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Absolutely Pure
Washington, Nov. 10. The state de
jxirlment Is Informed that the Amerl
can. Vanozuolan commission has award
od 75,000 on tho Rudloft claim. Min
ister Powell, of San Domingo, cable
the state department, under da to of
Kovombor 0th, that Marcorls was jom
Ijardcd by the revolutionist gunboat,
and partially destroyed. American In
terest at Marcorls are considerable.
The cable companies operating be
tween Amorlca and Colombia have In
formed tho department that the Co
lombian government has declared a
consorshlp on all messages from Due
na Ventura, tho terminal to the Inte
rior.' It Is not believed, however, the
censorship will apply to messages be
twoon the stato department and Minis
tor Ilcaupra, at Bogota. A Joint com
mit too of the house and sonata, an
polntttd to Inform tho President that
congress Is In session, visited the
Wbito IIouso at 10.30, and woro told
the mottsago would be sent to con
srots today.
Visits the
Navy Yard
Norfolk, Va.t Nov. 10. Dewey ar
rived today, and received an ovation
at the navy yard. Ho Inspected the
Olympla. Uiub celebrating the anniver
sary of his taking command of the
Asiatic squadron. The Maine was
sighted off the coast today, steaming
rapidly southward.
In tbe"Who Will Dig
the Panama Ca
nal Game"
Morgan Deposed, and Hanna
Will Be Appointed Chair
man of the Isthmian
Canal Committee
Miners Are All Out.
Denver. Nov. 10. The miners' strlka
reports show but a few hundred mon
working In Colorado, nnd 75 per cont
of tho men are out In New Mexico. In
Wvomlng and Utah the strike Is not
yet effective. The Colorado Fuel Com
pany has given notice of cjoctmont to
Its tenants of the company houses, tin
loss thoy return to work by Frldny.
Shot by a Coward.
Topoka. Kan., Nov. 10. William
Smalo, a farmer, was shot through a
window, while at Bupper with his fam
ily last night, and Instantly killed. Ills
assassin Is unknown.
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"Elastic" BooK-Case
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In tho world. It's furnished in a variety of grades, sizes
onu prices, nuapted to
any and all require
ments. It's a system of
units, each unit fitted
with the perfection dust
proof roller bearing
door. But we'll be glad
to show thorn if you call,
or will send illustrated
catalogue on request
3-ust Bnrtoeb
A untliur largo shipmont of umbrella covers. You would be
surprised at tho number of umbrella covers wo are selling.
Before buying a new umbrella call iu and look over our
line of covors. Wo will savo you money.
All kinds of Umbrella Repairing
Steel Rims and Mud Guards Fitted to
all Makes of Wheels.
Shipp & flaw.
.258 Com'l St. Opp. Capital National Batik.
Washington, Not. 10. Today, for
the first tlmo since President Roose
velt has been Presldont, visitors were
admitted to a cabinet meeting. Hanna
and Aldrlch entered, by appointment,
and, as Hanna will probably be chair
man of the committee on Inter-ocanlc
canals, and Aldrlch chairman of the
finance committee, It Is supposed they
were present to discuss tho Panama
situation. The caucus of Republican
sonators today will depose Morgan
from the chairmanship of Intcr-oceanlc
canals, as It Is determined the com-J
mittoe Is too Important to bo left In
tli'j control of tho minority. Republi
cans wore much embarrassed last sc-s-slon
by tho fact that Morgan was
chairman, and at the same time an ar
dent opponent of the Panama canil. It
Is tho genorally accepted belief that
Hanna will succeed him. I
Hanna said, whon he left the cabl
net, that Panama was discussed, but
asserted there were no serious ques- j
tlon regarding tho choice of route-, ev-'
erybody favoring Panama. There will
be no trouble In arranging a new trea
ty, as tho republic of Panama strongly
favors the building of the canal. Han
na was accompanied to the Whlto-'
House by Attorney Curtis, one of tho
representatives of tho Panama Cana'
Company, but tho latter was noi ad
mitted to tho cablnot meeting.
the Mag'azine for the Home
Clean wholesome clever fiction good stories descriptive
articles of intense interest the finest there is in illustration
printed on the finest paper a magazine of literary merit
ana pictorial excellence, a o irauauiem auvcruamg acccpicu
200,000 copies will
Be necessary in December to meet the demand.
The present number was entirely exhausted, and
not one re-order from the NWs Co. could be filled
160 Pag'es 12 Short Stories
Which is more than
there is in some of
the 25-cent and
35-cent magazines
By such clever writers as: Rebecca
Harding Davis; Maurice Hewlett;
W. A. Fraser; W. H. Orsborne;
Theodosia Garrison, and others
Tho house met at noon, with but fow
members absent. Tho public Intoreet
almost equaled that of yostorday, tho
galleries bolng filled. Tho swearinu.
of Chas. Thompson, of Alabama, was
thu first business. Tawney reported
that tho President would Immediately
transmit his message, and Aslsatant
Secretary Darnos, at 12:15 presented
It, and tho reading began forthwith'
In striking contrast to yesterday,
thcro wore no flawors, and few spec
tators, although thoro was a full at
tendance. Sonator Barnes dellvorcd
tho messago, which was read by the
secrotary of tho sonato. Bennett. The
reciprocity treaty roforred to accom
panled It, which was referred to the
committee on forolgn relations. The
senate ndjournod at 12:16.
Criticise the President
Boston, Nov. 10. In the Federation
of Labor convention today, Duncan
read a report on strlkos, also reported
conversations and correspondence of
President Roosovolt and Gompers In
the Miller case. Roosevelt's attltud!
wafl severely criticised.
The Linen King.
Brae up! Bo a king of somothing.
or a Napoleon. Thero Is In New York
a big, blonde, broad-shouldered'. pen
hearted Englishman, who drifted hern
eight years ago, and worked for $3 a
week. His salary today Is about $12,
000 a year, and he is known through
out Uid length and bredth of the land
as the "linen king." He got Into the
linen department of a great house, and
mnde himself nn authority on linens.
The house soon found hlra Indlspensi
ble. John Coopor Is his name. It I
true that he knows a few things bo
fddoa linen, as countless acquaintances
will attest, because Cooper has eyei
that see. ears that hear, a nose that
can smell, mid a tongue that can bo
sUM. -vs for tho other sense that ef
touch he feete his way guardedly,
acta his hands are always In his pock
eU to rMeve a brother's d I strew.
There matt be a thread king a needle
king, a button Mng. etc. The idea U
be a king, and the kingpin in some
Mae. New York Preee.
Judge Judah'ft Grist.
J. C Sntltn. H. I. r1;t Ud Kred
Jeneea were arrtl la night foi
KetHng late hours. The wen ero
placed in jail, and will have a bealna
Uil evening, when ft night oJHcars
appear In court to tastily. The three
wen nold In Uie Jell an vagrants yen
tarday ware NleoNargwt last evening,
nnen the showing wait that they had
work. They Mt town at onee for rheir
place of ttmntaywent.
Payday Today.
The Citlxena' Light & Traction Com
pay pay off on the 18th of each tnroth.
and disbursed about MH to Its em
fkktye today.
Snpt Seringer ku started a force of
ten ea putting In the Hghtlng line to
the reform school.
m IOO Illustrations by.
The best artists with brush, pen and
camera: Paul Helleu; E.W. Kemble;
ArthurHeming; GeorgeGibbs; Louis
Rhcad; Charles Sarka; and others
U 16 Portraits of
H Beautiful Women
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S of copies each month. Wc select f
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"A, r3
r,V!'H A....
.i9f HllNr
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points East and Southeast. '
The Old Reliable
Pioneer ,
Dining Car Line
Only Direct Line to the Famous
National Park
Excellent Through Cir
Your Bajfgjge Can Be Checked Through to Destination. Union Depot Connections.
North Coast Limited'
The Oack Train Of The Northwest
Assistant General Paiseneer Area t
255 Morrison. St., Col Third, Portland, Oregon
r ( Jn

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