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ZTT k . "One year ago my hafr came
ona Jtlair s?vy fasti s &?
U Hair Vigor. It stopped the fall-
fnffandmademyhafrcrow, until now it is 45 inches long."
Mrs. sx JJoydstortt Atchison, Kans.
1- JLH AmvirtMlM-
Ayr Co., Lowell, tfoss.
Bcrlppt News Association Telegrams.
3 and 6 O'clock Edition.
Dally One Year, (4.00 In Advance.
Dally Three Months, $1.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, 60 Cents Per Month.
Weekly One Year. 91.00 In Avance,
Ono Woclc $ 10
One Month , 35
Tbrco Months 1.00
At Journal office.
At Daue'a Grocery, South 8alem.
, At, Bowersox, Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Grocery Store.
JElectrlo Grocery, East State St,
The ordinance has a great deal of
merit hi further protecting the foot
passengors, and older people from in
Jury, and will In tho cnd,bo a protec-
Hon to tno wnceistcrs inemseives.
Thoro aro some features of tho or
dinance that aro ridiculous. For In
stance, why In the south end of Church
streot moro sacred than tho north
end? , .
-Tho broadest fairness nnd a square
deal for 'nil citizens ft nil that any
one can ask. Tho poorest citizen has
as much rlgh't'fop rotectlon as the big
gest corporation or tho richest citi
No regulation nt nil is bettor thnn
legislation by city or state that savors
of favoritism to any person or inter
cat. American fair play cannot be
downed, oven on a matter Hlco n bt
cyclo ordinance.
itmn n-m hi hhi h n
Tho Jpurnal employs union labor
nnd bollovos In tho organization of
labor, for Its own protection nnd pro
motion of its true intct OBts.
Tho Journal believes in employing
tho most- competent labor at fair
wagos and favorablo conditions as to
hours and compensation.
It In ono of the fow Institutions In
tho city that has novor demanded
moro than nluo hours of its employes,
with raru exceptions.
So it hollcvcs it can discuss the
question of what is tho right attitude
which labor unions should tnko and
occupy toward the community.
It cannot bo successfully charged
that Tho Journal Is dlseusBlng the
subject from nhy upfrletidly attitude
now or hereafter.
It Is for tho purposo of securing a
discussion of this question that wo
Klvo spaco to tho following communi
cation from n Salem business man
and nn omployor of labor nnd capital
ist: "Ed. Journal; While-' ninny pcoplo
may have- tho Impression that tho cost
of bulfillng has boon Increased by rea
son of the labor unions and tho ml
vancojn pages nnd shorter hours, tho
factor which has had greater Influ
ence In causing building operations
to bt! doforred und abandoned is tho
fact that whero labor unions prevail
thoro aro n groat many strikes, boy
cotts, etc., etc.. so that pooplo desir
ing to make Improvements and erect
buildings are nfra'ld of endloss annoy
ance, vexation nnd trouble through
tho well-known methods of labor
union. This togothor with tho small
margins that offer on real estato nnd
building Investments In Salem and tho
high taxes hero on all property
causes tuo postponing nmi nuanuon
mont of much lmprovomont that un
dor ordinary circumstances would
havo boon carried forward this sea
son. Tho small returns on Invest
monts In this city makes tho present
statu of things peculiarly unfortunate
as It Is needful to gtvo Investors ovcry
encouragement and romovo nil die
couragemonta to place and keep Sa
eom on tho upward march "
If It wero possible to havo a frloud
ly discussion of tho abovo subject In
those columns, wo would bo- glad to
glvo It souio spaco.
. Thoro must bo a right attitude for
oyory Individual and for every organ
ization of human beings Jo tako to
ward othor human beings, and toward
tho community,
"Tho Jpurnal does not bollovo thoro
In a disposition among Salem labor
unions to ongngo In strikes and boy
cotts. 'Wo havo lived In hopes that this
should bo tho ono city whord nil re
lations between cupjtal and, ljbpr
should bo frlondly nnd amicably ad
justed in caso of differences,,-
As a matter of fact there sa groat
deal moro labor Hero than capital.
Labor unions know this as well as
Did you over rcnllzo that' to bo
faultless Is to bo friendless?
rIt Is hard to bellovo that ho who Is
perfect, Is ono of us.
Ono of tho greatest faults one can
conceive In another Is trying to in aire
the world bellovo that he Is without
As n rule pcoplo nro loved for their
weaknesses, shortcomings and faults
acknowledged nnd not for tbolr pro
claimed virtues.
When consideration is had of tho
temptations lying thick nnd of tho
wcaknoss of human nature to with
stand, llliornl domnnds should bo
inado on charity. Each ono Is entitled
to live his own life, solvo his own
probloms keoplng over In vlow tho
rights and Immunities of his fellows
and so long as wo demand this for
oursolves wo should concodo It to
othors and mako tho recognition
thereof part nnd parcel of our lives.
Tho gosslporBnys "thoro Is no smoke
without flro," n fnlso epigram that has
brought clouds Into and driven tho
suushluo and happiness out of many
a life.
Ho who Is broad mlndod nnd chnrlt-
ablo says "hato. envy nnd Jonlousy
lovoth a shining mark" and his Is In
finitely a bottor platform uiron which
to stand, a soundor foundation upon
which to build.
Wo enn nil speculate with safety on
tho good within ono nnothor, but si
lonco is truly goldon when tho short
comings of anothor nro being discussed.
You don't know. You can't know.
You can guoss but you havo no right
to guess whon oharnctor and reputa
tion aro at stake.
Ono who loves mankind puts It
"Cnreful with flro Is good ndvlco, wo
Cnreful with wqrds, Is ton times dou
bly so.
Thoughts unexpressed will sometimes
fall back dead,
But God hlmsolf, can't kill thorn,
whon thoy'ro said."
Now Hampshire Patriot.
tho eaucatorj ofi the day Is not the
learning thai makesmon learned, but
ffio learning that equips men for the
affairs of life.
Tho Ideal citizen Is tho man who
achieves. Ho way achlave without a
college education, but with a college
education he ought to achloyo moro
ought to bo ablo to tnko full advant
ago of "tho greatest chance' n people
over had Ji
The question still remains to'bo an
swered, whether men aro rendered fit
or unfit for usefulness by much that
passes for collcgo education.
In proportion as collogo education
Inflates 'vanity and gives Us benoflci
ary tho swell-head It unfits him for
Modesty, doslro to porform tho
humbler tasks of llfo well, nn aspira
tion to becomo a self-sustaining citi
zen instead of a barnacle upon others,
should bo tho result of education.
Too often tho opposite qualities are
tho product of college education Im
modesty, a dcslro to do anything hut
work for nn honest living, and a wil
lingness to II vo off society in somo ar
tificial manner..
You cannot
enjoy g o o
hrnlth II you al
low the bowels
to become con
Sick Headache,
3UUI oiuiuak.il.
luy5PEP5iu aim
klmaisestlon t ,
mure sure to fol-
low. The Bit
ters will open
up the clnpgrd
bowels, wjinont
grlpiDK the ays-
ptn Try It
Tho present city council docs wrong
In deferring action In taking up tho
30,000 of nccrulng city bonds on the
popular loan plan.
Tho city should save ovory dollar of
Interest on Its bonded debt, and the
popular loan plan has worked so well
In the past It should not bo aban
Why tho city council deferred or
dering a special election for nuthorlz
lnlng tho popular loan, Is beyond or
dlnnry comprehension.
This Is a public matter, and It was
supposed that tho popular loan policy
was firmly established ln this com
Tho old wny of monopolizing nil
city finances in tho interest of a fow
persons ought to bo played out in Sa
(The pcoplo havo an abundance of
monoy lying ldlosthat will go readily
Into tho popular loan, when ono can
bo had.
Tho pcoplo have tho flrs,t'r!ght to
tnko up tho debts of tho city, nnd the
city council has no business to sup
render that right.
Tho wholo 130,000 will bo takon In
small sums of SCO to $G00O, If tho pco
plo aro given tho opportunity, and tho
commlttoo desorvos credit for noting
promptly nnd submitting tho resolu
tions published clsowhoro.
Thoy should bo takon up nnd
promptly acted upon. Lot not this
right bo Juggled with or taken from
tho pooplo.
anyone and. tho true" policy .would
seem to bo to mako It 'possible for tho
largost amount of employment to go
on with what llmltod capita thoro Is
Ujre that will ompioyjjianor,
i Thoro ia an castor andTworo friend
ly fooling coming about In tho labor!
situation at Salem, anqmnny build
ings aro being oro'cted.
JWo belldvo a fuller discussion and
o bettor understanding will result in
still moro enterprises bolns under.
takon In thbtw. t ; J
' It would bo Impossible to frame
such an ordinance that will glvo per
fect satisfaction to all parties, now or
By tho construction of cyclo paths,
that aro evidently contemplated 'by
this ordinance, the conditions will be
somewhat Improved,
Congressman Cannon said to the
graduates of tho University of Illinois
on Wednesday:
You young men and women who
are going out Into tho world havo tho
greatest of conturles before you. You
havo tho greatost chance a people
ovor had."
To tho samo class President
Thwhig of Wostorn Hosorvo Univer
sity said:
1 "XI'S- "nljorslty must train mon to
think tho truth; It must mako tnon
who think In largo relations. Men
must bo found who can be masters.
It Is good to creatot scholars; it Is
better to create thlnkors."
t-0n, tho samo day, boforo tho gradu
ating 'class 'at Columbian university,
President Dutler bald:
"Education Is un instrumentality,
u un eiiu. vuiuy.fueu as an end, 'It
produces aridity, sterility, and Is
wholly worthless Pursued as a means
for sorvlco. It Isan Instrumentality
that acts In sympathy with tho code
of morals." y '
In this connection President Butler
urged tho graduates not toshuiv tho
drill and discipline of public "affairs.
but tp tako tholr -learning andjftralh
Ing Intp tho active life of tho nation
to bo Indlfforent to no nubile Inter
eat or movement, ,
All of those speakers rccoculzo tho
overshadowing port played In our na-
uouai progress by tho men. of affairs,
by tho man of deeds as" contrasts
with tho raan'of merewords, Tho
rawu tuuuBUKwits yujcea oy rresmont
Drapor In hi"" address on Sunday
when ho said:
What a Heap of Happiness It Would
Drlng to Salem Homes.
Hard to do housework with an noh
Ing back
Hours of misery at leisure or at
If women only know tho causo;
Ilacknchc pains como from sick kid
noya Donn'n KIdnoy Pills will euro It.
Salem people ondorso this:
Mra. P. Long wlfo of F. Long snd
dler and harness maker, of Roseburg,
sayB: "For a long tlmo I was soldom
without backache and any exortlon or
tho slightest cold contracted brought
on an nggrovatcd attack. I took medi
cine trying to check it. but until ad-
vised to try Doan's Kidney Pills I
mot with very Indlfforent success.
Doan's KIdnoy Pills gavo mo Buck
prompt relief that I havo no hesitation
in recommending them to others. My
son also usod a box and I heard him
oxpross himself in high words of
pralso for them."
Plenty moro proofs like this from
Salem pooplo. Call at Dr. Stono'a
dus.storoand'ask what his customers
report. - V f -
For salo by all dealors Price 60
cents. Foater-Mllburn Co;. Buffalo, N.
Y., solo agents for tho United States.
Remember tho namo Doan's nnd tako
no substitute. jo
"Fill the bridge with engines!" or
dered Carson, cool as ice.
A crash was heard in that vicinity
on Tuesday evening, um uajiigui
showed tho Missouri Pacific bridge
still there
Buffeted, trembling, struck by a
floating oil tank, which nlmost lifted
It fnto the air, rammed by tho wreck
ago of other bridges, tho fato of Car
son's nervo trembled In tho balance,
No wonder tho watching thousands
cheered wildly on Wednesday morn
ing when tho bridge, with Its engines,
loomed up In tho haze ovor tho yellow
Sixteen other bridges every ono
except tho Missouri Pacific went
doVn boforo tho flood.
Carson s nervo won.
And, If his nervo had not won, de
pend upon it, the Missouri Pacific
Hallway company would not liavo
honored tho man less.
Tho chnnce was worth tho taking,
but no railway superintendent In Kan
sas City had tho nerve, save Carson.
8lck Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using ,Mokl Tea.
A pleasant herb drink. Cures Consti
pation and Indigestion, makes you
eat, sleep, work and happy. Satisfac
tion guaranteed or money back. -25
ctB. nnd 50 cts. Wrlto to W. II.
HOOKER & CO., Buffalo. N. Y.. for a
froo sample. D. J. FRY, Druggist
lyn, N. Y.
Is n nerrr ratlins sign of n henltlir
itnmnoh. When tin bri-nth Is bail the
stomach Is out of order. There Is no rem
edy In tho world equal to ICodal Djrspcp
sin Cure 'or curing Indlgestlou, drpeptln
ami all stomncli illionler Mrs. Mary 8.
I'rtcb. nt Whltfl l'lnini. Kr writes: "I
have been a dyspeptic for years tried nil
kinds of remedies, but chntlnucil to grow
worse. Hr the use of Kodol I bogau to
Improve nt once, and After taking a few
lioriln am fullr restored In welslit. health
and strength, nnd can est whatever I like.
ivouoi (litems wnai ynu eat, nnu maips
the stomach sweet. Tor sale by 1 G.
Unas, Oil State street.
Strong's Restaurant.
Gomo and try our refreshing meals
at Strong's restaurant, open day and
He Philosophizes.
".Wall! woll! To think thnt wo all
como out of egg sheila, and Its a toss
up whether wo'll bo chickens or fried
porslstent doing M
"Tho steady
thlpgB upon a workable plan, Inde
pendent rectitude, virile thinking,
lore of work, will accomplish toe
largest results." ,j
In fact, tho towering thought among rnqrod,
Carson's Nerve.
What's finer than cool, thoughtful
nervoT Everybody will be glad ta
hoar that the gllttqrlng nervo of tho
man who held the Missouri! Pacific
rnllwoy bridge- jacjoss, tho Kaw river
at Kansas Cjtylwas not n vain, says.
mo Denver rost.
The man's name Is V. S. Carson,
superintendent of terminals IntKansas
Whon the Kaw flood swopt down
on Kansas, City, Carson ordered eight
of tho company's most ponderous lo
comotives .upon thebrdgo towelgbt
it down against the flood.
The locomotives were worth $120.
000 as much,' as would coBt'to re
place the superstructure of thp,bridgo.
But It was worth a million dollars
to tho railway to hold tho bridge
across the river, and a Bum beyond
computation to tho two Kansas cities
to maintain even a slender railway
"i (uiu i;v.iuBLaDjur or me
,wator wouldbver the fire boxl of
the? engines and Ihey could aotbe
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County,
rrank J. Cheney makes oath that
he Is senior partner of tho Arm of
F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business
In tho City of Toledo, County nnd
Stnto aforesaid, and that said firm
will pay the sum of ONB HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every caso
of Catarrh that can not bo cured by
tho caso of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to boforo mo and subscribed
In my presonco, this 6th day of De
cember, A. D. 1S8G, ,
Seal Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is takon inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucuous surfaces of tho system.
(Send for testimonials, free.
K. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7Cc
Hall's Family pills aro the best
1 U i
Reduced Excursion Rates.
On and after June 1, 1903, tho
Southern Pcclflc, In connection with
tho CorvnlllB & Eastorn railroad, will
havo on sale round-trip tickets from
points on their lino to Newport, Ya
qul'na and Detroit at very low rates,
good for return until October 10, 1903,
Three day tickets to Newport and
Yaqulna, good 'going ' Saturdays and
roturnlng Mondays, are also on salo
from all East sldo points, from Port.
land to Eugene, Inclusive, and from
all West side points aro also on sale to
Detroit at vory low rates with stop
over privileges, at Mill City or any
point cast, onabltng tourists to visit
tho Santuun and Broltenbush as well
as tho famous Breltenbush Hot
Springs In tho Cascade mountains.
which can be reached In on day.
owwvu Hvnvw mil un Kl"l JOIj return
from all points unll 'October 10, 193.
Throe day tickets -will bo good going
on .ttauiruays ana (returning Mondays
only, uaggago on Newport tickets
checked through to Newport; on Ya
qulna tickets to Yaqulna. only, S. p,
trains connect with the C. & E. at Al
bany and Corvnllta for Yaqulna and
Newport. Trains on tho C. & E. for
Detroit leave Albany at 7 a, m., en
abling tourists ,to the Ifot Springs to
rench there Ut Bame day. Full infor
mation as to rjtea. time tables, etc.,
Wi H tyK'VtV on BPP"catlon to
Edwin atone manager C. & E. R. R.,
A.lbany; W. E. Cpman. O. P. A. S p
CoJ Portland, or to any S. P. or c' E
Agent Rates from Salem to New.
port 15. Ufa
if Mm$k
" Summer EntrorH...
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nctor; but It th 1. tJh
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will take It for granted thai T
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- iininiHuiHiHi mm m i mn 1 1 iii iiiuiiiint
Has como to the conclusion that all profession of the healing art ctt
side of tho vegetable kingdom Is a failure When your system Is nw est
without puro blood. You will only find vitality in the Trputt
kingdom. Poisonous drugs nor doctors' knives nor ttunder ui
lightning wll not romovo tho causo, but lay the foundation for al kbit
of dlscaso. Thoso poisons go Into your bones, and kill the lite of tia
and creato all kinds of diseases, caucorous tumors, consumption, injn,
bono diseases, etc. You must bear In mind that his medicine It not I
poisonous tonic, nor ? stimulant, nor tomporary rellot which you get tea
poisonous drugs, where tho results aro suro death soonor or later. Do t
blamo tho mcdlclno, whou It takes an effect and stirs up the poliou
dlseaso In tho system. You must not expect to bo cured In a few dar,fet
your sickness or dlseaso has boon a long timo coming on, Bod It will bh
a long timo to got It out of your By s torn. It will take months or a jeu tt
build a now body from tho bones up. This Is what tho people do not
dorstand. Thoy aro used to being humbugged. His medicines are co
posed of Nature's Herbs what tho human system roqulre. When tie
mals get sick thoy will help themselves to those herbs, for they hate tie l
stinct, and tho pcoplo havo not. so wo have to mako a study of It It a
boon a life study with Dr. Cook. Do not got weary; this life Ii too tow
and too sweet to worry out of this world.
Dr. Cook Cures All Kinds of Diseases
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Man Wants BtftLHtk
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ets It so every tltae ae wJ S
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i d Dnr,PRfi.cU'
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rrnOKsatc auu nn
First Natloaal Bank BBlldlBe. Salem. Ortfon' d
Drt-iiaHd. Typewrltlae. ElwatloH aad Drawlne. $m
will be Sfi with is ariiiHaui m for each of tw i .vL, tf I
,"More than 500 teachers of OresM Ht testlmoay to tae s1
The first term will oeen msv At & coatlaue seven weeia. '"vrf
termwIllorenJuneH anirnnti.uft till the Aueust exffllB!i'.v a
Ta iwrzu
term win open June 22 and continue till the Auuusi 0'Biir. J
"! uiiun-
each term
school. AddressJ.j.Krasfl, Stkt. OfMTM.
W- ruaWjgii
Harness. SuMUfT.'
Low years of e!ffihi
skin and llrtest vgSE
E. S: Laiiport S '

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