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fair tonight Friday warmer.
NO. 130".
Leading Russian Paper De
clares the Role of the Ct&t
Is Terminated
St. Petersburg, Juno 15. Tho Ituss
today dcclnres tho government, without
the people's support, Is Impotent to
tootlnuo the war, nnd will bo compelled
to accept nny terms. Only a national
Msembly, It Insists, can now savo tho
situation. It adds: "All decent clash
es of society arc unanimously of tho
opinion that tho present regime is done
for, and that wo must begin tho history
of a new llussia, a Russia for tho people.
Schooner Carmenclta Being
Run Down by a
Revenue Cutter
San Francisco, Juno 15. Tho United
States government is threatened with
suits for largo amounts by P. J.
Woodslde, It. J. Ryan and other prom
inent shipping men, who wcro indicted
for alleged conspiracy to catch seals in
violation of tho inw, resulting in tho
stamp of piracy being plnccd on tho
schooner Caruincncltn. Tho accus'od
not only deny that thoy owned tho
Carmenclta, but that sho has not dono
anything contrary to tho law of tho
United (states. Nothing has been beard
from tho Carmenclta, which is somo-'
vrhero in Uchrin Sen, with tho revenue
cutter Dear in pursuit.
Philadelphia, Juno 15. Tho council
commltteo on street railways mot at
noon and recommended tho repeal of
tho trolley ordinances, roccntly passed
over tho mayor's veto. It is understood
that tho council will accept tho recom
mendation of tho commltteo.
Boundary Day.
Portland, Or., Juno 15. Tho COth
anniversary of tho signing of tho
treaty botweon tho United States and
Great Britain, establishing tho 40th
parallel us tho boundary lino in tho
Northwest, was commemoratod today
by tho dedication of tho Oregon build
fng nt tho exposition, and tho dollvcry
of tho exposition building by tho state
commission to Qovornor Chamberlain
with appropriato ceremonies.
Secretary Taft Thinks the
Pacific Coast Prejudiced
Against Chinese
Oxford, Ohio, Juno 15. Secretary of
War Taft delivered tho address at tho
commencement exercises of Miami
University today. Ho spoko of Rooso
velt's ortort to terminate tho war In
tho Far Kast as a distinct gain to our
national prestige Ho rofcrrcd to tho
indlscrlminnto enforcement of tho Chi
ncso exclusion laws, contending it was
bottcr to disregard tho unrcaonablo
demands of n portion of tho communi
ty in tho far West, who were deeply
prejudice!, and to insist upon extend
ing duo 'justlco nnd courtesy to a poo
plo from whom wo nro likely to derive
immense benefit in tho way of inter
national trado. Jn tho efforts to catch
the coolio lnbor tho United States was
exposed to contumely nnd insult, and
many merchants and students who hnd
n right to como to tho United States.
On tho subject of tho Philippines ho
said ho did not for a moment contend
that for years thoy would provo any
thing but a burden to tho United
Stntcs. Thoy had been forced upon us
against our will, ho declared, as trusts
to bo administered, and wo should bo
recreant to our high duties as a na
tion if wo failed to meet tho' obliga
tion. Wo bcllovo that ultimately self
government is best for all people, nnd
that all pcoplo can bo prepared by con
stant lnbor and attention to enjoy tho
blessings of civil liberty.
Caged Wild Man Undertakes
to Eat up the Balance
I of the Crowd
Vienna, Juno 15. Throo persons were
killed and IS Bcrlously nnd 40 slight
ly injured as tho result of a fight nt n
porform'nnco given by a trnvcllng show
nt Dorokgybas, Hungary. A pheasant
boy volunteered to act as a subjoct for
tho "cannibal net." Several wero bit
ten by n caged wild man. Tho casuab
tics occurred during a fight caused by
an nttempt of relatives to rcscuo the
Cannot Boo Tolstoi.
Aro Still Booflng.
Chicago. Juno 15. District Attor
ney Morrison and Assistant Attorney-
General Pagin havo roturnod from
, Washington and resumed chargo of tho
boot trust innulrv. "Tho crand jury
St. Petersburg, Juno 15.-Tho govern wlu g0 on wJtu tM0 WOrk," said Morrl.
ment has declined to allow Count gon jo r0fuso fo discuss his trip to
Tchertkoff, Tolstoi's representative in Washington.
England, to hnvo an intorviow with . ,
the famous author. Tchertkoff camo ' Chicago Markets.
from Fngland on purpnso for tho in- Chicago, Juuo 15. Whoat, 80
tmicw. 87; corn, 5Bf);63l4; oats 30J630
Russia and Japan Will Settle
Peace Times in
Washington, D. C, Juno 15. Wash
ington has bocn selected for tho place
for holding tho penco conference be
tween Russia nnd Japan.
President Roosovclt has issued tho
following! "When tho two govern-
menta of Russia and Japan wcro unable
to agree on cither Cbcfoo or Paris, tho
President suggested Tho Hnguo, but
both governments havo now requested
that Washington bo chonon as tho plnco
of mooting of tho plenipotentiaries, and
tho President has accordingly notified
both governments that Washington will
bo selected."
A Thing
Of Beatrty
Tho Summit Town nnd Country La-
tots' PLlrt-A thing of beauty becauBO
of its natty, pleasing, graceful lines
f tylc, A joy forever boeauso of its
aVlipjous freedom of action; for that
delightful artistic mannish effect,
kieh is neither unsightly or common
place No fussing with endless uncom
fortable stocks or collars, no tlmo lost
la dressing, just a button or two, a
bright, soft tie knotted under tho col
lr. and there you are, neat and at
tractive, ready to work or play. A
combination never beforo attained in
woman's wear, and, because of It, a
"cessary permanent part of every wo
nsa'a wardrobe.
View these reproductions from life;
Mto that same jaunty, smart effect,
blether it bo for street, house, school,
office or athleties; whether It be warn
' w'ks, batiste, ehallie, mohair, flan-
LIs, hnen or other desirable cloths;
Aether It be in white, red, blue, green,
brown, champagne or any of the great array of color oreatious.
It is a praetleal, sensible idea, a thing that is here to stay, good for to
'lay, tomorrow, forever. A garmont that discriminating dresser charac
terize as being a royal contribution to woman's comfort. Try one and
beeomo a willing devotee of the Town and Country Ladles' Shirt.
NJ-" T"
Waa the first to show them in Salem. We get them direat from the fao
tory that originated the new idea. You'll save money if you buy bem
from bj. ' .
Chicago Grand Jury Getting
Busy but Situation Re
mains Unchanged
Chicngo, Juno 15. Evldonco of es
tablishing conspiracies on tho part of
lnbor loaders Is said to hnvo been fur
nished today by John 0. Driscoll, who
resumed bin testimony boforo tho grand
jury, Tho jury is propared today to got
at tho vital ovidenco on which indict
ments will bo based, if tho charges are
corroborated, Driscoll, according to
District Attornoy Heady, will furnish
tho names, dates, places and victims of
tho alleged conspiracies, and may bo
forced to go boforo tho grand jury nnd
talk. Tho stato board of arbitration
has not given up hopo of sottllng tho
teamsters' striko. Today it is an
nounced tho board had formed a peaco
proposition which had been acceptod
by the teamsters, but rojeeted by the
employers, IU terms wore not made
When the grand jury adjourned for
luneli State's Attorney Hoad said
"The grand jury this morning received
evldonee from Driaeell that will keep
this ofllco busy for a week issuing sub
poenas." He intimated that the sub-
ponenes would include somo very prom
inent men in the labor ranks and busi
ness elroles. Driscoll ' testimony be
gan with his first connection with la
bor matters in 1802. He asserted that
probably 50 per cent of the labor lead
ers in Chicago had received money
from him as intermediary for tho set
tlement of strikes, or to ward off im
pending difficulties. Many of those
leaders, he claimed, resolved money
regularly, some every week. He de
nied, that bo ever paid a cent to any
body to call a strike. Ho recited tbu
history of the National Biscuit strike,
hotel and waiters, street car, coal team
sters, office and building strikes.
Mation Pouted a
Happy People
Salem dayl That was yesterday. All
morning tho stroot cars wero busy carry
ing tho 1200 down to tho depot, where,
even nt so early an hour that Tho Jour
nnl man had not "got there," tho ten
big conches wcro filled with tho beauty
and youth of Mnrlon county, whose
cheeks and eyes woro bright and spark
ling from tho morning ozone. Tho big
platform was filled with an overflow
crowd, who looked anxiously nt thoso
chattorlng nnd smiling on tho othor
side of tho car windows, nnd when tho
7:15 train pulled in from Jefferson with
seven big conches thcro was a scram
bllng to get aboard that reminded ono
of a Republican convontion. And then
tho soven enrs pulled out and backed
in again, nnd took tho long string of
conches off for a day, Salem day, down
at tho exposition, Two big locomo
tives, ono baggage car and 17 conches,
loaded to tho doors, carried Salem's
delegation. It was a jolly crowd suro,
for thcro wero no "vacant 'chairs" to
causo a tear of sorrow. Indeed Tho
Journnl man saw somo situnttons duo
to crowded conditions that mado him
wish ho was also of tho crowd. Hut a
hard fate, nnd an unlucky draw at tho
straws forced him to stay at homo
aud write of those who wont, in such
cheerful mood as ho could muster.
Ruminating on tho Ills of tho world,
tho hard luck ono plays In, and, Inci
dentally getting all those harsher feel
ings softoned by tho scent of rono nnd
beauty of lnwn, tho freshness of tho
morning and tho unlimited ozono that
pouN l down from tho Cascades'. lit
seemed when tho train pullod out tfastfl
all Sjilom hnd moved to PortlamT, yHfc
going back to town ono had to wondot
lf my ono had gone. Thcro were at
thousand away, but, though a fact o
two seemed lacking, when ono stopped)
to flguro on tho situntion, thcro did, aofc
soem to bo any missing from town. Ow
ing to tho storos being closed tho town
hnd a quiet look, a sort of Sunday
poet, as in tho old times, when tho sa
loons wero wide open on tho sldo; bat
really tho poople who down to tho city
under tho blaso of tho tall tower light
can never rcnlizo how llttlo they worn
Program at Portland.
This wna carried out to tho let for on
tho portico of tho beautiful Omgets
building. Mnyor Waters was Intro
duced by John II. Albert, in n fitting:
speech; ho rcspondod briefly, nnd in
troduced Col. J. II. Blggor, who maStt
tho formal address, setting forth the
glories of tho Cnpltal City. Tho Stal
wart quartet covered Itself with glory,.
and was tho star numbor on tho pro
gram, and when they sang tho songa cC
gjory about tho old flag, that emblem,
waved ovor tho heads of tho crowd, awE
there was tho greatest enthusiasm.
Hon. J. M. Shelly, of Dngone, wna pre
cnt nnd Bpoko eloquently for the capi
ta! of tho state. Tho tmin left for Sa
lem at 10s30 p. in., und wda flUol to
Its utmost capacity. Tho crowd wa
(Continued on fifth pago.)
Soonds Wee a broad as
sertion; bat some of oar cus
tomers who have traveled
say that oar Ice Cream Soda
la the best they have found
any where. Pare fralt fla
vors ia what does it.
38S State Street
WvT. Stolr,
Shamrock and Snow Shoe
Unite and Norway
Isn't in it
Windsor, Bnglnnd, Juno 15. Prlncoss
Mnrgarot of Connnught, nlcco of King
Edwnrd, was marriod today to Princo
Adolphus, of Sweden, tho Swedish
crown princo. Tho ceremonies woro
performed at St. dcorgo's chapel
grounds, at Windsor castle, by tho
Archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by
the Piishop of Oxford and several other
ecclesiastics officiating. Tho etrocts
and houses of Windsor wcro beautifully
decorated with flags and flower, and
the chapel was filled with royal and dis
tinguished guests, inoluding tho diplo
matic corpa. Members of the Ilrltisb
and Swedish royal families occupied
front sonts in the chapel, Tho brief
sorvieo of tho Church of Kngland was
used. Following the ceremony tho par
ty drove to Windsor castle in the state
carriages, being escorted by tho Life
Guards. A recoptlon was held in tho
state department of tho entitle, after
which a wedding dinner was servod.
The bride and groom will spend their
honeymoon in Ireland, and then go to
St. Petersburg, June 15. It is
learned from authoritative sources that
tho official report of Ilojestvensky's
recent defeat, which was kept from tho
public, says that the Russian sailor
were in a diseoatented mood through
out the entire voyage. 'Every prisoner
on the ships, which wcro filled with
mutineers, was released just before the
battle. When Admiral Nebogatoff sur
rendered the sailors of his squadron
broke out in open revolt, raided the
officers' cabin, and smashed everything
tbey could lay hands on. Not until the
Japanese boarded the veU was order
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