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MANK i tot
Party From Berkeley
Explore the Caves
Around Mt Shasta
Find Bones of Extinct Ani-
jnials, Some Uuknown--"I
- Another Stanislaus
'Debate Is Due
Wkoky. Cat., JMl. 8. The oxpoN
Jtloit conducted by Profostsor Jolin 0
Worriaffl of tho geological department
of the university, exploring and exca--vatlnpr
anions tho cava of Shasta
county, ban mado several now finds
of Interest to science. Two now
cavosdIscovoTcd have proved very rich
la 'paleonfojpRlcol rpainB,y'lcldlnB up
"tones of animal now extinct and of
a specie hltliorto unknown to sclcn,
Hits. Bonos of mountain Hour. wolf,
porcupine! cave bfnr and groundlotji
wero found. Willi all tho bone of the
extinct porcupine ami nlso an almost
complete spedmun of ursus forllndl,
a (imall cave bear,
in dnn of those ryc an old tradl
tlon had it that an Indian woman wondering-
about had stumbled into a "well,
the bottom of which could nqyor ho
reached. This 'well was explorrd and
-at the bottom they found tho sttoleton
of a woman, fairly well prosnrvpd,
whom they Judged to'navofallon'or
"been thjrown Into the wall about 100
years ago. ,
All the speclmons will bo shipped to
Jho university.
sarao would prolong life Indefinitely
iiUuiycoMistingpfqn.. smith.
J. I). Bohanhon, U. XV. Benson. James
Phillip. Ben. Drake and I Daren
rt. brought In a vcrd.lct In accord
An Inquest
. Was Held
last Thursday Mr. Sarah M. Incase,
a rmldOnt of, Yew I'ark, died after a
long llUiona. Mrs. Ijaso had received
'treatment at tho hands of nn oifo
'opathlc physician, and. under tho lava
-creating the atato board of health
"burial permit' was necessary befor.
the remains could bo Interred Ihe law
xpeclfylng that ft ''regular practicing
physician" must certify to the dath
-cerMflrata Ai the Wimaths'ra not
mentlonod In tho law. the stast heard
of health holds iho cylMcsHi
and burial pormlt rOuld-ttot bu Ismetl,
and Dr. 15. A Pierce a member or the
atotoiboard of boullti; tooj( tho matter
up' yesterday, and ordored -the coro
ner to hold an luquost on the remain,
This Inquest was held last erenijta;
Drs. rj, V Ijjiiontul J. Henolita. who
held (ho autopsy on tho hodr. teallfti'd
that tho lady's death was caused, by n
suddea overflew .of hub from Ut
pleural sao. causing snffwa ton. Tbt
nature of tho dlivase whU-h wa tHe
immediate cause of death wa
acrlbed aa "pleurisy, eoittlmtlim with
cffuslvenoiis for mouth." It was
brought out In the iMtlnwuy of two
anco with the vwty&f testlmon"-
and iucn,aojournea wueuimm.
Tfr.Ay.Miimr" Xtfifrnnir McNary ' was
called up and appeared nt tho' coro-'
nor'a office after the Jury and wit
nesses hod all been tiuramoned, and ns
the testimony proceeded, ho declared
that" tho only verdict that could bq
brought, under tho law, was as o
whether the, lady camo to hor death
by natural causes. Dr. Tierce, how.
ever, contended mai u was me uuiy
of the Jury to bring In a vordlot as to
whether tho patient had received
propw medical treatment or not Tho
prosecuting nttornoy took the poeltlon
that'll was not the business of the
Jurji to deeldo as to whether any par
Uctilar echool of healing could or
could, not have healed the woman, and
now state thnv this was In no man
ner a proper case to be brought before
tho coroner.
The testimony taken revealed that
several regular physlolana had bad
charge of the enso last full and win;
All 4f tit.... nwwffktl.l M tH
raute of tho trouble, but felt unable
to fiolp her. Then Dr. Sohocttlo, the
tateopathlst, was calle.1, and pro
longed hor llfo over sis' months. Tha
proscctitliiR nttornoy maintained that
a t.Tdtrt as to the efficiency of any
particular school was nut of ordor.
alul that a cnmlomna'lon of the treat,
mont hail would be n condemnation of
"is regulars, who. had previously
treated hor, as well an of tho ostto
paths, under whoso treatment she
Anally succumbed to Uie dread ills'
Mnanwhllo a burial permit will bo
Dr. fierce disclaims any Intent to
Injure tho osteopathic practitioners,
J n making tho Investigation.
This Is tho first burial normlt Issued
hero, uud probably tho first In tho
state. It was Issued by County Judgo
Scott, upon tho showing mado at tho
Inquest hold last night.
Tho remains will he burled this af
ternoon, from tho residence of the
family In Vow I'ark
i 1
in Recruit 5c Cigars is due entirely
'to their quality Don't forget that!
At the same time every
The, Cinnamon
Was a Scrapper
A party an a trip Into the Cascades
Writes (he Eusenn Register an ao
reunt of u bsar fight, front which we
Mli the following'
-Vaily Hirkson the fanion hunter
atM fisherman took a stroll through
tha salt timber lA.areh of a deer, and
whlfa 'on br tlantt ot a 11k buektho
raH anto a iw nstiu cinnamon boar.
Amly, t "xWcUna; tn kl nioro tian
(! deer, took only three shells for
his nt Wliii he mt tho bear, be
trtNl to srarv htm away, but Mr. Bear
was not built on the scare-easy plan,
so And?, aeoimbmod to such things.
let htm bar a 90-90 In his neek, which
luneiiaUd his body, and downed him,
but he rot ojaln mid started for
Andy. ho let hi in have tho second
Mu.l and Mr. Boar again hit tho
found within Jfl feet ol Andy, but
4t dead
lr. Olawimim, now In death agony.
doctors that any compet nl)rsrhm laroe from the ground and mado for
liV-.tnaklHB n HUhha.). hi nt.lA2r Au.l.. n.i... u..n- . -it ...
.v; u....v .. niiuaui .! iq --. . iiiv nuiM wvre on koiio, oui
could discern ho cauie of th. trodbl (hat made little ilfrronce to tho stur-
n Rfttlferlng or pus In the pleural carl dy mountaineer, who. yanking out his
ty, and that the evacuation of the huntlni; knife, cut the animals throat
Fifty Years the Standard
W 1mm WMVt Fair. .
fttpim w. m sm
1 H l I .fSS
'"cia '
has a band around it that may bring
you a fortune. $142,500 given away
$5,000 may come your way!
Save the Bands
Two bands from Recruit Cigars are equal to
one tag from Star Tobacco in securing presents.
and escaped without so much as a
soratch. tut hla 'clothes woro badly
torn In tho struggle.
llecauHO your disease Is of ten ot
twenty years' standing Is no reason
why you cannot bo cured by a good os
teopath. Call and havo our methods
axplnlnod. It costs you nothing to ror
eclvo this Information.
Drs. Sohocttlo, Barr & Barr, Osteo.
paths, Grand Opora Houso, Salem, Or.
You may think your Rplno Ih all
right, but )ou cannot obtain a rcllof, or
nt least not n euro, from medicine. So
why don't you consult usT Wo know
a normal aplno whon wo aeo It; so, of
courso, can also tell nud correct an ab
normal una
Drs. Sohocttlo, Barr & Barr, Osteo
paths, Grand 0 iota House, Salem, Or.
Will Face
the Music
Horace 0. McKlnloy. who, with
former United States commissioner,
Miss Mario U Ware, will b examined
by tho noxt federal grand Jury on a
charge of complicity In a plot to de
fruud tho government out of public
lands, Is expogted to return to Port
land Hoon, )
Judge Thos. O'Day, ono of his nttor
nqys, this morning tald'that he hud're.
celved a tolegram from McKlnloy to.
tho effect that ho would leave Wiscon
sin August 1st, and tho JuiIrq said he
was looking for b,U client to arrive any
day thla week.
Judge O'Day said Jhat the report
alroulatod sovoral weeks ago. When
MoKlnley left for tho Kant, that ho was
departing for tho purpose Of dodging1
a hearing. ,oud to tuako hla absenco
perpetual, was a manufactured story
throughout, but that on the contrary
he had merely none to hla homo
at iJiprosso. Wis., whore he had boon
mo groatr part qr tho time slnco
leaving. His trio Bast. Judne O'Dav
said-,' was for tho purjnwo of looktug
rter hla business Interests In, iho
flniber lino. Mloa Waro, accordliig to
last reports, was still In Denver, whoro
jiae went with MpKlnJey, at tho tlmo
tuo atory was told that the two were
fleeing from Justlca Judge O'Day
lald'thtttllls clients WOUld hn nn hunrt
all rishC when the time came for bear-
ius, their case: McKlaler. ha said.
mlht ake" a short stop at Seattle
beforo com&ig.to Portland.
After Wood
Washington, Aug. 8, T. A. Wood,
ot Portland, tho moving spirit In tho
Indian, War Veterans' Association, has
becamo involved in serious trouble
with tho pensions bureau, which mny
lead to hla disbarment from prnctlco
buforo tho Interior department, It
charges lodged against him aro found
to bo true.
For sovoral months past, tho pen
sion ofllco has been receiving charges
that Wood, In tho prosecution of pen
sion claims for Indian War veterans,
hns beon resorting tojirnctlces which
aro prohibited by law. So numerous
did these complaints become that flvo
special examiners were sent to Ore
gon to mnko a thorough Investigation
Into tho practices ot Wood, and to
determlno whether he has overstepped
tho laws. Th Ob o examiners havo tak
en fiom COO to 700 claims that wero
filed by Wood, but which havo not
been allowed, becauso of soma Irregu
larity or lack of evidence, ;and not
withstanding tho findings of tho ex
aminers aa, regards Wood, iho vctor
ana whoso rases aro Involved aro al
most sure to benefit from' Investiga
tion. Tho department refuses to recog
nise. Wood as. a stoto official, aa ho
can furnish no credentials, and more
over It cannot comply with his de
mand for a copy ot tho roll. If tho
veterans themselves cannot compel
him to surrender this roll, they must
suffer In consequence
Shortly after the passage of the In
dlan nr pension act. Ponslon Com '
War claims and It was stated In these
dispatches that tho asslstnnco of nn
nttornoy was not necossary. To this
Wood mado a violent protost, ns ho
was at that tlmo acting ns attorney
for hundreds nf claimants, but tho
records of tho ponslon olllco show that
most claims, so far allowed, were pre
sented cither by claimants direct or
younger days ho learned fio carpsl
tor's trade and worked at 1 at befol
embiaolng the logal pro jlon a'
now that ho wanted a change ho i
ciuea on ngaln working nt tho tra
for a time and consequently ho w
to tho homo of his son near tho ar
lum. and Is there building nn ad.
tlon to tho houso. Ho Is cnJovlnir t!
through tho Oregon senators and ron- hoallhy, out-door oxorclso very rauc
rcsuntatlvss. Tho fact that most all nnd especially Is ho pleased to ngsl
of tho claims filod by nttornoys are work at tho trade that was tho Aiuil
not yet adjudicated, but aro In tho dation of his prosperity. Judgo Moon
nanus ot ttie examiners now In Ore- bellevos In tho dignity of labor, and
gon, seems to more than bom out the Is a matter of pride with him that I
advice or Commissioner Ware. roso from tho carpenters bench.
It Is said nt tho department thnt If .
Wood Is found to hno violated the Trlb for Ba, nt Danlo Fry's.
law and tho rules of practice and th
numerous claims now In the bands of
examiners aro subsequently passed to
Issue, he will forfolt his right to col
lect fees under agreements heretofore
made. Tho recent ruling of Assistant
Miller In tho Lnwoy case, holding that
To Talk on a Dry Subject
I Governor Chamborlaln has receive!
an Invitation to nttond tho Nation
urifiuuon congress, which convent!
at Ogden, Utah, Soptember 15th, or
continues for four days, nnd he is r
nUPHtpd tn 1lli'. .... -.1.1 .,- II
nf f 9ft ....- ...i i ........ ""- "" uuuruoo uu K
SZ: " 7 .I! I::" T?MJt of Irrigation A number
w auunnucv l uiese tho Wfistorn ..,.
... ftvj.uiuuro
evidence for
claims, will greatly facilitate tho ad
Justment of applications now on file
or to bo presented later, and still fur
ther reduce tho necessity for the ser-
The best of physicians, unless
thoy are graduate osteopaths, may
know very Httlo or nothing of the ex
net condition of the spine, since thels
knowledge Is based on a different lino
of principles. We are skilled In spinal
work. '
Drs. Schoettlo, Barr & Barr, Osteo
paths, Grand Opera Houso, Salem, Or.
Judge Moore
Ex Cathedra
will ho pre!
ent and tho secretaries of the Interlfl
and agriculture aro exnected to bo
attondanco, and participate In tho dll
cussiona as to tho best method
bringing Into use the arid lands of th
Use Trlb for Liquor habit
HoP Buyers Have a Jaunt
The Salem Hop Buyers' Associate
weni to Newport this morning In
body, the guests of Manager Edw!
Stone, of the C. &, R railroad, and wll
remrn on aionday. in tho party wm
n loiiewing: B. O. Schucking.
wreas, R A. Crossan. Conrad Kret
nas. Llvesloy, D. McCarthy. Juli
Plncus, J. R. ijnn n c. Mlnto J.
The members of the 8nnr,n. ,..i , "ou3. -oia Neis. Jullua Wolf A
-4 . -.-.- - -.!. i
vum .m .i.i- - -i .. . . viuuu and it ti tp
mlsslonor- Ware was asked as to thei' .$ " """ V "n" YWMW.nr"' th. other h;,"
,,. "" " r aruuoas duties of the' ,
necessity of tho eniploj moots of attor
neys In the presentation of Indian
la the loins.
Ksrrcasaes, anretreshlnx sleep, det per?
It Is time yoa were dolug something.
Tho kidneys were anciently called th
Whutn your cih they are hOWIneths
reins and driving you Into serious trpobl.
Hood's Sarsapartfla
Acts with tha moit direct beaenciaTeCect
on UMTktdneys. It conUlns the txtt ai.4
stfett lubatanoMtftt carrecUnc aud tooina
past yoar.
tuu uivuiB court, juuro uean spent
a part or nts leisure time in looking
after thoJnterests of the Stato Unl
yorslty bolng president of the Iward
Sf "i8- and th,a disposed of. he
l now atWewport to place his cottage
In condition for the reoeptlon of his
family Jjjd .Vfcjwton has bp)n
at Cascadla for the past 10 ,lav n.
Joying a short season of fishing, and!
m propaoiy go to the seaside for a
season. "Chief Justice Mnnr...'i
betngclosely confined to hia' offlco'l
.uj- ue year, ueclded to dcsome put.h
door work, and her Is dolngMt In h!aP
and C'H. Irwin. A number A
er8. who Inten
wero prevented by busI-
before takliu; up the fall1? , 7 . prevente'
VW. "- -r"" "" the party.
To Feel Well
you must be well. Your digeswj
organs must be doing their wf
Properly. Beecham's Tills act 1
otl on machinery, and will give j
the snap and vigor that only coc
with perfect health.
: Pills
Soli Errrr. he, InfeoaWcwd
WSwm .nmetnu.'i
f .-r

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