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!4K - f - ll4lM'f - a - faa -
R. M.
I'll . HI
1 1 : I
Up-to-date Confectioners.
Wholesale Fruits and Produce.
Phone No. 2231, llllhee Block.
" 4.0n "
::::::::A G E N C
fiir Enr
K HOP GROWERS SUPPLIES. Crude and stick Sulphur.
?J, G. Graham, Ageht,
A f Juicy Morsel for
aner you can enjoy from one of oar
k and delicious mean, sicasi, """
Mtton chops, veai raura wpoi
'srlmeitcattle, and we can supply
... til. i I. .uIJWah. .nj
WDie wita uoBu, uHMiuwua
oma meats at oou roc. pH.a.
Pbon 891
In Swell Society
ENo man would think of having the
nen that he wears with evening
na tnundried anywhere but at the
alem Steam Laundry. We will give
ou either the gloss or domestic An-
a. both of which are beautiful, our
wk on woolen and percales Is unsur-
We guarantee satisfaction.
Sak Stou Latmdry.
imiji B. OLmjresj, mtr.
Of Combination Desks, j
China Closets atid Ausic
Cabinets just unpacked. J
The House
Furnishing Co.
269 Liberty Street.
Stores st Salem ana Altany.
K4 - M4'H - l - H4llH4 - B - l - B - ( - ll
Truth to Tell
Thoro aro no othor milk cans mndo that con
equal in wearing qualities the gonuino
They aro tinned to stay tinned, and put together
to stand years of hard service. Othor cans crack
easily, become dented, and being lightly tinned
Boon rust and go to pieces. Not o with tho "Uuhl
Factory," 'Improved Elgln"und "Genuine Iowa,"
They will mil Ian nny other cnni on the market, and nra
thoroughly and iiulckly cli-ftDed, Kcmcmber, tbe Uuhl Is
iiinnui. ran in inn worm iiuu i nuwe wun iiii
Uuhl ''Victor" Can limit nnd the Uuhl
"Vltlor" KounJ Handle. Ai there tire many Infrr-
lurimiiHiimunciniKcnn. weaiami) nil ours with 1).
CRACKERS and all kinds of fancy
CO., Inc.
Nuts and confectionery
Y O F::::::::
207 Commercial St., Salem, Ore.n J
Shingles and Shakes
The roof la shingled beat It you use
the kind of ahlnglea and ahakea we
MIL and we ask you to note tbe good
wear and economy of tbe root for
which we furnish tbe shingles or
hake. We carry a large atock of
shingles and ahakea of good quality,
carefully selected to make a Bound,
tight, durable' roof, and we are al
ways ready to etvo estimates.
v . .. Naar 8. P. Pas Dspet
phone Ml.
Famous Instruments
Being Made -These
Skillful Artist in This Line
in Our Midst Makes Only
Salem now has In Its midst a raro
mechanic, an artisan In reality an
artist In his line. In tho person of J.
I Coates, tlTo violin maker and re
pairer. This nu occupation thnt Is
not followed to any extent these days.
but It Is for that reason all tho moro
Interesting. Wo hear a great deal
about tho old masters, whoso violins
now sell at fabulous prices, but In
this work llko ovorythlng else modern
progress Is being applied.
Mr. Coatos Is orlglnnlly from Chi
cago, but with his wlfo. who Is In
poor health. Is traveling about the
West looking for relief and ho at tho
same tlmo follows his calling. Ho
says thoro Is plenty to do ovorywhoro
and Is busy all tho tlmo, either ro-
pairing, robulldlng or making now
violins. Ho Is dovoted to bis work,
and his Instruments are bolng classod
among the host turnod out nt the
present time. He makes no Instru
ment under 1100, and somo thnt ho
has made could not bo bought today
for $1"0.
Mr. Coates says there aro a few first-
class makers In this country now,
and that thoro are now being as
good Instruments mads na wuro over
turned out. Kvon the famous Stradl
varlus are bolng excelled In somo re
spects and It would not bo surprising
If tho prosont contury puts Into tho
shade all tho old masters In this lino
of work.
Among other things Mr. Contcs
makos n speciality of rc-grnduatlng
old violins, and by this process, which
Is that of taking apart and finishing
tho tnsldo, ho makes somo first-class
Instruments oven out of machluo
mado fiddles. Ho has all manner of
tools for testing tho wood, calllpors
for taking tho thloknoss of all parts
of a violin, and all manner of contrlv
ancos and tools for shaving, polishing
and fitting tho dollcnto pieces of
wood, all of which Is necessary to
produco a porfoct Instrument Ho
can tako an old Instrument apart and
by going oror tho dlfforont parts give
it an entirely now tono.
Mr. Coatos has work sent him from
all parts of the United Staates, and
carries with him materials and wood
of all kinds pertaining to his busi
ness. Ho has somo violin backs with
him cut from hard maplo slabs nearly
C9 years old. Somo of theso backs aro
a solid .piece, but most of them are
gluod In tho center. Ho has some of
theso plecos that seem as hard as
flint which ho has carrlod with him
over twenty years, and although they
contain less than two feet of rough
lumber, ho values them at not less
thsn ten dollars. Tho fronts of all
violins aro made of spruce, and Mr.
Coatos considers tho Oregon grown
spruce as fine as there Is In the world,
although our maple Is too soft for the
Any person Interested In the man
ufacturo of violins or who takes a gen
oral Interest In a rare mechanic, a
man who devotes his whole exlstcnco
to his work who works for the
work's sake ought to call at Prof.
Coatos' workshop up stairs In the
Murphy block. Ho will bo hero sever
at months, and makes it very Inter
cstlng for callers. An Olympla paper.
where Mr. Coates was before coming
to Oregon, has tho following Item of
Interest concerning his movements
"J. I Coates, the well-known violin
maker, will leave today for Satom
where he will mako his home for a
year or so at leant. Salem offers a
better field for his handiwork, al
though as n place of residence Mr.
Coates believes he prefers Olympla.
As a violin maker Mr Coates' namo
Is not confined to this section and
somo of his best instruments are in
tho hands of famous violinists. He
o BTtfM"1 ' llfcasBg
: $Jr When
JT the sua gets big
4T and round,
should be around
A packac oukM St avOkna.
auitara, ra.
The man who started to run a race in
ciiaitu ana letters
would be viiiblv
handicapped. No
one Vfdnid expect
ntm to succeed.
The man whol
runs trie race of
life when his
digestive and nu.
tntivo organs are
diseased Is equally
handicapped. In
the one case bis
strength is over
weighted, in the
other it is under
mined. Success
demands above
all else a sound
Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery cures
diseases of the
stomach and other organs of digestion
and nutrition.
$3,000 FORFDRIT will be paid by
Wonr.D'3 Dispjuvsaky Mkdical Asso
ciation, Proprietor, Buffalo, N. Y., If
they cannot show the original signature
of the individual volunteering the testi
monial below, and also of the writers of
every testimonial among the thousands
which hey are constantly publishing,
.thus proving their genuineness,
"The ptUc I wonlil like to give your ' Ooldtn
Medlenl Ul-cowry ' I cannot utter In wonl or
dcKribe with peOj" nntr Unit. U. Ambrcne,
Ui.. of ijojH Mtmln Slrttl. Huntingdon, r.
"I w taken with wht our phytlciant here
aid w Indlztttlon. I doctored with the belt
around here ind found no relief. I wrote to
you ud you aeut tne a quentlon btnV to All out,
and I did o, und you in dtl-ed me to ue
Dr. riercc'a Uoldcn Medical DlKortry. I took
three bottle, and I felt to irnod that I "topped,
bcliir cured. I hare no aymptoma of gtitrlc
trouble or ludlitntlon now '
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, sent free on receipt of stamps
to cover expense of mailing only.
Twenty-one one-cent stamps for the
book iu paper covers, or 31 stamps for
the cloth-bound volume. Address Dr
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
tenvo behind him sovcral lino violins
ntnong tho players of this city."
The Latest Yarn.
A 1'ittsburg drummer tells this new
yarn: I always carry a bottle of
Kemp's Dalsam In my grip. I take
cold easily, and a fow doses of the Dal
sam always makes mo a well man
Evorywhoro I go I speak a good word
for Komp. I take hold of my custom
ers I tako old men and young men,
and tell them confidentially what I do,
when I tako cold. At druggists, 25
and CO conts. 4
suhe eufte for piles
ttchlng Piles produce molsturo and
cause Itching, this form, as well as
nilncl, Bleeding or Protruding Plies
aro curod by Dr. Do-san-ko'a Pile Rem
edy, stops Itching and bleeding. Ab
sorbs tumors. SOo a Jar at druggists,
or sent by mail Treatlso freo. Write
me about your case. Dr. Rosanko,
Philadelphia, Fa. For sals at Dr:
Btono'a drug stores.
1 n 1
For liver trouble and constipation
Thera'a nething: better In creation
That MHU Uarlr lllstrs, the famous llttls
Th-r always effect a cure and save doctor
Mttle Karly Itlaer are different from all
other ptlla. They do not weaken the sys
tem, but act si a tonic to the tl.u-a hy
arousing the accretions and rratorlne tbe
llrer to the full performance nt Ita func
tion naturally, t'or aalt by V. U. Haas,
00 Mtata street.
A Useful Doy.
(Chicago Dally News.)
Undo Charles Boys how can you
associate with that Dinks boyT I un
derstand ho'a tho worst scholar In tho
Willie Huh I If It wasn't for him
mo or Tommy would bo at tho foot of
tho class.
This thing of being sick and looking
for a cure Is a mighty serious busi
ness. People are not given to joking
even at the first symptom of the ap
proach of tho grim destroyer. Tboy
do not want to be the subjects of ex
periment, but want medicine that has
u.- the test of years behind IL A
medicine that has been made and used
for 20 years gives assurance of Its
worth, and can be taken with a faith
that they hare the very best cure the
world affords. All this can be said
aoout Dr, Ounn's Improved Liver Pills
as a remedy for sick-headache, dys
pepsia and Indigestion, It begins right
at tbe source of the trouble and re
moves the cause. We will send a
sample box of these pills free, or a
full box on receipt of 25c, Bold by all
drigS'sts for 25c per box, or address
Dr. Uosanko Co., Pblladephla, Pa.
For sale at Dr. Stone's Drug Stores. 2
good von cmi.DitK.f.
Tha pleasant to take and harmlraa Oo
Minute Cough fur glee Immediate relief
la all caaea at Cough, Croup and lflrlpiM,
becaua It doe not pats Immediately Into
lb stomach, but take tffvet rlgbt at tb
seat of the trouble. It draw out tb in
flammation. Iieal and aooibe and cure
permanently by eoabllfag tb lung to con
(rlbut pur ilfe-glelDg and life au.talnlng
osygeo to tba blood and tUiue. Vot aal
by V. O, lla. Be Stat street.
You can buy your fruit Jars cheaper
at Tbe Fair Store than any placo cite
In the city.
Farmer Jim What was Pason Oood-
lelgh lookjn' so aggravated abou)
down at your place totner aayT '
Farmer JoabHe too me to task
uok afore last for swearin' at that
yere ole balky mule o' mine, an' aafd
be could start her up without a cuss.
80 when she balked again I jlst sent
ter him.
Fanner Jim How did tho dominie
make outt
Farmer Josh Well, the old mule
was still sutudln' In the mlddle.ofnho
road alnxin' thti doxology while he
was kneolln' In a fence Jiat prayla' fer
tf CO
Vy Lj
iiy-ivrN fti
Advtrtittatst. lte Bats or kf.t tt eotaota
lastn edthrte mats for 35e. SOcaWrek Jl.SO
a wonta. All over rmltaet attassam rata.
Wanted. Two or threo hundred
cords of old fir or second-growth
fir. To bo delivered In threo months.
Apply at once. Mouey advanced to
right parties. WUlamctto Hotel.
Wanted. A good dining room girl at
tho Cottngo hotel. G-10-tt
Wanted. A socoud-hand sofa Must
bo In good ordor and cheap. Call
on Dr. J. II. Browor, Gray block.
Wanted at Once. 3000 atrawborry
picKcra at Hood Klvor. rionty or
work, Oood plckora can oarn $3 CO
a day. Tako Regulator lino steam
ers from Alder streot wharf, Port
land, dally at 7 a. m. Faro for round
trip 12.00. Children 11.00. 6-20-lm
Wood Wanted. 100 cords of big fir.
or largo socond growth, also somo
heavy oak. Send scalod proposals to
uoror uros., Journal omco. tf
or sale. A lot of good railing, coul
bo used In fitting up an omco, porch,
balcony or stnlrrall with balusters.
Journal office. 0-1 5-tf
Horse for Bale. A good riding or
driving 7-ycar-oM maro, for $35, It
taken soon. Inquire of H. II. Tur
ner, attornoy-at-law, 200 Commer
clal streot C-13-31
For Sale. Two galvanised Iron tanks,
ono of 700 gallons and ona of S300
gnllons. Apply to J. W. Watt, Sa
tom, Oregon. C-12-Ct
For Sale. QO-acro farm In Marlon
county, H mile of Banltam rlvor, in
good sotttomonL Plvo-room houso,
barn and nocotpary outbuildings.
Woll watorod with spring wator at
tho door. Ten naros of -fruit of all
ktnda, prlnclpaly winter apples. A
flno fntlt and dairy farm, with lota
of out-ntngo; within mtlo of
rnttrond, school, church and busi
ness town, with largo monthly pay
roll. This la a beautiful farm of
good, black, productive land, and If
sold at once will tnko $2000, with
halt down, and tho balauco from 3
to C years, at 0 per cent Interest
Immediate possession For further
Information address J. 13. Ray. Mill
City, Om, 0-3-3m
For Sale. Full sot Rfltz Hot Air ap
paratus. Apply to W. O, Robblns,
167 Court stroot 0-3-tf
Rooms for Rent. Upstairs, Cottlo
block, by day, week or month.
Also light housekeeping rooms.
Klectrlc lights, open all hours. Mat
tie Hutchinson, prop. 4-23-lyr.
"Lost and found7
Lost Road rccolpt book for District
No, 28. Ploaso return to Journal of
floo for reward. 0-lB-Ct
Lost Ouo dark brown cow, niuloy,
with short tall; also ono cream col
ored cow, both giving milk. Anyone
giving Information of them will bo
suitably rewarded. Address Albert
Harper, Turuor, routo No. 3.
O. W. BEAN Physician and surgeon,
offlce over Fry's drug store. Calls
answodor by day or night Phono,
omco, 1941; res., 3081 Main. C-G2w
WM, ARMBTRONQ has removed one
block south, opposite Gilliam's sbv
bloa, whero bo will repair tho un
dorstandlug Shoes made or re
paired. In connection with J.
O'Donald, carpenter, saw filing and
gonoral jobbing. 6-6-1 m
llnlnna Claanlnn Rooms Shaw eV
-"t-w -" . .
JobosoB, tne eleauers, are now lo
cated at 200 Commercial street.
They do a general pressing and re
pairing business. HpeciAiuea: tnurir.
Ilk waists, kid gloves, gent cloth
ing eteM'hono 21; ' IWS-fy?.
HsawtfusrUiti for Fcnclno Woven,
wlro feoclng for all porposos.
Smooth wlro for hop yards, etc.
Correertondonco solicited. Walter
Uoriey, 60 Court street Salem.
Removsl-The Salem Carriage Fac
tory. Werner .Fennell proprietor,
bag moved fiom Commercial street
to North Liberty, at the bridge.
Call and see tho new place, and in
spect the work done. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Werner FenneL
Eggs for Settings Pure bred White
Plymouth Rock and Black Minor
ca. the best layers known. T. II
Blundell, Mornlogslae. Telephon
Na 2066 Red. J-20-tf
You will always find tha jchricssi
meats and groceries at tbe lowest
pricas at Edward's A Loscber', 401
and 410 Stale street 'Pbon ordr
given specisl attention.
.. aij 1 eti fa all -a rfl
Central Lodos No. 18 K. of P-Caatle
Hall in Holmaa Block, corner put
and Liberty streets. Tuesday of eaca
.Mk ft 7:0 p. bu K, Strang
n r i V t1.ailni K. at IL.aud d
Friday night in Turner block. ..B.
W. iilnfuKc.R.rA.ilBTSWn
Modern Woodmen ot America Or-
gon uouar uamp wa 524SrTJMeet
every Thursday ovontng fc'SVclock.
Holmaa Hall, Franic A, Tufner, V.
C; A, U Brown. Clork.
Protection Lodge No. X, Ancient OrJ
ur uiuiou worxmen. meets every
Batnrday evening In the Holmaa
Hall, corner of State and Liberty
atreeta. Visiting brethren welcomaf
J. 0. araham, U, W, J, A, Bellwood,
"- ' '- "- w mm f-al
Dra, M. T. Schoettle, Frank J, Barir
and Anna M. Bart Oraduatet
American school of Osteopathy
KlrkstlUo. Mo, successors to Dt
Oraco Albright Omco hours f to
13 and 1:30 to 4:30 o'clock. OH
Followa Templo. Phono Main mil
rosldonco pbcie-2(!03 Rod.
r. H. H. Scovall, Suggestive Tlisra
peutlcs and Osteopathy. NarroM.
functional and mental dlsoasee, ae
ralgla, headaches, nervous prostra
tion, dyspepsia, constipation, Alaf
rhooir; rheumatism, aathra. ' et.
D'Aroy block, Stato street Paee
Main 38S5.
W. Q. Robblns, Dr. of Osteopathy, he
added to his practice tho system mt
auporhcatod air, for tho treatmeak
ot acuta and chronic diseases. 117
Court streot, Balom, Or. "
-" "w- --.- w m w im w m m m1 aMBTawanaetea
Ryan's Shaving rarlor-8rn Ira.
clM barbers angaged. Fineet bats
rooms In city. We use antlMr
steriliser. J. Ryan, Pro.
Evans Barbtr Shop Only Hrt-otv
shop on Btats street Xrery Ula
new and vp-to-data. finest xrctJ
baths. Baavs, 16o; kalrcat, 3i
balks, o Two Irst-elaea Vea
blsexs. 0. W, JCvans, proprlstar
Detroit 8hlnQles.
I haro lust received a rnrlnail nt
theso ahlngles. Orders given prompt
attention nt i. T Ijirann'a uai-.-in
shop, or nt residence, 373 Church
street. tf, i; uciiAUKisN.
UlfAAAA A T V U iTkui. t
Whtta Comer. HalBt. nnutan. Part I u
desiring superior ops-ratloos at ss4
erate fee In aay braach are is esU
jiUinuffivrtiiM mtm. 1 Laa
IliUMlIk-.. tA.M.elkw. ktM
l..ar.M .W4llU. H It-
r: s:-.."zrrrTt. .-.-''.-?73T
4hD,MlMM. UltkUtMfWMlMll
. Kim n. r-jrOA, S
Express and Transfer
Keels all mall and passenger trl
Beggsge to all parta ot the eHtt
Prompt servlca. Telephone No. 34L "
S. C, STONE, M. 0.
....rROTillETOR OF....
The stores (two '1 number) are to
cated at No. 236 and 297 Commercial
street ud aro well stocked with
comploto lino of druxs and wslehws.
toilet articles, perfumery, brush,
Has had some 26 years experience la
tho practice of medicine, and sow
makos no charged for consultation. -amlnatlon
or prescription.
Far watsr service apfly at oat,
artlla payable saoatJily in adwtea.
Uake all coMfValata at the oU.
HarfK'siWllsky N ? feliV-
Ost some Into your vf&,
Ous. Shrlbr kstps H.' '
And you knew Uia rst f"
163 SrUte Strsst
japsHtto Fascy Bry oods
u. nu la mnu tlau c WMlUrl. all
Af.a ' Whll tlaaWrwar. all klsvaa
of waists, fiacy suaater tools, illkf,
skirts, gests ibi! laalcs furnlJhloy
rssit, sMttlsfi. chlnwiift. ewy.
tkiniuUrkiB 1AO Court fit..
SirtM.Or. CorerAWy.
What mSHo-e Mas Hs.
SferSsrla4f siiSsjMr. shjs
tMtflt asa Bsveausiiiyoi m;iii.
CLn tar atvU. baABaAaaaVsl wear.
ShetJlbstrYlll copre yrim oibr
oaSUteSt-.SsltSt. OfKM- C-13-lH
I to. SB ..
' i -
1PILES ggaHwiiiiM-inil
w.brfn iutm a trr (m. a. at. t-
J at lnm aarii mt1. Utaf. . fj
Crt, brr wl.
lone 411. J20 Liberty St.
Sherwood yorwrs tta iv, -

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