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sMTiT y- arn!fiSI'""'W'W r '
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1 . i . i j . .
Stockton &Co
Two Big
Arriving S
Daily mm Down
The Holiday Stores
Lace Collars
Etc., Etc.
The lament itock
in the city select
ed with great core, especially for
our holiday trade.
', mi
Fancy Aprons
Dainty fabrics tnadn up in all
the latest etylr a, prierd'tower than
yon will expect to And tbrm even
at our itarut of quality.
i Yhe Ladles of the
First Congregational church will hold
a bazaar in tho church parlors Friday
ovonlng, Decombor lllh oponlng at
B p. in. Itofroshments will bo sorved,
consisting of hot blHcults, salads,
cakes and coffee for 10 and 1G conts.
All kinds of fancy work and othor
useful article ;v)U bu for sale, alsq
a candy booth of homo-ma lo candles.
All personB having articles for tho
bazaar will pleaso bring thorn to tha
church parlors Friday morning, bb
soon after 10 o'clock as possible.
The Womans Missionary
vocoy of tliQ Presbyterian church
will meet with Mrs.' McDonald, 350
Capital atroet, this week. Fritlay af
tcrooon at 2; 30.
fttan tl y ' W m '" 1WWWOTJ &
.' ??
Chicago, Dec. 8. Wheat, 82 c.
Gold. Dust Flour
McU by
Sldrny, Oregon.
Made for family uo. Aak your
grocer for it, Dran and ihorta al
vrays on hand.
A. T. Wain, Agt.
edward Bills.
144 StaU f)t.
Potatoes, Potatoes,
Call and see os before yoo
sell yotf f Crop
James M. Kyle & Co ;
i 75 Commerci&lSt
f It '
jj T&e Up-to-Date Holiday
j Stock Has Gome
! ! Our bright sparkling lino of Christmas gifts is ready for
! ! inapaction. Our stook this season is four times larger thrm
j over before, and with prido nnd confidence in variety, wo in
i i vito you to look through our up-to-date line of Diamonds,
m SVatohes, Cut Q1bi, Silvorwaro, Jewelry, Ctooks novelties.
. mi 1 I lf t:l iL.i t. . .. ... .......
1 1 rueru tire iiuuureua in arnuiea niuw wo uuvw nui oixiuu iu cnu- j.
j : niornto. S
5 If you want lo buy rsght, if you want to bo treated right, S
make'our store your headquarters for Christmas buying, if you
I! aro at u loss to know what to buy, we have olerk's who will
allow you our lino, anil you will
diamond plan will interest you,
QllJUUr invcoiuiciiv. tiuviuti
our in uerein unes,.
Jeweler and Optician,
3 B4BX4aKB44Kta a
New Dress Goods
$1 50 qualities 98c
High jrrade iaaported Scotch
salting", t!iornlsnlnii fabric for
ladita tailor made snlt,akirta etc
Sale Price 98c yd
Scotch Settings 50c ytf
New lint of brown, blue and
black mixtnne, Juat what you
havo been looking for.
Satisfaction or Your Money Back
A Titled Convict.
Sheriff Storoy, of Portland, was n
Balom visitor Inst night, leaving for
homo this morning. He brought to
tho poultontlary Count Pulaski, a
fake doctor of Portland, who, whllo
having a young man under troatmont
in his rooms, ubBtracted $40 from the
patient's pockets. Pulaski, after us
ing tried and sontoncod to three years'
imprisonment, attompted to run away
from tho shorlff, and a foot raco ro
sulted In the shorlff easily running
his man down. As a rosult of this
attempt to run away Count Pulaski
was fitted, with an Oregon boot, weigh
ing 30 pounds, when ho was brought to
Christmas Sewing Aiachines
Sonlo of you men vho havo fur
nlshed yoilrsolvcs with feood fnrra
mnchlrtOry, br1 Hbod buggies, or good
bicycle, Or good horses, or any other
good thing, would do well to roirtom-l
bor your good wlfo and got a machine
for her about now, Plan a surprlso
party. Como In and look ovor our
machines, pick ono ou we'll send it
over and If sho wants to oxchnnge for j
fnv nthnr Roct wo'll tin It.
Our $25 drophond machines aro
groat machinos, ,
Our $18 machinos aro worth far
moro" than oaatern maohlnos, nnd our
Whllo Ilotnry und Wheeler & Wilson
thoro's nothing In all tho world
that's bolter. Always glad to show
you through,
Implement House.
255-257 Liberty at, Salem.
Farm Machinery, Blcycloe, Automo
hlloy, Sewing Maohlnvs aad fluppltes
N. H. Burlev
Sawing Maohlna Rapalrlno.
Ol bad aCCOUntS, ,
Prompt service, No
collections, no charges
tAiLl a l n-rliLlD nnannij m t
vri m..(ii,K, vwomwi. jyj
!ulte 4 275V Ooramerclal 8t, or
Phone Main 801.
A. R. MORGAN ft CO, Manasra
nud our prices rignu uur
as you can't loose anything
juu uujr vi uut wwu iu ruu ocg
H, Hinges?
88 State Street. $
Says Attorney General
Crawford, to Con-
demn for Canal
A Matter Oyer Which There
Seems to be a Very
., Marked Difference
of Opinion
Attornoy-Genoral Crawford yoetcr
day afternoon rendered an opinion In
response to a question submitted by
tho chamber of coramorco of Port-
land, as to the right of the state of
Oregon to condemn lands for the bon -
cf)t of tho federal government, and
whothor the state can legally grant a
right-of-way to tho federaf government
for tho use of the Celllo canal. The forced, Whllo thero has been tome
nttorney-gonornl states that wero tlio ' doubt as to whether this would apply
slato the "owner of the lands through!10 traveling troups, tho commissioner
which the proposed canal is td bo duir, j ,s of tho l)lmn that the law reaches
there would be no quoitlon, but as the
property affected Is nearly all that of
private partlos, tha matter Calls for
closo scrutiny. Ho then proceeds to
discuss tho proposition, and concludes
that tho stato can grnnt such rlght-of
way by propor condemnation proceed
. . t 1
...K u.u. . imjriuuui. 1,1 uiuuugw iu
tho parties owning the lands. Ho says
In summing up tho matter:
rnai me
liruiivaeu CUUUI, WIIOU
built, will be of great commercial ad
vantage to the people of- tho north'
wostern port of the stato, cannot be
qiiwuuiwu. am. . ami noining in moiout nnd g0,ns trough tuo Jeft onr,
constitution of tho state of Oregon1,, m i. ., ...i, -
which prohibits the state from appro
priating money for Internal Improve-
mens and in the Ugh of all the au.
horltlos I have boon ah 0 o examine
n the brief time I have had to devote
to this matter, It Is my opinion that I
illV QIUIU Villi, uy iJJlUall IULU IVfjtpjlV
Hon, permit the Unltod states or Its
agents lo condemn the right-of-way
for tho canal, in tho stnte courts, and
can appropriate! mutiny to defray the
oxponsOB of such condemnation pro
ceedings, including judgments for
lands taken."
anUDDS. At
Solba, Cal,
.. . ... , , .
C, 1903, at 4 p. Mi, Mrs. Dllla Lor
nln Walllng-Grubbs, whilo undergo
ing a surgical oporation.
Deconsod was a daughter of Mr. and
.Mrs. J. D. Walling, of Polk countyl
She was born April 12, 18G1, and in
188C became tho wlio of h. B. Grubbs,
.with whom she lived unUl sho passed
, nwny. Deconseu was, a member of the
M. E. church, nnd ft devoted Ohrls
. tlan. Uosldes tho bereaved husband
'nnd Only son, Harold, she loavos to
I mourn her death a larte family of
brothars and sisters, tehy are: Mrs
8. S. Glmblo, of Snlora; .Mra O. S.
jPomoroy, Wotdburn; Mrs. F. W.
I Pensloe. Zenti; John, Jesse and Grant
Wnlllng, Lincoln, Polk county; B. F.
, Walling Narapa, Idahe: Mrs. Olive
Morris, Seattle: Mrs. Stella Johnson,
, Mrs. Phopa McGrw and Mrs. Jonnlai
JGlendon, Portland, and Mrs. W. N.
Toner, Ynqulnn. A host of dovotad
frlonds in Marlon and Polk counties
will grlovo to hoar of tho lady'a sad
The Weldemann'a.
inis woii-Known attraction opens a
4 nlcht sncncntnnnt nt thn flrnnil '
I'ora Home on Wednesday. Dec. 9.1
They have an entirely new reper-
Inlu. . AnMnn.llMH. .M.l t.. . t- I
headed by Tom and Nellie Welde
mnnn, tho woll-known comod'nn and
soubrotta The oponlng bill is th
woll. known Wostorn romance MTn
nosseo Pardner." dramatized from
tha romance of Brote Hnrte. It Is
bright and" clean; and tho characters
are not over drawn, and there Is a
distinct voin of comedy which bright
ens It wondorfully. Tho characters
are well balanced nnd each actor in
hlsor hor own way appeals especially
to th audlonoo. Tom Woldemann
appears as Christopher Clay. "The
Blggeet Unr tho Lord over mado"
and- Nollle Woldemann as tha llttlo
orphan, Tennessee Kent Between
acts tha vaudeville offorlng Is Nolllo
Weltlomnnn, tho electric dancer, Ban
Brown, tho balladlst. Cris Allan, tho
unique monologtst, Pickett & Whipp
ier. International charaoter dancers,
and Frank Arthur In a few rag-tlmo-Isras.
Au qntiro change of play and
vaudeville is made at oyery perfon
nianoft. The prlees for this engage
ment are lSe. e and ,35a Curtain
art 8:15.
v A Trapptng Story.
A trapping atofy that goes the 11m
U ooraw to us this week through Qj,Wanted. Stefiographer to handle oer
IL Burkholder. who vouches for the
truthfulneae of the same. B. D. Han
dy, who ilvea south of Latham, one
day lost week set 12 traps, and on
his first visit to them he found each
one to have captured game, the varie
ty of which makes tho story more in
teresting. Of tho 12 traps, one con
tained an owl, three a flying squirrel
each, thrco a poloklttic each,
two a skunk each, one a woodrat, qne
a yellowhammcr, and one a martin,
tho last being a very rare specimen
of the fur-producer, for which Mr.
Burkholder paid Mr Handy $5.50 for
the hide. Mr. Burkholdor states that
the martin Is so raro that, properly
dressed and put on tho market, they
sell for $50. Cottage Grove Leader.
No Children on the Stage.
An edict has been issued by the
state child labor commissioners that
no child under 16 years of ago will
bo pormitted to appear on any thea
ter stage In the state of Oregon, said
edict having,- Bono Into olfect at 6
o'clock last Wednesday evening Two
theators in Portland were- required to
take children from tho stago last
week, and it is statod that the the-
, ntrlcal managers of that city will con
tt the-now ruling.
Evory-jtheatrlcal manager in Oregon
hi" hccn notified of the provisions of
! tn0 'aw, an(1 ,hnt it will bo rigidly on-
tnom aieo,
Shot His Little Son.
Whllo attempting to extract a 32
callbro pistol cartridge from a 30-30
rlfl0i Frank Bu,ck a farmer vlng
nt Melrose, camo near causing a fatal
Injury to his 9-year-old son, Emerlck,
-- - - --1 -
at h,s homo Mondny ovonng. Thc
artrldg0 wn8 ncc,dently 0xploJcd
Lnd tho mUo boJPi wh0( wth tho othor
fw- pl.ll.1rnn vmn a'nn.llnn- nonrt.v
rocolvod tho bullet In the faco at the
right side of the nose. Tho bullet
want llirnnirh tho linvs hnftil. omnlnc
The little fellow was brought to Rosa
burg nnd placed In W. A. Zooks houso,
opposite tho depot. Dr. C. V. Flshor,
who ,B ,n nUandftnc0( 8nya tho boy
, rccover ,n a sbort Umo un,0S(J
complIcatlona nri8e,-Roscburg Ro.
Hova Thief
Wo offer ono hundred dollars re
ward for any case of catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
CUro. F. J. CHENEY & CO., .
Toledo, Ohio.
Vftj, the undornlgned, bavo known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 1G years,
and believe kirn porfectly honorable
in all bUslneso transactions and flnan-
.U .... UUO.MU- ......w. - ........
clatly able to carry out any obllga
tlons mado by their firm.
WEST & TRUAX, Wholoaalo Drug
glsta, Toledo, Ohio.
WholoSal Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is takon Inter
nally, acting directly upon U10 blood
and mucous surfaces of tho system.
Testimonials sent froo. Price 75c
per bottle. Sold by all drugglsts.N
Hall's Family Pllle aro tho beat.
Dissolution Notice,
Tho partnership heretofore existing
betwoon N. J. Damon and. A. O. Da
mon, under tho Arm narno of Damon
Bros., Is this day dissolved by mutual
agreement N. J. Damon rotlres from
the firm, having sold hlB interest to
W. W. Fawki. Tho buslnbss will con
tlnuo under the old Arm nnmo of Da
mon Bros. An early sottlomont of all
accounts duo tho Arm Is requested.
Very respectfully,
'a I have Just had elQhteen
teeth exL-acted by Dr.
4 Wright's painless method,
$ and I shall always pralss
and recommend him for
his quick and painless jjj
method, and for his kind 3
Salem, Oregon.
Wanted. A girl to do general houso
work. Mrs. R. D. Allan. 347 High
streeL 12-29-tf
For Sale. Wo hava some baled cheat
bay and some loose clover hay for
cale, at $12.50 por ton. Geo. Swo
glo. 10-8-3t
For Sale, Stoak hog. AU slzas of
Poland China hegs. Wra. U. Kgan,
P. O. Garvals, route 2; phone Farm
No. 36. l-9-lwk
For Sale. Anyone wasting a bargain
n six colonies ef bees and Chase
hlyog. call on or address S. O.
Klghtllnger? care water company,
Wanted. Male reporter for city work
at" Journal offlco. Apply In parson
after 3 p. m. 12-9-tf
I respendenoo la olreulaUon depart
ment Journal offloe; after 3 p. m.
. The life of food is the fat
within it the more fat the
more real benefit from the
food; that is why cod liver
oil is a powerful builder of
Scott's Emulsion of pure
cod liver oil solves the
problem of how to take cod
liver oil. That is one. reason
why doctors have been pre
scribing Scott's Emulsion for
all wasting diseases, coughs,
colds and bronchitis for
almost thirty years.
We'll cnd jrou a sample fret upon request.
' SCOTT & DOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, New York.
4 Nights Commencing:.
Wednesday Dec 9
Wmaii's Big Show
In A Repertoire of The
Latest Successes.
Superb Band and Orchestra
High Class Vaudeville Between Acts
"Something Doing" All The Time.
The 4 act Sensational Comedy.
"Tennessee's Pardner"
Change of Bill Each Night,
Sale of seats opens Wednesday at
9 a. uv
Prices, J 5c, 25c, 35c.
K. of. P. Election,
At tho regular meetlntt of Central
lodge No. 18, Knights of Pythias,' hold
last night, officers wero olected for
tho torm beginning January 1st, as
follews: II. H. Turner. C. C: .7. M.
Lawronco, V. C.j Dnnlcl Webster, P.
W.; W. I. Stftloy, K. of H. anil S.; M.
WIprut, M. of E.; a A. Murphy, M. of
W.; F. J. Cronlsev M. A.; J. I?. Frco
land, I. G,; H. A, Johnson, O; G.; J.
Mv Lawrence, trustep.
Restored to Citizenship.
At the request of Stato Senator E.
M. Crolsan, Governor Chamberlain to
day restorod to cltlzonshlp Waltor
Jannoy, who was Bentonccd to the
stato prison for flvo years In 1895, nnd
was discharged in 1900,
sides in Seattle.
Ho now ro-
That THE FAIR STORE is located at No. 274 Commercial
Street, and that wo carry the largest stock of toys nnd holiday
goods in Salem, at prices that can't be bent. "Wo hnve express
wagons, hobby horses, wheel barrows, doll carriages, children's
rocking cbairo, toy trunks, drums, horns, top?, banks, tool
chests, air guns, bonts, toy furniture, doll houses, Christmas
tree ornaments and, in fact, everything in that line.
We" havo tho best values in dolls ever seen in Salem.
274 Commercial Street
We Put on Sale for Wednesday
and Thursday
Tho fallowing Interesting specials cut in price leas than manufacturers
cost We noed the room for tho Xmaa rush and must dispose of a good
part of our stock. See how wo sell thern:
75c Silk finished Velveteens, yd ..4So Bost Spool Silk, spool 3c
65c Cardinal Cashmoros. yd 33c Best Saxony Yarn, skoln 3c
39r Wool Dross Goods, 40 Inches. " S,,k Handkerchiefs ........ 6c
wldo por yard 23c Beflt Sans Silk, ball ....
A, , . , . Good sized Blankots 8c
3c Valonclennes Ioe,,por yd lo ngUor B,ankate yQfy chmp
7c Outing Flannel, yd ,..4Vio Men.B 2bc silk Neoktloa lc
$1.00 Blaok SI1H Pnu de Sole, yd 05o Boy's lOo Susponders . .' 6c
No. 6 All Silk Taffota Rlbbpn, yd 3o Men'a 26o Suspondors 15c
So Cotton Batting, roll 4c Men's 35c Wool Sox 15c
35c White Table Damask, yd 24c Mens 38c fleeced underwear ...-25c
8c White Towels 4c $3.50 Fur Boas, ijrloe $19S
12c Bluo striped Tloklng, yd 9c $1.05 Black Silk Moroerlzed skirts 95c
7,c Boat Calicoes, yd 4c Odd lot children's 25c Underwoar 10c
39o Wash India Silk, yd 25c 25o Wool Fascinators, prlco ...10c
Chlldron's 39c Union Sulta 23o Batter ones very cheap.
Ladles 10c Black Cotton Stockings 5c $3.00 French Flannel Waists ....$l-9&
Broken lot Cossets, half price. $h50 Flno Wool Waists 95c
Ladles' 75c Union Suits 45c Bargains In every depar.tmont
M'Evoy Brothers, &$?$?
High., grade furs Buffers
beautlos that suggest n frosty
Xmaa in faco of winter's biting
Wo have tho best tho markot
affords at prices as high as $35
each, and for ovory dollar ex
pended on furs bore yon re
ceivo moro than a hundred
cents' worth of style and aatla
factlon. V
Of coursa you will hare an
umbrella on your list Horo you
will And tho best lino In town
to select from. Handloa and
covers tho prettlost and boat,
and prices tako llttlo jumps
from 75c to $C00 each. Make
your soloctlon early.
If your friend travols much,
glvo him a suit caso a Christ
maa gift. Wo woro nevor bet
tor equipped to supply your
neoda In this lino.
Prices from
$3.50 to $$5
Everett, Wn., Dec. 9. John Plnnow,
a laborer, fell from a building 50 foot,
tills morning, fracturing his skull.
Oregon Fife Relief
Oregon's Great Auto al Insurance Cr,
$15,440,588 Insurance at risk.
Safe, economical Insurance for toe
people. Head office. McMlnYllIe, Or.
n. A. JOHNSON, Areit for Marlon Co.
Salem. Oregon.

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