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Makes the Greatest Speech of
the Republican National
The Second Day's Gathering Marked
by Perfect Harmony and
Chicago, June 22. The National Re
publican convention was called to or
4r at 12:23 by temporary chairman
Ellhu Root.
There seems to be a strong disposi
tion to finish, the business of the con
vention today. Ex-Governor Black
thinks tho national committee should
be la control. He Is dissatisfied with
the way the local committee has filled
the hall, Depow may move to proceed
with the nomination earlier than tho
boar set.
The sub-committee on credentials
lis reported to the full committee
this morning in favor of the Spooner
delegation from Wisconsin.
Hitt's Name Withdrawn.
Chicago, June 2. After a meeting
ot the Illinois delegation, Cullom an
Matted the withdrawal of Hitt's
A Washington dispatch says: Hitt
Is reported better this morning, but
ffitl'j name wlll"not-be".presentedto
tla Republican convention for tho
vfce-presldenUal nomination accord
lijto Senators Cullom and Hopkins.
A meeting of tho Illinois delegation
ns held, and as Fairbanks already
seems to have an overwhelming ma
jority, they agreed to withdraw Hitt's
tame. Telegrams wore passed be
tween tho leaders of tho Illinois dele
gation and Washington, and Hitt said
he left himself entirely in the hands
of his friends. This was tho starter
for the withdrawal of tho other names.
Opened With Prayer.
At 12:35 p. m. Father Cox offered a
prayer, the convention standing. Mc
Comas, chairman of credentials com
mittee, presented tho report of the
committee and moved its adoption.
The report was adopted' with but
ete dissenting voto"
Tho credentials report seats tho
With Goodyear Welt Soles Mean I
mfcOUXXiYccCLrJe-i?? 1
IfHITruiuier Jl '-iv
nilllLIIUUJI " l OK
Icu.-.r--. VW" ft teW
FoQMcrv. PS &
w ff "j jr sc& aiet
ll AST ..Mi .1
.IUM "Jl A." .".iJiton 141
MzrM a
p w m
lether with mm tn.in
low BMin
The New m
. d,ea 'aid Men's furnishing
Spooner delegation from Wisconsin.
Next the report of the committee
on organization was presented. At
mention of Cannon's name great en
thttsiasm wao turned loose. The re
port of the committee on organization
was adopted, and the committee es
corted Cannon to the platform
Speaker Cannon's Great Speech.
The Hon. Jos. Cannon, of Illinois,
said the Republican party was born
with a declaration that slavery was
sectional or local, and that freedom
was national. It has ever been a na
tional party. Its policies were bene
fitting to every section, and to every
man. He reviewed Its early history
rand advance. Under its revenue poli
cies, from Washington to Lincoln, we
have become first in manufacturers.
More than one-third of all tho manu
factured products of the whole earth
Is produced by American capital and
labor, which work shorter hours than
any people-on rth, and- hasmore
steady employment than any people
on earth, and1 on average received,
conservatively stated, one and tiree
fourt&s dollars conrpensation, where
similar labor elsowhero received but
one dollar. Our manufactured pro
duct is greater thorn the manufac
tured product of England, Germany
(and France combined, and this pro
duce Js substantially consumed by our
own people, finding a market within
tho borders of tho Republic.
Although out exports of manufas-l
tured products are rapidly growtug;
last year they were over four hunJred
millions, 29 per cent of our toujjex
ports. If we did not sell a panicle of
our immense product outslCglof our
own borders wo would stlljEnve the
best market of any peor'OMm earth.
We aro now the greaie&t exporting
nation on earth It istabsolutely nee-
(Continued on egth page.)
"he insole Is smooth, and en-
free from nails and thread
aro more floxlblo than the
ary 'sowed soles," and
bettor service. If you
to know more about a welt
us show you ono that
ed In two to show how
re made inside. Wo can
you with Goodyear
In Patent Colt, Vlcl Kid,
.jpuu s Calf, uox uaiu and
ABIT lnuin Kimimroo. in treat va.
ajJfouipwJl now and stylish lasts.
. L i . . -t
J'lu"faallty of our shoes, to-
on aj
our business grow.
one-price cash
Jll C
! !.
w st
Slocum Disaster Vic
tims Are Over Eight
Great Siege Guns Are Being
Used to Bring the Bodies
to the Surface
New York, June 22. Up to 9 o'clock
this morning 850 bodies had been re
covered, and 725 Identified. Tho
morgue contains 92 of 125 unidentified
dead. Tho recovery of last 100 bodies
is due to use of explosives. After one
shot from one of the great field guns
used, 16 bodies came up simultaneous
ly. The relief fund aggregates $80,-
Husband Was Naughty.
Willie M. Lawrence has commenced
a 'suit for divorce against Claude D.
Lawrence. The latter was sentenced
to the penitentiary from Morrow
county, and was served by Sheriff
Colbath this morning. Tho plaintiff
asks for tho custody of three minor
Just received a new lino of
fancy waists consisting of the
prettiest effects in Allover Lace
In white and ecrue.
$9.50 to $13.50
Something About This Store
Retailing Is conducted In this store, means more than the buying and selling of merchandise. It Is the concentration of capital, experience' arid
energy to the economical handling of the most reliable makes of goods It Is the giving of absolute satisfaction to our patrons It means that
we want you to be satisfied with anything and everything you buy- at this store that we stand ready always to refund money or ex
change goods If you arr - not satisfied. Everything that thought and capital can accomplish la added for the convenience and comfort of our
patrons. When you aVe In this store you are its guest, you are not called upon to buy you are not Importuned. The store Is yours to roam
through at will, to look, to examine, to copy or to buy, If you please. On both floors will be found something of Interest
r jpu
9 m ltmwi
Jm jRI
' flv II
I Km
These aro the most stylish suits
we've had thlB season and aro
worth every cent of their regular
price. But it's drawing toward
our season's close and prices aro
cut without mercy in order to have
empty racks before tho fall season
opens. These suits are made of
black and colored broad clotlfd,
etamlnes, cheviots and novelty
fabrics. Quito a few are silk lined
throughout; skirts la dress and
walking lengths. Choose from them
Stylo and comfort aro admirable
Iy combined In our hundreds of
pretty and exclusivo neckwear
novelties. The stylos are ertremely
varied, providing the widest pos
sible rango for becoming selections
New lino to show you at
Millionaire Pleasure
f Yachts From All
TheJFashionables of the World
Are Knee-Deep in So
;; ciety Clover
iKiel, June 22. At Kiel this week
tho pet effort of tho Kaiser to rival the
famous Dover, regatta began this
morning attracting hero all of Eu
rope's fashion. Over 200 racing
yachts, and upwards of 500 steam
pleasure and sailing yachts have ar
rived. America is represented by
Commodore Plant's racing schooner
irigomar," Cornelius Vanderbllt's
steamer "North Star," Armour's
"Utavarna," W. K. Vanderbllt's "War
rior," 'and Mrs. Gould's "Nahmo."
Prominent among the English yachts
Is j. Upton's "Golden Eagle.' Tho
Kaieer has mobilized a greater part
of 'the German navy, in honor of his
guest, King Edward, who arrives at
the end of the week. Hotels aro un
able to accommodate the crowds.
"''' .f:iMdmHl!T?talrMMt.i fwJZEllllM
St Louis Fait Contest
Ono vote with every 25c purchase, two with a BOc purchase and so on.
No votes counted after 6 p. m., Thursday, June 30, 1904. Voto as often
as you like.
Following is tho count up to 5 p. m last evening.
Miss Shelton, Music ,..8191
Miss Mellen, East 8145
Mies Thomas, Park 1553
Miss1 Co&per, East 1328
Miss Bushnell, Park 1107
Wash Goods
At Special Prices
Beginning Friday with our twenty
first economic salo we place on
sale hundreds of pieces of beauti
ful wash goods that make an en
trancing and1 almost bewildering
array of dainty loveliness. This
great economical event will provo
of the utmost importance to you
See Court street window.
Vacation Time
Not far away. Aro you preparod
for your outing? Don't you need a
trunk, suit case, telescope or
traveling bag? Wo aro bettor
prepared than over to meet your
requirements In going-away things.
Better look tho lino over as wo aro
sure we can please you. An ele
gant assortment, and the largest
stock to select from.
Good choosing In this department
of bright clothing for tho little
Threo Hamburg-American liners nre
being used for guests' quarters. The
racing today was confined to tho
smaller yachts, tho German crown
prlnco being 'among tho competitors.
Jacob C. Capllnger Dead.
Jacob O. Capllnger, a highly, re
spected farmer of Marlon county, died
at his home east of Salem' Sunday,
aged 89 years. Deceased was born in
Virginia in 1815, and when a young
man moved to Illinois, where ho mar
rled Miss Jane Woodsldes. Tho fam
ily came to Oregon in 1845, and set
tled on a donation claim, where they
havo slnco resided. Mrs. Capllnger Is
now 82 years old, and in very feeble
health. Flvo children aro living:
Mrs. William Scott, of Helix John
Capllnger, of Salem'; Henry Capllnger,
of Helix, and Samuel and Thomas
Kapllnger, of Pendleton. The funer
al was conducted this nfternoon, and
burial was In Macleay-cemetery,
Mr. Capllnger cut 40 cords of wood
tho past winter.
Sarem Boy Dies in Seattle.
Tho sad news was received in this
city today, of the death of John Por-
tor, of this city, who was operated on
for peritonitis In Seattle this morn
ing. Deceased was a bright young
man of 22 years, who with his moth
er, resided In this city. He was a
graduate of Mt. Angel college, and had
a bright future before him. His body
will bo taken to Halsey, where it will
bo laid to rest besldo that of his fath
er, whq Is buried there.
Miss Kramer, East 532
Miss Kingt, Music 4G4
Miss Prunk, Elocution 35G
Miss Patrick, O. E. S 321
MIbs Gordon, North 233
That havo como out late designs
and colorings Just from tho looms,
A numbor of now silks for shirt
waist suits havo their first showing
this week together with a great va
rioty of tho now checks and broken
stripes not shown before by any
other house. See Court Btreet win
dow. Sold everywhere at $1 yard.
69c yd
U1W3 T"T.K flVW.i't
Ladies' Skfcts
We havo placod on display a grand
assortment of tho season's pret
tiest and) best stylos In Ladies'
dresp and walking length skirts in
In all tho newost and popular fab.
rlca. Thoso aro offered at ,
33 1-3 and 50
per cent redactions
NO. 142.
That Was Buried by
the Japs at Port
Wily Mongolians Ate Careful
About Advancing on the
Tokio, June 23. The crew of a junk
which left Port Arthur a few days ago.
and which was captured by tho Jap
anese, report that two Russian de
stroyers and tho steamer Shlntalplng
struck mines at tho entrance of Port
Arthur harbor and woro destroyoJL
About 140 Russians were killed.
Tokio, June 22. Until the arrival
of Marshal Oyama at Taku Shan no
serious advances will be made by the
Japanese forces in Manchuria. Tula
Is necessary because of Kuropatkln'a
concentration at, Liao Yang. Kuroki
has been ordered to modify his plans,
and, instead of marching northward,
will reinforce Nodzu and Oku.
MaiS Orders
Don't hesitate to order by mall,
for mail orders receive from us
as precise and careful attention
as those placed in porson.
V M,
fcopjrrliM IW if H.rt (Uhffner Uvt
Men's Suits
We havo a stock of clothing that
will meet overy man's wlshos
quickly and completely. No raattor
what you pay for tho suit you buy
hero, tho Horvico It will rontlor you
will bo most satisfactory. A gioat
variety of tho nowost stylos to se
lect from.
$10 to $25
BMtimnr a
. w4&Mtffimm infirm
umt-vKf'Am s- BMuu.wm
Men's Hats
Wo aro nover behind with hat
stylos. If you aro a Btlff hat man
or a soft hat man, you will find
tho hat hero to fit your faco, as
well as your faco. Tho weather
is gontle, though firm reminder
that It Is tlmo to ho thinking of
straw hatB.
5c to $350
. t.

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