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An Elystem
n b7
The choosing; of Christmas gifts is December's ' most
important occupation. It can hardly be begun too early;
for there is a world of satisfaction in making your selections
well in advance of Yuletide and thereby being enabled to look
on at all the rervous flutter and bustle of the last two weeks
before Christmas with the serene consciousness that your
Christmas preparations are all completed.
Barr's is this season an elysium for Christmas choosers,
or, at least, for those Christmas choosers who are looking,
not for penny presents, but for something especially nice.
The attractiveness and fascination" of fine Silverware and Cut
Glass and articles of personal Jewelry is undeniable. Any
gift chosen from our stock is likely to prove a lifelong plea
use to its recipient. And we have never shown at any pre
vious Christmas anything like so fine a show of beautiful
wares as just now deck our cases, It would be a sad mis
rake if you made out your list of Christmas gifts without first
visiting the Barr Store.
Corner State and
Liberty Streets,
Social Realm?
8 Events
X lathe
MHIII iillllllllllMIHI
Jos. Harris went to Woodburn this
morning on business.
County Assessor Lembko was a pas
senger for Woodburn this morning on
business. v
I. G. Knotts, of Albany, was a Sa
lem buslnoss visitor laBUovcnlng, re
turning homo this foronoon.
H. Hlrschborg, of Independence,
was a Salem visitor lasfovonlng, leav
ing for Portland this moraine.
H. I Stophonson, a Portland com
mission merchant, was a Salem visi
tor yostorday and today, visiting
among tho hop dealers.
Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman Is in tho city,
and will speak n tho M. B. church
tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Everybody
Invited, for this service la for every
body. Archbishop Chrlstlo, of Portland,
was a Salem visitor yesterday after
noon, leaving for his home this morn
ing, accompanied by Rev. B. P. Mur
phy, rector of St. Joseph's CathollO.
J. w. Younc and his guest. A. Ru-
hnnrlfill. a now-comor horo. loft last
ovonlng for Mcdford, where Mr. Ru-
bondall will look for a location. Ho,
Is a druggist, and doslres to locato In
Hans a Wahlborg, of Portland, ono
of Oregon's old-tlmo hop dealers,
pent tho past few days In Salem,
Ylsltlnc old friends. Mr. Wahlborg
formerly llvod In this city, whero he
did an oxtonslvo buslnoss In hops.
His headquarters aro now In Portland.
Dr. Clayton L. Ransom, a graduate
of tho Salem Medical School, w" ' dlin prices . f,ve kinds. Four
haB practlcod tho past summer wlth(u,,,,t r"
his fathor at Turner, has gono to coffees the same,
Klamath Falls, whero ho will oponj AlTOttrfTOCIIinon,yudi.
hn nrnctlrn of his nrOfOBSlOn. MO la
A clear Havana 12"4c cigar. For
stein, Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
Is a neceisity in making your Hit of
purchases lor gilts Here you will find
the largest variety, 'the highest quality
the lowest priMS. We hav Watelies
with reliable movements. In the s est
style of oaees, S2.60 to $30 00, cbstelslns.
rings, earrings, brooches, all kinds of
Jeweler and Optician, 288 Com. Bu
Gtve Us Your
Pumpkin Pics
At tlie Caltlomla Batcry.
.-.. -'- u
an ablo young roan, and his many
friends wish htm nil manner of suc
cess in his new Held.
G. Y, Harry, of Portland, was a Sa
lem visitor last ovonlng.
Judge J. II. Scott returned this
morning from a visit to Portland.
Dr. W. T. Williamson enme up from
his homo in Portland this morning.
Mrs. C. B Wolvorton loft this morn
ing for a few days visit In Albany.
I. U Pattprson camo up from Port
land this morning for a few days'
D. H. Wyant left this morning for
his homo In Mehama, after a few
days' stay In Salem,
South Salem Personals.
D. C. Mlnto roturncd Monday
a visit to Portland.
Mrs. W. P. Rabcock nnd llttlo
daughtor, who havo spent tho past
weok visiting friends and attending
Don Hur, arrived homo yostorday.
Miss 1311a Shlpp returned homo last
night from a short visit tp Portland
Kinney Miller and Roynolds Oh
mart, dologatoa to tho Y. M. C. A. at
Forest Grove, from Wlllamotto Uni
versity, havo returned homo.
Miss Clara Dray, who has beon vis
iting her slstsr, Mrs. Warner, for tho
past three wooks, rolurnod to hor
homo In Portland this morning.
R. A. Conn, of Portland, was a vlst-
tor In South f5alom yostorday.
Bryan as a Predlcter.
Paris, Dec. 9. Dryan loft Paris to
day for Dorna Interviewed today, he
predicts Roosovolts nomination and
Schilling's Best tea is of mid-
by all dealers. Aug Hucken-
Order For
Last State Encamp
ment at Reduced
Indian War Yeteran Claims
Stacked up Against the
State for Future
Adjutant-Oonoral Ftnxer, of the caUB0 of ha ,ack of xnowlcdgo about
Oregon National Guard, camo up this, QUniitie8, as well as what was In good
morning to attend to ofilclat buslncus Dut after BlllnK up 80m0 deal.
at tho capltol, and to consult with thc.orSi ho decided to submit tho caso to
offlccrs regarding matters affecting ono jn wnom ho nad confldenco, anil
tho mllltlai Ho reports that thl wnon through was ono of tho happiest
v... vut.aiuiiiui.-ui. iuoi. tuuaiuuiuuiv
less Uian did tho ono for tho preced
ing year, when tho number of mon
was a llttlo largor than this year.
Last year's encampment cost the
stato $20 7G0.3G, whllo that just closed
had a total expense, Including tho un
paid bills and tho transportation!
which is paid by tho war department '
at Washington, or 118,870.86. This
oxpenso was on account or tho several
organizations as shown belov;:
Third Infantry J10.5H.33
Separate battalion 2,712.79 j
Artlllory 1.772.9G
Cavalry 1,340.59 ,
Transportation (paid by tho
United Statos) . . 2.110.33
Dills not prosontod 415.07
This mnkos tho total cost of tho on
enmpment, to come out of tho military
fund of tho stato, S1C.705.G3, a de
crease over Inst year of $3984.83.
Genernl I'lnser stated that he hnd
checked up the Indian War Veterans
claims against the state, finding a to
tal of $142,859.33 In claims on which
account th stato has paid an oven
Books Make Best Gifts 5
For bays tua!U -all ycBnr people love to read-today, no boy's W
ChrlstaasUcomttete tvltbout a bcok wrlttei by Straymeyer. Hi
Ellis or Aleer Your boy may betrtnoUd wlifcctbervolnmespf
W more or Jess istereit aid nefBlaese. lot If any of bis books by tbe w
H above named authors are ntsslnr be (9 dlssacpelited, far some- H
Hilar Is lacking toYouadontbl9joy forCbrlitmes. Onr stock of J
tbene papular books fa complete In every particular. All prices. W
h allllntJlari.aJ,
Pattpa's Book Stof e
' t
$100,000, and ho had In hand suspend
ed claims aggregating $850.
Speaking of tho condition of tho
militia, tho adjutant-gonoral said
that tho troops woro novor In hotter
condition, from a military standpoint,
than now, quoting from tho roport of
tho regular army Inspector, that the
"organization, armamont and dls
clpllno of tho Oregon National Guard
is much nearor along tho regular army
lines than ovor boforo In tho history
of tho stato." Tho condition of the
military fund of tho state Is also In
a vory satisfactory condition.
Concerning Salmon.
The board of fish commissioners
met last evening In rogulor monthly
msetlng, when Mastor Fish Wardon
VanDuson filed his roport regarding
the operation of tho hatcheries In the
several .districts. He shows that In
Novembor tho tako of salmon eggs
was enormous, In splta of tho ox
tremely bad weather prevailing for
most of tho month. Ho also reports
two convictions for the violation of
the fisheries laws, and the collection
of fines from tho convicted parties
On Novembor 6th, Prank Cor plead
guilty at . Pendleton, end was fined
$60. and on November 8th. John
Machado plead guilty to a violation
at Astoria, and also paid a fine of $M.
The dlsburMmoiiU of the department
from the svral hatehwy funds
were $BSS8.87, and th rFt from
all sources were $10. received on ac
count of the follewing:
District No. 1. HeeiMWs .w
District No. 1, fine
District No. . licMaea ...... 10T.W
Total W
Early Mornlna Excursion.
John F. Swank, an Inmate, of the
asylum, eaeafwd this morning, cow
ing down town, and. appearing at th
city ball. eompJalaed that he was t
. i.i iii,nw tvVian till
mg arrive m "u""'' ,"'".;-
wtabad to go home. Aaked as to when
h wa. dUebarMd. b aald be '
onee looked up, and the asylum natt- j
fied, and laUr Captela Dlllay earae
down after the unfortunate, returniBg
hlra to tho InsUtHttea. Swank fa wK
a dangerou. patient
u It la a pleasure for me
I rtccommend Dr. Wrlght'i
J painless 'method of extract-
. Iam ' l-l.t -J .. . L.JI.. -J-
' cayed tooth extracted and
! say thai It positively did net
hurt ma.
Salem, Oregon.
rMuttMHn leasts i asftfr
Holiday Shopping Reduced to
Fine Art.
A well-to-do farmor camo Into Sa
lem tho other day, and started out to
do his shepping: for tho Christmas sea
son. Ho wanted somo neat, tasty
gifts to rolaUvcs, npd somo to friends
abroad. Ho folt a trlflo unoasv bo-
inn-ore or thn spnson. In boucht n
flno gold watch for a nephew, and
four rings, Including ono good dia
mond, besides two ladles' watchos.
HIb packages woro all completed and
shipped by tho next day, and ho ad
mitted that ho had saved a liberal
sum on his purchases. That's the
ftBroeablo kind of trading that ploasos
mqBt peopi0( and t. Ul0 keynote of
our succors la fltUng out patrons.
Thoy securo tho benefit of good bc-
io0.tinnB mod luHirmnnt as to stvlos
nnd qualities, and buy cheaper than
thoy can by going to tho largor towns.
rjur stock Is not tho largosL but wo
nr0 ablo to please tho most oxactlng
customors. Call and see C. II. Hinges,
noxt door to HubIi'i: bank.
As Seen In Albany.
Harry loved Theresa and Theresa
folt tho somo way. Rut her ma oh
jeoted. Rosult, crash! Two young
minced hoarts. So Therosa adopts tho
stage, and Harry goes to Corvallls
and becomos a ralllloualro tramp. Af
tor whllo thoy meet at Rldgovlllo,
Ind., the homo of Dr. John Stanley, n
now kind of villain, and Kir a Trum
bull, tho Rldgovlllo, Poo Rah, and
owner of a flno speclmon of ganger
colored whlskera Tho courso of truo
llvo is very rocky. At times of doep
ost grlof, boxing glovos aro produced
and a fow rounds Indulged In, and be
fore tho last curtain the people aro
hopelessly mixed.
Tho play, to borrow the expression
of an omlnont pharmacist present,
was a "corker whatovor that is. So
were tho players. Herald.
Issued Requisition.
Upon tho request of Dlstrlot Attor
noy John Manning, of Portland, Gov
ernor Chamberlain this morning Is
nod a requisition on tho govomor of
Washington, for the oxtradltlon of P.
W. Moln and Allan Ulshop. alias Jack
Allen, who aro wanted In Portland
for larceny, committed on Deeember
Uh. Joseph Day, the detective, was
appointed agent of the state of Ore
gon to secure and return the men for
trial, and Detoctlvo Daniel Welner
was named as bin assistant. Thd
men aro wanted for stealing a gold
watch and other Jewelry belonging to
P,J. Vail.
The "Wild East"
Hastorn people will speak of the
wild, West, Imt thero Is mere wild land
within two hours' ride of Reston. to
say nothing of Western Mnssachu
setts and iwrta of Northern New York,
than oan be found In the whole corn
belt. The people of this seetlon.
whlali k destined to beeome the cen
tr of our population and wealth, will
soqn be seeaklng of the wild Hast.
World's Work.
Mrs. P. C. Heeler Dead.
Mrs. P. C. HeUler, wife of Rev. P.
a HefcJer. for may years a reeld-nt
of this etty, died In Seattle last Mon
day noon. Deeember 7th, after an 111
um af several yearn Mrs. HeUler
was well and favorably known In tnla.
oity. where the family rived for many
years, having a comfortable horaa on
Hast Ute atreeL Rev Htr wa
"" "" ' '. 'r-n
M0 Court Street,
Oysters any style and short ordtr.
usier iai; uui .,-...,
FUb.KteJn "'
I " "" Snad"' 25e'
TTtf 4
Today wc Inaugurate a special sal in .om Ovccoat S
Decided reductions have boon made ou n dozan or more
Hues, inoluding long full-out ooats, short top coats, and somo
of medium longth. Of thosa scores of coats, all but five ar
This Sefisoa's swdiert BgjgMg
Note How Wev Carved tic Pilces:
J2S 50 Orercoats rtdneed to $1,60
20 00 Top costs reduced to 10 60
20 00 Overooati reduced to 15.f0
15.00 OrercoaU reduced to 13 60
Early comets Have Largest
HadYouTkooghtoflt? .
An Overcoat would mnko a fine family prosont lor father f
brcthor. Talk it over with tho folks and seo if thoy 1
I or
wouldn't like to join with you
Como to us for Practical Xmas
loaders iu our lino.
can Illblo Society for tho Northwest,
and during most of that tlmo ho lived
here, removing to Seuttlo but rooent
ly. Tho deceased lady leaves a hus
band and several daughters and a
largo circle of warm and loving
friends to mourn her death.
Lecturo at Corvallls.
Miss Minna Frlckoy, for flvo years
Instructor In Gorman and Pronoh at
Wlllamotto University, spoko at tho
M, IS. church Sunday morning on
"Christ, Our Pnssovor." Sho contin
ued hor talk on Uio hook of Rovola
tlon last night. Tho forward movo
motit continues each night this week.
Tho Ijooks of Judo and Hobrowwlll
also bo taken up. Corvallls Gazette.
Notice. -Having
retired from'tho firm of
Dnmon Rros., I tako this occasion to
thank the trading public for tholr gen
orous patronago during tho last 12
years, and bospeak a continuance of
samo with tho now Ann of Damon ft
Fawk. Yory respectfully,
To Loan
We havo added a
1 Money Leading I
department to our
Abitraet and L$nd
buslaiss- Wear
preearad to accom
odate those who
wIsktoLEMD their
money, as well as
those who wish to
BOOKS rive us un
called facilities
regardlar SECTR1TY
I Salem Abstract
and Land Co. j
I lorcciicw kju4tt
In Dluoherand Bui shoes
New last, beat fitter on
See our uew enamej nd box
calfahoaa at
z 0 9 Stste 3t, Sale. Orat on.
m k 'wr
. i. j
f 15 CO Top Ooati winced to $1160
14.00 Overooati reduced to 10.00 '
19.00 Overcoats reduced to 10.00
9.00 Ororcoati rtdaced U 0.60
Assortment to select from 1
in such a gift.
Presents for mon.
Wo aro x
The Anti-Saloon League,
Washington. Dee. 9. Tho clghtb
annual convention of the Antl-Batooa
League oponed hero this morning.
Hundreds of dologatoa from all pop
lions of Amorlca aro present.
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Checelate, Deef Bouillon, To at t a
Roullloa, Vlfftral,
Tie Spa
Out Wlntef BtwIneM .
A. complete litis of umbrella
covers to select from, prices from
11.00 up. Handles 2Cc up.
To fit all makes of wheels.
Shipp & Hatfge
Opposite Capita! Nat. Bank.
Football Supplies
f.jiisw,watfyT'WiylyWW """

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