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American Review of Reveiws, Predicted the Secession of
Panama From Colombia- and Outlined the Pro
,, gram, Panama Patriotism Strongest In
.Washington Where the Rebellion
For ttomo tlmo there has boon nt
mora of a , wldeaproad desire on the
part of the Isthmian pcoplo to cut
loose and form a government of thulr
own, largely upon tha modol of lhcta!on to soil to tho United States was
Cuban republic, but having ovon nover legally, granted. A high-hnndod
closer rotations than Cuba' enjoys ' Colombian presldont, some years r.go,
with Uie pcoplo and govornmdnt of dismissed an lntractlblc congress r.nd
the United States Inasmuch as the exlendod tho franchise by his own
permanent control of Panama by tho ' personal net on payment of $1,000,000.
politicians at tho remote Colombian
capital has row become wholly im
practicable, It may be assumed that
tho raovomanj. for Panama Independ
ence affords tho best solution of the
situation. Such a stop, promptly on
tercd upon, might bring about tho
much-tc-bo-deslrod stability of cqulll.
bmlm at tho Isthmus that would nlllfo
uraofit North America and South
America, Europe, and Asia. It 'would
nlao, of courso, groatly benoflt Colom-
bla, Blnco tho prompt construction of
the cnnnl would do moro than anything
elo to dovelop tho trade- and resuorcos
of tho northern pnrt of South Amorlen
and to bring about conditions Uint
would, make for enlightenment and
political progross It would be quite
too much to oxpect thnt if the mer
chants, plantors and business men of
tho Panama strip should declare their
Independence. ndopt a tultnblo consti
tution, and appeal to the United
Stntos for friendship nnd protection,
thoy would bo tront.vl with disdain.
Om govornmont will no lopgor follow
tho plan of sending warships nnd land,
ing marines on tho Isthmus with tho
obtcct, whllo hooping the Panama
llallroad opon, of holding tho sltuntlon
for tho bonoflt of tho Colombian
Attitude of the French Company.
It Is not to bo supposed that the
gantlomon who control tho now
Fronch Panama Compnny, nnd who
liavo boon thrifty enough to mnko a
conditional salo to tho United St&tos
for $40,000,000, havo boon looking on
at tho bohnvlor of tho Bogota politi
cians with indlfforonco of with mental
alugglshnoss or Indecision. The Bogo-var-v 0y Uat Socrotnry Hny, having
ta politicians hnvo boldly demanded ,n n'8 drnft ot tt treaty with Colombia
that thoso Fronch gentlomon nnd tholr,0"010'1 to pay $10,000,000 for the
WrU Street partners should dollvor to 'Brant of a canal strip, would reduce
thorn a large shnro of that HO.000,000 ,t,le amount in mnking a treaty with
in consideration of tholr ratifying tho n now Pnnmn republic. Our secretary
Hay-Horrnn treaty. lint tho compr.nywou'- not iowevor,pormlt such a now
nnl Its allies havo othor usos for tha-lr republic to assert over our canal Htrlp
monoy, and they have not bolloved nny absurd protenslons of sovereignty,
that thoro Is onough nllloleney back of,0" the cnnnl itself, and within the
tlib greed of the mon At Bogota cither .noeilful HinlU of a strip of territory on
to block tho completion pf tho Panama. e,Uier 8l,- 8 United Stntos Govern
Canal, or to prevent so powerful and lwnt- woll at liberty In Its own
m astuto an array of financial, lfgnl, j w"l' to administer justice, protect tho
nnd dlplomatlo tnlert as this Frouah llHo honlth, and do whatwor It
corporation employs from carrying on might find necessary In its capacity
the sale of lis assets and obtaining Ittt na a government,
(till $10,000,000 from nn honest nnd re- Tho Interests That Make for Action,
sponsible purchaser llko Undo Snm. Tho merchants nnd proporty owners
Tho original Panama franchlso ox- at Colon at the town of Panama, cjid
V a ,44 .4th .m .Jj BV
vrraxia ixspiay 01
Decorated Vase Lamps
J Hftiul painted, firo burnt, no
off, and being
Gold Burnished
; they will not tarnish. Priced
1 rtnii v iin-ju')ini hIqa
1 A Beautiful fine of
; 1 iu assorted qolora. Wo havo such
; ; auu coiora tnai tnoy could not bo
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iwi iiiu aiuimnru innKOS.
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Arrangement for lighting so that
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Fine Coffee a
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plros wltliln a year. .It Is notorious
that tho oxtondod franchise, which
runs only six years longor, and which
tha now Fronch company ha undor-
(The Colombian Congross now nro-
posofl to declare such an oxtonslon was
invalid, and to dolay proceedings un
til next yoar, when the original frnn
chlso oxplros, and whon, by the ex
pressed termo of that franchise the
unflnlbhod canal and It3 nppurtonan
coa bocomo forfolted to tho Colombian
Where Uncle Sam is Analn.
Tho govornmont at Washington has
never cared vory much about tho do-
i tails of tho history of tho relations
betweon tho Panama Canal Company
ami. tho Colomblnn govornmont. Those
roiatlons would not her close InBpcc
tion on olthor sido. Our government,
on tho ndvlco of Its own trusted ox
ports, has simply decided that tho un
finished canal nnd the works con
nected tharowith, togethor with tho
Panama Railroad, are frJrly worth
J40.000.000, and that tho prasont
French Pnnnma Company Is tho legal
poseoasqr of thoso aesots, and entitled,
to soil thorn and rocolve tho monoy.
This fnct of the Fronch company's
staMis, as aacortainod nftor full In
quiry by Attornoy-Qenoral Knox,
'would not bo altorod by tho croatlon of
a now republic of Panama. If such
now republic wora to cotno into ox-
lis'.onco, It would bo capablo of sign
i,nS nt onco nal treaty with the
unilod Stntos; and if such treaty
wore of tho kind doslrod by our
govornmont, tho now republic would
naturally1 havo not only our recog
nition, but also our protection and
our gunrnnico or a poncoiui carcor,
Tho French company would still be
onlltlcd to its $10,000,000. It is not
. .aw . f"
that tho painting won't come
from $1.10. Cheapor than you
TMtA T nmnc
a creat assortment of stvloa
.--... 11
described in the limits of
to boo the immense variety in ; ;
or wicks, besides wo havo an ! !
you can eoo tho beauties of
call. 1
Free Delivery.
olsewherq In the Isthmus Sep (plainly
that their, property is doadi and$ their
business ruined If President Roosevelt
acts upon tho alternative laid down
in tho Spooncr act, drops tho Idea of
tho Panama, Canal, and procceda to
develop (ho Nicaragua route. In Ilka
minnor the Fronch Pannmc, Company
Is perfectly nwaro that tho adoption
pf the Nicaragua route, which is
mado mandatory upon tho Presldont
In case of failure to socure a govern
mont cocoseion nt Panama, will rcn
dor It forevor Impossible to find a
purchaser for its oxpirfng franchise!:
and its rusting nnd eroding evidonces
of Its unfinished canal work. Ob
viously, then, the Panama buslrose
men and tho agonts of Uio French
canal company have evory possible
motive for acting In harmony, and for
acting without a moments unnocossrjy
delay. How, then, about the attitude
of tho United Stntos? Tho answer de
ponds upon ono thing namely, the
extont to which the authorities at
Washington really bollevo In tho su
periority of the Panama route over
the Nicaragua route. If it were more
ly a dlfforonco of a few millions one
way or tho other In the estimated
cost of construction, President Rooso
volt would probably bo vory glad-
after tho fruitless attempts to nego
tiate with Colombia to advlso tho
prompt signing of a treaty by our
Stato Dopartmont with Nicaragua nnd
Costa Rica, and go ahead (as ho is
fully .authorized by law to do) without
further action by Congross, and begin
tho construction of tho canal ,nlong tha
Nicaragua routo as surveyed and or
iginally recommended by tho nblo and
oxport gentlemen of the Walker com
Where the Drop Curtain Eyer Goes Up
So Early In the Evening.
(Seattle Times.)
Snlom. Oregon, Is a town whore tho
thontro curtain goes up nt G:4G sharp.
The Salem manager found that this
was tho only way ho could got tho big
companies travollng betweon Portland
and Snn Frr.nclscoto stop nt his town.
Tho show is out boforo half past rlno
nnd tho company loaves town the samo
night, whorens, undor tho old arrange
ment tho compnny would havo to lose
a night In ordor to nlav in Sninm.
This is tho only town In tho world
which rings up the curtain at that
Found for the Plaintiff.
Justice Horgan Monday afternoon
rondered His decision in tho cnsoofEd
ward Eborhardt vs. M. A. nnd Clarence
Dunce. Tho suit was ovor n loaso, tho
plaintiff claiming rights on tho Bunco
irm, from which thqy nlloged thoy
woro ojoctod by forco, and contrary
to law. Justlco Horgan doclded tha
case for tho plaintiffs, nllowlng thoni
$200 damage, and dofendnnts at once
gnvo notice of appoal to tho clrculi
Bulled the Oil Market
New York, Nov. 10.- Mrs. John Rock
efeller, Jr.. gave birth to a daughtor
Mondny morning; mother and child do
ing well.
Deware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contains Mercury,
As morcury will Fiirely dostroy tho
8enso of small, nnd coraplotoly do
range tho wholo systom, whon enter
ing It through the mucous surfneos.
Such nrttcloa should nover be used ox
copt on proscription from reputable
pnyslclans. as tho damage thoy will
do Is ten-fold to tho good you can pos
sibly derlvo from thorn. Hall's Ca
tarr Curo. manufactured by F. J. Che
ney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, contains no
mercury, nnd Is taken intornally, act'
ing directly upon tho blood and mu-
coil's surfaces of the system. In buy
inv nans uatarrn euro bo sure you
n buuumu, 11 in iucvuii llll-mai-
ly and mado In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
flhonnv .0- fVl TABllmnnlnla ...
Sold by druggists. Price 76 c per
Hall's family pills aro tho best
Lord Rowton Dead.
London, Nov. 10. -Lord Rowton, the
fnmous philanthropist and founder of
the Rowton hous-as. which provide re
spectacle lodgings for the poor, died
Monday. He was born In lS38.nndwas
secretary to Lord lleacouifleld for H
lied Tlm
I take a pleasant herb drink, the next
morning I feel bright and my com
plexion Is better. My doctor Bays it
acts gently on the n.omacho, Hrer and
kidneys, and Ib a pleasant laxatlTe. It
Is made o herbs, and Is prepared as
easily as tea. It Is called Lane's med
icine. All druggists soil It at 25c and
60 cents. Lane's Faml.y Medicines
moves the bowels each day. If you
cannot get it send for free samploa.
Address, Orator Woodward, LeRoy,
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
SlsuatuM. of Ct&ffi&&ii
Great Christian Scientist Will
Be Here Friday Evening
of This Week
Christian Science is 'a subject in
which the world in general is more or
loss Interested, and also ono on which
tho average thinker has as yet but
meagro Information. In order that Sn
lom people may have opportunity to
hear an authentic exposition of the
subject, the two Christian Science
churches of this city have provided a
complimentary public lecture by Judge
Septimus J. Hanna, of Boston, at the
Grand Opera House Friday evening,
Novombor 13th, at 8 o'clock.
Judge Hanna has attained distinc
tion both at tho bar and upon the
bench, and ho comes well prepared to
speak nuthorttatlvely upon thoprofound
subject he presents. Ho has been a
close friend of the discoverer nnd
founder of Christian Science for a
number of years, and for eight years
was editor of the Christian Science
publications, at Boston, nnd First
Reader of tho Motlior Church of tho
During tho past year Judge Hanna
has lectured In many of the principal
citios of the East, as well as the West,
and at this time Is paying his first vis
It to tho Pacific coast In reporting
his lecture at Jollet, Illinois, Uio News
of that city gives tho following bit ot
intorosting history rogardlng Judge
"The speaker was introduced by
Chas. B. Jamleson, In most approprl
at3 words. In ocknowledcinK the kind
ly reference to himself, the Judge gave
some romlnlsconcos of his early expe
riences as a rosidont ot tho common
wealth of Illinois. .HIs first voto was
cast for tho great presldont, and he
served a few months in an Illinois rog
lmont toward the close of the war of
the Robolllon. His health failed in tho
prnctlco of law in Chicago, and he
wont to Colorado to regain It. At Lend
vljlo ho found completo healing In
Christian Science. Ever since he has
been an earnest followor ot Mrs. Mary
Baker Eddy, the acknowledged leader
of tho movement
"Tho lecturer is a proclso speakor,
strong nnd eloquent In tho presenta
tion of his vlow of Christian 8cIonce,
nnd ho recolved cordial applause, as ho
closed his tribute to the cause ho loved
bo woll."
This compllmontary lecture will be
tlu fifth glvon In Salem by tho Chris
tian Scientists of tho city. On provl
ous occasions tho orfcm houso hnp
boon taxod to Its capacity, and many
hnvo boon unablo to gain admission
Annual Club Meetings.
Tho annual meeting of tho Illlhoo
Club will bo held this evoulng, for the
obctlon of ofncar8.
Tha Snlom Commercial Club will
hold Its annual mooting Wednesday
evening, Instond of tonight, tho regu
lar tlmo. Annual reports to bo heard
and officers elected.
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to usefulness. Wo don ot dabble In a
little ot ovorythlng, but devote our
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PisfipJ'- H$sactise
Is becoming afore popular among women.
The reason given js that a woman should
know how to use the pistol for self pro
tection. The theory should be carried
farther. Where a woman
is in danger from assault
once she is in danger from
disease every day of her
life. Women
have not only to
run the risk of
diseases which
threaten husband,
brother, and son, but
they have also to guard
against diseases which
are neculiar to woman
hood. From these diseases
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ly health. It corrects
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cures female weakness.
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Prescription nnd 'CJoldeu Medical Diovcry.' "
write) Mrs, Ida M. Tutt. of o6 franklin streej.
Cntivfordsvitlc Ind I could hardly walk alone
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eve ml vinU of ' Plea-wit P!let,' and can itav 1
am a well woi.ian. I thank Dr. Pierre for ills
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Ihouund wotnen. take my advice and when in
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ing from diseases of long standing, are
invited to consult Dr. Pierce, by letter,
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strictly private ana sacredly confidential.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a book containing icoS pages,
is given away. Send 31 one-cent stamps
(expense 6f mailing only), for the book
in paper covers, or 31 stamps for the
volume bound in cloth. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
S. C. STONE, M. D.
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cated at No. 235 and 297 Commercla'
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complete lino of drugs and medicines
tollot articles, perfumery, brashes
Has bad nomo 25 years oxperionce ii'
tho practice of medicine, and now
makes no charges tor consultation, ei
amlnatlon or prescription
Your Stepmother
Is still hero, and as busy tu
evor. Whon your clothoa aro worn
and dirty, or the buttons off,
take thorn to hor, at the Salem Dyeing
and Cleaning Works. Repairing and
rolining; now velvet collars put on
overcoats; also four suits a month for
$L Called for and returned.
MRS. C. H. WALKER, Prop.
195 Commercla Street
W YY. Hall. R. E. D0WNIMG.
Money Loanln?, Insurance.
Collections. Loans negotiated for
ourselves and patrons on the tes
terns at reasonable rates. Tioga bib
upstairs, opposite Gray Bros.
State St.. Salem Oresror
Rumc suppository
... d. x.ii. nwiM, ip.
Qtil SekMU, Bl.l.nllU, N C wrlm I 14
7 u ciu nr ihi. vt 0. H LTt,
!UvrttMK.W Tft.TrlU. Htluvflr..i i.m.a! imU-
fwuu. Pr II 1 MrUlll, Clui.tr, Twa. wrM .
l-.e-me . r( n ttm. I Ut fwid u nb. -
rm. i,M lra. a4B(W Tm.
- in nior, UNeatTCH, ra.
Gold In 8alem by 8. C. Stone.
Call for Free Samples.
.HicHrnrrnn rrmiau
-" - l l.a..(la.aitrrkt
m cim iii.vrnirs knulxsii
l Ifll . I I...IJ K.IUIK kMM X.U4
il wnlu. T.i.aulktr, IUfM
Mfri ultll.llM UJ lmi
tlMtx I .. Dnuu. M M4 4.
! miv&Ttt&tftf
(jntM tu mm.
JIM II.UN. Mlll.l, J-.
Corvalfis & EasternR R
No. 2 for Yaqulna
Loaves Albany 12M5 p.m.
Leavos Corvallls 1:50 pm.
Arrives Yaqulna 6:35 p.m.
No. 1 returning
Loaves Yaqulna 7:30 a.m.
Leavoa Corvallls 11:30 a.m.
Arrives Albany ,. 12.15 p.m.
No. 3 for Detroit
Leavos Albany 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Detroit 12:20 p.m.
No. 4 from Detroit-
Leavoa Detroit 1:00 pm.
Arrives Albany 6:55 p.m.
Train No. 1 arrives In Albany In
tlmo to connect with tho S. P. south
bound train, as well as giving two or
threo hours In Albany boforo departure
of S. P. north bound train.
Train No. 2 connects with the S. P.
trains nt Corvallls and Albany giving
direct service to Newport and adjacent
Train No. 3 for Detroit Breltonbush
and other mountain resorts leaves Al
bany ft 7: a.m.. reaching Detroit about
noon, giving ample time to reach the
Springs tho samo day.
For further Information apply to
T. COCKRELL. Agent, Albany.
H. H. CRONISE, Agont, Corvallls.
lv p
n nYnjHJrtjjV
aum Pacific
From Portland, Or,
B fecial
D.-20 a. a
tU Hunt
ington Bait Lake. Osnrnr. Kl
Worth. Omaha, Kaiumu
CltT, lit. Louis, Chicago
and Eut.
4.80 p ta
8:15 r. m.
via Hunt
Salt Lake, Denver Ft.
Worth. Omaha. Kinui
Cltr, tit. Luo.li, Chicago
and Bait.
8t. Paul
Frut Mall
(.00 p. Q.
Walla Walla. Lcwlnuin
Spokane, Wallace. lull-
mn.11, MinneapolU at.
Paul, Duluth.Mllwatike
Chicago, and East.
HOURS , 7n
No Chaste of Cars
ivui luikiaoa
ilHUlln; date subjoct
p. m
.u I'UUlU
For an Franclooo
dall very ft days
p. a
Bon day
8 u. m
ToAitorla an1 War
Steamer JRuth leaves Salem for
Portland nnd way landings on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, about
7 a m M. P. BALDWIN,
A. L. CIUIO, AgLOJR.&N. 8alem.
Gen. Pass. AgL Portland, Or.
Offers a choice of THREE gatow&ys,
OMAHA, to Chicago and points East
Through Standard and Tourist
sleeping cars dally between San Fran
cisco and Chicago via Los Angeles
and El Paso.
Through Tourist Sleopcr each
TUESDAY from Portland to Chicago
via Salt Lake and Colorado Springs.
Through Standard Sleeping Oars
dally between Ogden and Chicago.
Lowest rato In effect always artil
ablo via "Rock Island System."
offoct on July 12, 13, 16 and 16, snn
August 18, 19, 25 and 26; 90 days re
turn limit
13o euro that your ticket reads rt
tho Great Rock Island Route.
The best and most reasonable -Us
ing car sorvlco. For Information,
L. D. GORHAM, Gon Agt, 260 Alia
street, Portland Oro.
From Tacoma, Seattle, the Puget
Sound country and Spokane to Mis
souri river points and the Southeast
tho Burlington offers quick service.
Through trains Seattle to Kansas
City equipped with big, free chair cars
standard Pullman sleepers, and Ust
but not least, tourist sleepers, clea.
comfortable and cheap.
Why not take tho Southeast special
via Billings and the Burlington? You
can't do bettor, and you might do
A. C. OHE-DON, General Agent
and ALTONA leaves for Port
land at 7 a. m. dally except
Sunday. Fare, one way, $1.00;
Round trip, $1.50.
Quick Time. Cheap Pates
Deck: Foot of Trad 8tml
Capital Normal School
First National Bank Balldlne, Salem
The fall terra of twelve wcek3 opeoJ
September 28, Address.
J. J. KRAPS. Salem. Or
all kinds and styles. First Class
work and material. Prices reason
able. Shop on Miller St., Sootn
Salea, rboae Red 2191.

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