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erlpps News Association Telegrams.
3 and 6 O'otock Edition.
Dftlly One Year, $4.00 In Advene.
Dfiy Three Month, 11.00 In Advance.
My by Carrier, CO Cents Per Month.
Wegkly OnaYeer. 11.00 In Ayenceu
Ono Wcok , ,...$ 10
Ono Month 35
Throe Montbe LOO
At Journal office.
t Daue's Grocery, South SaUnv
At Bowertox Qroeery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Orocery Store.
Electric Grocery, East 8tate 8L
Spring's green witchery I wearing
Braid and border for thy eldo;
Oracf for ever haunts thy Journey,
Beauty dim pica on tbr tide:
Through the purple gates of morning,
Now they roseate ripples dance.
GeWea then, when day, departing,
Ob thy waters traits his lanco.
Waltilng, flashing.
Tinkling, splashing.
Limpid, volltlle and free
Always hurried
To be burled
In the bitter, moon-mad sea.
nnd Davis appointed T" was
I II 1 1 1 1 1 II I e I H I H 1 1 H lit
- The Weather.
Tonight and Sunday, showers.
In thy crystal deeps Inverted
Swings a plcturo of tho sky.
Like those wavering hopes of Aldcnu,
Dimly In our dreams that Ho;
Cleuded often, drowned in turmoil,
Faint and lovely, far away
Wreathing sunshine on tho morrow,
Breathing fragranco 'round today.
Lovo would wander
Here and pondor,
Hither poetry would drenm;
Life's old questions,
Sad suggestions,
"Whenco and whlthcrT" throng thy
I do bolloro a grand thought never 0a 0 roaring wasto of ocean
dies; I Soon thy scattered waves shall toss,
I do bclloro that nftor lovo is host.
Whon tho strango fire that lay within
tho eyes
And tho wljd singing of the heart's
Havo passed away, nnd wo nro calm
and wlso,
And- think upon tho lovo that mnkci
us blest; ' '
I do bolloro thoro's mora of Heaven In
Than nil tho etoquonco of carllor bliss.
Wo reol beneath tho first as from a
Wo watch Its splendor till our oyes
grow dim;
Wo rnvol In Its neclnr tilt wo grow
Dlzry, nnd drunken, faint In overy
Anil so wo sleep nnd dream, thon wake
to know
. Our rapturous songs havo deoponcil
to a hymn,
Whoso swoctpr music, tlko a heavenly
Freshens our souls wllh drops of holy
Richard Itealf.
If&fl.t t.n ii.wn.l iwllinili lt.nn.1n
. h,u .UIHVD JWII,V. t.lUUUUt
Shalt thy sllyor tonguo bo lost
Oh I thy glimmering rush of gladness
Mocks this turbid life of mlno,
Racing to tho wild Forever
Down tho sloping paths of Tlmo
Onward over,
Lovoly rlvor,
Softly calling to tho sea;
Time that scars us,
Malms and mars us,
Lcnvea no track or trench on thee
Tho poom printed below onco had n
placo In .tho public school renders
Tho Journal wishes to call tho at
tention of Its Ilopubllran rendors, es
pecially, nnd all other Oregon readers
generally, to a special telegram sent
out from Washington by tho Oregonl-
an news bureau.
Tho correspondent called throe
times on 8ecrctnry Hitchcock and
was not pormltted nn Intorvlow, and
thqn gets a pretended Intorvlow from
hjj prlvnto secretary.
what would bo thought of n report
er In Oregon who was rofuscd three
limes any Intorvlow whatovor with
tho Governor of tho state, and thon
proceeded to interview tils prlvnto
"Woll, I know that ex-Representa-
tivoJMoody, boforo ho left Washington
went" to seo the president and advised
him not to appoint Knowlcs. Ho also
told tho president Davis was tho bet
ter man nnd ought to bo appointed,"
Is that rocommendatlon on file?"
"No; as I understand it, It was an
oral recommondntlon. nnd thoroforp
not of record In this department."
Tho correspondent recalled tho
statomont of Sonator Mitchell, that
tho secrotnry, on request, had failed to
furnish tho dolegntion with the
charges ngalnnt Knowlcs, Tho cccro-
tary replied:
'Senator Mltcholl know exnntlv
what charges wcro mndo against
Knowles, for in ono of his letters to
this ofOco he, in general terms, denies
tho chnrgos mndo by Inspector Greene.
Sonntor Fulton also knows of these
"Further, Secretary Hitchcock nov-
er recommonded olthor for or against
Knowlcs. Twlco tho president called
for tho records In tho Knowles ense.
nnd each tlmo ho wns furnished tho
Oreeno report, which Is tho entlro re
cord of ho department In laying that
report boforo tho president. Seeronrv
Hitchcock mndo no recommendation
and no suggestion1. Whon Davis was
choson, it was nbsolutoly on tho nresl-
dent's own responsibility, nnd to the
best of tho department's knowledge,
ho wns guided solely by Qrcono's re
port, and whntovor reasons may havo
boon .advanced bv nx.nnnmanntnti.,,.
Moody for soloctnlg Davh nnd reject
ing Knowles. That Is tho wholo ense.
Secretory Hitchcock Is not rosponsl
bio for tho delegation's turndown, nnd
naturally ho will not enter Into nnv
dlsputo with tho senators."
Hlthcock's private secretary should
bo secured by the Lewis and Clark
fair management, as a small official
There are a few of tho old cast-off
politicians who have not been quarter
ed on tho Lewis nnd Clark exposition
but they have left tho state.
Thnt man by the name of Tlnklo
who was lost nt Woodburn didn't
mako any good use of his namo or
someone would have heard and found
If Admiral Cotton looks like his pic
ture In tho Telegram, It will bo suffi
cient protection to American Interests
to land him at Beirut, and send tno
fleet olsowhero.
Tho Atlantic liner Britannic Is to bo
broken up. As she Is only 29 years
old, her owners overlooked tho fact
that she would be a dandy for tho
Puget Sound-Alaska service.
If silence Is golden, nnd In his enso
It cortalnly Is. Chauncoy Dopew's mar-
rlngo must hnvo been a golden wed
ding. Ho has remained reasonably
quiet slnco that blessed event.
Correspondents occasionally uso tho
pronoun"wc"ln their communications.
They should recollect that "we" can
only bo properly used by tho editor
and tho man with a tapeworm.
',UJJL..ii' ' I ' "' "'"'
slmilating ihcroodandncdula
Itog the Stomachs nndBoweis of
Promotes Digcslion.Chccr ful
ness andltestContalns neither
OpUim.Morplune nor Mineral.
m.. I t'miuw n-vi vitil Will flllUtV II U
usod In tho Kostorn states and will bo imrtnr . i -...i. ., i i
remembered by many now grown towould bo kicked out of tho executive
Sotting nsldo as utterly unreliable.
tho uttornnces put In tho mouth of a
prlvato secretary, reflecting on tho
prosldont, thoro Is great dopth nnd
method In this intorvlow.
If tho truth wore known, tho Wash.
Ington correspondent Is nart of thorn.
bnl that Is Booking to prevent Rooso-
vol from being renominated, bv on-
tnngllng him with ns many persons
and olomonts ns posolblo.
If this Intorvlow wore truo, Roose
velt would bo In strained rolntlnnn
with Hitchcock, wlh tho Oregon dele
gation nnd with tho "saloon olement,
tho gamblers nnd tlw undcslrablo class
gonornlly." .
Tho statement thnt nAm.n....
The Orcgonlan heads nn article,
"Ho for tho Hop Field." Is it pos
slblo friend Harvoy has forgotten his
early training nnd no longer knows
tho dlfforcnco between n "ho" nnd n
A perfect Itemcdy forConsUrvv
Tlon, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
nnd Loss of Sleep.
FacSmukt Signature of
For Infants and ChilrW
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
r A if
r lift In
fT Aft
Seymour, tho trusty who escaped
from tho pen ton days ago. Is again
"back to tho old homestead." Ho was
not out long enough to seo much, but
now that he Is back will seo more
hard labor and less favors.
For Over
Thirty Years
1V OfMTAUH omm . Nrw Ton crrr.
Any prlvnto secretary who know no Moody dipped Into tho mnttor Is prob-
nniy utterly without foundation, n.
Many a Life Spent In Suffering De
cause Troubles Were Allowed
to Develop At This
womanhood, by tho
manhood and
aboro namo,
- Tho poem was originally printed In
tho Albany Democrat nnd can bo
found In tho volumo, "Oregon Liter
ature," complied nnd edited, by Prof,
Horner of tho State Agricultural Col
lops. -
In our Judgmont this poem Is more
perfect and more boautlful than Ton
nyonV,Urook."nnd to bo classed with
tho three most boautlful poms In tho
worldnum' "Colter's Saturday
Night" and Kipling's "Recessional."
Simpson, tho Oregon poet, was
reared from childhood and educated
nt 8alem. and this city can claim to
hnvo been his home for tho greater
part of his llfotlmo. It was thi
homo of his parents.
In mtaptatloti of language to music.
In perfection of description as a na
ture poom. It Is worthy of study, and
the moit magical work of Kdgar Al
lon Too. about whom volume of erlt
loltms hav been written, havo 'noth
ing equal to tho rymth and now of
Simpson's boat verses
Tho Willamette rlvor. rising from
tho glaciers nud falling Into tide wa
ter, Is more iwrfectly dworlheil In
thwo few verm's of Simpson's than
would bo potslblo for any painter to
plcturo In color.
Tho doKcrlptlvo omo show Simp
son to havo been a closo ohsorvor of
tho beauties of nature, and tho re
frain show him to havo been a match,
less Ittorary artist. Wo reprint a cor
rect version of tho poem by request.
Front tho Cascade's froieu gorges,
Imping Uko a child at play.
Winding; widening through tho vnlloy,
'Bright Wlllamotto glldos away:
Onward ever.
Lovely rlvor,
Softly calling to tho sea;
Tlmo thut scars us.
Malum snd war us.
Leaves no track or twuoh, on thse.
Talking about
Sarsaparilla Ever
hear of any other
tlianfAyer's? i
-f twt
ofTlco on short notlco or no notlco nt
all. So tho wholo Intcrvlow may be
set down as n fake.
No prlvato secretary with tho
brains of a molliuk would glvo out
an Intorvlow on such nn Important
matter, nnd tho wholo nrtlclo printed
bolow may bo rend as a pure Inven
tion of tho Washington reporter of
tho Orcgonlan from start to' finish.
Read It:
The Washington Special.
Tho intorlor denartmont. smnrtlni..
undor tho accusations by tho Oregon
senators, disclaims all roaKnslblllty
ror tho recont appointment of IMwanl
W. Davis ns register of tho La
flrnndo land ofllco. nnd holds I'resl.
(Uiit Hoosovolt solely nnsworablo for
tho selection of Davis nnd tho rejec
tion of John W. Knowles. tho innn In
dlrsod by tho Oregon delegation. Tho
Oregonlan corresKndont cnllod ntthe
department today to prsont to Secre
tary Hitchcock coplos of tho Inter
views of Senators Mltcholl nnd Ful
ton, blaming him for Knowles' re
jection The secretary dcollned to
so the correopondent.evon on tho see-
ond nnd third aimllrnilnn 1'inniiv
tho Oregonlan containing tho lnto
views was sant In to tho secretary,
who. alter reading them, sunt back
word he had nothing to say In reply.
Ho llkowlso sent back word that ho
woutd not now. nor nt another tlnm.
dlsouss tho charges against Knowles,
nur would ho nllov nccesa to the re
port of Inspector Oreeno.
Tho next best authority within roach
nnd tho only othsr man familiar with
iho records In tho cwo. wns Secre
tary Hitchcock's prlvnto secruarv.
Upon bttlng nskod of ho kuow why
Knowles was rejected, ho replied:
"Yeb: ho wns rejected because of
tho report of Inspector Orconu. whloh
roeommandod HRuliwt him nnd In fa.
vor of DvU "
Was thsro nuthlng In Green's re.
Itort roUsotlug on Knowlo"a chnrnotor
or hU nUllltyT"
"Orooue reported that he had lslteJ
La Orando and made tv wrsouol tnves.
tlgutlou. during which ho learned that
Knowles was backed by tho saloon ot.
oment. the gamblers and tho undealr
ablo olasa goneratly. Ho did not as
sail Knowles' character or lu nuy way
reflect on hts ability. Ho rccom
rocudod against htra sololy on account
of his backlog."
'Was there any other reason h
you know of why Knowlo was turned
flioouy is out of onico nnd would
not nnturally bo hunting troublo with
any side of a hot problom.
But tho prlvato secretary of tho sec
rotary of tho Intorlor Bays: "I know
that Moody wont to boo tho nroslilon
nnd urged him to turn down Knowles
nnd nppoint Davis." Was tho boy
presont when tho nrcaldont tni.i tii,?
Vo gods nnd llttlo minnows ui.n n
Riant Intellect has tho Washington, D.
v.. reportor of tho Oregonlnn.
Congrosman Moody has told frinn.ta
that ho has hud nothing to do with tho
wholo mnttor, nnd thnt Is tho most
llkoly thing In tho world ns ho Is not
noted for going out of his way to got
Into dinicnltloB.
This Is ono of tho wnys tho Wash
ington correspondent has for pnininn
liiK iKilltlco nt long rnngo In Oregon.
It IS UnforttlimtO for Oroirnn l,n(
there Bhould bo workod un such a mw
nt presont, when Oregon should cultl
vnto tho most friendly relations bo
tweon tho preuldont and tho delegation.
This correspondent mnv lint im it..
tentlonally Btlrrlng up strife or hurt
ing Oregon knowingly, but on thn nth.'
or hand ho may. bo In tho secret com-
uination to hurt Roosevelt as much as
Tho nation's polltlcnl bosses imvn
taken tho contract to prevent Rooso
volt's renomlnntlon.
Tlio abovo may bo lnnkM nnnn
whether Intended so or not, as part of
tho Beorot warfare against tho presi
dent, to foroo him Into n nunrmi with
Ultahoock and the Oregon delegation
nnd tho saloon olomonL It Is nil wator
that goes onto tho anything tn.Liii.nrr.
Hoosovolt mill.
Wo nro In receipt of n ironv nt thn
North Bend CltUon, a bright now pa
per trom Coos county. nuhiihi i.v
Chostor It. Ingle, a. Kansas man witd
tho right conception of booming n
now town.
Lucy A. Mnllory In World's A.u-nn
There will not bo any mnnnimiina
mlllloualrea nnd trusts whon man !
como unselfish, for truo lovo does not
glvo birth to thnt kind of fruit. Lovo
enncnos nil men who culttvat t .n.i
all olso, without lova. U nf on
Hvory mother of n growing nlrl
should remember that thoro will como
a tlmo whon hor daughter will bo a
filrl no longor but will share with her
tho blessings of womanhood. Unless
notlrlshmnnt bnm nnnn ...Itk . ,1.
tho foundations of n urn nt onfrnrir,..
nro laid at that tlmo. Chlorosis, com-
monly called greou Blckness, may do-
VOloi) unloss thn IiIotm! lu bm,t !!,
and pure; Inclplont consumntlon nnd
nervous and constitutional troubles
that thavo been dormant Intho blood,
will surely appear unless tho systom
is kept tonod up until tho dnnger
lino Is passed. Mrs. John MacKlnnoy,
of No. 478 Thirteenth street, Detroit,
Mich., W'rlt08 n tlninlv wnnl nn lin
subject She says;
"I did not get propor caro at tho first
critical tlmo In my Ilfo and for sovon
toen years I siiffnrivi nn n nunH t
hnd dizzy epolls, folt n constant fear
inni somoining drcadrttl was about to
happon. rnd was r.frnld to go out
alone. My breathlnc wnn vnrv ahnrt
and had palpitation of tho heart so
oauiy mat i could not go up Btnlrs nor
walk ovon modoratoly fast. I was so
norvous Uiat I could not sit still. At
different times for vnnm t wno iin.ln
tho core of tho best physicians In De
troit nnd I tried n nurabor of ndvor
tlsed medlcinos. Nothtng helned mo
mull, oil tho ndvlco of n neighbor. I
trlwl Dr. Wllllncs' Pink Pills for Polo
People. I folt rflllcvnd 1 ofni-n thn flrat
box wns flnlshed and I kopt on taking
mum uniii i was cured."
Last wl-.itor mv little ciri imt pi.n,,.
nmtlsm nnd I gavo her Dr, Williams'
Pink Pllla and sho got woll right
nwny. My slitor's daunhtor was
thought to bo Collie Intn rnnanmntlnn
nnd, upon my ndlco. sho tried tho
pllla. Thoy cured her cough nnd Bho
Is now woll and strong You can read
ily boo that my ontlro family is onUiu
BlraJc over Dr. Williams' Pink PMls
fOr PnlO lVOIllft nml Wt nnn,.n nu
enough In tholr praise."
Dr. Williams' pnfc pm9 for Pa,0
Poonlo nro nlwnvn niii.naar.i !....
thy go to tho root of tho disc-no.
Othor remedies act on thosymptoms
thOSO ma.'VeltllR vmrntnhln iilllo -
movo tho cuise of tho troublo. Thoy
navo proven thomsolves to be nn un
failing spectne for nil dlwisos arising
from IlllDU - or Imnnvn-liliul l.ir.i
nnd weakened norvos two frnttfiii
OfVttSOS Of 1lllv nil thn lllo ..I. I.v.
cuman-kmd Is. holr Dr WllllMlll
Pltlk IM1H for Pnl.l P,nnln M .l.l l
dox-wj nt 50 cenU a box or six boxos
for 12.60, nr.d may bn had of nil drug
gists, or direct by mall from Dr WH-
iiuiiia aieuir.n t'o. Bchnoctady. N Y
Cloves tor men. woman and children 10c
Ladies Straw Hats, wide brim 19c Sun-!
bonnets good quality 18c, Shirt Waists 25q
Crash Dress Skirts 45c, Toweling 5c vA
Towels 4c each. Turkish Towels, large
and heavy 19c each, Red Table Cloth 25c
yard. Linen 1 owehng, unbleached, 10c
yard, JLots or new goods rrnved.
Greenbaunfs Dry Goods Store.
302 ConWrclal Street
W$$L fljM ?1e53 m
Signs of Renewed Activity
In tho real ostnto world indicate in
creasing building operations thli
Spring, nnd prompt ub to remind yo
mat our facilities for supplying hai
und soft wood, lumbor, lath, shingle
ana othor building matorlals are
coptlonnlly good. Wo will be pleu
to furnish ostlmate8 on contr&c
largo or amall. A car of MIU C
Bhlngles rccolred.
Phone ML
Near 8. P. Pss Dip
A Man who is not Fastidious
About his laundry work will tnlm it
to "any old placo," but thoso who nro
woll-bred. nnd want their llnon tn i.a
faultless in color and finish will sook
out tho Snlora Stoam Laundry in tlmo.
Just as wator finds Its level. rnr i.nn'
dry work Is lncoraparablo, and la tho
perfection of tho laundryman'a art.
Try uo.
Salem Steam LanrW-
SftW.SvA- SkfiSJEJ?. Prop.
uunuo u. uLniaicu, mi?r.
Phono 411. 320 Liberty St
This la tho lost night tho curt.in
boos up at Shield's park, also tho i.
ulght tho small boya will go up the I
Irwii In that uelehborhood.
QrM (M, Stte4tIH X C .rtu. .TATmj
U.I U .1 jm Uta fc. IW. US. . WwnL
X A rfB z TJZZX?
C v&s&r t'xzrizriz
ltk rT imL.".?7' ticlrr"1- -
told In Mm hy , a S4m,
CU tor Ftm Bwylsc
Purity's Eratlem
Is not a 8afor gUirantoo of genut
quality tnaa cur namo. Wines
liquors sold by us are Al for that
son. Whota r usod modlclnnllv as !
tonic, or as a boverago, our customer
ore served with tho flrat choice in tl
mnrueL Wo havo a ronutatlon to
serve, which la worth too much to
trlned with.
Wholesale and Retail Llauor
I'lfmiiieiaonni,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8c dozen for eggs
JOc per lb for hens
1 7 -2c per lb for batter
In trade, less 10 per cent fa cask
f.- --, ,... .7 ,. . .TMBSWWa
- i. i . . . im m !" "mw IPPF viBHBBBP
'i UH()

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