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Correspondent Tells of
lodge Davidson Captures the
Rythm Erato vvnispers
to the Responsive
Salem, Sept. 4., 1003.
Ed, Jeurnal: You, will no doubt bo
hi to lenrn that wo havo returned
ale and sound from n hunting nnd
Kihlng trip In tho Quartzvlllc raining
Iitrlct. Wo saw one boar but ho was
kllr awaro of tho fact wo woro n
jugcrous crowd, and boat a hasty re-
ait boforo wo trained our mountain
lowlttora on him. Wo saw no door
od learned that they woro somo con-
idcrnblo dlstanco away. Fishing was
pod and wo would llko to glvo our
iaclcs flight so aa to favor you with
time-honored fishing yarn of ou
sted inodol, but as our laws prohlb-
i person catching moro than 125
!A per day, and as the gamo warden
i looking for voluntary confessions,
n though tho story might bo como-
Ut fishy, wo will havo to rofraln
si ask you to draw on your own lin-
,Vo arc greatly pleased at tho fu
se prospects of this country as a
jlalng district. Wo found many largo
al well doflncd quartz lodges bearing
pld In quantities of ?3 to ?14 per ton.
ftli district has greater bodies of
than any district wo hovo seen,
ud thcro la n great futuro for this
icuntry when a railroad Is built to
leso mines so that It will pay to
oncentroto and ship tho oro to re-
tcUon works. Tho oro In gonornl of
ils district Is what Is known as bnso,
t refractory ore, although In nearly
11 of tho mines you find froo milling
ra In tho upper part of tho lodges,
-ilch Is caused by lit- baso metals
utlng or oxidizing and loavlng tho
pld free.
N'Mtly all tlio mining companies that
I.os Angelo3, Cal., August 17 Tho Santa Fe's remarkablo run with tho special train carrying mllltonaro
H. P. Lowo of tho Engineering Company of America, from Chicago to this city, established a now transcontinental
record. Tho train left tho Santa Fo station In Chicago nt 10:15 a. m. Wednesday and arrived In Los Angeles at
1:00 p. m. Friday, August 7th, covering tho 22G5 miles at an avcrago rate of 42.8 mllca por hour and beating tho
time of tho Santa Fo's California Limited by moro than 15 hours. Tho fastest provlous run to tho coast was mmla
by tho Peacock Special from, West to East, Its avorago speed bolng 42.7 miles an hour between Lob Angeles nnd
And I hear a stream 'that Is murmur
ing nigh.
Whoso waters aro nature's delicious
Far bettor than that which Is grown
on tho Hhlno,
And Its banks havo a traco of tho vir
gin gold,
Whoro tho minors havo worked In tho
yenrs of old.
Thcao wide expanses, theso greater
hills. v
Impress tho mind with nn awo that
Our bolng with Naturo's lnflnlto plan,
Unfolding hor works In tho creation of
I'vo travolcd tho hills to 'tho moun
tain's height,
And It takes one's musclo with a mind
of might.
utt put up machlnory In this region Uut It-a worth jt nj( wnllo w0 view
uxeput In what is known as froo
allHsj oro machinery on tho supposi
tion that they had frco milling rock.
The mult has nearly always been
Hit u toon as Utoy got down on tho
Wje below whoro It Is oxidized Uioy
M baso ores and their achlnory
It for working this kind of oro
pdhavo to shut down or put,ln dlf-
rent machlnory. Wo nro pleased to
ra thr.t tho largo mining compnn-
of this district nro now preparing
ut In machinery for working theso
e orc3. Wo woro moro than pleased
Inow that wo had gono Into theso
tes with a mistaken Idea that theso
ijes pinched out aftorworklng them
4 & short dlstanco bolow tho surface.
' found tho facts to bo that thoso
tes wero richer In gold tho farther
pn they had beon mined than upon
e turfaco, but that tho gold was In
pblnatlon with baso metals, which
le It Impossible to oxtract there-
n with tho machinery adapted to
milling ores.
One of our party, Judgo T. L. David-
a. after climbing all tho mountain
k and pining for moro peaks to
b.drank tho oxcell'ijat mountain
!er that all true fishermen so freely
dgo and gnvo ua tho following
m. D. P.
In the Cascades.
Uils sccno
With tho mountains all robed In their
carpet of green.
Tho white-capped sentinels, glaring
with snow,
Aro reaching the eyo aa onward you
And tolling a talo of tho ages now
When their smouldorlng fires wero in
full blast.
Tho ocean's, great flood then passing
tains wldo
Tho black-tailed deer In tho evergreens
And tho trout aro Jumping to meet
tho sun '
Whon tho dawn of morning has Just
And tho raven cronks on the tallest
And tho pluo squirrel chatters In mer
ry gleo;
Tho black bear stands on tho Jutting
And wants to know If you will let him
Dut tho greatest sight of all things
Aro tho continuous woods of tho ever
green. Tho great flr trees, threo hundred fcot
Ab they reach tho clouds far up in the
Then how can wo toll
changes may bo
In tho futuro shores of Pacific seas?
Lumber will be Used in the
World's Fair Building
Tho largest flr treo In tho world
Was kept by tho mountains forevor nt will supply a portion of tho lumbor
lor tho construction or Oregon's mate
tho building at tho World's Fair at St.
Tho Oregon building will occupy a
slto immediately north of tho Now
Thy changes, Oh! Earth, that wo now vorK stato uuuuing. Tne stato jegis-
behold iiaturo has mano an appropriation oi
Aro found in thy mines aa wo search $50,000 for tho World'a Folr, but a
for gold, much greater sum will bo available.
Dut tho lnflnlto yeara that havo passed Flvo hundred thousand dollara haa
J away 'beon appropriated by Oregon for tho
Aro aoemlng to us but tho morn of tho Lewis nnd Clark oxposltlon, to bo
.v r.eiu in ruruauu. hi muu. tiu wmo
I commissioners will handle the cx
Thnn rnmn to tho mountains, tho Cas- hlblts for both fairs. Many valuable
cado range; exhibits prepared for tho Portland ex-
I I.I .111 t. A-a .1Ib1a..a.1 nt ihn
'Twill broaden your viowa nnu give
gaining in Importance each year.
Splendid timber grows nbundantly
nil ovor Oregon, but It Is tho Douglas
flr that Is known tho world ovor. Tho
largest specimen of this timber In Ore
gon wns felled at Aberdeen In May
for exhibit at the World's Fair. Tho
treo was 300 feet high, and 40 feet
In circumference at tho base, ft was
118 feet from tho ground to tho first
limb. Tho ago of this giant of tho
Oregon pineries is estimated to bo
over 400 years. Moro ships carry
masts of Oregon Douglas flr than any
other timber. Tho lnrgcst nnd host
flag staffs aro supplied by trees from
tho sarao forests. Other tlmbors and
lumbor will bo shown, including, es
pecially, maplo. onk and ash.
'' Oregon's display of agricultural and
horticultural products will bo largo.
Tho pruno Industry of that stato is
exceedingly Important, tho crop in
1902 bolng valued at moro than $3,000,
000. The Oregon fruit compares fav
orably with tho famous French pro
duct. Small fruits also thrtvo in tho
stato. In agriculture, tho exhibit will
bo largely based on wheat, oats, bar
toy, and tho grasses. '
flW f W llMf llIMiWf iMlf
J "Ufit.
Happy to Accommodate YoS
V- it1!'.
You know without our telling you what
f kind of goods a firsPclass drug store carries.
When you want perfumes, toilet articles,
brushes, infants requisits, sick room goods,
medicines, etc.
"You know that if you come right here you
can get exactly what you want."
Dr. Haywood's kidneyNrootasure cure for
the kidneys and liver.
For Sale By........ ;
I Palace Ptiarftiaciili
i U8 State St., Salem, O. ji
9 . - ?
Qeera Rouse Block. Court Street
S Excertencsd cutter and fitter. Will sruarantto all work. Also clean- X
in?, pressing ana repairing
IIIIHII)tl 1.K8I !! miif ! !
M. J- Petzel,
i (Successor to Knox & Murphy)
Pltimbe and Gas . Fitte.
Steam, Hot Air and Hot Water Heating.
Electrical Supplies, Batteries, Bell and Battery Supplies.
292 Commercial St. SALEM, OR.
Burroughs & Fraser
Killed Two Deer.
Clarenco Parker, of Salem, and
Fred norgman, ot this city, returned
last ovenlng from tho Dig Ilottotn
country boyond Sweet Home, where
thy loft sovcrnl Albany men hunting
deer. Voung Parker last Saturday
was on a stand waiting for tho fes
tlvo doer, when threo fino looking fel
lows appeared. Ho had a frightful
stroko of buck ngua and could not
lire a shot, Tho noxt day ho wont
out again, and again tho deer camo to
his stam) This tlroo ho kept hold
of his nerves nnd shot two deer, ono
of thorn bolng tho biggest buck killed
for a long time. This was his llrst
experlcnco and enough for ono season
and ho started for home, a delighted
boy. The other mon had not killed
a dcor. Albany Democrat.
Best Material. Best Workmen
and Promptness are our Motto
Ttieo. JVE. Barr
BoccefBOr to Darr Petxel.
Hot Air. Hot Water and
Steam Heating a Specialty.
you a change.
tnd In tho midst of tho mighty Your thoughts will spring forth from
Cascades tnclr maaen inro"H'
w O see tho sun u Its glory now As tho .mountain rills leap over tho
fades, , fa3-
fth tho tops of tho firs that are
reaching tho Bky, J Hero tho red fox rooms, in tno moun-
The Woman Who Knows
how to provida for the pantry always
Veeps the essentials on hand.
a essential to those who have tried it Compare the other brands with those
bearfaffourcap label and you will una inai wey too
vraUry in comparison. Economy Brand runs smoothly
from the can. Is uniform In appearance and U the purest
and most pleasant tasting.
Ask your dealer for the kind that has the cap label
mj) 4 1 f
position will bo first displayed at tho
World's Fair at St. Louis.
In flsh nnd forestry, Oregon's ex
hibits will bo especially rich. Tho Co
lumbia river salmon fisheries, tho rich
est In the world, will furniBh an un
rivalled oxhlblL The process of catch
ing tho salmon, and how thoy are
handled will bo shown in detail. Tho
'avorago size of tho salmon of Oregon
'commerce Is from 15 to 20 pounds,
and they sometimes reach tho enorm
ous weight of CO nnd 7G pounds. The
flsh come In from tho Pacific ocean,
nnd ascend tho Columbia river to
spawn. When tho oggs hatch, the lit
tie salmon go out to sea, and remain
Xintll tho attain full sUo Then in
stlnct leads them back to their natur
al waters. Tho flsh are caught in
traps. Great shutes hnVo been built
leading from the flsh traps to tho can
ning factories. Tho salmon virtually
catch themselves,and once In tho tolls
there Is no escape. They can only
follow the flumes, and end tbolr ca
reers In tho tin cans which tho Ore
gonian flsh dealers provide for their
I reception.
Tho sturgeon and flounder are also
caught Jn largo quantities and tho
black basa, fostered by the United
States government fish commission, Is
Mfttovku wcSKrl
Are due to indigestion. Hlnety-olne
of every one hundred people who have
heart trouble cin remember when It
was simple Indirection. It is a cc!b
tlfio fact that all cases of heart die
ease, not organic are not only trace
able to, but are the direct result of
Indigestion. All food taken Into the
stomach which falls of perfect diges
tion ferments and swells the stomach,
puffing It up against the heart. TbU
interferes with the action of the heart,
and In the course of time that delicate
but vital organ becomes diseased.
Digests What Yea Est
Mrs. Ucloc Nichols of Pnn Yin. N. T..
wriusi AJttr ettlef . my lood would utj-M
m bf miJtlBt my biirt pa'HUte ud I would
became very weak. FluSjr I to a bottl of
HjJoI end It im nvs Immediate nlM. Atar
tic a (w bottles I era cued.
Kodol cures Indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach disorders, and gives
the heart a full, free and untram
meled action.
Bottles only. JI.00 SUe hoUlnf 2K Bn
the trial rite, wkJcb MtU (or SCO
! "
School of Tlie Woods $1.50 net
Beasts of Tne Field $1.75
Fowls of Tlie Ait $1.75
Hodge's Nature Study and Life $2.00
Roth's First Book of Forestry $ i .25
Dkfcerson's Moths and Butterflies $2.50
Atkinson's First studies of Plant Life .5
Emerton's Common Spiders $J.50 net
Eddy's Friends and Helpers .75
; Trade Department, 29 Beacon Street, BOSTON, i
m . . .... . .. ..-... . ....-. .
J. A. AUPPERLE, President E. W. HAZARD, Cashier.
A. F. HOFER, Vice President.
regon State Bank
Jefferson, Oegon,
Tiansacta a goneral banking business; makes loans, tie
counts bills and receive -leposits,
Deals In foreign and domestic exchange.
Collections mad on faverab le terms.
Notcrlee Public Wo tender our services In all matteru of
conveyancing. Ileal estate 'oane negotiated at low rate ot
r, 0, JIsm, Dro Store.
m i

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