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mild and elTectlro laxailr they re limply 1
derful. Mr daughter and 1 were boUiereii '
taking a ter?
alck atomacli and our breath waiter? bad
latin a few dose of Cotcaretavro tatolmtirorcd
Tlrnr are a ureal help la tbo family
1117 lllltenboute St., Cincinnati! Oblo
I'lrat.int Palata I'olent Tato Oood. Do
(looU, NoTof fi i."ii Wcnkoii nr arifie 10c Jfcic.toc
Mrl!r titlark; tii,v. CMr. H."lr.al, St T.rl, 311
Iin.TO.nAP M'ltland pnarantood by alldrug
lUBIUt)nU ulatato .ri)Ki: Tobacco Habit.
S, C, STONE, M, a
Stone's Drue Stores
Tno stores (two In number) nro located a
No. 235 and 333 Commcrolal atrcct. and are
well stocked with acoiuploto lino ofdrujtsaiul
lacmoincs, toilet arllcloa, perfumery, lirutlios
elc., etc., etc,
Hnshad some 2fi years experience In tlio prac
tice of racdlclnoaiid now makes no charge for
eoBsulUtllou. ciamlnatlou or prescription.
O. C. T. Go's
. Dally nxcept Sunday at 7 a.m.
Duck botwoon Stato and Conrt Mb.
Water for the Gardens.
Aftor tlio spring rnlns cease it Ih difll
cult, in many localities, to raise nice
vegetables. Tlio sudden change from
wot to dry, hot weather, bnkos the
ground, makes it hard and cloddy mid
checks tlio growth of the garden.
The Oregon soil, after it lias been
farmed a few years, seems not to hold
moisture well.
In many of the Ktistorn states a good
coat of manure would improve this, hut
here it seonw to make a bad matter
In traveling through Kenton county
I have noticed several places where en
terprising farmers are irrigating their
gardens andsma 11 fruit with very satis
factory results. In most cases thoy dig
a littlu ditch from the garden patch to
some small ' freshstroain or spring on
higher ground and lead tlio water down
from that. In a few places windmills
have been put up and water pumped
for that purine. In either case the
effect on the garden is almost magical.
Tlio vegetables and fruits nil grow
luxuriantly and nro as frush, tender
and crisp as tlio early pnos.
Where one has no spring or stream to
supply water a small sized steel wind
mill and pump can bo put in for about
$30 or t40 that will supply water for an
ordinary garden.
Where there ia a small ravino, on n
little higher ground, a dam can be put
in and a pond made that will furnish
the water, Hoiiack G. On:.
Kotlol Dyspepsia Cure cures dyspep
sia. "The public- can rely upon It us
u muster remedy Tor &U disorders aris
ing from iinperfectdigcstlon. "-Juntos
M, Thomas, M. D., In Ainerlcuu Jour
nal of Health, N. Y. Stones Drug
A party of young people left Tuesday
morning for Newport in search of the
moist ocean breeaos. It consisted of
Mian Sam Minxeiimier and brother
-Charles, Misses Myrtle and Bertha Dun
can, Hlanoho and Ijt Verne Kantnor
and Cliffonl W. Kantnor.
Dan Haas, a former Salem young man,
...... ., i,. ..,., ,r cA Siuiitli' was recoil tlv in
lured near linker City, having a leg
broken by being thrown from ajstigo.
Acts gentlv on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels Is A H 111
cuaNses the $ystem VU U U I
oS:Dyspepsja Cure.
.na7 Pt2S6. r P1
li. lc;TlPATION
whumw ncnuAUtkn
Buy Twe 6tMWiHt-MHr d ey
aiu-ff.. M lla' uri VAit
t"c."f. vnxi
The Past Week Has Been Some De
grees Below Normal.
Rains Have Been Beneficial and Have
Done No Harm to Any
Cloudy and cool weather, prevailed
during the week. General rains fell on
Tuesday night and on Wednesday, and
again on Sunday, the total for both
rains being from .32 of nn inch to l.OJsf
inches. liaiu such as has fallen is tin
proconted for this iwriod of the year. Jt
occasionally happens that rains falls iu
August from tho influence of thunder
storms, but not otherwise. Tho heaviest
rain fall, 1.04 inches, is reported from
Koseburg, which is the largest amount
in August on record(22 years) for that
Tho mean temporaturo for the week
was 7 dogrees below tho normal. Thoro
has been an entire absence of warm
h father during tho week. Tho percent
age of sunshine has been dellciont.
The ntlns have delayed harvostim:.
but so far no damage has resulted. A
large oriion of the fall-sown grain has
been cut, and considerable threshing
has been done. Tho reports indicate
that the grain is generally out as well as
iu former years. Should the current
weather continue, which it is not ex
pected to do, damage will result to tho
grain in shock.
Tho current weathor is of great bene
fit to spring-sown grain, corn, gardens,
etc. Spring grain is in better condition
than it was one week ago. It had com
menced to color.but that has ceased, and
the heads continue to till and tho grains
are becoming moro plump. Unless ad
verso conditions set in, tlio spring grain
crop will bo better than was expected.
The rains have been of benefit to
clover and pasturage.
Corn is making good growth and it
will bo greatly Iwnofltted by tho rains.
Much of the corn is now iu silk.
Fruit prospects remain unchanged,
l'eaches, watermelons, lato varieties of
cherries, early apples, and early plums
are ripe and quite pleutiflul. Prunes
havo ceased dropping, and thoso remain
ing on the trees havo good growth. Tho
prune crop of Douglas county will prob
ably be larger than the crop iu any
other county.
Garden produce has been greatly ben
efited by tho rains. Potatoes were
greatly iu n cd of rain ; a much larger
crop is expected since the rain than be
Sugar boots continue their good prom
ise, and an excellent crop appears to bo
Tho weather during the lust ten days
has been unprecedented. Tho condi
tions are such thut a change to fair and
warmer is expected to take on Wednes
day, and should the change occur, then
tho latter part of tho week will havo
summer temperature. There are no
signs of winter weather conditions;
hence, tho current is hut toniX)rary.
Kilurnto Your j.orrola Tfltli t'mcureta.
Canity Cathartic, euro constipation furovei
lfV:.SSc. II C.C.O. fall, drufplata refund money,
Volunteers Returning.
Uo prepared for tho emorgoncy by lay
ing in a stock of tho staple provisions
and choice groceries kept for sale by
Uraiihon it Ragan. 8-7 eod
To Curo Conattpatlon rornrr,
TaWo Cascarets Cundv Cathartic. 10c orUa.
It a C C. fall to cure, druggUu relurd inane v.
Stock Up.
you aro about
your wheat or are making your plans to
gather your hopst You will need a good
supply of provisions and groceries us
kept for sale by llrauson A ltuj,an.
8 14 e. o. d.
O. V. Allen, manager of the canning
and evaporating plant in thin city, has
returned from tkm Fraiicinco.
Much Damage
Done to
Grain in the
Spokank, Aug. 10. The heaviest rain
fall over known iu August in the Palomw
country fell hart. Sunday, musing much
damage to growing grain. Kuln In An
fust is mot unusual, but the storm
continued until an inch of water had
fallen. Wheat was generally rio. uud
harverting had been under way for a-
bout two WOOK8. itCCUilllKWiJ nig vc
mm wftH a stronif wind, which blw
down the grain, adding to the damiUjB
by water, it is impoesioiu w i;n)
accurate idou of the damage as yet, as
rt-Kirts are conllicting, wu uto uuu nu.
is well donfiuwl to the sections, Includ
inif tho towns of Colfax, Pullman, Psl-
oubo and Garfield.
Ram was general throtudiottt mt
em Washington. At Kettle Falls
damage is rajo'ted, owing to a wJ
bail storm, lolloweii uy nun ami nay,
winds, wlildi blew down Heh wliawt as
eecaixMl injur)' from Ute IwlL Iu tlw
lhg lieiMl country small damage to n
tKirted. There are no reports of Uam
aua in Walla Walla dtotrkt. Iii the
! I'otlaUh country tlw ra.li was of lament
to grain, whkh was not rijn) emwsli U
W hurt. Harveatiiiif was reeumeU lit
Diaests what you eax
I ItarUflclallj
lally digests the food and aids
Nature In strengtneuiug "";
troetlBaTtba exhausted dlgeative or
mm! It Uthelateat ired.di8,
ant and tonic No otner prewuuu
....if it, -fifslenov. It in
rf lO kUWIt""" . .&UKlnl
stantly relive and innannti7 rM
urspepsia, ihuikcshuu, "-a""7
Flatulence, Soar Stomach, Nau&ea,
olekHedaohe,Qa3tralgla.Cramp! and f
11 other retuluof Imperfect digestion. ,
atord by C C. DaWItt A Co. Cbleoao.
biNETki DUL'Q bTOBEij,
Hair Grower and Scalp Cleaner.
Vf.l ??i? fWIjUona thai ""I tutor, thafaalr
to III original healthf condition. At alldnmliu.
For the Dry Season Fight.
When the rainy season comes tn nn
end in tho Philippines, and tho coming
of tlio dry season makes it possiblo for
tho reoionIng of activo hostilities, Gen
eral Otis is going to havo a mncnlncont
army of 50,000 men behind him. This
army will be composed as follews:
Total enlisted strength in Philip.
pino regiments, romilnr nrim.
according to cablegram July 2. . 17,tU0
'"MaiLi. airungin ot organizations
arrived since July 2, at sea en
rcyito . , 4,720
Recruits arrived at Manila sliico
July 2 i 505
Recruits now on route! .'.'.'........ LOOO
Recruits at the Prosidio. 2,801
Total regulars 28,003
Add ton regiments volunteers re
cruited in United States 13,090
Three rogimonts recruited by Otis. 3,027
Signal and hospital corps 2,C )0
Grand total 47,085
I liis will practically be an army of
veterans. It will include tho flower of
our regular army, 30,008 men, and 17,-
Ul volunteers, about the llnest soldiers
who over bore arms. These figures do
not Include olllcers, and adding 2,500 as
tho estimated number of olllcers, wo
will have a fighting force of 50,C 30 iu
tho field when the fall campaign opens
up. Maintaining such an army 10,C .0
miles from homo and the base of sup
plies is going to bo a big task, and one
which but few war departments have
been called upon to solve, but tho
United States troops in the Phllinnines
havo been well taken euro of In tho past,
and they will bo well taken enro of iu
the future. The yollow Journals will
probably bo howling about Secretary of
War Root this fall and winter, just as
they did about Secretary Alger, for in
thoir mud slinging absolutely no ono is
safe, but then the people aro learning
how to treat such attacks. With 60,030
of tho best lighters on earth behind tho
American commanders wo nro conlldent
that the fall campaign in tho Philip
pines will bo declHlve. Iowa State Reg
ister. To-Night and To-Morrow Night,
And each day ana night during this
week you can ire I ut any druggist's
Kemp's Unlsiiin for tlio Thrnub tind
Lungs, acknowledged to bo tho most
successful remedy oyer sold for
Coughs. Croup, Uronchltls, Astlimu
and Consumption. Got u bottle to.
day and keep It always In tho house,
s'jyoucuu check your cold nt once.
Price 25c ttnd 50c. Sample bottle f reo
Rev. Uroiifseau of Portland came up
to Salem last evening.
The Homeliest Man in Salem
Ah well as tho liundbomcst, and others
are Invited to cull on any druggist
and get frco u trlul bnttlo of Kemp's
Ualsaui for tho Throat and Lungs, a
remedy thut Is guaranteed to curo and
believe nil Chronic and Acuto Coughs,
Astlimu, Bronchitis and Consump
tion. Price 25c. and 50c. cod&w
Flutulcnco is
cured by Hrkcham's
Dawson Herb Tea is selling like hot
cukes been use It does the work.
Anofliicer is iu tho city to inlistsol
dieru and all citizens can recruit their vi
tality and strength by patronising the
White House Restaurant.
Rev. II. A. Ketchum returned to Ha
loin Tuewlay evening.
For Infants find Children.
Ihe Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the
6lguaturo of
Dr. C. W. I'.arr, the Lebanon dentist
u ho managed the excursion to 'Frisco
recently, made u great succchh of it,
carrying 178 pornoiiH at $17. W) for the
round trip.
Is issued Thurxduy morning
of tho state the sumo week.
The S.00 Weekly...
In two parts oontnlns all Important Foreign, National
and Htate News.
The Model Orogon Newspaper and Family Journal.
Uniting News, Platlon, Utorury, Ilunah ana Dulry
and Market News In attruntlyc rouduble form,
An indewidnt As-K-olatod
pjc Send foi samples free.
THHJotfHHAilatlicfulltt4t report Of the doings of
thhjfjbjluuireandatate cjfllglaj! as well oi ndepnr
dent, tflear rjd Mnqlwi omuiont on ll nubile mattors,
ijnd a trlul ubrlitleii.
AA bircii adpham 7 1? i?t I v ffi AA
, SU
JLUU mi mmm mhi WW
iilf,i.?.,.th 7 "h"r yon eontlnn me,
rtnoTuibi dnlra for tobacco. ulihma M
nrTouiaiira. imi nlco--
iav, pariova tna uiooa. n
1MMI ! m.aL.. .,
-"fi- .v. tumnu
JYO-TO-M At! from
i u
Dn Awn rufrvi.L hn
IUtfla.tif.pn. ThllrltK
wlU.rjallrntlr.fwrfiliti.ntlT ono
v bOI.tl. UfaallTturai 9 hnB. OLaa.
"! axarty Co., Cklmi attMl, S.w I .,4.
L. J. Ridings, of Mnrquoin, and Rev.
W. S. Holt, of Portland, were Salem
visitors Tuesday.
A Palace of Salt.
Utah's glittering Salt Palace, with its
Midway Platsanco and othoruttractlous,
opens nt Salt Lake City August 21st,
The Rio Grande Western, tho only lino
ntmiltw. 4 lirrtlltfli flin Mn.mnii frt.!nl
has armnaed to eivo holders of alt
classes of tickets a tlay stopover at Salt
Lake in ordor that tliey may have an
opportunity of visiting this wonderful
structure, built of salt crystals taken
from the urine of tho Great Salt Lake it
solf. Tho inauguration of tho Rio Grande
Western's dining car sorvico, doing
away with the necessity of stepping
trains nt eating stations, leaves nothing
ing to bo desired for an ideal trip aoross
tho continent; for the equipment and
train service nro equal, if not 8iiporior,to
those of any of tlio trans-continental
lines. Furthermore, uo lino traverses
any section of tho American Continent
whoro there is so much grandeur of
sconory. A daylight ride through
the heart of the Rockies leave nothing
to bo desired.
For information as to rates and for
descriptlvos pamphlets, address J. I).
Mauflcld, General Agent, 253 Washing
ton street, Portland, Oregon. " 8-11 tf
Mrs. Nancy Putumau. and H. A.
Stockton, mother and uncle, of J, II.
Putnam, state librarian, left Tuesday
afternoon for Cascade Locks.
"Take In" The Whole Field
If you havo a want that you think
some man in .Marlon County can 1111.
take iu tho whole Hold at ouco by insert
ing tt want ndd in Jouimt..
There's no half way business about
tho JouunaIi. ltircts right out amontt
all tho people who are worth talking to.
And if your man 1b in town you'll find
him. There's no doubt about that.
F. R. Aiihon returned from Portland
on tlie evening train. Ho was accom
pany 1 by his mother, who will visit in
this city for n few days.
Walter Perkins, a returned Wash
ington volunteer, who has located iu
Salem, has gone to his old homo at
North Yakima. Perkins was an or
derly on the staff of General Charles
King, at Manila, and will enter tho
Willamette law class when ho returns
to Salem.
Mr. nml Mrs. A. A. Ciinnlndmiii and
daughter were passengers for Fort
Klamath last night, to visit the former's
How Are Tour Ulilneya I
t)r Hobha' Htiarai(ui l'llli cure all alilnay Ills. Ram
flo frco. Ada. mcrllug ltvuisdy Co .C'tilcaifo or N. V.
When you nro looking for poiiio ono to
do your developing and finishing, re
member that the Klito Studio is doing
first class work at moderate prices.
Don't Tobacco Byii and Knioka loir Mfb Anajr.
To quit tobacco easily and foiovcr, boinag
tiatlo, full of life, nvrvo and vlor, talio No-To-Ilao,
tlioTnnJor-worlicr, luatmakM weolc mon
atrong. All druRidats.tOoor II. Curo guaran
teed Ilooklct and aample free. Addreas
Sterling Itetncdy Co, CUIcago or Kerr York.
o -flu e a? o a.-, s: -a. .
Bean tba ) ltl8 Kind YJ Hare Always BoufiM
a The Kind Ym
Hum II ton Clark, of Chuuticoy, Gn.,
says Ho su ire red witn plies twenty
years beforn trying DoWitt's Witch
Hn.el salvo, two boxes or wii'cii coin-
Slctely cured him. .Stones Drug
Many porsons die of neglect, Dawson
Herb Tea llxoa 'cm.
Pullman Service to Yaquina.
The first Saturday night excuraion to
Yuiinina was well imtronizml, This now
reL'iiiKi with a Puilmiut car service to
Oregon ,h popular seaside resort promises
to lwcotno very jwiiular. IIuhIiichh men
iu any city down tlio valley can take the
night train to Yuqiilna, get a good
night's sleep and reach tho ocean In
time for brcukfuHt. and ufter standing a
whole day at the Wtch can return on
the night train in time for business next
morning. Take tlio overland train ut
Salem at 0 : 15 p. in., Saturday.
Wood Wanted.
Wo will tako a few cords of wood
exchange for photographs ut the
btuuio, succuHHor to nporry tno
In time ti rouol; all pi ts
Press Paper for
the Pen-
'"L-ra .Mil &uoid
ni aoaviau
aa&SM aala
for Bnfants end Children.
Tito Kind You llnvo Always Hought Iins borno tlio fllffim
turo of Chan. II, FJetclior, mul has been iitndo umlor liln
personal supervision for over JJO yonrit. Allow no ono
to uccoivo you iu this. Counterfoil, JmltntlatiR nml
"Just-iiM-Hroou" aro but UxporlmtMits, ami endanger tlio
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tlio
Use For Over 30 Years.
,C0.tfOnt..1t, Q
i &
i ii I i m U I il wa)
You are tliey thou olit tlie bicycle In the
wluilow, vrna the only one we had. Tht
were plenty moro iualde however, and vrk
old 'em oue each. pVe cau fll vou out alao
Water Prolongs Your Life,
If your house in not supplied with a Hath It ought to Im.
I will innko tho galvanized iron Tank, put Iu the Tub. tlio
best of Plumbing, uud do nil kinds of tin work. Cull and
usk for untimatos.
iily tiitjtanlMHl tjvuit all ntrvaua iftwraM-a. aurhaa Wrak
Mciamv, iraiUi-if.Wkfnln.IMt Maltha.!. Mlhlly ICniK
loin. ffrrvuuHH, kjf uatcr In OriipfalKe (Jrimiia. eaunl
nra. CKCPM.V tne
Can Ix
box, 6 for li, by mall riiil. Circular Ircc. AUdrusglata. Take
no oilier. MiiufluK'dby the I'cau McdlclueCa.l'atKI'rancc. v
Xiuc-Uavlti UruKCo.dUtrlbutlnifaicnU,
FOR SAL 13 HY 1). .f. FRY. SAL1SM, OU.I5GON.
a iiBifL
Special rates given to Commercial men.
Prm-a mad U ail point at all hour. Olra ut a call and.ba .all.flixl. I'kone 431.
But Grocers to the People.
We keep in Stock a full Variety
ofjProvisions, Groceries and Fruit.
Anything and everything you need,
At prices to compete, call and compare.
O m.w.T rMILwA Fr bwyis am! young inen. Coijiluutwl by
Aflt nnCJG l 0 POP the Illelfi.e Fathers. IJaaltlifull
111. Illil VVllUJV ,,HUUra4)Uvely louHtwl, (H iiiRes fioji
Jwilem, 40 fullesTreni Portland.) Cohh.ets ami 'ruttmwfn Qovumi Prrijaijory,
Uterary. 6ieiitlfT, CRumIwI, Normal, CoiiiHiflrHl, BPim. Ciujm In Mllfh
Htatlea, Survey Ing, Drawing. Civil Servi. FremMi, 0finw, SpajuhJi. m&n,
filMH-thaiMLTviMwrltlii. TeUranhv. Jltialc. A iiMMial la4 it tirevhl! fer a tu
tients wlw, on SMOutit oTfurm laltor. wish
aprliig. . AendainUi degre and teaehtnt
lerreti. Hiwi lor eataiogue. AUtire,
Tua Pmkmiijknt
Slfjnaturo of
A Sorry Sight
a man's linen when sent homo after he
hits taken it to the wrong laundry. If
you want your white or colored shirts,
your collars and cuffs and other garmentH
sent homo In the pink of condition, with
the fluent color and UiiIbIi on It that It is
K)S8lble to achieve, bring it to the
Salem Stoam Laundry,
Phone 411. 230 Liberty Street
Best and largcsrlinc of
Bicycles in the Gtty,
Car load shipments
Direct from Factory
Wo havo,.,.
T v T5 T
UCil Ulv.ylC
urMlmulanti which Icail lo
caulal In veal ixxkct. i.i iwr
1. i. IFIDLER, proprietor.
Horses ilourdud by the
Day, Week or Month.
Standing Teams, Ifc.
Bluglo Horse 10.
to enter late In fall ami leave early In
staUi urtlfleate and state dltlyuu coij-
Muisr Afceu Cullisuk, Ml Anggl, Ore.
Aasoclale Teacher Wetem Corueiva
tory, Kansas City, Mo., repretentlng
the Inter-Hate Sjitem, at Salem. Ore.
Over Ftnt National ItanV. KcisMence
376 Church itteet. Studio hours 9 to
to 5.
WNNRNJa'jrjrv (
Now today navoranoraonti four lines
ox loss hi this oolumn 'nacrtod tntea
times for 23 otn, 00 cU a woolr, $1
por month. Alt over tour linen at
BAtna rate.
FOlt RKNT. A nlco cottago of flvo
largo rooms, bath, fireplace, and newly
frescoed. Corner Twelfth and Io
street. Knmilro of Julius Nelson.
H 10 3tt
WATTED. llooms for light houso
keeping or cottage near buslnosi
center. Apply to Mrs. Hooker, 317
Commercial street. 8.16-3t.
WANTED. 1 wish to trado a good bi
oyelo for cord wmhI. Call nt Mill's
barbershop, 200 Commercial street.
8 15 3t
I'OU KENT. A honso of f, rooms,
convenient to business, three blocks
south from Stato street. Apply to
LIK) Commerlchtl street, Job
nn Aloir.
LOST. Lady's straw hamiwr with one
strap, botwoon Salem anil Eola,
Leave at this ofllce forsuitahlerewanl.
8 11 If
WANTED. Buyers for now mountain
hacks, platform wagons, buggies,
eastern or homo made. Also several
second hand wngoiiH, strong, useful
uud cheap. Call and h them at the
Salem carriage factory, 3(H1 Commer
cial street. Werner Fennel!. 8-11 tf
"YOUNG MEN, our cataloguo explains
how wo teach barber trado In two
mouths and place you in position to
earn f (K) monthly. Special Induce
ments to applicants from distance.
Mulled free. Molor llurbor College.
San Francisco, Oal." 8 1 1 tt
WANTED. Men to cut. or split or haul
wood. Wti will pay 60 cents for split
ting. Cash every week if wanted.
Salem Fuel Co., room 13, over Uuah
bank. 8-8 tf
WANTED. Wheat, oats and barley,
bags furnished. Get our prices be
fore you sell. Ofllce on Court street
rear of Dalrymplo'a store; warehouse
Liilmr Exchange building, Tlllson,
llartlett Grain Co. 8-7 tt
FOlt BALK A largo hor'o, suitable
for farm work, weighs about 1400
eiHiuirout Mlnger's, on the Garden
ltoud. 8 14 Of
WANTED Immediately llrst-cluss
wultresH, steady place ut Willamette
Hotel. 7-M-tf
WANTED. To buy ryo for nillllng. Ap
ply to or ntldresa Joseph Drociisler,
Bulem. Mill on Marlon between
Fourteenth and Fifteenth street.
7 18 lino
FOR SALE. A nlco young grade 4
year old Percherou mure, weighs 1200
lbs. 8-14 3tt
G IK L WANTED-For general house
work, Apply ut 187 Cottago street,
botwoon 1'erry and Trade. 8 14 3tt
to imiku wtinplu patcheu ut homo; to
to f 10 weekly; no cunvussliiu; reply
envelope for sample and particulars.
roster JMiioiiino uo., o.'o west ?.mi
street, New Yoik. 8 17 ltt
FOlt BALK-Good tlry wood, dollvoretl
to any imrt of tho city. Price reason
able, muivu orders with Harritt A
Ijiwreucoor Farmers' Fetxl yard High,
street. o-i-'tKim
H1UYOL10 PATH If your bicycle
nccd repulrs bring It In, wo have
cjtlio skill und stock to keep it In llrst
cIiibh condition. We carry a full
n lino nt sundrlcH und umkua special
Qliy of enameling come and see us.
wo satisfy our patrons. Gurdnor Hi
tf Will to, U&S Liberty slieet. llolmun's
block, next door to steam laundry.
Phono 28tt. I-20-L
that tho leat und uhuupest carpet
paper Ih the heavy felt puiwr sold
atTllBJOUUNALOlllCC. 20-tf
FOR RENT A cottago on Nye Creek,
partly furnished. Iinjiilre at Jour
mil olllco.
A Pleasant Rcllcction
Any iiiuii may indulge iu thut bun had
his home littwl up with ouii wnltnry
pluiiibiiig, uud thut Is that the health of
us fituilly Is lvtauretl Irom any tliaeasj
rn m
sewer gas, or foul odors of any kilik.
Our open, nickle pluted plumbing is a
ihillghl to the eyeaiind the tuslee of the
aluauly and byglmuo.
Telephone No. 3J7I
Im Ultii Ut uuaalur'
... .. . Ihrt.lUIH.llidl.
I,.,, m .1 biu.'U. uitran
ii,italvua ut ult.lnU
r,'u .!, raitM, aal bvt .tTi4i.
iiiukjhi uifwvi.nf
UIMCUG0. " " v' -"
MuM It UfMHrfU,
or aat Iu atala kfaamr,
!1 (iiiHi. arcaald, fat
fUKur JMtM. WlT-,
tAM HJI u ruu&
To cure T.a Grippe, p wartn. cipcclalli
iu feci, and tads Dr. kid to' Ntfylac,
m 1 ' "' m'l
I3ST 3STEl,WS3?A.I235tQ
Call f WrlU
64 A 6g Merctuata ExcWtge
A-af I I m t 4 m
fwLff I 1 MM
m.M tiatAfftB

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