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. -5
By a Vote of Nearly
Six to One
' Tho Bonds Will be Issued
- on the Same Plan as
Two Former
' Loans -
By a vote of nearly six to one, tho
proposition to fund the $30,000 of old j
bridge bonds, that fell duo tho past
...... i t
year, cornea at uiu rrcuui cuy viev
tlon, and tho council will proceed to
submit a subscription for a popular
loon far the above amount. Following
Is the registered decree of tho voters
In favor of the popular lean:
The Vote on Bonds.
First ward . ., 74
Second .. . , 204
Third 09
Fourtli 10S
Fifth 99
SIxUi 114
SevonUi 84
Total .. . 773
There wore 434 moro votes cast for
mayor than on tho bonding Ibhuo.
Inqulrlos aro already being made
Koko, the $3000 Baby.
Will open In Winner block Thursday at 1 p. m., and continue for five
days only. Open to 10 p. m.
at Tho Journal offlce for Information
ns to Uio bonds, nnd Inquiry at the
city hall shows that Rocordor Judah
Is preparing to havo proper stops
taken to Ibhuo tho bonds on tho popu
lar loan plun, that was such a groat
BUCOGH8 every time It was. undertaken
by this olty.
On that plan they will be ton-yonr.
non-taxable bonds at 4 per cont, Inter
out pnynble semi-annually, and It tho
people are given a full and fair op
portunity to subscribe they will be
taken sevoral times over, as they are
ns good as n government bond, and
tho people will be giving a vote of con
lldonco In the futuro of their olty gov
ormnont by becoming stockholder
In its Inibhtednees.
Miss AUse Meyer -Entertains Defore
, Leaving for California.
Mlsa Alloo Meyer last night gave n
very! delightful "at home" to n larga
number at 'her young frlunds. at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ilolmnn
stilus Alice, who is a gront favorite
among the, youngor set. leaves soon
for San Francisco for a short visit
with her mint. Mrs. J. II. Lunri. She.
WW from then to Oakland, where she
will nj.ur Mill's Seminary, and took
this manner of bidding her frlbtuls
goodjbyu. Tho Holmnn liomo was
beautifully decorated for tho occasion
with mlttlvtoo, BUtllnx and out flow
ojra, Mlssoa Ryth. Qatoh nnd Wllda
Roland very uuly assisted tho hoe
D. S Bbntley.
wholesale and Retail.
Roche 33arbor Lime Alsen Cement,
Lath and Shingles. Sand and Gravel
Vferk 4eac oa short otfc. - 18M83 eoiKui srawt.
In entertaining',' while Mastor
George, Lnnn and dainty little WW
Margaret Rodgera recolved tho guesti
at 'ho dodr. In a guessing contest
Miss Beanie Eakln carried awaythe
drst prize, Miss Lolah Bell second,
and among the young men Eldon Ipa
mon won first-and Mac Hofer Becand.
Very dainty refreshments completed
a most delightful orenlng's enter
talnmenfr All votod It a grand suc
cess, and wished Mlsa AUco much
happiness In her now homo Those In
vited were: Edith Ragan, Dosslo Ea.
kin, Lolah Dolle, Jennlo Fry, Marie
Hofer, Mlnnlo Perrlne, Crlssle Clarke,
Ollvo Rlddcll, Bessie Schultz, Wllda
Roland, Ryth Gatch, Ami Strong,
Ollvo Mltcholl, Bertha Allen, Ger
trude Gray, Claro, Jones, of Brooks;
little Miss Margaret Rodgers; Eldon
Damon, Warront Hunt, Robert Mc
Carl, Hermann Baker, Otto Miller,
Blalno Hubbard. Howard Catlln, Frank
Catterlln, Ralph Dorcas, Mnc Hofer,
Harry Wlnstanloy, Curtis Cross, Ralph
Mooros, Frank Rhodes, Harry O'RIoly,
Jonn uoiman anu ucorgo l,uuu,
Only Young' Animal of the Kind In
Tho only youngstor of tho gorilla
family In Undo Sams domain Is In
Oregon, learning such Infantile accom
pllshmonts as drinking milk from a
cup and eating rice with a spoon. He
is tho queerest baby In America, for
ho looks llko a little old man, where-
ns ho is only eight months old.
"Koko" Is. tho namo of tho baby
gorilla, and ho hnc come all tho'wny
from tho banks of tbo Congo river, In
Wostorn Africa. San Francisco Ex
nmlnor. This wonderful specimen of Dnr-
win's missing link Is now In Salem, a
big. fnt, happy, Intelligent animal. It
was brought over to this country as a
tiny baby, and raised on a bottle by
I tho wlfo of his owners J. R. Wilson, of
! Portland.'
j Iu addition to this .wondorful spocl
inon. Mr. Wilson hns an aggregation
I of 26 monkeys of all the rarest varle.
ties, aa won as me uiggosi collection
of inrrot and other rare birds from
all lands. They constitute u happy
family, which should be seen by ov
ery man. woman and child in tho city.
There la also a wonderful Edison mov
ing picture show to bo In coustnnt
operation. Exhibitions will bo given
In the Klluger block, on Statu stroot,
for a few days, beginning this ovon
Ing. it possible. I.ow prices of ad
mission. Take the children nnd see
Steallnn Their Holly.
Th state Iiqum gardener has had
to strip nil the rod berrlo from the
holly bushes on tho state huus;
giounilB to kMp boys, and even growr
ueauls. from cutting Mime beautiful
ehrubt all to piece. They go along
and slush oft brunches with their
packet knlvse. and even go at night
and buck them with hatcheu. -Such
vandalism does not speak highly of
the persona guilty of such a trltliuK
theft, and yet apparently animated by
a desire (o poetess something beauti
ful, nnd at the holiday time or the
year. Suoh persona cannot estimate
tho Influence of their axamplo very
Langley's Airship Is
of Submarine
The Artificial Bird Evidently
Belongs to the Aquatic
Family Species Hell-
, Washington, Dec. 9. Under weath
er conditions regarded aa perfoot tho
Langloy airship Tuesday was given a
second trial, a' short distance from
Washington down the Potomac, the
result being the complete wreck of
the alrshlpi Everything had been In
readiness for the trial for some days,
so it was felt all that was needed for
tho tost was tho right sort of wind
and weather. Thl3 afternoon these
conditions presontcd themselves, and
tho tost was made under nusplciou3
conditions. On tho woid being given
to launch the acroplano, It glided
smoothly along tho launching tram
way until tho ond of tho tramway was
reached, when, on bolng left to Itself
the aoroplano broke In two and turned
completely ovor, precipitating Prof.
Charles M. Manloy, who was operat
ing It, Into tho icy water beneath tho
taaglcd mass.
A numbor of launches, containing
nowspapor men and others, immedi
ately steered for tho spot, but before
they could roach Prof. Manloy, one of
his assistants had loaped overboard,
and brought him aboard tho house
boat, on which tho launching tram
way was laid. Professor Langloy was
presont to wltnose tho tost, nnd ap
peared crostfallon, when ho saw tho
product of months' of study and la
bor, combined with an enormous ex
penditure of monoy disappear beneath
tho wator, close to whore ho was
standing aboard a tug.
U 4:10 o'clock, when nil was
resdy, Prof. Langloy gave his Inst In
structlons to Mr. Manloy. The latter
then donned his life-Jacket aKrt en
tered tho car. After n few mdmenta
he sot tho machinery In motion, nnd
tho propollors rnpldly rovolvcd. Then
ho gavo tho signal, and an Instant
later thoro was a' crash. Tho nftcr
part of tho ship fell upon tho dock of
thy bonthouso, whllo tho forwnrd part,
in which Prof. Manloy v as soatcd, wae
seen to rlso slightly, then turn com
pbtoly ovor and drop Into the water,
a few foot away, without having flown
evon tho slightest distance.
Tho failure to fly was total, and
the wrock of tho aeroplane was com-
Prof. Langloy, after witnessing tho
disaster to tho flying machlno today,
said tho machlno Itself was not at
fault. Tho accident, In his opinion,
was caused by a dofoct of the launch"
ing apparatus, and was not duo to
any weakness In tho machlno Itself.
A Ministers Mistake.
A city minister was recently banded
a notice to bo read from his pulpit
Accompanying it was a clipping from
a newspaper bearing upon the matter
The clergyman started to read the ex
tract and found that It began: "Take
Kemp's Balsam, the best Cough Cure."
This was hardly what he nad expected,
and, after a moment's hesitation, he
turned It over and found on the other
side the mattor intended for rcadlng.3
Many Railroad Schemes.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 9. Delega
tions from many quarters, Booking
aids to railways, ruako tho lite of the
Mollrlde g&vernmont uncomfortable.
The. Nicola. Kamloops & SlmilUameen
Railroad Company Is asking tor gov
Try our lieer, It's light, heal
thy. tasty, bright and SPARK
LING, refreshing and exhtler
atlng. Our beor Is a beverage
you'll enjoy at your meals. Let
us seud you a qoso bottled. Wo
deliver. Phone us, Main 2131.
Salem Buewery
Main Office 174 Commercial St
Salem, Oregon.
crnmont support, whllo advocates of
a mora direct lino -from, tho coast to
Kootenny are pressing, against IL A.
F. jGw'inn, t .formerly 'of tbo Yrcka
mine at Quatslno, bat "nowo'f Prince-,
tonj -lfl heading? the latter, and has
brought hero a petition In favor of a
line from Princeton to Vancouver over
the Hope Mountains. Tho Kootenay.
Central Railway, which proposes to
connect with tho Hill system near
Morrlssoy, and to build from there to
Fort Steelo and so to Golden, also
wants provincial aid. If it gets the
promoters say they can raise capita)
In tho East, because tho Dominion
has already promised a subsidy of
$3200 per mile.
A Slow Race.
Now York, Dec. 9. Eight teams
arc tied for first place In tho"six-day
bike race. Twelve teams are still go
ing. Tho leading score Is 1024 miles
and eight laps, at 8 o'clock this mo'rnr
ing, as against tho record of 1131
miles and one lap.
Battle In May Wheat
Chicago Dec. 9. Wheat, 8280V4c.
There was a terrific battle In May
wheat, and Armour throw botweeri
seven and eight million bushels on the.
WrkeL The price broke a cent and
five-eighths within a few seconds.
Brief Season of Bliss,
Last Monday afternoon, during the
hours of tho election, City Recorder
Judah was called upon to perform d
wedding ccrcmonv j. v. Conner, of
Polk county, and Miss Mary Morgani
of Salem, being tho candidates for
matrimony. They wore married at 2
o'clock that afternoon, and this morn
ing, after a honeymoon lasting lean
than 40 hours, tho bride appeared in
tho recorder's office and announced
that she had left hor husband, and
would not live with him. Tho man
later also came In, and made the same
statement. It scorns there had beon
a misunderstanding, and 'tho girl de
clined to go to Sheridan with her hus
band, where It was planued they
would roslde. Tho bride brought In
hor wardrobo to the city hall, whore
sho loft It temporarily, before return
ing to hor parents' homo.
"Portland and Return Only Z20."
Tho Southern Pacific Is now selllnc
round trip tickets to Portland f rom
Salem for f 2.20, good going Saturday
or Sunday, returning Sunday and Mon
day, giving all day Sunday and Mon
day In Portland. Tho samo arrango
mont applies from Portland, giving all
Portland pooplo a chanco to visit vol-
3 i
Daily o Weekly
Reduced One Dollar
S&tmd&y Dec 26
Metropolitan Magazine
Journal subscrihora will
for 1 riday, Decerabor 20th. On that date you on get Tho D lily Journal for one year, cash in ad
vauco, by mail, for $3, or by carrier for $5. This is a flat reduction of one dollar.not only for the
uso of your cash, but to save us, as well as our subscribers the time and trouble of numerous pay
ments during the year. It saves us work and it saves the subscribers cash. Remember the date,
December 20th. All who pay up arrearages, if they have any, can on that date cet the benefit of
this cilt-r, Even if 'your subscription is paid up to the preseut time or in advance", you can get the
beneht ol an additional year on that dale at the reduction. If yon can't come to the office on tuat
date send it in soonor, and tho credits will be made on that date? December 2Gth,
To any of our subscriber old or uew, who pay a y&r in advonce, $6. bv carrier or S4 by
mail, The Metropolitan Magazine will be given free for ono year.
wonderful magazmo eUewmro ltf this paper, and prepare to profit by our great offer
Sample copies of the great Metropolitan Magazino cau be seen by calling at the Journal of
fice or at auy news staud. It is one of tho finest magazines in the country and the price is $1-60
per year. Look up this great offer and take advantage of it.
Puhtishets Salem, Ofegofl.
I A$ i Uli '
Iter. H. StubonvolLof Elkhorn, "Wis., Is pastor of tho Evangelical Luthcm
St. John's Church of that placo. Rov Stnbonvoll Is the possessor of two blblu
presontcd to him by Emperor William of Germany. Upon tho fly loaf of ono ol
tho blblos tho Emperor lias -written in his own handwriting a text.
. Tlds honored pastor, in a recent letter to Tho Peruna Medlclno Co., ol Colann
bus, Ohio, says concerning tholr famous catarrh remedy, Peruna:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen : " I had hemorrhages of tho lungs for a long time,
and all despaired of me. I took Peruna and was cured. It gave me
strength and courage, and made healthy, pure blood. It Increased
my weight, gavo me a healthy color, and I feel well. It Is the best
medicine In tho world, if everyone kept Peruna In tho house 11
would save many from death every
Thousands of pooplo havo catarrh who
would bo surprised to know it, bocauso
it has boon called somo othor namo than
catarrh. Tho act is caturrh is catarrh
wherever located; and another fact
which Is of equally groat Importance, Is
I that Peruna
cures catarrh wherever
ley points at greatly reduced rates.
W. COMAN, O. P. A.
Fee Fo On'e Yea
Two Great Offers
this yoir be given another special
year." 'ti. STUBENVOLL.
If you do not dorivo" prompt and satis
factory results from tho ue-of Permit,
write at onco to Dr. Hartman, giving t
full statement of your caso and ho will
bo pleased to glvo you his valuable ad
vico cratls.
Address Dr. Hartman, Prosldont oi
Tho Hartmaii Sanitarium, Columbus. 0,
t .. rrox,
tun t ll MM T HM J
lljrattu y
bargain day and it has been set-l
See the announcements of this E
i ..!. . , ,jh.j- v.... ifcA jteif)fort
, .., .u,i , . ,ti jiB-i..Mf..a!JsiL

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