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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, December 17, 1903, Image 3

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BsV bbbbbshSbW a Bn SbH bbsY Abssb ill Ban HI aMr Wm
1 91 HHHH7 A Ve. HH IS bbsS 01 W JH bbsv A ?
ia hso for oror go years, Los borno tho ntfrnntnro of
yr yfKi"""' " and Jma boon nutdo under his per
CfotXfflJZttfTv. 8nal supervision ulnco its Infancy.
Mt ' AlloTTnoono to deceive youln this.
AllOoanterfolta, Imitation and " Jnst-as-good' aro bats
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
' Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment
Cai Tla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paro
gori Drops and Soothing Sjrrupa. It is Pleasant. It
contanus neither Opium, Morphlno nor other Narcotic)
substance. Its ago is its guarantee It destroys "Worms
and allays Fevcrlshncss. It cures Diarrlicca and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teethlngr Troubles, cures Constipation
naid Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Boars tho Signature
yO Bears tho SIgnaturo of
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
m t,k rr, 5
we rvi. ruK S
MaiiT Express f
Freight o
i .
' CO
; s
' UI
1 CO
I 2
I Id
r u
i ft
We have experienced packers who can pack any kind
of China, Cut Glass, or any kind, of piece.
Last year only ono report was made of breakage; two
years ago none.
Out Store is
Open Late Evenings
Until Xmas
We have a well-lighted store, and plenty of accommo
dating and experienced clerko to wait on you promptly.
Remember goodsare marked In plain figures.
The stock Is bigger than ever before, and the big rush
we have wlil tell that our prices are right
Fresh Roasted Coffee and Fine Teas a Specialty
Yokohama Tea Store
Phone 2411 Black.
Free Delivery
To Cultivate
i matters, tho real gsnoral, Booing by
tho papore that he vms to be honored,
also mado his way to tho samo town
In tlmo for tho ontortnlnment.
Suffice to romark that all sorts of
complications are forced to arls. and
as "Hollo UI11" is rendered, It Is easy
tho most humorous fnrco comedy on
tho road.
Arrangements nro now undor way
to extend over larco ureas In h
ln, tVunh. cu lvnU" b,cr- Standing Committee Meeting.
bn "HnmSJSi tP'ain hlcU hnr Th0 StandlnB commlttoo of the
ami fiS b? thw0 "Sf?1 0re8n- WwhlDRton and California
fettllltv nf tLh. inn lnoxhaU8t,bl0 Eldership of the Churches of God met
lTnrtVm?niS?iP , . 'Pursuant to the call of tho chairman
undiminished crons have boon I rnu,, , . - .
RE LJ nt r1?Cfn.t,UrJ3 irom t0R m- A niembors were present
&?iJS n8..ML5pt.,lhat U h1 beo" except Blder R Porter. SInstng and
prayor by Bldor J. P. Shoch, after
following actions wero
Elder J. F Schoch wos chosen to
uvuvtvu uiuu receuy, ovon oy sci- nrayor by
entinc men. that the secret lay In the which the
wvu uKiicuiiurai vaiuo ot wile slit, fnkon
i.-T.iiiiimi iiivusvisaiion conuuciea oy
tho UnltCKl Statos covernmont ihn
4t.lt. r.t.1 l.W.. A- " .. .... . "-"" "II 1
"w ',. """r.-.1" oor raiiacr. tor's withdrawal from tho Eldership
nkvM n rT; mii i ,. , A brothorn presont woro mado ad
S.Ld ?' r111.1' . asrlcultural ox- vlaory membore.
-1 " ' Y.mwl ainl08!.. r-i Whereas, Elder A. Wilson failed to
fcu.u wo OKI- una mrmer 11 inc n
perpetually ronowdd alluvium, whore
aa uio fact Is that tho N'llo Bell Is
so lacking In nitrogen that In most
places two good crops of Indian corn
cannot bo raised In successive years
off tlie samo field."
Searching thoroforo, for the roal railed.
wici. oi cgypi-s agricultural re
sources, the romarknblo discovery
was mado that tho plant known as
berseem has the power to roclalm
barren, alkaline lands and maintain
them In a productive stnte. This
appear before the standing committee
to answor to certain charge against
him, on motion he was suspended from
tho Gospel Minister)' until tho meet
ing of the Orogon, Washington and
California EUlcruhlp at Mouutalnvlew,
Washington In 1004. Motion pro-
dlscqvrty Is of world wldo Importance.
Mr. raircmia In tho No dolta
The Entire Stock
of Roots and Shoes and Rubbers
We have purchased of Jacob Vogtmust ;;
44 . ! ( rune eariv aiiu ;.
be solo ax a sw-u.
i?et the bargains,
Successor to Jacob Yogt. 205 tomnic.ua. -..
VlI0reas Elder E. Portor has with
drawn from tho Oregon, Washington
and California Eldership, wo wlth
hold his certificate at ordination until
tho mooting of the Eldership at Moun
talnvlews Washington, In October, 1901
Eldor J. U McClanahan roportod,
Eldor J. P. Schoch moved that we
pray God's blowing on tho brother In
his work In tho gospel Mlnlstory. Mo
tion prevailed.
Bldor C Hayes, reported through
Eldor J W. Korco, his roport was re
ceived and llconuo renewed. Ad-
visited basins of alkaline lands that
nnu been thoroughly reclalmid by
growing borseom Uiere. Ho saw
cattle and hor8 grnilng on luxurious
nems or borseom fields thnt two
years before were, ho saw. "as linr-
ren of vegetation as a bathing beach." journod
Furthermore, tho roots of borsoom,
storel such a vast amount of nltrogon I
in me son reclaimed that on the
till ru year tho land wo able to tiro- RAihm nivAt KinwniKF
duce a crop of cotton. -
Berseem Is a species of Trlfollum Rich Pay Q ravel Struck on the Tan-
which ha the jwwer, as Indicated.! ana River.
not only to consume salino nnd nl- Tho news comes trom Dawinin that
kallne properties In tho land, but atao a gold-bearing pay streak equal to th
to enrich It with nitrates. Some- ramoue KlontHKe has been imnKM on
thing of n composite of alfalfa and ' Tanana River near Fairbanks
clover. It Is In every way more dell- Tho gold In the new camp Is not con-
cnto In flavor and succulent than fined to narrow streaks like that of
either. In Egypt It is the food of the Klondike region nnd Is therefore
horses, cameli, cnttlo nnd donkeys, not of such great rlchnens to the
Even the peasants or follaheon find It huckot. More territory will havi to bo
a pnlntable dtshi workod to secure oqual values In gold,
Uerseom Is remarkably fattening; , lt It Is belloved that with the Intro-
The Department of Agrlculturo pro-' ductlon of proper machinery tho out-
noiincos It to bo ono of tho most nu-lit will bo very largo. Tho worK or
trltlom groon foods known. ! development thus far has been done
iV further remarkablo fact In rounrd hy poor men with llttlo other equip
to tho plant, and ono which will rc'ment than ashovo! nnd pan.
commond it widely. Is that It has wintor travel uoiween uawson nnu
tho powor to kill most kind of weeds. Fairbanks Is oponlng with something
For miles In Egypt tho American ox-.Mo a rush, and many prospectors will
ports rodo along Holds of borseom Ko In. during tho winter. A shortago
In which scarcely a wood was to bo ' of supplies will dlscourago a groat in
seen. I flux until noxt summer, howovor, when
It Is tho purposo to tost this plant a reguIor-Btampedo Is expected.
Irt Toxas, Arizona. Oregon, Washing- According to advices tho pay streaks
ton and otlior section or tho North-Jaro 32 ,n,l0B ,onS. located on creoku
west. In tho Southwest It will bo propor. and oxcIuhIvo of bonch claims
trlod in rotation with cotten: in Art-1 many of which havo boon found vory
ona and California, whoro Irrigation inch. Tho width of tho pay stroaks Is
is practiced, borseom will bo used as not laon mio consideration, aiwiuuBii
a wintor cilllng and foddor crop; and somo of, thorn havo boon found to ox
In tho Northwost, whoro It will bo tend over tho width of throo American
planted after danger of frost haw claims. Tho following la given as a
paBsod and harvostod before tho summary of tho location of pay streaks
neaUKi term, it w 1 bo tried In rota-. on mo various itotob
Wants 16 Gel
Another Ear
The grafting of an ear to tho head
of a western millionaire In n Phila
delphia hospital has had a unique se
quel. Though tho man who sold his
aural appendago to tho millionaire foe
$5000 made the sacrifice willingly,
now that tho car Is gono ho misses It.
and Is seeking for another ear to re
place that which ho sold.
That Is tho story which has devel
oped from tho visit to Dr. C. V. Steb-
bens, of Ironwood. Mlohlgan, of
Hungarian minor from Hurley, Wis.,
who has received a loiter from the
East offering hi in $1000 for an ear to
replaco that which was taken Trom 1U
owner In tho hospital. The Hun's
namo Is kept secrot by tho doctor,
who says that tho call mado upon him
was professional, tho Hun wanting to
know If tho oporntlon would bo Bafo
Incidentally tho man who sold lit;
oar to tho mining man will havo mado
$4000 by his two weeks In tho hospi
tal, nnd will still hav an oar. Tho
Hungarian won applied to. It la un
derstood, bccnu8o ho was ono of thoso
who responded to the original New
York advertlseraont offering $CO0O for
an oar.
Wm IVrfectly Ilntd Vkm lie fUnritH,
to Un Kcirbro'ft Kcrplride .
Predtrlek Manuell, Maryland Nook,
llutte, MttntAhft, bought a bottlo of New
bro's Urpliae. April 6, , nnd began to
uo It for entlro baldness. The hair fol
licles In Ms senlp woro not dead nnd In
SO day ho had hair nil over his head.
On JulrS ho writes, "and today my hair
I na thick and luxuriant na any ono
oould Wish." Nowbro's Herptoldo workh
on an old principle nod with a new die
covery destroy the cauxe and you re
move tho effect Ilerplcldo destroys tho
term thnt causes dandruff, falling hair,
and finally baldness, no that with tho
onuio irone the effect cannot remain.
Stops falling hair at oneo and a now
growth starts. Bold by lending
drucslsts. Send 10a In stamps for sample.
' to Tho Ilerplcldo Co., Detroit Mich.
uuuici o. rij, opccisi akuuu
Now Imported French harjis. In any
key, fqr salo very cheap, at W. Cat
vet'B, praatlcal watchmaker, 168 Btnto
street. cfld
Branson A Ragan.
Keep nil kinds of groceries, and
thoy nro tho host that can bo found
In tho city. You don't 'know It until
I you, havo tried th'ctn.
When You Want
Something' to ent, Just try thoAVhlio1
Houso. Thoy can servo you nt 'any
hour of Uio day or night '
j $WJW m
Phyelclane prescribe It ;
for their most delicate I i
rFor Bale by 1
A, 8CHnEIBen, Salem. I
169 Stats St I ;
B the ,? "i Kind Yw Ht Ahvap Eg!j
tlon with wheat.
Gold Stream Pay located flvo
J mile. Full oxtent of prospecting
Gllmore Throe miles of pay In
sight. At thre efuet holbw Uio sur
face pay Is uncovered 1000 feet wide
laud the limit not yet reached.
The offering at the Opera Houso, Podro Prospected for five mile.
noxt Saturday Is Goodhuo & Kellogg's and not a blank has been struck,
successful farcical comedy "Hello I Twin A tributary; has one mile of
13111." "Hello Dill" m tho title would pay whllo tho side claims aro very
ciif.tatt la nnt n en.on1lul "alnn.atlnk" rlrfi
comedy, but Is a laughable farce con- Cleary Four mlln have been pros-
a I I IA .1 .. 1 .. A mi. t..inl.lnt ' ,.-i.l fit. It,. iiaiinl aunl t rtrvi1
laiiunK inerii anu piuu iiie uwwnii'i iiuviuu, wuit mw ihhiui iwu, nuvu
which Is In three acts. Is tho work of pay everywhere.
Willis Maxwell Goodhue, a humorous Jiedrock One mile; Chatham, one
writer of note. It tolta the etory of a nnd ono-lmlf mllee and Wolf, two
man, who on the ove of his mnrrlage miles of pay !b In sl&it. These streams
to a beautiful young widow, went out are all tributaries of Cleary.
to have what Ib commonly known as : Fairbanks Eight miles of pay In
a good time, and had tho ill fortune to sight, with pay also on throe trlbu-
be caught In a gambling bouse wiiicn innea I'ny na who oeen ioiiuu ou
was raided. Ho discovered, as' he the left limit side claims.
supposed, that nothing would savo him The miners already In the district
from serving a sentence oi sixty aays nave gone to wie xpn m mrm
in iaii nmi in order to keen his bride man to carry a weekly mall from
In Ignorance of his disgrace, he took
advantage of the circumstances the
morning followlB the raid, tne papers
announced that a gentleman bearing
his name had beon appointed to the
Colonelcy of a volunteer regiment
which bad been ordered to Join the
United Stat force then engaged
In the Spanish-American war. lie
showed the paragraph to his bride,
pretending that he was the man ap
pointed, and bidding her a fond faro
well hastened away, aa she supposed
to Cuba, ami aa he supposed, to serve
a sentence In prison, lie tucapeti.
howevor with a fine, but having na'd
the flue, he found It noeaary to re
main in obscurity until his name
sake returned from Cuba, In order to
bride blind
Circle and
200 miles.
the camp, a distance of
I Hard $
M e- -w- a
i ;
; Only $i.i5 per sack;
TI. . 1-....... . .... .. ..11. J V
i ne milium uucAtcucu
Peacock Brand of flour. T
! The finest flour ever sold I
! in the city. kTry it once. 2
" .. ... ,i .
we win sen 10 you again. ,
: D. A. Wfcite
& Son
Fecdmen and Seedsmen
! 301 Coin'l 8t, Salem, Oregon,
IMf t8IMtMtH?!M'
aii8iiiBitainBf taieat8tf inf
For the Most Complete Stock of
! Catfvetf s.
and Nicfcle Plate Wane
at reasonable prices, see
It's Up to You
(M Clure's.)
The advantaxtu of a fr cotintry?
are conditional upon the aiMinptlon
of the reKHMlbllUie of a free
It comes back after all. to you and
to roe, personally, Individually. If
you want to be rid of the lloee In your
city, you have got to go to the pri
maries and the election booth and
protest nnd vote and protest again.
If you, at a workltwinan, want hon
est and efllclont unionism, you have
got to go to tho union meetings and
make UiliiB right, and If you as a
keop his bride blind as u Hie true siocHiiwuer, wi " .-
condition of affairs. When the an- puMneiw noneeiy i jr iw u
nouncewent of the expected return of In your corporation you ay got
the Colonel, (now a Oeoetal and a to look after the thins younwir. o
hero) was made through the news- one says It Is easy; good thing never
iianom. a recenuon wm nrran,j iur uu .-v i.
the bogus general by his friend in the
quiet llttlo seaside town whero his
bride awaited him, ami to complicate
t)ltt l-ge0 1 l I 4-M
German Market
Just opened, next Joor to liar
ritt b. Lawrence grocery "tore,
a clean, new market, where all
kinds of meat can be had. Low
prices and prompt delivery our
Kotte. ' We sake, a tpeoiaUy of
fine Genaaa sausage ot all
kinds. Olve us a call
fled Tim
I take a pleasant herb drink, the noxt
morning I feel bright and my com
plexion Is better. My doctor says It
acts gently on the s-otaachB, liter and
Kidneys, and ts a plcaaant laxstlve. It
Is made of herbs and Is prepared as
easily aa tea. It Is called Laae'a mod
Idas. All drugxlsts sell rt at We and
M cent. Lane's Faml.y Medlelnes
moves the bowels each day. If you
cannot get It, send for free sample.
Address, Orator Woodward, Lello,
N. Y.
Talking Machines.
Buy a talking machine of flee. O.
Will for your folks' Christmas pre
eat ne ha a targe stock of Victors.
Cotambla and ZeaofHe Machine on
hand. H-1
. .
JS. 4 3C C3 3PL X A.
T 6&yfffflfa stp in ftnd for yourMl1,
Hen: Main 2053.
193 Commtttlal St.
Ottr Th Journal.
You did not no ml me thut order for printing
last month. Ya hud Iwtler do It now. There'
Is no better time to gat a fresh supply of sta
tionery thun just before the now year. If you j
order It soou It will be ready for you.
Elliott, the Job Printer.
Willamette Univctsity
John II. Colkman, PiuaiiDKhT, Saijim,
College of Liberal Arts, Law, Art, Medicine, Music,
Oratory, Theology.
PREPARATORY DEPARTMET-Open lo students corupItlliiB elrhth rdt d
MrtraeBt-IOwergMdeslnpreparalorydtnrlBitBt. Besides afford tr
professional tralnlnjr, tbe University seels to live a Ikorotsn piaeUcal
edocatlon for all who are aware of tne value of trained train.
THE NORMAL DEPARTENT-Offeraa:tDorouhteure In lie tneory and
practice of teacblnr. Meets all tneriaulremeniB of state school law.
Its teachers are In constant demand.
Catalogue Upon Application
Harritt & Lawrence :
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