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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, March 10, 1904, Image 4

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vp ftr a. --'
"l 11. 3T .! .V'-" glut In itiA
isiQniBCTt tiaiiog own -nv us-4 -
saloon before hi appearance last
Tall Blonde Man With
Red Moustache
Gets Busy
Sfaadled a. Gun, Stood the'
Boys up in Good Style !
and Captured 25
No Chance to Cateh Coreanc
WaJhlBston. March It. So much
cummer baa been obtained la the
i prM of the country by a. story that
the emperor of Oorea bad married as
Americas woman Baraed Bmlly Browa.
thai United States Minister Alton at
Seoul has beea obliged to prist replies
to a number of woven correspondents
deayisg the truth of the story, and
declaring: there Is so room In Corea for
foreign female shoos, governesses
eorapasJeas aad the like.
The "Last Ohanoe" saloon, on Main
street Is out about f 96 In sllrer and
xtlckels. If. M. Kennedy, the night
ttnxa. is recovering from the unox
jpected vision of six largo 38-cart-
tidjjes looking blm In the face, and an public domain for use
unknown robber with red hair Is mining claims.
3mcedlnc to safety with llin hnnriln nu
Uio result of hnM.un t .. ..in. 1 Newspaperman Undergoes
shortly before 3 o'clock this morning.
Tho bartender at tha itnlnnn u-n In
Protects Portland Water 8upply.
Washington. March 1. Sesator
Mitchell yesterday secured the pas
sage of bis bill prohibiting trespaselng
or the gracing of stock within the
Dull Run forest reserve, which protects
the Portland water supply.
He also secured a favorable report
on his bill extending to Oregon, Wash
ington and California the law permit
ting the cutting of timber from tho
In developing
& law . MLathwIH .ri'fj .V'WB XWmTK?. -B i i i Tsn
"- i a - Ti i - . t- v - - . 1 1 sir nirisTSM
tTmwfe i " - -gSBBgamgaBB a B iJJPl wsjjMBeSM. 'BKMBraB!
Newspaperman Undergoes Operation,
Chicago, March 10 Calvin Cobb,
president of the Idaho Statesman, un
derwent a surgical operation yester-
the room alone this morning, and just y a.l,the V'' osnllsL The
. t . .. . UllL'iaUUU WflH HIinCTRHHTIII
Kircpanng 10 cioso uio place, when a
tall man, with a sandy moustache en- Senator Tillman very III.
tared the front door, sprung tho latch. ' Washington. Mach 10. Senator tii.
Vladivostok, Russia's great Gibraltar In tho Far East, showing railway
from the North Russia has patiently worked and has expended millions
of rubles on tho defencos of Vladlvostock, which is tho eastern tormlnal
of tho Trans-Siberian railway. This great stronghold hardly will bo an
early object of attack by the Japanese, for tho reason that It Is remote
from tho region In which tho war mast first bo fought Corea and Man
ohurla and, should Vladlvoatock ever be under soige, It will take not only
a mighty force by soa, but an Immense army of Investment to reduce It.
Furthermore, Vladlvostock Is not A city which can bo easily starved out.
For nearly two years prior to tho outbreak of tho present hostilities the
shipment of live domostlc animals from Manchuria nnd Corea to Vladlvos
stock has been ex;tromely heavy. They aro put In pasture In tho vicinity
and aro permitted to breed against the day when the placo will bo besieged.
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-irfH.Ti -- v -- .-jjy
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JciT i CTr -1": -
i "" w . ... .
K. ,.-:U
WmmmmmmKmmmmiSl . .
YAtu mi
Nature Lends
Every one knows that Royal Baking
Powder is absolutely pure. Hence the
housewife uses it with implicit confidence
and without question, and she is justified
in so doing.
But how few realize that Royal Baking
Powder in its chief ingredient is a direct protf
uct of the healthful and delicious grape 1 This
constituent of the grape, crystallized and ground
to an impalpable powder, is the cream of tar
tar which forms the active principle of every
pound of Royal Baking Powder.
Fruit properties are indispensable to the
healthfulness of the body, and those of the
grape as used in the "Royal" are the most
valuable and healthful of all.
Hence it is that Royal Baking Powder
produces food superlative both in flavor
and wholesomeness.
ItUMlan outposts on the Yalu river.
nd ordered (he man behind the coun
ter to throw up his hands, at the same
tlmo shoving an ugly looking revolver
under the nose of the astonished ea
loon man. The bands went up.
Tho invader thon ordered Mr. Ken
nedy to throw tho sack of silver on
the tar, which ho did. Not satisfied
"with the first eack the robber asked
Tbr another one. nnd was handed a
small one containing svveral dollars In
ulaklM and dimes.
After pocketing the money the man
man, of South Carolina, is very III,
with a serious throat trouble. Ills
frloudB are much concerned, as It Is
Impossible far him to swallow, and n
llttlo liquid nourishment Is nil he can
Russians Selie Telegraph Station.
Seoul, March 10. A party of nine
Russians seised the Corsan telegraph
s'atlon at Yong Won today, it Is re
ported that a fight has occurred be
tween Ooreans and Russians on tho
baeted to the door. and. after warning Oonun side of the Tumen river.
Jap Steamer Wreaked.
London. March 10. Itayta, of Yo
kohama wine the Japanese steamer
Shleehu Mara was wrecked off Che-
Htaltw. aad Is a total toes.
Earthquake In Austria.
Vtesma. March 10. BarthqHake
shoaks wtce felt title Montlng In Tri
eet. CariMha aad Qlagenfurt; no re
ports of damage have been received.
Mil iWMd
IwmW if lo
B9 MaW mill ?$
I .&jM tv e
L " aas?ii
Type of JatMBoee tfaatrymen.
Satsalito Undci Watef Hotises
Wtecked in San Fiancisco
ancJ Rivers Aife Again
Running Wild
Torpedo Doat Sunk.
Canea. Crete. March 10. A Russian
traasiHHt from Port Said reports the
loee or a eomaaalea torpedo boat en
ruut: the crew was reeeued.
Murder Trial Continued.
8a Hreaotoe. March . The Bet
kia trial but beea eoaUaHed aaUl
Ixm Argelee. Mareh 10. Orith has
t n ateaced to two years la 8aa
Quratia aad a $M0 .
tho batta4r aot to follow, on pala of
having hi head Mow off, turned aad
ran R4-ru. U etr-et. aad vaalehatt la
tho shadow uf the fmaat deaot
Au alarat was ttiraed la. bl aothlaa
could Ih tuuad of the iabbr. He was
ubov Mvltam height aad altat. aad
vor a short eawva coat aad veraMs.
lie w rlAH stwviw. xch hk wmti.
tanhe. which was red. while his hair
m light. Taw Wtrvwder never re-
Where Doctors Agres.
Whaa a patleat H aadar the
: tor rare tor eotae moaths. vRh eon
taatli varytag symptoHM, hat evei
lacraasiag weakaaea fraat the 1m at
leh aad etreagth hy the ravagea af
imnwot. an Moetare win agree that
tit first gala of fie-- rndleates k
chaMH for the mw. TTuak, thin.
laaaleM peoate. kaow they feel b
tor as tooa as they gain flesh. The
hast eah aad Wood maker Is Dr.
Guru's Illood & Nerve Tuaie. ror
dwply. pale aad alekly people, both
W aad yoaag. a better medlelae was
lever made It tanM the food you
wt Into stroag. red blood makiag
valid seeh aad maecte at the rate of
I ta S Mm per weak. It la M by all
drwgtm for 7Se per box. ar 3 boxes
tor ft Ta avercowe the effect of
ve4adHlea or dUlfatia aee this
Tho aort of now Ohwaag, aa iiaaortgMa Hratogia patat o o U&otwag
K awth of Patt Arthur.
San Francisco, March 10. The
worst wind and rain storm in 13 years
swept over Central nnd Northern Cal
ifornia and Southern Oregon last
night and this morning, causing heavy
property lose, and perhaps loes of life.
In many places it flooded the business
quarter, and Sausallto, California, is
under water. No vessels arrived here
this morning. It is feared there are
some disasters along the coast. A
number of ships In the bay wore bad
ly damaged. In the city, barns, faeces,
eigne and roofs were wrecked. la the
downtown districts the water backed
(Continued from first page.)
up, flooding tho collars. In the uppor
part of a six-story building in the
courso of construction, on Bush and Eolng to meet it," ho demanded
Polk, considerable damage was dono' IJl11 (Conn.) likewise mentioned in
guilty of nothing that bears oven the
tlngo of criminality.
"What was tho motlvo of it? Wasn't
It to glvo congress notice that tho de
partment hold something over con
gress, and that congress hnd hotter
lot tho department alono?" ho in
quired, hlB words being drowned by
applause from both sides. "Aro you
tho Brlstow report, donled that ho had
dono anything lmpropor. Ho had, ho
said, submitted cortaln questions to
Goneral Brlstow, answers to which ho
had been refused. "I am going to vote
by the wind, nnd the whole building Is
In danger of falling over. Tho Are
department Is considering the advisa
bility of tearing It down. A throe-story
building, In the courso of construction
on Lake, near Sixth avenue, was blown
over and completely demolished. The
schooner Brnest went ashore on Goat Pmater-general." ho sold, amid n
Island All the crew are reported to I roun(1 D' applause. Holding up a copy
have escaped, and it is feared the ves- of the report, Hill vohomently do-
Property Sales.
Mary J. Dake, of Turner, hastoMtij
Mary A. Baxter, lot 34 and half of l2
No. 11, Sunnysldo Fruit Farm No y
for ?760.
Z. Barnes, Catherine Barnes ut
George Barnos havo deeded a Ml !j
forest In a tract of land in d. 1. c M
45 to J. B. Barnes nnd heirs for 2M. I
Li. and C. II. Fitzgerald and S. ui:
N. Barnes, havo also deeded a 111 fe
torest In samo tract to J. B, Barnes fa
125 each. j
Chas. L. Oglo and wifo have deed
ed to J. It. Mooro and wifo 10.43 acrci
In t B s, r i w, for SCOO.
Good Spirits.
Good spirits don't all corao frca
Kontucky. Their main source it tit
liver nnd all tho fine spirits em
mado in tho Bluo Grass stato conll
noUr,eniedy a bad llvor or tho hundred
and one 111 offecta it produces. Toi
can't havo good spirits and a Ul
liver at tho- samo time. Your Urer
must bo in fino condition If you woull
feol buoyant, happy and hopeful
for a resolution to Investigate mysolf. br,Ent of oyo' 1,ght of 8tep' V,g0r0U
nnd to Investigate tho fourth assistant
sel cannot be saved.
aepjfgWe- tft'.4
3&- i. '" '"' " ' ' '
-gjgr-rfe ,a-!WSS ,
clared: "That document Is tho pro
duction of a liar and a scoundrel,
Sure Cure for RIU.
Itching Piles produce moisture and
and successful In your pursuits. Toi
can put your liver In fine condition If
using Croon's August Flower-tin
groatost of all mediclnos for the liver
and stomach and a certain cure for
dyspopsla or Indigestion. It has boa
a favorite household remedy for OTer
thirty-flvo years. August Flower tIB
mako your liver healthy and aclln
cause itching, this form, ns well as i nnd thus insure you a liberal supply
J ""cVr DEn" !?5 "15!, o "Eood spirit"
nomody. Stops Itching and bleed ink; I rgUlar bott,3' 7Bc At all druggUU
-,VHVava iuuiuin. nup n inn o.a - uiuuu a uiuk diuicoi
gists, or sent by mail. Treaties free o . ..
v rue mo about your case. Dr Bo- A raan ,I,t08 to Bot uoartl wnere M
nnnKO. I'm a. Pa.
Satt- Delay to Port Ar,our, lh. JuncUonof he
won't get borod.
a9H9$8-9C9eege ieeM
New Catp
' aa aaaoaaaaM MM a
eaai aiim aaaaaaw aaaaaaM am
Pllnml. TnJ...
The itaMpi of the late MU. ,,rt P,CK UT Y0UR R0"TE.
Wolff waa halt! fin k. r ., Rates From d.-i.
....,. " " . l"W Baim. " ;-"-; Points Ac
.-. uw lareaoon. aad a Urge nam., " l-ou,'ana Purchase
" w e irtesda of deeaaaMl foL exposition.
lowed hor remalaa to their u r--f. . .... ..
a . SP JLSUCTlaar IhA ua
hr raee lu the Catholic . . .. " . " unuanae of th
Amoag ,ha wore maay eapl JJS.7 lH. Uu,i thU
we saiom we wlu wlfc Tad Chleaao wm , t0 8t" Lou,
ImmOMOly poplw Thaao2a,e7!fj:mi h"erbe an
ember. af the Degr. of H.aor aaj SST " 1 89t " n each
IDA UUMltn Ag lit ... -- .-,
z: :r..T ,,,rcwt re a io
. cvttvi; Huotaera. ne K.
rpay coaauetod the senices
tne remains.
These rales
will be as to-
To SL Loate aad rra I67.M
to Chleago and return it u
The funeral of the late Mia. v..rfwi Chicago with return from st
ll-l .... ... - "1M Mm U.IMi.
..m was row iaM afteraooa from, t q . I
the harno of har sen. h. w. -.. Su IM1, ta retara f
Hojmas. Ren P. II. Knight ociatlaI T'r . 8
aad a largo number of the frieada Zi . T w 8r rtU,rB Jseag over S We U t. 4, .
4eead aad fay foUowed $ &ST ?" I f W C&tpetS i
oula. to their aH reeUag pUce. SlSl.t 2SS."!! I all IdeS aixA tUtJ ! !
Body Brussels, Tapcstty, Velvets:;
o .. r,.., n Hraiuhla l ., ,
The frieada af MIm HatUe Mite. refltte throagh t Iwl. , i,...w'2
will be glad to kaow that the opera. Kaw SC Loakj. (2
oa far appoadloKk. which the ua, , Tb9 nm w e aaaoaaced for I
Urwat yotterday morales at the SaV J" May. Jaaa, Jaly. AagaH and I
--r,, H eticoeeecai oae. i? -- noisets will nrovtdb
Kol Paaeaga wllhla tea days.
Lively at Port Arthur.
Port Arthur. Mare . Tha Jap
o t reappeared at mldalaht. aad
brded the eRy latenarUoatlr aa
W 8 o'toh. who r wlAdrw
for a
MuHah It Mad AqsIr.
Adaa. Maroh M.-Ceaaral Maaalag; alaet, dof. roTdku I S h,n
-,. rsmea iae uad MaUahfe la theso gaiita.
iOTwa, hw uiKMi iw mea aad cap
.W.WaHrwiaM. Mirtbi l . i- .... .
. . , ..r in oiDeria
St. Petewbarg. March It -A ak&
i I
AU wool Keswle.an wool Extra. Super. Cotton Chain i..Ul Ritf!!
'". umoa meraiHS, Etc.
ty preolaiiM mrtW taw ta
Mrtaa of Siberia, aad art JTl
Twaa-Balkal dWriet atoag the Lake I
Baikal railway, aad .u t.v. J
railway to the Shut
attend "at'0 Matting Sale
C&Atal fc qi
Ml 1
laffmplTgari ITT- -IgggaT
ot mMBmL0tL irtlmaifiWiii'
"fWfwivo... ,.. u,;..
f vy imm&lf&l)t0lmjtf, I
-ft - TWKrf u
4 jrr3F&W't.v-
- - L1 l-f-fYtJiftilifTi i

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