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MAY, 1004, 13,287.
"The report of a special committee of
fthe city council on tlio report of the city
treasury Is-nn interesting revelation.
It shows that thero was urgent need
of adopting a new system of handling
ana Accounting for the- city rovonnes.
The report is still more- confusing
tlhan the former report. It docs not
agree frith itself, and docs not ngrco
with anything.
Nominally tho city has had a city
treasurer. But tho accounts of the
Swale nnd tho accounts of tho city treas
rarer wero carried on independently.
'The-Republican city administration
will have nccorapllshod something if It
rgcti any kind of a settlement of theso
Siverso reports.
Tire report now goes to tho commlttco
ton -ways nnd means, and they will prob
TaClBy liiro another export to continue the
It is to bo hoped this Investigation
will not only forco the adoption of n
Mystcm of handling tho treasury, but
tforco an actual settlement nnd produc
Hloo of the balances duo tho city,
rroao to tiie baltio.
& splto of tho stunning defeat sus
ttnlnod in tho Korean strait, Russia, it
must be remembered, Is slow to talk
peneo and unwilling to listen.
Tier equanimity, patlenco and per
sistence in tho face of hard luck havo
rcr bordered upon the sublime. Many
of tho greatest military triumphs in
licr history hnvo followed upon tho
lieels of great reverses that to nil but
Srersolf seemed crushing.
War cri tics who tako into considera
tion this fact that Russia novcr knows
whon sho is whipped uro saying that
alnro tho destruction of Rojostvonsky's
fleet Russia is really no worse off than
aho was before Japan now has control
of tho eastern sens, but so had sho bo
fore ltojcstvensky sailed. Defeat of
Togo, the war critics say, would have
left tho Jnpnnoso nrmy In Manchuria
-cut off from communication nnd sup
plies nnd beon tho beginning of tho
oml. Hut to Russia tho loss of n lot of
'battleships, useless to her anyway,
-means only a material reduction In ex
pense. But such vlow Is based on tho ns
tiumption that tho only posslblo field of
naval operations is tho onstorn seas.
Hero is n strango oversight.
Togo hnsns good right now to tnko
Ills victorious fleet to tho Baltic as lto
jcstvensky had to tako his to tho const
of Japan.
It would bo perfectly proper for To
go to return Rojostvonsky's visit and
glvo St. Petersburg a tnsto of what wns
threatened Toklo. This would seem to
bo good policy, particularly now since
Togo has nothing left to do In tho oast.
Undoubtedly Kmporor 'William and
tho French government would throw n
dozon fits and England horsolf bo ex
cited ovor such a move But what of
Did any far eastern power Invito Ho
jestvensky to go oast, or content to
Ids golngf No, Nor doos Togo need
invitation or oonsont.
Tho waters of the Baltio sen nnd tho
Gulf of Finland are no more sacred
-ngainst Invasion by a hostile fleot than
rero the waters of tho Yellow son and
tho Straits of Korea. Tho so. mo ocean
lilghwny is open from Japan to Rus
sia's enpltal as was open from Rutin's
capital to Japan,
Western Kurope nnd the world might
as well fneo tho "yellow peril" now
as at any time. All that has been sug
gested Togo could do, Ho would have
to do It in faco of tho fierce protest of
tho entire western world, and it would
Our Savings Bank Depart
ment will help you saVo. Do
posits of ono dollar or more
can bo made dally, weekly,
monthly, or at Irregular in
tervals. Interest at tho rato of three
per cont per annum, com
pounded semi-annually. Savo
something, no matter how lit
tle, and mako It earn more,
J. H. ALBEBT, President
H. M. OBOISAN, Vlco Prea,
JOS. IL ALBERT, Cashier.
? Life often seems too long to the woman who suf-
iers irom painiui penoas. ine eternal ueanng
down, headache, backache, leucorrhea, nervousness,
dizziness, griping, cramps and similar tortures are
dreadful. To make life worth living, take
It Eases Women's Pains
It quickly relieves Inflammation, purifies and enriches the blood,
strengthens tho constitution and permanently cures all diseased con
ditions from which weak women suffer.
It Is matchless, marvelous, reliable.
At all druggest's In $1.00 bottles.
freely and frankly, In strictest confid
ence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. We will send free advice
(In plain sealed envelope), how to
cure them. Address: Udlcs' Advisory
Dcpt., Tho Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
be one of tho boldest acts in history.
But what Is there to prevent hlrnf
If Jnpan is to succeed at all ngnlnst
hor slow, Btubborn, tough-skinned op
ponent, it must bo by somo such bold
killing stroke at tho heart. And if
Japan is to have success, that Is roal
sho must domlnato northern Asia, at
lenst, if not northeastern Europe.
Soon or late, If Japan wins nil to
which her glorious fighting entitles her,
tho contest must be drawn between
tho west nnd tho cast. Soon or late,
triumphant and progressive Japan must
dofy tho traditions and prejudices of
wostcrn Europe.
Why not nowf
It seems that in Wesconsln a bill
intonded ns preventivo of "rako off"
inadvertently contains a clauso which
makes it unlawful to glvo a "tip" to
a waiter or porter.
As an nnti-rako-off measure tho bill
was innocuous enough to excite little
interest. But as an nnti-tipplng meas
ure it has stnrted a cyclono of disap
proval. Yet an attempt to amend it
has failed. Tho legislature "stands
put," and hereafter In Wisconsin any
mhn who gives n "tlj'' or takes ono
will bo subject to n severe- penalty.
Religious freedom In Russia makes
strong appeal to tho world's humanita
rians, but freedom from tho tipping
prnctico In Wisconsin touches tho
American heart more tenderly still.
It Is tho little impositions nnd in
justices from which wo suffer most.
Tho magna uharta was n mighty step
towards human liberty, but It still loft
us slaves to tho hotel waiter and tho
Pullman porter.
If tho waiter does not got the sum ho
expects ho can make It so disagreoablo
that tho imfortunnto guest will glvo it
tho noxt timo In sclf-dofense. In many
European cltlos tho waitors get no
wagon, but nre required to pay some
thing for tho prlvllego of waiting on
tho guost. from which ho extracts his
pay. In this country it Is likely that
tho hotels get their waitors cheaper be
canso of tho tips, or, in othor words,
tho guest must pay for his meals at
such rate As will Ineludo rent, service,
etc., nud in addition must help In this
way to pay tho wages of the water, but
to tho landlord,
The system has driven tho waitors
more and moro into tho attitude of
sturdy beggars or highwaymen, and It
is becoming moro and moro intolerable
as a nuisance to the guests. Tho tip
Is no longer regarded ns a gratuity.
It Is demanded ns a right, and fow
waiters tnko the trouble to thank the
giver. If ho doos not glvo at all he
will soon bo sorry.
Wisconsin has made n groat advnnco
In human rights. Hero's hoping that
tho legislators of other states may
throw off tho thralldom of tho waiters
and mako froedom from "tips" unl
vcrsal. wa
Furious Fighting.
"For seven yoars," writes Goo. W.
Hoffman, of Harper, Wash., "I had a
blttor battle, with uhronlo stomach and
liver trouble, but at last I won, and
cured my disease by the use of Elec
trio Bittors. I unhesitatingly recom
mend tliom to all, and don't intend in
tho future to bo without them in tho
house. Thoy are oertainly a wonderful
modloine, to havo cured such a bad caso
as mine." Sold, under guarantee to do
tho samo for you, by J. 0. Perry, drug
gist, at SOo a bottle. Try thorn today.
The first torm begins on the first
Monday In May, and continues for
eight wooks. A thorough review will be
given in all branches thr high the tenth
grade. Address J, J, KRAFfl.
Writes Mrs. L. E. Clevenger, of Belle
view, N. C, "at my monthly periods,
oil my life, but the first bottle of Car
tful gave me wonderful relief, and now
I am In better health than I have been
fora long time. I think Cardul thegreat
est womar.'i medicine In the world."
Sold Too Soon.
Thero Is ono sheep mnn In Eastern
Oregon who regrets that ho sold his
wool so cartly In the season. Ho con
tracted it for 17 cents a pound and
had ho not dono so nnd sold it last
wook ho would havo probably received
22 cents or more. His loss was close
to $14,000 moro than a thousand dol
lars a month botwecn shearing tlmos.
Bnkor City Democrat.
To the Soaaldo and Mountain Resorts
for the Bummer Vacations.
On and after Juno 1, 1905, Hi
Southern Pacific, in connection with
the Corvallis & Bastern railroad will
have on sale round trip tickets from
points on their lines to Newport, Ta
quina and Detroit at very low ratee,
good for roturn until October 10, 1005.
Threo day tickots to Newport and
Taqulna, good going Saturdays and re
turning Mondays aro also on sale from
all oiflt aide points Portland to Eu
gono inclusive, nnd from nil west side
points, onnbllag people to visit -their
famillos and spend Sunday at the sea
side Soason tickets from all cast side
points Portland to Eugcno inclusive,
and from nil west side points are also
on sale to Dotrolt at very low ratea
with stop ovor privileges at Mill City
or any point oast enabling tourists to
visit tho Santiam and Brcltenbush Hot
Springs in tho Cascade mountains,
which can be reached in one day.
Season tickots will be good for re
turn from nil points until October 10.
Threo day tickets will bo good going
Saturdays and returning Mondays
only. Tickots from Portland and vl
olnlty will bo good for roturn via the
oast or west side at option of passen
ger. Tickets from Eugene and vicinity
will be good going via the Lebanon
Springfield branch, if deilred. Baggag
on Newport tickets checked through
to Newport; on Yaqilna tickets to Ta
qulna only.
S. P. trains connect with the 0. & B.
at Albany and Corvallis for Yaqulna
and Newport. Trains on the C. ts J!.
for Detroit will leave Albany at 7:30
a. m., enabling tourists to the Hot
Springs to reach thero the same day.
Trains from and to Corvallis conaect
with all east side trains on the S. P.
Full information ns to rates, time
tables, etc, can be obtained on appli
cation to J. Mayo, Gen. Pass. Agt., 0.
& E. R. R. Albany; W. E. Coraari,
O. P. A., 8. P. Co., Portland or to any
8. P. or C. & E. agent.
Rate from Salem to Newport $5.00.
Rate from Salem to Yaqulna $4.50.
Rate from Salem to Dotrolt $3.00,
Throo-day rate from Salem to Ya
qulna or Newport $3.00. 0 1 tf
Two attractive features of our busl
ness are: First, the excellent quality
of the groceries wo sell. Second, the
surprisingly low prices we ask. Wo are
confident you will bo moro than
3 Baker, Lawrence & Baker
Successors to Harritt k Lawrence,
Saino Old Kitchen.
Kansas City Jeurnal: Last winter a
Topcka society lndy wanted to got rid
of an old parrot which sho owned. It
had only ono tallfcathcr, but possessed
nn cttonslvo vocabulary of choice cuss
words. A bright idea struck her. Sho
was hostess for .n card party ono day,
nud she gave tho parrot as the booby
prize. Tho woman who won it took it
home, and bided her timo. It soon
enmo her timo to entcrtnln tho club nnd
furnish tho prizo. Sho gave tho parrot
ns tho booby prize, too. 'From that
time on tho parrott beenmo tho booby
prize, and made tho rounds of most of
tho homes of tho womon. Finally tho
woman who originated tho Idea won tho
booby prize tho othor day, and cnrrled
home tho old bird. Tho parrot recog
nized his former home, lio crnncd his
neck, blinked his oyes several times,
nnd then with disgust said: "Oh, lioll;
tho ldtchon's ns dirty ns ever."
Mado Good Appearance
Corvallis Times: Tho O. A. 0. endet
regiment mode tho trip to Portland nnd
return Thursday, nnd nppoarcd in tho
opening parado of tho Lowls and Clark
fair. About 350 m on wcro in lino with
a band of 30 pieces, and tho nccounts
nro that they mado n fino nppcarancc.
Ono mnn who saw thorn says they ap
peared to better ndvnntago when In
lino than did tho regulars from Van
couver. Tho cadets from tho Washing
ton Agricultural Collcgo wcro nlso In
lino. The trip of tho O. A. C. mon wns
mado by special train, npproprlntcly
decorated nud ndorncd for tho occasion.
Tho arrival home in tho evening wns
shortly nftcr 0 o'clock.
Tortare of a Preacher.
Tke story of the torture of Rev. 0.
D, Moore, pastor of the Baptist shurch,
f UsrpersTllle, N. Y., will Interest
you. He says: "I suffered agonies,
because of a persistent cough, resulting
fron grip. I had to sleep sitting p la
bed. I tried many remedies, witkoat
relief, uitll T took Dr. King's New
Discovery for Connsmptloa Goeghs and
Colds, which eutirely cured my eoegh,
aad saved me from consumption." A
grand care for diseased conditions of
Tkront and Lungs, At J. C. Perry's
Drug Store. Price 6(5 e and $1.00, guar
anteed. Trial bottle free.
Pnln may go by the namo of rheuma
tism, neuralgia, lumbago, pleurisy. No
matter what nnmo tho pnlus are called,
Holllstcr's Rocky Mountain Tea will
drlvo them away. 33 cents Tea or
Tnblots. Stono's Drug Store.
Tho Southern Pacific Company
Will sell tickots, Salem to Boswcll
Springs nnd return up to and Including
Soptcmbor 30, 1005, 1005, llmltod to 30
dnys, rato of $5.55, 0-5-tf
It you aro troublod with indigestion,
constipation, sour stomach, or any other
pain, Hollistor'a Rocky Mountain Ton
will mako you well and keep you well, 35
cents, Tea or Tnblots. Stono's Drug
For Infants and Children.
Hie Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Wo print tho kind of
Stationery that will glvo
Your Business a good
Let us figuro with you
Phono 2053
To the Coantry People
When in town take your meals at the
Star Reeiearant, 339 Court Street, ad'
joining Wade's hardware store. Meals
at all aowa, 15 cents. Phone 301 Bed.
A. 8am, Ckmah IUlu tHtxmmmtmilimrwTicm
mi iiowa to nil v a; Be-oi a
MIIjMm ewu WUlM4UuMttrUl.WlMlllMr
VeWeimleWL MelM rt, UJMf lni(M4es
UNITKP MEDICAL CO.sT4, Umoastvu. .
Sold In Stlem by$. a Stone.
Do You Roci.Yi Thisi Winliss Misstgu?
They Are About Your Health.
When your health goes the least bit wrong, a wireless message
is sent to your brain.
It says something like this :
"You aro not qulto woll-tako a doso of
nt onoo and It will put you right." 1.
Do you attend to theso messages when you receive them?
You should do so. BEECHAM'S PILLS often prevent a serious
illness, and so prove themselves
Sold Evorywhoro In Boxob, IOo. and 20c
Reading, Pn., Juno 7. Tho unveiling
of a hnndsomo monument to tho Into
President McKInley mado this tho big
day of tho annual stato encampment
of tho Grand Army of tho Republic.
Several thousand veterans nnd many
j Manufacturers of Oregon Pine Lumber.
Shlnglos, Extra AAA 1.85 per M
5 Ith S2.50 peril
J Sawdust, largo load 1.00
M Sawdust, small load go
The Chas. K. Spaulding Logging Co.
S HA t.tim rfavrirw
Mills at Newborn
During tho Lewis and Clark
exposition tho O. C. T. Co. will '
mako tho following rate: Salem
to Portland, ono way, 75 cents j
round trip, $1.00.' Tickets good
for ten days. Boats lenvlng dally.
Dock Foot of Trado Street
Sash and doors. All kinds of bouse
ftnlsblng. 'Phono 131 black. Also two
floors of waxebonse for !ent; elevator
aud switching facilities.
Hte Wing Sang Co
China and Japanese Fancy Goods, Mat
tings and Dry Goods, Bilks, Em
broidery Laces. Mako up new line
Qenta' and Ladies' Furnishing Ooods,
Suite, Wrappers, Sklrta, Whito TJnder.
wear. Salo cheap. Court street, Balem,
Oregon. 'Phone Black 3165.
( i
Yhen you want Hop Baskets, i
Fruit Boxes, Trays for fruit
Dryera, call on j
G. F Mason ii
Miller Street, South Salem, Phono
2191 Bed.
Edison Phonograph Agency,
Oasollne Lamps, Mantels, Qasollne,
Typewriters, New, Second-Hand. Rent.
214 Com'l St, Phono Main 401.
" ' - '
New Blacksmith Shop
We have purchased a new shop just
west ef the Y. M. O. A. building. Work
of all kinds done promptly, first-class
and reasonable.
Formerly located near Barnes Cash
other visitors took part in tho oxer,
ciscs of tho day. Orntions at the un
veiling wcro rtoHvorod by a number of
speakers of wide prominence.
Admiral Togo's message to tho fleet
ns It stnrted to engage tho Ruwiaaj
wns, "Youinro nil expected to do tb
m ii
O JOu 153 T O XT, 2 JZx. .
Be-srs the j1 Jto KM V03Hsrirj BmK
and Salem. 5
Dut tbe'yeung one that pays cut hli
good money for dry, tough nnd inferior
meats when he ea get prime, juicy and
tender steaks, ehops and filets for tnt
same price right here at all times. Oor
meats aro eut from the best fed and
fattsst cattle, and Is always satlsfaetorr
Stato Street Market.
Phono 291.
ffiwn fr
3 WM f .
MS?4 l W
'.'Vi.as v .m
'HE JU-'Hsiid
'nV-kV i !' r I' I
From our laundry in linen, pertain
or Madras shirts, whito linen eouw
and sun's, fancy vests, dock or erta
..u. A- I........ rii A waa1 IaaIc M
well as when you first buy them, Is
or or finish. We do not fado tt "
natn ftnlnr nt vnur nfMlcea shirts
waists, and your euffa and eollsri
kcop fresh longor from our pen
methods than by any other ia Orfp
Special rates on family work.
Salem SteamLaundry
250 Liberty Streot. P1"D i
- .nnnT nv RPTllNfl
primltivo method in tho use
primauve meinoaa m "
ferior flour. Tho Salem mill
primatlve methods In the u
the best now made, and bew
... ...? It eosi1
any mat ever w ""- -- .
all the nutritioua qualities UM
be got out of tho ery test - .
is sweetest and best flavored
Ik m
VJ -8
corio.mt InWfw A ' i
cereal feed products.

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