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NO. 180.
' rMtJERAU..
, , . ... -iliAJ.
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anient pftfie Great .
Says War is Abhorrent to
Human Intelligence and
Standing Annies
Chicago. Aug. 10. General Mlloa
passed through here today, en routq'to
San Francisco to attend the Grand
Army encn'mpmont. He discussed his
plan" for the dlsarmnmont of tho pow
ers Mo said war wns abhorrent to
bumnn Intelligence, nnd tho retention
of big standing armies was a useless
taxation on mo pcopie. iicjiuvocaiea
a congress of the powers,- and the
adoption of n rule of one soldier to
each 1000 Inhabitants. Lot tho sol
dlers become artisans and farmora,
and rollevo tho world of millions of
parasites, whoso sole liuslnoss Is war. pljrrade, Bulgaria, Aug. 10 King
Tho nrmlos of tho world nro artificial, p tw8 t! ohlldron arrived today
and If maintained will eventually M,lcr" l"rco cniuiron arrive l ioua,
plunge It Into dlsnstor. Accompanying tt wore B'ven nn onthuslastlc reoep
Miles Westward Is a cqnsldornblo par-, Hon. The city Is decorated, and thore
ty of vetorantr, Including Black and
.iiaus, wno ih going io i' on Jieno w
u-ao ii ui v luuiiutiiiu
nsattmn Anmtnnitil I
Must Punish
the Sentry
St. Petersburg, Aug. 10. Tho mln
later of foreign affairs has telegraphed
tho Jlusslnm nmbassador at Constan
tinople, domnndlng Iho Immediate
punishment of the Turkish sentry,
v,ho killed tho Ilttsslan consul at Mon
astic Saturday.
Killed in,
Boise, Ida., Aug. 10. B. S. Bonnott,
a prominent broker of wall streot.
was killed in n runawny accident nt
Sweet, on tho way to Thunder Moun
tain. Dr. Cramer had two ribs broken.
Tho brnko broke whllo they were go
log down a stcup hill.
Cub Bear's
Wild Ride
Canyon City, Or., Aug. 10. Henry
Art, n boy of Prarlo City, Is tho losor
of a good horso nnd a J 10 saddle, as
tie result of his trying to glvo a llvo
bear a ride.
Flsk nnd somo companions woro nt
What Would You Think Iff
a Man Should Ask You
to Pay iot Goods
You Didn't Get
! You Wouldn't Pay for
But (hat's just what the credit store asks every
customer to pay. T ho loss from bad accounts
compels any merchant doing a credit business
to charge extra, profits. When you pay his
price you pay for goods your neighbors bought.
There's1 a way to avoid it
1 m TOffi RAHRTI
Salem's Cheapest One
Dy Goods, Clotfiing, Shoes, j ;
Hosiery, XJndetwe&t
Ladles' and Men's Furnishings-1
E. T. Barnes, Prop, . !
the. Warm SprinRB, a place In the Blue
Mountains, not tar from Prairie Cly,
when (hey came upon nn old hear and
her young pe. After sljootlng the old
hear they lassoed the-cuh, and Con
cluded to take It Into captivity. Ac
cordingly th.ey tied It across Flak's
saddle, nnd Btartcd for this place with
It, The horse was a gentle animal,
and but Httlo trouble was had In put
ting the bear aboard of him, but In a
Httlo whllo ho exhibited some fear of
his burden.
When thoy had .proceeded about n
..."..... . . . .
itnii miiQ uio norse suddenly snorted
and, breaking awcy from those leading
him, ran madly acres the country
Vhofl ho came In contact with a pas
ture fenco'ho did not stop, but broke
through It. nnd, speeding across the
Mature, J. kc through tha fence on
tne opposite side and made forjhe
hlghor mountain
Whon he was Inst seen he was 15
mlloa from fie ntnrtlng place, nnd was
stll running. This happonod a few
days ngo, but nothing hns since been
heard of the horso or his strange bur
don, i
Makes a Fuss
Oyer the Kids
wlll bo elaborate Illuminations tonlaht.
.,. -, i ,ii,in
Blew up the
Custom House
Chicago, Aug. 10. A report from Vi
enna roports that tho insurgents lost,
nlg'ht succeeded in destroying, with
dynamite, the custom liouso at Zlebe
vcho, an tho Albanlnn frontier.
Agreed to
Pittsburg, P, Aug. 10. Twenty
thousand members of the building
trades returned to work today, both
lockout and strike orders being with
drawn, pending arbitration.
Will Exhibit
at St. Louis
Madrid, Spain, Aug. 10. Tho cab!
not has rntltled tho 1100.000 appropria
tion for tho St. Louis exhibit.
A colored brother who "got religion"
In Southwest Georgia, is In trouble
says tho Atlanta Constitution. He
"wont Into a tranco for six days and
nights," nnd wqko up with three muloe
that didn't belong to him
3O8ft0) - MO - M - M - H?
them, would you? i
- Price Cash Store. I j
weaHs -
a Scene of Wonder
ful Splendor
Seventy Thousand People
Witness the Placing of the
Crown and Brilliant
roPQ PIOUS X was dlllv crownnil In
the bnslllca of St Petorshtirir'Stinilnv.
In the presence of tho princes, nnd nn
audience of 70.000 people. Cnrdlnnl
Macchl placed tho trlplo crown on tho
pontiff's head, which was the slg
nnl for unrestrained nrclamatlonB.
Throughout, the coronnUon ceremon
ies were conducted with great splen
dor. Before leaving the Vatican tho Popo
wont to tho Slstlne Chapel to worship
before the sacrnnunt exposed (heroin,
then he passed throug'i the sala regla
and the Cnnstantlne staircase Into the
portico of the Basilica. He there seat
sd himself on a throne oroctod directly
before the holy door nnd with scnts
around for the members of tho sacred
rollege. the chapter of St. Pctors nnd
the papal court At the right of the
throno stood Prince Orslnl, the as
sistant to the pnnal throno. who with
drew his recent resignation of tho
post In ordr to participate In tho
function. I mmedlatelv beside the
Pope was the major Domo, Monslg
nore Blslctl; tho master of ceremon
ies. Monslgnore ItlggI nnd Dr. Lap
ponl The pontiff wns vory palo, but
Thn low colling sent bnck nn ex
quisite echo of the "Tcua Potrus."
sung by the Slstlne choir, whose vole-
as were heard outside In tho plnzsaf
or bt. Peters. Cardinal Bampolla. ad
vancing Vlth dignity, knelt nt tho foot
of the Pope. Ho then said.
"I offer an nt of ohedlcnco to your
holiness and wish you n prosperous
nnd glorious pontificate." Tho card!
nal recalled that tho bodies of tho first
Pope nnd of St. Pnul rested In the
bnsillcn, which fact, ho said, wns of
sood augury for tho work of tho new
head of the Catholic church, Tho non
tiff was visibly touched nnd answer
ing in a trembling volo. warmlv
tnanhed the cardinals for their well
New York
Riotsjfe over
New York. Aug. 10. Following Inst
night's violence nlong the linos of the
New York and Queen county railroad.
In the strike of tho potorraon nnd con
ductors, thoro Is complete order today,
mountod pollco patrolling tho lino, and
tho power hotiBBB yar surrounded by
flfflcors and guards. Tho strikers and
omnloyers will hold a conference this
afternoon, when n settlement is ox
All Quiet in
London, Aug. 10. Tho Pall Mall Ga
zette's Berlin correspondent wires that
the government has beon assured that
the Balkan situation Is not serious
Tho present trouble Is tho last flick
ering of tho extinguished candle.
Men Would .
not Work
Holyoke, Mass., Aug JO. The paper
mills attempted to resume- work thlg
morning after eight weeks' strike, bui
met with failure, none of the employes
appearing for work, and the attempt
was abandoned.
Cse Closed
Cynthiana, Ky.. Aug. 10. Argu
meats of the dofense In the White-Jett
case today are largely confined to a:
tacks on Ewen's character and ridl
cullng tho rolllUa.
o i
Then Teddy
Oyster Bay, Aug. 10. Baron Von
Sternberg left this morning. Presi.
dent Roosevelt passed a quiet day
Drowned in the Willamette.
Cottage CJrove Or, Aug 10 3uy
Meyors, ngetl 17 years, was drowned
In the Willamette river, near Walker
station. Ho had been n( work In a
harvest field the past waek, and went
to tho rlyor to bathe. Not bqing able
to swim he accidentally got Into deep
.water, and, being unable to reach
shore, lost his life.
May Be Missing Albany Man.
Independence, Or., Aug. 10. The
body found In tho Vlllametto at Sid
noy Is supposed to be that of tho man
who was lost at Albany somo flvo or
six months ago. and It Is thought It
has been in the water slnco that time.
Take a big.
t Contract
r Salt Lake. AUfl 10. The Utah Con-
siructlon Company haB boon nwnrded
the contract for the construction of 85
miles of track, running from Cnllontcs,
Nevada, south for tho 8an Pedro, Los
Angeles & Salt Lake ralroad. It has
11 months In which to complete tho
work, which represents $2,000,000.
The Clubs
Chicago. Autr. 10 Warrants have
boen Issued against tho officers of
raoro than ino clubs, charging them
with keeping unlicensed taloons. Tho
contention is that clubs having bars
should pay license. Included in the
lot nro the Hamilton County Democ
racy, Union League nnd Chicago Ath
lctic, ptenm Engineers. Columbia
Yacht. Marquette. Illinois SwoodlBh
and Qlee Mavcr Harrison ordered tho
pollco to make the arrests, and If re
sistance is shown to haul tho men In
Phone in
Yoar Orders
These Warm Days
Wo will givo sttrao
our best attention, nnd
mnke prompt delivery.
have un opportunity of showing
right styles are. We hnvo hats
tive man. You won't fiud fault
Great Slaughter Sale of Straw Hatse
S -75 v?lucs reduced to $ 50 $1 00 values redifajd
S50 values reduced to 100 2 00 values reduced
S2.50 values reduced to 51.75
Ladles Shirt Wa'sts
3 0ff
$0 50 values reduced to $0 31
0.75 values reduced to 0 50
1.00 values reduced to 0 67
1.25 values reduced to 0.83
1.50 values reduced to 1.00
2.00 values reduced to 1.34
2.25 values reduced to 1-50
2,50 values reducod to 1.07
Si00 values reduced to 2.00
Children's Dresses
Very stylish wash dresaos in
various colors and styles, ages
3 to 14 vears. at sale prices. 1 ou
can't afford to mako thorn when
the prices are so small.
For Summer
$2.50, $3
tho most comfortable
most stylish and
made of excolleni
Jewcbry Novelties
New bead chains, bead pearl
necklaces, pearl brooches, and
waist eats.
New Pfaid Dress Good's
A Bplendid lino of all wool plaid
goods for waists, skirts or suits
just received; 65d valdfe35o
The Kaw Again Oyer'
fows Its Banks, and
Still Rising
The Kansans Always Ready
for the Unexpected take
to the Hills Just
Topeka, Kan., Aug. 10. Tho peoplo
of North Topoka nro llcclug to tho
hills to avoid tho high wnter of tho
Kaw, which Ib eight foot 'above low
water mark, nnd is rising half nn inch
nn hour.
Cotton at
Gibraltar, Aug JO. Admiral Cot
ton's squndron arrived hero today from
to Break
Linemen's Strike
San Francisco, Aug. 10 Today wns
sot by the Pacific Statos Telephone
- ' ' ! 1) '. '10
Wo want to borrow your car just a momont for a
littlo HAT TALK. Wo nro so proud of our now
liuo ol Fall and Winter lints Unit it's hnrd for uh to
kcop quiot, and wo shall not bo satisfied unti wo
tlieni to you. Your stylo is horo,
for tho swoll drossor ns well as tho
with tho prices.
dI" y Is A L E
Id Our Wash
Goods Dep't
With just
audi values
as these wo
mako busi
ness lively
Au assortment of regular 20c
values in stylish wash goods re
duced lo Ooayard
A lino of 35c values reducod
to 15c p. yard
A lino of 00c values especially
good for dresses or stylish cos
tumes 25a a yard
Big reductions prevail on all
other lines
Wbcb you fern tbt far away
feel la?
Go to it-Come to s
and yo will fit you out with all
tho necessaries m the way of
Trunks. Bars, Suit Caws,
Straps, Tags
TekKWXSi Ubcr Bastets. Etc.
See our line of lunch baskets
entirely now idea.
Compnny to break tho strike of tho
llnomeh, who claimed bjg wages. Foro
mnnshlps woro offered In various -pjaces
to men who would desert tho
union ranks. The plan failed, nnd Iho
strlko Is still on.
On f rial
tor Murder
St. Louis, Aug. 10. Tho honrfag of
tho ense of Lord Barlrngton for tho
murder of James McCann began this
morning. Tho prisoner hns Just re
covered from a sorlous Illness,' nnd 1b
pnlo and norvous.
Balfour on -tneBalkans
. Loudon, Aug. 10. Balfour today, In
tho commons, said tho governmunt Ih
unnblo to glvo any satisfactory assur-
anco as to tho stnto of affairs In Mace
donia, Ho said Europe still hoped tho
Ilusso-Aus'irlan plan would bo success
ful. Z? . J a...
inn s
154 State St.
Phone 1071 Main.
bocauao nil
to $ .75
to 135
On Ice
f fr
Hammocks 23 Off
1.00 Hammocks lor - $0.87
1.25 " " - 088
1.50 " " J. 00
175 " - 1.17
2 00 - 1.84
2.25 - 1.5Q
2 75 "' - 3.83
8.00 " - 2.00
5 00 " " - 3.34
000 " " . 4.00
Ladles Salts
You nhonld by nil menus
soo the special values wo are
offering in ladies' tailor suits.
Special $5, $7.95, $?Q
The strongest
and best tnado
lino of go-carts
ou the market.
Built like a bi
cycle. Stronger and
hotter than any
Prices Mhit
' l' l ,
Campers Blankets
A full lino of cotton blankelsin
whito, tan and grey
$Oc, gflc, $1, $L25
Se Swnre Toys t
Toy shovels, rakea, sieves buok
ala, wagons, etc., put up in com
bination sets especially for
sum men ?5o, 45c, 76e.

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