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AGE Slki
Tlio Kind Yon Havo Always Bought, and which lins bora
In uso for over 30 years, lias borno tho Blgtmtnro of
and Las been mado under his pcr-
'Zr7t'AS- 80nnl8UPcrvl8'on 'nco its Infancy.
(C4CCA44Z Allow tin nnn to decnlvn von In this.
AU Counterfeits, Imitations and ' Just-ns-good" nro but
Experiments that trlflo with and omlnngcr tho health of
Infants and Children Experience trains t Experiment
Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. 16
contains neither Opium, Klorphino nor other Nnrcotle
substance. Its ago Is Its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Fovorlshncss. It cures Diarrhoea ond Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
' and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach nnd Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Boars tho Signature of
Once Had a Vice
Presidential Boom
Had Minneapolis Within His
Grash but is Now in
the Penitenti
That Is What tho Books Say o!
Chronic Kldnoy Diseases, But
tho New Fulton Compounds
Have a Record of 87 of Recov
eries Ainonfi Chronic Cases In
curable by All Other Medicines.
Tie Kind You Me Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
tmc irtu coMMar, rr xuniur arncrr, new ton err.
Sell More Groceries and better Groceries than ANYBODY
. LETTUCE, RHUBARB, RADISHES, etc just from the
and seo for yoursolf old p. o. grocery.
Wholesale sad Retail.
Roche Harbor Limc Alsen Cement,
Lath and Shingles, Sand and Gravel
AbJ all Kinds of Building Material. All Kinds of Heavy Haulln? and Transfer
Work done on short notice. 18M83 Commercial Street.
For Belts
Whtto braid for making belts, niuc
Cobaltr Scml-Porcclaln reduced.
Tie Variety Store.
94 Court St. Anoora M. Welch. Prop
Cash Market
la Htetner'e Fish Market, State atreel
Freeh meats ot all kinds, hams, Bbould
dera, bacon, lard, etc. Prompt Servlct
Phone, Main 1401.
$6.00 a pair. New Departure Road
Tires S6.Q0 a Mir with a season
e aaraMte; The new Morrow Coaster
Brake rat oh for $Si50 with 5 per
cer err rr cast.
-m Caurt St. Phone 244
" W TyB! 5
Pilatlmr. Calsoalalac and Pawr
laawlac. wark all Guaranteed.
Ltav artera at Save A Fletchers
. J, lrownttlQ 5n.
1 3 t Cwrt rtrnt. HH lirttw csk price
MftrlMM. Pelts. Wwl. Tallow
Mrffttfs; a$Jit fetter la ell
Ira, Ratter ail Metals.
Say Half Yotft Slioe Moaey
IfywMy$2 or $3.50 for your
ya are ! suty tcae
mt $2.50 yen ct fey tk Rcllffa
wa Wi twc tfct) wear of ny
$2 Sa . a "It V $3.50
Hw atarkt Tata is ft vtr
ictftkM8 0fwMMi wke art
wariMtIRlcHffefcs a flai
ttrMWMlIiwt ts say Mtfe-fe-ftter
wWcH wnU cMt XUm $5
iuh rtm art Mil ly
Jacob Vt, 25 (Wi St.
MS Cemmsrelal sKreet.
Xt Taaates
served in
lost an-
WflW psin style
Ei BCKEW.EN. Prcfritrrf
) All se
iS Mliemi
Special Excursions.
Tho Northern Pacific Railway Com
rany hnvo arranged for several spec
lal excursions to tho East this year,
so that It you have a trip to tho East
In view, you will bo ablo to purchaso
your ticket for the round trip at a
very low rate. For Instanco, from
Portland to Minneapolis, St Paul,
Duluth, West Superior, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Council muffs, Kansas City,
or othor Missouri river point, tho
round trip will only bo $60. To Chi
cago tho excursion rate will only be
$71.60, to St Louts the rato will bo
$67.50; to IVorln, HI., tho rato will
bo $69.25.
Theso tickets will bo on sole Juno
4th, 5th, 21th, 25th, 2Cth, 27th, 28th.
29th nnd 30th, and on July 15th and
ICth, and again on August 25th and
and 2Cth. Tickets will bo good for
ninety (90) days from dato of sale.
Stop-ovors will bo allowed both go
lug, and coming, but only for a short
tlmo going, that Is. when you pur
chase your ticket you will bo required
10 reacn your Eastern destination
within ten days from tho date ot pur
chase, but on tho return trip you can
stop all you like so that you roach
Portland by tho end ot the, 90 days,
Tickets will bo good to go ono way
and return another, that Is the North
ern Pacific will sell going over
their routo and If passenger desires
can return via tho samo routo or via
Great Northern, Canadian Pacific or
Union Pacific.
All tickets will bo good for uset
on any of tho Northern Pacific over
land train Including tho "North
Coast Limited,' which Is tho only
electric lighted train operated at
great oxpenso In tho northwest
Tho North Coast Limited leaves
Portland dally at 3 p. m.and the
Twin City Express at 11:46 p. m
while the ruget Souud;Kaneas CUy
St Loula Special leavee at8:30 a. m.
For any additional 'Information,
sleeping car reservations, tickets.
maps ot routes, etc, call on or ad
dress A. D, Charlton, Assistant Gehor-
al passenger Agent at 255 Morrison
St, corner Third, Portland, Ore,
ii iO i . i
Have You Seen the Sea Serpent?
Watch for tho unique and catchy
pamphlet just issued by the passengor
department of the Astoria & Columbia
River ,nallroad Co, which tells a lit
tlo talo about tho summer girl's sea
serpents, and sunsets at Seaside,
Tho story Is short, hut well told and
handsomelr Illustrated. Place your
orders early, and avoid; tho July run.
Epics, mailed freornpon application
A C. Mayo, Q, F, P. A, Astoria,
cgon. f
Alonzo A. Ames, who has recently
been convicted in Minneapolis) was
several times elected mayor ot Min
neapolis. For years "Doc" Ames was
tho most popular man In the "Flour
City" and nearly everybody In that
section of the Northwest knew him
well. Ho was In tho "good follow"
category, tho kind tlyit belonged to
all the secret societies, the life of the
picnics, excursions, etc., who alwnyB
attended tho balls given by tho po
licemen, tho firemen, and the various
national and social organizations of
tho city. Ho would "go out with the
boys and help dash the red paint upon
the black sky nt night." A man llko
that has a big heart, too. Many poor
dovlls have boon assisted by Ames
nnd many of the humblest homos In
tho city bless him to this day. When
St. Cloud, a neighboring city seventy
mllos away was swept by a cyclono
and left In ruins, and death and des
truction wero everywhere, "Doc"
Ames, then mayor, was about tho first
relief train that reached tho city. He
was no longer mayor but a physician
and devoted sleepless days and nights
to nttendlng tho wounded and suffer
Ames was a Democrat in those days
and could bo elected mayor almost
every time hO mado a race in that
Republican city. Tho last tlmo he
was elected it was as a Republican.
In 1888 ho was at tho Democratic
national convention In St. Louis as n
candldato for vlco president on tho
ticket with Mr. Cleveland. He did not
get much farther than to have cards
printed announcing his candidacy,
which wero freely distributed nmong
tho delegates. Very early In tho con
vention tho delegation ran up a big
red bandana handkerchief that meant
that Cleveland had decided upon
Thurman, so all other vlco presiden
tial booms wero quietly folded away.
Ames had some difficulty In getting
to the convention as a delegate.
Mlko Doran was the boss of the state,
nnd he did not wont Ames to go to the
convention. A hot fight was promised
And Doran had the plans all laid and
tho delogntes fixed to turn Ames I
down. Ames and his followers had
threatened a fight nnd wero to have
tho matter ttld In convention.
Just as everybody get ready to see the
fur fly. a delegate sprung a surprise
by offering a reeolutlnn electing both
Doran and Ames as delegates at large
and before n Doran man could protest
It" went through with a whoop, nnd
Ames accepted It as nn endorsement
ot his candidacy for vlco president.
Drafctati know that kldner that fail
Bang on eight or tu jnontm na Deocmo cnrooio
bttd ibut It la then retarded r phyileUni ai
tncumbl. and that up to th kdrant of thi
Pulvoa Oompouoda that no thin oa their ahilrel
would touch It. It la proTta laoi wai ueirij
alne-tentha of all oaaes ro now curable, nd
drucclaU themaeWea r taking tho ntw Com
pousda. On of the rcoOTtrte waa Dr. lli
blmaeli, the ploueer drofsUt of 123 Paellli
itreot, Ban Trftnolaeo, and he are It to over
fiotenothera wbo reeorered. Hera U another
Intereatlnc reeoferr- (Wo eoprtrom toe 8ct
memo Nuwa.f NoTcmber 1, Ittt).
"After a. aerlout lllneai of orer ft year Jodie
r R. Allen of tbla eltf bia reeorered and r
ranla blmMlf moat fortunate In euoceiifullt
Lattllnr wltbwbat la itenerftllT regarded aa a
ratal malady, Urlfhl'aDlecM of tbe kldjeja.
loepeaklnt ofbla eaae Judjo Allen Bald: !
kflluTO that Ibe treatment rWen m by my
Dbyalclan waa la accordance with tbo boat
oiatboda need In tbo regilar prao tic. of medi
cine, but it afforded me do relief, Hearing of
Ibe Fulton Compound! I weni M Ban rancnco
to InTNtlgato and waa Boon ooirlnotd I abouia
undergo ibe treatment. It waa three months
tttfrro I noticed a a'langs for the better. I uaea
the medicine faithfully (or nearly year and
The Strawberry Industry In Tfce ft
L.aii inerninrinni aannur nrnnnrniinn a-
cu ..v . ,...vm illustrated with ,, Jl
ot soli, growing 01 pinnis. piauung uio; , -'-"Winn,!
crop, cultivation, fertilization, picking c' " ueiD8. r flaW
and packing tho crop, BhlpplnB andj"' """' or t The JoannJ,
markets treated ruiiy in separate I " per copy, jha on,
CiiBiuein. una laausiry.
can bow nnd so erldenco of tho dlaoate ana
f elite la good,
n welcht and
am aatlafled It ia entirely eliminated,
My a
etlte la locnl. t bats gained aeyenwen pound
111 be pleaaed to deaerlbo my
cxperlenoo to anyone Who may eau or wnie.- --
6aoramento Newa, Nor. 19, ItOB.
Th editor of the Kewa blmaelt waa the friend
wbo told Judge Alienor the Fulton Compound.
They ara lbs only tblngi known tbat cure
kldnoy dlaeasea after aa well aa before they
twoome chronic which happens about tbo tenth
nronio, -
Kulton'a Itenal Compound fr Bright'
In dranar. (
rheumatism from nrio aeld and bladder trouble
ICldaor Dlaeaaea, oto.Ilt forDtab.lea.lt U.
John J. FnttraCotua Washington atreel, Ban
'ranclnco, sole compounders. Itoa analyaea for
patient. Bend for pamphlet. We are tho ei
o.ualr ageau (or the Compoand la this city.
Palace Pharmacy, 118 State St
Market Quotations Todays
7 "Make Salt in a Good Home Market" 7
SpB js0
Wo would like to ask through tho
columns of your paper, It thoro is any
person who has uaod Green's August
Flower for tho cure of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia and Liver Troubles that
has not boon cured and wo also
moan their results, such aa sour stom
ach, fermentation of food, habitual
costlvcness, norvous dyspepsia, head
ache, despondent toolings, sleepless
ness In fact, any trouulo connoctod
with tho stomach or HvorT This med
icine haa been sold for many years in
all civilized countries, and wo wish
to correspond with you, and send you
one ot our books freo of cost It you
nover tried August Flowor, try a 25
cent bottle first Wo have nover
known ot its falling. It so, something
mora serious 1: tho matter with you.
The 25-cent size has just been Intro
duced this year. Regular also 75
cent Dr. Stone's drug stores.
Woodbury, N. J.
Bacon What makes that bunch of
undertakers look so cast down?
Macon They have Just heard that
a bill has been introduced In tho leg
islature compelling doctors to writo
their prescriptions in English.
The Sure Way
to prevent Pneumonia and Consump
Uon la to cure your cold when It first
appears. Acker" English Remedy
will stop the cough In night, and
drive the cold out ot your system. Al
ways a quick and sure cure for Atii
ma. Bronchitis, and all throat and
lung troubles. If It does not satisfy
you the druggist will reftimd yor
money. Write to us for freo sample.
W. H. HOOKER A CO- Buffalo, N.
Y D. J FRY, DrugcUL
Poultry at atelner Market
Chickens 10c.
Spring chickens 1315c. '
Hens 10c.
Eggs 15c.
Hop Markst
Hops 1718c.
Potatoes, Apples, Etc,
Potatoes 25030c.
Now onions 2c per pound.
Dried Fruits.
Dried Apples lCc.
Italian prunes, 40s to 60s 6o
Pctlto Prunes Ic.
Wood, Fence Posti, Etc
Big Fir $4.60.
Second Growth $4.00.
Arh $3.00 to $3.76.
Body Oak $5.00.
Pole Oakr-$5.00. '
Cedar Posts 10c.
Hides, Pelts and Furs.
Green Hides, No. 1 l7c.
Green Hides, No. 2206.
Qalf Skins 4 to 6c.
Sheep 75c.
Goat Sklne 26c to Sl.OO.
Gray Fox 25 to 60c.
Coon 10 to 40c.
Mink 25c to $1.2u.
Otter $1.00 to $6.00.
Skunk 10 to 25c.
Muskrnt 1 to 6c.
Wildcat 10 to 25a
Grain and Flour.
Wheat C570c.
Oats 30Q 32c.
Barloy Brewing 55060c bushel;
feed 2l per ton.
Flour Wholesale, $3.50.
Live 8tock Market.
Steer H4c . . .....
(Vina in JUp
RVinifiU-t Khrrhatt " ' l "
Dressed Veal Cc.
Hogs, nllvo 5c.
t ... . . i. . .
wool ana iivionair. - ,i
Wool J?17c." '. . 4 1
Atuuuir 1C.
1 Hay, Feed, Etc
, Baled Cheat $13.
Clover $10.
Bran $23Hc
, 8horts $23.50.
Creamery and Dairy Products.
Good dairy butter 1620c.
Creamery buttei" 224c
Cream, pan skimmed, at creamery
18c, at farm 14c. "
Cream separator skimmed. at
Com. Creamery v22Wc, minus frelghG
Wheat Walla Walla, 73c.
Wheat Yalloy, 75c.
Flour Portland, beat grade, $3.70;
graham, $&15$3.55.
Oata Cholco White, $1.10.
Barley Food $20 per ton; rolled,
Mlllstuff Bran, $23.
Hay Timothy, $2O0$21.
Onions 10C0 cents per cental.
Potatoes 40 60o per cental,
crpamem 2022Hc; store, 16c,
Eggs Oregon ranch, 1617o
per doxen.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, UH12c
per pound; eprlng 16l7c; turkeys,
live, 16lTc.
Mutton Gross, $3.50.,
Hogs $6 $6.25.
Beef Groea. $SO$6.2S.
Hops 18020c per pound.
Wool Valley, 1515Ho; Eastern
Oregon. ?14c; Mohair, 35S7c
Hides dry, 16 pounds am upward.
Butter Best dalrv, nominal; fancy
" .
u,uw. .uuu.icu ifj ures, pimples.
acauueue, eicn we wouia recommend
ACKcrs ieoa tuxir, which wa sell
under a positive guarantee. It will al
was mm aaaatwtowaar' 8yphUitl
tKJiaoas ana au oiooa diseases. 50
eta. and UA. D. JT, FRY, Druggist
Through personally conducted tour
ist Bleeping cars between Portland
and Chicago onco a week, and bo
twocn Ogden and Chicago thrco times
a week, via tho Scenic line.
Through standard Bleeping cars
dally between Ogden and Chicago, via
tho Scenic lino.
Through standard sleeping cars
dally bctweon Colorado Springs and
St Louis. .
Through standard and tourist sleep
ing cars dnlly bctweon San Francisco
and Chicago, via Los Angeles and EI
Through standard sleeping cars
and chair cars dally botweon St Paul
and Chicago.
Bo euro that your ticket reads via
tbo Great Rock Island Route.
Tho best and most rcasonablo din
ing car Eorvlco. For information,
U B. GORHAM, Gen Agt, 250 Alder
Btrect, Portland Oro.
0,G T, Co's
Leaves for Portland Monday,
ednesday and Friday, 10 a.m.
For Corvallls Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday at I p. m.
Quick Time, Cheap Rates
Deck: Foot of Trad Street
and Weekly Ore-
and Orange Judd
and TrI-Weekly
Cash Soiiig Olfer
Two First-Class Weekly
Papers for the Price of Oae,
Weekly Jrurnil
gonlan, $2.00.
Weekly Journal
Farmer, $1.35.
Weekly Journal
N. Y. World. $1.75.
Weekly Journal and Woodb.urn Inde
pendent, $1.60.
Weekly Journal and Gold Beach,
Curry County, Recorder, $1.60.
., Weekly Journal and American Boy,
Weekly Journal and Courler,J Spray,
Oregon, $1.60
Weekly Journal and Express-Ad-
.VOUCC, 1.UUHJ1UU, ?1.0V, ,
' Weeklr Jnufniif unit fJlnhn Pnnrinn
Ore., $1.50.
Weeklr Journal and Oregon Mist. St
Helens, $L50. .J
Weekly Journal and Town
Ashland, $2.00,
Weeltly Journal and Herald." Lake
view, $1.60.
, , Weekly Journal and Men ot To
Morrow, $1.60.
' -
, Parties desiring can get:thoDay
Journal three months Inste offtie
Weekly one year in the above coiahl-'
Sties, Oregon.'
- I. k.OFF. e, HAKtlelV:!
Through Pullman, Bti
Tourist sleeping cars dm,j,,
v-mengo, apoKane; tortst
dally to Kansas City; Ojh
man sleeping carps (pen
ductod) weekly to
City, St Louis and llemti
Ing chair cars (scats free) i
FOB From Portlnd,tt I jl
Chicago " r-
l-ortland Bait Uke, front, h
Bpeclai Worth, Omaha, il
.-W i a. m City, it. Umli, aow I
AUantlo . .
JCxpreea Bait taia, Dentw n
1:18 p. m. Worth, Onuha, tin
via Hunt- City, Bt. LooIT CakM
isgton aadEatt
Bt. Pan! WalU Walla, LltUm,
Fut Mail1 HpoUoe, ffajlani, ru-
l0 p. m. man, Mmaeaaeda a :i
Tla raul, DuloUi,KUTUati
Bpoaan Chicago, and int.
All aaillng datea mm
to change
Sp. in. roraaFise)M I
Daily '
Banday ToAitorla and Wij it I
S p. m. Undlntt
Saturday f
0 p.m.
witLxmcne tint , ,
Steamer Both leaves Bilta Is
landandwaylaodlctnonTowdf;; 9
,! .ml Pntnnliva. about 10 LI K
Corvallls nd way UndIsp,Xa S'
Wednedayi and Fridays it i 1
Gen. Paea.Aet ARt.0.B,A
Portland. (He, B!1
N. 2 For Yaqulru:
Leaves Albuy
Leaves CorvalU. . :
Arrives Ya 1 a a
No.l Refrnlng: &
T .......& Vnnlll. .......
i.CUTCfl 4I4. . -- ..,
Lcav Corvallls .?!
Arrives Al any .
No. 3 Tor otrelt:
Leaves Albany
. Arrives Dfilrlot
No. 4 From Detreit:
lut for quality of eur
Meats, Lard aad Poultry
we challeBge any cew
petltortoseetus lex
celleace. Hos5hers
kaow ttis.
SaVfB. OrnrsR.
2205!,?.9,rCfflerce. Portliatl,
?i.iia.uartraforye,1w Dlae luaiker
Si Ji.aWe BrBtee te locate vob
sollcitea. We mve th fcgyers.
Reference at TlUo, Guaraateo and
Trust Company, Pertlaad: Gov,
Chlbertala and SwrSSfcry r ot
SUto Duahar.
Leaves TJetrol'
Arrives Albany v""hivjl
Train No. 1 eai !l
tlma to- cennret with
bound trtlc. as we'l ai v
thre hour, in Albany W"
or.a. ?. norwuuuui -m
' TralLNo. 9 coVf Jw
trains at CorvaUls.Qj,
direct. servico to V1F
TranNo. SforDJ
and other jioimau f-i
t-rT Tertrt TTL.
at flon. giving a , ,
For further ImirBaBTSaJ
h. h. nioNisaA2JJ
-3 Strings
to Our
thnv're all good
v- .1-1 WehaVtllI'
CD, BO ' - - . v 1
1. Via Billings tK
R0Uta . , .nd ti 1
2. Via St. Paul f ""
3. Via Denver
md ti
:. ,n;
wnicn "' --ftua
U ypu want to ride oa
train v k"-iMitP
see the most --
tho globe.
M.ttf Elaalh
too xbo

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