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Veather. Tonight and Saturday,
Mr; wanner Domiuuj,
NO. -144;
Bandit Raisuli Receives Cash
for Perdicaris and
((tacked a Japanese Strong-
noia. out t-ire was
Too Hot
o, June 24. An army of 4000
attacked Aiyang Pienmon
hy, Theywero repulsed and re-
ted towards Shlnkallng, leaving
lirge number of killed and wounded
the battlefield. Tho Japanese will
Isue tho retreating forces.
Tension Gets Tight.
London, Juno 24. A letter from St
hrsburg which has reached an of-
L) authority In London states that
t tension between Russia and. China
I growing, the latter showing open
opathy with, tho Japanese and de-
ice to Russia.
Heavy Shots Heard.
Che Foo, June 24. Heavy firing
heard In the direction of Port
plur last night, and was resumed
morning. The firing last night
jted for several hours.
Hltt Feels Better.
lifashlngton, Juno 24. Congrois-
i Hltt sat up this morning for the
I-t time since his Illness, and will
hrn to his Illinois farm as soon as
(Is able to travel. Ho approves of
iom's withdrawal of his name at
3, though tho latter did not
I suit him.
Washington, June 24. Consul-General
Cummer cables to the state de
partment that a letter has been re
ceived from Perdicaris and Varley,
stating that they will leave this morn
ing from Lafouly, and expect to ar
rive at Tangier tonight. The ransom
has been paid, and the captives re
Speaker Afflicted With
Bad Attack of Malaria
Supreme Court Cases.
1e Judges of the supreme court
e assigned tho following cases to
teard tho first week In July:
tuesday, July 5 State vs. Eggles-
It; Robertson vs. Law.
IVednesday, July 6. Eldredge vs.
!er & Zorn.
Tlarsday, July 7. Johnson vs.
Mngton Northern Building, Loan
Insurance Asosclatlon.
Meeting of Woman's Club.
lucre will be a business meeting of
Woman's Club at tho library
on Saturday, Juno 25, at 2:30
Election of delegates andi alter-
as to tho Oregon State Federation
Woman's Clubs to be held at Baker
Hr next October will be held. Other
:fortant business will also come up
iore the meeting. A full attendance
; desired.
Sick at Oak Grove.
I Mrs. J. P. Craven Is very sick with
pendlcltls at the homo of relatives
' Oak Grove. She resides at Inde-
b and was visiting when she
In attacked. Dr. Byrd was called
says that her condition Is very
Vessel Had Rough Trip.
San Pedro, Cal., June 24. The bark
Holllswood 119 days from Newcastle
with, coal, which was given up for
lost, -was sighted off San Pedro this
It put In shortly before noon. Cap
tain Knight says that the vessel was
almo3t totally disabled In a gale two
weeks ago, 200 miles from San Fran
cisco. The vessel has since then
was tossed by countless gales and
half the rigging Is lost. The captain's
wife and 17 months old baby are little
the worse for the terrible experience
No one on board suffered seriously.
Northwest News.
Portland Is to have a $5000 beef
packing plant. It will be operated by
the Independent packing company In
opposition to the trusts.
The Wool Growers' Association met
at Antelope yesterday and. offered a
reward of ?B00 for the arrest of any
person guilty of killing sheep. The
association is determined that the
slaughter of sheep on the ranges of
Eastern Oregon shall stop.
W. Shearer, a Montana criminal,
was shot through the heart by Mar
shal William McCann, of Helena, yes
terday. He lived about seven hours
after ho was wounded, and walked
more than a block.
George Joyce of Oregon City, found
a burglar. In his boarding house, and
received1 a severe blow on the head.
He Is unconscious and may not re
Tho United States war ship Wyom
ing, and torpedo boats, Paul Jones and
Perry, wil larrlve In Portland on
Sunday. They will remain In that har
bor several days.
Jesso Madison and) George Irwin,
robbed the saloon of Selsby & Co., at
Medfordi at an early hour this morn
ing. The burglars wore arrested as
they were emerging from tho rear of
the building. They had secured about
$50 and when thej- were discovered,
they throw the money under the side
walk, and attempted to escape.
Chicago, June 24. Speaker Can
non Is a very sick man, and was taken
to his homo in Danville, 111., last night
by his daughter In a special car. He
is afflicted with malaria, and It was
only on a supremo determination that
ho was permitted to preside over tho
national convention. If no further se
rious developments come, an attempt
will bo made to have "Uncle Joe"
take a sea voyabe to the North Cape3.
Live Sparks Pruned Down.
Col. Wright Egerton, of the depart
ment of mathematics at West Point
academy, died today.
Secretary Cortelyou leaves Chicago
tomorrow for Washington. Thero will
be no politics until July 1st, when he
goes out of office. His temporary
headquarters will be at Washington
for a month.
Assistant Secretary Loomis is In
formed that his brother left the
steamer at Plymouth, ad Is not
One thousand Republican dele
gates arrived this morning from Chi
cago to visit tho fair. Thero was no
Charles Swayze, of Detroit, Mich., a
widely known Insurance agent, aged
53, and married, this morning sought
an Interview with Efllo Elford, a pret
ty clerjc, and when she refused to
elope, shot her, and as sho fell shot
himself and. leaped from a nearby
window, and was "dashed to death on
the pavement eleven stories below.
The girl was shot twice In the neck,
but may recover.
The total number of bodies of the
Slocum disaster recovered is 908.
Forty remain unburied and unidenti
fied. Tho work of pumping out the
hull of the Slocum was completed to
day, but It is not believed that any
more corpses will be found there.
On Summer Vacation.
Washington, Juno 24. Mrs. Roose
velt, accompanied by her sister, Miss
Carow, left this morning for Oyster
Bay, to pass tho summer, The Presi
dent will join her there July 2d.
President Appoints Three New
Cabinet Officers to Fill
Washington, June 24. President
Roosevelt this morning announced
cabinet appointments as follews:
Moody, of Massachusetts, attorney-
general; Paul Morton, of Illinois, sec
retary of the navy and Victor H. Met
calf, of California, secretary of com
merce and .labor. The resignations
of Secretaries Knox and Cortelyou
havobeen accepted to take effect on
Secretary Morton dined last night
at the White House, and had a long
conference with the President. He
hesitated to accept the naval portfo
lio, on account of a lack of special
knowledge in naval affairs, but tho
President finally persuaded) him that
it was not necessary. Tho President
desired to have one of his ministers
representative of the business Infer
03ts of tho country. Metcalf's appoint
ment' was determined upon by tho
President shortly after It become cer
tain that Cortelyou would accept tho
chairmanship of tho Republican na
tional committee. Metcalf was a
mombor of the McCall committee,
which investigated the relations' of
that congressman with the postofllco
Number of State Buildings
Were Threatened With
A Depot Blaze.
A, fire was discovered at , 12:25
o'clock this afternoon in tho balus
trade runningalong tho eaves of tho
depot. Tho depothose was brought
Into play, three chemical extinguish
es turned upon It, a fire department
hose attached to the hydrant, and a
stream secured by the engine, and tho
flames which had blazed high woro ex
tinguished, after a big erow.d had
gathered. The big S. P. sign was
burned off, as well as considerable of
the balustrade. The fire caught from
an engine or flue. Albany Democrat.
Traction Cars Collide.
Lima, Ohio, Juno 24 Two Western
Ohio Traction Line cars collided last
night one mile south of here. 'Laura
Keppen," aged 8 years, of Spokano,
Washington, was killed, and three
others probably fatally Injured.
St. Louis, June' 24. Fire this morn
ing burned the Hoo Hoo house at tho
world's fair grounds. Tho loss Is
$50,000, with Insurance at about $2000.
Tho Union Banking Company's con
cession In the building suffers to tho
extent of $8000. The flames spread
so quickly that for a timo It was
feared that a serious conflagration
would occur. Several occupants of
the building had1 narrow escapes. Tho
fire Is supposed to have started from
the electric light wires. The Texas,
German, Oregon and Mines and Met
alturgy buildings adjoining were In
danger for a time.
Dallas Brakeman Injured.
Arthur Lynch, a brakeman bn the
Salem, Falls City & Western railroad
was Injured at Dallas . last evening,
and was brought to this city today.
His left foot was crushed, and It was
necesisary to amputate tho front por
tion of tho member. The operation
was performed at the Florence San
atorium by Drs. Cartwrlght and Mc
Callon. Lynch was switching when the ac
cident occurred, and was standing on
a car loaded with lumber, when, his
foot slipped and was caught by the
Salem's Enterprising Musicians.
Salem can well feel proud of soma
of her musicians. Yesterday thero ar
rived at Geo. C. Will's music store a
monster BB bass silver-plated horn,
for John F. Steelhammer. ThlB Is one
of four or five in tho entire United
States aa large as this. It measures
35 Inches across the bell, and to get
It plated they had to make an extra
tank nt Chicago. Tho price of tho In
strument Is $350, as much (is a good
piano, and tho amount paid for this,
and tho iseveral other very costly In
struments received latoly, surely is a
credit to Salem musicians.
License Issued.
A marriage license was today Issued
to Lena Brunk and Hiram H. Saxton,
both of Salem.
Charley Barr Gives Emperor
William Pointers on
Yacht Racing
Kiel, June 2-4. Commodore Plant'ot
American yacht "Ingomar," with Capt,.
Charley Barr at tho holm; tho Gor
man yacht "Meteor,' 'with Kaiser WH
helm at the wheel; tho Empress'
yacht "Iduna 'and Herr Ballin's
yacht "Hamburg," started1 In the moat
Interesting of today's races. As tho
four yachts crossed the lino the Em
peror's stentorian voice could btt
heard shouting his orders to the crow.
Tho German empress was In full
yachting costume on tho deck of tho
Iduna, and; was accompanied by the
Crown Prince, while Herr Ballln
watched hla quartermaster frora a
comfortable seat near tho wheel of his,
The Ingomar won, with the Ham
burg a closo second. Tho Kaiser's
Meteor lost her topmast, and was
towed into the harbor, while the Iduna.
abandoned tho race.
o .
Marlon Square Social.
Tho ladles of tho Marlon Square-.
Improvement League certainly mean
business ,and the public certainly ap-i
predate their effort. Tho band stand"
and new seats in Marlon Square aro
fruits of their labor. A fountain la.
the next thing in order. Walks and;
othor plans aro under consideration.
- Tho public should oxpross their ap
preclntlon by attending tho concort'
tonight and takjng a dish of dco
cream and a piece of home-made
cake. Miss Ethel May Raymond (tho .
beautiful Queen Esther) ' will please
tho public with her sweet song.
Loomis Doesn't Loom Up.
London, June 24. Tho American
embassy has no Information regarding-!
tho disappearance of Kent Loom la,
but Secretary Carter saysithe matter
will bo thoroughly investigated. Tho
suggestion is made that Loomis met
friends at Plymouth, and has gone la
ta the country with them.
Tho United States government will
erect flvo buildings at the Lewis and
Claflo fair, with an aggregate floor
area as great as that occupied at St.
With Goodyear Welt Soles Mean
SV&KQEWfc Vwt tW 5 ,
j. i
tether wj our extremely low
The Insole Is smooth, and en
tirely free from nails and thread
They are moro flexible than the
ordinary "sowed soles," and
gives bettor service. If you
want to know more about a welt
shoe, let us show you one that
is sawed in two to show how
they are made Inside. Wo can
supply you with Goodyear
Welts, In Patent Colt, Vicl Kid,
Volur Calf, Box Calfl and
Genuine Kangaroo, Jn great, va
riety of new and Btyllsh lasts.
The quality of our shoes, to
prices makes our business grow.
The New York Racket
es 'and Men's, furnishings. Salem's cheapest one-price cash
E. T. BARNES, Proprietor.
Shirt Waist Irons
The now shape for Ironing
shirt waists. Highly nickle
plated, detachable handle.
50c each
Men's Hats
5c to $3.50
Tj 1 rwft w r 9 r 9 ? A4s a wv -ti n KA '
loss than hats as flne cort any
whoro outside this Btoro.
eat Sale of Men's Syfe
Great special reductions in our big suit department Genuine bargains of great interest. The best saving oppor
tunity we have offered for many months. Absolutely every suit, overcoat and top coat (except blues and blacks) in
the house radically reduced in price. Now's your opportunity don't let it pass by.
Read the great price reductions then .profit by them.
I $8.5o Suit or Overcoat
$lo.oo Suit or Overcoat
$15.00 Suit or Overcoat
$18.5o Suit or Overcoat
$ 6.50
$ 7.00
$2o.oo Suit or overcoat
$22.5o Suit or Overcoat
$24.oo Suit or Overcoat
$25.oo Suit or Overcoat
Ladies' Suits
A Pronounced Cut Price and re
duction, sale of ladies' suits. This
Bale includes tho finest creations
from tho best markets of tho world,
Make the most of this splondid
saving opportunity while you may,
Not a garment but what is now.
The very pick of the new fashions.
You will surely find something in
this bunch of bargains that will
Interest you. You won't bo disap
pointed in tho values ottered hero.
St. Louis Fait Contest
One vote -with every 2Cc purchase, two with a 50c purchaso and so on.
No June votes counted after 6 p. m., Thursday, June 30th, 04. Bo suro
to get your Juno votes In boforo tho timo olapaes. Vote as often as
you like. Ballot booth at Court-street entrance.
Result of vote up to 5 p. m. last Evening.
of which tho following ton received tho largest number,
Misa Sholton, Music S975
Miss Mellon, Ebat 89C9
Miss Thomas, Park 1C72
Mlsa Cospor, Bast 1333
Mtaa Bushnell, Park 11G0
MIbb Kramer, Bast 634
MJsa Knight, Music ., 451
Miss Prank, Ettpcutlon 356
Miss Patrick, O. E. 8 324
Mis Gordon, North 233
Silk Values'
Greater than ovor chenpor than
over aro tho values that wo aro
now showing In our silk depart
ment. No matter whother you
want plain silk, or fancy silk, black
ellk, or colored silk, for skirt or
suit lining or trimming, wo nro al
ways tho best and tho cheapest.
Our silica aro bought direct from
tho leading manufacturers of tho
country no seconds or auction
salo goods, nothing but tho vory
nowost and: boat in tho market.
Special lino of broken checks and
stripes worth $1.00 at othor stores
! r

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