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irf -tn Fir
Weather. Tonight showers, 8un
M fair and warmer.
, NO. 140.
! WW
ays He Does Not
Want Vice Presidency
Mis the Leaders Down
for Trying: to Force
the Office on
Chicago, June 2U. without doubt
ion is the most interesting per-
Ldlty here, and around him centers
L most gossip, and on him are
ied hopes that something may
kppen to nil. uie convention out. oi
Ijrut of dryness. But the Illlnolsan
emphattlc in his opposition to the
A well-defined story is afloat that
rtain West Virginia, Missouri and
tansylvanla delegates are preparing
launch a a presidential boom for
e speaker, and that they propose at
jjcologicnl moment to put' a num-
:r of bands on the streets at the
eads of processions of delegates'
irlng Cannon banners. It is need-
pis to say that the plan has not the
appori oi uiuiur i-enrose or aeon,
id is the usual thing at every con-
entlon, HKe the talk to nominate
loosevelt for President Instead of Mc-
lnley at Philadelphia four years ago,
ad the similar talk of nominating
ill instead of Bryan at Itansas Olty.
ipeaker Cannon sent for Congressman
ioerman, of New- York, and for 10
inutes there was a lively session In
ncle Joe's room. He told Sherman
,t he understood that ho (Sher-
an) m the moving spirit In. the
ew York delegation that was con-
Meg to stampede the convention
Cunon .for vice-president. "I
rut tils ( ) nonsence stopped."
ipbitJcally said Cannon. "I would
iccept the vice-presidency If It
ere studded with diamonds and pre-
tiled to mo on a platter of solid
ld." Sherman Bald that Uncle Joe
;ve him tho worst cooking that ho
r got in his life. "Oom Shelby"
torn and Governor Yates, of lilt-
m are at it hammer and tongs to-
ma for control of tho delegation and
ttaate seat in the session. This af-
moon the delegation will select a
ialrman, and Cullom declares he will
we a majority. Yates disputes this,
-t the final vote will be close.
More Frlng Heard. '
loUo, June 20. Firing was heard
M&f ff Shimosekl, and it is sur
ged that the Rus3lan fleet has reap-
ited in the Korean straits.
.Young Husband in
Danger of Being
Cut Off
Learning From Experience
How Better to Cop--With
the Forces of the
British Mission
Gyangtse, June 20. Tho situation
throughout Thibet is growing more
serious dally, and the British mission
will have to fight strenuously to main
tain its prestige. Scouts report that
largo forces of the natives are mass
ing at several points between Khang-
ma and Halung, while 7000 Thibetans
are holding the route south of the lat
ter place.
There were more than 7000 at Jong,
while smaller bodies are reported at
a number of points, where they are in
a position to cut tho British to com
munications. The facts are believed
to Indicate that the Thibetans are re
solved to do everything in their power
to prevent reinforcements reaching
Colonel Younghusband and his band.
Not only are better arms and am
munition arriving daily for the Thib
etans fronn Russian and Chinese
sources, but the Thibetans are aro
also learning more and more about
tho art of warfare, and their recent
dispositions argue that they have se
riously taken to heart the lessons
gained from tho earlier operations of
the British. They are not wanting in
pluck, and! it. will probably cost the
British dearly before Lhassals final
ly occupied,
No War With Christians.
London, June 20. Tho correspond
ent of the Daily Mall at Tangier, un
der date of June 19th, says that a let
ter had been received from Ralsnll,
In which tho bandit said:
"It is well that the Englishman and
the Americans should know the truth
regarding my doings, and the reasons
why I have talcen Perdlcaris. All that
has been said at Tangier about me,
as well as the statement that I hate
the Christian Europeans, and want to
drive them- from Morocco, is wrong.
"I desire to do no wrong to any
Christian. Should ' trouble come it
will come from Europe, for if troops
aro landed: wo will fight."
Raisull lays the cause of the pros
ent trouble to the deposed governor of
TflnMflP wlirfc wlffi Vilo fnmll.r rrntr. '
......, .., ...v. ii.o iuiuii;, b"''
erned Tangier for generations, perse
cuted Raisull's tribe, killed boys, mu
tilated children and disregarded all
the principles of their religion.
! Russian Fleet Reported to Slave tin- I
; tered Port Arthur
9 Shanghair, June 20. German advices by wireless to Tien Talh
says that the Russian Vladivostok fleet of four cruisers entered '
Port Arthur In a fog last night, outwitting the Japanese. During the
q trip the Russians destroyed 10 transports. g
Japanese Army Has Scored M0re Vic
tories by Land
Another Big Battle Is Betng Fought.
Lla Yan, June 20. A general engagement Is proceeding near Kal Chow,
The first rain- bearing the wounded haspassed here, going north.
Toklo, June 20. General Oku re
ports that 'after tho battle of Tellssu
the Japanese buried 1516 Russians
found dead on the battlefield. Burials
aro not yet finished. The natives say
the Russians burled, burned and can
ried' off many of their other dead. The
Ruslsan' casualties were appalling.
Vice-Admiral Kamlmura this morning
In an. official message expresses re
gret that ho failed to encounter the
Russian fleet. It is understood the
Russian Vladivostok.
Rome, June 20. A Cheo Foo tele
gram states that tho Japanese bom
bardment of Port Arthur was to test
tho range of the guns. The Russians
replied to the,-fire, but tho Japanese
guns had tho greatest range.
Yikow, Juno 20. A force of 60,000
Russians have occupied Tsalmaki,
north of Sluhen; also a considerable
force is at Halholai, near Tachlco.
Admiral Barker's squadron arrived
from Lisbon today, at Gibraltar en
route to Tangier.
Details of the Slocum
Disaster Are
Of a jCross-Examinations the
Two Prisoners Laid
New York, June 20. Samuel Pear
son, formerly of tho Boer army, and
Cornelius Vanderhought, arrested a
month . ago, charged with writing a
threatening letter to Former Assistant
Secretary of the Interior Davis, had
ball discharged this morning, owing
to inability of complainant to appear.
Tho case is now dismissed. Defend
ant's declare Davis was afraid to sub
mit to a cross-examination as to the
disposition of $40,000 entrusted to him
by the Boer government.
At Kansas City, Mb., 20 aro ro
ported burled in a collapsed building.
The Coroner's Inquest Wjll
Now Go-Over the Causes
of the Wreck
New York, Juno 20. Soven bodies,
three womenv three girls and' a boy,
victims of tho Slocum' disaster were
picked up on tho East river and In
Long Island Sound beforo 9 o'clock
this morning. This makes 637 bodies
recovered to date. Bodies aro com
ing ashoro every hour at different
places. In all 575 bodies have been
recovered and identified. Thirty fu
nerals 'took place this' morning. The
relief fund to date amounts to ?3G,000.
Of this $15,000 Ms expended on funer
als, and about $10,000 has been dis
bursed for temporary relief. Tho re
lief committee proposes raising an
additional fund of $125,000 to be used
for the care of 6rphans and' aged per
sons. The coroner's Inquest to deter
mine tho responsibility of tho acci
dent began today. Over 200 wit
nesses have been summoned, and ex
hibits, Including the decayed1 llfo pre
servers, canvas hose, water valves,
standpipea, etc.
Plant's schooner yacht Ingomar lost
tho Kaiser cup race from vDover to
Heligoland on time allowance. The
race was won by Valdoora, Ingomar
finished first, two hours of Valdora.
Congressman HItt Is still confined
to his .room, but Is some bettor today.
Will Be Encouraged in
the Republican
Secretary Shaw ?ays the
Iowa Revision Idea .
Has Been Buried
Chicago, June 20. Besides the vlco
presidency and tho national chair
manship, tho platform; is beginning
to arouse interest among gossips and
politicians. ,
Secretary Shaw this morning said:
"In my Judgment the tariff will como
first. Tho declaration on that subjoct
will practically follow tho ono of four
years ago. There haB beon no change
in conditions, and tho utterances at
tho party wilt bo reiterated. The Iowa
Idea has been shelved by Iowa itself,
and, although there will bo np dec
laration to tho effect that thoro will
bo no revision of tho tariff schedule,
neither will there be any promlso of
a revision in tho near future or later.
Of course, the pltaform -will considor
tho trust question. Tho administra
tion policy, wtll bo approved, but thoro
wlll be no declaration calling on con
gress fqr riotous action. Thero wtyl"
probably bo a demand, that tho tariff'
be removed1 from articles on which
thoro is no competition no trado, but.
I don't think it will go farther than
Tho party admits the need of tariff
revision. The other subjects in tho
platform1 will touch and concern rola
tlons of this government with, foreign
countries. To accomplish this) tho
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