. Persons making foreclosurers or
1 1 J CACCUlllou nonces 10 puoiisu
ouuum uiuuu u note 01 tnis.
Journal Publishing Company,
HovemDer 1, 1890. tf
Hair Dressing,
Scalp Cleansing,
Dandruff Treated,
Scalp Cleaning. ilandrufT Treated,
Hair dressed daily by the month fcr
Eldridge block: A. M, ELKINSj
A bill for an ordinicee to tatai Section ft.
of Ordinance No. 203 ta&i, "i
ordinance to proride far tie good coal,
good order, health, piee aai det
of thecijyand of posoei,iadfartlsj-
L fection of persons and property, ffll to re
peal certain ordinances awl pats ef -ances
relating thereto.
Be it ordained by the comnoo cooes eftir
city of Salem: vti-,
Section I-Tlut sectni4 of
No. 203. entitled ''an ordinance to pamfc
for the good condacL jK A JS
peace ana cieaniinra u. h. v - .,
ions, and for the protemoaof l
property, and to repeal certam ato
and parts of ordinances reh ta w
amended so a to read a. b. r
Section 2.-That no peJS
ofr? years shall be peraUtedtop
upon, or wander about the street, ittj
public parks or tbe city ate A s !g
Skat night daringthe nhsof
bcr. October, Number jWjr, JgJ
and February, or 'trhX
wriiinofhU orherparents ,0-
to 8 o'clock at mght, ,eA" befttfcr,
during themonths o f Jggg
November, December Inurr
and at fifteen 'D.?? rem
each and every night &a vkK
of each year, .and all persons
late the provisions -elwd P
Sail punished J2Z52$
a fine of.not less than 1 ,
and costi of the actlonr wA tatafi
uch person snau : " "rtf thisse
upon him, under the pror' &,
dollars of such fine, 1 ofti7
Passed by the common co p.
of Salem, Oregon, on tbe l
ber.A.D. t& &.&.
Approved by themayCT
member, ad.i896-
ASchr&&W X
i ilfr rfr--1'

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