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Egbert the Harney
County murderer
Gets Bad
Attacks One of Guards With
. a Sledge Hammer, While
at Austin's Station
Baker City, Or., Dec 15. Egbert,
the condemned murderer of Attorney
Saxton, passed through this city last
night on his way to Salem, in change
of Sheriff Tom Allen ami Deputv
Buoy, of Harney county. Egbert was
sentenced by Judge Clifford at Burng
last week, to bo executed at Salem,
January 19th.
The officers are aware of the das
perato character of thotr prisoner, and
yet ho camo within an aco of adding
another imirdor to those already ac
cretJUGd to him yesterday morning.
SL AfUn Statlon. on the stage
route from Burns to Whitney, while
at breakfast, the shackles were re
moved from his hands so ho coutd
eaat. A heavy sledge hammer was ly
ing on the floor of the room, which
Egbert seized and turned upon Deputy
Sheriff Buoy. Sheriff Allon sprang for
ward, and solz6d tho slodgo from be
hind. Just as Egbert was bringing it
down upon the deputy. A desperate
struggle onsued for tho possession of
the sledge. Egbert was soon over
powered, ami hU linn.tu ,,. i.
The man has romalned heavily
Ironed since his last attempt at mur
der, and will rnninln In Mint nn,iuinn
, until he arrives at the penitentiary.
uu'j uiuiu luuving uurns Egbert tried
to knock his brains out against tho
side of his cell.
In Russia's Grab Bag.
Berlin, Dae. IB. The Tngeblatt ro
ports bloody conflicts along tho Cau
casian and Persian frontion. In a sc
ries of battles tho Caucasians wore
routed, the Porsion army pursuing
them fnr Into Persia. Tho Tagoblatt
says It will furnish Russia a pretext
for tightening her grip on Persia.
Paid Some Money.
New York. Doc 15. Speyer & Co.
bid in the Consolidated Superior Com.
pany nt auction nt noon today for $1.-500,00(
hWfrfHfrBOHH) e $ i o e 1 004-8 -KVK;-M)-$-fr-8--M-n
Games Two Stocks of Goods I
i Cknm In 4hm . U m.U. ...ll.-.J ,-1 ... . ..
$- - " -,.. miw uinBi wmicrcq among nis creau custom- V
crs. j i
Carrying customers on tho books Increases the coat of doing
1 1 business. It's one of the things that compel merchant to get Man : :
prices from those who pay.
iu Why don't you pay cash and be Independent Trade whre '.
prices arc ugurea on a spot casn oasis.
J Is 8alem' Cheapest One-Price Cash Store. Quality Is always the T
first consideration with us. Reliable merchandise sold 15 to 25 per
X cent cheaper than at "regular stones" keeps ub growing. ' 9,
Have you seen our line of
Holiday; Novelties?
We sell them on the same margin of profit as regular lines.
Don't put off your holiday shopping till the last day. The assort- , '
J ment Is bettor now and the prices will never be lower. ' J
Two rooms full of goods suitable for practical presents If you 1 1
prefer them to the fancy novelties. ( (
E. T.BARNES, Proprietor!!
8)44frOttgrOIO-(9teit3IS44H-0--r44-t&ff)6H4-i i
no. sm.
Denver men Work'Attorney General
the Colorado Fuel
Have Been in Collision for
Years and Put the Com
pany Up Against
It Hard
Denver TW. IK. Thm-n l n ..,...
that tho four men recently discharged
j uiu. uiuruuo ruoi iron worKs, nt
I'llolllo hntl linnn In nnllimlnn ,.-
years past, and that tho company
iucus a j.wu.uuu Biiortngo. The com
pany is expected to glvo out Its state
ment at thn nnnnnl rniuitlnn- tMo n.
ening. Tho dismissed men arc undor
iij uuiiuoi tin u ii uiiiiiv. nm Rinirninnv
Wakes Argument in
Securities Case
w if m
Negroes Draw Color Line.
DCIlVQr.N Colo., npn 1Rlf niinniH
that Colorado In tn Imvn nn pnlnrml
contingent in hor nation! guard. Two '
companies of colored men hnd been'
enlisted, nnd were at the armory last
nignt to no mustered in. Colonol Blum
wns nresent. wlion "Mninr" rimi-ina
Jones, a colored man to whose efforts
tne formation of tho companies was
largely due," announced that he had 1
learned that Governor Peabody in
tondod to ofllcor tho comimnlos with '
white men. Tho colored recruits at
onco refused to cntor tho Borvlce.
He Has to Answer.
Victor II. Heath, who Is now held
In Heppner on a chargo of obtaining
monoy under falso protenses In Sno
homish county, Washington, will have
to fnco'nlfl accusers, Governor Cham
borlaln granting a requisition today.
One More Brick Maker.
F. D. Taylor, sheriff of Umatilla
COUntV. arrived In thn cltr fhln mnrn.
Ing with Joromo Moraln, who was con
victed of obtaining monoy under false
yruiuuaui, tie wm acrvo one year in
tho pen,
in w . .
Burned to Death. J
Braldwood, III., Dec. 15. Mrs. J. M.
Smith, her daughtor and Frank Smith
were burned to death In n flro this
morning, which destroyed tho resi
dency and store of J. Somon.
. u
N One More Ship.
Norfolk, Vn., De. 15. Tho Olympla
Is coaling today and sails to join the
Carriboan squadron Wednosdny, whore
sho will bo Coghlan's flagship.
Will 8how Boer Life.
Now Yor, Doc. 15. Tho Boer g?noi
al, VHJoen, arrived ou-tho Umbrla to
day, to arrnngo a spectacular oxhlbit
of Boer life at the St. Louis oxposl-tlun.
Calls the Promoters "Empire
Builders and Oriental
Dreamers" a Large
Crowd jn Courtroom
Vahlngton, Doc. 15. Another
large nna tustingulshcd nudlonco wns
at tho supremo court today, and oven
standing room was occupied by thoso
wishing to honr Knox In behalf of tho
govornmont. In tho Northorn Securl
poarance In persons ince ho wns ap
tloa qaso. It was Knox's first ap
pointed to the cabinet nnd thero wns
much Interest whn the undersized,
smoothfaced, youthful looking man
began his address at noon. It provod
to bo brilliant. Thore wns no attempt
at oratory, but his clear, lncislvo tones
were amllliln thrnnplunit dm nmitnis,)
chnmber. which Is noted for Its bad!
acoustics. ii rnrojy indulged In gos
tulntlon, although ho sometimes sharp
ly brought his fingers together on the
palm. Ho chlled the promotors of the
Northorn ornrlHp nnmlra luillilars
nnd Oriental dreamers, and snld the
roal plan was to secure an absolutely
undofentable monopoly of nil the
tt asportation facilities over the ter
rltory traversed.
Hrt said: "Tho gentlemen on Uie
other side hnve referred to themselves
ns criminals, nnd expected tho court
to be horrified at such appellation. Wo
liaVO not Vt rnfnrrml In vnn na nrlm.
Inals, hut bb dofondanta In equity, nnd i
that's- what you are. If Is tlmo onough
io ovoko mo Binci construction or tne
Bfntuto whan you shall hnvo been ac
tually nrralgned chnrged with n
crime." Ho declared tho stntuto un
dor which the coso was brought to
bo remedial, rathor than ponnl, nnd
quoted tl.o decision of tho trans-Mis-Bourl
nnd Joint trnfflc cases to show
tho nnnlfcabllltv to tho Romr-lHna rnav
Ho doclared tho government's case
could ba put Into ono tersojtentoncfii
"Is thero combination, nnd does It re
strain Interstate commorco?" To prove
that securities Is a trust, ho ?cad from
the testimony of Morcnn. Hill. Clouch
nnd others. Ho snld Hill and Morgan
nro tho men who are rosponslblo for
this organization, which Is strictly pro
hibited by law. To dony that It Is
such n combination challenges com
mon Intelligence, to deny that It Is In
tho restraint of tho court challenges
tho authority of this court.
Their Pay Cut Down.
New York, Dee 15 The statomont
vu made today by a leading ofllclnl
of the United States Steel Corpora
tion that, beginning January 1. 1004,
about 90 per cent of the employes of
tho corporation will suffer a wage re
duction ranging from 6 to 20 per cent.
This reductton will affect about 150
000 workmon In the various grades of
the subsidiary companies. Tho ro-
malnlng 10 per cent of tho employs
are members of the Amalgamated A
soclatlon of Iron, Steel and Tlnwork
ors. whoso wage schedule runs to July
1, 1901. The finance committee of the
steel corporation has. It Is understood,
under consideration the dismissal of
ninny high-salaried employos, In ad
dition to those already discharged,
but no stntoment on this point wns
forthcoming today. It was asserted
that, barrlug smne unforsflen techni
calities, employes of tho cornoratlon
who participated in the profit-sharing
plan will. In the coming month, re
ceive a $5 dividend on the prefrred
stock, to which they subscribed
1 1
To Annex 8an Domlnoo.
Washington, Doc. 15. Only two
score members were present whon tho
houso met at noon today owing to tho
exodus of the Western m mbersfor
sldorntlon of the pension appropriation Seoul, Korea. IJec. 15.-Tufo wcrr
bill. Senator Hoiburn presented ay?u,re rlow nt MOkpho yoaterflny, A.
Joint resolution providtng that tho ia,m"?so moh wounded 17 Koreans.
President acquire, by nnuoxntlon or'"'' "or!ftn ofilclnls nro Btronuousty
oinorwiFe. tne Island of San Domingo,
and Its dopendonclcs, which wns re
ferred to tho committee on foreign ro-
lnl I nt m
Between Russia and
Japan Her Path
Is Rocky
Government Is Moribund,,
and the-Race Has About
Run to Its Finish
Morgan offerod . another resolution
on tho Isthmian canal, calling for In
formation ns to whether Knox hnd ne
gotiated for tho purchnso of tho new
cnnnl company, and whether the
French government pnrtlclpnted In
such purchase. It wont over. Whou
tho Cuban reciprocity bill wns taken
up It was agreed tho time should be
equally divined between tho oppo-!
nenui ami advocates
endeavoring to auell all dtsordora.
Russia hasn't Interposed, although hor
Intluonce still provnlls over tho Kor
ean govornmont. Tho American mm?
Istor, Allen,, demanded n reply from
Korea regarding tho opening of the
plrt at NIJu. American resldonto how,
fearing disorder, deslro a warnhlp.
City Will Make All De Vaccinated.
New York, Dee. 15. Vigorous moaav
ure are being taken by tho board of
henlth to prevent nn outbreak of
smnllpox In New York, and to that
Perkins. ,of oni1 nn iPl'olntwl 64 now Inspectors,
California, llevotod tho greater nart'ivna wl" foopornto with tho largo
of his nigument to answering hlff col- ;orc ot TOMtar Inspeetors In svarch
leagua Bard, who a few days ago con- ,n ir iwraons who have not beau
tniutnii Hiu mii wniii.i o.ioiiiu Oni, ' vnccbiaUtl. Muuv cases of ttmnllnox
deat a severe blow to the California nn" ,'Mn reported lately In largo cities
citrus Industry.
ntar here, and tho authorities nro de
termined to forestall tho disease' lis
New York.
All schools tottemont lioimeo. de
partment store and nlmllnr placet
where people congregate, are Io ho
visited by Uio Inspectors, ami effort
will not bo relaxed until tho donnrt-
ment Is reasonably certain that every
Will Sue for Daunhter'a Right.
Whatcom. Wash.. Dec. 15. W. A.I
Utter, formerly tho owner of several
hundred acres of what Is now tho
thickest sottlod rosldonco portion of
tho city, has returned horo with tho
avowed intention of Instituting n suit
to establish his minor daughter's right , !""' woman and child In tho city ha
to a portion of his formor ostato. i lmm vncclnnt0( i .
which ho lost on foreclosure proceed-;
lugs, following tho 18U3 pnnlc. The1 Funeral Today,
property In question hns becomo vory I Washington, Dee. 15. Tho funeral
valuable I of John Proctor, president of tho civil
At tho time of tho mortgaging of sorvlco .commission, who died Bntur
tho proporty, Mr. Utter wob a widow- day. was hold this morning.,
er with an Infant dnughter. It Is Iloosevelt, accompanied by his wlfo
Clalmod that tho daughtor has booif,!'' "on. nttonded. also Mr, and Mrs.
'deprived of her share of tho ostato ' Lodgo. Hitchcock nnclnJnrKO repro
through hor mothor'a sldo, to which soulatlon from omclal clrclaa.
sho was entitled under the community I
property laws of tho state.
Railway Men Arrested. '
Loo Angeles, Dec. 15. Howard 13.
Huntington, son of Honry 13., John J.
Akin. M P. Clark and S. U. Mcln-
nogan, .nil railway magnates, woro ar I
rested this morning for falling to
sprlnklo thotr tracks, according to or
dinance Tho nrrests nro tho result
of tho "rtecords" cnisade against their
clouds of dust. Tho magnate, will
plead Saturday, and will fight the or
Poultry, dogs and rata this wwk. iKA ,.. e
One admission to soo nil 15 cnti ' ,M B,,, Bl'
From now on
Special pHccs on
Candies lot Xmas
Trees, Etc.
Phone 1071 Malit
I ferffc
Up In Toyl&nct
house begins to show the variety as shown here-
A wonderfully attractive play ground for the children, and also wonder
funyNlnterttlng to the grown ups. It takes you back to childhood's days
again to roam about the broad aisle that are surrounded on all sides,
by thousands of the latest novelties known to Toyland. No other local
In fact we start where others leave off,
Thero are 6o many pretty novel
ties In hnndkorcfclofs that thoy
ore ospoclally doa-irabjo for gift
purposes. The handsome patterns
anl flno qualities appeal to ovary
woman, and the roady-touse hand
kerchiefs as sold In store naw-a-das
aro equal to thos roads by
hand and the utility Is just ns
good. Let us suggest that you
make your Chnstnlaa purchase
now, for tho line are all com
ploto, and you will not appreciate
thtm so much when they have all
boon picked over.
An elegant line of embroidered
nandkcrchlofs of regular SOc val
ue for
First Floor
pa Wednesday of each week it ha
been our custom to conduct &
SPECIAL SALE for this day only
and it haa frown to such, popular
. hat cM'omar often ask "What
Is to bo your noxt Wodnesday
Special?" Tomorrow marks our
164 Wodnesday SIe and on this
day we offer fine Stamped Cushion
Tops and Backs, These tops are
stamped 'n the colore to be used
In embroidering them nnd are
very beautiful In design. A large
variety to select from and are us
ually sold, at all stores, lor 50c.
Our price for this day only
. Wednesday
CiffTf 17SW.7 txa I, a.TT, VffJtfU:
Store Open Evenings
Until Christmas
usaMntfRtKXti- MBH3sar"mjstfr.w,wi,sii.si ' mkkb&
Toys Galote
Tne big attraction on our second floor i TOYS TOYS tor everyo
You never saw to many toys before. Wagons, horses, go-arts, units,
carriages, gmtiei, blocks, animals, mechanical toys, etc.
Including dogs, eats, Uuebs, cows.
horses, sho.p and various wild
Wool covered lambs ....10c to $5
Ca.s that will mew 25c to SOc
Fur or flannel dogs . . . .25c to $2.90
for tho bsliy. Including rattles, all
kinds of animals and doll fables
In gray rubbe 15c to $1.00
Our assortment Is larger ttiun ever
this year, and miwy are copies of
hanibiome, large stc. A very fV
tractive set of pieces, with pretty
floml design at
25c to f4.50
About fifty difforeat styles: some
are fjphotetered In Mteettfiulsliod
In up-to-date style with parasol
and strap from
26c to $7.50
' Glove Certificate
This certificate presented at our
Clove Counter, entitles the holder to
a pair of gloves or the value shown
by the above coupon bearing W num
ber of this card.
Call at any time within CO days from
date, and be correctly fitted.
No, 1. Glove DepL
Out ,
Our recent special offavs Imve
proved very atfsfufttary fur those
who have been qdlek to appreci
ate the value or bargain giving,
they kept us busy.
The fabrics are In, this season
newest patterns and weaves! the
trimmings mh first class, and
the tailoring Is the best.
IJvery Hull ami Oweoet In our
lmmRse stock is reduced In
price so you ess eertelnly affurri
to buy yourself a Christmas pres
ent which you will appreoJst.
Our Gkfietrans sttrak ill Neckwear 1
crisp asrtl fresh bright with the new
est deslgo and eelerluge. Nowhere
else can be found wieii n broad vw
riety such exnluslve doslitns
Neekweur fixtures today glvo iui
enJ of suggestions to anyone thliihlng
of pksslng a mustfullse mind with
neckwear gift. They are handsome
new patterns in light and dark
grounds lu a variety of shapes.
New effects comfort and elegascti
fiBWUged-lust the thing fef l-ortlon
lar me.
$10.00 Suitor p.vercoat $ 6.50
12.50 " ": " 7.S0
15.00 ' 9.50
18.50 " " " 13.00
20.00 14.50
22.50 ' 15.00
25.00 ' . 16.00
very often you do not know the oxaet slue or ! to buy fer your
friwd so we have Issued glove certificates to lielB you out Below we
give o foe slmiMe of tbese certlfleatee. Try one. To be had nt the gla

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