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boftby Dis Tells
Ahotst It, and a Study of He Ideas
Will Give Yot Some of Yoat
Own and Convince You She
Knows It Pretty Neat
ly All
(Dorothy Dix.)
It Is to bo feared that this Is a
uniquo ago that takes- ito Lent lightly.
Nowadays when wo don our sackcloth
It Is silk lined, nnd all our ashes arc
ashes of roses; nevertheless, Lent Is
a time when the thoughts of oven the
most worldly turn to righteousness,
and thus wo aro enabled to observe
one of tho most remarkable phcnom
cna of tho feminine toniporament
woman'es ability to bo good by proxy,
This Is a distinctly femlnlno accom
plishment When a man thinks about
being good ho begins with himself.
Ho stops drinking, or swearing, or
playing poker, or whatevor his par
ticular vlco wa?. When a woman do
cldes on lending tho higher life sho
turns the batteries of her noblo reso
lutions and directs her reform against
somebody else. Sho doesn't evon con
template giving up gossiping, or
bridge, or bargain sales, or tho thing
that was her besotting sin. On tho
contrary, she contrives to enjoy hor
own llt'lc vices In peace nnd content,
but sh devotes all her onergy and
zeal to trying to mako her husband
quit smoking, or givo up his modest
glass of beer, and sho feels that sho
Is entitled to a hlghor placo among
those who havo performed works of
supererogation If sho enn harass htm
Into resigning from his club.
Anxiety for Hep Brothers' Soul.
If further proof were wanted of wo
man's noblo and altruistic naturo It
could be found In tho fact that all tho
great reforms Inaugurated by women
havo had tho suppression of tho vices
of men for their object, nnd this, too,
when thoro was plenty of need of her
looking to hor own fonco. It has
never yet occurred to tho woman re
former to tacklo tho vices of her own
vx. All of women's anti-societies deal
with tho things that they aro opposed
to men doing. You never hoar of tho
Woman Temperance Talking union,
or the Mothor's Loaguo for Suppress
ing Dad Children, or tho Antl-Gaddlng
society, yet tho abuso of tho tongue
has dono as much harm in tho world
as the abuso of liquor, and thro
are no other wrongs coropnrablo with
the crlmo of raising up bnd and
polled children, and maintaining an
111 kept homo.
It Is a soothing nnd unsolflsh Idea
that our brothers' souls need our at
tention more than our own, and so,
during Lent, whon all of tho fomlnlno
ethical socIoUob got busy, wo aro
treated to tho amusing spectacle of
hordes of reformers who aro onjcyj
lie all of the sacrod pleasures of be
ing reformed without any of the pen
alties of giving anything up that thoy
wanted to do. and who are filled with
feeling of solf-rlghteous virtue be
cause they have formod a league to
abolish betting In poolrooms, or chew
log tobacco, or something that thoy
ner did anyway
Give Man Credit for Home Life.
Nor Is this ability of woman to be
8d by proxy confined to her public
Ctj EVcTV wnmnn vahn ta innn-liwl tn
raan who lots hor henpeok him con
fers herself a good wife and con
KWuIates her husband upon having
parried such a domestic troasure. Tho
"mlnlno idea of wifely duty Is getting
loS smoothly wfth a man who
to&n't dare to contradict you and
ho never jnterfere8 with the house
kPlng. His bumblo atUtudo of no
quiescence novor counts, though In real
"This sife may be only amlablo be.
we she is never orossed.
wKewise a woman always con-
herself a good mother when
W children hnppen to bo born with
Hiy constitutions, and are lucky
Sh not to take the measels, whjlo
- UU14IUJ ll Ov''x
Otf t Seeds Meet All Needs
Experience nas established it as a fact You sow. they grow. Buy
I IMden seeds in pulk and get fresh seeds.
I Bweet pas and flower seeds a specialty.
D, A, V?hite 8c Son
30J Commercial St.r Salem, Oregon
What Sire Knows
friend is another woman who will
lond U3 her new sleeve pattern beforo
she has used It herself, and who will
lot us dletato to her about her clubs
and whom sho will Invito to her pink
tea. Wo frequently admlro our own
disposition because wo got along har
moniously with peoplo who will re
frnln from rubbing us tho wrong way,
when It comes to economy, It Is
somebody else's extravaganco that wo
man usually lops oft first A woman
In boasting of her achievements In
this lino onco said to ms: "Why
made my husband wear the same suit making othor peoplo do the contribut
or clothes for threo years." But this ! ,nS. Ab it is, every woman you know
samo woman explained that It was lias two or thrc0 Pt charities that
economy for hor to go to tho bost Bn doponds on running by holding" up
dressmakor. Anyway, sho cut off all nor friends. When tho time for an
at hor husband's Indulgences, and thoy ! nuQl contribution comes around she
got rich, and to this day sho always "over thinks of such a thing as rals-attrlbutos-
their success to his having !'nB " money by doing without a now
had such an economical wife. A man Gown, or a pleco of furnituro she
novor knows until aftor ho fs married I wonts. Instead, she Indulgos herself
that It Is economy to givo up cigars
In order thnt you may put tho money
In brlc-a-brac. A woman's burnt offer
ings aro usually mado of someboJy
else's taste. -
Self-sacrifice has always been re
garded as woman's star virtue, but
even in this ho gonerally manages
to sacrlflco somebody else Instead of
herself. It Is tho snmo spirit that
prompted Artcmus Ward, In a burst
of patriotism, to declaro that ho was
willing to sacrlflco all of his wlfo's
relations to put down tho rebellion.
Women aro unconscious of this, but
whon you hear ono railing at the friv
olity of fashion you may bo sure that
sho Is too lazy to dress, and whon
you hear ono assort that sho believes
In plain living and high thinking, and
that sho sets hor faco against tho
pleasures of tho tablo, you may rost
assured that sho Is a dyspoptio who
has no appetito anyway.
Active In Promoting Charity.
Tho phaso of this mania, however,
that women havo for being good by
proxy that Is most objcctlonnblo, and
that 1b In peculiar evidence during
Lent, Is tho habit they havo of mak
ing somebody olso foot tho bills for
tholr charity. In every city through
out tho country thoro Is a cotorlo of
women who outdo tho scriptures in
not letting tholr loft hand know what This makes Lent truly a tlmo of fast
their right hand gives, for their pock- ing, and self-denial, and dust and
etbook never finds It out at all. They ashes for tho avorago young man.
sustain a flourishing reputation fori Every mall brings him notoa from
generosity and philanthropy, nnd aro' Mrs. This, That, and tho Othor One,
conspicuous on hospital commlttoas
nnd orphan asylum boards. Thoy aro
tho head and front of every church
fair, and missionary bazaar, and tea,
and aro supposed by peoplo on tho
outsldo to be lavish givers, yet they
nevor contributo a cent of their own
Lot a cas of destitution be knewn
nnd such a woman claps on her bonnet
and Is out collecting food and cloth
Ing for tho sufforors from her nolgh
bors, but It never occurs to hor to
supply their needs from hor own storo
room. Let a churoh fair be started,
and aha glvos herself nervous pros
tration rushing around soliciting con-
trlbutions from merchants, but you
nevor hear oT her digging down Into
her own pockets and fishing up a cent.
Her generosity, which Is lauded In
the papers and heralded through tho (
consists In holding up other people anu
consist) In holding up other peoplo and
making Uiem givo.
Touching Stories Pass On,
i. i niomant tn ha nhnrltable whon
. . .. ---- -- ,
It doesn't cost you anyiuint,, una un
of tho reasons that womon nro so oasl.
ly touched Is because they expect to
touch somebody else for the price of
their sympathy. I have a susplolon
M,nt thnm would bo about a million
fewer "cause" In the world If women
flf Prizes vHflfjoi
Nothing goes with Golden Gate Coffee but satisfaction
And there is no coffee that gives such univer
sal satisfaction as Golden Gate. There
- . mi A
A. Folger (Q. Co.
rhad to support themselves Instead of
In whatevor sho dosireB and ralsos
tho money sho needs by tho Blmplo
expedient of lovylng blackmail upon
her friends.
Of course, It Is dono decontly, and
under tho gulso of an amateur con
cert, or a reading, or recital by an
Impecunious young genius to which
you aro compelled to buy tickets un
der penalty of forfeiting her friend
ship. Of course she knows It is a
and that nobody over goes
to an amateur concort of their own
accord, but sho Justifies herself to hor
own conscience uy Baying uiub yuu
ought to givo anyhow, and sho actual
ly and honestly fools hersolf an In
strument of graco In forcing you to
contributo to tlio pug dog hospital, or
tho homo for superannuated cats, or
whatover form her charltablo fad
Seek Their Prey Among Opposite Sex
Naturally, mon aro tho worst suf
forors from this form of proxy glv
Ing. Tho samo sort of honor among
thlovos 'that makes each confidence
man work his own sldo of tho street,
keeps womon from trying to hold each
othor up for many contributions, but
men, and ospeclally unmarried mon,
aro the helpless victims of tho female
philanthropists who expect othor poo-
,plo to put up for tholr gonorosity.
bulging with tlckots that ho Is ox
pectod to buy to help some charity In
which he has no interest, and sustain
soma cause that ho has neithor money
nor tho doslro to aid. It Isn't easy
Archbishop William Henry Elder, cf
prelate In the world, whoee eighty fifth
v&? is
lL San Francisco giw
1 -g?r '- '
and cheerfulness tn
Rich Aromatic Delicious.
High grade grocers sell
1 and 2 lb. aroma-tight tins.
for a man to rofuso thoso subscrip
tions, for thoy como from women
whoso housea ha has visited and of
whoso hospl'ality ho has partakon. In
reality, thoy aro a civil dun for din
ners and dances, and If ho refuses to
make good his weicomo Is a frosty
ono tho next time ho goes to call on
Mrs. Proxy O. Samaritan. If orily ono
woman did this it would bo a small
mattor, but whon tlckotst como In
shoals, as thoy do during tho tlmo
whon womon are bolng vicariously
gonorous In Lent, they send tho young
man to tho freo lunch counter for
food, nnd cnuso him to uso languago
about this particular form of philan
thropy thnt It would do tho womon
good to hear.
'Thero Isn't any use, of courso, In
trying to mako women boo that It is
better to bo goad yourself than to
mako somebody elso perfect Thoy
will go on to tho end of tho chapter
plucking tho moto out of their broth
ers eyes whllo tholr own nro full of
beams, but this particular form of
ticket sending nulsanco ought to bo
abated. It is humiliating and exas
perating to bo forced to maintain
other pcoplo's charity, and unless n
woman means to support hor own
philanthropies sho should koop out of
tnom, ana in a still wiuor charity ro -
fraln from holding up hor friends.
., . . ...
Tho best sort of goodness Is Indl-
vldunl goodness, and that doesn't do
good by proxy.
John Kondrloks Bangs. In his Inimit
able "Notos From Old Fathor Time,"
glvos tho following Jolt to the New
York senater:
I havo been ofton asked. If In the
courso of my wldo experience, It has
over been my prlvllogo to know the
Cincinnati, the third oMeet Catholic
birthday will be cIebmtd Msrca ?2
every cup.
Importers and Roautero of
Fine oia uouiei
distinguished Junior senator from
Now -iorlc, and I have always boon
auio 10
UIIQHU1, mijr, Ul
MM.t. HtirU. n
I havo known him
-Indeed, I've known his stories all my
I hosltato to specify tho dnto upon
wnicn i met mo ursi or aonnior ue-
pow'B stories that I over heard. Tho
fact is tho oxaot flguros aro confused
In my own mind, and I nm not suro
whether it was from Adam or Noah or
DIogenos that I got It. I do romom-
bor that at tho moment I sot it down
as ono of tho clovorcst stories I had
over heard. It was witty, told with all
tho graco portlnont to tho occasion. I
remomoor niso mat l remarked tho
fact at tho tlmo, and snld to Adam or
Noah or Dlogonos-whlchover of tho
threo It was-that I looked for great
things from this man Dopow, who
would subsequently toll that story.
It bears tho earmarks of genius,
Adam or Noah or Diogenes, whatover
your d hanged name Is," snld I.
t at least shows great erudition,"
Bald ono of them, whichever It was.
And when I at last encountered tho
gentloman-and, frankly, I almost
grow tlrod of waiting for him through
all tho long nnd woary conturlos which
uinpsco ooioro i'oeKHKUl era dawned,
1 n.,.1 ... . ....... . '
,"u "" loanui mai tno atorloa
ho WIla going to toll would grow old
ueroro no had his ohanco I was not
m nnywlso dlsappo ntod. All that I
im, i,nn.,i f, ..ii .. . t : , , . .
had hoped for, all that I had lookd
forward to, every trait of oharnctor,
ovory llttlo personal habit, all those
gracos of gosluros, of Intonation and
i,n,in ., .i. . .. """""""
bearlng-ovon the story Itself, old as
It was
(Noto At this point a half sheet
of Fathor Tlmo's manuscript Is tnlss-
in., a .i,nm,.ni. i ,i .
Ing. A thorough search of tho parcel
has failed to dlsoloso Its whoroabouts,
so that wo are rogretably to bo do-
prlved of this famous story, tho vory
Adam of Anocdotos. Bd.)
$100 Reward, $100
Tho readors of this paper will bo
pleasod to learn that thoro Is ut least
ono droaded dlscaso that science has
boon ablo to euro In all Its stagos
and that la catarrh. Hair's Catarrh
Curo Is tho ony posltlvo cure now
known to" the modlcal faternlty. Ca
tarrh being a constitutional dlsoaso,
renulros a constitutional troatment.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system, there
by destroying tho foundation of the
dlse&so. and giving tho patlout
strength by building up tho constl-j;;
tutlon and assisting naturo In doing''
Its work. Tho proprietors havo bo
much faith in Its curatlvo powors,
that they offer one Hundred Dollars
for any caso that It falls to cure. Send
for list of testimonials . Address,
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Por Infat"an(l"CEildren.
The K !i rj You Have Always Bought
Beam the
204 CoramereUI Street,
Short Orders, Oysters In U styles
Meals at all h'ours
Service a la Carte
a ECKERLBN, Proprittcf
Accused of Murdering
Mrs. Dunning in
. Delaware
First to Utilize .the Mails:
for Murder by Sending
Victim Poisoned
San Francisco, Cal., March 10. AS
tor repeated postponements and don
lays extending over a period of scl
eral yearB, tho caao of Mrs. Cordelias.
Dotkln, onco convicted of tho mur
der of Mrs. John P. Dunning nnd Mrs
J. D. Donno, of Dover, Del., was finally
called for trial today. WltnoBses aro
horo frorri Dolawaro and It Is tho pur
poso of tho proBOcntlon to proceed
without further dolny.
0w,ng to 80V0ral olroumBtancoI).
lh , hvo occurrml Blnoo hor lnst trlttr
conviction It la the urovallinst.
nnlnlnn inl Mm notldn mnv fro fre
nt tho nt trInI g8Vorai
I Mnf,An -M nAOAAitMnn Mi fat
KUoovn tut fcieu iiowiwvt w"
.monc u-.,-. formor 8oimtor pnnnlnn.
ton, father of one of tho murdgrad
womon, havo died slnco the last trlaT,
whllo others will bo unnblo to apoax
for various reasons! Notwithstanding.
tho ttl)80nco of Ul0g0 tmp0rtant wit
noBscs, District Attornoy Dylngton de
clares ho has no strong a caso as at
tho provlous trial nnd nppoars conflv
dont of securing n second conviction;
of tho ncoU8cd wonmn.
Tho crlmo of whtch M, DotlUn ,s
accnacd aniJ 0f which Bho has boon
onco convcted ,8 tho ,!. of Mrs.
John P. Dunning and Mrs. J. D.
Dcano, sisters. Tho ngoncy which it
,8 McBcA wn9 employed was polsonodl
cnndy Bont by mall from Ban Prftn,
C8C0 to tho ufortunnto victims af
tholr homo ,n jy Doi. Tho crlmo
wn8 committed six years ago and nt
'tractcd lho wUo3t attention at tho
tlmo, Tho aOBod motlvo for tho dooJ
Wns tho Infatuation of MrB. Dotkln
for John P. Dunning, husband of one
0f tho victims.
Where Doctors Agree.
Whon a patient Is under tho doe-
lora cnip Ior Bomo mnvhs, vim con-
." " '""" .
'noroaslng weaknoss from tho loss of
nosh and strength by tho ravngos of
disease, all doctors will agreo that'
U10 flr8t Knln of flo"" 'ndloalos ir
Shnu,B for tJl0 Vollur- .uWek,it?1
flesh loss people, know they fool bot
tor as soon as thoy gain flesh. Tho
( best flosh nnd blood maker Ib Ur,
Gunn'a Dlood & Norvo Tonic. For
p,lniply; pa, nnd ,"'c.k,3r I,e?,plI0' both
old nnd young, a hotter modlclno was
nov0r mado. It turns Uio food you
' oat Into strong, red blood making
solid flosh nnd muscle at tho rato of
elrlMIIti nnMiIni aiiivinlARili hill AitAi-
1 to 3 lbs per week. It Is sold by nil
drijglBts for 7Ec per box, or 3 boxos
for $2. To arercomo tho effect of
over-lndulgonco or dissipation uso this
t Caii.a1 KT'i-tijwii i
V-ietpitai. liH-SUMcU
of Salem, transacts a genera)
banking business. Only Na
tlonal Dank In Marlon county.
:: Savings
:: Bank
:: Department
Tays threo per cent Interest
on savings accounts. Deposits
of ONE DOLLAR or more re-
reired at any time. Paw book
issued to each depositor.
HfHtMt . H4-H4HH-9HW-H'
M-M-M-H Mllli ll'HJ'l 1 1 it
J Voget Lumber
Fuel Comgany.
TtOMgh ud drM9 1,
sash, doors, lath and tthlBgles,
ash asd fir wood. Salem Ore.
Dowb town ofSe,e JS Court ; ;
street. Tehjohese Mala 2161, ; ;
One block east of 8. P. pas- ;;
An or Jim Anit ' m
TMfFV WVVVl i, v
f K
l ': l
If 5
i i
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( '
' '1
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