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daily capital jo tonal, balem, oeeqon, Friday, jukb io, 1005,
Tho good things wo liavo for you to
Our Oakoa, Oooklca
and Brofd, aro
ExcopUoEftlly good.
Our groceries and
Vegetables or a always
In tho load for goodness.
Is simply tho beat that can bo mndo,
land has no oqunl in town loo pint,
25c qunrt, COo half gallon In paper
Spalls. Wo raako a spoclalty of orders for
parlies, rocoptlons, etc.
iSalom's Loading Grocers, Gonfpctlonors
and Bakers.
Phono 2201 45G-4C0 Btato St.
Our ico cream Is used, exclusively at
Hookor's Pharmacy.
H4M 1 jiHMiiniuini-
Sdlson Vandovillo.
Margcsons Scoro Again.
Tho wholo show Is as good ns any
rvcr prosontod at tho Edison. Tho ro-
I urn unio 01 mo very ciovcr icam,
Mho Margcsons, was a clever etroko of
Imslncss, as this tonm, and especially
ihc boy, mako a great hit with tho
nudlcnces. This youngster Is a mighty
lino dancer, and a comedian ns good as
any crownup. Tbls act alono is wortu
tho price, of admission. Tho character-
Station of "Rubo Whlpplo," by Mr.
alooley, was a groat plcco of work, and
hno of his songs is really a funnybono.
Celson and .Calno present tho "Irish
emits," a comedy military playlot,
knd-it is full of laughs from start to
nlsb. Thoy sing sweetly togothqr, too,
knd ono of tho gentlemen is o, good
Rancor. Miss IDirgcson, had chargo of
(ho illustrated song, and tho song is
beautifully lllustratod, and was swoot-
sung. Tho managor, Mr. Byrd, ro-
hucstcd us to nnnounco that on Satur
Bay a souvonlr matlnco will bo given,
then a photograph of Helen vanco will
bo presented to each person present.
llso that tho only Indian girl actress
las bocn engaged for next wcok, start
pg Thursday, Juno 22d.
Few Edison Theatre
F. J Byrd, Manager.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
lud Saturday matinee.
introducing tha Clovor Boy Comedian,
Norniun Margcsson.
lomethlng Now, Novel and Entirely
in llube Whipple, uio village uou-
ilustratcd Song "No Ono Can Tako
Your Place."
EdisOnoscopo Baltimore Fire.
8ouvonir Matlneo Saturday A photo
If Holen Vanco will bo presented to
lach one prosont.
Card of Thanks.
Wo wish to thank tho many friends
it their kindness nnd words of sym-
y and for the beautiful floral of
ferings in our late bereavement, tho
loath of our dear wifo and mother.
For Infants and Children.
fie Kind You Have Always Bough!
Boars tha
signature of
Rich cream 23 per cent cream Is
Led in the manufacture of Hazelwood
e cream. No wonder it nas maue
ich a hit at the Lewis and Clark fair
-tho eamo ico eream. tho aamo size
Ish and tho samo price as at Brewer's
rug storo.
A Collection of Important Para
graphs for Your Consideration.
, The gTanlto sand with whioh tho do
poj platform is covored, while original
ly ono of the very best nnd cleanest of
materials, has been ground beneath
tho feot of Innumerable patrons of tho
road until It has bocomo little better
than dust. As a result when tho pas
senger trains pull in, especially com
ing from the south, a cloud of dust
comes with them, which divides Its
patronngo Impartially among tho crowd
A sprinkling of oil would probably
mako two gallons of dust lny still
whero only a pint was quiescent bo
fore. Passengers nt tho depot aro enter
tained while waiting for their train
liy matching some of tho young men
bat nnd catch flies In tho big field op
posite tho station.
1 The delicnto flavors at Hooker's Rod
Cross drug storo soda fountain aro llko
"a drenm of lpvc," or ccttlnc mouoy
from home, or an thing joyously sweot.
Mrs. Mabel Baker hns returned from
A Salem man told a Journal report- Portland, whero sho has been visiting
er this forenoon that for 11 years ho,for several dajs.
had passed tho samo houso dally on his ' Mrs- E- T Raymond Is homo from ft
way to and from homeland never for month's visit to her son, JF. M. Bay
n day failed to smell onions cooking in mond, at Seattle,
tho house. I Charles Grlswold, of Portland, Is in
w 'tho city, visiting his cousins, Mr. nnd
Thrro Is inoro catarrh In this soctlon jirg l, s Jtowland.
of tho country than all other disoases Dr, nn,i Mrg. w u. rordf 0f Portland,
put togotber, and until tho last fow wcro ju tuo cU yestorday to attend
years was supposod to bo incurable tho class day exercises.
For a great many years doctors pro-j M, w. P. Bnbcock returned homo
nouncod it a local dlscaso and proscrib- tllig mo.ung frora Portland, where sho
cd local rcmodtes and by constantly gpct tho pnl)t tw0 ,lBy9
falling to euro with local troatmont, M1 Mvrtlo Duitctto returned ast
pronounced It Incurable Sclonco has ovonlng ,rom Portland, whero sho spent
provon catarrh to bo a constitutional a fow (lnvg vigjttng fri0mla.
disaaso and therefore requires const!-, M, Wnu Savng0 , nt hcr ,l0WCf nnd
tutlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Js ,,,,,. rocovorDR from a MVCr0 ftt.
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & tack of norvou l)rostraton.
Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is tho only constitu-, m Ruth w,on gtujont of tho
tional euro on the market. It is taken g, 1Icart Aca(omy roturnod to her
internally In doses from 10 drops to a homo , A9hlawl ,Mt ovcnlnR
tcaspoonful. It acts directly on tho M JUnnio Pwr, of 8an F,an.
blood and mucous surfaces of tho sys- e,MOj , ,tt th cUy to pcnd tho fum.
tern. Thoy offer ono hundrod dollars , l1in .t n, -.,,., Vmmn n,Urnv
for any casa it falls to euro. Send for
, - ., . O 1
circulars and testimonials.
Address: V. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all druggists, 7Cc.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constl
Tho Southern Paclnc Company
Will sell tickets, Salem to Boswell
Springs and return up to and including
8optcmbor 30, 1005, 1005, Hmttod to 30
days, rate of $5.55. 0 5-tf
Tho O, R. & N. Co. has reduced tho today, and Is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
rato on agricultural implements. I John McNnry.
Tho Lebanon Express tells of a j Miss Anna Downey, n nurse from
spring up in that section that flows tho Salem Hospital, who hns been at
clams. IllHrrlsburg for tho past two weeks,
Gambling is doomed in Oregon, Pon- nursing, has returned to tho city,
dleton and Baker City joining in tho! MUs Inoz Bozortb, a teacher in tho
crusndo against it. Eugene .Business Colloge, is here to
Thirty-ono students graduated from upend her vacation with Mrs. Amolia
tho U. of O. yesterday, each roceiving Miller, on South Commercial street,
tho degrca of bachelor of arts. I Miss Mao Chaplcr returned last ovon-
Tho cruisers Chicago nnd Boston ar- ing from Chicago, where sho has been
rived in Astoria yesterday and at Port- attending tho Coluumbla School of Or
land today. Thoy will romain for somo atory. Miss Chapter's homo is in this
time, I city, and sho has many friends who
Montnvllla has a dog poisoner, 12 will bo glad to have her back again,
dogs of assorted sizes and degreos hav- Miss Helen Smith, a student at
ing gono over to the place whero dpgsj Willamette University, has returned
go yesterday. to hor homo at Harrlsburg. Miss
Tho model of tho old ship Columbia,
Captain Gray's vessel when he dlseov
erod tho Columbja river, it riow on ex
hibition nt Portland.
Andy Ingram was found guilty of
murder in tho second degreo nt Grantq
Pass Wednesday. Ho murdered an
old miner named Dunlap a few mllfts
fait of Merlin about a year ago.
company of cadets fifty strong
are marching from Eureka, California,
to th Portland fair. Tho dlstaneo is
402 mllos, and tho boys expect to
oot it through in about five weeks.
., n i
Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea is
simply liquid electricity. It goes to
overy part of your bod, bringing new
blood, strengfh and new vigor. It
makw you well and keeps you well. 35
cents. Stone's Drug 8tore
EEEcaiiafs and Accessories
For breakfast, luncheon or dinner in
tho line of table silverware of the
latest designs and fashionable styles
aro shown in an elegant profusion at
our store, and you will find hero just
what yon need or tho decoration of
tho Thanksgiving table. Our goods are
of the highest quality, the prices most
Jeweler and Optician
38 State, Street
PFRSONA S 11, .. - ! - -
,1 k
R. P. Clark, of Eugene, is in tho city
E. W. Hnrnrd returned from Port
land today.
Chas. Swcglc Is homo from a trip
to Dayton, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Mlnto aro homo
from tho exposition nt Portland.
Miss Ornco Rincmnn is spending a
fow days Visiting Portland friends.
J. 8. VanWlnkle, a student of W. U.
returned to his home nt Brownsville.
Mr. awl Mrs. Al. German returned
this morning, from a visit at tho fair.
Mrs. J. P. Bcggs returned yesterday
from spondlug a few days in Portland.
Clifford Brown i homo from Eugene,
whero ho has been attending tho U.
of 0.
Miss Mablo Qlovcr returned to hor
homo at Albany today, to spend her
Mrs. Joseph Evans enmo up from
Portland Inst evening, whore sha has
been visiting.
Miss Almlra Blttncr and Miss Pack-
ctt, of Portland, uro tho guests of Miss
L-n Swaflord,
-'I -w fx --. ...- mm ,.w....w
W. II. Avcrlll, of Brownsville, was
! in tho city Inst evening to attend tho
I graduation oxercitos of his son, Edgar.
Prof. Washburn, wife and chlldron,
of Sllvcrton, aro in tho city, tho guests
J of Rev. and Mrs. Powell, of Unity
I church.
I, M,rH- " r- f 'a,nk8'1 of Arlington 1,
' tl.o city, visit ng her mother, Mrs.
C' J; f1"' who ,9 "''"B from
Vai '
" Clara 1 ostcr returned this
IIIUIUIII) IIVMI AUlklllllll, tiliuiu vim linn
been making her friends glad by a
long visit.
Miss Gertrude Cray, a graduate of
St. Helens Halls, arrived in tho city
Dassio MeDonald, who has been lie
visiting her, also aecompauled htr
home to Hurrliburg.
What Schilling's Best does
for a family: saves all
and settles those Question!
once for all.
A Tearful rate.
It is a fearful fate to have to en
dure the terrible torture of Piles. "I
can truthfully say," writes narry Col
son, of Masonvllle, la., "that for
Blind, Bleeding, Itching and Protrud
ing Piles, Bucklen's Arniea Salve, is
tho best cure made." Also best for
cuts, burns and injuries. 25e at J. O.
Perry's Drug Store.
Eastsraers visiting tha Lewis and
Clark fair say Hazelwood lea eream
tastes richer and smoother than what
they get at home. It is the samo iee
cream, tha same slza dish and the same
pri as at Brewer's Drug store.
Clear thinking, decisive action, vim
and vigor of body and mind, the sparkle
of life, comes to all who use HollI
ter's Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents,
Tea or Tablets. Stone's Drug Store.
r i" ...? . "t . y .". r T
B ,rv.ii.rAi-(Nc.
Salem Woolen Mill Store.
Bids for Wood.
Bids will bo rccelvod up to 5 o'clock
p. m., on Tuesday, Juno SOtb, for ono
hundrod and twonty (120) cords of body
fir wood, cut from llvo timber, to bo
dollyorod at tho city ball, in Balom,
Orogon. The right to roject any and all
bids is resorced. W. A. MOORES,
City Recordor.
, ins Mna ica nam hmjz tsrcfft
The Best
During the Lewis and Clark
exposition the O. C. T, Co. will
mako tho following ratei Salem
to Portland, ono way, 75 cents;
round trip, $1.00. Tickets good
for ten days. Boats leaving dally,
Dock Foot of Trade Street
Standard Liquor Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
1 48-1 56 South Commercial St
Salem. Tv out
i ... Z
or a little ot out
some of out Imported Shetty ot Port,
We can also supply you with Mineral
and tne best grades of Wines or
to the Woolen Mill Store
Sfmme Comfort
Just picture yourself a coat and trousers of summer goods. Coat
slnglo or doublo-broasted trousers with loops for boP n ncgllgos si. .rt
a s'.Viw hat, -nJ you havo th ant.c of c -o oc-ss.
Our oxpcrioiico and our rcgktathn go Into tho building of
Every' Semmer Salt We Sell
It your suit comes from here th cro'li bo no doubt about your having
tho beat suit in tho market.
Suits $8.50, $12.00, $14.00 or $15.00
Notlco to Contractors.
Notico is hereby given that scaled
bids will bo rocelved by tho City of
Salem, at tho ofilco of tho undersigned,
at the City Ilnll, in Balem, Oregon, up
to" 10:00 o'clock a. m-., Juno 80, 1005,
for tho improvement of tho following
doseribod part of Commercial street,
in said city, by grading with proper
crown and gutters and macadamizing
la accordance with tho plans nnd speci
fications now on filo in tho ofilco of tho
City Bocordor, to-wlt: Commencing
nt a point in said street of tho City of
Balom, whoro south lino of tho D. L.
0. of W. H. Wilson and Chloo A. Wll
son, his wlfo, intorsocts said Commer
cial streot) thenco along said strcot to
tho south boundary lino of said city,
excepting therefrom eight fcot wide
along tho contor theroof.
Each bid mutt bo accompanlod by a
certlflod chock to the value of 10 per
cent of tho amount of thn bid submit
ted, as a guarantee that tho bidder will
qualify by giving a good and accept
able surety bond in accordanoo with
tho form annoxod to said specifications,
to bo approved by tho Mayor, and en
ter into tho contract therein prescribed
within six days after having rccelvod
notice of tho nccoptanco of his. bid,
said certlflod check to bo forfolted to
tho City of Salem, in oase tho bidder
fails to qualify and executo said con
tract as above.
Tho City of Salem reserves tho right
to reject any or al) bids, and tho bid
of any person who has bid beforo or
contracted for such work, and been de
linquent therein will not bo received.
Plans and specifications and the form
of tho contract and bond can bo scon
at the office of tha undersigned at the
City Hall.
By ordo'r of tho Common Council.
0-8 lOt City Recorder.
I A Sift, titiu a.m. kw rruM Wumajlm4.
I sivii miwi to lAili !! BrW ".,:
MIUtH U llMt4!tMHl
J k. u.m tt4 ;tw t. tU
iwMf r.ft44 H.l Ht .14
Jjtmt r4Ut ini m
. UaiiHii, pa.
Sold In Salem by 8. O. Stone.
Successors to
Cfatefc or Rfesfiflc foi
- m .
Kye o Boutbon to that tec teeuag, or
Quality Come
KliNNh' ' ' '
m i
This would bo a good day to select
a cushion-tlrod Runabout or Top Buggy
for tho summor driving.
Wo havo an assortment of styles and
prices that is unsurpassed, a fact that
you demonstrate by a llttlo comparison.
Our famous "Hundrod Dollar Bike"
Is the most satisfactory rig in all Ba
lem at tho figuro. , It has tho stylo ofj
tho higher priced goods, and is bulltl
of splondld material throughout. We
l.avo novcr hnd a corner opon, nor
broken spring, nor a sprung axle, nor
a dofoctlvo spoke, nor any flaw nppoar
in ono of thoso goods, Wo sold a re-
mnrkablo lot of them last season, and
this year wo uro ropoatlng.
Better Bikes
For thoso who wantf to' pay a little
moro nnd get tho "best that's out" wij
1 avo our fine Btudobaker and Cortland!
work, finished llko a fine plauo, made
of tho finest material that grows. AsV
to be shown.
These cool ovenlngs suggest medium!
weight buggy robes. We havo n nlec
assortment of worsted robe at
I'rlccs. Come and seo.
F. A. Wiggins'
Implement House, 205-257 Liberty I
I Farm Implements, Wheels, Anton
biles, Sewing Machines and SuppUss,
When you want Hop Baskets,
Fruit Boxes, Trays for fruit
, Dryers, call on
I G. F Masoa PSr
w Kin.. m...t a.nii.o.l. ti.. 9
Miller Street, South Salem, Phono 1
8101 Red.
a tot day cooUt,
... 4 r 4,
some vety old goo
Water, Bottled Bew
Jbisfces U pint
Makers, Mgr.
T.a- "V

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