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MAY, 1004, 13.287.
Tor Mayor, I. W. Waters.
For Recorder, W. A. Moorca.
Tor Marshal, Thos. E. Cornelius.
For Treasurer, Frank Meredith.
jg'lrst Ward H. A. Johnson.
Socond Ward Clair A. Baker.
Third Ward Paul Wallace.
'Fourth Ward J. 0. Ooodale, Jr.
Fifth Ward O. A. H. Fisher.
Sixth Ward John Knight.
i '-'Seventh Ward Loo Acheson.
Election December Gth.
By a confcrcnco with the mayor of
this city and tlio prcsldont of tho Com
merclnl Club, Salem saloons huvo closod
on Sunday for some time
Tho editor of this papor, who Is pres
ident of tho Commercial Club, is bo
,ing misrepresented by porsons who call
themselves good pooplo for having dono
.Misrepresentation novor yet accom
plished tho downfall of n good cause,
and a substitution of good business tac
tics for litigation and prosecution
oiiglit to bo commended.
So far as Tho Journal Is nblo to
leurn, tho saloon mon liavo kept tho
Sunday agrcomeut to tho letter nnd in
ood fnith. Their employes favor Sun'
lny closing, and many of the saloon
men thomsolvcs favor It.
Salem Sunday closing was novcr nc
coiripllshod in this city before, nnd nil
who bollovo in kooplng Sunday should
uphold what Iiiih been dono, instond of
abusing tho mon who did it.
A good act dono by a saloon keeper is
.just as good as by nnyono else, nnd ho
is entitled to just as much credit. Lot
us ,ull bo fair-minded ns wu can, and
"'glvo tho dovil his due."
A locomotive, whon taking water
from u track tnnk, looks as If It wns
Sdng through n rlvor; tlio water is
ishod Into sprny nnd flies out on eith
er slilo llko tho waves boforo a bout,
Trainmen toll tho story of n trump who
telolo a rldo on tho front or "dead" ond
'platform of tho baggage car of a fast
train. Tho cur wns coupled to tho roar
ond of tho cnglno toudor; It wns qulto
n long run, without stops, nnd tho on
gino took wator from a track tnnk on
tho way. When tho train stopped tlio
tram) wus discovered prono on tho plat
.form of tho baggage car, half drowned
from tho water thrown back by tho en
4,'ino when it took its drink on tho run.
'-yiloro, got olTI" grqwled tho brake
finiin. "What aro you doing there!'1
"All right, boss," sputtorod tho
tramp. "Bay," ho asked lifter a mo
ment, "what wns that river wo wont
through u wlillo ngo.t"
- The Federation of Labor in sosslnnut
San Francisco acted with wisdom
'whon tlioy turned down the socialistic
plan or giving i pension to every por- It has boon known for njong timo
taut copper destroys bacteria, but tlio
zfed' FJnnnco," is lfow defendant in
the greatest libel sulfprobnbly ovor in
stituted in this country.
His nrticlcs, which liavo appeared in
"Everybody's Mugnzine," havo been
read th6 world ovor, and every lino nnd
sentence in them wore plain and to tho
Tho chnrges wcro startling, nnd re
vealed, a very cruel business world.
Pcdplo know thnt speculators and
cramhlors . tnko every advantage, and
aro always iooklngWor "suckers," but
it romainod.for a writer to deal with it
In unvarnished terms.
Lawson cnllcd n spado u spade, and
ho did not hesitate to point out names
and places. Coming on tho ovo of a
presidential election, his articles cre
ated a profound sensation, and for a
timo their effect set tho pnrjty managers
to thinking.
Tio big companies nrc nf tor him, and
it remnins for future events to deter
mine whether thoy will bo nblo to
squelch him. If ho has absoluto 'proof
of his assertion's, then tho death knell
of tho big combines bns been sounded,
but if ho falls to establish his caso ho
will havo a hard road to travel.
Ordinary ovldonco will not bo suf
ficient for tho defondnnt, for ho is deal
ing with a class that will smother and
obllternto such testimony. Witnesses
will bo dumb whon they aro Colled, and
Lawson will find himself helpless.
Tho entire nation will watch this gi
gantic lognl "battle, and tho sympathy
of tho pooplo will nnturally bo with
Lawson, providing ho can substantiate
ids charges in any marked degree.
From Gilbert II. Grosvonor's "Tho
Now Method of Purifying Water'"
in tho December Contury.
Man would seem to havo at lust
dlscovorod an effectivo wenpon ngainst
typhoid fovor, Asintic cholera and sim
ilar merciless scourges which invndo
our intostinnl and digestivo organs
through polluted wator. It Is yet too
soon to declare positively that wo shall
oxtorminuto these dread diseases, but
wo havo good reason to believo thnt
wo shall bo ablo to drivo thorn out of
cities and towns, nnd camps and pris
ons, nnd whorover men nro living hord
ed closo together. Tho weapon is not
of stcol or iron, but copper, tho most
convenient form being tho compound
of copper nnd sulphur known ns blue
vltrol, copper sulphato. Every school
lubrntory coiltulns some beautiful bluo
crystal of copper sulphato. Evory
schoolboy for generations hns dabblod
with theso bluo crystals or has watched
his teacher ubo thorn for ordlnnry class
room experiments. And yet who would
huvo imagined thnt u pinch of those
rytl dissolved in the water-tank in
tho uttic, or in tho cistern or well, would
kill nuy typhoid gorms thnt might bo
lurking thoro; thnt its uso would in-
Biiro Iicnltuful drinking wator in n
military camp; .that it would oxtormln
nto mnlario-and-yollow-fover-cnrrying
mosqultos in stagnant pools and
swamps by destroying tho vegetnblo or
ganisms on which tho mosquito lnrvao
food; that it would In a fow hours,
mnko tho water of an evil-smelling and
foul-looking city reservoir, containing
billions of gullons of wntcr, clean nnd
sweet; nnd that the amount of copper
that nccomplislms nil this is so small
thnt while it kills tho bacteria in tho
wator it loos not mnko the drinking
water poisonous or injurious to tho hu
man system.
mwr "
We wish you would
feci perfectly free to
write the Doctor at
any time. Ask him
anything you wish
to know about your
hair. You will ob
tain the best medical
advice free, and no
one will see your
letter but the Doctor.
Dr. J. C. Ayer,
Lowell, Mass.
Testimonials? We can furnish
them by the thousand. Here is one :
For over half a century Ayer's Hair Vigor has
been sold in every civilized land on the face of
the globe.
Is not this long, unbroken history -of success
the very best kind of a testimonial?
v -. jgy a i
X4t by th J. 0. Ay.r Co.. Lowll, it tit.
Alia manuAotarari or
ATnn'S SARSAPARILLA-For the blood.
AYER'S PILLS- For constipation.
ATBR'S AGUE CUES For malaria and agua.
j 'Sue -tLJ-UJBn mjn
In this uge, npparcntly given over to
selfishness, it soems hard to make poo
plo accept tho possibility of a purely
unselfish nnd public spirited motive
mimed nnd borno by tho Sentry Box
Bureau. Editors can nnd do express
) their dissent from somo of tho posi-
tions assumed, but tho indepondonco
'and fairness of tho nrticlcs will, it is
believed, help commend them to intel
ligent renders, whothor thoy fully
ngrco with tho positions taken or not.
Nowspnpcrs nrc, of course, ontlrely
freo to publish tho Sontry Box nrticlcs
or not, ns thoy chooso; but if published,
thoy must bo in tho exact form submit
ted, in order thnt tho bureau mny not
bo mado responsible for somothing it
did .-not send out. All tho expenses of
the bureau aro borne, for tho present at
least, by tho promoter, nnd its uttar
nnces will bo ontitled to such consldcr-
which can inspiro nny course of action,
This feeling of incrodulity exists In otlon ns may fairly attach to cntire-
spito of tho illustrntions visiblo con-My disinterested presentations of mat-
ance, tholr literary merit, or thoir per
manent value, may at times bo ques
tioned, but tho nbsoluto unselfishness
of tho motivo which inspires them will
soon bo manifest to a discriminating
public, oven though at first sometimes
A sufficient amount of success hns al
ready marked tho entorpriso to wnrrnnt
a belief in its practicability. Many
strong newspapers havo cordially wel
stantly all around us, thnt wo livo in a
period of great bonov'olonco, groat phi
lanthropy and groat displays of intoll
gent interest in public affairs.
At no timo previous have so many
wealthy mon dovoted liberal shares of
their accumulations to various enter
prises, which in their opinion, conduco
to tho public wclfnre. Mnny million
aires havo endowed colleges with lav
ish sums. Others havo built hospitals
whoro human sufforing may bo mltignt
od. One nt least hns guiaed wido ap
proval by as unprecedented generosity
in founding libraries in mnny of tho
Lawson is almost as groat as Tho
The gobbler will bo gobbled tomor
row. ,
Methodists versus Presbytorinns to
morrow on tho gridiron. Tho scor'o may
bo a "sprinkling" affair.
Tho Grangers missed Salem, nnd Sa
lom missed tho Grangers. A hearty, wel-
como would havo beqn extended to
thorn if thoy had stopped.
City election less than two weeks
distant, nnd not a campaign story cir
culated. Chefo still rotains its lend as, tho
chief disseminator1 of war news thnt is
not ruo. j ,
With two dances, a football gamo and
union church services, Salemitos should
bo able to spend a fnirly good Thanks
giving week.
Salem continues to be n good show
town. Pooplo npprecinte tho quality
of tho attractions sent' hero this year
by Mr. Cordrny, and they aro showing
their npprccintion with a liberal pat
ronage. Tho usual number of crank bills aro
commencing to mnko thoir appearance,
and tho next legislature will bo asked
to spend its timo passing a lot of
worthless laws and porsonal hobbies.
Orogon hns enough "dead letter" laws
without burdening tho statute books
with another batch.
ft MEANSSdorfi
, Yqur doctor savi v
i.-i j t .. jui
tama uver oil. Probably
means Scott's Emulsion
cause you cannot tni
clear oil; no one can hU
clear oil who needs cod li
oil. The doctor underst
that and doubtless
Scott's Emulsion of cod li
oil which everybody cant
utx-uuse ic is emulsified a
prepared so that it car.1
very easily digested by i
most sensitive stomach. M
everybody likes it.
WYll lend you a sample fr
SCOTT & BOWNE, o, Pel Sum, K
Says His Life Was Saved by Vinol.
Pooplo of Salem will bo interested iu
tho rocovery of Mr. Hayland, ns so
many of our friends aro continually be
ing sent to ono health resort or an
other as tho only means of recovery.
In writing of his cure from Donvor,
Colo., Mr. Hayland says: "I believo
that Vinol, tho now cod livor oil prepn
ration, has saved my life, and I wish
to mention my case, as it may bo of.
value to others similarly affected.
'T tvng until n f'nnvnAn ...ifli .vliofr
coined it, nnd tho responses from their my ,loctpr saia woid llovolop into tu
readers direct to headquarters of tho bercuiosis, nnd was so weak I was un-
buroau, ia approval of its mothods,
principal cities nnd towns of tho conn- have been most flnttoring. Its first
no u who .had readied tho ago of 00
yours, nnd had received during his
lifetime n wage roll of loss than $1000
n your.
Legislation of this oliaruutor is pater
nalism, pure and simple. It pluoos tho
common, everyday citixo'n in tho rolo
of a pauper, and leaves hfm dependent
on tho government. Ho forgets his in
dividuality, nnd relics on tho world at
largo for his living. It would mnko tho
nvorago iiuui a tramp, kill his ambition
and throttle enterprise,
Tho Idea that Is uppermost In tho
nmtal has not boon much used hereto
foro for tho purpose, because scientists
havo genorally belioved that tho dose
required to kill tho bacteria must bo
very concentrated so concentrated in
fuct, that It would poison tho water or
substance vnntalnlng tho bacteria nnd
tuako tho euro worso thnu tho evil. A
specialist of tho United States Gov
ernment, Dr. Gcorgo T. Moore, hns now
como forward nnd announced, with tho
authority of tho government behind
htm, that ho has discovered how to gut
minds of tho authors is containly not to .tho good effect of copper without any
dangerous result; thnt ho has a way of
using copper so diluted that It cannot
hurt a baby nnd yet so active that it
will destroy virulont cholorn and ty
phoid bacilli in four or ilvo hours.
bouoflt Immunity, but to rldo into pow
er and Intluonco on a hobby. Mon who
iutroduco and conceive such proposed
legislation do it for tho purposo of at
trnuttug atotntinn, nnd not to havo
thoir foolish f alllioiivs enacted Into
laws. Faith and Tact
Tlio fudorntlou also showod Its good Faith is ono thing and fact auothor, it
UAIIlIll ll tdlfcftlB llltl.nt 11. J. M...tlfeft4l.fcm '
rviiou t iviiii iitmu hut (UQuiuuwu
condemning tho militia. Tho cltiton
Moldtory havo proved valuable in timo
of ponco and war, nnd no sano nnd pa
triutie American onu discredit thoir
True tho soldiers hiwo boon uaod to
suppress lawlassuo, and in some cases
Wrongfully usud against strikers, but
tho grout principles of a froo oauutry
could nut woll bo maintained without
militia or a largo standing army, and
tho formur It more preferable,
Labor mon throughout tho country
aro members or tho nulitin, nnd thoy
resent tho imitation started by a fow
tfuud lot loaders, who poso as tho true
representatives of tho working classes.
0 . ii .
Thos, W. Lawson, uutkor of "Frcn-
sometimes takes onv amount of faith
to produce ono fact. Years of earnest
work and faith havo produced ond
faot about modicino that is deserving
of mention ho re. If people who aro
troubled with general weakneus
through overwork, dissipation or ex
posure can got a remedy that will make
rich rod blood from tho food thoy ejit,
thoir return to health is assured. Good
blood is tho lifo of tho body as woll as
tho ncrvos. Weak, sickly, pale pooplo
who suffer with Indigestion, dyspepsia,
siek-hondnche, los of strength and am
bition, having disjy spells and always
tired, can bo cured sound and well with
Dr. Ounn's Blood and Nervo Tonic.
Sold by druggists for 73c per box, or
3 boxes for $8. This tonic acts in a
common sonso way, curing diseaso by
giving strength to resist it.
Now, in view of theso benefactions,
it is certainly n supposablo caso that a
man of largo means and of practical
Ideas, seeing much In tho workings of
government machinery that needs rogu
luting, and having faith in tho peoplo,
may adopt somo -promising method of
working needed reforms, having faith
that If tho peoplo aro advised as to"tho
dofects now existing they will unito
regardless of party, in demanding rom-
cdios. Such being tho caso is thoro
anything unnatural iu n deslro on his
part to inaugurate a plan for collecting
nnd spreading information on theso
Thqro nro nlso social and economic
questions of vnst importnnco to tho
country, concerning which facts and il
lustrations not dry statistics or do
tnilod arguments may bo Intelligent
ly disseminated with great bouoflt.
Precisely tho samo condition stated
iu this supposnblo caso has led to tho
establishment of "Tho Sentry Box" in
Washington, with objects held by its
promoter nnd his associates to fully
justify its existence. Tho namo was
suggested by tho Idea that n sentry
stnnd nt tho gntoway to roport to tho
peoplo at largo insldo facts as to ques
tions and movements of tho day.
Its purposo Is to discuss somo pub
Ho question:) from an Impartial nnd
uon-partinan standpoint. Incidentally,
it alms to convoy interesting informa
tion ns to tho workings of different
branches of tho government and 'on
mutotrs of importnnco at the national
capital. Hhdrt artloles aro prepared for
publication in the press, conveying val
uable hints ns to admitted dofects and
abuses which should bo romedied.
Tho people of tho country nro tho
oinployors of public sorvnuts. This
fact Is sometimes forgot tan by such
servants, and needs to ba onllcd oc
casionally to thoir recollection. "It is
tho purposo of "Tho Ssury',' to ad
vise tho oinployors concerning lxa
management of affairs by thoir serv
ants and to comment thereon when
necostiry. x
Various Interesting subjects will bo
discussed, carrying out the true sentry
spirit of absoluto freedom and fair
uoss. Tho comments may bo so four
loss as nt times to conflict somewhat
rth the gcncr.il policy of famo of tho
papers, but it will be always under-
suggestions liavo aroused widespread
comment among tho leading city dnilies
and best magazines. Its suggestions
hnvo nlrendy takon form in federal leg
islation. Tho formation of tho Bureau
is a deliberate, wcll-considerod net. Tho
oncourngemont received is nlrendy suf
ficient to warrant broadening its scopo
and making pormunont its foundation.
Thoro will bo no holding back or hesi
tation in approaching tho legltimnto
objects of its establishment nnd dif
fusing its benefits ns widely ns they
puny bo found ncccptnblo to tho press
and the people.
Prepare to Launch Cruiser.
Cumden, X. J., Nov. 23. February
22 has been fixed as tho dnto for tho
launching of tho nrmored cruiser Wash
ington from tho New York Shipbuilding
company's yard here. Tho day being
Washington's birthday, all Camdon will
decorate for tho proper celebration of
tho double cvont. Provident Roosevelt,
mombors of his cabinet, many naval
officials and congressmen will bo in
vited to uttond. Tho hill of tho cruiser
is now completed up to tho main deck.
It is tho first war vessel of large typo
built-in Camden.
Oranges Distributed Free.
St. Louis, Nov. 23. A carload of
California flowers and oranges from tho
Sacramento vnlloy woro given awny as
souvonlrs today in tho Cnllfornla sec
tion in tho Paluoo of Agrioulturo at tho
world's fair. Eaeh visitor to tho ex
hibit recoivod a gorgeous California
flower and ono of this yonr's orop of
tho famous California sweet oranges
from tho Saornmonto valloy as a re-membrnnce.
ablo to work nt my profession. Sinco
taking Vinol my uppotito hns returnod,
I sleep well, feel very much strongor
nnd inn suro I shall soon bo restored
to perfect health. I cannot recommend
Vinol too strongly, ns it has dono so
much for mo whon all other medicines
hail failed."
Our well known druggist, Mr. Geo.
W. Putnnm, says: "The reasoa Vinol
accomplishes such rcmnrknblo results-
iyju Kn
Fall Term Opens Monday,
ber 26th.
Foe 3 noJ
Arithmetic ....
Bookkoping .. .
Ponmanship n
Koacung ana spelling .... jj
Other Bubjocts taught if re!
For particulars caU at
y. m. c. a. e:
We now have a full stocks
acinths. Tulips, Crocus, K:aj
Snow Drops, Jonquils and 1 14
sortmout of Chinese Saered 1
Would be pleased to have thij
call and inspect our stock at
iilSyS in lU'"
Disastrous Wrecks.
CarcJossnoss is responsible for many
n railway wreok, and tho samo causes
are making human wrecks of sufferers
from Throat and Lung' troubles. But
since tho advent of Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds, even tho worst casos can
be cured, and hopeless resignation is
no longer necessary. Mrs. Lois Cragg,
of Dorchester, Mass., is one of many
whoso life was saved by Dr. King's
Now Dlwovery. This great remody is
guarantees tor all Throat and
stood and usually stated that all ro diseases by J. C Perry. druerU p,i-
For sale by Dr. 8, C. Stone, druggist, sponsibility for Its utterance U as- BOc and tl. Trial bottles free.
when nil other tonics nnd emulsions of
cod livor oil fall is becauso it contains
In a concentrnted form nil of tho heal
iny, curntivo elements of cod liver oil,
but without oil or greaso, and it does
not upset tho weakest stomach."
Mr. Putnam also froely offers to re
turo money pnid him for Vinol" in overy
caso whoro it fails to euro chronic
coughs, colds bronchial troublos. In-
oipiont consumption, to mnko rich, red
blood, increase tho uppotito, euro stom
ach troubles, glvo 'strength nnd ro-
nowed vltnlity to tho aged, build1 up
tho run down, tired and debilitated,
and make tho weak strong.
burcly nny porson in Salem who is
In need of such a romedv should trv
Vonol, ns it is a simplo preparation
wun remarkablo curntivo powors and
won t cost you a oont if -it does you no
good. Geo. W. Putnam,, druggist.
Russian DescrtersT"
Vienna, Nov. 23. Tho heavy influx
of dosertors from Itussia into nil tho
towns and villngos ulong tho Austrian
frontier continues. Thp military au
thorities at Cracow ore taking every
precaution to prevent nny of them pen
etrating within ti,e Mne of fortifica
tions lest, under tho pretoxt of deser
tion, somo Russian spy might find his
way iu. Up to now tho desortcrs havo
been mostly merchants, clerks and fao
tory hands. Thoy bobavo thomselvea
correctly and ask leave fbssUy until
their relatives send them mginvy o
continue their jorney to America.
Savage & Fleicil
322-324 Commercial!
Mill m!
VissssHHsMsKlatVvi SB
On Thanssgiving Day, b"1'
L'ood dinner nnd plenty of '
is nn exquisite laundried shirt,
lar and cuffs that has tnat n
mostio or gloss finish and Ii
lato color that the Salem
Laundry put on it at a" '
our linen nwnys gives p"
iafnxtlnn wlinil it Is dOUO t
our improved methods.
The Salem Steam Laun
shop of Bt
G. F. MasoflP
Miller street, South
PHONE 2191
iiWmvi,Wimmtmmi mw i -

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