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NO. 203
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Assessor Raises Yal-
nes of Some Com-'
to Cover Franchises Which
are not Listed Separately,
Few Changes" are ,
Tho Marlon county board of oqunll
Lulon will tonlgh concludo Us work,
It lost fow (lays woro busy onoB
teral largo Arms and corporations
ipearcd boforo tho board and asked
if a reduction of their assessment.
Bong them woro ho companies own-
( Milt creek water power, which
uchlsofl "wore specially taxed last
tr This year tho assessor did
i list the franchises soparntcly, but
icrcated tho valuation of tho prop-
tr of tho several companies so ns
i cover tho franchises. In accord-
ulth this determination tho sev-
ill companies had tholr property
fees Increased xfrom last year's as
mment. as shown bolew:
Silem Flouring Mills Co., from $34,.
i to HC20O
tho9. Kay Woolon Mllls Co., from
IC1.000 to J1C.00O.
Slcm Water Co., from $3,000 to
Tbo board of equalization did not
itrub tliCBo valuations, though rejv
wntatlvcs of tho Bovernl companies
arcd and urged, reduction.
The Loewonborg & Going Co., whoso
opcrty was valued at $1C,000, also
ked for a reduction, but tho board
In morning declined to grant it, nc
riling to tho memorandum mado by
j' secretary of tho board.
Inong tho valuations Increased by
t board from tho assessor's origin-
j (prea, woro tho follewing:
J.U Stockton, from $C000 to $8000.
). Dalrymplo, from $0000 to $10,.
Som minor changes woro mado,
H the mountfl woro small. Thoro
kra i largo number of taxpayers bo
re (he board, but after Boeing tho
Mt ind Investigating tho valuations
Bide by tho assessor, they genor-
l went away satisflod.
n- , .
lited States
up Against it
I-ondon, Sept. 5: Tho Morning
t publishes a letter from Its Con
stantinople corrospondbnt In which
ho dlscussesHho Beirut affair, and the
position of tho American missionaries
In Asia Minor. Ho says:
'"Things have arrived at a crisis.
Tho United States must either Insist
upon tho Porto listening to its repre
sentatives regarding American con
verts or drop tho missionaries alto
gether. Tho latter courso Is natur
ally Impossible, and tho Bonding of a
squadron has great significance as
showing a determination on tho part
of America to tako an nctlvo part In
tho Turkish question.
"Ono result or this stop will prob
ably bo to Induce tho Sultan to raise
his representative at Washington to
tho rank of ambassador so that tho
United States can bo equally repre
sented here. At present, America is
at a disadvantage In this respect com
pared with tho other first-class pow
ers. "Nobody can qulto foroseo tho ulti
mate attltudo of tho United States,
but It Is almost certain that her
weight will incline on tho side of the
Christian against tho Turk. At tho
samo time, as a mattor of importance
to Great Britain, America is almost
bound to opposo the descent of Russia
on tho Dardanelles, bciauso In rollg
toua matters tho Turk Is moro toler
ant than the Russian."
Cotton Mills
Shut Down
Fall River, Mass., Sept. 5. Twolvo
thousand cotton operatives aro now
lald-or here for all noxt week, owing
to tho depression of tho Industry.
Is Held Prisoner bytheJOne of the Evansville
Officers of the Nisch
They Demand the Punish
ment of the Murderers
n of Alexander and
Vienna, Sep. 5. A report has been
received here that King Petor, of Sep
via is held a prisoner by some of tho
officers at Nlsch, who aro agitating
tho punishment of tho murderers of
Alexander and Draga. They are sup
ported In this agitation by General
Jankovlc, commander of the Nlsch di
vision. It Is feared n sanguinary clash
will occur. Prince Arson, tho King's
brother, Is noting as mediator, and at
tempting to avert a collision.
Blown up
by Bomb
Borlln, Sept. S. Tho Tageblatt to
day reports tho German-Levant liner
Pyrgos has been blqwn to atomB in
tho Black sea by a Macedonian bomb.
Slio carried a crow of 23 men.
Wants it
Pittsburg, Pa., Sopt. 5. Merchants
and leading business men aro making
plans to actively bid for tho national
Republican convention in 1904, Han
na is safd to favor tho place.
And Loeb
Won't Tell
Oyster Bay, Sopt. C Loeb declines
to givo out tho details of tho Presi
dent's trip to 8yracuso, in order to
prevent cranks from reaching and an
noylng him. It Is known, however,
that General Greeno will moot Roose
velt at Long Island City, and conduct
him to tho Delawaro and Lackawana
stations, where ho will board a spe
cial train The party Includos four
secret Bcrvico men.
Wants Hay
to Collect
Now York, Sopt. C Francis Bun
que, a photographer, was arraigned
this morning, charged with sending
threatening letters to Secretary of
Stato Hay. Ho was sent to Bellevue
to bo examined as to his sanity. He
claimed tho German government drovo
him out of Hamburg, owing him $18,
000 and practically confiscated his
business. Ho wanted Hay to collect,
and mado threats If ho didn't comply.
Rioters Tells all
He Knows
His Testimony will Probably
Convict Four of the De
fendants Including
Mrs. Dodge
Banvllle, Ind., Sopt. D. Richard
Roberta, one of tho men on trial
charged with tho rccont rioting, turn
ed state's ovldcnco today and gavo
testimony which It 1b believed will re
sult In th conviction of four of tho
defendants, Including Mrs, Bcsslo
Dodge, who tho reports averred, called
upon tho mob to lynch tho sheriff.
Will Patrol
Water Front
Washington. Sopt. 6. This morn
ing Secretory Adee, of tho stato de
partment, put In four hours construct
ing a dispatch, which it Is believed
contnlns detailed Instructions to Min
ister Irishman as to tho representa
tions ho Is to mako to Turkey, to per
mlt tho uso of tho Machlas as a lega
tion boat and tho arguments ho Is to
employ, with tho other signatory pow
ers to secure this consent to patrol
Constantinople's water front. Tho
department has ovldently decided on
an effective, though conservative plan
of action.
Rome, Sept. 5. Tho Popo baa of
fored Cardinal Moron, archbishop of
Sydney, tho poet of papal secretary of
state. Moran Is Inclined to decllno,
owing to his advanced ago.
mitaiiiiiff mmn iiihjii ww
Ate You Sate Yot Owe it?
Tlnvnn'r vnn linrl hHlfl nrAflnnted that VOU UlOUcllt
lad paid, or for goods you know you had never bought?
Nobodv hut n. hill collector realizes tho number of
Ipuled bills thoro aro the first of the month.
Of course it's Eomobodv's mistake. Goods are often
barged to the wronc customor. Tho merchant failed to cro- 9
lit your account when you paid him. No matter what
reason, vnn fin n't. lilrn in lmvn these thincrs occur.
Just try tho cash plan in tho future and avoid all tho obj Z
n-uuuuDio ieaiures 01 me croiii ouhwil-bb. iuu nj & -
t lor all tho "accommodations" you get at the credit store.
Will Bombard
tk Capital
Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. C A member
of tho Macedonian commltto today says
tho organization is arranging tho bom
bardment of Constantinople with a
tramp steamer armed with six guns,
which will enter tho harbor and open
fire. on tho Ylldtz Kiosk, whon tho
plan culminates.
Saw Himself Dead In Dream.
Bangor, Mo. A remarkable story
comes from Calais In connection with
Get a fall
Bedford, Iowa, Sept. 6. During tho
performance of tho Pan-American
shows hero last night a section of re
served scats gavo way, throwing 2000
persons to tho ground. Fully 300 woro
moro or less injured, and Mrs. Henry
Simmons, fatally
Kennedy hired a wheel in Portland
tho ovenlng of tho crime, and that hi
did not return It until tho nepet morn
ing. This is considered significant,
as tho robbar who entered tho Warren
homo Monday night rpdo to tho farm
on a blcyclo and came from tho dl
rectlon of Portland.
On tho other hand, Kennedy claims
that ho simply rodo about Portland
for a fow hours and wont to his lodg
ings at a lato hour. To his fellow min
isters ho 8tntxl that on his trip nbout
tho city ho met no one whom ho knew.
Kennedy had borrowed small sums,
langlng from $20 to $50 from many
of his parishioners, and as ho did not'
repay tho loans, many lost confidence
In him. His wlfo Is woll educated
and ndvortlsed that she would conduct
n preparatory school for colleges horo
commencing with this month.
Miss Mlnnlo Warren is not shaken
in her IdcaB of Identification, and It
Is singular that both womon aro cor
tain, and woro certain before com
paring notes, that Kennedy was tho
man. Miss Warren repeatedly called
tho robber a' coward whllo ho had
them lined up In tho bedroom, and,
becoming exasperated, ho said, "Darn
Row Mr. Curran, Kenncdy'B suc
cessor in tho Congregational church,
today took tho prisoner a Bible.
i j
Are jit Beirut
Washington, Sept. G. Admiral Cot
ton today oulclally reported tho an
rival of tho San Francisco and Brook
lyn at Bolrut yesterday.
Four-Masted Schoon
er Foundered This
England Won't
Stand for It
London, 8ept. 5. Tho Press, com
menting ou tho Sultan's attempt to
obtain tho active co-oporntlon of
Grcoco, warns tho Athens govern
ment that If she allies herself with
Turkey, she will earn tho lasting en
mity of England.
The Daily
Train Wrecks
Indianapolis, Sept. 5. A switch on-
glno thla morning wrecked a work
car in tho yard of tho Pennsylvania
railroad, killing a man named Leon,
Six othors wero injured, one fatally.
All woro Italian laborers.
Schenectady, N. Y Sopt C A
trolley car and a work train on tho
Schenectady rnllwa this morning col
lided, fatally Injuring an unknown
man, sorlously Injuring tho conductor
and slightly Injuring two othors.
Believed She was Han
in a Fog-No Trace
Crew Has Been
Provldenco, R. I, Sept. 6. A Rock
Island dispatch says a largo four
raasotd schooner foundered this morn
ing near tho southeast lighthouse. No
trace, of tho crow has been found. It
is believed sho was mn Into and sunk
during a fog.
A Russian
Vlonna, Sopt. G. A Constantinople
dispatch says ajlrngoman connocted
with tho Russian cmbacsy, was arrest
ed on tho street yesterday, under tho
assumption ho had gravely compro
mised himself with tho Insurrection
Ists. It is possible his action may
lnvolvo Russia.
A. II. Thomas, tho undertaker from
Bhorldan, Is In tho city, having
brought over tho remains of tho lato.
MIbb Sophlo D. Baxter, who will bo
burled In this city tomorrow aftorr
Ftest Today
tt roqulrcs tho best sort of med
ical education to bo an osteopath, and
school standards aro desorvodly high
among osteopathic colleges.
Drs. Schoottlo, Barr & Barr, Ostro
paths. Grand Opera Houno. Salem. Or.
Chocolate Creamrr'
Peppermint Chews
154 State St
Phone 1B71 Main.
The "Home Store" for Good Goods
grain brokers
6. Proralnont
tho death there on Wednesday night bouses of Baltlmoro and Philadelphia
Even when you pay cash at a store doing a credit husi'
.- . w " ' i . ml l..ni nlmoMna hlfl IF
I "aw you uavo to pay crcm. prices, i ne raoreiwui
ffcses from "bad accounts" to his cash customors by
The morchant chargeahis S
slf customors bv doubling 1
law nrnfito OMtot'o l nnlir mnv tin ran 1rnm nvntl.
j-wto. xtmifO tiiu imj n j w ,. .- ,-
1 Iff M
's Cheapest One-Price Cash Store, f
Everv articlo that leaves the storo must bo paid for. but
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y Goods, Shoes, Clothing, j
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Everything for the Whole Family.
E. T. Barnes, Prop,
of J. Brooka Sutherland, principal of
tho Mllltown (N. B.) High school. Mr.
Sutherland, who was a prominent edu
cator, died from tho effects of a
wound, his rlflo having been accident,
ally discharged whllo he was hunting.
Two months ago Mr. Sutherland
draemed that ho saw his brother-in-law
driving a grocery wagon which was
covered with a white shoot. Mr. Suth
erland approached the vehicle, lifted
the sheet, and va3 startled upon be
holding his own body. Tho next night
the dream was repeated and again on
the third night, whon his father ap
peared to him and bade him tako
warning. f
Mr. Sutherland mob so Impressed by j
the dream that ho mado application j
for two 16000 acoldent poljclos, which
had been in force only six weeks
whon the accident occurred which re
sulted In his death.
Mrs. Sutherland was tho first to
reach her husband after the shooting,
and under bis directions bound up
the wound. Whllo sho wts thus en
gaged Sir. Sutherland said to her
"Minnie, this la my dream."
Tho rlflo Mr. Sutherland had was an
old-fashioned ono, which ho received
a week ago from his former
met In conference horo this wcok and
discussed plans to save tho largo ex
porting Arms from the disaster thoy
say Is threatened by the diverting of
the western, grain trado from these
ports to Montreal and other Canadian
It is said that tho ocean steamship
lines which have a terminal hero aro
affected by this loss of trado The
causo assigned for tho loss of the
grain business Is that tho rato on tbo
Canadian railroads Is much lower than
can bo secured on any seaboard lino
shlch mns Into. Philadelphia or Baltl
ore A second conference will bo held ,
In tho near future to further discuss
the matter and decide upon some plan
of action, i
Kennedy is i
Stiil in Jail'
HllUboro. Ore.. Sept. 5. Rev. It.1
H. Kennedy still remains in Jail In
dofault of bondtt While a few of bis'
church members of the past feel faltL
In his Innocence, no one has offered
to execute tbo bond of 11000 that
would give him hi liberty. This Is
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home, (considered strange. Inasmuch as
near FrederlctoD Tho wagon in J among tho members of tho Congrega-
which he was taken -to the hospital tlonal church thero are many wealthy
was too vory vehicle in which. In bis people.
In Chiffon Venis,' Antique, Persian, Etc.,
jus-t recivd and on display.
dream, be saw his own body
The ofa"ra have discovered that

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