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The House Furnishing Company.!
Salem. 269 Liberty
Has come to the conclusion that
jie of tho vogotablo kingdom Is a failure When your system Is run out
rithout puro blood. You will only find vitality In tho vegetabl
Uigdom. Poisonous drugs nor doctors' knlvos nor thundor and
'.fhtnlng wll not reraovo tho causo,
i disease Thoso poisons go Into your bones, and kill tho llfo of thorn
ml creato all kinds of dlscasos, cancorouB tumors, consumption, dropsy
tone dlscasos, otc. You must bear In mind that his modlclno Is not
idioaouB tonic, nor ? stimulant, nor
jdwnous drugs, whoro tho rosulta aro
litone tho modlclno, when It takes an
iieue In tho Bystom. You must not
par sIcknosB or dlsoaso has boon a
I long tlmo to got It out of your system. It will take months or a year to
build a now body from tho bonos up. This Is what tho people do not un
ienuand. Thoy aro usod to bolng humbugged. His medicines aro com
poied of Naturo's Horba what tho human system roqulros. Whon tho anl
Dili got sick thoy will help thomsolvos to thoso horbs, for thoy have the In
itloct, and tho pooplo havo not, so wo have to make a study of It. It kas
ton a llfo study with Dr. Cook. Do not
ud too swoot to worry out of this world.
Dr. Cook Cures All Kinds of Diseases
301 Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon.
Choice and Cheap Meats
I will soil tho best Moats that. tho Stato of Oregon can produce, 'as low
u wy of my competitors, and for tho prcsont, will quoto the following
prices, and at tho isamo tlmo Invltoyou to call and Inspect our Moats and
ret our prlcos on meats' In quantities;
Ctttl further notlco tho following aro
Rooal steak 10c
duck Bteak 7c
Rout boot 6 to 10c
Belling boot G to 7o
Mutton, for quarter Co
Breast of Mutton 4o
Hind quartor of mutton 8c
Leg of mutton .. 10o
Pork loin 10c
ork shoulder 8o
i'eal, hind quartor 10c
Veal, foro quartor 7o
mty years exporlonco soiling
Beats. I will meet all cuts.
E. C. CROSS, Phone
acot Vogi fom'i
H a new line of Men's. Ladles' and
mure n's snoes. Good rutin?, eooa
wine ana at lowest prices- go ana
lor you will oe sare toeetanar-
J. Brownstein & Son.
I State street. Richest cash nrlee
i for HM Polta Wnnt. Tallow
I fars; also teeners! dealer in old
a. Kuccer ana Metals.
fo all consumers of ice
Salem and vicinity
Lhvlasr bouehttfce Capital Ice Works
MttDccnuuy soueir a continuance
fuui uiirunsgc rrc win endeavor
'isjcrove the service and win keep
'uc present excellent quality onne
tjse address all orders to tat
rsljned or telephone No. 2131.
Good Beer for Salem
4 It Will tV Ninm tlin tn nlira
ftfoduct In tae market from the
" orewcryana as we wishio eet
iTra in tSMcfna mmA 4amk 71-k
' t"3e In Salem aad vicinity at aa
vie, we save maoe arranee-
I 10 hlnrllthK nivafill aarf Ball.
ISM Rlllf iirAIXl OA UfAll ..4 .lfAV
'JuowabytB 'people of the Pa-
vu3. uar prices win m in
the local brewery Has chare
"e satisfactory.
ib Brewery Ass'n
Once Weak
Now Sttong
We are now prepared to
demonstrate our superiority J
To Make Our Claims i
Our introductory ealos will
bo made at easy prices.
Street. Albany
all profession of tbo healing ait out
but lay tho foundation for al Kinds
tomporary rollof which you got from
euro death soonor or later. Do not
effect and stirs up tho poisons or
expect to bo curod 1" a fow days, lot
long tlmo coming on, and It will take
got weary; this llfo Is too short
291, Salem, Oregon
A Etore that Is always ready!
A stove that makes no smoke, smell oi
A safe stove 1 An economical stove I A
clean etovel
A stove that requires na skill to oper
ate It I
A stove which has revolutionized
"cooking," and has transformed
the drudgery of the kitchen work
, Into a pleasant pastime.
A "Quick Meal" Stove will do any and
All work that can be done on a wood
or coal stove, only with the differ
ence that the "Quick Meal" does it
quicker, cheaper and iq a more agree
able and reliable way.
R. M. Wade & Co.
FVir wntAi- service anDly at office.
run nnvKhlA monthly In advanca
t IswCtVI JtxU6itmu3KL 1 MB ill
Little Property Trans
ferred During That
Time -
Indications Point to Livey
Times in Real Estate
Lines During the
Coming Fall
Following nro tho deeds recorded
at tho courthouse during tho past
Martha J. Atwood to J. D. Tramwo
lots 7 and 8, blk 12, Capital Park add
Salem, $2500.
John II. Patterson to E. E. Wlrslng
and wife, CO acres In 1 9 b, r 3 w, S1G00.
Itudolf Moyer to Vorena Moyer, lots
No. 1, 2, 3, 4, G, and C, blk 35, Scotts
Mills, 11200.
Joseph Etzwllor and wlfo to Cornelia
M. Wall, 18.80 acres In t 8s, r 3w, $760.
Esther A. Lewis and J. H. Lowls to
Orsa Fagg, lot No. 44, Harapdon Park,
G acres, SGG0.
Milton Young and wlfo to J. V. Al
derman, small tract of land in t G s,
r 1 w, $000.
W. H. Van Woy to II. E. Van Wey,
lots C and 7, blk 1, $500.
Mrs. W. It. Adair to F. M. Brooks,
10.76 acres In sec 24, t 0 s, r 1 w, $490.
H. A. Thomas and wlfo to J. C.
Qoodals, Sr, and I. N. Bcntloy, 100
feet squnro on Winter Btroot, Salem,
p. c. d., $400.
T. A. Itatcllffo and wlfo to Esther A.
Lowls, lot C, In block 7, Yew Park
annox to' Salem, $425.
C. Bosso and wlfo to Anna E.
Broughton, block No. 13, Turner's ad
dltlon to Turner, 1350.
N. J. Kool and wlfo to Carrlo Ooodo.
lot No. CO, Capital City Fruit Farms,
w. d., $3G0.
O. A. Webb and wlfo to Volnoy
Leonard, 3 acres, lots No. 12, 13, 14,
Johnson's addition to Sllvorton, $350.
J. F. Doud and wlfo to Paul Sown,
lot No. 1, block 5, Woodburn Pocking
Co.'s addition to Woodburn, $326. -S.
L. Wlrth and wlfo to Elijah
noeso, n of n. w. Vi of section 14,
t 7 s, r 1 o, w. d., $200.
II. S. Broughton and wlfo to Susan
Boss, s Vi of lot 12, of Tout's addition
to Woodburn, $250.
II. A. Thomas and wlfo to Estor A.
Lowls, lots No. 1 and 2, In block 12,
Yew Park annox to Salem, $1CG.
T H. Payuo to Roy Sullivan, ono-
half aero In s 29, 1 9 s, r 3 o, $125.
Gcorgo Phillips to Volnoy Leonard,
.474 aero near Sllvorton, $126.
Judith C. Naol to Mrs. A. E. Ross
ell, '274.50 In sections 11, 12, 13, 14,
t 9S, r 2 w, q. c. d., $100.
Mary Jano and Madison Burnotto,
to Mrs. A. II. Lacrolx, lot 1, In block
24, Silver Falls City, $75.
Dundee Mortgago & Trust Co., llnv
lted, to Alllanco Thust Co., Hmltod,
210.C7 acres in t9s, r 3 w, q. c. d $1.
M. N. Osborn and othoro to J. II.
Patterson, CO acres in t 9 s, r 3 w,
q. c. d., $1.
Total, $11,432.
Diseases of summer from chol
era morbus to sunstroko, aro quickly
romcdlablo by osteopathic treatment.
Drs. Schoettlo, Brit & Bnrr, Osteo
paths, Grand Opora Houso, Salem, Or.
Kisses are
Kisses nro actlonablo In southern
Russia, but tho many casos beforo tho
local magistrates provo that tho Iittlo
god of lovo doflos law, as woll as
locks. A kiss In tho street car coats
tho Indiscreet osculator a flno of $3.
To embrace ono's fiancoo In public Is
a prlvllogo valued at $2.40. A decla
ration of "a great passion" by postal
card Is oubjoct to a flno of $2.40.
Tho public must bo protectod, and
tho disturbing Influonco of such sights
Is assessed at a figure calculated to
discourago youthful Impetuosity.
At Milan, Italy. 721 couplos paid
fast year tho fine of CO oro (about
$1.20) for having braved tho conven
tions and kissed each other in public
It requires tho best sort of med
ical education to bo an osteopath, and
school standards aro deservedly high
among osteopathic colleges,
rvra Rorirwttlo. B&rr & Barr. Osteo
paths, Grand Opera Houso, Salem, Or.
Spring Water
Is what Strong's use on their tables.
On theso warm days there is nothing
like It
trrawmH mumf i ail
ills Wile's
It is a singular thing that in the
popular view of disease the Intcrde
pendence of the several organs of the
body Is lost sight of. The heart, for
example, Is diseased and it is treated as
if it were entirely separated from, and
independent of, every other organ.
The fallacy of this opinion is shown
by the cures of heart "trouble," liver
"trouble," kidney "trouble" and other
so-called "troubles," effected by the use
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery. Primarily the "Discovery" is a
medicine for the cure of diseases of the
stomach and blood, nut it cures dl.
eases of organs seemingly remote from
the stomach, became these diseases have
their origin in a diseased condition of
the stomach and its associated organs
of digestion and nutrition,
I doctored with three dllftrent doctor for
wiik heart, but they did me no Reed," wrlte
Un, JulU A. Wilcox, of Cyinet, Wood Co., Ohio,
noxji, "I was o tired nd dUcouraeed If I had
had my choice to lire or die I would hare pre.
ferrrd to die. My husband heard of ' OolJen
Medical DlKOvery'and he bought a bottle. I
took that and the flnt half acemed to help me,
I took il bottle before I atopped, I am per
fectly well, and am cooking for alz boarders.
It has been a Ood-iend to "
- Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipaliou. XMarket Quotations Today
-. "Make Salem Cood Home Marker 7
Poultry at Stelner's Market.
Chlchcns 10c.
Egga Por dozonfl 20c.
Hop Market.
Hops 17018c.
Potatoes, Vegetables, Etc.
Now potatoes 60c.
Now onions lo por pound.
Watormolons l4c por pound.
Wood, Fence Posts, Cto.
Big fir $4.00.
Socond-growth $3.50.
Arh $3.00 to $3.76.
Body oak $4.50.
Polo oak $4.00.
Cedar Posts 10c.
Hides, Pelts and Furs.
Green Hides, No. 11 7c.
Qreon Hldos, No. 2 206.
Calf Skins t to 6c
Bhoop 76c
Goat Skins 25o to J1.09.
drain and Flour.
Wheat 70c.
Oats 26c.
Barloy $17 por ton.
Flour Wholesalo, $3.C6.
Live (Stock Market
Stcors 29ic.
Cows 2 Vic.
Sheep $1.60.
Dressed veal CWc.
Hogs 54c.
Mutton 2c por pound.
Veal CGHc.
Hay, Fed, Eto.
Baled cheat $8!).
Baled clovor $80$9.
Bran $21.
Shorts $22.
Creamery and Dairy Products.
Good dairy buttor 1520c.
Crcamory buttor 23VJo.
Croam separator skimmed, at
Com. Crcamory, 24c, minus freight.
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla A'alla, 79a
Wheat Valloy, 81c.
Flour Portland, host grads, $3.05
3.85; graham, $3.3503.76.
Oats Cholco Whlto, $1.07Sc.
Barloy Feed, $1920 por ton;
rolled, $21021.50.
Mlllstuff Bran, $32.
Hay Timothy, $14.
Onions Now. $1.1501.26 por sack.
Potatoes. 75085c por sack.
Eggs Dregon ranch, 2122o por
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 12012c
per pound; spring, 14014o;
turkoys, live, 10012c.
Mutton Gross, 505 l-2c.
Pork Dressed, 808c.
Beef Oross, 5M7c.
Veal 8c per pound.-
Hops 1902 crop, 20021c,
Wool Valley, 17018c; Eastern
Oregon, 1216c;' Mohair, 35037c
Hldos dry, 16 pounds am: upwards.
16 to 16tt&
Butter Best dalrv, nominal; fancy
creamery, 2O022c; storo, 16017c.
25c Can Do
Wonders in tbo way of a meal, if you
call on Gcorgo Bros., tho Whlto House
Itestaurant Thoy can servo you tho
best to be bad on tbo coast. Open
day and night.
Money to Loan.
Loans In sums of $10,000 or loss on
short tlmo, or for a period of years.
j. w. unuwN,
8-4-lm Room 5, tpstalrs, Tioga Dldg.
Hop Picking
Will begin in tbo Johnson & Mur
phy yards in West Salem, Wednesday
morning. September 2. All wishing
to pick In that yard will register at
the storo of Geo. w. Johnson & uo.
yf im ana irarmiwwn;
AdTtrtiseneaf. rive Hum or ts. ta t kta etfMM
taseneauree noes for 35cSCsWk$l.5e
noma, au over firs ! ,a jiw.wwe .
Personal Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Hart
ford ar notified that their daughter
Lucy is at tho Leonard House, In
this city. Ploaso call. 9-4-3t
200 Rooms Wanted With or without
board, for university Students. Per
sons having furnished or unfurnish
ed rooms will bo aldod in renting
them it thoy will Bend namo and
address to Christian Associations
at tho Wlllamotto university. 9-3-3t
Wanted At onco, a good hop drlor
at my yard V mtlo west of Wapato
station, Yomh'll county. Address
W. H. Egan, 'phono Farm 3G, Qor
vals. 9-2-3t
Wanted Cbambormald and pantry
girl at Wlllnmato hotol. 8-25-tf
Wanted Prunes to dry, or will pay
highest cosh prlco for rlpo prunos
for drying. Clinton Kurtz. 8-24-lm.
Wanted Approntlco girls, 2 oxporl
onccd makers, 3 exporloncod sales
ladies. Apply at Now York Mlllln
or Parlors, 317 Commercial St, Mrs.
Hooker, Managor. 8-21-tf
Lost Sunday morning between 6 and
7 o clock, botwecn Wlllamotto hotol
and Dr. Byrd's rosldonco, ladles'
dark oxford coat, length. Finder
lcavo at Wlllamotto hotel and got
roward. 9-3-U
Lost A gold monogram pin of Port
land High school, with dato Feb.
'95. Flndor return to thlB offlco and
rocolvo roward. 0-2-3t
For Sale Second-hand offlco safe lu
qulro at Oregon Nursory Co.'s of
fice 0-4-tf
Willamette University Scholarship
to lcaso for coming term. Address
P. O. box 2G3. 8-27-tf
For Rent 7-room houoo wltli baso-
mont and woll water pipes. En
qulra at 424 High or 163 Stato St.
A. Schrolbor. 9-1-tf
Scholarship for Rent Two full schol
arships to Wlllamotto univer
sity for rent fdr tho coming school
year. Ono tor salo. Apply to IL,
Journal offlco. 8-22-ti
For Rent Good houso near business
part of city. In qulro of A. F. IIc
. for, Jr., at Journal offlco. 8-22-tf
Rooms for Rent Up stairs, Cottlo
block, by day, weok, or month. Al
so light housekeeping rooms. Elec
tric lights. Opon all hours.
, Commercial St., No. 333.
Phone: 2005 Main.
MatUo Hutchinson, Prop.
At 149 Stato stroot tho prlcos on
clothing, furnishing goods, notions,
otc, will convlnco tho most skeptical
that thov can got groa. bargains while
tho goods lest S, Friedman manager.
Notice Is horoby given to all malo
clUzons of tho city of Saloin, Oro.,
botweon tho ages of 21 and 60
years, that tho city road poll tax of
$3.00 for each Individual not legally
oxompt therefrom, for tho year
1903, Is now duo and paynblo at tho
offlco of tho undorsigned. Tho pay
mont of this tax Is a charter quail
cation for voting within this city.
Pay up. GEO. GRISWOLD, Stroot
Commissioner- 9-4-tf
8alem Truck and Dray Co. OUost
and host equipped company In So-
lorn;- Piano and furnlturo moving
a specialty Offlco 'phono, 8G1. W.
W. Brown & Son, proprietor. Offlco
No. CO Stato stroot. 9-1-lm
The Proper Thing Tho popular
drink for family uso Is O. S. soda
and carbonatod bovorages. Every
body should keep thoso goods at
Uiolr homos. Call up Oldeon Stolz
Co. 'phono 421.
I Have Just Purchased The Mlllor
stock of now and socond-hand goods
at 210 Commercial stroot. Will glvo
you good treatment and doslro your
patronage. Second hand goods
bought and sold. Also a nlco stock
of now goods on band. D. F. Jor
man. 7-21-tf
Screen Doors $1.16 and upward, In
cluding hardware, screen windows,
Wlro Cloth, Lawn and Field Fenc
ing and Shingles all at lowest
CO Court SL, Salem, Or,
Unique Cleaning Rooms Shaw A
Johnson, tho clcanors, aro now lo
cated at 209 Commorclal street
Thoy do a genoral pressing and re
pairing business. Specialties: Skirts,
silk waists, kid gloves, gents' cloth
ing, etc. Phono 2C14. 6-28-lyr.
You will always find the choicest
moats at tho lowest prices at Ed
ward's & Luscher's, 400 and 410
Stato street. 'Phono ordors given
special attention.
Central Lodge No. 18, K. of P. Castle
Hall in Holmau block, corner Stato
and Liberty Sts. Tuesday of each
weok at 7:30 p. m. A, E. Strang
C. C, IL J. Fleming K. of R. and 0.
Foresters of America Court Sher
wood Foresters No. 19. Meets Fri
day night In Tumor block. S. W.
Mlnturn. C. IL: A L. Drown. See.
Modern Woodmen of America Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 6246. Meets
every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
Holman Hall, Frank A. Turner, V,
0.: A. L. Brown. Clork.
Protection Lodge No. 2, Ancient Or
der United Workmen, meets every
Saturday evening in the Holman
Hall, corner Stato aad Liberty
streets. Visiting brothraa welcome.
J. a Graham, M. W.: J. A. Selfwood
Recorder. ' """
Drs. Morse and Robertson. Reema
1 to 6, Hotman block. Teleprffris
Dr. W. 8. Molt Will horeafter cbo
found In tho Brey block, 275 Com
mercial Btroot, over Oregon Shoe
Co. Offlco tolophone, 1931; real,
denco phone, 2751. Offlco hours 9
to 12. and 2 to 6.
Drs. M. T. Schoettle, Frank J. Barr
and Anna M, Barr, Graduates
American School of Osteopathy,
Kirksvlllo, Mo., successors to Dr.
Grace Albright. Offlci hours 9 to
12 and 1:30 to 4. 30 o'clock. Odd
Follows' Tomple, Phono Main 2721;
rosldonco puono zcus rod.
Dr. H. H. Bcovoll, Ouflgeatlvo There
poutlcs and Osteopathy. Nervous
functional and montnl dlseasos, neu
ralgla, hoadachos, nordvous prostra
tion, dyBpopsio, constipation, ' diar
rhoea, rheumatism, asthma, eto,
D'Arcy block, Stato street. Phone
Main 2855.
Ryan's Shaving Parlors Soron first?
class barboro ongaid. Finest batk
rooms in city. Wo use antiseptic
storllUors. J. Byan, Proprietor.
Evan's Barber Shop Only first-class
shop on Stato stroot. Erory thing
now and up-tc-clato, FlneH porce
lain baths. Shave, 15o; hair-cut 25o
baths, 25o, Two flrst-clasa boot
blacks. 0. W. Evans, proprietor.
fA&cV dry go6ds
Made up in a new line of
wrappers, all colors. W,hite
Underwear, All kind of waists
fancy goods, silks, gents and
ladies furnishing goods, mat
tings, hop picking cuffs, noy
for sale cheap. SOO Coikt
St.. Salem, Or. Cor. Alley.
all kinds and styles, First Class
work aad material, Prices reason
able. Ssop oh Miller St.. SBtsi
Salem. Phone Red 2191.
MS Cemmeretal Strsst
Crawfish ) All served in
Hot Tamales the most ap
Cold Lunches ) petizing style"
E ECK1?RLBN, Proprietor
S. C. STONE, M. 0.
Tho stores (two n numbor) are lo
cated at No. 236 and 297 Commercial
street, and aro woll stocked with a
comploto lino of drugs and modlclnea,
toilet articles, perfumery, brush,
Has bad somo 26 years exporlonce la
the pracUco of medicine, and bow
makes no charges tot consultation, ex
amination or prescription.
Successor to Dr. J. M. Keono, in
White Cornor, Salem, Oregon. Parties
desiring suporlor operations at mod
orat foo lu any branch aro in ospeclM)
Bank of Salem.
The only National ank in Marion
County, Transacts a gonoral banking
Pays lntorost on savings accounts.
Harper's Whiskey Is the ktet
Qet somo Into your vest I
aus. Schrelber kesps It,
And you know the rest
153 State street
Card Indexes
The time-saving mothod. Wo make
them to suit your Ideas. Cards ruled
to any slzo and form. Cabinets made
to fit Ring us up and lot us explain,
Prlcos surprisingly choap.
130 Court St. Salem, On
Express and Transfer
Moots all mall fthil sossoncer trains
Daggago to all parts of tho city,
Prompt service. Telephone no. z.
oHicHtcrcR-a CNaiisH
la UKU 1114 MUill, Wua
tan,!!. l.ytilMilU M
Mae all complaints at tho offlca.

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