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8erlpp New Association Telegrams.
. .
Dally One Year, HOO In Advance.
Dally Three Months, $1.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, SU tenia rer momn.
Weekly One Year, $1.00 In Advance.
Oiw Week 10
0as Month $ -36
ThttO Months $1.00
tAt Jeurna) Office.
At Daue'a Grocery, South Salem.
At flowersox Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Grocery Store.
Electric Grocery, East State St.
ar nronerly urouauL In thle re
all cltfaens havt a pubtle duty to per-
ipect'a man or woman clear across the con
i . . . ...
tinent ana gets notMing.
The courts)' of a tip Is not to be
abolished, unless the last vestige of
human kindness were stricken out of
IIUIUHI1 miiuiici
Decatise The Journal dare print tneiiuman nature.
new about Uie condition of the isortn ., tlma ,,. K. Aha.nenis
National., livestock., convention,
Portlasd, January 12-1G.
Aagora coat sbo-v, Dallas, Janu
ary 1415.
The Wiather.
Toiilfiht ami Friday, occasional light
rain; cooler tonight
uiii .MukW .iitnv. iiio ny'HMi it mar i
mm urwjn uiLJiii mo unims m.
property withdraw all advertising pat
ronage from this paper.
The only Inference Is that If this
imper would keep still about the tin
sanitary ditch In summer, and lie
about Its unsafe condition In winter.
a few dollars might come our way.
Tlie cltisen who falls over the ob
structlons nlared on that ditch cover
I UK. or who taken his life In his hands
In walking across It, Is to have no
protection If all the newspapers can
be closed up tight.
Ifu amtwrtv nnv rluht In illnlntn
the pnl He policy of a newspaper nnrt
by a little dribbling pap silence what
should be the mighty lever of public
protection, a free press?
It Is claimed that so mighty are the
Influences that are strangling the
milling Industry, and holding these
water power In their octopus grip
that not even a law firm In this city
can be got ot take a suit against
Have the people any rights as com-
iwred to property?" D n few.
won the heart of a simple Jewish
maiden by tipping her relntlves tli-j
practice has been an effeotlv one.
An extension of tlnnlnsr would be
a good thing If it couhJ convert the
snappy. Jerky waiter girls In many
hotels and restaurants Into more
agreeable creatures, that did not put
a man's stomach on its nerve, and
keep It there all the way through a
There was a time when the Demo
crats of Oregon decided the fate of the
Union, by refusing to be rounded un
for the pro-slavery wing of the party.
There was a time when United
States Senator Nesmlth's Vote alone
saved Abraham Lincoln's policy of
AAaeAAaSM&ffraeO06trtM t
The Mad Mullah has reason to bo
true to his name now. A few days
ago the British lambasted his army,
killing 1000 Of HIS IlOWling uervisnen
i I jam
9 Cherru Per75
' s & r "wt-vyfjj
va : T,
p KJ for pniirrlis. oniric i.i...j eafl
'uuT T" ' . " r..L ' U?G. Di
miua luiiauiiipnon.
Korea may be the "sleeping king
dom," but from Indications she Is lia
ble to be "woke up"
Prince Cunld snent a night in the
Waahlnston Jail, but no one has von-
tured the suggestion that he laughed
at the locksmith.
Jerry Simpson Is now In Portland
and he wears socks.
According to the frulterowors the
lien Davis apple would be improved
by a bath in sheep dip.
Sheopmon and cattle mon agroe
maintaining a National Union at all first rate so long ns it Isn't n ques-
linvnwla - I tlnn nf wlilnh nnn nu-ns tlin rnnirn
On Friday night Mayor Waters will
nnnouncu (he standing committees of
the common council for the ensuing
As the council Is composed of four
taw members, and twelve are rwHihll-
eans, II has become necessary to di
vide the omnmltteea.
It is not known what division the
commute on rules will make, but
they should be cut up so as to divide
the work a much as possible.
The three hw wants and the two
01 news' member of the council
should mil be overlooked. In the dis
tribution of elialrmansllts.
The couiiBll Is a biislnew organisa
tion, and liter Is little room for po
lllleal plays of any kind to be made
In that body.
The responsibility (m the mayor
to give (he oltr such an organisation
or committee as will preserve bar
mofly and eflloletiey.
Tim eommlUee on ways aud means,
ntwounta ami current expenses, streets
mid lleensen are very ImportanL
Keening the city within Its revmi
uea, pruinolliig at least one good
street Improvement and violations of
mersl tatttrert must not be overlooked.
The Journal rre dlamuiul guessing
euetost Is a Hew IMg, apj twedg miU
In the first place erery precaution
hue been taken to have the coatee ab
solutely fair, karalees aud Innocent
Of Jobbery.
The dlNMNWut goes' absolulelr oa
equal terms to any old or new sub
scriber, who tys a dollar In the reg
ular course, of ubMriptkHi.
Of eoHree, rouny are paying two dol
lars, or tmt dollars, or six dollars, and
some even mur. nad for each dollar
MW get a MUtMM.
This policy will hasten the cloee of
contest, and m sou as 7I dollar
weelpui are lawted mu! (he gueasM
wade the dtaiod goes ot the lucky
A tMewmtd Is Uie ertt to perma
Megt value of aafUtlug Uwt can be
given away . (t. u to ub,
llskwd value, and evia If wore Hum
one goes the wlnulug number, they
cm sti tnnir gus s to each other
w U a glawond of naif U sUv..
stai tke 1150 tfjamott-i Is absolntely
sure to be give to tne nearest gueaser
" Ine ovpoKu.ll, of Me to MU It
goot as another's.
About ten men met at Portland
Tuesday ami solemnly resolved to
propose a Inw for direct nomination
of all candidates and to do away with
all political conventions.
The law proposed covers forty pages
of closely printed matter and contain
ing matters questionable, revolution
ary, aud unconstitutional, aud not to
say Impossible.
One of the managers stated thnt the
bill had been submitted to a number
of prominent attorneys who had all
endorsed the bill. Chances are not
one of them ever read It or gave It
more than a lmselng glance.
A committee has hoan nniMilniMl In
perfect the bill, and among them Is
one Lockwoori who drew a bill that
was declared niiclnstltutlonal by the
supreme court. It would have been
declared so by any sawmill hand In
Oregon who could read Kngllsh.
All those gentlsmen mean well and
favor this reform but the way thev
are going nt it will injure the cause
more than help It, because the bill
to lie proseuted will prolmbly be In
such crude form that It will ha re
jected by the people and If eunpiml
will le a dead letter on the statute
Senator Nesmlth's boast was that he
nevor voted against n hill that In
volved tho question of upholding the
President or maintaining tho nrmy or
The Douglas Democrats nil over the
country woro the wnrm frlonds of
Lincoln, nnd In many close states fol
lowed country rnther than party.
If the Panama canal treaty Is saved
In tho senate It will havo to be dona
by the help of patriotic Domocratlo
senators, who rise abovo party, and
supiHirt a measuie because it is right.
rather than pnrtlKan.
tlon of which ono owns tho rnnge
that belongs to nelthor.
Portland has scab, lindorpost and
San Jose scale nil at once.
St. Louis cots the Democratic na
tional convontlon, but It will not
kept as a psrmanont exhibit.
The instor tho AVIllametto comes
up tho faster It comos down.
An exchange mentions a wlhl-ovml
rumor thnt Senator 1 fauna will soou
announce his candidacy for the presl
The rumor Is probably false, hut ir
it is true it simply goes to show how
th minds of tho enrewdest iun nv
be luliuenred by flattery.
The author of the lis una uti,.n
Intimates belief that llauua would
wake a good president, but that he
uerer will be president uor nomluee
for president.
ur oourse, there are luiiiiMun.
ttwojn who for their own purposes
are willing to advanoe reason t n..
senator why tho peotde demand him
as a presidential candidate, but If
the same common sense that has
stood him In shch good stead hereto
fore Hold, llauua win ui-.u,i ..
danger of wrongly suiumluir i.i,u.if
Mp.-Aioauy Herald.
Macquereau Law Upheld.
The supreme tourt of Washington
has rendered a righteous decision,
and In a matter In which Oregon
would do well to duplicate the Wash
ington law. The Tacor.-.n, Ledger
"A case brought up from Chehalls
county, whero Frank Zenner. who Is
under sentence of threo yonra In the
penltentlnry for living oft the earn
ings of n fallen woman, petitioned for
a writ of habeas corpus, wns decided
today agalpst the petitioner. The
constitutionality of the net of tho last
legislature, known us tho Macquereau
law, was therby brought to a tost The
tltlo was claimed to be Insufficient
and It was contonded that It violated
the fourth amendment to tho federal
constitution In that a discrimination
was made between males and femalea
who may live off the earnings of such
The supremo court finds the title
sumoient and that the law Is a regu
lation of an unlawful and Immoral
practice. The privilege and Iminunl
ties luferrod to by the federal nnn.
stltutlon refer to such as are lawful
Piitti will get her notes cashed
Portland tonight.
years old. I read n history of tho
United States many years before I
camo to this country nnd I read
Grant's trip nround the world In throe
nights sitting up most nil night to
get through with It. I have rend Uie
Capital Journal ever since It was pub
lished. I was one of the first mon to
subscribe for It the first tiny of the
state fair when you were out there
canvassing for It yourself, nnd I've
stuck to it ever since nnd you have
published most a mighty funny paper
somotlmes. If I haven't paid too far
ahead I'll have to come In and take a
guess on that diamond.
"Portlana and Return Only $220."
Tho Sou thorn Pacific Is now selling
round trip tickets to Portland from
Salem for $2.20, good going Saturday
or Sunday, returning Sunday and Mon
day, giving all day Sunday and Mon
day in Portlatd. Tho same arrange
ment applies from Portland, giving all
Portland people a chance to visit val
ley points at greatly reducod rato3.
W. H COMAH, O. P. A.
The Democrntlc national committee
hue Indorsed the Lewis and Clark
fair now will the Oregonlnn be
The Albany Herald is now a beauti
fully printed paper and what is better
seems to have editorial opinions of
Its own.
Capital Normal School
First National Bank Bulldlncr. Salem
The fall tcrniof twelve weeks opens
September 28. Address.
J. J. KRAPS. Salem. Or
The Journal I g
ie old head- J 9
I "X-Rays."
Ttita ipeettofl , n u ,
form., ww ,. mr TH,
What ie mtr bHc duty?
T private niton's duty U to obe
M;r " m uwminTi
u UUg to hw feltowawn.
man has net ho gam.
Ng or eottmita ay nwra) wrong
whatever, what U hla ,,,7 ""
JLT !2!!rt wU " "
strain he fro gambUug. wMt
run is nelsAkor. aecoginiw,
JLiZ ?? WHMm r"to
Sawbteg. It ft yr duty 10 swear ont
" "i and proeerute him
JWJflHWhUjr wnw eosse e. toe
Ut Ihe dyr eHMgttt. om uw.
. Into i ho h, .JSl
oUUuu of sit, hy ,,,Mto
Ut the diatrtet -" . .
w ihw m
j!! ?M,im"U - far gone
Wt JU.H., Wl4UitU (f ,
Ocvu-nor ChmbcrleJii w ri.i.. ...
declaring In hie suWch .. i.l.....
day that It Has uot political Ldm. :,.
opuose a proiMMltlon Just UetUK1, ,ht
KMIHlhllxiina ...I.....J1. . ..
-.-,- .-... nuiurmeq .
He took the broad.- mn.i ... ...
.that the American mvrn .... .. .
. . -- vvm
ngu ui.. policy of keying ,h.
WMjM B ta ,vlllI navato
the Pnaatua HepoUlk-.
While the rest of the .u.h.
owuirs cast doubts and asnenUo on
iuee or the administration,
tae plushy Dewomth. x. nZ
graoe ot rettuhlhMM iw. 1....1 .L.
uerve to suntnlH Kooaevelt
There are times Is Uw nun of
hunwn eveu whe It , gu0
U When the oatloua ha.. j ...
twlty are luvolvgd.
IhamberaUn U hut u-iu .
u.,11.1... .. V " ' ""n a
-" " rerognite that this u
" ngt Is wore iui.ii
cheap hvuHflstton. pnrtu.hip.
Cllmatls Cures.
The Influence of climatic conditions
In the cure of consumption Is very
much overdrawn. The whip ui.n.
and the rich tmtlent. too, can do much
ueuer at home by nrorwir nnnti.,
food dlgoetlon, and a reeuUr nnnr.,,
of Oerman Syrup. Free eipectoration
In Uie morning Is made certain by i
Wurman syrup, so Is a good night's
rest and tho abiwnco of Uiat weak
enlng cough and debllltntlnc- ..i-hf
sweaL Restless nlchia n.i .. ..
haustion due to coughing, tho groat-
wi uanger and dread of tho consurap-
Itussell Wyatt of Albany was at
tending the circuit court this week
at Salem. Ho Is a popular member
of the bar from Linn county and tha
Republicans up thore nro tulkliiK of
presenting his nnme to tho district ns
ono of tho candidates for circuit
Judge to bo oloctod noxt Juno.
The new motnl Iladlum havlne both
the qualities of generating: lluht mvi
heat. It Is thought better adapted ns
a ueau for this column. The Journal
regretfully imrtt with the
line that served so long
oui an tilings serve their time nnd
nfter awhile there will even be nn
end of the x-Itny man.
The way Jefferson jieople are guess
ing on the diamond tha: town la likely
to get more opiwrtuultlea in uor
Jewelry than any other In tho country.
The play "Are You a Mason" will
he a good thing If it exposes the se
creta of that order to the public gaze
as it Is Oile thlnir niwanni. -.,....
, - .-ni'B IT-JIM. I-
era cari't do-get a man to talk about
uie secrets of the order.
The Nyssa Progress Is the baby pa.
per of Oregon, first seeing the light
Thursday. It nuhllihi v...
Malheur county. Is x colllmn( a
home print. lii(im.i,iu.,t 1.. ........
--"! fllllill . Ill 1 II I I I W 1 IID
... rwilfcVS9.
J. Brownstein & Son.
54 State street. Highest cash price
paid for hides, Pelts, Wool, Tallow
and Furs; also general dealer In old
Iron, Rubber and Metals. Phone 2071
A Bte Kick
A man maJes when his laundry
is sent Home with, norcunlnn
aim Bpreaucagio uuuoniioics. in
would bring his linen to an un..
laundry whoro porfoct mothods obU
at all times, such as tho Salem 8b
Laundry, ho would rocolvo his
collnra and cuffa equal to now n
time that wo send them home.
Salem Steam
Col. J. Olmsted, Prop,,
Phone 411 230 Libert 1
Wedzewood. Historical plates H
during January,
The Variety Sto
1 94 Court St, Annora M. Welch, rJj
S jrf-i-U-r-t---, .4 . .
I .U 1 1 UXN lias not gone up with us,
Kegardless of quotations from Wall St,
and report j as to the condition of the
I cotton market,
We will continue to sell all cotton goods at our
usual low price. See us for flannelettes, outing flan
nel, daisy cloth, muslins, India linons. houselining, tick
ing, shirting, dress linings and all other cotton goods.
Remember no advance in prices at
Rosteln Sl Gtfeenfeatitm
302 Commercial Street.
llva nmn I... .. . ' I ., . . .. . '
-..-, ,m uv i.reirHi.iAu or nnnj i. 1 ininua if id. o .....,
PogitJYe Pfoof
reularly. should you be i,ta n
to a warmer clime vnn win .... ....
of the thousands of consumptives
there, the few who are benefitted and
regain strenath ara iiwia ... ...
0-rman Syrup. Trial bottle. 2c- res
ter.U. 75c. At all UruRK.su. A,
ur. Stones drug storos.
w u.r ZZZ!"T
u. tfwa, .... ,.rt:Trr rr,,J
The qi.iutl.m 0 caunu. k.......
.r U klMWl, ,w
bm "" " " mm
The lwUt pier U . ,1.. .
... -.... . ----- .v 4rr
-" Hwrrr or taller ,..
the coyote, the John nl.nn ..
boy aud other wild animals under the
miiiiflnra of morn civilisation.
The editor of the Stnt , .....
that he is a youn,- Republican. v
d not object to his ctalm of youth.
it uhat about his ood looks?
SustaJn the Greater si, n
"rotal Club, by w1n, ix.w
terl- due. You can't do any less than
" in a nve community
Hepubllcan city ovsm...
jwt on a fairly safe p,form TtVmnSt
the present bicycle ordinance, not In
creaaln, tarlM ,v (w
permanent street
Washington. JBu is -ti. .,..
.Hal ,,j. , " ciiea -muw, iiviuk ie sub
" the depart;:! ZZ.7T
JohaHowley. chief clerk toStAg.
Istattt I04tiastei,r.n-. 1,,.1 t
admitted that lettm .1.-, -.. . "!
ll,t have bee. WtTof J.
- -" Dk k. 1
m oeimt rsszr, jzi amm
MUHUott. M u tto h
X Uie awlstaat mi..,J7w .
'.'. Has orevpnforl mnir
. . trom beln cared by me,
Can von
lAffotd to Rtm
the Risk
What Wc
a rulo
ar aumh..ii. .j
ti-' M fcl!. 1 h-f,kl . ,.,
inttni. a
waits on
Rc-veniNg Um onl..
TO SjlM't mat rk.....
"U1 after
tfceM ,i: r U
hitiiirsr?1 1Hl
. u Min j
. Tn the ..T?"' .
r W I I in MsMil
" wo frvt f. . T7..'"n
bhw 1.T-M -".-lte.!
.dL!r,T "ay (to a" " ' an
iMlor. but we kav ,i...,.
u.e pomt .,. .a ,;r ": ' ?.. ,0
but a wyer to the Uaited States sen
wlS UUHIIHaB ii&air ...
Ow of The Jauriur .i ...
tka w-a. ,u . "" on
wh'i. j : oiHweor,
W Hot Man wBj ,u ..
poor tryliu- u. My .
m u, tjSr " zzri"
y: "Th tmtk 1. f w..,?"
l MM ra. , ' "T? ln
than so- air 'Tam
AHstcK. wh.l-sor
Wo kin and remove r.nMH nd I
Tumora without -the aid of knits t
omer instrument.
ur. J. F. Cook, tho Botanioal Do t
wr' cures all kinds of dlsooaos after
all other schools have failed, with
out the aid of knlfo or poteens. IBs
medicines are mmno, ,.. ..
uerbs; they are gathered and seloctod J
'" nous PQrts of America and for
elgn countrlos, at sreat on,m
Read the Testimonial of a Prominent Sa,cm Man:
In justice to DR. J p COOK 1 . '
a .rj.1 work ho Is Uo.ng. I "T?"
. ui-uiment from him rn. .u- . . "" "" nave ocon t
he has removed from mr ,nJ! '. moha, and that In Uiat Urao
t ous growths as largo aa 8JZ 7 . nal tbreo tumr ot canc
I another mno "'manaud, all from tho larer. in.H- au
1 1 er from off my thumb. This has ajThJi" frni " my foot' and moih'
I! clnos alone, thov vrain. .u. '. b60n wcompllshed through modi-
:: ture Itself casting them f off wlZ, !? 8p,dor-llk roota, and Na
:: Uaronotb9llev8rJLMu ,tt0"t tho n, of knife or Mrr. I
: I where In the won,, ., "J?. T.ml e1ual successful trcotmont anr-
. "! 4u L-uenrn v .An.. .
: : "otanlcal Doctor, to all who 7,. Dr' J- ok,
- wia t"ximonlal.n
' We can dn .- ...u .. ,,
. . UV. TOr y0Ui 0r -
- w ... 11. consultation free
I De"ther Botanical Doctor
"' IMII llll
Liberty Street, Salem. Oreoon.
M- . ).4--H-M-uinll-
i nKnXZ?!
AXAiiN mm.xmmmmnx a trt
JOTOommercialSt.Salfira, Ore.

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