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pjrtly cloudy tonight and Friday.
NO. 134.
paf Department Says Grave
Foreign Complications
Have Arisen
Russia Takes Steps to Ascer-, Cloudburst of Salem Citizens
I'cw York, Juno B. Tho sailing or
Kjuftdron for Frnncc, to bring homo
body of John Pnul Jones has boon
Definitely postponed" by orders
m tho war department. Reports nro
rent tlmt tho postponement is duo
"gravo foreign complications," ono
which Is snld to bo tho discovery
that Gormnny hns secured n strategic
baso in tho Cnrrlboan sen for n coaling
station nnd water at tho island of 8t.
Thomas, through tho medium of tho
Hamburg-Amorlcan line. Troublo over
tho interment of tho llussian cruisers
at Manila is also given ns a can so of
tho postponement. Admiral Sigsbco is
still at Washington.
Wilmington, Del., Juno 8. A ton
bnil bout between Hnrry Lowls nnd
lung Krno is slatod for tho nrenn
a local nthcltic club tonight. Tho
lo met in n six-round contest some
ho ago, nnd although Lowls fairly
la tho decision, Krno and his man
tra wcro not satisfied with tho ro-
It. Tho present match at ton rounds
Inltcd from this dissatisfaction.
bother their ring generalship will
It over tho Increased routo nnd
ether Lewis can retain his skill in
ten round bout lmvo excited tho
rioslty of tho ring followers, nnd
largo crowd is expected to bo on
Id to witness tho contest.
chigart City Threatened With a So-
rious Flood,
Jrand Rapids, Mich., Juno 8. Two
bdrcd men nnd 50 towns worked nil
Elit strengthening tho dyko which
Mis tho water back from tho West
e. Tho rlvor is rising steadily, nnd
low section north of tho city is bo-
rapidly submerged, and wholo fam-
aro fleeing for safety. Tho city
rkct Is floodod, and tho railroad
pco is in danger.
riymouth, Eng., Juno 8. Wliilo tho
submarine "A-8" was manuovoring oft
tho port this morning thrco explosions
occurred, and tho boat sank. Of 18
men nboard, only four wcro rescued.
Divers nro nt work on tho sunken ves
Tho Bubmnrlno lies in eight fathoms
of water. Tho first intimation of dis
aster cmno when tho submarlno slg
nailed it was submorged and could not
como to tho surface A slgnnl was re
eclved shortly beforo noon nnd said:
"All right." Up to tho present timo
thoso who wcro saved wcro standing in
tho vicinity of tho conning tower at
tho timo" of tho dlsnstor, nnd woro
picked up by a passing trawlor. Thoy
woro Lieut, Candy, commander; Sub
Llcutonnnt Murdock, a potty ofllccr
nnd a seaman.
Enter Trotost.
Washington, Juno 8. A dologntlon
merchants from Muskogeo, I. T nr-
d today to protest to tho President
sccrctnry of tho intorlor against
I collection of tho trlbnl tax assessed
Unit whlto men doing business in
Will Spar Tonight.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Juno 8. Tho
Olympic Athletic Club has arranged n
promising enrd for its patrons tonight
nnd also for tho visiting Elks who nro
lioro in groat nuinbors for thoir annual
stnto convention. Tho main bout of
tho evening will bring togcthor Char
loy Ncnry of Mihvaukco and Aurclia
Horrorn of Ban rranclsco for a ton
round bout. It will bo tho first timo
cither of tho men hns fought irr Michi
gan. Iloth lmvo been training faith
fully slnco tho match wns mado nnd
from nil appoarancos nro in fino fottlo
for tho contest. Undor tho terms of
i territory. Thoy ask dolny in tho
ection, In order to toko tho case to their agreement they will woigh in at
froprcmo court. '130 pounds.
tf Course You Are Going to
the Lewis and Clark Fair
Salem Day
Wednesday, Jam 1 4th.
&n which day all Salem Stores will remain closed.
palem wants to make a good showing, and you as a
enilte want to make a presentable appearance.
there mav fei come ntHefps faptrlficv In vof wafdrnfi.
ere are, yotf will find that
awJ5(Zdy& JsC0Je
is able to supply you with the correct styles in
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Shoes, Hats, Shifts,
Neckwear, Hosiery
everything in ladies' and men's furnishings at remark
low prices.
Salem's Cheapest One Price Cash Store.
tain Peace Conditions Japan
Will Demand
St. Petersburg, Juno 8. As a result
of tho meeting of tho council of minis
ters held nt tho Tsarkoo-Selo pnlaco,
instructions lmvo been tolcgrnphcd to
tho Itusslnn ambassadors at Washing
ton nnd Paris to tho effect that Russia
is desirous of learning Japan's pcaco
Oalcld on President.
Washington, Juno 8. Ambassador
Jusscrand called on tho President at
0:30 this morning. It is believed ho
rqcelvod a dispatch from his govern
ment ns to tho nttltudo of Itussia ro
garding pcaco.
Ask tho Czar.
On lenvlng tho Whlto Houso Jussor
nnd refused to bo interviewed. Whon
nskod whether Itussln hnd requested
poaco terms from Japan ho replied:
"I can say nothing. You should ask
tho Czar."
. Russians Ropulsod.
Tokio, Juno 8. Marshal Oyama re
ports that on tho morning of Juno 7th
a body of Russians ndvancod upon tho
Yan Pin men, but was repulsed, and
fled in confusion to tho northoast, with
tho exception of skirmishes botween
scouts tlicro is no chnngo to report.
Refuses to Talk.
Washington, Juno 8. Secretary
Taft had n Jalk with" tho President
thU morning regarding' tho Itusso-
Will Flood Exposition
From a condition of npathy in tho
matter of visiting tho Lowls and Clark
fair on Salem dny, our pooplo lmvo
suddenly gono to tho other cxtrcmo,
nnd aro n unit in thoir determination
to show our neighbors down tho river
what kind of a crowd n city it credits
with -1000 population enn turn out. Ev
erybody is going, nnd will tnko tho
wholo family, too. Tho stores will all
closo, nnd thoy might ns well, for tlicro
will bo no customers left in town to pat
ronlzo them. Mr. Stockton not only
closes but pays tho expenses of his
employes, and others may follow that
example. Tho clgnr stores, which, llko
tho brodk, "flows on forovor," and
which lmvo never boon known to closo,
will bo shut up tight nnd fast, so tlicro
won't bo even n placo whoro a follow
can sit down and rend a paper or
smoko ft cigar. Wiloy Zlnn, who fur
nishes ico cream and soda nnd all tho
enndtes and good things that delight
tho girls, will shut up that famous ro
sort Ho says warm water is good
enough or thoso to drink who stay nt
homo on that day, and tho other resorts
will stand sldo by sido along with him.
Tickets aro on Kilo nt tho 'places
named bolow, and It is urged that thoso
1 intending to tnko tho trip purchaso
thoir tickets early. This is necessary
for tho' information of tho railroad
company, nnd tho comfort nnd convo
nienco of tho excursionists, for only in
this way can tho company know how
Miss Hattie Dement Loses Life
In Hotel Fire at
Myrtle Creek
Roscburg, Juno. 8. The firo which
destroyed tho Myrtlo Creek hotel nt
that place, together with tho contents,
oarly this morning, resulted in tho
death of Miss Ilnttio Domont, ono of
tho managers of tho hotel. Sho wns
suffocated, as hor charred remains woro
found on tho remnants of hor be'd.
Nino others csenpod by jumping from
upper story windows in their night
clothes. Ono lodger will logo nn nrm,
from n sovoro burn. Tho not proporty
loss is $0000.
Elizabeth, N. J Juno 8. Elizabeth
held high carnival today in celebra
tion of tho 125th nnnivcrscry of the
battlo of Ellzabcthtown. Features of
tho celebration included n mammoth
parado of military nnd patriotic socie
ties, followed by tho dedication of a
hnndsotno monument commemorating
tho battlo. Tho celebration concludes
tonight with a naval demonstration on
tho Schuylkill in which launchos and
numerous other craft from all tho near
by const and river towns will tnko
The Tailor Made Suits and the $3.50 Packard
g Shoes for JVIen Sold by
Changes Her Will.
Now York, Juno 8. It is reported
that a new will was mado tho day be
foro her death by Mrs. Charity Ilayr
nirminghnm, Ala., Juno 8. This won
a rod letter day for tho Masonic frn
tornlty of Birmingham nnd vicinity.
Tho occasion was tho laying of tho
cornerstone of tho now Mnsonlo tem
plo, tho ovont being attended by prom
inent Masons from nearly all parts of
Alabama. Tho now tcmplo occupies n
conspicuous location nt tho corner of
Nineteenth stroot nnd Sixth nvonuo,
and will cost when complotcd about
Will Bring Remains.
Now York, JuAo 7. Tho second
squadron of tho North Atlnntlc floet,
consisting of tho cruisers Brooklyn,
Chnttanoogn, Galveston and Tacom-i,
in commnnd of Rear Admiral Sigsbco,
is anchored off Tompkinsvlllo, nnd will
I tall for Cherbourg, whjro it will To
ward, of California, who died in Now!
i iorK, juno jsi. ji win mono great ccivo tll0 romuns of John Pnul Jones,
8- changes in tho distribution of nn oight- w,c, wm jj0 transferred to Annapolis,
, milllnn-dollnr estate. It is understood fnr flnnj interment.
S'tho urovlouB will loft tho cntiro cxtato -n
Sing their Own Song and HaVC a RECORD that S I t0 n chl1'1 of MrB- Andrew Rose, of Eugene is going to lmvo a soap man-
O O CD ' "TrttO Vll lilt- t,s InUna .In.mnHi t.nl nmt vulnlVA 1 M n nI1 IflllnilpV fl Tl ll
1V1 1U4A, UUlr HIV til ill' J MUV 111111.' II b liallUlUIJj IIUIU tIMU VIH, IIIMMMI
names other bcnoflolnrlcs. motllcntcd Boapa will l)o mailo.
Never was Broken.
Japanese situation,
iiaiko n statomont.
Another Defeat Necessary.
Berlin, Juno 8. Tho German forolgn
ofllco is very skeptical nbodt tho out
como of tho prosent penco efforts. Of
ficial! express tho boliof that tho op
timistic vlows held iu somo qunrters
that penco will bo brought about nro
premnturo. It is believed that ono
moro crushing defeat to tho llussian
land forces is necessary boforo over
tures for pcaco aro beguu.
Appealed to President.
Vlonnn, Juno 8. Tho New Frco
Pron p-ibl'shis a 'cport received from
n banking sourco at Triest saying tho
Szar had nppoaled directly to Presi
dent Roosevelt, asking him to inediato
for Itussia and Japan.
Had Family Council.
St. Petersburg, Juno 8. It is re
ported on good authority that Ambas
sador Moyer's audlenco with tho Em
peror nt Tsarkoo-Selo yesterday was
preceodod by a family council, at
which timo a decision was reached for
peace, if Japan's conditions wcro not
too onerous.
Through With Business.
Salt Lake, Juno 8. Tho "Western
Foderatlon of Minors today elected W.
A. Moyer, president for next year, and
choso Denver as tho placo for tbo next
convention. They will adjourn tonight.
Chicago Markets.
Chicago, Juno 8. Wheat 8586
com, 5052Vi; oats, 3031M.
For Your Health
Sako drink Pure Soda Water at our
Twentieth Century Soda Fountain. No
tleo that tho syrups are storod in iter
Hired silver-capped bottles standing on
ico in plain view--not concealed in
dark, tin tanks not drawn through
sticky spigots no contamination or
metalie corrotion possible.
W. T. 8TOLZ & 06,
382 State Street.
W. T. Stole.
P. O. Myers.
declined to many earn to provide. Solf-comfort de
mands It, nnd tho moro cars tho better
showing for tho elty. Snlcm hns for
yonrs Leon moro or loss pulling in oppo
sito directions, but this furnlshos an
opportunity whoro nil creeds, degrees
nnd factions may unito for tho ono
common cause, to Greater Salem's
glory. Tho tldo of public sontiracnt
is nt tho spring, nnd swoops overythlng
boforo it, nnd thoso who try to swim
against tho curront will find It a thank
less and losing taslc. Wo havo mado up'
our minds to celebrate, nnd lmvo beon
given a special day at tho fair, nnd us
wo nro going to do it, lot us do it right.
As good cltizons, with n prido in our
beautiful homo city, wo should nil do
our llttlo part, nnd swell tho stream
that will flow through tho exposition
gates noxt Wodnosdny, Salem's day.
Tickets will cost $1.05 for tho round
trip, and aro on salo at tho following
Patton Bros.'
W, H. Burkhardt 4 Co.
L. E. Hooker.
J. C. Perry.
J. L. Stockton tc Co.
Vnntis & Steelhammer.
Henry Wiprut & Co,
Oco. W. Wnters & Co.
V. A. Wigcins'.
W.W. Zlnn's.
This being an excursion, tho tiokots
will have to bo exchanged at tho com
pany's ticket office, nnd ns each will
have to bo signed by tho purchnsor In
tho presence of tho agent, it is abso
lutely necessary that tho tickets bol
purchased and tho exehango mado be
foro tho 14th, Tickets will bo issued
by the company in oxohango on Tues
day, tho 13th, nnd Wednesday morn
ing, but, to reiterate, it will In impos
sible to issue thoso tickets unless prac
tically all of thorn aro put out tbo day
When plnnning your purchnso tho question will nrlso ns to tho most
dcslrnblo placo to do your shoppiug. Wo aro In a position to supply your
wonts nt n great snving to you. Bo member ovory pioco of
In the establishment (except contract goods) is radically reduced in
price It will bo our plcasuro to demonstrate tho fact that wo glvo tho
greatest values in tho city.
Specials for Friday Morning
Do your sboppiig in the forenoons and tako advantage of tho exceptional
bargains we aro offering until 12 o'clock, noon.
75c Rugs Reduced to - 5 fie
$ t, 25 Rags Reduced to - - S5c
$.50 Rags Reduced to - $MO
$3.00 Rugs Reduced to - $.95
$4.50 Rags Reduced to - $3-40
Toole Oath of Allegiance,
Christiana, Juno 8. M. Loevland
has been appointed minister of foreign
affairs by tho now government. All of
ficers of tho army and navy today took
the oath of allegiance. Norwegian dip
lomatic officers at Stockholm have
boon rcaallod.
North and West Bosebcrg havo been
annexed, and each will bo made a
Broken lots of which there nro
one, two and thrco pairs at prices
thnt nro vory tempting.
$3.25 Nottingham $2G0
$4.C0 Nottingham 3-00
$5.00 Nottingham 3-05
$7.50 Nottingham 4.00
$5.00 Brussel Net 3-05
$0.50 Brussel Net 4-80
$1.25 Muslin Ruffled 08
$2.75 Alexandrian 2-05
$4.00 Louis XIV 2-05
$5.00 Motifany 3-05
Distinetivo suits for men. For
tho season's service our clothing
has struck twelve. Ours aro tho sym
bol of discerning. Thoy lmvo tho
earmarks by which tho most ex
clusive to-order tailor garments aro
identified und nt about half of tho
prico asked by them vigorous graco
of lino and curve, and corroet pro
portions and in stylo distinctive.
Tho newest styles always.
$7.50 to $25.00
Travelers' Requisites,
Trunks, Valises,
Suit Cases.
Our stock comprises all that
new und best in thesp lines, beside
a much larger assortment and low
er prices than you'll find elsewhere.

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