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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, June 06, 1905, LAST EDITION, Image 6

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Stockton & Co
r- '
nVKVlwi lv " l n&i
JJjftMBffiA Jit h" ft "
a4. t
If the Color Is White Yo Get It forLess.
75c CHEMISE 49c
35o omaaBB 20c
60c CHEMISE 30c
9L0O DOWNS 75c
75c OOWNS 50c
60c DOWNS 35c
rmi rKENOH oabment co.
first-class hioh-obade oae
uents at vest ebasonable
.20c to I2J50
Norwich Union Fire Insur
ance Society.
Prank Meredith, BMnt Agent.
Offlw witfa Tfn Brow ., N. 1M
Coa8rW Sret.
Tor Rent 3-room, .modern .cottage,
1472 State street, furnished or unfur
nished. Apply at Rosteln k Green
baura'a 6-0-3t
Ash Wood Beat quality for sale. Geo.
V. Rodgers, 404 Court street. 6-6-2wk
Ton Sal H aaa 1H esntral
ly leale", t a bargain. sy tetsss.
Address "B. P.," Jraal
Wanted. Young Indies wanted by
Telephone Company. Inquire at the
telephone ofllee, 00-3t
Wanted. Ton men to work In a saw
mill at Mill City; $1.75 a day and
up. Inquire of J. C. Qeodale, 8r.
Por Iloat. Furulrtiod room In private
family during fair, electric lights,
phone, car line. Anaa Voateh Pape,
20 Kast Ninth ami Hurnsidc. North,
Portland. "'iT-
She Ttllwn Co. Dealer In chopped
feed, aeml bran, hay, flour dried
fruit, etc. High street, adjoining
opera home. ! 1-yr.
German Evangelist.
Evangelist 11. B. Boiler, of Jluntlng
ton. Ind.. will preach In the German
M. E. chureb, eorner of Union and
Church street tonight at S o'clock. He
will also prooeh at samo place and hour
Wednesday and Thursday evenings. All
German people eerdially invited. Be is
the only evangelist of the German M.
K. ekureb: has traveled in Europe, and
is an interesting and entertaining talker.
Olory Tickets.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to James C. Clark and Fanny L.
Peyser, and one today to Hartley Bon
nev and Edith Moffett.
Money to Loan
Over Lsdd Bush's Baak, Salwn, Or.
8. A. Parks was in Albany yesterday.
Mrs. John MeCully, of Joseph, Or., Is
visiting friends in this city. ,
Attorney Geo. W. Wright, of Albany,
is in the city on legal business.
Captain J. M. Poorman, of Woodbnrn,
was n Salem visitor yostcrdny.
O. W. Wright, of Albany, was in the
Miss Sarah Savage, of San Francis
co, is visiting friends in the city,
city last evening on legal business.
Mr. A. C Jennlng. one of Irving 's
leading citizens, came in on the local
this raorning.
Ex-Governor Lord was a passenger
on the local this morning, bound for
the exposition.
-Hon. J. A. Cooper and Editor Walter
Lyon, of Independence, wero in the
city yesterday.
Mrs. Isabelle Simon, who spent the
winter with Salem friends, has gone to
Los Angeles for a few months.
Warden F. II. Curtis and Tom R. Wil
son, bookkeeper at the pen, returned
home last evening from a short visit in
Mayor Water, of Salem, is in the city
in the t interest of the proposed gas
plant, for which ho was recently granted
a franchise. Eugene Guard.
Miss Gay Piper, of Portlnnd, who has
been visiting In the city the past w'eek
left on last night's overland for Red
lands, Cnl., where she will spend most
of the summer.
Prof. Tex. Stoudenmeycr left last
night for California where ho has taken
a position in tho Venice band at Les
Angeles. He will be back in the fall
and has not left Salem for good.
Rev. Bower, of Albany, is spending
a few days In the eity. He Is accom
panied by Rev. Adams, of Waitsburg,
who is spending a few days In the Wil
lamette valley, visiting old friends.
Ben Ling, the popular messenger
and clerk at tho local Western Union
Telegraph office, departed last evening
for Spokane, where he assumes his new
duties as clerk in the same company.
Gus Heldes of South Salem has just
returned from a trip to his old home in
Ohio. He went east over the Union
Pacific and came back over the North
ern. He says he has seen no country
like Oregon since he left nnd is very
well satisfied thnt this is the best land
out of doors.
Mrs. Mabel Laughlin, nee Cronlse,
arrived in Corvallis last Friday evening
from La Grande, Ore., her present home.
She will be here a month, the guest of
her father and brother and many
friends, who extend a warm weleomc.
Gazette. Mrs. Laughlin has many
friends in this eity.
I can do your work better than anyone else, and give you better sat
isfaction in eTery way. If your frame or fork break I an repair them
ia a satisfactory way, and match the enamel to a shade. I earry in stock
rim and and tires to fit Nationals and Ramblers, as well as other make
I huv tires of all kinds, all prices, and all guaranteed. Give us a e-all
on price to everyone. Then for $33 I have a bieyel that's not so
worse. One-pie hanger, Corbln front hub, New Departur CoaaUr,
No. 3 Bridgeport Pedals, No. 37 Diamond Chain, Steel Rim, Thorn,
proof tire and Tearsoa'a saddle. Guaranteed for ver. Dot work at
honest prUo.
Phon 301 Black.
374 Court Street.
St. Petersburg. June 1. Today was ,
the thirty-third birthday of the'
Czarina, and for the first timo since
she left her girlhood borne in Darm- j
stadt to becomo the wlfo of the ruler
of all the Russlas, tho anniversary was
allowed to pass with almost no pub-1
lie recognition. The course of events
in the Far East has enshrouded the
capital in deepest gloom, and the pub-1
lie ovineed no inclination to take part
in the holiday rejoicings customary on
the birthday of the Empress. The
only public observance was the display J
of flags on government buildings nnd
the holding of Te Dcum services in
the churches. Tho Empress herself
passed tho day quietly in tho bosom
of her family and in reading mesj
sages of felicitation and good wishes,
from her royal relatives in Germany I
and England. I
Van Cortland did look in the mayor's
left hand.
Doctor Mayer Harry Ease, good,
If you don't get what you like, like
what you get.
The big day at tho exposition will
be when Salem gets there on the 1-ith.
The "liars nnd scoundrels" evidently
went to the polls in Portland yesterday
"Ho went up the new eut road, and
I went down the Lane" an old song,
probably familiar to Mayor Williams.
Portland Demoorats arc speechless
with astonishment. A Kepubliean
landslide slipped under thetn, instead of
A man in Tennessee was fined $20 n
few days ago for snoring in church.
Thus one by one are our sacred rights
curtailed, and the feathers plucked from
the wings of our great bird of freedom.
Tho wonderful business wo are doing prompt us on to do greater things
Wo know there Is nothing the people like bettor than to sell them good
goods at small prices. This store Is a wonder oven to ourselves; tho amount
of goods we aro turning out weekly would make a big city store feel proud.
Wo are traveling along successfully on tho plans first mapped out for this
store a big volumo of business and small profits. Road carefully tho fol
lowing price UsV It will keep you from paving too much elsewhere:
39c wash India silks, all colon,
85c fancy dress silks, yd 69c
51 two-toned dress silks, yd 60c
85c Shantung pongee silk, yd .... 49c
85c whito poplin silk, yd 66c
$1.60 36-lnch black heavy Taf-
fits silk, yd 98c
Hundreds of others to select from.
New shipment of mohair dress
goods, 76c quality, yd 40c
15c fancy dress goods, yd 25c
20c Danish doth, yd lie
Black drees goods, French
voiles, Panama cloth and Eo-
liennos, all sold at small
Summer wash goods in a great
variety, lawns, dimities, vo
iles, Irish linens, linen lawns,
fancy organdies, India Bo
ons, dotted Swiss, whito pi
que, Scotch zephyrs, Japan
ese crepes, fancy white
goods, novelty summer goods,
and fancy cltalUea. Sal
prices, 3y,c 6, 6'4. 8 1-3, 10,
12Vi and 16c
Special prices on table linens.
4c double-width quality, yd.. 29c
91.25 satin Damask table linen.
Prices, 76c. Napkins to match.
Prices on towels cut down 4, 5,
6, 8 1-3 and 10c; great val
ues; 60 dozen fancy linen
napkins, each 6c.
7Va lace striped scrim, yd 3V2c
Curtain Swiss and fancy
scrims at small prices.
Bargains in muslins
4, 6, 0Vt and 81-Se
Crash toweling,' 4, 6, 6,y and 8 1-Sc
C5c muslin nightgowns. Price... 30c
75c muslin nightgowns 49c
Better ones very cheap.
Ladles' 39c muslin drawers.
Price 25c
39c corset covers, price 25c
39c corset covers, embroidered 25c
Children's 39c parasols. Price.. 23c
93.60 pongee silk parasols.
Prico 91.95
Ladies' fancy collars, 6, 10, 15
and 25c
New shopping bags.. 25, 35 and 49c
Half Price,
Moilno silk veiling, yd 12',c
No. 40 Dresden ribbons, 39c
quality, yd 23c
Ladles' 35c llslo gloves. Price,. 25c
Linen laces.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ey, 81-Sc
39c all-over laces, yd 25e
76c all-over laces, yd 45e
Bargains in dress trimmings,
laces and embroideries.
Ladies' 46c French lace lisls
hose 25c
Ladles' kid shoos; patent tips;
th5 beet shoe on earth for
92.25. Sale price 91.49
Cloaks, suits and millinery up
stairs. Ladies' 16c Swiss ribbed rests.
Price 9c
Ladles' 25c duplex corset bos
supporters 14c
White pearl buttons, dozen 3c
Best sans silk, ball. 2c
Corner of Commer
cial and Court Streets
..M, Ui
t ss, .
Look through our shewiug of beautiful sllve'r, fine out glass and hand
some cloaks, If you are in uoubt what to seleqfcfor a'bjldal gift,
There aro seere of appropriate articles to select from, any one of whiah
would certainly bo treasured by any bride. Surely, in tho list printed be
low, you can find tho gift to your mind.
Cut glass berry bowls, from 6.50 up. Bonbon dishes, $3.50 up. Vases,
2.60 up. In silverware; Cake baskets, 3.50 up; spoon holders, )3.00 and
up; butter dishes, 3.00 and up.
John 0. Barr brand knlve and forks, guarantee ten years, 5 pr set.
Clocks, beautiful mantel styles, $3 and up.
State and
Liberty Sts.,
Sakm, Ore
Payroll and Bend Not Yet Filed and
Suit Not Began.
Superintendent Calbreath, of the In
sane asylum filed his report with the
board at its regular monthly meeting
Monday, which was adopted. It is a
matter of considerable Interest, as up
on the filing of this reports, it was ex
pected Superintendent Calbreath would
make a tndr of the payroll, accom
panied by his indemnity bond, as pros
vided by law, to the seeretary of state,
and ask that a warrant In bis favor
be Issued for the amount. Upon the
secretary's refusal to issue the warrant.
wbieh is expected, suit will be at once
commenced to compel him to do so.
The matter is a piece of friendly liti
gation, to settle the matter of the law
in the case. Up to S o'eloek today the
pay roll and bond had not been present
ed. In the meanwhile Attorney Carson
has been busy, and the necessary papers
have been prepared to compel the sec
retary to issue the warrant, or the
courts to sustain him in refusing to is
sue it.
The report shows there ware 1365 pa
tients in tho institution, an increase of
10 during May.
Fish Commissioners.
The board of fish commissioners mot
today, but there was nothing come be
fore it except routine matter. The
salmon run Is light, and there Is nothing
to quarrel about, not even tho big dam
on Rogue river, wbieh last year effectu
ally blocked that stream, or the big
king-fisher, the gentleman from Curry
and Coos, who owns the lower half of
tho river.
fjgggfWgjgggBKBkWO' " "'""HCHH
Largest Stock in Salem
Every Pair of Shoes in oar big up-to-date line sacrificed
at or below cost some at half coss.
See These Bargains
All of Laird, Schober I Co 'a ladles shoes, fine
dress and street sfceei JJ53-G9
Ladle' best viei kid, with palest tip. Regu
lar prise $4.00. Retiring prlte 2-9S
Ladies' patent colt ehoe, with dull top. Regular
pris 8.50. Utiriig prie 2-50
Ladle, visi kid, with patent tip. Regalar
price RSO. ReUriag prie e 2-50
Ladies' patent aolt shoe. Regular prie )3.9t
Retiring price 1-00
Mlsse' vlei kid, patent Up drees shots. Regu
lar prito 2.25. Sttiring prie l.0
libses, box calf and kid shoes, broksn slxss.
Regular pris $.00. Retiring prit
Hisees' kid and patent leather strap slippers.
Regular prfe $1.95. Retiring prie
Children's kid and patent leather strap lippr.
Regular prie $1.15 and $1.35. ltiriag prie
Child' kid shoes, izs 8 toll. Btiriif pri
Chlldru kid shoe, siiee 5 t t. Siriir
Beat Star A. Star Shingles
PER i 000.
Waite Motlty
60 Court Street, Salsm.
Infants' kid ahs, Uea S to 5, XtiirUg pn.
IfiMe tan, heavy sol, si 11 t S. RtOTisg
prie l.l
Children taa, heavy sole he, IV4 to 11. B
tiring prie '. .. 100
Children' tan, havy oi shoss, ( t (. Retir
ing pris 85
Ladle' paWni lnther Oxford welt. Regular
prie S.E0. Retiring pris 2-00
Ladie' paUnt uppers, turn sol Oxford. Bg
ular prie $S.O0. Retiring prie '... 1-08
Ladies' kid Oxfords, with pateat ti. Retiring
pris. 1.40
Ladi' kid Oxford, with pattat tip. Bcttriag
Vita ,...... 1.15
Al lf Edwin Clapp'a suuuiatWre dress shoes.
Regular price $5.54 U '.80. Retiring prie
Men' Cordova Shoes. RegnUr yri s)5.d.
Rttlriag prise -
Mta's box Uf she. Regular pris $4.0.
tiriag pris
M'sTdlkid W.si.r. Rglar prie $4.54
Ratlrhfg pris
Ua'i jsatMt l.thr Oxferd. Jglw pris
frit $4.M, Rtiiriag ri
IIwj's Wa Oxford. ftgiar pris $3.5 sii
$4.00, Rtirt5 pris "
if. a', vlsl kW est,. RgaUr prit $3.M.
lUUriaf ftH
U's vlir calf. Balar pri $3.S. Retir
ing prie
Utn's stilt tf. JsfaUr prie $1.75. Retir
ing prie
Bys' eadt calf. IMfmUr prl $2,0, Batiriaf
Yath box aalfaad vi.l kid. Regular prie
pri 01.35 t $1.W. Btlrisg price
4 OS
2 00
3 50
2 00
3 00
2 60
Eycrjrtliing Goes Come and See.
Terms Stricty Cash--DNED
This & not an old or shelf-worn, stock, bet the best and cleanest line of shoes everw
Salem. Now is voar ODOorttwiitv. No reserve until evetv oak Is solo.
Oregon Shoe Co
l- . maTHf

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