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NO. 145-
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Fairbanks for Vice President
Is Now a Foregone
Opening and Organization of the Great
Roosevelt Ratification Meeting
Root Wildly Cheered
Chicago, Juno 21. If there was
doubt about the nomination of Fair
banks, of Indiana, for vlco-presldent,
We developments have set It at rest
When Pennsylvania and New York
fell Into line, the other boomlets did
tot have a leg to stand on. Cannon's
forceful and picturesque expressions
on the subject of his own candidacy.
I settled the matter, so far as the New
York scheme to nominate him was
concerned. Roosevelt kept his hands
out of the fight, but Cornelius Bliss,
ho represented "the President, was
consulted, and acquiesced in the pro
gram. There will be no fight in tho
con?entlon, although there may be
complimentary votes for a number of
others, whose enthusiastic friends
refuse to permit tho withdrawal of
their names. Rebellious talk against
the selection of.Cortolyou for the na
tional chairmanship has almost en
tirely iubsided, nor Is there longer
tilt c a compromise, looking either
to Oortolyou's .selection, his .subse
quent resignation, to accept the post
master-generalship or looking to" the
selection of Cortelyou as chairman, of
tie executive committee and choico
of some one else to preside on the na
tional committee Itself. Cortelyou is
detained in New York on account of
the Slocurm disaster, but is expected
tere Wednesday. His coming, how
erer, U11 have" little effect on the sit-
tatlon. The, hopes' of tho tariff re
idjusters for a revision plank in tho
platform are doomed to disappoint
ment, but little talk being heard fore
shadowing the slightest concessions
on the part of the "stand-patters."
But Western delegates continue tho
sjitation against an anti-polygamy
Pbnk, a matter In which delegates
from Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming
ud other intermountain common
wealths are standing together. Anoth
er fruitful topic for Westerners is" the
.statehood question, the last two con
gresses having refused to carry out
tho platform pledges looking to tho
admission 'of Oklahoma, Arizona and
New Mexico. The statehood boomers
have not lost hope, and tho struggle
will bo renewed before tho commit
tee on resolutions.
Roosevelt In the Saddle.
Chicago, June 21. It is a Roosevelt
convention now. Tho change has
come with the arrival of tho great
mass of the delegates, and thousands
of hustling Republicans. Roosevelt
badges galore adorn the coats of men
to be seen on tho streets, men not reg
Istered among the leaders and in the
parlor conferences. Until Monday the
anti-leaders held sway. They were
tho old guard of the machine organi
zation, whose own great purpose was
to perpetuate their rule, some of
whom' were antl Roosevelt, and In
whoso eyes tho President Is a politic
al accident, and who bad1 to be given
a renomination by force of circum
stances. They threw cold1 water
wherever Roosevelt sentiment ap
peared, ignoring tho President in the
convention arrangements, and had not
thought of him in planning the decor
ations. Most important of all, they
decided, that one of their own selec
tion should bo the new chairman of
the committee, andi national leader of
the party. Then it was that the Pres
ident's friends on the ground made a
determined stand, Insisting "that Cor
telyou should have tho place. These
Roosevelt men held their guns until
tho army of delegates began flocking
In Sunday night.
Chicago, June 21. Tho Republican
national convention was called to or-
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dor at 12:14 and the secrotaryof tho
national committee read tho call.
When Hanna's namo was read as
signing the call there was an outburst
of applause.
Rev. J. P Frost, pastor of the nm
Methodist Episcopal church, of Evan
ston, 111., delivered thp following
"Almighty God, our holp in ages
past, our hope for years to come, we
thank Thee for Thy goodness to too
people of this land. Our sins have
been many, but Thy mercies' have
been great. Thou hast poured out
Thy gifts without measure. The
opening years of a new century have
been freighted with wealth for hand
and mind and heart. Best of all
Thou are giving Thyself In a per
petual offering of Thy life for tho
life of man. We do not forget that
in tho hour of deep sorrow when the
heart of the nation, was darkened by
the murder of the nation's1 chief
there was no break in tho march of
Thy purpose, tho orderly admlnis
stratlon of our government or the
faith of the people in their God.
Under the guidance of Thy Holy
Spirit we were brought by our na
tional woe3 nearer to Thee. Surely
Thou wilt never forsake this people
May no dominance of greed, no riot
of passion, no weakening of re
ligious conviction or enthronement
of matter over spirit cause tho peo
ple to forsake Thro.
May the heritage of honor coming
to us from the fathers in memories
of nobler sacrifices and valiant deeds
be at once our glad possession and
our sacred trust. Whilo we are
grateful for tho past may wo re
member that today is bettor than
yesterday, and so act that tomorrow
shall bo greater than today. Whor
ever our country's flag floats as the
symbol of government, oven unto
the Isles of the sea, may we cleave
to the righteousness, that exalteth
a natloni, and cast out the sin that is
a reproach to any people. Savo our
nation, w beseech The, from; all
the evil things which defile tho
home, impair civil liberty, corrupt
politics or undermine the integrity
of commercial life. Bring to naught
tho schemes of men who would de
bauch or oppress human life for the
gratification of lust or for personal
enrichment or power. May exalta
tion come only to men who despise
the gain of oppressions and shake
tho hands from holding of bribes.
May all sections and races, all creeds
and sentiments, all occupations and
interests become united through tho
Spirit of the Highest Into a citizen
ship with a passion for righteous
ness", whereini each individual shall
look up to God" asi tho Father of all
arid upon every man as a brother.
We pray Thee to overrule tho de
liberations, conclusion and Issues
of- this convention for the good of
tho American people and tho wel
fare of mankind. Bless Thy servant,
tho chief magistrate of our nation.
May he and all others' clothed with
authority by tho sovereign people be
protected by the powers of Thy
kingdom and contribute to its ulti
mate triumph and consummation in
all tho earth.
A411 nations are Thy children. Guide
and keep them by Thy gracious
providence, and hasten the coming
of the day when love Bhall have con
quered hate, and wars shall have
ceased, and all peoples shall dwell
together in unity. For Thin Is the
kingdom and tho power and the
glory forever. Amen.
At the conclusion of tho prayer,
Scott, of West? Virginia, presented
Chairman. Payne a gavel on behalf of
tho Chicago committee. Payne re
turned thanks. John Mulley, of Ohio,
reading clerk, read tho call for tho
Four Women Delegates.
Chicago, Juno 21. Four women aTO
among those at the convention hall
who occupy the green chairs reserved
for the select. They come from West
ern, states, to sit as alternates in the
convention. Mrs. J. B West, at the
Idaho headquarters, in point of expe
rience, was one of tho representatives
from Idaho at the Republican conven
tion of 1900. Mrs. Jennio Nelson, of
Utah, another alternate, is tho wife of
Charles Nelson, a prominent business
Two women are national delegates,
ono from Utah, Mrs. O. E. LeFevre,
and Mrs. A A. Eldridge, from Colo
rado. The latter Is entitled to a seat
as delegate, as Judge Nixon, for whom
sh is an alternate, Is unable to
., A Short Session.
Tentative efforts ax made by tho
Now York delegates this morning to
rush? 3he progranv-of tho conventlbnr
so as to complete all tho business to
morrow night Many delegates believe
that, with the ticket settled in. ad
vance, with no situation to clear up,
it is fruitless to drag th convention
over two toys. The question of an
early adjournment rests entirely with
In tho discretion 6f tho convention.
Chairman Payne, of tho national com
mittee, it is said, has further an-
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'- 'i. l'r
How the Republican Leaders
and Delegations Made
Their Appearance
The National Colors and Pictures of
Roosevelt Were Everywhere Dis-.:
played Great Enthusiasm
Chicago, Juno 21. The convention
hall presenteJ a brilliant mass of col
or this morning. Hanging as a sort
of canopy above tho single gallery
was a long festooned strip of red and
blue bunting, stretched from end to
end on each side of the vast amphi
theatre. Fromi each point where the
bunting was caught up was suspended
a largo basket of graceful ferns. Above
overy second ono there was tasteful
ly arranged a group of five American
flags, In the bosom of whose folds re
posed the picture of Roosevelt. Be
tween these stands of flags boughs of
trees wore placed with green foliage,
affording a pleasant relief to tho eye.
Foliage and Pictures.
The steel girders on tho way to the
roof wore entwined with green foliage
and each girder bore another portrait
of tho President. At tho south end
of tho hall, on a temporary stand, tho
First Regiment band held forth. At
tho north end was strung a large
placard, announcing that "Under this
banner both 1rarrfsbrfJjin!d'"McKInloy
wer twice nominated." An immense
oil pointing of the lato Mark Hanna,
lighted from above by electricity and
draped1 with flags, was susponded di
rectly over tho speaker's platform,
whoso furniture "was of Flemish oak,
with tho exception of tho chair and
desk of tho presiding officer, which
waa mahogany. Vice-Chairman Payne
was supplied two gavels, ono great
mallet, threo inches in diameter, six
inches long, "a storm gavol," tho otl!
er for ordinary conditions, a bsBit
some llttlo affair of rosewood.
Before the Convention.
Chicago, Juno 21. Tho officers of
tho convention mad their appearance
on the platform at 10:30, -while vcrr
few peo'plo were In tho hall, About
11 o'clock the Coliseum began to fill,.
tho earliest arrivals being tho four
women alternates from Idaho, Utaht
and Colorado. Half an, hour later not
moro than GO delegates woro In tlielr
scats. Tho first full delegation to arj-
pear was Delaware, under AddlcVa;
leadership. Oklahoma mom -wittt
sombreros camo next. Tho first ap
plause pt tho day from th gallerioss
camo with tho advent of a party oT
Iowans with Senator Allison at tto
head. Senators Depew and Culioaar
woro recipients of applause, -wlilch
double a few minutes later, -wlwsr
Unci Joe Cannon entered1 with Cor
nelius Bliss. At 11:45 Postmaster
General Payno, th presiding officer
mad his way to tho pjatfornr, scco
panled by Temporary Chairman Reet
and overy on in. tho hall Joined" in tie?
greeting. Delegates now camo fa
droves, and in 20 minutes nearly all
woro present, but the gallorlos war;
not half full. Few ladles woro presv
ont, compared with previous conrron
tions. Tho first real enthusiasm camo
when Fairbanks, with tho Indiana del
egation, entored th halh Th peo-
(Continued on olgth page
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