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Will Again Stown the Pinnacle of Ameri
can Ambition Biography of the Re
4 $ pablicanNomineeoftheNationai
Theodore Roosovelt Tenomlnated
for President by tho Republicans, was
flcnown as one of tho most unique and
iplcturesque figures In American pub
Hie life when1 ne was elected to tho
vlco presidency in 1900 an,d suc
ceeded to tho Presidency a year
later through the death of William
McKlnle?. His diversified and vigor
ous activities had not only brought
Silnt recognition arid advancement in
apolitical life, but won him renown on
he field! of battle, in the Bad Lands
of tho west, as ranchamn, hunter
and cowboy, and also in the more
peaceful pursuits of honors in the
literary world.
In contravention of well-established
tradition concerning national heroes,
4he President was born in a great
.. i..U.
' v !. '"if
t - r
city, 'His birthplace was in East 20th
atreot, Now York city, and tho date
Octobor 27, 1858, which made him tho
youngest President when ho sue-
eodod to that high office three years
ago. His fathoi', Theodore, bolonged
to an old nud wealthy Knickerbocker
family, and his mother was a do
scondent of Archibald' Bullock, first
president of Georgia during tho Revo
lution. As n young man Roosevelt was ox
ceodlngly frail from a physical view
point. Ho was sunt to prlvnto
schools during his early school years
and proparotlon for Harvard univer
sity to avoid tho rough), treatment of
boys In pu'jt: jchools lie was a
dovotoo to all athletic sports at Har
Yard and when ho graduated from that
institution in 1S80 hist hualth was
vory much Improved. Aftor extontfod
travel In Europe, ho returned to this
country, studied law for a few mouths
and thou plunged nt onco Into tho
maelstrom of municipal politics. Ho
was elected In 1881 an assomblyman
from tho 21st nssombly district of
Now York. At Albany ho was prompt
ly dubhbd a Mil: atookins" nnd a
"freak of a popular oleotlon. Mr.
Jtoosovolt. thou but 23 years old, soon
asucceodod In making himself the
tornv figutcr. His bOBt known work
in tho rfglslaturo at this tirao was in
connection with tho passago ot the
acts abolishing tho feo system iu
county ofllces and ' in depriving the
board of aldermen of their veto power
of tho mayor's appointments. This
was a relic of tho Tweod regime.
In 1884 Mr. Roosevelt went to Chi
cago as a delegate to the Republican
national convention. Ho opposed
tho nomination of Blaine, but when
Mr. Blaine becamo tho Republican
choice, Mr. Roosevelt fell into, line
and worked for tho party candidate's
success, After retiring from the legis
lature Mr. Roosovelt spent some time
at his ranch in North Dakota.
In 1886 ho was again In tho turmoil
of Now York City politics. Henry
Qeorgo was a candidate for mayor.
Abraham) S. Hewitt was the nominee
o tho Den.ocn.s. Mr U.ioscvoll
was put in tho field by tho Republi-
cans. Mr, Howltt won. Koosovolt
next attractod notice, as a lututcr of
big game. Ho dollghtod In hunting
tho grizzly bears and othor fierce nnl
mals of tho west.
President Harrison in 1889 appoint
ed Mr. Roosovelt United States civil
boivIco commissioner. Prosidont
Cleveland rotnlnod him in office, al
though 'Mr, Roosovelt resigned in 1895
to bocomo- president of tho Now York
board of pollco commissioners. His,
sorvlco as1, pollco, commissioner was
of a most Btrouuous typo and ho was
credited with effectually stopping tho
pollco. bla"kinai of saloonkoei or.
Prosidont McKlnloy appointed Mr.
Roosovelt assistant secretary of tho
nav which office ho roslgnel at tho
outbreak of hostilities with Spain. Re
turning to tho Bud Lands, Mr. Rooso
velt organized his famous regiment of
Rough ridors for sorvlco in Cuba.
Tho history of Roosevolt und his fa
mous roglmont of Rough riders dur
ing tho Santiago campaign is well re
memborod. Roturning to tiio United
Stntos nftor tho campaign was over,
Col. Roosevolt found himself already
talkod of for tho Republican gubor
national nomination of Now York. Ho
was nominated and olected governor
over Augustus Van Wyck, tho Demo
cratic candldato by 17,780 votes.
From tho governor's chair to tho
vJco prcsldonoy was but a step, al
though an unwilling one, for Mr.
s ! 1 ,- t i
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is n disease prevailing In this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive, aianysusiueii
deaths are caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
apoplexy arc often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble is
allowed toadvauce
the kidney-poison-
MJcv ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Biadder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer m this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
address, Binghamton, N. Y., on every
bottle. .
Roosevolt. Ho was nominated at
Philadelphia Juno 21, 1900, for the
second highest office in the gift of the
people. Mr. Roosovelt, it is said, was
unwilling to have his name presented
to tho convention, declaring that he
did not desire the nomination. There
was a great popular demand for his'
nomination, however, and ho finally
yielded!. Ho had served but IJIttle
more than 6 months as vice president
when the assassination of President
McKInley resulted in his elevation to
tho oxecutlve chair.
Tho wife of President Roosevelt
was Miss Edith Kormlt Carew. The
President has G children. The eldest,
Miss Alice, Is now twenty years old.
The others- are Theodore Roosevelt,
Jr., now 16; Kermlt, aged 14; Ethel,
12 years old; Archibald, -nine; and
Qulntln, six. The President has been
married twice, Miss Alice being tho
child of his first wife, who was Miss
Alice Lee of Boston. 1
American Women Take Part.
London, June 21. Queen Alexandria,
In Albert hall this afternoon opened,
tho great bazaar In aid of tho Victoria
hospital for children. The magnitude
of tho present undertaking, which
last3 three days, quite eclipses .any
affair of tho kind held since tho great
national bazaar In aid of tho Boor
war, sufferers. Tho stalls are at
tended by titled personages and' the
elito of London's socloty. Tho Count
ess of Cadogan Is tho chief promoter
of tho affair. Other prominent par
ticipants are Mrs. Ronalds, Mrs.
Arthur Paget, tho Duchess of Roxo
burghej. Mrs. George Cornwalljls
West and Prlncoss Honry of Pless.
Very Annoying to Some People.
Pooplo that aro known to bo weak
and sickly, by their neighbors, aro
asked Jho. question every day whether
they aro feeling bettor. Do you feel
stronger? Are you gaining llosh?
Thoir friends know if they aro gain
ing flesh, It Is ono of the suro signs
of returning health. If they can only
get a remedy that will make .solid
flesh, rocovory Is ascured. People
with nervous troubles, loss of flesh and
strength, no ambition, languid, and
always tired, have thin watery blcod.
The food they eat does not nourish
thorn, it docs not make blood. If
aftor each meal" thoy would take Dr.
Gunh's Blood and Norvo Tonic, thoir
food would bo turned into rich, red
blood, making solid flesh and strength
Tho tablets nro sold in' boxes by all
druggists for 7G cts. or 3 boxes for $2.
Peoplo who uso this tonic gain in
solid flesh from 1 to 31bs. per week,
thoy fool bettor and know they ao
on tho road to health.
For snio by Dr. S. C. Stone, druggist.
Books Will Open.
Dy a provision in tho direct prl
.mary law enacted last Monday at
tho -polls, registration of votors will
bo resumed this Autumn for tho NoN
vembor elections. Horetoforo tho regis
tratlon law has boen deficient In that
rospoct, for It has requlrod elector's
to register prior to May 15 In order
to voto in Noyomber for president,
or olso to voto on tho affidavit of six
frooholdors. County clerks through
out tho stato aro required to reopen
tho registration books "between Sep
tombor 20. 1904. and B o'clock p. m. of
Octobor 20, 1904, and botween tho
samo dates In each and ovory year
thoreattor in which thoro shall bo an
oloctlon of presidential electors." In
Novombor tho first elections for pro
hibition will bo hold under tho local
option law on tho sarao day as tho
election for president, namely, No
vember 8,
IUSeiii! CI 1 51 1 II II r-H-Hj;
iinnini hi 11 1 mil 11 iif
W. U. Muslcale.
The forty-second public recital of
tho College of Music was given last
evening at tho First M. E. church be
fore a good-sized audience. The
church was beautifully decorated for
tho "occasion. Tho altar was banked
with forns and marguerites, while
the choir gallery was a mass of roses
and ferns; garlands of ivy were
draped around tho pillars with pleas
ing effect. The program consisted of
10 numbers, vocal and instrumental,
and every number was woll given, and
reflected gfeat credit upon their In
structor. Those taking part were:
Vocal, Misses Una Baker, Besslo
Thompson, Ida Evans and Mrs. M.
L. Dorrls; instrumental, Ruth Heppe,
Elizabeth Will, Jennie Sanders, Wal
do Heppe, Margaret Fisher, Ellen L.
VanPatten and Lela Tarploy.
The ushers for tho evening were
Misses Margaret McGee, Oda Welch,
Ellen Li. VanPatten, Lela N. Tarpley.
Tonight, at the M. E. church, at 8
o'clock, the closing exercises of tho
Oregon Institute (the preparatory
school) wlllbe held. Rev. Albert
Henry, D. D., pastor of tho First M. E.
church, North Yakima, Wash., will
glvo the address to the graduating
Wedding Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Prunk announce
the marrlago of their daughter, Miss
E. Lena Prunk, to Mr. Hiram H. Sax
ton, to take place Monday, June 27th,
at the home of the bride's parents.
' Old Machine Shattered.
On Monday the entire force arrived
and the old guard machine was rout
ed. Talk to one of them today, and
you get a meela statement that Cor
telyou will be chairman, and that
they are for him. They have heard
from the little fellow who represents
the district, and who are direct from
the people. They find a mighty sen
timent among the mass of Republi
cans In favor of Roosevolt. The last
of old reorganization displaced on the
national committee by new men in
cludes Kerens, of Missouri; Sheldon,
qf .New York; Stewart, of Illinois;
Huw'ejr, of Texas. The old machine
has, been shattered. Roosevolt is the
leador,His picture now hangs In pub
lic places and looks forth from tho
badges; his name figures fn tho con
versation among tho groups of men
nnd the cheers of the crowd.
Revive Frozen Fish. .
That fish, cold-blooded as they aro,
can bo frozen and thawed back to
life, If not exposed to the stin nor al
lowed to get moro than 12 to 14 de
groo3 below tho freezing point is as
serted in tho Medical Times on the
strength of a series of experiments
lecently made made by tho Washing
ton stato fishery commission. "If ex
posed to a temperature of zero thoy
will not survive. Fish can bo taken
from the Columbia river and tho
Alaskan waters In a frozen condition
and resuscitated In other rivers and
lakes, or carried to any part of tho
world under the same conditions with
the same results.
Manufactured at Home.
" Eugene Eckerlen has Just placed In
his saloon a completo now outfit of
bjir fixtures. Tho bar and backbar
are 24 feet In length, and aro built of
BqUd Manila mahogany. They aro the
work of Otto Schellborg, with tho
Brown-Lehman Company, of this city,
ah.d aro as fine pieces of mechanical
skill as can bo made In any work
Linn's First Sheriff.
Mr. Isaac Hutchius died at Dotrolt
last 'nluht. nt tho ago of about 80
years. He had the distinction of be
ing tho first .sheriff olected In Linn
county, taking his office in 1849, and
being re-elected four times, tho elec
tions then being annual. Ho was a
pioneer of '4G or '47, a man of splen
did character and attainments.
Color of llulr Said to Indicate rer
Bou'a Temperament.
Many peoplo bellovo that blonde, ok
light hair denotes affection and dark
hair constancy. A person without hale
U not devoid ot character; far from if;
The disposition of the average bald
headed man Is to show such sollcltucla
for the welfa.ro ot others, that ho nee
lects himself. A germ causes baldness-,
l'rof. Sabournud, of rarls, Prance, In
nocculated a rabbit with Dandruff germs-,
causing It to become totally bald In flva
weeks' time. To rid the scalp o-J thesa
dangerous germs It Is necessary to apply
Nowbro's llerplclde.
"Destroy the cause you remove the
Sold by leading1 druggists, fiend 10c in
stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co.,
Detroit. Mlclw
Daniel J. Fry, Spocial Agent
! -.
Art,i!ilo PrcDnralionforAs-
similating ihcFoodandncgula
Unt iheStoinaxhs andBowels or
Promotes DigestiopXhecrful
ness andRest-Contains neither
Oplum.Mor0lUnc norMineiaL
Not TJaiic otic.
Puyt afOUftSWVZLFtm&R
Pumpkin See'
AaiteStfl CfmuJ JhMr
Aperfecl Remedy forConsllpa
Hon , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fcwensh
ncss and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Phene: Main 2953.
193 Commercial St
Over The Journal.
Wlilliat 181 i
::::::::A G E N
I J. 6. Grata, Aaeilt,
LlltMH01M M. mm .jb.. . p-ADEftT I
MHrWlliMH WWI't '
For Infants and Chilnrn
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the I .
Signature r
r i)(v In
fiir Use
For Over
Thirty Years
th CNTAvm oMtttnr. nro vom em.
JBooklet and Type is the
j . H latest thing to
CaitSllOgllC be added to
If you are planning a trade Catalogue
it will pay you to investigate my facili
ties and workmanship.
A Koyal reast
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legs of mutton or choice cuts of , ,
veal. Wo can cater to tho most 1
fnstidlous palate In tender, Juicy
and richly flavored meats. Let us
send you ono around for dinner.
You can't beat either our prices
or our meats.
E. C. Cross.
1. .. J .. .1 I oVnlnn li ' '
State Street Market.
immense stock of J
Carriage Harness
Work Harness and
All up-to-date and first class.
8co ue for anything in our line ana
save money.
E. S. LamportSaddlery Co.
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HH !! I !!
Wt-i-ifil) !' 1l,l,t
C Y O F::::::
shippirs of GRAIN
For Sale,
Crude and stick Sulphur.
207 Gommarcial St.. Slem, Ore,
THE PICK Or7 TMU runi.-
,.. ... i iv fhfi stock of
was peon umeu vu bum"; - j m
lumber in our yards. Our j
complete with all kinds of moo . j
Just received a car load of
Bhingles, also a car of fine rjj
Wo are able to fill any and all "
of bills. Come and let us enow jv, J
our stock. .--Mr1 1
Yard and office near S. P. p"00"; j
depot 'Phone Main 601. j 1

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