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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, January 23, 1904, Image 10

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W1-" '. " ""'" . ... T
Ml SUM W'WW'" .
At The Old White Corner
And 298-300 Commercial 8t.
AH Jt&1t
Crayon Bast Portraits only 78c each
"Gtran" Ottt Artist Makes Portraits
Fjfever Equated in this City Before
Wo have engaged Prof. W. B. Ounn, a celebrated portrait artist,
late from Chicago, to work for us for a limited time. Wo can, as
a result of special arrangemont, make thin unheard of offer, to
our frlonds and customers '
To anyone making a purchase of $1.00 at our store wo glvo a
coupon. This coupon and any good photograph presented to our
artist ontltlcs you to a bust crayon portrait by paying only 78 cents
to In part covor tho cost of material used.
Remember, theso portraits aro well worth 13.00 each. Tho work
Is to bo dono horo in tho city. In fact tho artist's studio will
bo In ono' of our Dry Goods department windows.
Mr, Ounn Will Make His First Appearance In Our Window Mon
day. Come and watch him work.
We Begin Giving Coupons
Away Today
JamesWalters Arrest- j Thirty - Eight Dead,
ed for Stealing
Rich Gems
Federal Grand Jury
Finds Bill, Against
United States Senate Estab
lishlng a Reputation for
Grafting That Shames
All Boodlers
8t. frills. Jan. 23. Tho fodoral
grand Jury this morning Indicted
United States Senator Ilurlon, of
Kansas, who Is charged In nine counts
with accepting B00 for using his In
fluence In Washington to secure the
right to use tho molls for tho Illalto
Ornln Commission Company, of 8t
Louis. It is ohnrgod that he reoelved
a total sum of JHQ0 In oheoka signed
by H. O. Dentil and William Ma-htnay.
Ilenr, Turner; F. M. Stokes, Corvallls;
Thos. Llnvllle and wife, Astoria; I
J. Ward, Llborty, 1). K. Young, Taco
maj I&lwurd Doncer, Liberty; Adolph
Aschoff, Marmonl, Ohio; David Craig
Macleay; II. T. McClenahan, M. A.
Hudolaon, O. C. Conklln, J. W. Sher.
wood, A. O. Yorox, W. A. Francos
C T. Leggott, I-:. D, Klngsloy, Pork
Innd; Mrs. W. W. I'orclvlllo, Indopond.
onco; J. 0. Crawford, Ashovlllo. N.
C; A. h. Tostor, Albany; J. C. Wolf,
Sllvorton; CIpo. F. Judd, Turner? E. I
I'onott. F M. Hopkins, II. C. Blocum.
lUwoburg; T. 8. Clarke, Soattle.
Had Sold Ten Thousand Dol
lars Worth on This
Coast and Has Many
Minneapolis, Jan. 23. James Wal
ters was arrested here tills morning
charged with robbing Onronoss Bad
slkwolo of JG00O worth of diamonds In
tho Colonial Hotel, at San Francisco,
throo wosks ago. 'The police bollcvc
ho Is one df tho most important
thlovos und confldonco men in Amcri
ca. On his person, when nrrcsted
were $12,000 worth of diamonds. Wal
ters confessed to having disposed of
stonos worth $16,000. Ho was cap
tured at the National liotcl, .whero he
registered undor tho namo of It. Staf.
ford, Soattlo. William Kerry, said to
bo an accomplice of Waltors, was later
arrested at tho depot. Both mon wore
prepnrlng to lotivo for Chicago.
Waltors says of tho $15,000 worth
of stones ho sold In tho last three
weeks, In sold $10,000 worth In Ta
coma, Spokano and Seattle. Atten
tion was attracted to him in Minneap
olis by. his disposal of sovoral gems.
San Francisco, Jan. 23. A detective
loavos tonight for Minneapolis to
bring Waltors back. Tho local police
say tho amount ho stolo was $10,000
Twelve Fatally
All Cars Blown From Side
Track Except One and
That Was Loaded
With Coffins
Grand Opera House
Saturday, Jan. 23
Tho Big Now Success
Happy Hooligan
The funniest of all stage charac
Tho brightest, breeziest and most
entertaining performance.
Given for laughing purposes only.
Prices $1.00, 75c, 50c, 35c.
Seats on sale at box offlce Saturday
at 9 a. m.
Tne Biggest
Bargains Ever
Offered in
Grand Opeta House
New Today
H'jjj ' i in ii i ii in h nt
Registered at 8lem.
Tho following guests registered, not
Including commercial travelers and
theater people, at Salem hotel since
11 It Antrim. luipeweil; lUn Khln.
OorvSllls; J. T. Camp, Idaho FalU;
II. J. Caufltdd. Chenmwn; Chaa. A
-or bale. Uooil izrub onk wmnl: iiiii
" "" "" .
bo sold at once. Inquire of J, F
niauchnrd, Salem postotllco.
For Sale. Three span of horsos. In
quire of W, II. Duncan. Salem, care
of .McCoy stage. I'hone Farm 21.
For Sale. Dry (lr wood. Hnqulro of
8. O. KlghtllnHer at Water Com
pany's ufflee iMiona SI Main.
Ho Is sold to bo ono of tho most dar
ing hotol operators In tho country.
When he enmo hore sovoral months
ago from Salt Lake ho had $5000
worth of diamonds, Tho pollco arc
now trying to learn how ho came In
to possession of thorn. Wnltors'
home Is In Los Angelos whero his
pnrenU Ilvo. Tho pollco glvo tho bar
onoss' namo as Von Horst.
Walters has confossod to robing tho
Dlrmlngham, Jan. 23. Today's re
ports from Moundvllle show 38 dead
of whom 32 aro negroes. SIxty-flvc
wero injured. 12 fatally, and but two
of theso aro whites. Aid Is being sent
from hero today. Two hundred per
sons aro rendered homoloss and nro
sufforlng. A feature of tho storm was
that every cor on tho railway side
tracks was destroyed snvo one, which
was untouched. On opening It It was
found to contain' coffins.
Gold Dust Flour
Mcl by
Bldtvoy, Ortoon.
Mat for family ns. Ask your
OTXt tor it liran aad saorta al
ry a hand.
Wanted Potatoes
We Want ' I
Hwbft PUAM.
iy lUtO.
Krly JaaKMn .
PteriMa rtUM,
nm Chill Potato,
femes M. Kyle & Co
1 75 CommerctalSi
Motor's Darber College Of Salt Lake
City, offers advantage In teachlwj
tli trade that cannot be had els
where. Avoid schools the Oregon
and California barbers' new law-i
are apt to close ut any time. Write
today for our splal ofTer to dis
tant students. 1-SS-lm
Lost A sjlver chain wlUi a lookln
KIam attached. Return to IlertUa
Mlnger or Journal offlee, l-2S-at
For SaleHowe, hnrnees and bun
gy. l'riee $70 Corner of Sid and
Turner road. l-SI-3t
Chicago, Jan. 23. At noon today a
lire broko out on tho third tloor of
the Frlelanilors. On tho tinner floors
of the building thero was a panic
among tho thousand occupauts, who
Ilea prsclpltatodly to tho starways
and olovntor. Tho building Is sup
posed to be absolutely fire proof.
A number of girls succeeded In get
ting down to tho 18th story by flight
down tho stairs. Tho flro burned so
rapidly that within 20 minutes 10
rooms on tho third floor wero n mase
of flames, cutting off the elevators nnd
stairways, and filling the building
with dense smoke. The building Is 21
storlos. Aftor tho elevators stopped,
tho windows on tho 17th story filled
with mon, womon and girls. Tho po
llco attempted to pacify tho crowds
and keep tho streets open, but with
out avail. It Is but half a block from
tho Iroquois.
A tolophonic report from those ma
rooned in tho upper stories of tho
sky-scraper says thero is no danger
of a panic there, nlthough sevoral
womon swooned, but wero taken care
of by tho various offlco forces.
Many of tho tenants suffered from
Inhalation of smoke, but nono scrl.
ously. Walter Parker was badly
burned, nnd William Danby seriously
cut by falling glass. Tho flromon say,
notwithstanding tho supposed flra
proof construction, the building would
havo boon guttod, had not tho alarm
been quickly glvon nnd responded to.
At 1 o'clock tho flnmes were under
control. Tho damago will bo botwoen
$20,000 and $30,000, largoly caused
by tho down-falling flood of wnter
through tho lowor floors.
Tuesday, Jan. 26
Alberta Gallatin
In Ibsen's Widely-Discussed Play
"The greatest work of tho greatest
living dramatist." New York Sun.
Direction of GEORGE H. BRENNAN.
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75c, 50c.
ScatB on sale nt box offlco Tuesday
at 9 a. m.
When You Want
Somothlng to cat, Just try the White
House They can serve you at any
hour of tho day or night.
Chicago, Jan. 23. Wheat, OOTt
Wanted A lady assistant In dental
oraue. Inquire of Dr. H. R Wright.
In 8teusloff building- 1-21-Jt
Doit now.
Place yrtrr bad accotrats
with os for collection.
No Collections
No Charges
Van Alatino Grdon fc Co.
Main 801,
A. n. Morgan A Ce, Ms.
Hear Sir:
Representative prune growers of
the Pacific northwt In a meeting
held in Portland, Ore. in connection
with tho s. W. Fruit Growers' Aso.
elation, decided to make a united of.
fort to have a practical demonstration
at me Louisiana Purchase Imposition
to be held at St. Umla this wmmor.
of the utility of t). i.nm. I wmomon, where dal
a food " L ?.V .a.m" r " l wnon,tlto of " Pros w
siio than -10-50's will bo exchanged
by the commltteo for btnndnrd goods
Transportation of tho goods to St
Louis has been donated, we shall en
deavor to hnve It donated In small
lota to the central atency as well
Th3 plan of the committee nt i.r
ent Is to have a prune room where
mo imimnuai pack of all packers may
bs place! on exhibition, where dally
l est The
for you. Irs lacorlint thourb
'0MH,yt t your
li&KlW! "B"J. We'll
tklt 5A".4 'ort fc steisr
., . .. iviica.
WL3- :
n food product and Its beneficial re
sults on th- general health of th. .
umcr. Knowing that every Individual
prune grower i directly Interested
In Increasing the consumption of our
pn-iuci. mat the only valid reason
for tho present Indifference of the
American public for our prune Is a
lack of knowledge as to Its real value
that the meet successful businesses
are those that advertis a. !...
continually we have dwlde1 to
-..,. prune propaganda at St Louis.
To do this requires at !.
care of prunes iinnnti k..
.v. , "' Krowers,
packer and assoointUmg, However
. tn recoive donattwis Bay. at
be served (on the snma lin n .i.
breakfast foods are advortlsed). with
a practical porson In charge to dis
tribute sultablo literature and ans
wor all questions.
As those goods must bo shipped
by about the first of March. It Is nee
essary that we act with decision v,,
promptness in this matter, thnt every
roceplont of this laMnr .....
himself a commute of ono to donate
to a good causo and secure as many
..v.u u.a neignDors as Is possible.
It Is a goldon opportunity that we
cannot afford to let pass and If It is
onterod Into with thn nn.,- .,.,.
I'.wj.u npirii
the rate of 1000 wm.-h . ZT" . '.. " rr.."" ' Interested in the
better resulte can be Z,,,!,1, " U, 'ndU8try' wo can 'ro-
This amount is Z . it .' to. h American pec
pared with the rli. T k ? attractlvo form, create a
. -- c-nvi a Bona nnanolal
Moe Afeoat
Tho reason why wo nro enjoying n
constantly increasing trado on sowing
machines, needles and supplies, is
that wo pay Btrict attention to this
department of our business. Wo havo
a separate sowing mnchlno salesroom,
whore our customers look oTer the
machines undisturbed, nnd wo have a
thoroughly experienced machine man
in charge.
Wo sell tho White Rotary, tho latest
improved rotary machine on the
market, a numbor of extbwlvo fea
tures not found on any other machine
Wo also soil the old reliablo Wheel
or & Wilson.
Call and seo our machines. We
soil on easy Installments and take
your old machine In exchange Wo al
so rent now machinoa and repair all
sorts, guaranteeing our work.
F. A. Wiggins'
implement House.
255-257 Liberty 8t
Farm Machinery, Bicycles, Automo.
biles, Sewlno Mahlne and Supplies.
o , N. HrDURLEY,
Sewing Machine Repairing,
farmers, oall and ret v.n 1.
Off tho regular pri,M
imuugu mo line no scsme
Thon thoro'n the a ah e
LADIES' WAISTS at half ,nc
that you should not mlsi. u
you mlsg theso sales you oier
look two of tho biggest ir.
gain events of tho year.
No Time to Dress.
Chicago. Jan. 23. Two hundreij
guests of tho Grand Palace how
wore again thrown Into a panic uii
compelled to fleo to tho icy strct&W
scantily nttlred, by a firo this mori'l
ing, tho third within eleven dytB'
tho police ueliovo thom to bo Incet-
Quickly Disheartened.
Woodlnvilie, Wash., Jan. 23. Des
Jamln Cnppell, a hermit, and afilnjkRi
bolt cuttor, blow out his heart with r
shot gun in his lonoly cabin till
morning. Brooding1 over his lone!;
condition caused tho act.
Deutscher Klelderladta
A BtJsmcss
Wo havo n nice, clean, en
tirely now stock of
Wo koop no books. Soil for
cash becauso wo nro selling at
such extromoly reasonable
prices anyono can buy from ui
Our oxponsos nro light; we
don't havo to got big profit
to Hvo. Thoroforo, it will be
a saving to you to deal with the
Y. M. C. A. Clothing
and Gents Furnishings.
Y. M. C. A. RnlMInn ftalfm. X
.. . . """""' " I
tiviii. koppe, Proprietor. H
w 9
(hlfXGth . $rmr
xi- ub i, i rr n 'jh w jht j wm !? vmt iwr rev m is? i
peopxjss JBuntuiffjrovs
Ftid&y and Satutday
should be of 4ift ,i , M prun .
boxea to keen l. Z ".J." n?
y -nr WSuTji rop
u tl"s Nations,
sw-Hen of jraM SroWBg terrliorv
prnuea aU cash, in j.. . .
.;;. rr"'
fooUng and tho prune Industo- In the
foremost rank of horticultural la the
In conclusion we wish to . i
press on you the necessity for Im
mediate, liberal and united action
MI nun Inn -.-. M
-, Wb is strength." Our
vuo, -ii ho gwltly man escape."
Thanking- yw ia advaaoe for your
earnest aad hearty dh.. .
NfiVor In il,. vi
---.v. IU uit; uisiorv of nm. B-A .
vantageous position for gtv ng you , W ,PlaCd '" B"Ch
Along with those m,mi . . re barBainB as wo are Just now
together 'KS' I Ur 8t0Ck' W0 havo rtheW
are bound to mtet rour ? BCtttrer8 Choleo lots ot Sda whlch
our prices. )Urfndesthopes- She who hesltatee loses. See
Blankets, full BIie ... 19
8 l-3c White Towels ... 4o
10c Turkish Towols .. n
12Hc Ticking, yard .....'" "a 'lSc
8 Mo handkerchiefs, h. .'.... 3c
Men's 25c neoktlos .. .
Ladles' 75c umbrellas '.'. JJ"
Men'a 39c underwear ill
Men's 85c sweaters ..
PW stee cotton bits .'. !
Men'a overshlrts . JC
85c covert cloth aklru".'."" Ill
15c hair rata "" 85c
Best spool Bilk".'.'. ?c
Brush braid, yard .
Shoeetrlng belU . 3c
Children's 15c hose 3
200 yd spool cotton 2c
Best sans silk, ball ...J 2c
Bost shoo laces, 2 for ic
20c back hair combs 9e
Best Saxony yarn, skein .... 3c
Best hooks and eyes, 2 doz for lc
Wire hair pins, 2 package for lc
No. 5 sin. taffeta ribbon, yd 3c
16c dress shields, only 8c
Ladle'a 20c summer vests .... 10c
75c black velvet, yard 8c
Ladles' 20c black stocking pr 10c
25c fleece lined gloves, pair . . 10c
1.50 black morcorlzod under
skirts, beautifully ruffled
Price ... 95c
GOOd finnrfc Cv. ii. . "
this matter, we remain
ZL, "kl,wM cash
Yours respectfully.
For the Commute.
siiiA . mjt aceept-
a. PniBM IVuow( a

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