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)h. 8-
NO. 255.
Interesting Session,
n Cnitirl onrl VloM
fctorS Become uaoiicu m.v. . ,,u
Up Pent-Up Feelings.
liSniXOTON, lc w. ivcaiics
Wlotior tilt scriuu: uueiuin.u
w'wt cvniitful and exciting debate
U hits heard m a long nine.
Utilized leaders of the parties.
Ln, Frye. Teller, Gorman, Vest,
ticli, 1'latt, Mitchell or uregon,
Mler, Halo aua "eu ,n noianie
hmpnMoii Ute leanuiK iiuusi-iuun
EtihaveengJged the attention of
and tliu country or. late. it.
dramatic In its Intensity imd at
(times aoioroingiy imcresbiiiK.
Ileal dillerencea c;iine in for a fair
eof attention and the names of
tlnley an.l uryan were orten
Allen declared the president
iRi'publlcan who rejoiced with
bpublicaiH over the recent mu-
PilcUtry The (ieuite cune on
Ipectedly when Vest called up the
i resolution for consideration or
. I.I II In j t n rJ at r n titnlfi si
Uiogicy oin, "i iic i.u ui.iivu if
kon It. vest was li his usual
: vela and his speech teemed
I ibosc graceful andcitchy phrases
lilcli lie is noted.
andler pointed out that opposition
e president must be considered In
prospect of the Dinglcy bill, "lie
lot my president, although lie
Ho elect my president," added
Idler. This turned Allen's atten-
itotlic president and he spoke
grly against the executive, uepuo-
Hcan senators had no reason to fear
Cleveland's opposition. "The presi
dent Is with the republicans on the
gold monometallism" declared Allen.
"I understand helaughs and rejoices
victory this fall. The president of the
United States is a republican and you
would have to put a tag on his prin
ciples and on those of the republican
party to tell tlictn apart."
Galllgcr pressed the question as to
whether the president would slirn a
bill with free silver amendments. "I
do not stand near his excellency,"
answered Allen, "and I cannot say
what he will do. Ho had a bare rem
nant of a few thousand votes with
him last year. 1 assume he has gone
over body and soul to the Republican
Teller said It was the duty of the
incoming administration to have an
extra session to formulate a bill and
try to pass it. lie declared that he
wanted to to see a return to prosper
ity, lie believed it could only be
brought about by a decent financial
system, but If any other system was
proposed that would stand-the test of
Ionic, he would support It. He would
reserve his right to decide that ques
tion later. Gorman criticized the
DIngleybill and said It was unjust
and unequal. He congratulated the
Republicans that not once during the
campaign had they lowered their col
ors. They stood by the declaration
that their victory would mean a res
toration of high duties.
He accepted the result, "but,".nid
he, addressing the republican side,
"you have not the power to piss a
monstnslty such as this, or the Incli
nation to remodel. You will, in my
opinion, have a majority for a protec
tive measure after March 4th. We
is proving to be as grand a success as wo could wish it to be.
we have all we can attend to, and arc going to keep it up till
January 1, 1897. There is just 1U days mure of hard work for
us in this sale, and just that many days for you to save big
money on all lines.
Is a great sacrifice for us, but It Is just as great a "Ing for
vou. We must have room for our spring stock and take tins
means of getting it. Be sure and ask for one of our "Gold
Allumlnum" coupon cards, free ,
:The Boys' Outfitter "J
)7 rmraercJalgSt..' - - Salem, Or-
list Received
a new line Ulsters, Overcoats and
Mackintoshes, Also' a new line
of nobby clothing, which we are
offering at the very lowest figure,
These goods are not here to lay
on our shelves, but we propose to
keep them moving, Small profits
and quick sales is our motto,
Remember the place,
will puncture the bill you present,
but I do not think there will be any
desire to obstruct your party meas ures.
The responsibility wlll.be yours. -You
know you cannot accomplish any
thing at this session. The Dlngley
bill will not sullies. You cannot af
ford tn pass it and- upturn the busi
ness of the country again at the next
session and, however, we won't per
mit you to do it."
But It remained for Sherman to
formally announco that the Dlngley
bill was dead. He said he could not
always speak for his associates, but,
In view of what had been said on the
floor, he felt he could safely announce
that the Dlngley bill could not be
passed, and that It was useless to
waste farther time on It.
Senator Mitchell, of Oregon, Intro
duced a bill to amend section 1754 of
the Revised Statutes.
That section, as passed In 1803, pro
vided that persons honorable dis
charged from the military or naval
service by reason of disability result
ing from wounds or sickness incurred
in the line of duty shall be preferred
for appointment to civil olllces, pro
vided they arc found to possess the
business capacity necessary for a
proper discharge of the duties from
the military or naval service without
regard to reason for such discharge,
provided they have served ninety days
or more in the war or more In the war
of the rebellion or any Indian war.
Mitchell supported his bill with a
brief speech on his motion. It was re
ferred to the committee on civil ser
vice and retrenchment.
The senate committee on foreign re
lations held a meeting today for con
sideration of the Cuban resolutions re
ferred to It. Is'o action was taken.
The committee adjourned to Friday
for the purpose of securing further in
formation from the state department.
There is a desire to ascertain exactly
what was reported by Consul-General
Bailey, of Texas, created a ripple of
excitement In the house by asking
immediate consideration of the reso
lution to investigate the construction
of the battle-ship Texas. Dinglcy, of
Maine, thought the resolution ought
to be considered by the committee on
naval affairs before being acted upon;
he therefore objected. The resolution
The house then, on motion or Hull,
chairman of the committee on mili
tary affairs, went into a committee of
the whole for consideration of the
army appropriation bill. Hull ex
plained the provisions of the bill,
which carried $23,120,344, $775,5173 less
than the current law. The only new
provision was for the abandonment of
the army and navy hospital at Hot
Springs, Ark., and the surrender and
transter or mo reservawuu to wm in
terior department.
Members of the house ways and
means committee say the report out
lining an elaborate scheme for a tariff
on silver in the new bill is merely
fiction. No such proposition has been
considered, although it is generally
understood that there will be a duty
on all ores of which silver Is a by-pro-.
duct. ... . ,
A member of the committee said :
"A duty on silver would bo as use
less as a duty on rainwater for the
reason that no silver is imported Into
tiiiupnnnt.rv. The onlv thlmr we can
do for the silver miners will bo to put
a duty on Mexican lead ore of which
silver is a by-product. By doing this
we can give protection w u aU
interests and incidentally to tlie
silver miners
Dennis Ryan Married.
Spokane. Dec. 17. Dennis Ryan,
the St. Paul millionaire, was quietly
married here tills morning to MIsi
Mary Campbell, also of St. Paul.
The ceremony tooicpiace uwuum.a
this morning. Efforts were made t
keep the affair quiet, me uuuuuk"
license does not appear In the records
at -the court house. Mr. anu wrs.
Ryan lef ton the east-bound northern
Pacific train.
Public Hanging.
Middlesboro, Ky., Dec. 17. At
. i..m i.te mnminc Marlon Hat-
field was hanged for the murder of
Jones Trail. Flvo tliousanu peopie
were present, natueld conresseu, im
plicating his wife and Nancy Jordan.
Bucklen's i Arnica Salve.
The best salve In the world for cuts
hrnlses sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
cornand all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no Pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect , Bitls
fiction or money refunded. Price 25
KPSor boY. For sale by Fred A.
Said to Be in Matanzas.
All lalorihcations uoing on
His Death Ordered Stopped
dp. Over
Key West. Florida, Dec. 17.
Passengers anlving here last, evening
from Havana rebort that Antonio
Maceo Is alive and well and Is ln the
province of Matanzas. The passen
gers say that all of the festivities that
were going on In Havana to celebrate
his death have been or dered stopped
since it has become known that he Is
Havana, Dec. 17. Captalh-Gcnnral
Weylor has presented $100 to the
scout of Major Ctrujcda's column who
took from the body of Antoillo Maceo
articles by which the Spaniards estab
lished the Identity of the corpse as
being that of .the -Insurgeot. The
captain-general, in replying to the
message of Major Cirujeda, has as
sured the latter -that: he will bo re
warded for "splendid scrvlccs"-whlch
he has rendered to Spain.
A mulatto woman, named Franclsca
Ilorrorea, will be tried by court mar
tial today. She Is churged with re
bellion and Incendiarism. Franclsca
Is described as an Amazon and form
erly belonged to Sastlllo's band of in
surgents. Shrouded in Doubt.
Denver, Dec. 17. A News special
from Key West says:
Advices from this evening by the
steamer Olivette state that the alleged
rln-ith .if Mnwo Is still shrouded in
mystery, and a majority of the Cubans
reruse to uenevc mat mo grvui. cmui
ic donii Tim iwniv lint: nrit, hnenl dis
covered, and contradictory statements
made by the Spainlards lead the
Cubans to believe Maceo Is still alive.
Even the people who .live at i'unta
Hriivn. where Maceo Is said to have
been killed, do not credit the story.
Dr. Zertuclia continues to iikiko con
flicting statements, lie says now that
the knife which the Spaniards have
belonged toyouug Gomez, and not to
Maceo. They say this proves either
that Maceo is still -alive or that if he
is dead, his death will not Injure the
There Is a multiplicity of theories
current in regard toMaceo. One report
in Havana Is that the Spanish ollicer
at Cabezas, province of Matanzas, has
informed the Havana authorities that
Maceo passed that place recently with
a largo force. Then, too, it is claimed
ii.it n nitjr line Iwum rai!AlVGd In
Havana from Agulrre, the insurgent
leader, dated December u, in wuicu
no mention Is made ol Maceo's ocatii.
Wevlcr Is now In a quarrel with the
marine authorities because of the
charge that Maceo passed the trocha
In a boat. The marine uuuiuriues
dmiv tlicstorv positively, and have
cabled the facts to Spain. All these
contradictory statements render it
difficult to believe that Maceo Is
really dead.
.., i i - -cw.imticTA 'Rranch 108,
Salen. December 8 1890. f
deKed by tl.l branch are re-
be given In lieu thereof nJoy(
I285t Accountant.
Has No Equal
Hung in Effigy.
OMAHA.Dec. 17. A special to the
Bee from Silver City, Idaho, says:
Yesterday a report came In that com
panies were being organized InOniaha
or Council Bluffs, to bo forwarded to
Cuba.and the entire town here caught
the enthusiasm and everybody was
talking Cuba. About midnight the
excitement culminated in an e&gy of
Captaln-General Weyler being hung
In the heart of the city.
More Paticulars of the Killing.
Havana, via Key WestDec. 17
The following details arc gleaned by
careful Investigaalon amongst thoso
who took part In the affair of the kill
ing of Maceo: , . ,.
After crossing the trocha by the
land as has been Indicated In previous
dispatches to the Associated Press,
Maceo and his staff. It appears, were
encamped in the hills and expected
the arrival of Cuban reinforcements
nnrinr RrlMdlcr General Sanchez and
others ordered by General Aguirre .to
receive and to escort uioinui uu .
chief to the East. Major C rujeda
was totally Ignorant of Maceo's .pres
ence In tho district, believing him to
be still westof the trocha.but learning
that a Spanish fort on the ban Pedro
had been iireu on iuuh iuuib j -surgents,
he started out on a recon
nolterlng tour at the head o a de
tachment of the San Quentln battal
ion, accompanied by a force of local
guerrillas and Captain lcral. The
hitter's men were dressed In a manner
very similar to that of the Insurgent
troops, and they marched In the van
guard of the Span sh column.
BH.a,. "...." .iM f.ir Kane hcz's van
guard challenge having been made
and countersigns given satisfactorily
Maceo surrounded by the members of
his star? anil a hanuful of followers,
adyanccdw 1. all confidence to meet
his friends, when the guerrillas re
cclved itlio n with a volley. Maceo
rellatthcilrst lire, His men, tempo
rarlly disconcerted with surprise, re-
KftlVelnTu'nlents, learning that
tiipir oiilef's body was In bpanlsli
rallied and made ow $ anU
succeededln recovering the body.
Tt (lfvelnns that Maceo leit iiui
nivnr charge in l'lnar del Rio and
JSMtolfwnaViovtoCB with the
Set of assisting In carry f ng ou the
lnnanf Gomez In reorganizing the
Irnnnj In t.lio rnnfrnl nmvlnppa. in
gather an army of from 10,000 to 20,000,
anu 10 prepare ior a decisive ana nnai
blow intended to end the war. It is
alleged that Maceo considered the
trocha a good thing lor the Insurgents
and that it would Indirectly be an aid
In carrying out of Gomez' plan.
Dr. Zertuclia says Maceo never wore
the Insignia of his rank. He is also
authwlty for a statement that many
Spanlbh soldiers aredescrtlpg from tho
trocha, owing to General Aralos1 111
Dr. Zertuclia reports that Maceo
was a great reader of tho Madrid,
New York and Paris newspapers,
which he frequently received, and all
of which were read or translated to
him. Ho was a close observer of Span
ish polittts and of Washington af
fairs. His habits were sober, and he
never smoked nor drank nor al'owcd
others to do so in his presence. He
was a rigid disciplinarian and always
traveled with a small escort. Ho con
stantly made Inspections of his mili
tary oroanlzatlon. Ho was Idolized
by his men, whites and blacks.
Maceo opposed the annexation senti
ment of other Cuban chiefs. He
nlways carried $15,000 to $20,000 with
him and nlways granted quick succor
to needy pacltlcos.
Astoria, Or., Dec. 17 Captain Da
vies of the British ship Dalcairnle,
which arrived here en the 14th In
stant, has been missing since tho
morning following his arrival, and
there Is little doubt but that ho was
No attention was paid to tho matter
but uneasiness was manifest at an
earlly hour yesterday and Chief of Po
lice Loghry and the deputy United
States marshal began an Investiga
tion. It was found that Captain Davlcs
had been drinking, and was taken to
a room in tlie occidental noici at
11:30 o'clock the night of the 14th.
The man who escorted him saw him
to his rooom, and, after coining down
stairs, talked with the hotel clerk for
a time, During this conversation,
Captain Davlcs came down stairs and
passed out. It wns learned that ho
went to the residence of O. S. Wright,
where lio applied for lodging, but,
being Informed that the house was not
a hotel, he went away.. Ho proceeded
In the direction ot the Parker house,
which ho was seen to pass between 3
and 4 o'clock In the morning.
One of the hands on the Columblno
now says that about that time ho
heard some person apparently hailing
tho vessel; that ho asked what was
wanted, but recelyed no reply. Tho
steward dr tho Empire, which lay
near the Columbine, Is certain that
he also heard a yolco calling out, as U
hailing a vessel, and that soon after
he heard n splash, as If something or
somebody had fallen Into the river.
On the Empire's dcckload of lumber a
hat similar to that worn by Captain
Davlcs was found at daylight, giving
cdntirmatlon to the belief that ho
is lost.
Allow me to call your attention to m
two red windows at
263ACommercial Street
5 1 where you will notice a line of ster 5
ling silver novelties of all kinds irom Jj
15c to S3 and all the new popular
games Just th thing for these long
winter evenings
Book Store
OA stohia.
Arrest for Burglary.
LaFayette, Or., Dec 17. A burg
lary was committed in Ncwberg and
also In Dundee. In tho former placo
the drug store was entered and two
gallons of whiskey, two bottles of
patent medlclno and $2 or $3 In cash
were taken. In Dunda? clothing,
shoes and Jewelry were taken. A de
scription of two suspicious looking
men was telegraphed tho authorities
here, and at noon yesterday Constable
Carey arrested two men who had just
arrived In town, each of them being
under tho Influence of liquor. New
berg officers wero sent for, and readily
recognized both as persons who were
ln Newberg last evening.
Weyler Will not Resign.
Havana, Dec. 17. The correspond
ent of the Associated Press Is author
ized to deny the reports from Madrid
that Fcneral Marln.govcrnor of Porto
Rico, is to relieve General Weyler.
The latter has not resigned, nor docs
his think of resigning, and ho has the
confidence of the queen.
The bellgercnt propositions con
tained In Mr. Morgan's resolution in
tho senate are received coolly here.
Maher and Sharkey to Box.
Chioaqo. Dec. 14 Preparations aro
being made for a boxing tournament
to bejheld somo time In February, at
which Peter Maher and Tom Sharkey
will be the star attractions. It Is
doubtful whether the bout can be
pulled off without police Interference,
but the managers of the affair are
confident of success.
Match Factory Explosion.
lnwimi. Dm. 17. Tho loss of life
by the explosion which destroyed the
Von Kramer match factory at As
cliaffenburg was much greater than
nrpviouslr reported. Fifteen women
and girls employed In the main build
ing were killed and many persons In
the adjoining building fatally or ser
iously lojured.
C'LpsiNa Out Hale At the Ladles'
I Bazaar, iJ-n-at.
Following is Talkmgton's circular
for Thursday, Dec. 17. A cable from
Argcntino says: "Tho Weather con
tinues unfavorable; prospects for
smaller crops than Inst year." Cables
from India stato that weather condi
tions are much less favorable than last
week. J. S. Clark, the Canadian trade
commissioner In Australia, has fur
nished the Vancouver board of trado
a statement as to the condition of tho
Australian crops. Ho states that tho
country will havo to Import over 5,000,
000 bushels of wheat this year, owing
to tho failure of the Argcntino har
vest. Ho says that the bulk will como
from America. As wo view tho wheat
situation, hluher prices seem Inevit
Pmninn Tine ITAVlinnr. nnp.nntl nn
board today at 705to 80mnd closed at
801. Cash wheat sold at 77r Liver
pool opened at Od 7d for January, and
closed 0s 7d; a fall of 1 cent.
Portland. Dee. iC. Wheat valley. 834
Walla Walla, So.
Flour rortianu, uemon county, n
m jn. rvrnlmm ?. ftunerfine. i2.Co ner
nu .. !,'"5s:: :::. j .a ..n..i
uau wniic, 43S45ci t'c' '"'UiWi1""'1"
inbag$, $4'355-35. barreli, 4.57-cS
cases, 3'75"
Potatoes.. Oregon, 60070c per sack,
Hay .Good, ia.5oi3 per ton.
Hops oioMc.
Wool.. Valley, oioc; Eastern Oregon
Mohair. . iS2oc.
Millstuns. .Iiran,i5.oo;ihorti 110.50.
Poultry-Chickens .mixed.li.Soa.a; ducks,
83; turkeys, llvo, 8.
EgES.. Oregon, 30c per doz.
Hides., oreen, salted 60 lbs jytc; under
60 lbs 66y.c; sheep pelu, io7oc
Tallow ajc3c.
Onionsr-8sc per sack.
Wheat Bags Calcutta 4.2J4.37ji.
Beanv-small white, lcijic. lima
Farm Smoked Meats - Bacci. 6Vc! turns
90; shoulders, 5c'
rotators.. 10c ier du.
Onions 50c.
Dried Fruit Annies, evanoiated Menc'ied.
70 8e: unbleached 4c5c
1'iums 4c.
Prunes 5c
Deans, 2C
Lard .7c
Duller. .(Jrepon fancv creamjry 2
fancy dairy, i82oj fair to rooI, I
Cheese .Oregon full cream, 10,
Hogs Heavy, 3.00 to 3.25
Butter. .Best dalry,253:
35c; fancy rearntry
Ckeose .ionc
Diied Fruit Apples, evaporated, bleacnoo
6V7o; unbletched, 3c4c; sundried, 4c
I'eara Sc6c
Plum pltless, 3c4C
Veal-small Si large 4 Jic per lb.
Mutton Weathers 2.00 j ewes 1.50; dressed
mutton, 4c.
Beet-Steers 2.2S;cows i,75-,i2.oo;dressed
Meats-JIams 10c lojc bacon 6c.
Lard .In palls, 70.
Wool.. Oregon choice 7$oo; inferioiS
7c, valley, 8qc,
1 lops Quotable at 8-loc for now,
Vnttrv.-An7hnCc net tack.
Oats Milling, 1.05(31.20.
Wheat.. 72c. peruu.,
OaU i(e.
Hav. .Baled, cheat. 000; timothy 11.00.
Straw, 3.50 to $4.00.
Flour.. In wholesale lots, 4.20; retail
4.60; bran, bulk 14.00 sacked, 15.00;
shorts, 15.00910.00; cnuj. ku,
Poultry. Hens 4c; Turkeys ,8c
VeaL.Dressod, 4.
Hogs.. Dressed, 33Ji.
Live Cattle.. I Ji2
Sheep.. Live, i.502.oo cwt.
Wool.. Best. I2C
Hop,.Uest, loc.
Kgcs..Cash. 30c.
Fruit. .Green Apples per box i.ool.5oj
Pears 75c 85c per box.
Bank Wreckers Indited.
Helena, Mont., Dec. 17. The
Unltod States grand fury hayo re
turned indictments against Ertastu3
D. Edgcrton, Georgo II. II111 nd T.
D. Beattlo. Tho first named was"
vlco president and general manager
and tho others assistant cashier and
director of tho defunct First National
bank, of this city. Edgcrton Is at
present rocolver of tho 'bank. Tho
charges aro misdirection of funds,
misappropriation ur credits, -(Tulso on. ,
tries In tho books and falso reports to
the controlles.of the currency Tho
bond was fixed at '$5,000. Edgcrton
gavenill bonds. Beattieis ln tho east,
but will at once return.
Tho roport of tljo grand Jury con
cludes as follows;
"Tho crand Jury further finds that
tho appointment of E. D. Edgertou as
receiver of tho bank has piacca tuo
Institution and Its affairs in the hands
of tho man who has been moro In
strumental than any ono else In loot
ing the Institution, and has ln many
wnvs hnmnercd a full and complete In
vestigation of the affairs of tho bank
by this Jury that It is anoutrago on
common decency that a man of tho
character of Edgcrton should bo per
mitted to remain In chargo of an lu
stltut'on after ho has wrecked it." '
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