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NO 203
olern Woolen
Ho-ne Made Goods
SPECIALS: A very select
line of Boy's Knee Pant Suits
of our own goods made up in
New York. Get one for
your boy!
All sizes of Boy's Black Hose,
the very best to be had: A?k
for them.
The argest assortment of
Men's Pants: Regular sizes,
extra sizes and extra longs.
nu numer wnar size you can
for we have them. A special
drive on tnem.
"'he finest line of Crash'Hats
for Men and Boys to be
found, in Patterns and
L -33 i.M
1 1 m P mm
Colonel Cordier's Tes
Plainly in Favor ol the
Accused Captain.
J. 'SiftSa.'agg
Immense stock now
in and daily arriving'
All the new late toes,
Will be sold at cut
prices through the
Entire Pall and Winter.
275 Commercial St.
Salem, Oregon.
Our Clearance Sale is Still On-!
Indeed in the matter of low prices for Shoes
it will be ever on. Our full stock of
fill GOODS
Are daily arriving and will be put on our
shelves the first of the coming month, and
sold at figures close to the bone. Good 1 lop
Picking Shoes for next to nothing.
R. H. Leabo, Manager.
83 Btato St. Ladd & lb'-h B"k UW
Maitre Labori Bound to Have His
Client Acquitted.
II y Aannrlnlnl l'rrnit to (lie Joiirtml
Kbxnms, Aug. 29. No wieoIal incident
innrki.il tho opening of tho Dreyfus
courtmnrtliil tills morning. Col. Cor
dior, deputy chief of the intelligence de
partment, nndor the lato Lieutenant
Colonel Henri, and who since hia pre
vious appuarauce in court has been re
leased by the minister of war from tho
oath of professional secrecy, wm tho
llrst witness called today, lie testified
to tho effect that the lato Colonel Sand
hcrr and not Henri received the famous
Tho witnoss dooKod strongly in favor
of Ureyfua. The colonel declared his be
lief in the guilt of Dreyfus was shaken
v hen the date of the Iwrdorimu was
given as May. Ho was convinced that
Dreyfus was innocent. Col. Cordior
spoko for l'kipmrt as a conscientious
soldier and honorable man and threw
much light upon the situation which ex
isted in tho otllces of the intelligence
department of the uarolllco.
Col. Cordior several Union mentioned
the ambassador to Germany, which
canned the president to intervene and
tell the witness that ho must not intro
duce any ambassador's uamo or refer to
Do rreycinct, former minister of war.
former minister of foieigu affairs and
former premier, followed Cordior on the
witness stand. Defreyeinct made a
patriotc speech rnthor than deposed,
concluding with the words. "All the
world will accept your verdict which
will opon an era of reconciliation." The
iuemlcrH of tho courtmartial t routed
Do Frnyeinct with tho greatest deference.
Said to De Running Loose in a Pasture
Ncar Salem,
l'eonlo livinc in Vow Park and Denot
addition have worked up something of
an excitement over a wild man in
Litchfield's pasture which lies just
south of Dojwt addition.
iiiomnnwiu neon several tunes last
w eek by Iwys who frequent tho pasture,
and one boy, Charley rarkcr, was seared
out of at least 18 months urowth by run-
iiing across tho man ia tho thick brush
while in search of his cow. Tho boy
brough up, n few hocoihIs later at tho
residence of Mr. Van Valkonburg, near
by, and his faco Is laid to have shown
more different colors than u Nye Creek
A man named Adams, who has been
camped near the pasturs, with n travel
ing out lit lor repairing umureiias, saw
tho man and said ho thought ho had
seen tho samo man lie fore in California.
Saturday cvoning In lady at Mr. Van
nlkonburg's residence saw Urn man
crossing some open ground on hi 8 hands
and knees and noticejl that ho lay under
a tree until dark. ;
On Sunday, some half dozen men and
a host of Ixiys thoaVn systematic hunt
through tho'brush in tho pastuie, but
failed to find what they were looking
lor. mo system tlioy useti nowovor
mav account for itheir failure, for it is
said they all kept in a compact Iwdy,
and that there was considerable rivalry
as to who should occupy iiositlons in the
center of tho crowd, ired IJoworsox1
bird dog was improasflod Unto tho ser
vlco and played a prominent part in the
hunt by following thetrail of tho quurry,
but when tho trail led "up n small tree
which contained no wild Jinan, tho dog's
services wero dispensed with.
lno supposed wild man is uescriiHM
His Ultimatum to
Mokes the food more delicious and wholesome
both Mwa roopn eo.. mw vom.
Will Make No More Concessions.
War Declaration Expected at an Early
Prussian Diet Doings.
Uhiimx, Aug. tfl). Itoth houses of tho
Prussian diet met in joint session today.
Tho Imperial chancellor oxpresM.il the
regret of tho government that tho canal
bill had not mut tho approval of the diet.
Hut, ho said, the government adlturcd
bteadfil8tlj"tmho project anil was con
fident that tho conviction of its necessity
would grow more among the people.
Revolutionists Victorious.
Wasiuxoto.v. Aug. 20. Tlio stato de
partment received tho following from
Consul Sliniwon, Puerto Plata, Han
Dominge: "All towns in this district
except Monto Crlsti aro in possession of
the revolutionists. Puerto Plata sur
rendered josturday."
VVellman Expedition Returned.
Ilr AkaucluU-il I'rrnn tu Hie .loiirnnl.
Hum., Ungland, Aug. 38. Walter
Wullimin, loader of tho Wullmiin jwlar
uxpedition has arrivud here. Tho ox
plorur is iimmipuniod by tint American
imiinimrs ot t.io koxK.nuion, wno aro
The Embroiderer
at Frfliwir's tolls ussho will lw coin Killed
to romaiii tho rust of the week to tluisli
her work judging by tho crowd of hullo
going there she must bo doing a fine
business. Dont nils! getting ono of bur
iKautiful pieces, 8 lit) tf
as of middle age, dri'ssul in a fairly good
sult'of black clothes, wearing a hand
kerchief around his nock, and having a
couple of weeks growth of beard on his
Ho lias been spoken to several times
by Iwys, but would return no answer,
usually taking to tho brush on his hands
and knees. .
It is reported that the same man was
seen near Turner fori n week or so a
short time ago. i
Business Being Transacted at the Coutt
A marriage license was Issued to
Sumner M. Snell and Inn J. Smith;
also to I.omuol P. Triplott and llattle
Hello Dew ester.
minus ni.ni.
W.C. Hubbard and wife to Ira W.
Hubbard. ICli) acres in sec l,t(lsr3
west; also 4 acres In thud. 1. , of Joseph
L. Deksj in same township. 11. c. d. f 1.
Win. 1-:. Her and wife to CI. II. Heebe
Bl.fil acres in 1 s r 1 west. t00'
U. M. Prey and wife to Q. II. Heebe,
51.73 acres in t t s r 1 west. flwOO.
H. II. and Mary Finch to Tilmon Ford
tho southeast quarter of section '-'5, 1 0 s,
r !i w, w d f5,B00.
Al Coolldge k Co., to I-otilso and W.
II. Krwin, us executors of G. H. Krwiu,
deceased, 2VM acres in t 7 s, r 1 w.,
trust deed fU.OOO.
CI. V. John and wife to Henry F.
Johns, 100 acre in suutlon 10, tit s, r.'t
u., also 10 acre in section !l, t U s, r !l 0,
il. c. d. $150.
Tho claim of C, M. Hlnklo, for flil.OO,
against tho estate of Jane MeAlpIti, de
ceased was argue! before Judge Terrell,
who decided in favor of tho lutitionur,
allowing tho claim. John A. Carson
appeared as attomov for Mr. Hlnklo,
and F.d. Horgiiu for the administrator.
Hrowu, Wrlghtniiin & Myers, at
torneys for Jefferson Myers, adminis
trator tie bonis 11011 of tho ostato of S. H,
Hlsdon, deceasoil have filed a motion to
strike out portions of the answer to the
petitions of the administrator of the os
tato of Both It. Hammer, deceased, and
M. L. ChainlHirlaln and David Simpson,
sureties of the late Both II. Hammer.
W. C. Hubbard administrator of tho
ostato of Chas. L. Jonus, deceased, ha
Hied his final account, mid 11 o'clock,
October :ird, is tho time set for hearing
the samu.
II r nNiivlnlril lrra (11 Hip Jiiurunl.
London, Aug. 1ft). Commeiiting on
the declaration of President Kruger of
the Tramvaal go ven incut to tho effect
that the south African government ad
hered to its latest offer and would not
make further concessions, the after
noon papers here unanimously
draw attention to the increased serious
ness of tho Transvaal situation, but at
same time they exprcsi uiiecitulnlty
regarding tho nature of the con
cessions beyond which Kruger siys
ho will not go.
No olllclal announcement has been
mado of these, though thoy aro generally
understood to bo a llvo year trunehiso
and increased Outlandor representation.
"If this is correct," tho Globe says,
"it cannot bo long Iwforo diplomacy has
to stand aside as of no further service."
Wall Paper
I'iflm' llo'liliiig
Ruren k MU
London, Aug. 2J). Tho Capo Town
corrosiiotidont of tlio Dally Chronicle
says :
llritlsh troops will bo immediately
conceutnited ut 1-aliig's Neck and Naa
foking, and it Is believed tlmt tho Llrit
ish progrummo will bo to Miirround tho
Transvaal and then to negotiate a new
According to the Dally Mall's Capo
Town correspondent, the belief Is still
entertained there that the llritlsh gov
ernment Is opposed to extreme measures
and it is reported that President Kruger
is so well aware of this that ho ha just
cabled, countermanding conditional
orders for large meat supplies.
Piii.toiii , Aug. IS). Tho reports of
Mr. Chamberlain speech at Dinning
ham last Friday have liecu calmly re
ceived hero.
President Kruger said :
newspapers bring whatever
1 cannot say whether they
Chamberlain correctly,
speaks to mo direct, I shall
to royiy.
t ift.iiiii miii iii.r.iiti.ifii T.iiiu.ii ... il...
... ....... ....... itvav. vi. 1. 1 uwt.irvill, it, tun
course of an Interview, del rued that the
whole republic would nwlst lika onu
man any interference with its Independence.
One Was Ditched While the Other One-
Collided With a Freight Train.
KtoiN, 111., Aug. 20. Tho Keokuk Ex
press on tho Hock Island road ran off tho
track near nore. Tho engine, taggago,
mail and smoking ca-a wero demolished.
Tho engineer, fireman, baggageman and
mail clerk wero injured. None of the
passengers wero seriously hurt.
Toi'kka, Aug. 20. Tho Kasy Flyer, on
tho Hock Island road was wrecked this
morning ai lveatns, Kaus., colliding
with a freight train. No ono wn killed.
Tho engineer and fireman and six pas
WMiirers wore inoro or less hoiIoiihIv In.
Jured. "
Sessioujn State Convention
Chicago Platform Will Ue Itealnrined
and W.J, lirynn
Dry an and
to Kan
Wife on Their
WiNNBAiuaw. Nov. Aug. 20. William
J. Hryan andwlfoiwsfiMl through Nevada
this afternoon on their way to Ban
Francisco. Tim imople of W'liinoiuucea
gave him a rousing recaption.
Card of Thanks,
Mr. and Mrs. Jaunw Wiloy Imroby
wish to oxtond their thank to tho
neighbors and friends who so kindly and
cheerfully oxttmdud their sympathy and
ussistaueo during their recent trouble
owiiur to the sad accident to their little
son Hobert.
"It the
thoy like.
reisirt Mr.
When hu
know how
Ilr Ananelnlril I'rea tu the JonrnnL
.ANF.HViu.t:, Aug. 20. Thoro is an
unusually largo nttuudauco at the Demo
cratic stato convention this year. Tho
now ntatocontral committee selected will
hold over for tho presidential year and
for this reason is attracting much Inter
est. Many delegates aro willing to have
a strong declaration .against MoKlnluy
and Imperialism but protest against any
declaration imalnst the war In the Philip.
plniH. Tho Chicago platform will I hi
reutllrmed with a strong endorsement
for Hryan,
O. Jolunon Loses a Herat From His
O. Johnson, who lives 011 the Garden
ltoad. east of the H.P. track. Ismournlim
tho loss of a horse, saddle and bridle,
which were taken from his ham on
Sunday night by some person or persons
Tho mutter was placed In Sheriff Ditr
bin's hands, hut no duo to the robber
or tho whorculxMit of tho horse seem
to show up.
Tho horse I described as it bay, 10
year old and weluhlnir 1200 pounds.
Another norso wan tt ken irom tue
barn but wns found near by, and us hu
is a hurso of great will iMiwur It is sup
posed that hu. declined to accompany
tho strangers and they wero unable to
overcome his objections.
Will Be Given Pun-
ston's Brigade.
Ho Says tlio. Philippines
Climate Is Good.
Real Estate Agent Killed.
8a.v FiiANOisco.Aug. 20. J, F. Turner,
a real estate agent, was shot and killed
by Joseph Freumi, a burlier this morn
ing, The tragedy is the result of a long
standing feud.
Mr. and Mrs. Harr.ee of Drain Norma!
who have been visiting In Salem, leave
tomorrow morning fo r Drai n where
Mr. Horzco has been chosen to fill the
Chair of Critic.
Irritating stings, bltos, scratclios.
wounds and cuts soothed and heuled
bu HuWItt's Witch Huzol Halve, lie
wnro or counterfeits, Htouos Drug
y tores,
bntisfactory Help
can Ix) ohtalimd uioii short notice by the
use of tho Jouhnai. want columns.
Thoro aro plenty of conietent people
tube found If you use this Istst of all
mediums. Hut you'll wait a long time if
yod wait for voluntary applications by
competent people. Tho Incompetent
aro the ones that go from door to door
looking for work. Tlio competent onus
read tho Jouhnai. and don t havo to
inako a en 1 "s for work,
All wrniit t fs In vnur svstein
ulosed against, c ckt 'y Dow I Li's
Little Karlv Ulsors. Ley cleanse tho
bowels, regulate tho It, cr, and fill you
with now vigor. Hmulli Hiiro; never
gripe, atones Drug Htorcs.
Thinks Gen. Otis Will Make Progrefs
When He Is Reinforced.
Ilr Aaaoolntnl I'reaa tn tho JnurltHb
Manila, Aug. 20.-aonoral WKwIer;
has licon onlorod to report to porwnl,
MacArthur. Ho will bo given tlpc5nf-'r
maud of General Funston's brbiuile,",)e'
which Col. Llscoin has coininaiKled tein-
lorarlly. aoneral Wheeler will proceed
to San Fernando tomorrow after having
spent a week energetically visiting tho
lines. Wheeler said to a representative
of the associated press:
"I am much pleased with the situ
atlou. 1 think when general Oil gets
inoro troops hero hu will make rapid
progress. Tho country Is more favor
able for military operations than I sup
,,osod. Tho Impression the country is
unhealthy Is wrong." The railroad at
Angeles will he restored within a week
,.nd Mae Arthur will advaiicn his head
Vashlngton Oraln Has Not IJeen Se
riously Damaged Uy the Late Rains.
Tacoma. Aug. 20. Stnto Grain In
spector Wright has returned from a
trip through the eastern Washington
wheat bolt. Ho reports that while tho
rain has not'redneed theyiehl of wheat
itluiw Injured thu quality. Tho .ba
rley crop has I wen injured though
not damaged for feeding purposes, hi
Western Washington tlio rains havo
beaten tho grain down making har
vesting difficult.
Stop here a.t
For all supplies for hop pickinjr and thrcsliiiur, or
. ... i'
tea ;
We have several Bicycles on hand which
must be sold, Will not carry any over,
Mr Jo Ho ttmf in save mOllCV
IIVJW Ai l"V AAAW '.w . j
Southern Oiegon Melons.
First car of watar Pinions from South
ern Orogon today, nid by J. D. 1,
tl rants Puss. Hwtdnuartarii. forsupply.
John U. Wright, a07Comnirolal striwt.
any general use. Lots of new goods just arriv
wm ue soiu ai me lowesi racKei prices.
Crcat reduction on all summer goods.
Bt-tnto ut.
Phono SOW.
4 Uolls,
Keep your eye on this space.
'JO.-Septeinbni 70,
au.-l)o. ,l)(.
Oiiicaiio, Aug.
Cash 711.
Han Fiunoisco, Aug
sr" os. M6"8f s & Sons i-s-
WANTK1 Hoard and car for two Iwys
iigudlluud 7 rKM;tlvely, will ixiy
$10 iMjr month for jixm1 1miii. Addretw
h Mother." Kalem MttMlU
ill W A
4 i a i
J4f&iys Ti i
This 1899 Bicycle, nicely enameled and nickel
trimmed, only S20. Many bargains Jn second
Hand wneeis mi ihum y
11 you want a Htioei see u
The Happiest Girl
In town fe k4m wbo bus rivwl an Kn-
uagWNMit or WwWIHg ring (Mircnttswi
ttr tttoak of Wwtrfry Is jartlwilarly
iHfitmm mU 1
Willi Mlf
m0 Umm artWtm of fum
TJw tUi& re !. ami tho
u.l.u.oJ.ln -----""- aUll Ulkt llttt
wit loaii tbo prtoo h kor UH others
mrfc for mm tvU.
130 axATfl aramrv.
Our buyers are home r
and with them comes copies ot ex
tensive orders which they placed
while in the East. The goods are
beginning to roll in and in a few
days we will have a G A. X
We ar ' I
Passing vtu
That elegant
at qry
lluoolvwl It
swull ituir
lino of Into
Mlmim of
itotlolf auilti'tu
for one.
Wuuivii uuil Msn
aro buying t!im
llvoly, thoy won't
lust long.
Another Line
Jmji1 Ulsy. KltftfMiit Mwiwlulnn.doli
iiwl Chiffon Thm wadi up In ontlralj'UOtfMti,
DfciK niillwl, ot.,
50c to $2 each,
tW Tlioy Mra isliwply ufegaitt.
If!" v t IV
. mmmmmmmm - '-"" " iminmmmmmmmmmp

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