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Xtbe )aii$ Journal
Serines New Association Telegrams. ,
Published every afternoon exopot Sunday at 197 Commercial street
Subscription terms:
Dally one year, f4.00 In advance; dally three months, $1.00 In advance:
rflfy by carrier, 60o per month; weekly oneVear, $1.00 In advance.
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One Week 10a; ona month 35c; three months fl.00.
JJfc Journal office; at DauCs grocery, South Salem; at Bowersojt' grocery,
Vew .Park; Asylum Avenue Grocery Store; Electric Grocery, East State a
Single Copies Price 8 cents. Price to newsboys 2J4 centa por copy.
To Mall Subscribers The "ato when you subscrlttlon expires Is on the
AdJrees label of each paper. "When that dot arrives, If your subscription
ftas sot again been paid la advance, your amo Is taken .from the list. A
Jkngo of date on the address label Is & receipt
Entered at the postofflce at 8atem, Oregon as second-class matter.
California Spring Two
Months Late in
Some Parts
-Did Mexican Methods of
Panning Give Place to
the Yankee and
Australia with their products, whero
It Is summer.. Seedling orranges are
bolng thrown out by budding Into
navels. Prunes, apricots, plums and
walnuts are being dug up. The prunes
orops for 1003 sold mostly for 2L cts.
Tho year before they sold for lVScts.
They do not yeld as they do In Oregon,
wbleh must take the lead la that fruit.
Fine Country Roads.
In driving along the country roads
one sees many water-tanks with wind
mills, erected by the county to en
able them to sprinkle the roads In the
dry season. Now that oil has been
Introduced the mills are given up, as
one or two eeats of oil make a road
dustlese. I rode a hundred miles.
In an opea democrat wagon, and did
set get as much dust as you would In
one hour on some Oregon country
road. This has been the dryest
sjlrjng on record In many years and
there Is not dust enough to make It
necessary to brush a black hat after
riding all day. You can tell how
smooth tho roads are when I tell you
that several of my letters wero written
on my knees as we rode nlong over
the oountry highways.
The best oil roads are graded
nbout twenty feet wide, rolled, and
thon oiled about twelve feet wide,
covored with a sharp sand and be
come as smooth and hard as cement,
but aro dustlese and noiseless. On
a warm day the oil shows up and they
look as If sprinkled.
Tho Old Agriculture.
Is being rapidly displaced. The Mexl
eaa, Spaniard and old Callfornlan
rancher could set do anything without
irom Hiloa dot-eft mules or horses
to a plow r drag, and still keep It
up. mey sowing the grain by hand
on top of the around and then scratch-
" iv in Hnim lO IHCK to get l
vtnunieer era. The modern farmer
Why not organize a Geer club and
be done with ft?
The Hetvlzan was built in America
and from the way she put her nose la
the mud, probablyLangley built her In
hWi alr-shlp yard.
la ike concert of the powers, Ruesla
occasionally strikes up a tune on the
John Barrett Is now minister to
Panama, and Oregon ooujd bear It
cheerfully If he was minister to Pata
gonia, and Somallland.
And bow the Mad Mullah Is mad
der than ever, the English have been
killing his soldiers and camels.
It cost Uncle Sam $1,576,998.21 to
furnish weather for tho country last
year, and, considering the quality they
havo had back East, It wasn't really
worth It
which, owing to a very peculiar mis
take came near being much more se
rious than tho circumstances would
warrant HIa log was corded and he
was taken to Waldoboro village, a dls
i.n of ix or seven miles, for surgi
cal treatment Upon arrival there the
Injured man was found to be at death's
door from the lose of blood, and It
was then discovered that the cord had
been tied around the wrong leg. He Is
now recovering.
A Class Party.
Miss Bertha Androathra gave a de
lightful evening to tho boys of her
Sunday School olass and eight little
girls who assisted In ono of tho Sun
day school ontertainmonts, at the
borne of Mr. and Mrs. Wlnans last
evening. It was a result of a member
ship contest in her class. Tho time
was very pleasantly spent in playing
numerous games and a "Jolly good
Umo" was had. Light refreshments
wore served. Mrs. James Allison as
sisted in entertaining the young
guests. About 15 were present.
BM.MJfe"i '"""
Cherry PectorSl
for the children. One dos? i
bed"tlme qufets their iAmS
coughs and prevents croon
Ask your doctor. ijrC
'(Bdltorial Correspondence.)
March 4: We have spent the past
two day exploring (he beautiful Yal-
Keys whore tho great citrus fruit In
dustrtes or Southern California have
toecn d6velopod, and hare traveled
-over the hundreds of mllos by rail
.and on wagon.
A Windmill Country.
One sees thousands of thorn hero
In town and country. Most of tho
water pumped out of tho ground Ik
-warm. The deeper you go the warm
er It becomes. Kept In a tank about
ten or twenty feet from the ground It
gets oooL For power the windmill Is
superseded by the gasoline engine,
and that by electricity. In place the
windmill and task, the engine house
and oil tank are displaced by a single
electric wire. lltectrlelty is earrled en
wires fifty utiles aal more, from the
canyetM (o the city. It Is the cheap
est power of all. agd Is even used
In pumping and drilling the ell wells.
We were shown one place where a
well was operated by windmill ami
steam engine, but had so much sand
In the water, a better power was need
ed. The raneher got a heavy electric
motor and set hl pumps te work, and
one morning he get up and the pump
ing station bad sank end of sight. The
foundation bad Morally been pumped
out from under IL
l r
The Rains Are Late.
All tliwmefc the San Gabriel and
Santa Anm valleys lh spring Is two
wontha kits, and no rains have fatten
to sneak of. One man said it was too
late to hone for ralna Wat they might
have some fug and haJ some hopes
f sjeed dew. HUher would help m
great deal Hut they really don't
seed tuueh rain and really don't ex
pect any. In spite of this the country
U developing rapidly. At 8n Dlmas
six years a there were three houses.
Three years ago they begau to paok
fruit. Now they are shipping seven
ears a day. A seeeud bank baa Just
been ermaalced. There U a good
background of mountain scenery to
nH these region of tropical vegetation
and fruit, preduetlen. At the head of
the valley are the San tiernardlaa
mountain. 014 HsMy and the Cues
mongs are grand peaks. On further
are the den Jr.cinte ranges.
Changing of Orchards.
Ita(UeultMEi) has undergone waay
ehsagee and l stilt In progress of
transforaaUeR. Varieu truKs have
had their up and dews. At present
wfcele aaeUous are being grabbed up
d the ground cleared rf everything
hut oranges and grape, and evenfw week age and entirely wreaked,
these are ehanged by euddHtg fiew'liKllEwasleR attalnst the dynamiters Is
better varieties. Hash generates
tnatee pregve, Hvea the wsrkeU
are ehAUg. The xvry eeld winter
la the east ha depressed the eraage
ttta.rl.et, and wade burnt & drag. A
now stem la September and afcuost
AWfttlnttees d tad hHeeards) In the
3t hsa hurt the deeidueus fruit
trade. Irfwn skippers are golsf; tq
lap m : jsy
A San Diego, Cal., woman is going
to exhibit butter at tho World's Fair
made In 1858. It must havo had a
strong constitution and a good head of
hair, to havo withstood the elements
that length of time.
Young ladles, you shouldn't forget
it Is leap year, and moro than two
months of It Is gone. Tho open season
for bachelors only comes once In four
years, and thore some good catches In
Salem. Delays are dangerous.
The Journal Is aekd to whoop It up
for the organisation of a Roosevelt
Gkib. Salem already has two sash
Institutions the Salem Republican
Club and the Young Men's Republican
Club. Bvery member of each Is a
Roosevelt man, nnd there 1b room- In
these two big clubs for all the Repub
licans in the city and they are alt
Roosevelt men.
tempt to raise thorn. Starting seeaa
in the house Is not tho most satis
factory way, but where one only de
sires n few plants, It gives good re
sults whon an Intorest Ib takon In
them. Cabbage requires cooler nnd
different conditions than colory, to
matoes and flowers, and banco cannot
be started to ndvantago In tho samo
flat or box. Soil to be used In BtarW
Ing plants Indoors should be allowod
to freeze before using, as otherwise
whore taken up in tho fall and stored
In tho cellar, tho fungus growth that
often exists proves fatal to tho young
plants. Soil of a sandy nature should
always bo used to start seed In, whero
possible, as this will not crust over
as badly, seeds germinate bettor and
water will seep through it more read
ily. Boxes or pans used should havo
openings In the bottom so all surplus
water can drain away.
Straw Hat Famine.
One peculiar outcome of the recent
n.Himn.A ArA mnir ihadii thn pntlro
Aon oonornl niln It In nlwnvn safoatl
. , . . .... . lo Ualluro of tho "crop of straw hats" for
to plant fresh seeds, but If seed lsf
HI imillllllllHIII H H-
Reading Table ::
About the Newest and Best Books ; ;
and Magazines ,
Exploring the Louisiana Purchate.
(Outing for March.)
properly harvested and cared for many
varieties retain their germinating
powor for several years. To keep tho
best they should not heat or be ox
posed to dampness A dry, moderatoly
cool, well ventilated place being ideal.
Many varieties, like beans, beets, cab
bage, carrots, lettuce, melons, squash,
and tomato, retain their vitality under
favorable conditions for flvo years or
more. Peas four years; corn, onion,
radish and salsify two years and par
snip only one year. Oldor seeds seem
tho coming season. It Is said that
about flvo-slxths of the hats of tho
higher grade aro or havo boon made
In Baltimore, and It Is understood that
practically alt of the factories located
In tho Monumental City wore de
stroyed by tho flro. Nono of tho sen
son's, mako of hats had been deliv
ered, as tho different firms havo not
been In tho habit of Bonding them out
until tho first of March. It Is roportod
to bo almost absolutely impossible for
a new supply to bo mado this season,
and the result may bo that straw hats
will sell at a high premium this year,
to push a loss vigorous growth oach If they aro to bo obtained at all. The
season, and honco one Is always surer loss does not at tho present appear so
of a better staud of moro robust plants ' rlous to tho ordinary individual; but
A Typical Bonaparte.
Princess Mathilda was a trjioJ
Bonaparte. Beneath the skia 1
grnndo dnmo thoro dwelt tho sonulj
vlvandlero. She wan generou, J
. ,. ..,b Wl ft oa(tl
nor prims, as a certain rather
bury's romlijlBConces shows ... . I
universally admitted nt the samotij
to nosaesH &&& nnrt n br,.,.,. I
tho arts. It 'was to her crodltu. tJ
that sho cored not a snap of the hA
for dynastic disputes. Sho was oatiJ
friendliest terms with th Diij
a-Aumaie, ana is said to havo tito
but In vain to conciliate somo ot tfci
suaer unmenes or tho puizlo-heaj
Bourbon family. Altogether ehe ru
a woman who lived every moment til
Ledynrd of Connecticut, who bnd
been with Captain Cook on the Pacific
to explore the northwest coast of
Amerloa by crossing Russia overland;
but Russia had similar designs for her
self, and stopped Ledynrd on the wny.
In 1S08 President JefTerson asked
eongreee for an appropriation to ex
plore the northwest by way of the
Mteeenrl. Now that the wealth of the
west Pi beyond the estimate of any
figure, it seems almost inconcelrable
that there wero people little minded
enough to haggle over the price paid
for Louisiana $18.000.000 nnd n nh.
from fresh seed. For some purposes
many gardenors prefer old seed It
Is claimed that whoro loaf growth Is
not partloutUrly desired but rather
fruit as melons, tomatoes, beans
corn, or cabbage that heads woll), two
or three-year-old seed Is proforablo.
Othor condlUons, though, as soils and 5
niAtllMflai . &..lll...il . V
uvuiuuo ui uuuivuuun, navo much to
to tho dealers who appreciate the situ
ation, it Is bad news Indeed.
Captain N. Kaclilnavalaro, coa
mander of tho American-built crultet
Knsagl, which has played a consptro
ous part In tho recent Japanese naul
attacks on Port Arthur,
uses disk plows, rolls the crop. run. ject to the approprlaUon required for
AMtk-hniuA MI..-1
ri.uiiro uuiuvHWri. aiwws no
weeds aleng the fences of flue wire
mesh to keep out rabbits and squir
rel, haule sixty to 100 boxes of
fruit to the paekery with one horse.
Plow with a Stookton engine guage
plew. On tM old Lucky Baldwin
raneh yeu will see three or four six
mule teams plowing around a fleld
full of old oak trees. When one
Mexican stops to light a cJsarette
thay all stop. The modern farmer
clears out the tree, cuts them up for
stove weed, clears away the hedges
and even cultivates and crop the
right of way of the railroad. He
will have an ell burner engine run
ning a reolrifugal pump down In the
dry bed ef & stream and waterln
forty acres ef alfalfa elf which he will
take six crepe a year and make more
money than the ejdtlmer did off from
four hundred aeree.
Pregreeeire land owner take out
the hedges and roadside trees and
put In eement euibs and pared getters
to keep the Irrigation water from
euttlsg gtrlHea. The eld ways ef using
water wasted about as much n was
A Newspaper Mix Up.
Rdller llarrywan, ef Long Creek. U
held In $t$ hoed fr hie appearanee
In etrenlt eeurt In Canyon City ea a
charge ef writing an anonymee let
ter te Hdltor Oee, ef the Ranger, la
whlefe the Hvea ef Cee and his family
were threatened If they did net leave
v. Oee'e Aee was drnamHed a
strong and It HarryHvaa was gwtKy ef
sending the letter an edlter will prob
ably leave tews and It won't be Oee.
The Danes Chronicle,
Jefferson had arranged with Joha ? ,w,th earlln6SS nnd Prolificacy of
i.uiung. ii is always well to test
old seedB so as to bo sure of their
germinating powor bofore risking a
crop on them. This can easily bo
done by placing them between layers
of moist cloth on a plate and cover
ing with another plate or pieco ot
glass. Extremes of temperature and
moisture should be avoided and It Is
well to Inspect them dally to permit
exchange of air.
The Melon Patch.
Before the tomato, celery and flow
era have been transplanted to tho open
a few cucumber or melon seeds
Planted In the center of the franios
will occupy them to good advantage
for the balance of the season, and
give an early product that most people
relish. Starting melon plants under
glass and transplanting Is not usually
very successful. It can be done by
Planting on Inverted sods or In berry
boxes, the bottoms of which havo
been removed. They can then be
transplanted without danger of a set
back In growth. The most satisfactory
way w know of obtaining an early
stand of m!ons R to make three suc
cessive Diamines nf u -..-... .
- -r uuvui a
week apart, commencing to plant as
een as the ground Is In good working
condition. If one Is killed by frost
the next will soon come on and thus
one Is assured of the earliest poeslblo
stand. Ground for melons need not
be very rich, as this encourages too
muoh vine growth the samo Is true
ot tomatoes. Like many other fruits.
they need the moisture nnd sUmulant
after the fruit has set Tho varieties
wo prefer fer early melons are the
pole's early watermelon and Paul
Rose tuuskmelons.
Starting Seeds Indoors.
Where there are gardeners In tho
vjelnlty mnay ef the readers can se-
ojure their supply of early plants so
reasonable that they prefer not to at-
- -- MWMlw'BM'eeBSistasMnmBMsBj
,Wfce It Xa Pre f XtenanUt, It Qntiut
Hair preparation sad dandruff our,
as rale, are ttleky or Irritating ira
that do no wtkly gd. IlaU-Thia
JUoawd. arrows aunuiy, laxnruaihr
v4ruff 1 th cue of nteSTt
r.rTBt..Tl1 0Bl3r w o cere da
ruit far to kill tts gra; mj. sTteTto
oaljr hab- teparattea that W poiutely
dwtrey the awn. U Kwbw HtrSaMlI
IL iteWB trmakiKS
sey and sett as m. TJrtrrl
?. w ITW911 tat MTtM Raid V-
jtxalel J. Fry. Spooial Agent
UB exploration $x.S0O; but. fortunate,
ly. the world goes ahead In spite of
hagglers. May of ISO! saw Captain
Merlweather Lewis, formerly secre
tary to President Jefferson, and Cap
tain William Clark of Virginia, launoh
out from Wood river, opposite St.
Louis, where they had kept their men
encamped all winter on the east side
of the Mississippi, waiting for the for
ma! transfer of Louisiana, for the long
Jeernej- ef exploration to the sources
of the Miesoeri and the Columbia.
Their escort coMisted of twenty sold
lert. eleven voyagers and nine front,
lersmen. The mala ornft was a keel
boat flftyRve feet long, of light draft,
with square rigged sail, and twenty
two oars and tow line fastened to the
man pole to traok the boat up stream
through raplde. An American flag
floated from the prow, and behind the
flag, the universal types of Droeress
everywheregoods for trade, and a
swivel gun. Horses were led along
shqre fer hunting, and two pirogues
hrp at prow, broad at stern, llko
a flatlron ex a turtle glided to the
fere of the keel beat
The Missouri was at flood Ude. tur
bid with erambHng clay banks and
great trees torn out by the roots
from whleh the keel boat sad pirogues'
sheered safely off. FW the tlrst Ume
In hleteqr. the Missouri resounded ta
the r8ttrthMHly guns; and round
.wt are we men oaseed to the strain
w vysgeura fiddle. Usually
uaeag forty men Is one traitor, and
Ueerle must desert on preteuee ef
ruewng naK fw a kmw; j
the feMew took fright from the woia
yarn told fey the kneyeyed. shaggy,
browed, ragged tranters who came
aoatlug dews the Platte, the 0age,
the Missouri, with eahee lease of furs
fer St. louls.
They Bound the Wrens Leg.
A man ta North TOiUoiu t.i
ugjBx W hut week, sad tk iJ
frtue t eut s. dee gash I ui
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