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NO. 134.
Aftermath of Heppner Flood
The Town
exington is Also Almost a
Total Wreck
Conservative Estimates Place the Total Number of Killed
at Over 300
Heppner, via Ione, Juno 16. Tha
entlro Btnto of Oregon, and many cit
ies In all porta of the Northwest nro
jshlng supplies to -stricken Heppner.
Tho railway tracks anil bridges aro
Eone, and ravines flooded, which
lakes entrance to tho district dlfll-
Icult. Tho number of dead has now
aeon placed at 300. Itcllcf work cen
ters at Ione, from which point under
takers nro leaving for tho scene.
Uodles so far recovered number 188.
Heppner is almost entirely demol
ished, portions of houses, brush, logs
Kind dead bodies encumber tho creeks
nd streets. Thero was no loss of
Mfo at Lexington, although tho prop
prty dnrango Is heavy. Tools for bury
ing tho dead aro scarce, henco many
fwllllng hands nro Idle There Is no
way of getting Into town, except by
wagon or on horseback. Ralls lnttho
Micks aro twisted into rppce. Jsyory,
f Jfcllablo horses has boon pressed In-
VtoTBOrvIco to carry tools and supplies
Into) tho Btrickon district from tho re
, Hoi train at Hcppnor Junction,
Amilos away.
(Portland. Or.. Juno 16. Thirteen
families aro homolcss at Lexington as
Result 'of tho flood, and aro huddled
lino school houso since Sunday
:ht. Homos, orchards nnd farms
ftwefo swept away In a twinkling. Al
KaoSt tho only building that escaped
itfuctlon In Heppner was tho Pal-
acoi Hotel, which Is on tho high
ground, whoro a nurabor of people
wint to cscnpo tho avalanoho of
wawn Debris Is piled nlno feet high
lutK? stretcs of Lexington. Workers
atMo'clock this morning uncovered
which sucked everything movcablo In
to their twisting eddies, and escape
was Impossible.
'Many people are sleeping In tha
court house tonight, and any place
they can raako a bed.
Provisions arc not needed, but rath
cr help to bury their dead and cleaf
away tho debris. Tho absence ohlco
or" embalming fluids has necessitated"
the hurried burJnl of many bodies',
which would otherwise have been pre
served for tho arrival of relatives.
The accompanying list of dead In
cludes all tho bodies burled, a register
of which was kept. Three Hvo babies
havo been found, whoso parents nro
lost, and Identification has so far been
alarmed until It was too late. House
were surrounded by rnglng torrents.
Impossible. jl
Families are broken to nlecestho
fathor alono remains, or a wifo or son
or daughter, and tho little children
loft orphans.
Dead Will Number 300.
Ellas Conner, a stockrnlscr of lone,
returned from Heppner at 2 o'clock
this (Tuesday) morning He left tho
scene of disaster at 0 o'clock, and
brings the latest news from tho
"it Is now known," said Mr. Connor,
"that at least 275 or 300 peoplo were
drowned. One hundred and fifteen
corpses havo been hastily burled in
wooden boxes, and somo wcro merely
wrapped In blankets. Thero wero
sdvoral wagon loads of dead on their
way to the cemetery when I left.
Heppner, Itself, has boon pretty well
searched, except In piles of debris,
whoro it Is thought that numbers of
bodies will be found.
"Between iono and Heppner,' eald
Mr. Connor, 'thero nro great piles of
debris, but the flood pansud so quick
ly that the roads have not been seri
ously damaged. Tho railroad track,
however, from Lexington, Is badly
torn up. It looks strange to sco tho
heavy stel rails bent nnd twitted like
corkscrews, and tho heavy timbers
12 bodies. Tho force of tho flood la
shown by tho fact that tho body of a
woman was carried down tho gulch
from Heppner to Lexington, a dlstanco
of 12 miles. When tho inlo of water
.struck tho Congregational church, tho
building was .thrown three blocks
away, lodging against tho Methodist
church. A- courlor from Hcppnor
says It will tnlto 1000 men two weeks
to clear tho wrcckogo and recover all
tho bodies.
Sad Ruin Is Wrought.
. Court street. Hennner, on tho bank
of tho stream, Is swept clean an a
gravel bar from end to end. Not ov
en- tho foundation of a long lino of
beautiful residences aro left. All tho
Avors" homes and tho Matlocks'
Shutts' nnd Kelthloy's, are ns If they
had never been.
13very business house, except tho
hotel, Pair, .Storo and QdjlSeHQwi'
building, along tho sldo or tno Btrcoi
on which tho bank stands, nro wrecks,
a largo building Is Jammed Into tho
drug storo, nnd several other struc
tures are In tho mlddlo of tho samo
Btreot. Residences aro turned over
or torn to pieces. Mud, sllmo and
mlsory nro everywhere.
Tho wntcr was 15 feet high In Hopp-
nor's strectB, and roso over tho new
court house wall. It camo down Dalm
Fork, chiolly, but was a torrent on all
hlllsldos. Enormous piles of rock and
gravol havo been washed down tho
canyon, flvo miles up on Buttor creek.
One Hour of Horror.
Tho flood camo almost Instantly,
lasted one hour. The peoplo thought
It was only a repetition of tho cloud
burst a few days ago, and woro not
HHHH tiimn 11 e l ! ! g
ffl .- 0 14. I f,n i!
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(Continued on Fourth rage.)
.. TheFIooct
Warned Lexington Nine Miles
Away and Also lone
Kentucky has an Army
at the Court
Mob Wants a Chance to Hang
Three Negroes Without
Giving Them a
Marysvlllc, Ky Juno 10. Tno trial
of tho thro qnogrocs accused of the
murder of John Furrow began today,
nnd is a big military event Early
this morning tho town began to fill
with farmors from tho surrounding
country, and whun tho troops started
to march from tho Jail to tho court
houso tho excltoment htgan. Shouts
from tho lenders of tho mob caused
the officers, In bohnlf of tho prisoners,
to order tho mllltlamon to fix bayo
nets, then faced tho crowd surround
ing It. and held It In a square, whllo
nnothor detnehmont of mllltla and
shorlffs took the prisoners to court.
Tho mllltla took charge of the court
houso, bnrrod nil entrance, and
placed cannon In Its front. The town
Is wildly excited; all business Is us
pom!!, nnd nothing but tho uneonv
promising front of tho guardsmen pre-,
vents a lynching. The prisoners were
arraigned, surrounded by soldiers, and
tlion taken back to Jail.
One Body Carried From Heppner to Lexington a Distance
of Ten Miles
New King
Goes to Work
The Militia Guard
the Court
Judge Hargis, Head of One
Fiction Gives Testimony
"r In Behalf of
Jackson, Ky., Juno 1C Tho most
Interesting witness this rmjrnlng at
the trial of Jott and White was Judgo
Hargis, tho loader of their faction.
Tho main attempt was to Invalidate
the testimony given by Kwon. Ho
said ho saw Ewen run Immediately af
ter tho shot was fired without looking
back; admitted that ho saw Whlto
standing In tho mlddlo of tho street.
nnd ton seaonds later saw Jett at the times nearly throwing tho rider, yet
corner of the court house. Under anot onco losing his feet, and he or
rigid cross-axamlnatlon he finally ad- rived at Islington Just a few minutes
mltte! ho didn't see Jett nnywhuro ' ahead of tho flood. The peoplo wero
when tho shots were flrd.
Another loader of the Hargis fac
tion Sheriff Callahan, was called to
the witness stand this afternoon, ire
appeared frightened, and gave his
testimony with downeast eyes. He
I said he rtv Mareum throw up his
hands, stagger and fall, and liwen
run. He said he saw one In the hall
way, hut couldn't recognise who It
was. Hwen never looked bark when
be ran. Was shown his testimony be
fore the grand Jury, where ho said
that Bwen bad stopped and looked at
Marcum before be loft the scene, and
denied having made such a statement.
The Dallos, Juno 1C A mass meet
ing was hold hero yestorday, and hun
dreds of volunteers offered themselves
teams and vehicles tn assist In tho
work of recovering tho bodies at
Heppner nnd vicinity, nnd to aid tho
victims of tho flood.
A train load of men nnd working
material was sent from Tho Dalles at
noon, tho O. It. & N. providing freo
transportation for all who wished to
The Man For the Occasion.
Tho peoplo did not rcnlUo whsl had
happened until tho flood struck tho
town. Then It was too lata. Houses
wero swept away on tho crest of the
river, and turned topsy turvey. In tho
Palaco Hotel thero was considerable
water, but tho building had a stone
foundation, and tho superstructure
was of brick, and did not move.
Leslie Matlock, a young man thoro,
was tho horn of the day. When tho
flood first camo hu mounted a borsa
nnd rado nt hreak-neok speed down tho
canyon In front of tho nulling waters
to notify tho peoplo of Lexington, a
small town nine miles holow. Ho had
to go over a rough and stony road. Tho
night was dark and stormy. Ills
horso Isaiwd over bowlders, some-
warned, and Immediately left or tho
hillsides, not having time to tako any
thing with theni. livery person es
caped, hut when tho flood had passed
only two houses wero standing. Lox
Ington has a imputation of about COO.
Ione was tho next town dawn tho
llno. Tho people wero warned by
Matlock by telephone. They left
their homes, but, as tho town Is built
on a wldu flat, very llttlo damago was
done. No buildings wero washed
away, but somo wero moved from their
Portland, Or., Juno 10. Tho ilrst
press dispatch, via lone, says tho Iter.
O. 11. tako has stood all day and all
night saying burial services over the,
dead, as thoy wero lal awy In crwdn
co in us. Tho survivors, who have been
working since the disaster, uncover
(Continued on fifth page.)
When You Want
1M State St
y !
Phone 1071 Main.
tills testimony was confused.
nelgrnuo, Juno 1C Celebrations In ) Tho grand Jury roported that no ov
honor of tho new ruler began last Idonee could bo found against tho two
night with great Illuminations, nnd men suspected of setting flro to Rw
today a thanksgiving and festival Is en's hotel. It has not adjourned, but
being held. , '' ' '"'fa' no Inmctmeut whatever
Kara (Jeorgovlteb naturally has a will bo found, because it Is composed
delicacy about relocating the throne of Hargis men. carefully selected by
nrRAFvin nnd bolnc kins. In the tho sheriff.
light of the recent vote of thanks ten-
.1 I I... .V liii.fBl.tii.d nf fhnt Mlltl. I
dered by tho legislature of that coun- M At A f A Ck
try to tho noblo gontlemen who polite- lTlV1 v tU vv
l- murdered the recent occupant of
tho throne, tho position Is not an al
lurng one.
Hurt by
Washington, June 10, Warrants
.have bn issued for two more era-
I ploy ofiibe postofflce department,
rlaVf1T0r',dDUt'r WOD,t b n,de VDOWn untu
JUlVTUtv after tbelr apprehension.
v t, tITTp An iovstor V0 declined to say whether the
ork, June 16.-An elevator mvrMttA ft ..nw., of
fn from the fifth story of a west,""- . .
, tie general or new ioi jununma
Houston-street building this morning,.
Injuring five,
cable parted.
three serjously; the
Gone to
in Revolt
Cositantlnapio, June 16. Another
revolt bm Msnirred In Arabia, owing
Wssblnrt-n 'jue" 16 President la heavy taxation, Osraan I mm.
Wasblngt-n j"u mmander at Medina, was wounded
R00W.V.!',t SJf the com. and Imprisoned. The people at Moo
iixvi.i .-". ...in.i tha local rulera ana
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