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NO. 259.
nn mmi BmnaBiBW dbb nasi
y "W.J a Bi" BP ma' w
I 1-f. M ,
Caused by the addition of our
New Dry Goods Department
Inst Spring wasn't simply spasmodic. Every month bas
shown a big increase Our customers realize that wo.uro
saving them money on .RELIABLE UP-TO-DATE merchan
dise. I
Shoes,- Clothing, Hats,
Underwear, Rubber Boots
. and Shoes, Slickers,
Salem's Cheapest One Price Cash Store
E. T. BARNES, Proprietor
The President Sent His Message te Congress at JO 'Clock
T&is Moaning Deals With Cuh&n Question Alone and
Makes Strong Appeal fo Out Little - ;
Sister Republic
Pill Blow
up Trains
Chicago, Nov. 10. Another letter
ireatcnlng to dynamite tlio Hock
Island train In Iowa, unless tho writ
pp wcro given a largo sum of money,
pa sold to havo boon received by tho
sofllclals of tho road hero, but they ro-
fuso to nfllrm or dony tho Toport. A
dispatch from Dcs Moines says the
rood between there and Earlham 1;
bolng patrolled night and day
armed guards, two miles apart
To the Senate and Houso of Repre
I convene congress that it may con
alder tho legislation necessary .to put
Into operation tho commercial treaty
with Cuba which was ratified by tho
sonato at tho last session, and subse
quently by tho Cuban government I
deem such legislation demanded, not
only by our Interest, but by our honor.
Wo cannot with propriety, abandon
tho course upon which wo havo so
wlsoly embarked. When tho accept
nnco of the Piatt amendment was re
quired trom Cubn, by action of tho
congress of tho United States, this
government thereby daflnltoly com
mitted itself to a policy of tronllng
Cuba ns occupying an unlquo position
as rogards this country. It waa pro
vided that when tho Island beenmo n
free and Independent ropubllc It should
stand in such close relation with us,
as in certain respects to como within
our Bystem of International policy, and
It necessarily followed she must also,
to a certain dogrec, becomo Included
within tho limits of our economic poli
cy. Situated ns Cuba is, It would not
Cashier Was Short
Newark, O., Nov. 10. Ex-Cashier
Hoover, of tho People's National Hunk,
was arrested this morning. There Is
a shortage of $40,000, covering 12
ycara Tho examiners say It won't
cripple the Institution.
Kaiser All Right
Porlin, Nov. 10. An official bulletin
this morning says the improvement of
tho kaiser's wound continued. Ho wont
foe a walk this morning.
be possible for this country to pormlt
tho strategic abuso of the lBland by
foreign military powors.
It Is for this reason that ccrtnln lim
itations hnvo been Impressed upon her
financial policy, and naval stations
hnvo 'been conceded by hor to tho
United States. Negotiations as to tho
details of theso naval stations nro on
tho ovo of completion. Wo aro so sit
tinted as to prevent any Idea that thoro
Is any Intention over to uso them
against Cuba, or otherwise, than for
tho protection of Cub, from tho as
saults of foreign foes, and tho bottor
safe-guarding of Amorlcnn interests in
tho waters south of us.. Thoso inter
ests have boon Inrgoly Incronsod by
consoquonco of th war with Spain,
nud will bo furthor Increased by build
ing an iRthmlan cnnnl, nnd nro both
military nud economic. Granting to us
by Cuba of the naval ntutlona alluded
to is of tho utmost Importance, from
a military standpoint, nnd Is proof of
Cuba'd good faith. Cuba hns made
great progress Blnco hor Independence,
and already stands high among hor
slstor republics of tho now world,
loyally observing hor obligations to
tin, sho Is ontltlbd to like treatment
by us.
Tho trenty submitted for your ap
proval Bocurcs to tho United States
economic advantages as great as thoso
given Cuba. No American interests
are sacrificed. Ily tho treaty n largo
Cuban market is secured tb our pro
ducers, n market which lies at our
doors, already largo, nnd cnpablo of
groat expansion, and especially Im
portant to tho dovolopment of our cot
poit trade. It would bo Indcod short
sighted for us to refuse to tako ad-
vnntngo of such nn opportunity, end
forco Cuba Into making arrangements
with othor countries, to our disadvan
tage. Tho reciprocity treaty stands by
ItHolf. It Is domnnded on considera
tions of broad national policy, as woll
as by our economic Intorosts. It will
do harm to no Industry, and will bone
fit many Industries. It Is In tho Inter
ost of our peop, as n wholo, both bo
causa of its Importance, from tho
standpoint of International policy, an J
because, economically, It intlmatoly
concerns us to develop and accuro tho
rich Cuban rnnrkot for our farmorn, ar
tisans, morchants and manufacturers.
Finally, It Is doslrablo ns a guaranty
of the- gtfod faith of this nation toward;
our young slstor republic to tho souUi,
whoBd wolfnro must over bo cjosoly
bound with ours. Wo gnvo hor lib
erty. Wo knit to hor memories tho
blood and courngo of our roldlors who
fought for hor In warj by tho memoir
les of tho wisdom nnd integrity of our.
administrators who Borvcd toor In
penco, and who started hor so woll ou
tho dllllcult path of solf-govommont.
Wo must help hor onward nnd upward,
nnd In helping her wo help ourselves.
Tho foregoing considerations caused
tho negotiations of tho treaty with
Cubn nnd Its ratification by tho sonato,
They now. with equal forco, support
that legislation by congress, which, by
tho tonus of tho trenty, is necessary to
remlor It operatives Falluro to enact
such legislation would como perilous
ly near repudiation of our plodgo of
the faith of tho nation. I transmit
herewith tho treaty as nmonded by
the sonnte, nnd ratified by tho Quban
government. (Signed)
Novombor 10th.
Negroes Accused of Murder.
Ponsacola, Fla., Nov. 10. Two ne
groes havo boon arrested at Marlnnn,
cast of hero, for tho murder of William
Qaffcy, his wifo and three chlldron,
which was discovered yesterday.
An Editor Jugged.
Belgrade, Sorvia, Nov. 10. Editor
Novostl has been arrested for printing
a canard that King Petor was about tc
Congress Gets
Downto Work
Washington, Nov. 10 Speaker Can
non today announced tho committee
on rul'jwould bo composed of Dalscll
and Gro'svonor, Republicans; Wlf
Hams and Dearmond, Democrats.
Williams succeeded Richardson and
Denrmond succeeds Underwood, of Al
abama. Tho lattor'B romoval sur
prlsod tho houso.
Tho Presldont sent tho following
nominations to tho senntc: Thomait
Cummlngs, of Now York, to bo consul
at Puerto Cabollo, Venezuela; Wm.
Hock, of Kansas, to bo asBoclalo Judge
of tho eighth district; Dantol Wright,
of Ohio, assoctato Justice of tho su
premo court of tho District of Colum
bia; Joseph Gill, Judge of tho north
ern district of Indian Territory; Aloy.
Bins Howling, Maryland, auditor of the
treasury department.
Ffesh Today
AIafeina and
Italian Cream
154 State Ot Phono 1071 Main.
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and Overcoats
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mt M" rr
This Week
We are making great reductions
on our table llnons. No commodi
ty Is more Injudiciously dealt In
than linen. It Is so easy (even
though wicked) to add a cotton
thread or two. nnd thus reduce
cost. The average customer Is oft.
en none the wiser until a few
months" wear has affordod detec
tion. Our linen chief oarna his
salary. He Insists on perfect lin
ens and gets them. No Inferior
sorts are tolerated.
A line of special Thanksgiving
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Dess Goods
Continues at a merry pace uad a
great many have availed them
selves of this great ep0tM8lty to
teeuro their drees goods at a treat
ly reduced prlee.
Sheared Zi belfries 48 in.,
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Is our 140lh Wednesday Surpriso Salo and
for this day wo odor a lino grado Fascinator in
white, piuk, blue, cream, rod nnd black for
Don't fail to attend
this salo for itissuro
to attract widespread
attention and tho
early comets get tbo
first choice Salo begin; at 7:30.
Tomoswow Morning
Annual Bedding Sale
This week mnrk ono of our extraordinary
sales and has already stamped it "succW nud
can you wondor when wo nro offering our en
tiro stock of bedding at reduced price. A full
lino of HlankctH, Comforts, Pillows, Sheets,
Pillow Slips, White Spreads.
Just now whon tho cold uigbts aro appronch
ing is whon you will need them. Investigate.
Infants Wea
This department has been
visited by tho price cuttorand
the way he baa slashed price
is a shame but then he 6a s
givo tho people the benefit.
Some Reduced
One Half
Some Reduced
One Tnfect
Great Sale of
A flno line of medium and
heavy weight uwderwoar in
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Men's Jndetwft
Dr. Wright'u Health Underwear, Uolfast Linen Meab,
Dr. Dk-tnel Linen Mosh, American Hosiery Co.,
Manning, Luzerne.
A speotal lino of gray undorwear, weight suitablo for
cold weathor, well tnado in foot undorwear that will keep
you worm, regular 50a values
0-33 JtCaEHKr8!!?

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