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NO. 133.
Russians Indignant Over U. S.
Government's Action Re
garding Warships
St. Petersburg, Juno 7. Tlio Novoo
Vremyn publishes n bitter attack on
Tile Union Between Norway
and Sweden Under One
King Dissolved
Chrlstlnno, Juno 7. Tlio Storthing to'
dny ilcclnrcil tbo union between Nor
President Roosevelt for ordering tlio!wnv ni Sweden under ono king dis
Kuslnn warships nt Manila to olthor solved, nnd thnt tho king ccaso to act
loavo or dismantle. In nnvnl circles ns king of Norway. Tho Storthing cm
great Indlgnntlon Is nlsp expressed powered tho present stnto council to
against tho Prcsldont for this action, nt "9 tlio government of Norway,
mln ninny officials nro inclined to ns-
lumo n threatening attitude. No 111 Feeling.
An address to tho king was adopted,
declaring no ill feeling wiu ontcrtnlnod
ngnlnst him or his dynasty, or tho
Swedish nation, nnd asking him to co
opcrnto on the selection or a young
prlnco of tho house- of Bcrnndotto to oc
cupy tho throno of Norway.
Wants Peasants tb IIolp,
St. Petersburg, Juno 7. Tho Czar has
issued a proclamation to tho pensants,
requesting them to co-opernto with tho
commission headed by M. Boullgon,
minister of tho Interior, in working out
details of tho representative assembly.
Tlio proclamation benrs dato of Inst
Campaign against Education.
St. Petersburg, Juno 7. Governor
General TropolT hns begun a campaign
against education, on tho ground that
it will ojion tho oyes of tho people to
tho evil conditions, nnd thnt it weakens
tho nuthority of tho govcrnmont. Ho
todny summoned tho principals of tho
St. Petersburg schools, nnd urged them
to unlto in demanding thnt tuition to
nil tho universities bo rniscd to 600
roubles n year.
Stoppod British Steamer,
Nagasaki, Juno 7. A Russian trans
port stopped tho British steamer Ollur.
num, 80 miles off of Woo Sung, Juno 2d,
nnd sent a party aboard, who throw
overboard a portion of tho cargo. Tho
Russians left suddenly. It is supposed
tboy feared tho approach of Jnpaneso
Japs Eepulso Ecmy.
Toklo, Juno 7. Oynmn reperts:
"Kncmy's Infantry attacked Mocha-
tun on the morning of Juno Gth, uud
were repulsed tlio samo day by our
force, which advanced to Shnxo, and
dislodged tho enemy heading for that
vicinity, and occupied n neighboring
eminence. A portion of our cavalry
drove tho cnomy northward toward Chi-clmtz."
Peaccablo Measures.
London, Juno 7. A Times corre
spondent from Christiana says, on good
nutborlty, tho statement is mndo thnt
Sweden hns indirectly nssurcd Norway
that no forccnblo measure will bo em
ployed to keep her within tho bondiof
tbo present union.
King Protests.
Stockholm, Juno 7. King Oscar sent
a telegram to Premier Mlchaelson as
follews: "Hnvo received communica
tion of council of state, and record a
most decided protest against tho meth
ods and notion for tho movement."
Moro Damogo Boing Dono in Wisconsin
By Floods and Storms.
Milwnukcc, Juno 7. Another storm
swept tho mlddlo section of tho state
last night, flooding thousands of acres,
and causing moro dnmngo to crops. At
Mcnasha nil tho mills aro closod down.
Tho Wi odenwarq company this morning
lost a raft of 50,000 fcot of lumber.Ro
ports of dnmngo from different sections
of tho stnto aro continually growing.
St. Petersburg, Juno '7. Ambassador
Meyer hnd nn interview with Foreign
Minister Lnmsdorf, nt 11 o'clock last
night, nnd today wont to Tsarko-Sclo,
wlcro ho hnd n spcolol audienco with
tho emporor. Tho Czar's advisors nro
unanimously for pence.
Another Yacht Raco.
Cowcs, Iulo of Wight, Juno 7. The
Atlantic, Apncho, Utownnn and Vol.
halla hnvo been entered for n rnco from
Dover to Heligoland for another cup
offered by tho Kaiser. Thoy will start
Juno 17th.
Music Makers Capture Ci y
of Denver for Balance
of Week
Denver, Colo., Juno 7. Tho Nntlonnl
Federation of Musical Clubs, whoso
membership cmbraccst musical organi
zations in tlio chief cities throughont
tho country, began Its fourth biennial
convention hero todny ns tho guest of
tho Tucsdny Musical Club of this city.
Tho nttendnnco is tho largest in tho his
tory of tho federation's meetings. This
morning was devoted to tho reception
of tho' visitors nnd tho reports of tho
national officers. After luncheon nt
tho Denver Woman's Club tho dele
gates attended a concert provided by
prominent musicians belonging to tho
federation. The convention will con
tinue until tho end of tho week, and
the business sessions will bo inter
spersed with musical nnd social entertainments.
Two Convicts While Road
; Building Yesterday Escape
From the Guards
Two "trusties," Edward Louslgnot
and Fred Collins, told tho pcnltontlary
goodbye yesterday afternoon, and aro,
New Laws Go Into Effect In
State of Washing
ton Today
Olympic, Wash., Juno 7. Tho laws
passed .by tho recent lcglslnturo became
offoctlvo todny. Tho various commls-
at .this writing, still enjoying tho wild sions tako their office today, including
freedom of tho woods and tho absonco
of guards. Thoy wero in a gang on
gaged in road building, and wero in tho
charge of Guards Skipton nnd Byrno.
Tho escape was mado a few minutes bo
foro B o'clock, ns tho gunrds woro
rounding tho gang up for its return to
tho pen. Tho escapes wero cutting
brush, und when 'tho gunrd turned his
back for a moment they skipped. Tho
underbrush nt thnt point is very heavy,
nnd, onco In it, they had disappeared as
thoroughly ns n frog in u pond. A posse
wus organized ns son ns tho gang could
bo returned to tho pen, nnd a vigorous
pursuit was made, but, though tho
The Tailor Made Salts and the $3.50 Packard J
Shoes for Men Sold by
Sing their Own Song and Have a RECORD that
Never was Broken.
'I C)MvlOHvBtBvl0VvslvHVBvwMiwCvSvvOIflfvff0Bfi I1
Contempt Oaso Argued.
Tho Pnrkcrsvlllo drnintigo district
matter was nrguod this morning, but,
previous to beginning tho arguments,
tho proceedings wero dismissed ns to
Francis nnd Barbara Wattler. Tho at
torneys consumed tho larger portion of
tho morning in, prcsontlng their opin
ions on the matter, and Judgo Bellinger
hns tho wholo matter safely tuckod
posso claims to hnvo got within hoar
ing distance, nothing was seen of tho
Search began again this morning,
nnd, ns tho prisoners wero both men of
more thnn average size, and drosscd in
convict gnrli, it seems improbable that
tbyin remain loug nt largo. Super
intendent James Issued a description of
the men Inst night, sending it broadcast,
More Rioting.
St. Petersburg, Juno 7. Riotiug wns
renowed in tho districts of Khitchovnn
nnd Kirvln, where tho Tartnrs and Ar
menians engaged in bloody conflicts.
away undor his judicial hat, whore it nnd also offered lu'rownrd of $50 for tho
will remain until tho spirit moves tho enpturo of each.
judgo to mnko It public. It is ono of Louslgnot is 5 fcot, 0 inches in
thoso matters involving so mnny pooplo, I height, erect carriage; ngo 25; com-
with such divorso interests, nnd ono nlexion medium: brown hair: grny
! whero such bittor feeling has been,' eyes; weighs 102 pounds. Pit scar on
stirred up that tho courts aro gcnornlly right sldo of forohcad; cut scar outsido
lenient in dealing with thoso whoso fool- left wrist; number of cut scars on lit-
ings, opinions nnd bolicfs hnvo carried tlo Anger, left hand; largo cut scar sec-
them perhaps too far. At any rato, tho ond finger left hand; tho end hns been
scnlos of justico balnnco ovonly, and tho nearly severed and is crooked; two
tno railway commission. All passes
woro called in by tho rnllwnys. Among
tho now laws is tho nntl-grnft law,
which, if enforced, stops tipping.
First Conviction Under Ore
gon's New Whipping
Post Law
Portland, Or., Juno 7. Charles Mi
Glnty was convicted of beating hnr wfffe
this morning, to sccuro her raronrgsj,
and sentenced to 20 lashes. This !a tire?
first conviction under tho now whipping;
post law. Tho punishment was uHminuf
tered tills afternoon by n deputy sttoritlj.
using n eat-0-nIna tails on hfo oarer
back. East Btroko brought tho blood.
Marriage Licenses,
A marriage liconso wns issued today
to David Dragcr and Miss Lucretin
Chicago Markots. I Harry L. Spencer nnd Mary M. E.
Chicago, Juno 7. Wheat 88; corn, Dowlos wero granted a marriage liconso
51ii51V6; onts 3131. this afternoon.
Of Course You Ate Going to
the Lewis and Clark Fait
Salem Day
Wednesday, Jam 1 4th
On which day all Salem Stores will remain closed.
Sdlem wants to make a good showing, and vou as a
Jalemlte want to make a presentable appearance.
There may be some articles lacking In voor wardrobe.
ff there are, you will find that
matter will bo settled right.
Must Pay tho Tax.
Attorney-General Crawford has ren
dered nn opinion nt tho roquost of Stato
Trensur Moore, upon tho inheritance, tnx
law. Tho question was whether inhor
itanco tax is to bo paid on proporty
deoded, tho dcod to tako effect upon tho
death of tho grantor. Tho opinion is
to tho effect that, as tho doeds wore
made in contemplation of death, tho
proporty is subject to tbo inheritance
Nichols Oaso Up.
A matter of alimony and counsel foes
in the caso of West against West was
argued in department No. 2 this after
noon, and following it tho caso of Nich
ols against tho City, on a writ of re
view from tho recorder's court, was
taken up.
t4r J
v r-
rry & f Mj-jc
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Dy Goods, Clothing?
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Commissioners' Court.
Tho county commissioners' court is
in session, dovoting all its time to pass
ing upon claims against the county.
This will keep tho court busy all of to
morrow, and Friday, being the regular
road day, .will be devoted to matters
pertaining to highways.
Graduating Exercises.
The graduating exercises of tho Cob
lege of Oratory will occur tomorrow
evening nt tho M. E. church. Honry
Lawrence Southwick, dean of the Em
erson Collego of Oratory, Boston, Mass.,
will deliver the address. The public is
cordially invited.
largo scars right knee,
Collins is 6 feet 11 inches In holeht.
erect cnrrlngo; ago 20 yoars; complex
ion swnrthy; brown hair; gray eyes;
weight 180 pounds; nose broken and
crooked to tho loft; thrco scars loft
side, back of bead; brown molo outside,
right upper nrm; several moles nnd
scars on body; two cut scars just below
right kneo; cut scar iniddo right foot;
cut scar outside right calf,
Louslgnot wos arrested and convict
ed of horse stealing in Multnomah
county and began a sentonco October
22, 1004. Collins was arrested and con
victed of tho samo crimo nnd began sen
tenco May, 1004, each being sentenced
to serve thrco years.
! Fudge Fudge f
jLtmis i
178-480 STATE 330 COUBT.
1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 II H 1 1 1 1 1 t t
Delogatos-at-Large to Attend
Roads Convention.
Govornor Chamberlain has appointed
tho following delegatesat-largo to at
tend the good roads convention in Port
land, the soeslon holding from Juno 21
to 24, Inclusive!
Geo. W. Warren, Wnrronton; J. P.
Jones, Maelcay; W. P, Davidson, St.
Paul; Henry Hall, Prairie City; R. O.
Roper, Antelope; P. 8. Murphy, Perry;
W. J. Cook, Portland; Benj, Agce, Roso
burg; George Kohlhagen, Roseburg;
Bliss Darby, Glendnlo; John Hood, Al
bauy; O. I. Peterson, Astoria; II, M,
Trench, Waplnltia; C. L. Hartshorn,
Joseph; Qeo. L. Chase, Keno; Wm. Tn-
turn, Dallas; Walter KIrkwood, Hopo
well; J. L. Norwood, Hnrrisburg; J, M.
Stark, Independence; Nnpoleon Davis,
L, M. Ouiss, J. M, Sbottuck, Grcsham;
M. 8. Levy, Oeo. IJaird, A. E. Eaton,
Union; K. E. Connell, B. Vcrstocg, Port
land; D. W. Vaughn, Ooo. Cusslter, Sib
vertonj P. B, Holbrook, Irrigonj Clias.
Baker, Watervllle; P. J. Blakeley, Rose
burg; Fnul Sroat, Salem; J. W. Railoy,
Portland, O. H. Buck, Baker City.
Escaped front Indian School.
Two Indian boys, whoso homes are
in tho southern part of the state, yester
day left tho Cbemawa Indian school.
SCbey wero seen at Jefferson last even
ing, headed tot Albany.
Under directions from tho city au
thorities tho Citizens' Light & Trac
tion Company is having its tracks on
Stato strcot cleaned up and freed from
grass and other growth. Incidentally,
tho crow is nlso putting tho tracks into
n god stnto of repair, much to tho ben
efit of tho scrvlco on thnt street. Tho
city nlso has an auxiliary force of men
nt work cutting grass and hoeing out
the roots all nlong that Btrect, nnd when
tho work is complcto it will add greatly
to the sightliness nnd snnitnry im
provement of tho street. Sovcrnl oth
ers of Salem's prominent streets should
bo glvon n similar treatment. In fnct
there aro many Salem people who bo
Hovo if the efforts of tho city in tho
way of street work woro absolutely
confined to denning up until permanent
Improvements nro inaugurated thnt it
would bo tho best nnd most inexpensive
public policy. At tho snmo tlmo many
yards nro being elennod up nnd tho
spirit of that which is noxt to godliness
scorns to bo rife, henco it would not
como nmlss fur "nil eonccrnedsto' make
another move forwnrd In tho way of n
clean town. In short, lot us hnvo tho
cleanest plnco in Oregon, nnd just in
proportion ns this is brought nbout will
it bo tho best city in tho stntc.
Quiet in Striko Circles.
Chicago, Juno 7. A call wax signed!
this afternoon for a meeting aC tftlei
Chicago tenm ownors to consider tftw
lockout of 8000 truck drivers. Thfs ac
tion follows tho fnlluro of tho tcana
owners' committeo to sccuro an agree
ment to nrbltrato from tho toamstnrsc
In tho mcnntlmo tho tenmsters haver
named a peaco commission, with full!
powers to scttlo tho striko. President
Gibbons, of tho teamsters' joint couneiXy
who Is a member of tho committee, wXIK
nrrange a conferonco with the ouirdojcwn
boforo tho day is over. '
Thanks Mikado.
Roso, Juno 7. Tho rope todny uuT
drcssod nn nutogrnph letter to tho Em
peror of Japan, thanking him for the?
liberty grnntod tho Catholic mlsnlanUr
les, in allowing them to enter territory
conquered by tho Jnpaneso, nnd helping;
them to establish their houses.
Geo. W. Oray loft this morning tor
J. II. Albert left this morning for Hot
Lake, whoro ho will join Mrs. Albert.
Dr. E. A. Pierce loft this morning, to
accompany tbp stato bjtard of health,
which will meet tho Eastern Oregon
health board nt Baker City toTrrorrwj.
nnd will hold n meeting at Pendleton to
morrow ovcnlng. Dr. Yennlo, of Forl-
Innd, the now sccrotnry, will aceotn
pnny tho board.
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